Border Wall Contractors Prepare For Violent Backlash, Ask Trump If They Can Carry Guns

by | Apr 5, 2017 | Headline News | 55 comments

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    With the left threatening protests and violence for anything having to do with President Donald Trump, border wall contractors have asked the federal government to allow them to carry firearms when they are working on site.

    The head of a general contractor in Fort Worth, Texas, says he has received several death threats since he publicly showed interest in bidding to work on President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall.

    As bids for the wall roll in by the March 4 deadline, interested companies are preparing for a violent backlash if they end up with the high-profile job. Some firms have asked the government if border patrol agents would come to their aid if they came under “hostile attack” or if employees can carry firearms in states with tight gun control restrictions, the AP reported.


    The Trump administration has made the border wall the linchpin of its border security and illegal immigration policies, but the project has garnered a diverse group of opponents. Immigrant advocacy groups, environmental activists, and many private landowners along the Rio Grande are opposed to the wall and are expected to protest at construction sites.

    “There will be a lot of different activity — protests, prayer vigils — on both sides of the wall,” he told the AP. “We pray and hope that they’re peaceful.”

    Full report at The Daily Caller

    But it’s not just a matter of domestic security and keeping US-based social justice warriors at bay.

    Companies involved in the construction of the wall have reason to be concerned because, as we reported shortly after the inauguration of Donald Trump, there is a strong possibility that heavily armed Mexican drug cartels could attempt to attack contractors:

    Jorge Castañeda Gutman, former Secretary of Foreign Affairs in Mexico, took things a step further during an interview on CNN with Fareed Zakaria when he suggested that Mexico’s previous cooperation with the U.S. in curbing the flow of drugs and illegal immigrants could end.

    Instead, the cartels could be essentially unleashed upon the U.S. – retribution for tough policies on Mexico and other immigrant-producing countries in the Latin American world.

    These astonishing words could open up an economic gang war against the U.S. –  very irresponsible words that reveal just how connected Mexico’s leadership is with the violent drug cartels who operate from their territories

    We suspect that any attempt to stop construction of the wall through violence originating on the Mexican side of the border will lead to President Trump swiftly declaring the entire length of the southern border a national security zone.

    While drug cartels have been able to move freely across the border for the last two decades, given Trump’s strong stance on national defense and border security, we suspect the response to any potential threat will come complete with armed drones and a heavy U.S. Border Patrol and/or military presence.


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      1. shouldn’t we ALL be able to carry guns?…..why NOT?

        • and can we build that wall so we leave enough room on the other side so that we can patrol BOTH SIDES, fer cripessakes?

          • NO FUCKING WALL!!!
            Building a wall will not solve the infestation problems. Instead, take away all the incentives for them coming here. End all the free-shit entitlement programs. Ban the damn sanctuaries. Let Americans make things difficult for them. Make them want to return home on their own and never return.

            • End the freebies
              Who is John Galt!

              • Imprison any US Business CEO who’s company hires any illegal alien. Put some shark teeth into the law.

              • hey, blackmoe just said something intelligent!

                • No, he didn’t, it’s incredibly stupid and counter-factual.

                  Hungary just built their wall, it’s reduced illegal entries by 97%.

                  Just the threat of a wall has reduced crossing to US by nearly 80%.

                  Anyone who claims the wall will not work is not speaking from reality.

            • In practice, good fences make good neighbors. The Great Wall of China has worked pretty well for centuries. But yes, the incentives to come here illegally must end, also.

              As for people protecting those who are here illegally, there was once a name for them, “traitors”. That too, must stop.

            • BlackMoe

              Your correct and HEAVLY fine employers who hire them, jail the repeat hiring offenders.

              If there are roaches you first remove the food. Get rid of NAFTA so Mexican farmers can once again profitably farm and employ their labor thereby moving the food (drawl) to their side of the border.

            • Blackmoe….BINGO!

            • Why can’t we do both? Build the wall AND end the freebies and other incentives.i would also deport, illegals without regard for their families here. They should have to be punished for coming thru the wrong door.

            • So you think policy will stop drug cartels from bringing their products to the U.S.? It’s a $100B per year industry. Policy won’t even slow them down. Ya gotta build the wall. Even if we make life miserable on the illegals, the drug cartels will still bring thier products to the U.S.. At the very least, you need physical barriers coupled with policies. Probably will need a good bit of manpower as well. The Jerusulem Wall stopped illegals and greatly reduced the PLA+- attacks.
              This problem has been dragging on for 30+ years. It ain’t gonna stop until we force the issue. The Mexicans have been walking all over the U.S. for 30 years because we needed oil from South America. They’re probably netting close to $300B per year benefit from the current “arrangement”. They’re not going to walk away without a fight. We don’t need their oil. Given we have 90MM working age American out of work, we don’t need their labor. We don’t need their damned drugs either.
              Given our south american neighbors have gutted us mercilessly the past 30 years, I have no problem cutting them off entirely. They have no bargaining chips. Nothing we need. Send them packing.
              Netanyahu: Trump is right to build a wall, it worked for Israel
              ht tp://

            • Put mines and drones on the border. Any legal immigrants should be fine, good quality women who are willing to work in breeding camps

              • As long as the women are of European stock, and not Mestizo stock.

            • Actually as much as people here hate the gews, the wall they built along the Gaza Strip has stopped terrorism cold on that border.

              • Doesn’t matter where the ammo comes from as long as it goes bang when you pull the trigger. The wall is good ammo.

            • That would work. How do we account for all the years when illegal Mexican immigration wasn’t a huge problem? We had no wall. The immigration problem isn’t due to having or not having a wall… it’s due to extreme liberal changes in policy.

              • Wilson?, Ike and now Trump are dealing with the immigration issue. This time its much worse with the gangs and crime. We gotta deal with it with as much force and tactics as we can throw at it. Policy will probably be one of the items we alter to fit our needs.

          • And guess who heavily armed the Mexican Drug Gangs? Eric Holder and Obama the shoe shine boy, who needs to hang for treason as well. Kill all of them.

            • Not true. I’m no fan of the previous administration, but the cartels only got a small number of weapons from them. Most of their weapons are military grade and are either stolen from the Mexican military and sold to the cartels or are bought on the international market. The cartels have plenty of cash to tempt unscrupulous arms dealers.

              • And some of the cartels’ gunmen received training courtesy of the US military, as they spent time as US soldiers and then went back to Mexico to work for better pay.

        • NO WALL! plus1 about putting teeth into the law.It worked before! What about in years when that wall could be our prison in a POLICE STATE!

        • They want to build a PRISON for us! Border patrol worKed before they were told to stand down..Before all the entitlements, before the divide and conquer tactics and erosion of our AMERICA!

      2. I would just keep one in the truck/van(doesn’t everyone?),why even ask for permission?You need it,well,permissions are the least of your worries.

      3. I also think they should carry weapons for the liberals who riot on the border as well.

        • Woogie, spot on. That’s only an extra reason to be ‘packing heat’.

          • Nail gun for the boards, handgun and long gun for the pests!

      4. America is dead. Act accordingly.

      5. “Heavily armed drug cartels could attack contractors”….

        I thought they used their elaborate underground tunnel system to transport drugs into the US. But if they use both above-ground routes and underground tunnels, then this will get real ugly, real fast (and bloody too) and I predict a war. They are nothing to mess with.

        A few years ago they disemboweled several Americans (men and women from the San Diego area) and hung their lifeless, mutilated bodies upside down over the side of the bridge there for all to see during the wee hours of the night just for blogging about them and for discussing how they needed to be stopped. These American bloggers hadn’t taken any action. They were just blogging.

        Early morning commuters were faced with this bloody horror scene on their way to work before the police were notified and arrived and had the dangling, bloody, naked bodies of the victims removed and transported to the local morgue. It was horrible.

        Since the wall extends 2,000 miles and over a wide variety of terrain, and some of it is on private property too, this could take many years and cost tens of billions. Now add the cost of the war to the cost of the wall.

        Trump knows how brutal these people are. He’s heard the horror stories for decades. He knows their operation and M.O. They threatened to behead him last year. While Trump was campaigning they had also threatened to hold Americans hostage and torture them and video it if Trump interfered with the drug trafficking and went through with the wall.

        Trump also knows Mexico isn’t going to pay for the wall and in the end the taxpayers will end up paying for most of it. He was also advised during his campaign that there’s a real good possibility the wall will not be completed before his term is up and advised not to make these promises. He knew all of that from the get-go.

        Quite frankly, my wife and I are starting to regret having voted for him. We would never have voted for horror-show Hillary, but we are still starting to doubt Trump.

        • “Those who count the ballots decide nothing. Those who count the ballots decide everything.” Joseph Stalin (real name Ioseb Jughasvili)

          While “voting” actually allowed Donald Trump to be elected President, the people in the backrooms have zero intention of allowing him to save The United States Of America. So, in that regard, they may have the last word.

          Do not doubt that you did the correct thing, voting for Donald Trump. Such doubts only represent the deep fear of being ostracized, all the negative press making one nervous. If nothing else, it bought a little more time, for people to awaken, and prepare.

        • Mexico will pay for the wall entirely through heavy tariffs. Need I explain it to you any more than that?

      6. We build a wall. They dig a tunnel. How redundant. I say mounds of razor wire high and wide then a deep tank trap behind it lined with beds of nails. More cost effective. We make
        the deportees dig the tank trap just before we boot them out. Labor intensive only for the
        guilty parties. On time and under budget. And Mexico pays for it in a non-monetary kind
        of way. Sounds like a win, win to me.

        • Just let Americans heavily armed, get to shoot .50 Cal Gatling Guns through the razor wire of anything moving in the DMZ area on the border. You cross this line you prepare to die suckas. I would gladly spend a week on the border shooting these rat bastards trying to cross. It would be fun. Something to tell the grandchildren about, how we volunteered and protected America from these cockroaches.

        • Mines, lots and lots of mines

      7. Its in compliance with Texas, New Mexico and Arizona law. There is no issue.

      8. We need to bring our troops home.

        We need troops Stationed on the border with “shoot to kill” orders. Get the border free of “innocent” border crossers, so troops can fight off hard core gangs. War? There has been a war against America for decades. It is time to fight back.

        Our government is not ours any more. We live under foreign occupation by Zionists in the halls of power, gangs of Hispanics, Enraged & entitled Blacks, and coming soon Middle Eastern and Somali Muslim Jihadist murderers on the streets.

        Put up a cheap wire fence. Then defend that while the real wall is built. Don’t put the workers too close to the first barrier. Give these guys private security and let them arm themselves as well. Let’s get to work.


        • AWESOME! My plan is working perfectly!

        • Good answer, simply fight back ! So far that has not happened and as soon as you kill off a few it will all stop almost immediately. If any drug cartels come across in force chase their asses back and kill them with either ground forces or UAVs or both. We have the technology to wipe them out overnite so why fuck around any longer. Post it all via TV and radio and Chu Hoi leaflets and let the chips fall where they will ? Done deal. It will be very short lived and simply tell the left to eff off ! As well start holding the sanctuary city officials responsible for the crimes committed by the people they protect and let them be sued as well by victims and families of victims ! Simply stop enabling all of this shit.

          Beyond all that there is no legal reason any of the workers cannot carry any weapon the chose ? And if attacked it would simply be self defense to retaliate with force. All those laws already exist as well as citizens arrest.

          • Here is the straight skinny on citizens arrest. Although each state is different. Oregon is very lax and quite clear on what you can do ! On the border wall job it would be considered fed lands so anybody who works there can be authorized to be practicing citizens arrest or deputized as well as 100% self defense of themselves and their employers equipment and property on fed lands and projects. Already been there and done that one is spades as a fed contractor. Everyone is subject to a security check and various specific requirements as well a training like gas mask and such. It has all been done before right here in USA more than once to be sure. The final deal will be separate security forces and all employees who want to carry will be allowed to because those laws already exist for anybody qualified. Even the private property will be purchased in a strip or easement and that will be fed lands and fed project covered. Much of this article is hyperbole or a simple lack of facts.

      9. B from CA, I’d be packing anyway. Don’t need permission for self-defense.

      10. Build the wall with rows of concertina wire, landmines and crossed fields of fire from M134 Vulcan Mini-guns. Kill anyone who goes into the no mans land. It’s really that simple.

        • Awwww…how un-pc.

        • Yeah a DMZ lined with mines maybe. But no wall.

          • Mines are very messy and largely illegal world wide these days. It can all be done very easily.

        • Automate it, the tech is available

        • Way past over done and none is necessary as you describe. Just ask the Israelis. They have a fortified fence with electronic surveillance and if you intrude there is an immediate response and harsh response if necessary. In fact they know you are there before you get there ? How do I know this ? Because I have installed these systems for our own government as a subcontractor to Lockheed Martin right here in USA. And it can be easily done with just a fence and aircraft and back up forces on hand for fast deployment. Although not just any fence but a very special kind of fence. And I may well be working on this project ?

      11. A wall large enough to keep folks out is surely large enough to hold people in. Just saying because history does not lie!

        Apr 4, 2017 The Path to Total Dictatorship: America’s Shadow Government & Its Silent Coup

        Say hello to America’s shadow government: a corporatized, militarized, entrenched bureaucracy that is fully operational and staffed by unelected officials who are, in essence, running the country. This shadow government represents the hidden face of a government that has no respect for the freedom of American citizens.

        • All true, but not really anything new unless you have been asleep for years.

          In a very perverse way BHO and crew did show many people just how corrupt our government actually is. But what exist is in fact just corrupted people not anything more than that. BHO and crew proved how easy it is to purchase maniacs for rent or hire by giving them a government job. We now have Forest Service and BLM military type police entities that never existed before we decided we need to have SWAT teams. All of it should be dismantled and the government reduced by a minimum of 50% of all employees, just for starters. As well every penny should be accounted for and it is NOT. I do think we will see DT and crew make a dent on these matters, in fact it has already started ! There is a lot we can all do to defeat these maniacs

      12. Seems common sense to me. Give not just permission, but encouragement, to contractors building the wall. Meet force with deadly force. Time to take off the damn gloves.

      13. Let the Seabees look after the wall.
        where you find the Seabees you will find the Marines,
        a lot of them sons of the Seabees. Tell them to bring their bad asses on, and they will discover what bad is!!

      14. How can you have a wall separating the US and Mexico when the North American Union is still the gameplan? Lucky this nation is not Europe granting entrance to all manner of 3rd world intruders. I do believe the overall plan to mix the nation’s races is full steam ahead. Sure there are peaceful Muslims, however these types are not who they want here. It looks like President Trump and his big oil cabinet have given big oil the go ahead to gouge consumers with gas at the pump rising 35 cents in a couple of days. Any doubt big oil does not control the world? They even have the US military to guarantee the stealth proceeds.

      15. Rather than deport them, sentence each illegal to one year hard labor, without pay. Boom, many problems solved.

      16. Use liberal protesters as body shields

      17. The Great Wall of china was built thousands of years ago and not one Mexican has snuck across it!

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