Boomerang: Over 20 Million Adults Now Living With Their Parents; Massive Increase Since 2007

by | Sep 26, 2012 | Headline News | 161 comments

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    As the economic crisis deepens, more jobs are vaporized, millions lose their unemployment benefits, and prices for essentials goods continue to rise, many Americans are left with no choice but to move back in with mom and dad.

    It’s being called the Boomerang effect, and since the onset of recession in 2007 the trend has been growing at an alarming rate:

    The number of 26-year-olds living with parents has jumped almost 46 percent since 2007, according to Census Bureau data compiled by the University of Minnesota Population Center. Last year, the number of 18- to 30-year-olds living with their parents grew to 20.7 million, a 3.9 percent gain from 2010.

    The figures underscore the difficulty that millions of young people have had in finding jobs and starting careers in the U.S. following the longest recession since the Great Depression. About a quarter of American adults between the ages of 18 and 30 now live with parents, while intergenerational households have reached the highest level in more than 50 years.

    “There’s been a shift in attitude,” said Kate Brooks, the career services director at the University of Texas College of Liberal Arts. “Parents are more accepting; some welcome it.”

    The number of unemployed Americans has surged 60 percent to about 12.5 million from 7.82 million in the first quarter of 2008, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The nation’s jobless rate, which peaked at 10 percent in October 2009, was 8.1 percent in August, compared with 5.1 percent in March 2008.

    Bloomberg via Wide Awake News

    Whether their parents welcome it or not most have no choice – it’s either that or leave their kids to starve on the streets.

    The largest group of those moving back home are college graduates entering the worst jobs markets since the Great Depression. As we noted in 2010, some 85% of those students are, after four years of higher education, left with nothing more than a worthless piece of paper and no hope.

    All the while many economists, politicians and central bankers have argued that the nation has been on the road to recovery, as they cite bogus unemployment statistics and manipulated economic growth data.

    Over 100 million Americans now depend on some sort of government assistance or disbursement just to stay alive, and not surprisingly roughly the same number of Americans are now living in poverty or right on the edge.

    The Greatest Depression is here. Only those with their head in the sand can ignore it now.


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      1. The next 10+ years are going to be interesting…

        • Eppe

          You think we’ll last that long? I hope you’re right mate, really but I have a feeling that the only interest I will have will be where my child’s next meal is coming from.

          Take care

          • We can only hope for the best, prepare for the worst.
            Lately, more people are asking me about this “prepping thing”, which shows that some are waking up to the “real world scenerio” which is not going to be pretty. I have a 15 and 13 year old girls, and I would hope that thier future would be better, but we can only do what we can do.
            Just wondering what got each of us into prepping?
            I read a book by Robert Prechter (Conquer the Crash) in 1996 that started me off in this direction. And of course “Revelation” of the Bible for 45+years.

            • eppe, I have had the honor of talking with an individual that has been prepping since 1967. I’ll get to talk with him more this weekend.
              As far as the bankers and msm, they are having a shrinking audience. Everyday, more people are realizing how much the msm is nothing but a collection of liars.
              I get to interact with 100s of people weekly. And guess what? They are looking for answers. So be on your best behavior folks, I send many to this site to get caught up.

            • Eppe,
              My dad got me into prepping. My dad worked on development of nuclear weapons and had worked at Mound lab in Ohio, then went to the national lab in Idaho, then a year later, in September 1955, he started at Sandia National Laboratory in Albuquerque. Someone gave him a copy of Alas Babylon and that got him started, and I picked it up from him and my mom. I still have and use some of the items from their preps. My folks get the credit.

            • I have always somewhat been prepared. Somewhat.

              My son started a little over a year ago, my other kids started teasing him, he directed me to this site. I had been reading Survival Blog and really beginning to pay attention. It kind of snowballed from there.

              I have one child that preps, one that is sort of oblivious, and three that know they should do something. The three do a little here and there but they don’t spend the time looking into things that I do. It’s the grand kids I worry about and the one that is oblivious that lives four hours away. It’s kind of slow where I work so I spend a ton of time researching and I get panicked at the thought of not doing enough.

              My husband gets the food thing because we live in a rural area but not so convinced how we need other things. In all fairness we live in a mining area and are in a bubble so to speak. It’s hard to make people see when everyone around you seems to be doing ok. If the price of gold drops, God help us, people will wake up.

            • After reading ‘how to survive and prosper during the next american depression, war, or revolution’ (copyright 1978) in high school, I saved up my Christmas money to buy a new Charter Arms AR-7 survival rifle for $100. I still have that book and have read it so many times that the binding in broken in half.

            • I had a college professor for whom I would farm-sit…he was very well prepared for collapse, although I didn’t realize it then. He taught me how to shoot a .22 and a shotgun because the farm was pretty remote. I remember studying Stalin, the Fed, Woodrow Wilson, the decline of Empires, and the near-certain collapse of Social Security in the several courses I took with him. This was in the 90s. It all clicked into place when I read a financial advisor who was helping his ultra wealthy clients prepare, then I hit google, and found SurvivalBlog. Then everything clicked into place. This was in 2010.

            • @Eppe…..Great question! For me, it was reading Howard Ruffs’ books approx 30 yrs ago….however, after awhile, I no longer filled my javex bottles with water….and got away from it for a few years, then I found this site approx 1 yr ago…..have been prepping ever since……SO GLAD I FOUND THIS SITE!!! And thanx to Mac and all of you for all the GREAT tips!! take care CC

            • Eppe and I have been friends for many years, we have camped and hunted together for quite a while. In other words, we were prepping before prepping was called prepping. We called it survival camping, and have had setups at deer camps that felt like home. So I can say that “eppe” was the first to open my eyes to what the potential future could be. I am happy to be part of his compound clan, and we will defend our people to the end. It is great to have like minded people guarding your back. If some on this board thinks his comments are non-PC, he just tells it like it is. He asks questions, good or bad, to get responses from others to bring up ideas on how to do all things better. I want to thank Mac Slavo for a forum that does just that, where we all can learn from each other, even if we are miles apart, knowledge in survival is critical at this juncture of time. Eppe has always tried to be 10 years ahead of the curve, and for him to drop nearly 180k in a survival spot, well I call that some serious survival camping. Considering that the compound can sustain 30 people easily, many will appreciate what has been accomplished. They say if a person has five friends who stay to the end, you are a wealthy person, and he is one of these five. Thanks again Mac, this site may have saved many people from the agony that is on the way.

          • Spot on there Burt

            Not to worry though..
            Front page headlines on Yahoo..(how appropriate)
            5 Millions jobs coming back to US!!

            oh,,in 10 years or so..

            and all manufacturing jobs to boot..

            meanwhile an average 380,000 people file new claims for jobs lost every week for the last 3 years..


            basic math equals roughly 1.5 million jobs lost per month

            everything is fine folks


            • Possee

              Of course everything’s fine. Uncle Ben and Uncle Mervyn (BofE) are creating loads of jobs sending the printing press back and forth across the Atlantic.(sarcastic hat on today)

              Still say it should be called Quantitive squeezing, after all that’s what it does to normal people in the street.

              Take care

          • Well according to the NEW HEALTHCARE LAW you are not considered a grown up until after the age of 26….so why would you be expected to move out!!!!

            I am being totally scarcastic here. I have been on my own since I was 17. With that said, I would never recommended that for my children but all of my children were out by the time they were 22. I take pride in the fact that I raised them to where they were able to stand on their own two feet and take care of themselves.

            Unfortunetly…being mentally grown and financially grown are two different things in today’s world and I do not see it getting better anytime soon. I feel there is nothing worng with children moving back home as long as they are EXPECTED to contribute to the family.

            I have always told my kids that it take every one of us to make this family work….everyone plays a part and everyone has something to contribute.

            • Listening to levin rught now and it seems like Obama is going to win if the polls can be believed. Romney was a horrible candidate so maybe that explains why people want to stick with a psycho like Obama. it’s all about the free stuff.

        • Personally I believe young adults should choose to take this path. I believe we were slowly brainwashed to think we had to get out on our own at 18. Get that student loan, get that car loan, get that mortgage. Then slave away. I say no!

          I say the young should get that job, pay as you go, stay with your parents, work hard, be frugal, save all you can, don’t spent frivolously, invest wisely ( PM’s ), then in 5 to 10 years you can buy a nice car for cash, buy a nice home for cash. To hell with the banks and there loans and their interest.

          We may have woken up in many ways, but in others we are still sheep.

          • Well said SF- As a matter of principle, multi-generational families under one roof are a plus because the members tend to rely on each other rather than the government. While I deplore the federal intrusions that have distorted the market so badly that families are being forced to adopt this practice, in the long run if it helps restore stronger family bonds it could have a positive effect on our society.

            • I believe the numbers of multi-generational families will continue to grow – with a weakening economy, inflation, most of the “available jobs” are low wage, etc.

              Families have alot less “extra cash” on hand these days to serve as a cushion for an “emergency” – sick and can’t work, car needs service, etc.

              Half of Americans Making Under $30K Have Less Than $100 in Savings


          • Yes Silver Fox, you’re right, even though you sound like my 89 year old mom, who wouldn’t even turn on the lights, just go to bed at dark, cause it would cost money. I ran the gauntlet of plastic myself, and went thru bankruptsy years ago. Now, mom can’t survive on her own, so I’ve taken her in, along with my 34year old teen-age daughter whowalked out on her 14year marriage to Dumb-Ass. God help us.

            • we have become a callous nation that assumes every child should be independent at 18, and every elderly person slowing fading in a retirement community. both of those notions make me sick. i agree with the above commentors. We need to support one another, and learn from each generation. we have joked with our parents that we ought to all move in together in a traditional longhouse. but really ideally a multifamily home on a large farm, so we can feed and care for our folks as they age as they cared for us, the way it should be.

              the media makes it out as a bad thing, and i’m sure many people in the situation don’t find it perfect (i’ve been there, 2 adults and 1 baby in living with the inlaws)but there is an incredible positive side to this. as much as the system has seeked to destroy the foundation of family, their economic crisis has by default made people realise how priceless family is. so, if you live with your mom and dad, or they live with you- Smile and know they love you!

          • I agree. well said.

        • Kinda makes you wonder where those kids are gonna go when daddy loses his job and gets foreclosed.

          Really, forcing families back together is an unintended consequence that will do the banksters more harm than good.

          • I dont have alot of family any longer. Them I do have all got more income than I do.

            But since I live alone in a rural area with ten acres and a crib, I think I will begin to accept aplications to provide a warm place for 2 or 3 women ages 18 to 30 yrs old.

            Main requirements is they Must have Own cash and income, must Not wear larger size bluejeans than I do, and absolutly Not have a Mustache better than Mine!

            Am thinking of a few women similar to Sophia Vergara type.

            It feels good to sometimes do more for hard up women folks eh. Ok then, now Open to accept aplications!!

            Oh, my jean size is 33 waist x 31 lenghth…Women with longer legs size is ok…But Not larger waist sizes!

            Zero exceptions to, no better Mustache rule though!

            • This is What happens when you let kids move back in. Angelo your mom is calling you for dinner. Get off the computer and for god sake clean your basement / bedroom.

            • I can’t believe anyone gave you a thumbs down You are one of the few sane people left. Sophia Vergara has an interesting name. You take off the last two letters and you get Verga which means dick. One of my favorite sayings is “Chupa mi la verga”. Bless any woman who can follow directions.

            • Mr. or Ms. AHOLE…Thats not my Mom calling as she passed away a few yrs ago. Then again I would expect a person who uses a handle like AHOLE to describe themself is probobly not smart enough to Read my first sentence where I mention “I dont have alot of family any longer”

              For any other “AHOLES” lurking about if any are?

              Its quite obvious you cant understand humor, as I was joking around. But even if I did decide to allow a couple women to reside here to assist them in troubled times etc…So fuckin what?…Thats now a Bad thing? To help out others less fortunate than I am?

              You, ahole, truely are so I rekon.

          • The nest returners I know, including one of my own, are contributing to keeping the household going. I know a youngster whose daddy lost his job, and it is his paycheck that is putting food on the table.

          • Back before factory jobs left the country, kids would graduate and right away leave home and go to work in a factory; some went to college and worked part time. Some married young, bought a house and car. It was like this in my generation. Moving back home: no way I would or most my peers, as parents always boss their adult children. Adults want their own space, independence and so do most retirees. My generation had a work ethic. People need to retrain and get a life.

            • Yeah Laura, and your generation could have fixed this mess, but instead chose to make it worse. Don’t put them and yourself on a pedestal to high there hon!

            • The 26 yr olds, now not all, but more than half that they are referring to find factory work and fast food, or gas station, or construction jobs beneath them. They worked “so hard” in college and EXPECT an office job, sweet house, and awesome house as soon as they graduate. I say stop they need not blame everyone but themselves and cuddle next to mommy for help. I’m not speaking out of line I’m 26 with 2 kids and would expect my parents to move in with me before going back to them. It’s my turn to take care of them if need be. Smack the hands reaching out for help. I’m sick of it. Your right. No work ethic.

            • There are a few issues with your statement Laura. First, the fifties and sixties big companies were very concerened about the well being of their employees and had the good ol american spirit. They felt pride within themselves for helping the youth rise up and take control of their lives while boosting the economy. Nobody has that sense of a good helping hand spirit that they used too. Its really not about who works the hardest its about who kisses ass the most/best when the boss is around so most people that actually do become head hancho are only in it for themselves and their families and screw everybody else. So hey, lets send all of our well payed jobs overseas so we can save a few bucks. It will completely ruin our economy and millions will live very stressfull lives but who cares, as long as im happy right?

        • @ Eppe, I don not think we have 10 years. Best we be safe and plan on no more than 10 months.

          Even better, keep our situational awareness thinking at max of 10 weeks. Too many pawns being moved on the national and international chess board.

          The MSM is paralyzing the masses. Uh…mesmerizing is the word. The fabric of civilization is unraveling.

          • I hate the MSM the lies they told this morning would be laughable if they weren’t so serious. The first soundbites were: Housing values would be on the rise, unemployment numbers were dropping and some stupid crap about the election. My wife listens for the weather. She could just ask me to check my ItrackU phone I thank God he led me to alternative media.

          • By this time next year people will be looking through dumpsters for food.

          • The next 10 years will pass no matter what happens to us. Time pays us no attention whatsoever.

          • ‘Mesmerized’ is the perfect word. And yet despite the onslaught of TV, radio, Internet, Smart Phone, et al… I believe more and more are awakening. As ‘the story’ gets farther and farther from the actual facts the illusion begins to reveal itself. The lie is simply unable to hide the truth any longer.

            Have hope. The world cannot continue as it is. We must have change. It is going to be painful to many, many deserve it, and most need it. We must get out of this foolish pursuit of wealth. It is so self destructive. Change is coming folks. Better to be an active part of it than swept along with it.

        • Good thing about adult kids in the house is youc an cover more positions, they can be taught to shoot and so long as you are buying the ammo – they probably will. I wish I could live with my parents but they are gone and I miss em a bunch.

      2. The increasing number of young adults moving back home (or never leaving) is certainly a symptom of the continuing economic problems. Young adults, in general, don’t usually create many hardships on the family unit and it’s become more and more ‘acceptable’ now. But just wait until the masses of elderly begin moving in with their children — that’s a situation many family units will be unable to cope with.

      3. We have bred a generation of weak and stupid people, now it’s time for nature to dish out some hard lessons.

        • 3 generations, at least.

        • KingKrazy: I should have said that at end of my post under laura m. Yada yada! We have a lazy slacker generation and parents kow tow to them, incl raising their bastard grandkids.

          • LauraM. I agree with you. I have no kids, but most everyone I grew up with do. All of them without exception always bought their kiddies and teens all they desired. I never heard any of them say NO! just NO! it was always more like when I asked why do you spoil so much?

            The typical answer was, I work hard to earn more so I can spend more to buy My kids all they want, because I want my kids to have Everything I never had!

            Although I cant think of much if anything them parents “never had”…It was a huge excuse to go Shopping alot!

            Recall aprox. 40yrs ago when fed gov first announced 401K’s retirement?…Can put $2000 per person who worked into a 401k and divert taxes etc till age 59 1/2yrs old, or something as that.

            Thats what my Sis and most friends claimed they will do as opposed to save some cash now spent on kids or teens so often.

            I told them all way back then 40 yrs ago 401 funds will either be…#1=Taxed way More or age to take out changed to Older…Or #2= Inflation will cause that end amount of over a Million+ dollars(they expected what feds said if invest $2000 per yr for 30 yrs you get a Million$$ back at age 60!..Sure ya does!) Inflation will mean a new car or truck will cost $100,000 or more then, and forget a newer house price then!

            Or my favorite #3= Fed gov will Radically change laws/rules and simply…STEAL it ALL away to fund welfare for votes etc. Right at age 60+ when you will need it most too.

            Now today them few I spoke with has Lost most in market fiascos of late, or had to remove it to pay “Bills” like mastercard or visa cards.

            I wonder how swell all their kids are doing today? After a lifetime of ask and mommie or daddy will buy it Pronto.

            This causes me to wonder…Suppose us “Boomers” really do need do battle and restore america to freedom again etc?

            I am age 60 now…I am right in middle age of all boomer group. Lowest age is aprox. age 53 oldest aprox. age 67yrs.

            So say we do fight or whatever and acomplish the goal, Who, at our then Much advanced age group will we hand over the keys to america so to speak, so They can run it all since we be too old if even alive by then?

            If it is Todays “Youth”…Or as MSM says it todays “YOOOTS” How many of total youth today is truely properly taught to Know whats necessary?

            If it is barely them Homeschooled kids?…I cant thing of any others whos prepared well for the task. If thats it?

            We will be wasting all our time trying to “fix” or restore it all. Because the Few who can handle it, will be so outnumbered by the never be ready to do so group.

            I’d say within 6mo to maybe One year and america would go right back to as it is now or Worse yet.

            Hope I am wrong on all this stuf…Hope we do not need even find out either way. Not likely, but nice to hope for eh.

      4. Prepare or starve…even then no guarantee. Don’t coddle your 26 yr old “child”

      5. You forgot that they are also left with a ridiculously over priced bill that they have no way of paying back at this time. Nor probably any time in the near future.

        • Yes…I think this is the least we can do for them considering what we are leaving them with….

          • Yes your right, but I was referring to this BS highway robbery facade we call college today. College is a joke, it has become a sham and at high prie robbery.

            • When times get tough the tough get going. There is a lot of opportunity out there for those who look for an answer to their situation, rather than an excuse to support their predicament.

              I see it every day.

              Everything that comes to a Christian is DESIGNED to change them, shape them, and mold them for that purpose yet to come.

              Life has ALWAYS been hard. At least it has never been easy for me, and it is not likely easy for many here. That doesn’t matter. Only the strong survive.

              Thank God for the challenges given to you today to prepare you for tomorrow. The spirit is like a muscle; if you do not exercise it, you cannot grow.

              Be grateful for the opportunity to grow.

              Put your nose to the grindstone people, your faith in God, and p-u-s-h! The Spirit of Life yields to those who refuse to quit; who do not know how to quit. Life changes. Life is change.

              Pray for guidance and apply yourself to that which is given every day. There is no problem too large or too small for my God. There is no sickness too strong that He cannot cure, and there is no obstacle that He cannot make a steppingstone for YOU.

              Poverty is a state of mind.

              Many of you here who complain so much, should take a cue from Daisy. She is someone to emulate. There is your example, follow it.

      6. And things will not be getting better anytime soon. Infinite growth with finite resources is impossible.The wars and conflicts worldwide are over dwindling resources.The false reasons of “humanitarian aid” or “nuclear threat” or “Muslim rage” are all covers for the oil companies and financial terrorists to make resource grabs. Better become as self sufficient now as much as possible. You may have a job pushing papers now but that job will most likely disappear in the coming years. Food, water, shelter and spirituality (for me) will be the new “job” for us to survive.

      7. I don’t know whether we are living in the world like the “Truman Show” or “The Waltons”. Maybe it’s some of both.

        • Kinda more like The Twilight Zone…

          • Just wait until they start admitting a million Muslims a year. We have no idea the fun and games that are in store for us.

      8. If you follow the Lord and do as he would do, you will reap the benefits that he has so generously laid out for us. God is the only beacon of hope that mankind has left, actually, he always has been the only beacon of hope. I do not want to say, hey my Family survived the collapse and yours didn’t, I must be smarter and better than you. Guess what, God will decide who will survive and God will decide who will suffer in hell and who will enter the gates of heaven. We are all children of God whether we want to acknowledge it or not, he is the Father and he is in charge. Your time on this planet is nothing but a little flash of light, miniscule in the realm of time. We can not stop the demons from their mission of doom and control, however we can continue to live our lives with dignity, kindness, faith and hope. God is the only example that we should follow, do what God would do and you will see the light, you will be saved one way or the other. God will fight the demons and in the end he will win. God loves you.

        • I sure am glad I won’t be having to feed the christians. They have their god to protect them, so they won’t need my stores.

          • Heretic,

            You have that right.

          • Heretic:

            Man gets notice that a hurricane is coming. When asked if he is prepared, man says, “No, God will save me.”

            Later as the wind starts to howl, a neighbor stops by and begs the man to come with him to seek safer ground, and the man replies, “No, God will save me.”

            The rains come and it starts to flood. A man in a boat goes by, sees the man on his porch, stops and begs the man to get into the boat for safety. The man responds, “No thanks, God will save me.”

            It rains and rains and soon forces the man onto his roof. A helicopter shines its light on the man and the speaker says, “Hold on, we’ll throw a line down to bring you up.” The man on the roof wildly refuses and yells back, “No, God will save me.”

            The man drowns.

            When greeted by St. Peter, the man is irate, asking why didn’t God save him, and St. Peter replies: “God sent you the notice, your neighbor, the man in the boat, and a helicopter….WHAT MORE DID YOU WANT?”

            To sum it up, Heretic, there seems to be some confusion in your mind as to what Christians truly believe. Faith without works is dead…we are expected to do our part.

            • 2 frogs fall in a deep hole. Other frogs watch as they try to jump out. “Deep”. “Too deep” they chant. “Give up and die”. One frog stops jumping and accepts fate; the other frog continues to jump. Finally he makes it and climbs out. The other frogs are amazed and speak to him but he does not answer. Because he is deaf, and could not hear their words of discouragment. UH-HUH, your comments are discouraging.

            • I was with you up until the “To sum it up…” statement at the bottom friend. If you look at the number of uninformed in the world just waiting for the hand of salvation to reach out and give them their greatest desires you would realise your “sum it up” is wishful thinking only. Religion for the masses is a feel good thing and useless. The ‘enlightened’ will stand on their roofs ignoring the obvious, reaching to the heavens for someone-thing else to fix the problems. True believers do not need to spout off about their God because they hold him in their hearts. Those that know, walk the walk, those that can’t talk.
              My statement is based on religion but it applies to everything. Just look at the Obama followers, then look at the Romney drones. Blind worship is still blind to the bigger picture.

            • God guides, he doesn’t tow.

            • Ahh, which means …’We CAN NOT do His part; He WILL NOT do our part’

            • Yawwwnnnn! I think Christ told that one to Peter siting in the grove!

            • Most pastors today Misinform their flock. Stuf like “Vote but it wont really matter who for because since God invented govnt, and God is in Control, God decides the final winner.”…WRONG advice!

              God “Authorized” for govnt to exist amoung men and nations. But God also gave each individual a Free mind and Free Will. To believe that God ignores the free will He gave to us and God chooses our Prez etc?…Wrong.

              God didnt creat our govnt Men did. God aproved and authorized for it is all.

              Too many are taught Get rich with Jesus! then Get raptured Out prior to any bad events!…And Gods in Control so say a “Prayer” and leave it all up to Him!

              Them same pastors also teaches Old Testement Moses laws to Tithe(give 10% of Gross Pay to…Yep! the pastor!)

              Yet ALL oher moses or mosiac laws were “Nailed to Cross”!

              But NOT the one that gets pastors Rich beyond their dreams today eh!..That law still appies! WRONG!

              This is reason we have a New Testement to Live by as it is the NEW Covenent with ALL mankind and wont ever again be replaced by any 3rd covement. One “contract/covenent” is All we have at any given time frame…The NEW one is it now amd Forever!

              Christians must pull their noses Out of the old testment and do as told in the New one. Why is That so hard to grasp for so many today?…..PS Dont throw a trantrum at me as I am repeating what was wrote in the book is all Read and see.

              pss: Them who believe God will protect me so I dont need no guns etc?…BS. God gave EVIL folks a free will also and He dont usually stop Bad people from doing Bad stuf to christains or anyone else either. You must stop threats. God 100% approves it. Read that also!

          • Heretic,

            I gave you a flippant answer to a flippant question, let me clarify. If the economy does collapse then your stores will most likely not be open for Christians or heretics. If you can not grasp the concept of what I said, then you don’t get it and probably never will. Who said anything about not preparing for whatever comes our way? God will be the final judge but while on this earth we should all be prepared to help our Families and whoever else should need us, not only under the most dire circumstances but right now as well. I would help you if I could and if I couldn’t then I would pray that somehow you did get the help that you needed. If you believe that I would simply not have any preparation for future catastrophes then you are mistaken. I do prepare the best I can and with Gods help, I will either survive or leave this world. Either way, it will be his call.

            • Tommy. I am sorry but I disagree with your God is the only hope statement. If you had been born Muslim and inductrinated into that faith from birth you would believe what most Muslims believe. You had no choice where you were born or what color you are. You do have a choice to think for yourself and not everyone believes as Christians do. I am not saying right or wrong, just that the only thing you can control in your life is your thoughts and beliefs. Your actions will follow, usually. I was brought up in a very hardworking honest and religious family and I am not a religious believer (sorry). What I am is a realist. If the bullet finds your head you are dead. God or no God. I dont buy that it is His call that the guy pulled the trigger and had better aim than you. As to what comes after…no one has come back (except in stories) to say whats next. If there is a God, I would hope that he understand that I am not a bad person just one with doubts to this New God in the short history of mankind and this world. Its all too convienient when just a few thousand years ago humans were still throwing children into volcanos to appease their Gods.

              Sorry about the religious outburst. I respect that so many of the readers here follow this path but I have the right to my say if you truly believe in this country and its constitution!

            • Nice reply, I misunderstood the previous one.

            • NUH-UH,

              I have no beef with your beliefs and you did state your opinion in a very benevolent and thoughtful way. I am a true believer because of miracles that have happened in my life. I was not indoctrinated my friend, I was given a gift from above that I could never deny or refute. I thank you for your comments and sincerely wish you the very best.

              I am not one of those fake christians that judge everyone as if they are God, that is not the way to the Lord.

          • Proverbs 14:12 There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

          • @Heretic

            Your the type who wants to cuddle up next to the Christian while the plane is crashing. You would be hoping that same Christian you lived your life ridiculing can pray you into heaven.

          • Heretic, dont be a horses behind. What gives you the right to make an ignorant statement like that? Where is your anger towards christians coming from? I am a proud christian and a prepper. I know my God will not save us, He never promised this life will be easy. Look at what happened to the disciples. All but one died a horrible death. All He promised is that He will be there for us, and that what is coming after death will be better than what we can imagine. I choose to have faith in my God. If you dont know Him and His love, I truly feel sorry for you. You will never hear me say I am a perfect person, I am so far from that. I am sorry if you had a bad experience from a holier than thou christian, we all arent like that. However, please dont belittle my faith.

        • Which brings me to the question—why can’t humans just live with the one teaching that means the most?
          Words of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount: “All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them.”

          First grade lesson: “Treat others like you want to be treated”. Simplistic, to say the least.

          • Should of lead with the first grade lesson.

            And if you wish to include everyone. It should be the Man in the sermon on the mount. (Sorry Ladies)

          • jayjay Because some humans are from the Seed of the Devil as wrote of in early genisis chapters. And many more folks perhaps Not seed of the devil Choose to be so much like that group(liars-thieves-murderers) then they too end up evil. Greed&Lust has alot to do with it I think.

            Thesolonians is it?…Says We who believe are become Gods children. But the rest who refuse remains Satans childrens.

            It lists alot of “types” thieves-liars-homos,lezbos-murderers etc, Then tells Us “From Such(evil who belong to satan) Turn Away and have zero to do with them. Dont even let them into your home, Nor Bid them God speed, elswise You will be guilty of Their evil deeds for bidding Godspeed to their afairs etc.

        • Tommy,
          You seem like a good person. But much like believing that you have any power when voting, believing in an invisible deity to provide you with direction and protection is also an illusion (in my opinion). Once again if it makes you feel warm and fuzzy, then by all means pray and believe. I just feel bad for people who miss out on the incredible opportunity to live in a moment for each special experience it can be, chasing an illusion of some incredible afterlife, but if I were to pick one, I kind of like the 72 virgin’s one.

          Honestly, a well formulated and executed plan will be what saves your skin. As I have stated before, prepping is a lifestyle, not a let’s get started so we can finish and be done. Put your faith in yourself, your family and close friends, and find strength in things you can truly measure.

          Good luck all!

          • Wally Christianity and the Bible etc aint so much for saveing in This phys body. Its more about your Soul/Spirit. This life counts too. But it is shortlived compared to the next and eternal Final life.

            If you only care about this life here/now?..Thats cool too. You may regret it later. But its a personal choice no doubt. Wont work any other way. Thats one main thing wrong with many other beliefs…You are Forced at Sword edge to obey and join etc. Christianity aint that way.

        • You souind like a Muslim. Just change God to Allah. My guess is that God is sick and tired of our stupidity.

        • “Intoxicated with unbroken success, we have become too self sufficient to feel the necessity of redeeming and preserving grace, too proud to pray to the God that made us.”

          Thought to be by Abraham Lincoln
          Thanks Tommy boy!

      9. The reverse is true also. Senior moms and dads are having to move back in with their children because their retirement and social security does not keep up with inflation.

        • AZ,

          Just like the good old days. Family’s used to look out for one another and that was the norm. Today, we are spread out, little communication, isolating ourselves and our kids from what really matters. Take the grown kids in, take the parents that raised you in, show them how they used to handle family issues. Don’t let the grown kids sleep all day, if there is no work for them then sign them up for volunteer duty at a soup kitchen or elderly home. Take them to church on Sunday morning. Make them say grace before meals and tell what they are thankful for. Lift them up spiritually and emotionally, an honest compliment can do wonders for self esteem. When you are tested to the max then score and A for effort and determination. Give your elderly parents something to do, they know a lot more than we do. When you look on the bright side, the sun seems to shine on you.

        • AZ ready: elderly can move into section 8 housing, get SSI and have some privacy. Meantime, they get on a list, live with their kids until there is an opening. Many elderly didn’t plan their retirement/put the max into an IRA/401k but just blew the money instead of saving for retirement. There are people in their 70’s around my area still working because they only live for today (stuck in stupid)…

          • So how well are you set for retirement? You sound like a know it all so you must be rolling in money right? Maybe you should consider that many had everything they needed for a good retirement and then life hit them. I personally know of a couple who spent every cent they had trying to save their son who had leukemia. Hope something like that never happens to you. And yes their are alot of fools out there.

            • John W.: We saved; had a small house, some used furniture, went to yard sales,clipped coupons, didn’t have kids, ate at family buffets, not high end dining, vacationed in state and nat. parks, local recreation, the beach, and didn’t party or entertain. We lived low key, saved and have been retired since 2004 with a 401k, S.S., 20yr military pension. Both our fathers had a strong work ethic; one an engineer,other one an electical contractor.

      10. What is keeping a lot going is the bottomless pit of the old mans money. The problem is that it’s not bottomless.

        If many of these kids were as financially responsible was their parents they would buy a home now with a nice downpayment in relationship to the selling price. A couple can make 50K and buy a quite livable home for $100k in many areas at a 3.5% fixed rate mortgage. One problem is in the good times they bought every damn thing under the sun on credit and have that debt load while they saved nothing.

        Things are tough. Buying a 65k home at a 12% mortgage while making 35k /yr was not too easy either. It helped to save for 5 years prior not going on expensive vacations and buying fancy cars.

        Some of this is self inflicted.

        • Kevin2: Most of it is self inflicted. There are some folks that got hurt becasue the economic downturn caused many business to fold, and they are not to blame. But most people got caught up in the material world and wanted a bigger house, the newest cars and electronic gadgets, you name it and people were buying it-ON CREDIT. They were using the ever increasing value of their homes as collateral for those laons to buy all their “stuff”. Everyone said that “this time, it really IS different”, we could be as materially wealthy as we wished from a never ending flow of money-huraaah! I started doing some research into the economics and fianance back in around 2005 so that I too could ride this ‘gravy train’ to fame and fortune. What I discovered scared the hell out of me. Part of my pention is in a 401k plan. I realized that the housing market was going to drop like a rock and pull stocks down with it. I started moving my money into bonds in 2007. I tried to warn my freinds and coworkers but they were all drunk with greed from making so much money in stocks they said I was nuts. Well, when the market tanked, they were all crying while I was smiling. Most lost anywhere from 20-50% of their portfolio while I made a little money. It was greed, which is always caused by stupidity, that caused their losses. There’s a lot more to life than having a lot of stuff. I’m not what anyone would call a religious person but the Bible has real wisdom concerning material wealth. One of my favorite lines is “the Love of money is the root of all evil”. Simplicity is the key to a good life, along with family, friends, and health, none of which can be bought at any price. Peace and long life.

          • As a nation we allowed ourselves to be convinced that we could borrow our way out of debt (PAY OFF YOUR CREDIT CARDS WITH A HOME EQUITY LOAN FROM DITECH!!!!)and that our houses were ATMs or “wealth building tools”. we are now learning that a house is a place to get out of the weather and sleep in relative safety.

            DK is right about the poverty thing being a state of mind. If “stuff” makes you happy, get ready for a difficult life. Money is a means to an end, but not the end in itself.

      11. Maybe that’s the way God is bringing the family back together!

      12. I don’t see nothing wrong with families sticking together I.e. living with each other again.. this creates stronger front-holds for when the low life’s try and think they can just find some old people to steal from if they want. We are here talk about the past and how great it was, well this was common back then. Only strong families will make it through these time s I believe.

        Be safe all,

      13. This article speaks the truth, I have researched it through and through and it all adds up, however, my family does not believe me, they only believe the MSM and the DHS, if the overlords denounce it, then it is equal to dark arts of magic to my family.

      14. We’ve Reached the Point of NO RETURN

        *neither AmeriKan Puppet Prez 2012 candidate is viable Constitutionally Legal to be President as they are both Foreign Born (soetoro in kenya and romney in mexico) and true white collar corrupt criminal NWO IMF CFR TRI-LAT CIA Straw-Men Puppets backed by the GLOBALIST NWO ZOG ILLUMINATI banker wallstreet goldmansachs MAFIA currently forcing All of AmeriKa to adopt UN AGENDA 21 carbon vat tax debt slave Communism based Prison State Gestapo Gulag STACKED SHOE BOX DORMITORY Cities and Towns – human population control eugenics death plantation planning .


        We’re All properly Pucked … And I’m pretty sure Barry the cia druggy dress-wearing delicate sensitive puppet prez gave AMERIKA AIDS ! ;0p

        All we can do from here is … ???

        (while you all try -n- figure out what your gonna do next , I’m a gonna go and buy some more 12 gauge , .45-70 and .300 win-mag ammo just in case them pesky commie CATHOLIC fascist FREEMASON zog zionist banker money lending JOOO bears try raiding my garbage pile again – I figure 10,000 rounds should be enough !)

        ;0P pssszzt da’ ameriKan traitor u.n. nwo freemason catholics mormons -n- zion jooo’s .


        look listen then prepare

        see below link …

        • I’ve taken the time to review and digest your veiw and have come to the conclusion you are insane. You have taken every point to an extreme to the extent where it is beyond belief. Instead of looking for truth and solutions you just spot statements to gain attention. And the only one you attract are the one that are just as lost as you or just need a good laugh. How do you like being laugh at.

      15. What a mess. I am in the suburbs all day long every day working a route going from vacant house to vacant house. People are on a high state of alert. So many guys in thier open garages with a look of “what now?”. It’s kinda hard to explain. The closest I can come to it is looking at old pictures of the depression. The same look of despair and fear of the uncetantity of what is coming next.

        These folks are trapped, unemployed and underwater. Can’t go forward,can’t go backwards. They have exhausted what resources they had or on the line. It is really a depression, managed better than in the thirties in that they have food stamps instead of soup lines.

        Very bad situation that is only being supported by a bad dollar that is going south rapidly. That we are only three meals away from a disinagration of our norms is here and it is now.

        Prepare folks, it is coming and it is coming fast.

        • Restaurants that used to be hard to get a seat in are now empty and not just a few of them. Malls have people in them but no one is spending any money. the whole economy is a fraud kept going by funny money that is not earned but printed. This is not going to end well. I envy those who live on small farms off the beaten track but close enough to neighbors to support each other. Those are the ones that should do better in any collapse, if, when, should it happen.

      16. time to panic?
        put on your tinfoil hat ?

        “”Hi George, The eartquake watch starts today and runs till October 5, as weeks ago reported. 3 line Ups with the Earth during this time. Can’t tell an exact date… X flare around September 28-29 Carrington event possible October 3-4 Patrick Geryl ”

        So, if you live on the West Coast, seat belts at work? More tomorrow, same time, same website…”

      17. Family is family regardless of the age. Many families in other countries have families that live together out of economic sense, pooling their money together so everyone can live better. Families that can get along can develop very strong bonds living together. After SHTF this will be an extremely commonplace that families live all under the same roof, cave, bomb shelter, or whatever. Everyone better get use to this trend, because after true SHTF it is going to be the normal for most everyone.

        • I agree 100% and have recommended to several of my family members that we invest in land and ourselves. Many of us have moved to a rural area but are still living independantly and on the edge of poverty. We could pool our resources, buy or build a huge house or several small ones and land and start saving. Too bad we have all been programmed to go our own way and NOT think outside the box. By building a family community you have or should have the trust issues covered. You have manpower for OPSEC and required work. You have the extra financial resources that benefit the whole. OMG that sounds so much like Obamas’ plan on the surface. Redistribution for the greater good. To bad it might actually work if done properly. I just have no trust in the governmet to do it for us. Too bad my family does.

        • Those 5000 sq/ft 5 BR McMansions will house 3/5 families. That suburban lawn will become the mini farm. The pool becomes the “Cement Pond” for real.

          They should make a new TV show based on “Life After People” that shows the former upper middle class neighborhood transformed in the future. The show should be called, “Downward Mobility”.

      18. While it may benefit a “healthier” family, one that promotes teamwork and understanding of the vanishing job market, winning a wife/husband and reproducing from your parents couch is not likely(those who are rewarded for irresponsibly reproducing with or without fathers get an immediate cash incentive for 18 years in this welfare existence).It seems to me that this type of macroeconomic shift, will soon show that educated,prepared,and fiscally responsible people will soon be outnumbered by their irresponsible counterparts that thrive on the government teet.- and will vote in the next party that supports this way of life. What else can people do when our “land of opportunity” has dwindled to a scape of government handouts and services for the “ill equipped”?

        • Isn’t it really ironic?? The politicians rely on the dependent to keep them ‘in office’, but when ‘in office’ only engage in supporting the elite??

          • jayjay

            The wealthy tax the middle class to feed the poor so the poor don’t revolt against the wealthy.

          • @JJ

            That’s the illusion.

            “Presidents are selected, not elected.”

            ― Franklin D. Roosevelt

      19. Obama, The Illusion of Prosperity!!! MO’s school lunch program is a glimpse of what they will do to food stamps once reelected.

        What I see being joined at the hip with the housing markets is this and its not just me; its the Attorney’s and Agents I work with too. Homes are not selling regardless of what NAR and Case/Schiller are publishing. What is selling is the under $75k home. New home starts now include individual apartments for rent and individual prison cells.

        What are the tell tail sign that there is no recovery is looking at the buyers. The buyers we are seeing have one thing in common: an unstoppable source of income!!! They are on Disability, Welfare or have a government pension!! I’m not seeing any private sector buyers, period..

        By now most of you are thinking I’m commenting on the wrong article but I’m not. The housing market is the master key to economic recovery. Without a robust privately owned residential housing market there simply are not enough jobs in America. Without the jobs you have to live somewhere.

        What we see is that the under 30 is the largest segment moving back in with their parents, but we are also seeing a large group in their 40’s to 55 moving in with parents. This second group is devistated. In the last 4 years they have lost their good paying job, their highest earning years, burned thru their IRA and 401K to save their homes, lost their homes and are now moving home. This group if ever reemployed will not have enough years to rebuild a normal retirement by age 65 and will likely be working into their late 70’s just to survive.

        For us Boomers, if we are still working; we are being hit with a double wammy of supporting our children again and taking care of aging parents. Luckly I’m not being squeezed yet but its only a matter of time. In my Mother’s house there are no 4 generations under one roof. This scenario has not really been seen in America since the 1920’s and 30’s and its called the Great Depression!!
        Today we are calling it a recession or even a recovery, but thats only because of the way we count it or don’t count it! The pain is the same.

        Call it what you may, its the same and its an illusion of prosperity or recovery. The only way to fix America’s problems is a total public/private bankruptcy, slash government and get back into production and manufacturing. We are Americans, we can do anything!!!

        • My siblings are all Boomers with our parents in their 90s. There are over 73 grand, great-grand and greatgreat-grand kids that I know of (talk about breeders). Many are serving in the military and just getting by. Many are living off the boob in the White House. All of my bros and sis have tapped their future savings in order to survive this ‘recovery’ period. Almost all believe that things will get better. I cant seem to get them to listem to reason and do what needs to be done now regardless if there is a recovery or not. It will be hard but we would make it if we all worked together.

          I just love how we have been taught to think for ourselves by the institutions that have trained us all these years. The American sheeple, including myself up until a few years ago, followed the plan perfectly. We should be proud. I should have taken the other pill too.

          • NUH-UH

            They will show up at your door with a golf bag full of clubs, an IPod and some DVDs.

            • I know…sigh.

            • I’ll close with this, “You can pick your friends but you can’t pick your family”.

              Ever wonder if your really in the same gene pool as them?

        • “What we see is that the under 30 is the largest segment moving back in with their parents, but we are also seeing a large group in their 40′s to 55 moving in with parents. This second group is devistated. In the last 4 years they have lost their good paying job, their highest earning years, burned thru their IRA and 401K to save their homes”

          If they’d spent more time praying, they would have kept their jobs so their wives could choose to stop working and stay at home. God would have taken care of them.

          • I am taking your comment as sarcasim (I hope) and will say that one of my sisters with 3 degrees in science fields has prayed everyday and is still paying the same amount for food as I am. She is still worried about her future with her employeer and she still struggles to pay the mortgage and assist her children as they need it. Her insurance still keeps going up and her car is still loosing value as it ages. She will still die one day. I have as much and as little as she does. LOL. The difference is I have my future laid out as best I have been able through my OWN efforts and awareness (limited as it is). Funny though, she will be the first in my family to come to me for help if SHTF, not God and I promise you she will thank God for providing for her, not me. That is not sarcasim, it is fact.

          • I know many of them personally and some were persecuted because of their faith. How do you explain that??

            I’m not talking about lazy people, I’m talking about hard working good people, small businessmen and tradesmen. I’m talking about the business owners who put their life savings back into the business to survive and help there employees.

            If any of them had known the depth of the government and MSM propaganda and lies they would have sold out, cashed out and retired in 2009.

            I thought about cashing out in 2005, but I was only 47 and we were making very profitable hay at the time. None of us saw this coming in 2005 in fact we didn’t see it till August 2006 and by 2007 half our contractors and tradesman were already out of business.

          • wtf?

      20. This is no different then the great depression when entire families often had to move in and live together. Bad economic times, and it’s just the beginning.

        • There was something about The Grapes of Wrath that I’m not sure will translate to the next economic collapse. The most dangerous (violent) part of that book was the labor union-busters in the second half of the story. There were no looters or gangs on the road or in the hobo camps at night. The Joads, and most of the average citizens, seemed to know how to get by: hunker down and live on fried dough or nothing. The people even seemed to cling to their manners. We are very different today and you are right, it’s barely the beginning. Collectivising resources is a smart economic decision.

      21. The only people I see making any money are the politicians and the police department personnel. I see them eating out during lunch time. I see restaurants full of city government employees just piggin out like every thing is fine. Just open your eyes to who is eating out and they are usually those that are benefiting from the government maneuvering. Every body else is eating lunch in side the breakroom at work. They are buying food at the save a lot grocery store and staying alive on baloney sandwiches. I go to save a lot and have stood behind a line and have seen up to five different people buying grocery’s with the welfare card. I understand what they are going through although I have never needed it. I am alone and do not need the help. I wish the best for every one except those that are benefiting from this. I wish them death and hell to their children and grand children.

      22. Oh yeah the the Russians and Chineese and India are buying oil with gold now, they don’t need our fiat petro dollar any more to buy oil. Saudi Arabia is about to stop taking the American dollar, all over the world people of all nations are more aware that our dollar is about to be worthless. We know all about Who’s Dancin with a Star! Great! Depression not just yet, but it will be worse, a nightmare awaits us. Food shortages, Israel attacking Iran, America being pulled into a Third World War, get your yellow ribbons out and get some new “God Bless America” stickers on your trucks. Your young men will be slaughtered again, be ready for tear jerker story’s about young men dying in war and widowed young women crying on TV holding their young child in their arms. All of this awaits us, brought to us by another false flag attack brought to you by George W. oops! I mean Obama oops! I mean the Zionist. Oops! I mean the, well whatever it’s all the same evil masterminds. They are so few and we are so many, how do we let them get away with this? Anyway here we go on the highway to hell!

        • Indio

          “Saudi Arabia is about to stop taking the American dollar”

          Prior to that they will receive a warning in the form of demonization from the MSM beating the drums into a war chant. Magically the connection between Saudi and terrorism will be made public justifying a US invasion. The smart leadership does a 180 in policy and drops that oil for gold or other plan.

          The US will go to any length to maintain the oil peg. Without it, “schools out”.

      23. I know i am going to get bashed for some of my comments but i am going to say them any way because people should wake up and hear them.

        I am tired of hearing about people not having jobs. I have never been out of work in my life. I have always been able to get a job. Some don’t pay as well as others but its still work.
        There are a lot of people out there who see certain jobs as below them, or not good enough for them.

        My wife has 2 masters degrees and she runs an office for a warehouse during the week and waited tables on the weekend. She is not at a six figure job but she is working and is happy. Is she under employed? Maybe. But she has a job and she is happy.

        There are many graduates out there who are offended by having to work like this but if you want to survive, make ends meet and put food on the table.

        I also work in an office during the week. For minimal money. I work in a kitchen Friday night, all day Saturday, and half the day Sunday. I work 40hrs at the office another 30hrs at the kitchen then do other side jobs a week that are between 15 to 20 hrs a week. Ya that’s a lot of work but it needs to be done so we can live our life’s and not be dependent on the government and keep our preps going.

        Why be ashamed to do a job. If you paid me to clean toilets i would do it. I would do what ever i have to do to provide for my family. I don’t care what others think. I care about providing for my family and taking care of them. They are the only people who matter to me.

        I hope people can wake up to that because you have to start some ware and usually it is at the bottom and work your way up.


        My own brother has his 4 year degree from Penn State and waits tables 3 days a week because work is too stressful for him and he says there are no jobs out there for him. HE DOES NOT EVEN TRY!!! He lives with my parents and can barley afford to put gas in his car and pay his cell phone bill because my parents pay for everything else. Pretty sad right your 23 and living with you parents and cant pay a $65 cell phone bill. I have even got him jobs and had small side jobs for him and he doesn’t have the time for them because they don’t pay enough or they involve too much physical labor. I had a job at a warehouse unloading containers with me that was paying $120 a night cash for 4 hrs worth of work and it was not enough for him, and too physical to stack boxes on pallets.

        So i don’t mean to be mean and i do know the job market is tough, but you have to be willing to work. I know many people who are out on unemployment who would easily get another job but when you sit down and figure it out they are making more money not to work and if they really want to they are working for cash on the side and collecting. So there are many problems out there and the numbers are all over the place.

        Well thanks for hearing me out.

        Best regards to all of you.
        Remember work hard and prepare because no one is going to help you only you can help your self.


        • I tell young people if they can’t find a job, make one. There are countless older people who need computer or other technical help. I am doing okay by doing assorted computer-related jobs. I was going to list them, but a Google search might find my website and my id.

          I started preparing in 1998 because of the possible problems with computer software. Crucial software at the company I worked for was absolutely going to fail and stop the company unless I rewrote it. I finished the job with 2 months to spare. What spared the world was that imbedded processors didn’t turn out to be as date sensitive as predicted and feared.

        • Chelsea Clinton would tell you that is not true as would Michelle Obama who received a two hundred thousand dollar a year raise to three hundred grand a year at her make work hospital job when hubby Barry O. became a Senator.

      24. And who’s left to run this country? Bitter hopefuls who have been dashed upon the rocks of slavery (farm/labor work)…
        Don’t think that many of these people won’t be looking for revenge. They will finger anyone who suits their fancy. There will be no favors given when it comes time to ‘take back what belongs to us’. Lookout, it’s coming.

      25. People with relatives living with them will have an advantage when government benefits decline or cease and hunger-related crime gets in high gear. They’ll have people to keep watch while the rest of them sleep or work. Even some handicapped or very elderly people should be able to keep watch, at least for short shifts. And they might have enough people to defend from each side of the house.

      26. I have the space in my heart and home for all of my children and the grandchildren. I am actually counting on them returning to help keep the home fires burning and take turns on the night watch. They are living check to check at present and know something is coming but can’t quite get on board to forgo expensive coffee on their little budget to buy beans and rice instead.
        I am putting every available $ into what I can for all of us, but it only goes so far! Still I do not mind, after all, it will get used some day, by one of them, if we can keep it around.
        So much for us USELESS Baby Boomers that are a spoiled entitilement generation – as I read on a site the other day!
        That made my blood boil.
        A lot of people will be thankful to their baby boomer parents in the end I think.

        • HalfKin,

          I grew up around boomers and I do have a negative attitude toward them. It is bias and prejudice, and bigotry, but it is mine. Every generation has all sorts of people: admirable and despicable. But when I think of boomers I think of a generation patting themselves on the back for all their glorious revolutions, sexual liberation, protest movements, the great society, affirmative action. They celebrate all the great social change and never seem to bother thinking about the negative repercussions: broken families, drug addiction, institutional poverty that resulted. A generation I saw that had such a long stretch of positive economic growth – and never bothered to reduce the debt that will wipe out my family including my two babies.

          Your generation lived a comfortable life by bouncing checks that me and my sons will be paying for.

          But, I know you HalfKin certainly didn’t spend trillions of government dollars on your own, and you are probably a stand up individual that will care for those you love. However, I will not have many kind words to say about your generation.

          Good Luck.

          • and a question that has to be asked is

            who raised the boomers???

            did they pop out of the womb that way??

            • “Don’t trust anyone over 30.”

              In my mind the boomer generation is synonymous with a break from “convention.” They set themselves adrift. They thought they could create a better world and did not know, or even ever consider, what they were sacrificing to achieve their “utopia”.

          • @Dumb Dude well, technically I am part of that generation, But I was born in 1957 and never felt connected to it. I couldn’t even answer any of the questions in the trival pursuit baby boomer addition!
            And I still don’t get peoples anger. My older brothers and sisters worked hard all their life, stayed in church, didn’t do drugs, raised families, didn’t go to doctors so they are not draing the medical system either! I just don’t really get the anger thing pointed at an aged population. Hell I tell people that I am TOO young to even have been a hippy, I was only 12 in 1969!
            I am between generations.
            I think the best thing about my year?
            The classic 57 Chevy, Yah baby!

            • To all the people that hate boomers. Go to DC and visit the Vietnam Memorial Wall. Practically every name on there is a boomer who never had a chance to even vote. Not volunteers but draftees whose lives were thrown away by LBfuckingJ for nothing.

          • D-Dude
            I have many many nieces and nephews that feel the same as you. I call them the blame generation. They blame everything on everyone else instead of lookng at the problem and learning from it. Its easy to be like Oblamo and pass the buck even if Bush did screw stuff up. The issue is that the blame generation has not done a thing to help fix the problems either. Standing by and doing nothing makes you just as guilty as the ones who made the mess. As soon as I woke up I got my rear in gear and stopped passing the blame to others. I got my house in order, how about you?

            • I don’t spend much time with blame either. I have a pretty darn good life, and I’m in a pretty good situation, well prepared for what may come. My sons though, I believe, are going to have it harder than I did. The boomers only get my ire up when I try to think about when this country started down the wrong path, the 50s and early 60s don’t seem too bad for american culture. Now lets go through the 70s 80s 90s – the drugs, the social changes, disintegration of nuclear family and marriage. Increase in government decrease in personal liberty and personal responsibility.

              Well I just don’t admire the Boomers. I don’t.

              My whole life I’ve been hearing people say to get out there and protest like we did to stop vietnam. Every teacher and professor from that generation that I’ve had and worked next to thought the greatest achievement in US history was the social unrest they caused that led to American defeat. It colored the way they thought about every conflict. They only seemed to believe that “we’ve seen the enemy and he is us”. The powerful by nature are corrupt and the US as the most powerful nation is by definition unjust.

              Not that I love war or anything, but self protection and admiration for one’s nation and one’s culture disappeared while boomers were at the helm.

              And my family’s share of the 16 trillion debt is somewhere around 100K?

              Even if I said, “”Hey thanks good job.” would you believe me? If I said to the WWII generation “Hey thanks good job” does that ring a little truer to your ears?

              Is my generation better? Nope, we’ll put the nails in the coffin. It will be illegal to call and behavior immoral except “intolerance”. Free speech will disappear. When the interest rates soon rise the debt payments will explode. We will lead this country to the great default. Another world war will break out, and my generation will sit back and ask young men and women to sacrifice everything for… what? every one of us was taught by a boomer that the US isn’t just and I can see it is clearly no longer free. But we’ll send them anyways.

              Yeah, happy days boys.

          • DD You speak of them PROGRESSIVES! aka Dem Lib Kommies like Hillery et al!…We all wasnt like the hippies or lib kommies!!

            When I hear Your age group blame us for it all They(younger ones boomers kids etc) remind me of a mainly White WIGGERS wanna be a african ape type idiot.

            But I realize schools and collages full of liberal kommie Marxists teachers/proffessors and lifetime of white guilt brainwashings is got alot to do with it all probobly eh.

      27. I lived with my parents till I was 30. Then I got married and moved out (obviously). Now we have kids and I will keep them in home as long as they want. In North America we seem to think 18 and your out is the way. I think when you can afford to move out is the support I will offer my kids. Why should they be debt slaves because I kick them out when they are not ready financially. I dislike the mortgage scam and banks more than someones sly remark about how I am living at home. Labor is money and if the kids do work around the land then I will house them as long as we feel like it.

        We are building a small house on the land for when we get old and the kids can live in the main house.

        • Anyone who has an extended family that they get along with and live together are very fortunate people. Life is so much easier when help is available. Staying home while going to college saves so much money and makes life so much easier.

      28. US CONGRESS FLEE WASH DC … will the last zion jooo bought traitor criminal corrupt congress critter please shut off the lights in the Capital Building as your fleeing – thank you .

        LAME DUCK ZOG controlled U.S. Congress flees WASH D.C. to their Private (tax payer paid for) million dollar Bunkers .

        Why would our elected Congress leave Washington, DC so suddenly, with unfinished work as if abandoning their post?

        TruNews radio host Rick Wiles believes that with the massive amount of Russian troops entering the US through Canada, there is a Congressional hit-list and most on Capitol Hill will be assassinated.

        Foreign troops, under the thumb of NATO are being primed to takeover America under the direction of the global Elite once martial law in declared in a “brown shirt” army to control civil unrest and maintain order by any means.

        * GAME ON !!!


      29. “When peaceful revolution is impossible, violent revolution is inevitable.”

        thomas jefferson



        • You are a queen allright. the flaming kind. Persians(Iranians)are the original caucasians. Stop with the racist BS.

      30. Someone may have said this already, but I believe that functioning families are stronger and better when they stay together. The coming crisis will test families (and communities), and we may have to re-remember how to become smaller units of sustainability.

      31. Has anyone ever addressed the anger from the employers that contributed half of our contributions in social security taxes??
        They must be as pissed as we baby boomers.

      32. Wait. If we’re are on QE 3, shouldn’t the rate of kids living at home be three times less?

      33. “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.” – Thomas Paine

      34. I think to much secondary education has retarded the maturity of my generation. I am 31 and disgusted with most people my age. My husband and I have done almost everything on our own. We have had some help but now help our parents and grandparents. My grandmother my go live with my parents, one of the problems with the older generation is they do not want to burden their children. Well, they took care of us it’s time we take care of them.
        Having said that if we could move in with my parents to help them out we would. They live 1600 miles away so that’s not really doable.

      35. Has anyone here yet seen tv pastor Jim Baker’s new survival location?…Hes back again with a new overweight obnoxious blonde, tons of face makeup wife. Hes been selling all sorts of dried food paks, and much other prepper stuf. The profits hes invested into a One square mile(650 acres) site in I think it is Mosuri.

        It is top notch man. Hes got own water wells/streams/Elec diesle generators like a Huge hosp. has for emergency backup. Think he has Two each with aprox 1/2 Million watts per!

        Hes selling kind of a time share for a small lot up to new built 300 Grand$$ cribs on huge lots at least an acre.

        Its promoted as a Bugout and also a vacation get away type set up. He built a church/many cribs and one crib hes in full time. His own TV studio to rival cnn’s.

        Dont get me wrong as I am aware how hes scammed folks prior and did 5yrs prison fed jail time. I also do not agree on much of his teachings etc.

        Nor his plan to store xtra food paks and set up a small booth at main road when SHTF, then pass out buisness size cards saying “Jesus Loves you and So do We!” Along with a 5-meal food pak per hungry masses etc.

        I give him and his flock aprox. 1 hr tops before hes totally overrun, since I called his tv show to ask why he never preaches for folks to also be well Armed?

        His adopted teen girl answered my call, she told me “God will protect everybody at our compound so we dont need any guns!”

        I then asked her..”If God will keep you all so protected, isnt it strange God wont also make certain you all got Food too?”…..She told me she had to hang up now!!!

        Main reason I mention Bakers compound is because it really is top shelf awsome with alot of room for alot of folks to reside full time at and be fully prepped for most anything. Every new building is top grade materials with much forethought gone into construction and to survive whatever etc.

        Anyways has any folks here ever considered we can do similar and buy up a huge piece of land as hes done?

        So far I saw an ad a year ago for just One location as such in Texas. One square mile all Private with 99yr leases to get a lot to set a tent on and camp. Up to an acre to live and build a crib on.

        As I recall 99 yr leases started at $1000 for small camp site size lot…To $5,000 I think it was to lease a full acre(dont quote the acre fee may be off on it).

        Ad said you can do most anything as no building cods exist or barely none. They were installing a huge well for all sites to tie into etc.

        Main other requirement was you had to sign an agreement to “Live and Let live attitude” within reason of course! and Defend Your lot and all Others in comunity.

        I guess most other stuf would be decided mainly on comunity vote. Except for obvious stuf no sane person would want from neighbors etc.

        That ad ran a few months and said will run till all land spoken and Paid for. It must have been all bought into as ad was gone after a few months. Ad had pictures from many angles and road etc it loked like a swell idea to me.

        Any folks here ever thought of a similar idea or plan?

        I bet you can have probobly as many as 500 or more persons on a full 650 acreas as its a sq mile large!

        If costs was resonable as I think it would be such a huge likeminded compound sounds kinds good no?

        Both the ad and Jim Bakers allows visits-bugout emergncy place-and full time living if so desire.

        I wouldnt last 10 minits with baker and crew! But alot of folks heres seems ok. Especially them whats well armed!

        • It may be a good idea. However, you never know if you will be hooking up with people that have the same views as you (guns,etc). In the 60s and 70s they called these type of places “communes”. Most people ridiculed the “dirty hippies” for living in them. Actually, they were pretty much self sufficent. Some of these are still going today. Pretty good idea for what will probably come down if you can find enough like minded people.Best to check them out good first. Oh, and I would steer clear of Jim Bakker. You will end up getting fleeced like many little old ladies did.

        • I then asked her..”If God will keep you all so protected, isnt it strange God wont also make certain you all got Food too?”…..She told me she had to hang up now!!!

          Icing on the cake–you did good.

        • o

          • BE SEEIN’ YA SOON … ((+))

            • I still have that room rented.

      36. I think thats what Osama Obama meant by CHANGE . People just didnt think ahead enough to ask what KIND of change .

      37. Forgot to mention Jim Bakers tv ministry sells a one year for single person meals pakage. Its $500 and has about 1200 individual meals total plus he throws in Two all corn and peas buckets for Free. I got a 200 meal bucket back before he lowered prices for bulk.

        Mine was 200 meals in 5 meals per sealed paket, aprox 1/2 dozen diff flavors, all proper vitamins and nutriants etc.

        Price was $150 and xtra $15 shipping fee. But his one year deal is way cheeper per meal..More like .38 cents per meal plus two free all veggie buckets I mentiond prior.

        He had two men on his tv show that owned the food factory. They showed video of it and a new factory being built due to cant keep up with demand!…It was a Massive operation too. At least 100 to 150 workers per plant I believe he said.

        Both men spoke at lenght about it and their personal beliefs etc. Both seem like very honest good men to deal with for food. I aint seen any prices as low as his were.

        Sportman guide catalog has very similar, perhaps xact same, meals deals. Yet their prices were at least double of bakers were. LIke aprox. 85 meals for $120 plus ship fees!

        Aint yet tried to eat any. Looks good on tv when 50 folks eats it and all seem content with taste and quality etc. The buckets also contains some dried milk and butter(?) like 40 milk servings I think plus 200 meals.

        Was this a good price I paid in you guys opinions?

        I got alot of Mountain House prior which looks like probobly better meals. Alot more costly though!

        Anyways perhaps it will assist a few folks who need to buy food with 25yr shelf life eh…Various sizes up tp 7yrs for Two persons!…Huge pile of buckets!…More han I will buy. Familys may do swell with it.

        • Sounds like a good deal at 38 cents a meal.What you should do is see what the calorie content of each meal is. I think a normal person at rest needs around 1900 calories per day. More when you’re working.The free peas and corn are good since those two veggies are pretty calorie intensive. Be Informed and others on here can give you a better idea on calorie counts. I try to grow and raise most of my own food so I probably don’t pay enough attention to counting the calories.

        • Jay Jay and Angel

          Yo’s spieling is sew bade and grammars itz hurt my brains too tri to reed …so I go to collage to learn me spieling Fromm da profffessores

          Hail to the king

      38. Thanks Bush! Thanks greedy corporations, and heartless rich jerks!

      39. Lots and lots of anger on this board today… we are a real life multigenerational family on a farm. We didn’t PLAN it that way but the writing was on the wall a few years back so we built a few more little houses and encouraged our kids to live on the farm and buy fixer uppers in the little local town they could rent out. I figured we could use a little help around the place anyway and trade out a bit of work or a few hundred in rent to cover utilities… We could of charged them money and used it to pay down the mortgage too but we thankfully paid that off a bit ago… there are great economical benefits to multi family…!

      40. My daughter and Son inlaw moved in with me almost two years ago, and I see no end in sight. AT least I get to spend a lot of time with my granddaughter. Oh well, who needs privacy. grin

      41. …. and the “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters et chanteuses STILL have no clue.


      42. 2007…what a coinncidence…that’s the same year the Dems took control of both houses of CONgress.

      43. I know this comment is going to get flamed with “Thumbs Down,” but I just have to say:

        I find it flabergasting that we are still, in the 21st century, with the astounding and ever-expanding advances in science and our knowledge of physics, chemistry, cosmology and biology, that we are STILL talking about God and religion. Products of early man’s fears of death and the dark, when he thought volcanic eruptions were demons fighting underground and lighting was a god smoting evil-doers from on high. When he was only a few cousins away from flinging poo.

        It does, however, explain to me how all of these social, environmental and economical problems are happening; mankind is still very much in its infancy. And like a misbehaving, spoiled, and demanding child, it needs a good spanking.

        Well, I only hope that when the dust settles from the assured collapse on the horizon, it will have delivered that spanking to humanity and the child had learned the lesson.

        Probably not though. There will be a few charlatains that will survive no doubt, and they will have a brand new slant on congregating the surviving flock (sheeple): “The LORD has spared YOU his righteous damnation!”

        Yeah, more like a) you were prepared and survived because of it or b) you are resourceful and lucky and adapted, and/or were in the right place at the right time.

        That’s all I got. Flame on.

      44. @
        A Heel
        Sounds like you have a problem with God. Be careful with that atheistic attitude or you might find yourself in a predicament that only He can help you out of; and He just might have a problem with you.

        @ anyone besides A Heel
        It was just announced that the college tuition loan debt has hit One Trillion dollars. Is there any wonder the graduates are living with parents or even worse, grandparents. It was all designed by TPTB think tanks,to tank the middle class, I think. Parents and grandparents worked hard all their lives and now, instead of enjoying their hard earned $$ during/for retirement, they are having to spend it on junior and sissy. I wonder how many of those parents voted for “Hope and Change”? Just wait until Odrama-care kicks in. Welcome to the poor house.

        • @ don’t tread,

          I do not have a problem with god, any more than I have a problem with Zeus, or Vishnu, or Odin, or any of the other gods of antiquity that you yourself are atheistic of. That is, you do not believe they exist no doubt. I simply take my atheism ONE god further.

          I do not need to be careful, and I refuse to “check” my attitude to anyone or anything, especially invisible, mysogynistic, racist and bloodthirsty deities.

          If I DO find myself in a predictament, I and I alone will be responsible for having gotten into it, and only I will be able to get out of it, if at all. If it leads to my demise, it will simply be the result of poor decisions, a lack of preparedness and foresight on my part.

          How about this: As a good Christian, forgive me, pray for me. I, on the other hand, will think for you.

      45. Some Americans just did not grow up. SHAME SHAME.

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