BOMBSHELL: MN Senator Reveals HHS “Coaching Document” On How To OVERCOUNT Coronavirus Cases

by | Apr 9, 2020 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 8 comments

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Minnesota Senator Scott Jensen, who is also a medical doctor has released a Health and Human Services “coaching document” that shows how the government wants states to overcount coronavirus cases. The only reason the government would want to overcount this is to keep their martial law in place for as long as possible and expand their power while people are locked down.

This bombshell document was released by the senator and physician who said he received the 7-page document coaching him to fill out death certificates with a COVID-19 diagnosis without a lab test to confirm the patient actually had the virus. “Last Friday I received a 7-page document that told me if I had an 86-year-old patient that had pneumonia but was never tested for COVID-19 but some time after she came down with pneumonia we learned that she had been exposed to her son who had no symptoms but later on was identified with COVID-19, then it would be appropriate to diagnose on the death certificate COVID-19,” Dr. Scott Jensen said.

Dr. Jensen explained that this is not a normal procedure, according to a report by The Gateway Pundit. Even if COVID-19 caused pneumonia, the cause of death would still be pneumonia.  The same in the following example: a person who tested positive for COVID-19 leaves the doctor’s office and dies in a car accident, the cause of death is still a car accident. But that is not how the government wants these labeled.  No wonder our deaths are out of proportion and people are questioning the government’s response and their data with regards to this pandemic.

We are never told the truth and have been forced to suffer massive economic and financial burdens because of this.

The entire HHS document can be read here.

GOOGLE Is Doing Whatever It Can to De-Monetize us And Shadow-Ban us. During these TOUGH financial times, we ASPIRE to stay completely independent and pay our full staff, so we can continue to deliver VALUE to you. It is possible for you to HELP us, by supporting our COVID-19 expert survival report HERE!

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    1. Wojo

      The American people where lied too. Business’s where ruined by the shutdowns. The politicians and the media do not care. It was all about control. After today’s report “from the experts” they have called down the number of deaths from 250K to 60K. NO more than the flue. A $22 Trillion dollar economy destroyed by non fact finding experts and government puppets. I am furious!!!

    2. Genius

      We’ve been saying this for weeks now.

    3. Trust No One but God

      It is very simple folks:
      * The state has NO right to prevent religious gatherings. We as a people have a right to worship God in a house of God of our choice.
      * The state has NO right to prevent a man from working and earning a living for his family. You have a right to provide for family.
      * The state has NO right to prevent citizens from having firearms, so as to protect the lives of his family and his property.

      If any nation/state does any of those things THEN the people must Not comply. Must Not obey. Must Disreguard any “commands” from deceptive liar thief dirtbag never worked a day in their life politicians.

      And turn off the media. Nothing but a control psyop using lies, deception, false footage, and FEAR. Just turn them OFF.

      Now that they know you can be driven over a cliff with Fear. They will do this every few years now on a whim. It will get much worse. Remember you were warned.

      Did you know that most of the minute men were recruited in pubs/bars to depose the tyrant king across the pond? Many churches also recruited patriots to get rid of a Tyrant King stomping on the rights of the common man. Maybe that is why the “theys” don’t want gatherings?

      Most Important?:
      Or is it to hide the fact that 5G snitch snoop infrastructure is currently still being installed? Notice the road crews cutting holes for sensors. Induction loops. 5G is a weapon system to use against YOU. 60 mm waves interfere with the way hemoglobin/oxygen is absorbed in lungs. When you lack oxygen you drop. Just like pics of people in China.

      Do your own research while you can. Google is banning anything not “official” narrative about all things.
      China CCP unleashed a ChiCom virus bioweapon. This is not only economic warfare. This is WAR.

      • Darth Skippy

        Additionally, we have no right to demand of the state, goods and services, which we have not provided for ourselves (or, which God has not provided.)

        Afterall, who is responsible for miscounting.

    4. Andrea.Iravani.

      Thank God someone is acting within reason!

      Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers, former Wisconsin public schools superintendent has told children that they are safer at home than in public schools ( can’t argue with that!) because they might get cooties and die, and even give it to their parents, which would kill them and they would be orphans in that case. They will suffer from PTSD for life. This is evil, insane, and retarded!

    5. Jim in Va.

      Makes you wonder how many people have actually died of of the virus. Also people dying of other things but the cause was listed as the virus…..its all about the money,,,,again!

    6. Anonymous

      I understand that a VERY high percentage of the dead were elderly. It’s likely that many simply died from old age and may have done so regardless of the presence of the coronavirus. In other cases, the virus may been the straw that broke camel’s back. If they hadn’t caught it, a cold or the flu may have done them in soon anyway. (I’m slightly elderly myself, at 61.)

    7. Grampa Mullan

      We are seeing the moves of people or organization that wants control of America and the people. they must divide us to do it. wile the media is complaint with their desires and used false data and reporting to circumvent the efforts of a president that has made America stronger and less dependent on foreign nations while improving conditions that allow Americans to prosper. the media tries to prove that this president has destroyed America. many could now live more than just week to week and were getting out of debt. only the true socialist that wanted everything free has still hung onto the democratic ways.time to choose people. time to see just what the left wants.”control”——————–Grampa

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