Bloodthirsty Bankers: “I Would Crawl on Broken Glass Dragging My Exposed Junk to Get This Deal”

by | Dec 12, 2014 | Commodities, Headline News | 163 comments

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    Many Wall Street bankers would do anything – literally anything – to make money.

    That makes for a harsh reality when you consider that the fate of the entire economy of the United States and the world is in hands of just a few banks and other financial and corporate elites. Of course, the fallout of the 2008 financial crisis and the bailout for those that are “too big to fail” made that all too clear.

    Now, another eerie example of how far the money changers would go to cash in has emerged, even if it meant fleecing the public, destroying jobs and small businesses or probably even selling out their own mother, for that matter.

    Crain’s dubbed it Wall Street’s “quote of the year.” It has come to light amid $43.5 million in new fines imposed by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority on ten banks for their role in a failed IPO deal for Toys “R” Us (TRU).

    It seems an analyst for Needham & Co., an investment and asset management firm, emailed his colleague about how “shameless” the positioning and negotiations for the IPO really were – before admitting that he’d do the same, and much, much more himself to land the deal:

    When a rival firm announced in early May 2010 that it was initiating research coverage of toy manufacturers and the toy industry, the Needham analyst sent an email to a colleague stating the firm’s initiation of coverage was “[s]hameless positioning to get a certain upcoming toy IPO,” and that he “would do it too. I would crawl on broken glass dragging my exposed junk to get this deal.”


    And that’s just one man on a deal that didn’t even go through.

    It underscores the mindset of Wall Street bankers, the desperation, the skewed values, the depravity that is seemingly system-wide, and a sure sign that the economic scales of justice are never going to even out on their own. It’s absolutely no surprise these people would bend the rules to insert some legal-financial bias into the process of getting paid.

    But dragging your own junk over broken glass! Really?

    The investigation found that the banks involved violated ethics rules concerning the involvement of researchers in initial public offering deals. Bloomberg News’ Matt Levine summed it up like this:

    • KKR and friends were like, “Hey if you want to do an IPO for us you’ll have to break some research rules.”
    • All the banks were like, “Cool yeah let’s do that.”

    KKR refers to Kohlberg, Kravis and Roberts, the corporate raiders represented annually at Bilderberg, who own Toys “R” Us in partnership with Bain Capital, infamously tied to Mitt Romney, and Vornado, the commercial real estate giant. These are the firms holding the real strings in the Toys deal.

    Needham, the firm exposed via email in this case, is the smallest of the banks involved in this scandal. It comes in at #44 on a list of big banks. Most of the biggest banks were also fined in this case, including: Barclays, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch (Bank of America), Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo.

    But that’s perhaps to be expected at this point.

    It is clear that these are systematic issues of a lack of ethics. Profit and power motives above conscience, without fail. Levine agrees:

    It is hard to come away from these settlements with the impression that this was an isolated case. It was 10 banks! And two big private equity sponsors! If it happened here, it happened elsewhere. Presumably the banks were tripped up by the nakedness (sorry!) of the cynicism here: that awful Needham e-mail, which really reads like something out of 1999, or the sponsors’ explicit nobody-here-but-us-non-lawyers instructions to the Deutsche analyst. But this doesn’t read like an anomaly; it reads like an extreme case of what happens all the time.

    That’s right, the average banker or Wall Street power broker would probably not only crawl naked over broken glass, but might consider backing over granny on that broken glass, then running over the neighbor’s puppy with a car to get there, too!

    Yes folks, the game is rigged, and that’s not even the tip of the iceberg.

    Remember, these are just the analysts for the banks that we are all slaves to. The depravity put on display by this low level analyst is small potatoes compared to what the banks would do to keep their power and bid for world dominance.

    Citibank was just in the news announcing some $3.5 billion in additional fees for the 4th quarter to cover “repositioning expenses,” which Zero Hedge argues is better understood as expenses to keep their employees out of jail.


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      1. Are we on the brink?

        • Teetering.

          • Posted this at work, but for some reason, every time I post from work computer (uses IE) it still waits in moderation forever, even with name and email like I do from home. So here it is again.

            w w w

            Bell v. Marseilles: The Strip Search Case
            Bell v. Marseilles Elementary School, 00 C 2553, N.D.Ill., presented a complaint by eight
            eighth grade boys who had been strip searched by a police officer in their middle school locker room
            in an effort to recover $47 purportedly missing.6 Both the police officer and school officials were
            named in the complaint. The school officials filed a summary judgment motion essentially asserting
            that the police officer was liable and the police officer filed a motion essentially asserting that he was
            acting on behalf of the school. Plaintiffs chose to not contest the facts asserted in either summary judgment motion and requested summary judgment in their favor based on the Defendants’ uncontested facts. Summary
            judgment was granted to the school officials under the more lenient standards of T.L.O., and in favor
            of the Plaintiffs as to the police. The case went to trial on the question of damages only.

            42 U.S.C. § 1983 has significant application in the public school setting for both procedural
            and substantive due process issues. Although the procedural due process hearings in this setting
            rarely involve litigation over the actual statute, it is precisely because civil rights attorneys are
            familiar with § 1983 and its application that they are particularly qualified to represent both students
            and teachers in such hearings. Although the procedural due process required is minimal, it relies on the assumption that school officials will act with fundamental fairness. Where that assumption is borne out, these procedures provide a powerful means of preserving the rights both of students and teachers alike. Knowing the law is helpful, but in its application as in all other cases, it is far better to resolve these issues short of litigation if at all possible. Nonetheless, litigation over procedural due process rights in the school context does exist and can be pursued if necessary though at great cost.
            6The entire eight grade class was subjected to the strip search, but only eight chose to participate in the lawsuit. Substantive due process claims are more common in Federal Litigation, and more closely mirror the more common § 1983 cases brought against law enforcement and municipal entities. However, while students and teachers do not “check their Constitutional rights…at the school house 13 door,” school officials are held to a lower standard than are city officials and law enforcement

            ht tp://

            343:110 Eight 8th-graders strip searched by officer during search for missing money were entitled to $5,500 each in damages; search was “invasive and degrading” and not based on individualized suspicion that any of them had taken the money. Bell v. Marseilles Elementary School, No. 00-C-2553, U.S. Dist. Ct., N.D. Ill., reported in Chicago Tribune, p. 14 (May 3, 2001).

            ht tp://

            • If someone forcibly strip searched my 10-12 year old, I would be a fucking lunatic


              • Wall Street bankers would sell their mother for 25 bps. 🙁

                • I make my living off of BPS – Basis Points. Monthly Residuals off of Reocurring Revenue Streams of Income. Consider me the Toll Master of the Digital Transaction Highway. LoL. I decided I am going to work harder next year. Just getting tired of getting clobbered over the head every year by the shake down Master called the IRS. If I didn’t own property, I’d stop paying them. They always have a hook to reach out and take their cut one way or another. Blood or pound of flesh.

                • @macslavo
                  you may want to take a look at this
                  ht tps://

                • Several “conspiracy theory” websites are getting knocked off the internet tonight. ddos attacks I guess.

                • US is the target of massive cyber attacks right now. Many fringe alternative news sites are down. A lot of the news that winds up on sites like this and drudge originate from these fringe sites after being properly vetted. It makes sense. Drudge or SHTFplan going down would raise eyebrows. These minor sites going down, no biggie. Unfortunately its cutting off the pipeline for up to date news for the bigger sites.

                  ht tp://

                  • Gas Prices Dropping like a Rock. $2.42 Central West Gulf Coast Of FL. Oil dropped to $57 WTI. As they say PIGS get Slaughtered. I think we are now going below cost for offshore drilling.Haliburton layed off 1000 someone mentioned. Good. Bury them Ito the dirt. Good too this may slow down Fracking. Canadian XL Pipeling who? Fugoff!! Speaker Boehner had stocks in Canadian oil sands drilling companies. Wonder why he supported The XL Pipeline? Self serving F-n Thieves. Where I’d the media who should be calling out these A-holes. The p eople have a right to know about this corruption.

                • Anybody in search of an entry-level explosives worker position? Apparently we have openings available here at our McAlister, Oklahoma Army Ammunition plant.

                  ht tp://

                  • Entry level position at the Ammo plant? Probably a job in the lead dust room where they provide you an N-95 mask. Lol. Don’t plan on having any children.

                  • Do they supply the mallet?

              • Yes I would too. If you happened to read the first link from the chicago tribune, you should of noticed a striking similarity to a Sarge’s name here.

                • BJ, it comes as no surprise at all. If only those kids just did what they were TOLD, there’d be NO trouble,sound familiar?

                • Honestly, I didn’t read it until now. Needless to say I am shocked.

                  • Honestly, I wasn’t shocked at all. They are all trained to lie until it is second nature.

                • Is this the same sergeant that posts here?

                  • Yes JRS, he has posted himself that he works for the Marseilles Illinois Police Department. And I have spoke with him on phone almost a year ago. I work all around thatc area and know all about him. I been trying to tell everyone what he was really all about but very few would listen, so now everybody knows.

                    • BJ, can you post the link? I have communicated w/ Sgt via email a little over a year ago.

                    • never mind bj, i had a duh moment

              • GR. Right there with you. I’d shoot the bastard in the head in public regardless of the consequences.

              • Ghost Rider, if anyone forcibly stripped any kids of mine they would get some hot lead.

                • Well, I hate to break it to ya bud….but thats your buddy Sgt Dale who did it.

                  • To all of the above.
                    This was called a strip search, There was no clothing removed from any of the guys in the locker room after their P.E. class. Here is want happened after asking the ASST. Principle what to do? He stated do what it takes. So I had the guys in the PE locker room loosen their belts so I could see their waist band to see if the money was stashed there (there was no physical contact with the guys) This was after a prolong search of the area.

                    I didn’t know that the federal rules on strip search is the loosing of clothing giving the searching officer a view of under garment was considered strip search.

                    I’m human and I made a mistake. Even though I apologized to the 6 families they still sued, The other 35 to 40 families took the apology, and put it behind them.

                    The School was sued for $500,000.00 The City for $500,000.00 and me for $500,000.00. The courts ruled that there was no criminal action.

                    This went to federal court for damages. The Jury after hearing 4 days of testimony conclude that the School was to pay $0, the City was to pay $5,500 and The jury of 12 men/women decided that I was to pay $1.00 This was after hearing all the testimony.

                    Again there was no clothing taken off of the guys in the locker room after their P.E. class. You may think there was but there wasn’t.

                    I made a mistake, I’m human, and I learned form it.
                    This happened 15 years ago, and today the families and I speak to each other.

                    Bj I wish you could have sat though the hearing you would have seen why the 12 Men/Women only granted them.

                    • “I’m human I made a mistake”

                      No. You abused your authority. Plain and simple. You should just leave here and never come back. You’re part of the problem.

                    • “search was “invasive and degrading” and not based on individualized suspicion that any of them had taken the money.”

                      What’s 15 years ago have to do with it?
                      I make mistakes too, but it don’t involve the public and certainly not a locker room full of young boys. So save the spin….

                      sgt dale says,
                      “Again there was no clothing taken off of the guys in the locker room after their P.E. class. You may think there was but there wasn’t.”

                      “A federal judge was so convinced that a Downstate police officer violated the constitutional rights of a group of 8th-grade boys when he strip-searched them after gym class two years ago that she ruled for the boys last week without even holding a trial.”

                      “Judge Suzanne Conlon’s summary judgment came during the pretrial phase of the lawsuit. She said Long had no probable cause to search the 30 to 35 boys in the gym class, partly because he had no evidence that any of them had stolen the money.

                      And although the theft presented “no risk of imminent harm to the students,” Long nevertheless conducted a search that was “invasive and degrading” to the boys, the judge said.

                      The missing money was never found, and no charges were brought against any of the boys.

                      Though it is rare for a judge to grant a motion for summary judgment, it is even more unusual for the judgment to be the opposite of what was requested, as happened in this case.”

                      “She also cleared Long on several counts but found against him on the charge of conducting an illegal search.”

                      “”The suffering these kids have endured has been unbelievable,” Maduff said.

                      The boys were not only humiliated by the strip-search, but they were frightened and intimidated by remarks the police officer made, he said. Public attention in Marseilles, a LaSalle County town of 5,000 about 60 miles southwest of Chicago, worsened their experiences, Maduff said.”

                      “The boys said in depositions that Long intimidated them by tapping his gun as he demanded that the thief come forward before he began the searches.

                      “It is undisputed that the boys were forced to: (1) remove their shirts, so Officer Long could shake their shirts and look into the boys’ armpits; and (2) drop their pants, so Officer Long could perform a visual inspection of their underwear,” Conlon wrote in her ruling. “Additionally, plaintiffs offer evidence to show Officer Long ran his fingers around the waistband of some of the boys.”

                      Apparently the judge felt a little different about it.

                      Your disagreeing with a judge in the court system? Even when evidence was produced against you?

                      You made a mistake huh? 15 years ago…no big deal huh?. I wonder how many other mistakes you’ve made. Thank God you don’t work in a real city….I bet one of your mistakes would of ended someone’s life. But that would of been ok, cause your a cop with qualified immunity and a different set of crime scene rules after a shooting…because you’re a cop. And when you go to court for a grand jury after you shoot someone, you’re listed as the victim, because you’re a cop.

                      Poor Tamir Rice made a mistake too a couple weeks ago, his mistake was playing with a pellet gun at a park when two police rolled up and shot him instantly…..his mistake made him dead. But he’s not a cop, he’s just a poor stupid black kid (color of skin means nothing to me in the case of cops doing wrong)

                      I won’t convince everyone that cops in general are an unconstitutional organization, nor that they are the most violent tyrannical gang in america. And I won’t convince everyone that you are a dishonest fraud and a hypocrite. But if I got just one person to look into the whole unconstitutional violent gang thing, then it was worth it. And if I got one person to see you for who you really are, then again, it was worth it.

                      Yeah, you just had them loosen their belts….right.

                      Count your blessings dale, had one of those boys belonged to me or a host of other men I know…….federal court would of been the least of your worries.

                    • Sarge, I’m behind you 100%.
                      You said you made a mistake and apologized to those involved. Glad you are human like the rest of us.


            • I read the complete Tribune article. classic abuse of power with the possibility of some perve thrown in.

              • So to me, with this on Sgt. Dales record is why I dislike him so much. It is bad enough being a cop, but throw the harming a kid thing in and it makes me livid!

                • BJ you are psycho. You claim to hate someone you don’t even know. Sound pretty self destructive filled with hate. You can disagree with someone’s point of views. Or even their choice of occupation. But to say you hate someone will eat away at you more and shorten your own life. To hate you are victimizing only yourself. There is a great book I suggest you read. “Psychocybernetics” Approx 1980 era. You would gain a lot from that easy read. Teaches you how to not let yourself be a victim by negative self destruction. Hate is one of those topics. Why I try not to hate anybody even though there are very evil people out there. ~WWTI~

                  • WWT ,
                    You remind me of a guy I knew in 2 FORECON 3 Batt” said the same thing to me a long time ago , after a nasty incident in the gulf war , kinda got in a tussle with an army spec ops guy ( officer) almost got court ,marshalled , put him in a world of hurt when 4 of my team members got KIA due to his incompetence . Long story one I really do not want to repeat .
                    You serve over there ? , he served In 1st ANGLICO .
                    That was probably one of the worst days of my entire life .

                    And BJ you hate me and you have never met me there are many like me , people who serve in DHS that are not asshats and psychopaths . Are you willing to put your life on the line EVERY DAY to protect the American People ? Are you willing to be away from your family MONTHS at a time on deployment ? My group is not like the DHS guys you see on the news guarding ports and government buildings ( even though I have been tasked to do that ) we are there as a LAST DITCH support for local law enforcement when they are met with a force that is willing to do harm to the local citizens above the local police’s capability to defend and protect .. ( I.e. foreign terrorists , rampaging criminal elements etc.) imagine if there were no law enforcement , criminals would control your neighborhood and there would be nothing YOU COULD DO ABOUT IT . You don’t know what you don’t know , we all think we are capable of defending our own , but we are just not looking at this realistically Do you have the whereathal to shoot someone point blank in the face ? Take on multiple attackers armed with automatic weapons as they are dragging your family members into the street ? Life is not easy , it is dangerous sometimes we don’t go out looking for trouble we try to diffuse it , NO ONE WANTS TO KILL , sometimes you have no choice . Look at what is happening in IRAQ with ISIL do you really want that nightmare here ?
                    Do not listen to the MSM or some of the Radical politicians they want to destroy your local law enforcement and they are trying hard , we DO NOT WANT A NATIONAL POLICE FORCE RUN BY THE CIC , this is their objective, it’s typical classic Marxist Leninist doctrine to separate the police from the community. I cannot speak for SGT Dale but look at what is happening around you there are some bad elements , law enforcement only reflects our own society They also live in your community, what we have is not a falure of police departments it’s a failure of leadership .
                    I am sorry about your bad experiences but you cannot condem all for the acts of the few , like me a long time ago let go of that anger or channel it into positive change you will be a better man for it.


                    Semper Fi 8541

                    • Night Breaker … whats this bullshit “put your life in the line of duty”. There are many trades that are far more dangerous than pounding down donuts in a police cruiser. LEO almost ALWAYS fire first. I accept Dale’s statement about the strip search… But its the Abuse of power and his constant defending of the other LEO’s that have murdered and abused power that I, and others have a problem with.. Things are going to get bad for LE, because they self investigate and are rarely charged with a crime although you can watch it on video. This is why it is now a felony in Illinois to film a LEO brutalizing someone. That was Murder in Cleveland.

                    • You come off like a mall ninja

                  • WWTI,

                    Wow! Without a doubt, you’ve just won the all time academy award for most ironic post at shtf. Your posts here have demonstrated what you are, you should at least deserve credit for being an equal opportunity hater, your posting history would indicate that almost every group of people alive have been subject to your rants at one time or another. Once again, congratulations for your winning post.

                  • WWTI
                    I made a mistake and it was settled 15 years ago. This is one mistake I won’t make again! To hate me for this is crazy.
                    To any of you guys/gals that it pissed off. I understand, but I just wish I could tell you about the stuff that happened on the floor where the case was being tried. All I can say is that the Federal Judge was highly PISSED at the other side.
                    Thanks again I screwed up and I paid my dues. Time to move like I did and to try and help as many people as I can!

                    • Of course dale, the KIDS and their FAMILIES were the ones who were all wrong. They probably just forgot that if they did what you TOLD them to do, there would be NO trouble at all,damn, you’re ALWAYS just a poor victim on circumstance, aren’t you?

                    • Well the problem of your word here on an internet board 15 years later vs….everything I have posted that seems legit, can certainly be solved. For a nominal fee I can get the court transcripts.

                      Still want to stick to your story??

                    • SD,
                      You are a good man. I appreciate what you have said. We all make mistakes and we try not to repeat those mistakes. It sounds like you went through hell. It is time to let bygones be bygones. There should be no quarter given to hate and there is no need to be hateful. We can learn much from each other. We need each other now more than ever.

                      Louisiana Eagle

                    • You are a fucking liar….admit it! There is nothing keeping you from telling us….so spill it. You can’t tel;l u s because it isn’t true. The federal judge was so convinced that it was settled in PRE TRIAL, meaning there couldn’t even be a jury you fucking liar. There was NO TRIAL, NO JURY…you were found guilty of an illegal search and got off on the other charges because your a fucking cop!

                  • Is it OK not to hate someone but still want to put a bullet into their head?

                • @BJ,

                  Word of advice…..don’t get slanderous. There is nothing to be gained by it. Period. It only will only end up affecting you negatively in the end.

                  • C.S.
                    This really happened. I screwed up and I went through all the hoops over it. I paid my dues.

                • BJ, can I offer you some advice? the other people are right that you should try to get that hate out of your system before it burns you up. When I lost my Cuban-born wife to a Haitian drunk driver, I started hating Haitians, not only because I lost my wife to one, but because of all the other trouble I had with Haitians before that tragedy. I once came close to shooting a Haitian but that’s one story I don’t want to go into. I finally realized that hating Haitians would never bring my wife back to me. nothing would. I didn’t want to go on without her but I knew I had to. I also realized I still had the option of avoiding Haitians. I still see them as evil and useless people but I don’t hate them anymore. That hate was starting to eat me up inside and I knew I had to do something about it before it killed me. I’m not getting involved in your dispute with Sgt. Dale. That’s strictly between you and him. I’m sorry about any and all bad experiences you’ve had in life. I’ve had my share also and life is a bitch all around. Please get that hate out of your system before it destroys you, for your own sake. Take care.

        • I think it is time for public over site of all the banks

          A public nation wide system that does not include lawyers – bankers or any politicians.

          Since they cant & the government ( Sec – CFTC and others )cant then its time for a public banking over site group to enforce new banking laws.

          We do this for our children so they will be free of the bankers oppression & their blatant fraud & theft.

          • I busted BB&T Bank a few yrs back comingling my money. I get paid on the 1st of the Mth like clockwork and the ACH deposit hits my accct like 6AM. Well this one month it was like Noon time and no deposit reflected yet. In Fact did not hit my Acct until like 3:30PM. Well come to find out BB&T merged and bought up another bank that same day on the 1st. So those SOB’S held my money deposit probabably with many others to puff up their deposit reserves to sucessfully buy this other bank. After that transaction merger they released our deposits. I filed an SEC complaint. Which goes nowhere. So watch the scams banks pull using your money. I soon quit that bank and been using a Credit Union Since. Get away from ALL Banks. Read up on Operation Choke Point. Closing down 2nd Amendment style companies bank Accounts. The get our money to bail them out. Screw banks!! Boycott them. Join a Credit Union.

          • “Perhaps it is time to pull our money out of Wall Street and set up our own banks – banks that will serve the people because they are owned by the people.”

        • Mac Slavo: “It is clear that these are systematic issues of a lack of ethics”

          Well, that presumes that ethics or morality is not subjective, and that ethics and morality does not have an objective standard.

          So if you’re an atheist and hold to relative morality, who’s to say that bankers ethics are immoral?

          • Being Religious surely does not make you moral or ethical. Those priests that rape little boys deserve to be castrated. And in fact I find religion is more immoral and unethical as hypocrites, than any Athiest. Religion is Evil and teaches Hate Greed and Jealousy, but then you can go be reborn again on Sunday as your sins are washed away. Like who thought that BS up?

            • Cops that violate young men ought to be castrated as well…..whats the difference?

      2. w w w

        Bell v. Marseilles: The Strip Search Case
        Bell v. Marseilles Elementary School, 00 C 2553, N.D.Ill., presented a complaint by eight
        eighth grade boys who had been strip searched by a police officer in their middle school locker room
        in an effort to recover $47 purportedly missing.6 Both the police officer and school officials were
        named in the complaint. The school officials filed a summary judgment motion essentially asserting
        that the police officer was liable and the police officer filed a motion essentially asserting that he was
        acting on behalf of the school.
        Plaintiffs chose to not contest the facts asserted in either summary judgment motion and
        requested summary judgment in their favor based on the Defendants’ uncontested facts. Summary
        judgment was granted to the school officials under the more lenient standards of T.L.O., and in favor
        of the Plaintiffs as to the police. The case went to trial on the question of damages only.
        42 U.S.C. § 1983 has significant application in the public school setting for both procedural
        and substantive due process issues. Although the procedural due process hearings in this setting
        rarely involve litigation over the actual statute, it is precisely because civil rights attorneys are
        familiar with § 1983 and its application that they are particularly qualified to represent both students
        and teachers in such hearings.
        Although the procedural due process required is minimal, it relies on the assumption that
        school officials will act with fundamental fairness. Where that assumption is borne out, these
        procedures provide a powerful means of preserving the rights both of students and teachers alike.
        Knowing the law is helpful, but in its application as in all other cases, it is far better to resolve these
        issues short of litigation if at all possible. Nonetheless, litigation over procedural due process rights
        in the school context does exist and can be pursued if necessary though at great cost.
        6The entire eight grade class was subjected to the strip search, but only eight chose to
        participate in the lawsuit.
        Substantive due process claims are more common in Federal Litigation, and more closely
        mirror the more common § 1983 cases brought against law enforcement and municipal entities.
        However, while students and teachers do not “check their Constitutional rights…at the school house
        door,” school officials are held to a lower standard than are city officials and law enforcement

        ht tp://

        343:110 Eight 8th-graders strip searched by officer during search for missing money were entitled to $5,500 each in damages; search was “invasive and degrading” and not based on individualized suspicion that any of them had taken the money. Bell v. Marseilles Elementary School, No. 00-C-2553, U.S. Dist. Ct., N.D. Ill., reported in Chicago Tribune, p. 14 (May 3, 2001).

        ht tp://

        • Chicago Trib Story. Is just one side of the Story. There is way more info about this than was presented in this article you can bet. Just like the facts about Ferguson and Michael Brown. What US President Glorifies a common thief thug HoodRat?

          • Also gotta keep in mind this happened apprx 15 years ago.

            • Yeah, they are older now and some people I work with are hooking me up with some of them so I can get more information from them, those that are willing to be interviewed. Other than that I don’t know what the hell difference, Outwest, it makes how long ago it happened.

          • Keep posting wack job, you reveal yourself and your agenda evermore with each post.

            • You know, the article doesn’t say they had to take off their underwear, spread ’em an cough. They do worse than that at the jails where none of those people have been convicted of a crime yet. They do worse than that at every airport, to wives, grandmothers and fathers, young children and veterans, while everyone else watches from their pace in line.

              Yet I don’t see you, BJ, making it your life’s work to expose those acts. “…some people I work with are hooking me up with some of them so I can get more information from them, those that are willing to be interviewed…”

              You’ve got to be kidding.

              I suspect there might be something more going on here, and I’d like to know what your real, personal motivation for pursuing this Sgt. Dale thing is. Did you have a family member involved or something?

              There’s more to this than you just all of a sudden, wanting people to know about this. What’s the whole story, BJ? Why didn’t you speak out about this a long time ago? Why wait until now?

              • You obviously have no kids and have no one to care about in life but yourself….if you care about that.

                I do and I actually care about freedom, liberty and the God given rights we are ALL supposed to have and defend!

                • Actually I have a daughter and 4 grand kids, 4 nieces and nephews and 2 new great grandchildren. I have 2 brothers who continually run afoul of the law and police. One of my brothers was nearly beaten to death over a driving offense. That’s just my immediate family. My entire family tree is too lengthy to get into here, but my family tree is a solid oak.

                  I am also a God mother. So BJ, while I respect your superficial right to try to make someone you obviously have a personal beef with look bad, you still have not answered my questions…

                  Here, I’ll reiterate them:

                  I’d like to know what your real, personal motivation for pursuing this Sgt. Dale thing is. Did you have a family member involved or something?

                  What’s the whole story, BJ? Why didn’t you speak out about this a long time ago? Why wait until now?

                  Maybe you can engage in a dialogue, instead of slinging shit like a pissed off monkey.

                  • There is nothing Six. Nothing more than what I have openly already stated here on this site. I am not the average joe who just drops things or lets things go. I don’t need for it to be personal against me from any individual cop or govt employee….to me it is ALL PERSONAL….all of it. The government at all levels is personally attacking me and my family and destroying the bill of rights and the constitution….the cops…EVERYONE of them are just the pointiest end of the stick.

                    I hope that answers your question. I didn’t answer it directly bnefore, because in my nmind I answered it indirectly with the statement of caring about my childrens rights, I guess you didn’t get what I was saying.

                  • Oh forgot your second question. I waited because, believe it or not….I didn’t want to post it. I actually hoped that enough people had discernment and would see through the BS. A few started to, but most were still buying the BS “poor poor me good guy cop in an evil scary world” crap.

                    Most I have talked to around this area have pretty negative opinions of the fine seargent….and no they didn’t have an “official” meeting with him while on police duty. I know, because I had the forethought to find that out before asking them about him. Most say he is the typical chest puffing cop.

                    I can watch a gross video of cop abuse and take it pretty personal without even knowing the victim Six. It’s the way I am wired.

              • Sixpack ,
                Data mining operation BJ is a plant , FBI

                • LMAO….FBI…HaHa

                  Hey NetRanger, .02, dave in Idaho……you hear the govt guy? he says I am a fbi plant. 🙂

                  Yeah I just work as a EHS guy in nukes as a past time because the money is SOOOO great.

                  Sarcasm off

                  • BJ Read understand this , now that I have your attention .


                    Coinintel pro know what it is and how it’s used.

                    BJ if you do work in the Nuclear Energy Field you possess a security clearance or at least sensitive security information classification , in this day and age do not jeopardize it , employment is tough to find in this shit economy,
                    I just want you to think and not risk yourself unnecessarily by posting stuff that can be profiled.
                    It’s really getting major scary with the electronic data mining . Now that the congress critters passed a bill ALLOWING data mining without a warrant or court order , we all have to watch what we say , like it or not it’s a fact of life now.and can have real world repecussions ,
                    Welcome to FUSA .

                    The whole reason I am on this board is I do not agree with the regime and I am offering unconditionally information that can help others . If its not appreciated I can just say that’s it , if does not matter anymore I will just go like The rest who have left here ( BI , JOG , norse Prepper ) Attitude will determine if we live free or die enslaved or worse. IT WILL NOT MATTER WHAT TRIBE, GOVERNMENT HACK , OR BANKER brings this all down the end product will be the same and we will have wished we posted meaningful information pertaining to remaining above room temperature rather than the crap that lately has been showing up , in all honesty some of my own posts included . A word of advice keep your friends close , keep your enemies closer.
                    Our hour is at hand .

                    In the end it will not matter there will be only the living and the dead .

                    Semper Fi 8541

                    Singing off , best of luck , good by .

                    OPSEC has a real world meaning .

                    • typical sly indirect threat from a govt prick…….why am I not surprised. You, like dale, have worked for the govt your whole life….nuff said.

                      And you wouldn’t believe how many people in the nukes are waking up and fed up with the whole damn system and talk about it.

                      The fact that some who are cops or work for dhs can actually think they can be thought of in a separate manner is mind boggling. That would be like me saying I am totally ant nuclear, but I just work in one. If you work for them, you are part of them and everything they stand for….period. There is no separation.

                    • Night-Breaker—-

                      To your credit, sir….your posts have been informative and ofttimes carried ‘solid advice’..

             not go AWOL from here, sir…as you are appreciated by many.

                      ..and if you happen to see BI, JOG, Mr. Rogers, CCanuk & NP…tell ’em all charges will be dropped.

                      ..their wisdom is sorely needed here.

                      ..ditto, for YENTAL.

                • No BJ is just a shit bird. Piss off boy!

            • @ sixpack

              People, for the most part, have a choice to fly or not knowing they will be violated if they do fly.

              Little boys have no expectation they will be strip searched if they go to school. They are MINORS.

              Seems they didn’t find the “purportedly stolen” money. Checking pockets and backpacks is one thing, but making them strip is an obvious abuse of authority for a petty crime that may or not have been committed.

              If this is how “good” cops operate, I wonder how far a “bad” cop would have gone?

              When this type of behavior is condoned, it can only get worse. I’m sure that there was no inconvenience to the sergeant for this. I’m sure the taxpayer paid for the settlements under the blanket of “blue privilege”.

              This was just more programming to prepare the kids to be violated by the police state for the rest of their lives.

              • You know JRS, I agree with you. I don’t know Sgt. Dale and I don’t always agree with everything he says, but I don’t have to like him or always agree with him. BJ even said he had to “do some digging” to find this incident — He had to go looking for something. That sent up a red flag for me, right there. Who really goes to that much trouble without good reason?

                What my issue here is, why all of the sudden personal attacks from BJ for Sgt. Dale? The search issue isn’t that egregious to entail a focused, life-long mission to expose. No one died. No one was raped or paraded around naked. It sounds like no one was really even touched except maybe at the waist band.

                They do worse than that, just to get in to see a ball game or a concert, also without any reason to suspect a crime. I want to know just what Sgt. Dale has done to BJ to give him this much of a hard-on.

                I guess I’m hoping for the whole truth, and I don’t think we’re getting that. We should be entitled to the whole truth before we trash a man’s reputation, even if it is only on a blog.

                • I guess what I’m doing is voting against another “Divide and Conquer” tactic, without something more than what we’ve been given. BJ is obviously trying to get someone ostracized from this site, and I want to know the truth about why. That’s all.

                  Would anyone here be satisfied with less than that?

                  • Six:
                    BJ did his home work He had to back almost 15+ years to find this. I SCREWED UP PLANE AND SIMPLE. I went through the system and they only got $1.00 from me does that tell you something when they were asking $500,000.00.

                    The tribune only had one side of the story because I couldn’t talk to the papers even though they tried to get me to. When it went to court the truth came out, and this is why I only had to pay out a Dollar.

                    BJ. Contacted me and was acting like a friend in the Prepper movement. Now I know how he really is he is a back stabbing Snake,(no disrespect to snakes) So if any of you befriend him what your back because he will put knife in it. I think he protest too much and he has something hiding in closet.

                    Like I said in the post above “Ye who is without sin cast the first stone.” (J.C.)

                    The only way I will leave this site is if Mac ask me to.

                    • dale, the truth of the matter is you are just a sanctimonious little bastard who constantly indulges in self pity. You run away from the conversation like the scared little girl that you are whenever you can’t answer specific statements. BJ is right about you, you’re a lying little cockroach with a persecution complex. The next thing you’ll post will probably be about how YOU have been crucified for OUR sins and forced to wear a crown of thorns. It’s truly scary to know that real nutjobs like you are out in the public with badges, and you wonder why ” people have lost respect for the law”. Of course, if you even have the balls to respond to this post, you’ll say something smart assed like ” Merry Christmas”.

                • Six,
                  Sorry about your whole red flag thing, but I can assure you (not that it sounds like you are going to believe me. I don’t have verifiable links to prove what I am telling you now is true like I do against the sarge) that there is no alterior motive or a hidden agenda….I am honest and pretty much totally out and in the open.

                  I don’t remember where I actually said I had to “do some digging?” in regards to the story. Something in my gut felt really off about him, especially after talking to him on the phone once last February. And then the more he posted, the more I sensed something until one day I did some Googling….simple as that. The digging comment I made was in regards to finding out more from the victims… this point, not sure it is even worth my time. I might ask around, but I am not wasting too much of my time….I think I know enough as it is.

                  And I am not trying to divide and conquer anything. I just hate what the govt has done to all of us and the cops are the govt at our level. I hate cops….it really is that freaking simple. I have stated that all along and have stated why. Here it is one more time……THERE EXISTENCE IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL, THEY ABUSE THE BILL OF RIGHTS EVERY SINGLE DAY, THEY ABUSE THE CONSTITUTION, THEY SERVE THE CORP, THEY STEAL FROM US, THEY MURDER. And I don’t know if you just haven’t been paying attention to my posts or what….but this isn’t an all of the sudden thing. I have been on him since Feb/March time frame.

                  • Thanks for the response, BJ.

                • If you think what was done to them boys was no big deal then we are worlds apart in our views and any further dialogue would be a waste of time and not anything I would be interested in. I have always liked you and people I visited on vacation this summer spoke highly of you. I am afraid I would have to disagree with them now. Even if it was a loved one of mine, I would disown them if they thought that action was ok, or not that “big of a deal.”

                  And I didn’t trash the mans reputation. I only exposed it. The last time I had to fire someone, they were mad as hell and said I “got” them fired. I told them, “nope you got yourself fired.”

      3. *sigh*
        Time for a “re-set”.

        • SOON

      4. This is not a new news…throughout the human history this tribe not only crawled on broken glass dragging their exposed junks to get any deal but also they killed and accused others for their crimes.

        These SOB’s can’t even recognize that past time is gone and these days more people are waking up and soon they would crawl on broken glass to save their parasitic lives but it is just F&6%$% ing too late. Payback would be sweet.

        p.s. Dr. Griber….opposite of you and your parasitic tribal believes, Majority of Americans are not stupid and they can see who is behind the financial crimes and wars against humanity.

        • We too will drag them over broken glass with their junk exposed as we strip them, then tar and feather them, then drag them trough the streets to hang them from telephone poles on the edge of the cities. Here’s your bail-in Bankster Sucka’s…..

          • “In this New World Order the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.” — Baruch Levy, Letter to Karl Marx, ‘La Revue de Paris’, p.574, June 1, 1928”

            Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.” — Menachem Begin – Israeli Prime Minister 1977–1983”


        • Stolz Vorfahren—>

          Once upon a time…I trusted that Jewish strategies for world domination were self-defeating, and not worthy of my continued attention.

          ..but once you’ve witnessed first hand, the consummate evil of Zion, your life’s direction…is changed forever.

          I put some things together, and did a quick recap of events lately.
          Jews don’t manage empires or companies….they contaminate them. They are not producers, but parasites.

          ..they bank, barter, or steal the wealth of producers, using the muscle of the State, for enforcement…and the monopoly of the media, to cover their tracks.

          ..they are at home in our government, our courts, our boardrooms, and production studios….for the express purpose of sacking/looting wealth…and managing the perceptions of the other 99.8% of the planet.


          ..’tis a toxic group identity..that stimulates their aggressions, and requires a shared belief system…call it a mechanism for self-perpetuation, of such as greed & avarice.

          ..strict matriarchy and a meticulous fortification of their group persecution complex..fuels their xenophobia and a hyper-active sense of entitlement…and social-control complex psychosis.

          ..the theory goes, that if Jews really BELIEVE they are victims….and that everybody wants to exterminate them…they can more easily demonize the locals…shake down the system…and defend the process…by accusing those who object…of anti-semitism!

          —(when in fact..the perpetrators are NOT true Semites)—



 thy name, Jew(noun)– and sometimes the tag of stereotyping..proves accurate!

 they take over companies/corporations…w/ the sole purpose of inflating its/their net worth, complete w/ trading floor prospectuses…then steal investor monies..and all profits.

          ..and in a final gesture of contempt..they fleece the stock-holders and raid the employee pension fund..

          ..on their way out the door.

          —(see KKR history for details…merely, one example.)—


 thy name Jew(verb)–

          …as now we discover that their larvae in congress/govt..acting on ‘legislation’ (written by them)…have decreed, that we’re (us) financially liable for the payout/bailout…of their self-created…derivative/leveraging…scam!!!

          ..anyone here, care to hazard a to how many of the coming $$$ bail-out parachutes, per the protected banker-types.

          …will have a star of David…on them???


          ..and they wonder why they are hated/despised/untrusted!

          …go figure…………..!!!

          • -addendum-

            ..thanks professor C.A.

            ..GOD bless you..where ever you are!

          • Hunter, well stated. I simply can’t blame anyone for the damage to our country except this tribe. This is so funny that last week one of their so called representative in France collected a check for $80 million (US DOLLAR) for some imaginary crimes by some of the French citizens collaborating with Germans during WWII. LOL….. Their parasitic appetite for money is just endless.

            HERDER, JOHANN GOTTFRIED. 18th century German philosopher.
            “The Jewish people is and remains in Europe an Asiatic people alien to our part of the world, bound to that old law which it received in a distant climate, and which, according to its confession, it cannot do away with…
            How many of this alien people can be tolerated without injury to the true citizen?
            A ministry in which a Jew is supreme, a household in which a Jew has the key of the wardrobe and the management of the finances, a department or commissariat in which Jews do the principal business, are Pontine marshes which cannot be drained. (Bekehrung der Juden)
            For thousands of years, since their emergence on the stage of history, the Jews were a parasitic growth on the stem of other nations, a race of cunning brokers all over the earth. They have cause great evil to many ill-organized states, by retarding the free and natural economic development of their indigenous population. (“Hebraer,” in Ideen)

          • Spot On Hunter. I have studied this ZOG Cult by their actions over the years and realized they don’t really even have and end game. But just seem to thrive and relish on seeing how much chaos, torture misery and mayhem they can inflict on anyone and everyone like a daily sport. And do this all under a Tribal coordinated fashion like parasites but eating live flesh and getting into the blood steam vessels across America and Globe. As it is said just 3% can tske over a country. Well at just 2.1% of the American population they are pulling this off. Their devious Gun Grab Scam like Bloomberg and Feinstein is doing, is their last hurdle to crush, to make Americans defenseless and inept for their total dominance and their complete take over of America. Its time to call the Orkin Man and exterminate the entire joint of all parasites.

        • ” I knew exactly what to do and you dimwits didn’t let me finish the job ” ADOLPH HITLER

          • Yeah, sorry about that Adolph. We were too busy having the snot bombed out of our cities and fighting a losing battle on a two front war that you orchestrated, starving to death at the end of the war,and we really LOVED that scorched earth order you gave in the final days to destroy all the railroads,dams,and bridges in Germany that those damned traitorous generals refused to carry out for you, but other than that, you did a GREAT job there chief!

            • “I guess this jew doesn’t know it was the allies that bombed the railways and caused the mass starvation and typhus at the orders of the international jews” Adolph Hitler

              “typical lying kike…these children of the devil just can’t tell the truth can they”? Adolph Hitler

              ” I guess you can’t blame the silly kikes..after all their father is literally satan himself” Adolph Hitler

              ” I bet this silly kike anonymous has a nice pad in the gayest city on earth Tel Aviv ” Bad Puppy Dog

              • I’m sorry puppy piss, you are indeed CORRECT! Germany WON the war! It’s all a big Jewish conspiracy that was spread the Nazi’s were actually beaten by the allies, Damn Jewish Lies! Sig Heil mein furher!

                • This jew is hilarious….now he thinks germany won the war…the drugs must be great in tel aviv eh jew? It’s funny every time Hitler’s name is mentioned this kike comes out of the woodwork. What type of keyword software are you using bagel boy to alert you that Hitlers mighty name was used in here? Go get yourself a kosher bagel with some kike cream cheese and stfu jew boy. You are the same dumb kike I had to bitch slap a few threads back. They must be desperate for hazbarats using you jew boy…lol..get a grip jew…noone cares what you think.

                  • And like I previously explained to you puppy, within 20 years you’ll either be dead or brainlessly pissing down a tube in a nursing home and needing the nurse to wipe your ass after you shit yourself. Either way, it’ll be a GREAT day for everybody on earth! It will be a giant step forward for the human race when your generation finally dies off, like finding a cure for a lingering cancer.

      5. The game is only rigged against you, if you decide to play.

      6. We have long passed the point of NO RETURN. Believe it or not we are on our own, oh there may be 2 or 3 get together but for all tense and purposes you are on your own. I’m beginning to think that while we weren’t looking someone took the blades off the fan. Man the SH~T has been flying for awhile now and it’s not hit any blades yet. Way to many and I mean WAY TO MANY crooks in power to stop the total take over, for me the only thing left to do is resist with all my might when the day comes. I will go out a FREE MAN and I’ll be standing tall, with a pile of brass around me, not on my knee’s begging for crumbs NO WAY. So we’re going to have to deal with it our own way. My only regret is not be able to meet some friends here at SHTF PLAN. Till we meet on the other side.

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

        • Thumbs up Copperhead


          • GR: The current bunch in power are trying to tie the new incoming crop of new crooks (they seem to be a little scared of them) hands so they can do nothing to even try to stop the SH~T that is flying. All these M-F’s must face the gallows, but alas they will not. When the day of carnage dawns I for one will take to them with everything I can.

            MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

            • I have resolved myself to the likely fact that there will be no great revolution that would bring about the type of change many here want or need.

              We have no leader, we are marginalized, we bicker amongst ourselves with stupid shit, and we grasp at straws that maybe some type of change will happen.

              Well, you know what… it aint gonna happen.

              I will hold my ground at my home with my family and maybe a couple of others if IT happens. But I’m not holding my breath.

              Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have the answers. I wish I did. I’m just looking at things from my perspective.


              • Ref: Ghost Rider

                Sadly….I am in total agreement with you and your take on this whole matter…..I can not see how in the Hell people can truly expect that we are going have a Revolution and just turn all of this insanity around.
                It is too massive and now…more than I have ever seen in my life we are fighting amongst ourselves over so many things.
                We are surrounded..out numbered and out gunned….Just look at the logistics and history of the Real Revolution….small area compared to today…It had Leadership….It was Organized…They had a “Real” Plan….yada yada yada.

                TPTB have all of us scattered …running in all directions just trying to survive…get prepped…keep our jobs and care for our families….And talk about what we are “Gonna” do when it arrives….Arrive my Ass !!! It is already here !!! And we can’t “Key Board Commando ” this away !!! This is not just local in each of our little communities…This is Global. You can’t circle ” A ” Wagon…and we don’t seem to be able to get all “Our” Wagons together.

                So…..when it comes to our front door….it will be the few within our homes against the hordes coming in ….How does anyone truly think that we can stop this madness….It is running at warp speed…from 197 different directions….Divide and conquer….They know what they are doing and have known for a long time….and for the life of me I can’t see how we will survive what they have in store for us.
                They are turning all of us in some type of Timothy Leary Lab Rats Experiment…and we ain’t winning !!!

                ” Send Lawyers..Guns…and Money….The Shit Has Hit The Fan ”
                Warren Zevon

                Now I think I will see if I can find a place to hide !!!

              • @Ghost Rider,
                I just read Night Breaker’s post to me about not being so angry and channeling it to be more positive and a better man. For some reaason it got me to thinking along the same lines as what you just posted and then I come along and read your post. This saddens me, in fact I have been more angry AND sad the last 4 yeqrs now ever since I woke up. Angry, probably more than your average bear due to my temperament. My temperament just can’t handle injustices/wrongs, due to the mixture of choleric and melancholy. And I am sad because life is not the same for my kidsd as it was for me……..I can’t even imagine what it must of been like to of been born many years evcen before I was. I worry about my kids future and what it will be like for them and if they would even want to continue on their legacy by having children……and that’s IF there is any future?

                But sadly your post, I am afraid is correct…there will be NO 2nd revolution and things are not going to change for the better.

                I litterally just got this in an email from another poster here on the board, “The world always changes, and always for the worse. Thats what we prep for….”


                I don’t believe in them.

            • Copperhead, thumbs up from me also.

        • OK Rambo go out in a blaze of Glory! After the Brass is spent then you switch to fixed Bayonets and the tool of Fire which is the biggest force multiplier. Gasoline and road flares. Or gas and tracer fire. LoL.. which is safer at a distance for you. Want to see the look of fear in someone’s eyes? Fire will do it.

          • WWT: I have been to the edge and looked over and I have seen fear in more than one set of eyes and I mean at close range less than 3 meters before I SENT THEM TO VISIT UNCLE HO. My five other team members make Rambo look like a PUSSY. If you haven’t been there then I suggest you go sit in the corner and suck on your Tootsie Pop.

            Copperhead over and out!!

      7. Canadian banks are no better. All run by the central banking system. I recently changed jobs I took my paycheck to my bank and to my surprise a new policy :::: they wanted to know why i had a different company logo on the check. A whole seriesof questions or they wouldn’t cash it. I reluctantly answered their questions and to my surprise again they wanted to hold the check for 10 days. The company I work for has been established over 30 years ago in this town and is well known and respected. Another example if how our big brother keeps tabs on your employment history. Its no ones business where my paychecks come from

        • The few countries whose banks are not beholden to the NWO globalists, are under siege from the west. No matter what they tell you the reason is. The only terrorists are banksters. Everyone else is a scapegoat and a pawn.

          Our true battle is not with the middle east, Russia, Argentina or Cuba, it’s with the banks that don’t own those countries yet. They won’t stop until they do. Then the world is done.

          • six-pack. Very correct analysis indeed.

      8. Is it also true that they would dig a penny out of a cow patty with their teeth if they could keep the penny?

        • THAT made me laugh! Very good!

          And yes, they probably would!

      9. The dumb thing is… once the bankers (or anyone) starts willingly taking part in a rigged game then they are giving their OK to all of the players that it is all right to break the rules and sooner or later it all becomes so broken and rigged that the entire game is ruined.

        The bankers who freely take part in this rigged game will pay the ultimate price… sooner or later.

        I am reminded of a child hood experience where I was helping out at a family friends very legal fireworks stand. One night I was there when the fire Marshall came around to do an inspection.

        The family friend was always well connected and he was friends with the fire Marshall, but there were some violations and some hassles that had to be dealt with on the report.

        I asked the friend why wouldn’t he just pay a friendly bribe to his friend and he would let the whole hassle slide? His answer sticks with me to this day.

        He said “I like having rules and I like having a person in charge of making sure everyone obeys the rules and if I start paying him off and he starts allowing me to break the rules, then I am saying it is OK if everyone pays him off so they can break the rules too, and then everyone starts breaking the rules and eventually bad things happen”.

        He said “Rules are good and help prevent bad things from happening”. I smiled and respected him even more and then we started working on fixing the violations.

        Rules are good, but everyone has to follow them, or eventually something bad happens.

      10. The Baltic Dry Index continues to fall. It is at 887 today, down about 500 points in the last 30 days. That’s almost 2% down per day.

        • Oil is down again as well.
          Its great news at the pump , BUT when the oil dependent economies of russia or even Barain start to stumble , they are gonna want their pound of flesh.
          Enjoy the cheap oil , fill those propane tanks , this wont last long .

          • It sure is great to see oil prices going down and I wish gas would go down to a $1.00 a gallon. But the bad part is, the West is going to do just like it always has “Boom or Bust” these lower oil prices are going to hurt Wyoming and just get out of the way if your near North Dakota, because there is going to be a stampede coming out of that State. Hope those newcomers in N.D. didn’t buy to many of those 50 thousand dollar trucks. You think this game ain’t rigged! 2 months ago there was an oil shortage and oil was over $100 a barrel and now it’s 50 and oil is running out of our ears. Very Strange. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

        • That is a measure of shipping cost. How much of that drop in the last 30 days is because of oil dropping hence fuel to power the ship dropping?

      11. a small bloodbath occurred today with a 300 point plus drop..

        ah..never mind..

        probably rebound to new highs come Monday..


        • Maybe Posse, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we are not witnessing a planned “ratcheting down” of the markets to avoid a BIG Crash and stretch the “recovery” out as long as possible; as they have been a bit “frothy”.

          If everything tanks the banks do too. That’s not in their best interests. 🙁

          • Maybe as well dk

            Since they are of a combined leverage by an estimated 700 trillion give or take..surely the central banks would never ever allow that exposure/risk to fail..

            at least all at once..

            surely they will leverage that bet onto the worldwide serfs such as ourselves incrementally to generation upon generation upon generation..after all..history proves that all bets by the money changers have always been passed upon to us for a one form or another..

            throw us a dime and take away a nickle..then loan us digital currency borrowed at nearly zero per cent and ‘give’ us teaser rates from 4% to 23.99%..

            how fucking quaint it all is…ehh?


            • these mother fuckers make la costra/nostra seem like friggin boyscouts in comparison..


          • Credit Default Swaps is like Checkn Kiting. We would be arrested and thrown in the can. They want a freepass and legislation to mask their high crimes. And put their losses on to the American people. Republicans should hung for including this in the budget bill and voting for this.

            • WWTI

              High crimes equal misdemeanors at the worst..

              Except for Madoff and a few low level traders etc..none of these asshats have or will ever face any penalties whatsoever..

              “The law” only applies to those who don’t make “the law..”

              Is anyone really surprised with this budget and Boner and all the rest???

              Even the rabid right wing talk show pundits are pissed..but all of course love the empire at heart..

              Fuck em all


      12. I consider money ( in any form) a tool like any other tool.I only need what the job (my well being) requires.
        But greed is a sickness, and these bankers are sick.

      13. If you like your junk yor can keep your junk.

        • 🙂

      14. GREED!!!!
        MAY THEY ROT IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!

      15. I see the Stock market fell over 300 points. I sais when it went over 17,000 look out!

        • if this oil crash is the big one this could be the beginning of the end countries will collapse mass chaos and riots this could get very ugly fast

      16. The Corruption, lies and police state is out of control. We need to start forming Militia’s and start policing the police. It’s obvious the politician’s will not follow the will of the people. We will have to take to the streets soon or all will be lost. I would rather be dead than continue living knowing this is our future and it will only get worse. That’s why I joined my state’s militia. I would rather die knowing I fought with people that really cared about this country and our Rights, Instead of being a coward and hoping someone else will come and wipe my ass for me. The younger generation needs to be reminded what the cost of freedom is. All the people that died for this country are weeping.

        • When the shooting starts you can spread your love with lead. Vote from the Rooftops.

          • Rooftops and BellTowers, bad choice. I seen to many of them get picked off in the Old Westerns. Trekker Out.

      17. “A greedy man stirs up strife, but the one who trusts in the Lord will be enriched.” Proverbs 28:25

        and when all their black deeds have been exposed, as they will be in the end, here is what St. Luke says they will be saying to CYA:

        “Then shall they begin to say to the mountains, Fall on us; and to the hills, Cover us.” Lk 23:30

        woe unto them!

        there ain’t NO HIDING from the KING of KINGS!

      18. Banksters and Wall Street
        America’s REAL criminal class

        these people are more a threat to the country
        than any “terrorist”

        • Satori

          If you want to read a good book read, “Trading With The Enemy”. These SOBs been at this for years, hundreds of years.

      19. My banker father-in-law, now long since deceased, gave me a book titled “The Promises Men Live By”. An exposition of how ethics were essential to the growth of Western Civ., with particular emphasis on banking and finance, (natch).

        Published many, many years ago. I may have the only copy still extant, the current crop of bankers having burned all the rest.

        I am of the ’60s generation. Leading edge of the baby boom. How so many of my peers simply threw away the book when it came to self-gratification is beyond me. But they did, and they’ve raised another generation that’s even worse.

        Most of the banker/broker hotshots in NYC are under 40, many under 30. No longer is it a business of fat old men wearing top hats and cummerbunds. It’s now a business of people that resemble Mexican drug gangsters, including their propensity for hookers and blow.

        • The movie, “The Wolf Of Wall Street” was probably pretty accurate.

          • Have you read it? What is the book about?

        • Before moving to my current government job (and my second wife), I worked on the Street. And I was a big scuzzbag. We did everything to close deals: everything. I would keep 10 different credit cards in various identities I used to pay for escort services for our clients. At times, I was basically running a brothel, not a brokerage.

          I did this for seven years until I did the thing that got me the divorce. I forced my wife to blow five Japanese clients to seal a deal. We were high and I was desperate (the year was closing and I was behind on the quota). We yelled at each other all night between entertaining clients in a series of Xmas events in Manhattan. By 3 in the morning, we were back at the Hilton where the Japs were staying. We went to one of their rooms and had some coke. The guys were horny and pissed we didn’t go to a strip joint. We argued. I desperately begged my wife to blow them and eventually promised her $2 million to do it. She went for it and then told me our marriage was over. I didn’t care: she did it and we sealed the deal for $100 million for the company. My wife went and got a room for that night and I never saw her again; just the lawyers. She was beautiful, young, I still love her.

      20. I worked at a company when it was raided by KKR. They took a 120 year old timber company that was able to sustainably run for generations if left alone and completely gutted it in less than four years. It would have been less except the union went out on strike for 8-9 months and they couldn’t produce anything for the duration. I don’t know about any nakedness or broken glass but KKR are robbers plain and simple.

      21. For anyone interested in applying for a BNSF RR job in Montana

        “Trainee” OR “Entry Level” AND Montana
        (Click to modify)

        Job Matches:
        Conductor Trainee – Great Falls, MT – Great Falls, MT, US

        ht tps://[email protected]&from=email&f=k&panel=agents&agent=3308424000&refid=1545056300&utm_source=J2WEmail&source=2&eid=632-201423120423-3308424000&locale=en_US

      22. It seems like the little amendment to Dodd-Frank that was inserted into the spending bill is an outright bailout for the banks.

        Why did this NEED passed at the eleventh hour? It allows the TBTF banks to offload derivatives onto regional subsidiary banks that are covered by the FDIC. If they tank, the people , by way of taxes, are on the hook. Derivatives, if I recall correctly, are first in line for payment in a default situation.

        They needed this amendment to cover their asses in the coming junk bond defaults when the LTO bubble pops. Privatize the profits and socialize the losses.

        The bubble is ready to pop. Halliburton to lay off 1000:


        • Not sure why, but the link is broken…

      23. What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his… oh… forget it… Gotta get back and see if I can whip up some new updated subprime mortgage CDO scams!

        “If there is no God… *everything* is permissible.”
        – Fyodor Dostoyevski. And yes, with the ellipsis, this IS a valid quote – Russian reads Без бога всё позволено

      24. I for one would be happy to forage for insects and shit like that for food in order to see these filthy bankers lose everything.

        And how dare the stock exchange display the American flag! WTF

      25. Its called economic terrorism by the Banksters. Get your money out now before the Big Bank run and asset forfeiture.

      26. I’ve got a Buck knife with the newer steel that is unbelievably sharp. In fact, cut my finger placing in the sheath. Kalinga, I believe. If they want to crawl over cut glass, I think this would be a better alternative.

      27. Another “gun free zone” shooting in Portland Or

        • Shocking… Inner city school for bad kids has a gang related shooting. This type of shit never happens. I’m sure Sharpton, et al, will be out in full force about this.
          Oh wait, they only address the white on black shootings. I forgot.


        • One of Erik Holder’s guns perhaps?

      28. I hope the banksters crawl over crap with their junk out to get Federal Reserve Notes only to find bills have become worthless.

      29. the only way to ‘Win the Game’ in Zio-Amerika…

        “Is Not to Play It!”


      30. Empty threats…these ball-less basturds have no “junk” to endanger in such a scenario and their knees oughta be totally callosed from the time they spend on them worshipping mammon! REB

      31. I date myself here but ever since I saw as a teenager George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead I have hoped for a good similar movie not just gruesome scenes. Last night I turned on a movie called State of Emergency. Really first rate fairly low budget with a good story line. Both the producers and the lead actor will be seen again. Check it out if you are not anti tv or movie. Does this qualify as off topic?

        • thanks for the movie tip, here it is:

          boring, lonely, uneventful Friday night here will be checking it out tonight. thanks again.

      32. Note to everyone: who CARES if bankSTers [= gangsters who work as high level bankers] would crawl on broken glass?

        Unless and until you recognize and hence accept that ALL banks in the U.S. AND around the world are INSOLVENT and that you need to take ALL your money OUT [except what you use to pay bills] HOW banksters crawl is just a distraction from both the present insolvency as well as the great theft ABOUT to happen, quite possibly January 2nd, 2015 (yes, just a few weeks away). That’s when they’ll declare a bank holiday and over the weekend they’ll steal all your money and blame it on some imaginary cyber fraudster.

        The government’s billion bullets have been purchased, their armored vehicles dispersed throughout the states, and their underground cities stocked.

        Connect the dots.

        Second note to everyone: reports are coming in that Walmarts are lacking in food and are not getting their food items restocked.

        Stock up, if you so choose, but remember the executive MISorder that permits Obama to take all that is yours, yes, including food, in the event of his declared national emergency. So stash and cache it off-site.

        Lastly, while it’s never too late to get right with your God, if you don’t do it now but choose to wait, it’s already too late, because death can happen at any time! Please recognize PRAYER as your most important continuous (daily!) prep.

        “Pray, hope, and don’t worry”, said St. Padre Pio. (This was a man who, when you went to Confession, would tell you the sins you either forgot to say or did not want to say!) The point here is that Jesus and His Heavenly Father are infinitely more powerful than banksters and corrupt politicians and any other people who follow the father of lies.

        Pray, prep, and watch your six, meaning carefully read ALL the signs that point to “something wicked this way comes” so you can either elude it or be buffered against it.

        Have faith everyone, pray, and TRUST the God to whom you pray. Get ready to witness some miracles as well as some other Divine Interventions when God the Father puts His Foot DOWN!

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • Hey Ranger you are so a little off topic for true believers, as I believe in my precious saints….Padre Pio was a divinely gifted man! For those who don’t know, for 50 years he bore the wounds of Christ’s passion…and endured half a gazillion attempts to prove the wounds to be a fraud. Padre Pio is a force to be reckoned with as he promised us all that he would stand at heaven’s gate until all his ‘spiritual children’ pass through…it worth one’s time to ask for his intervention!

        • LR: AMEN BROTHER!!!

        • LR,
          Tip taken , may god bless you and hold you in the palm of his hand .

          Psalms 91:1 – 91-16

          Semper Fi 8541

          • Thank you kindly, Molly Pitcher, Copperhead, and Night Breaker!

            – the Lone Ranger

      33. If you are an Amerikan, you are all going to lose 60% of your individual wealth and savings soon.

        60% GONE! FOREVER!

        Sure hope you are prepared properly by then.


        • Hey all…Seven years ago, around this time, I lost both my parents….I cannot tell of how much I am amazed that this country has changed in this short time. I am glad they are not here to witness the destruction.

          So this begs the question…is it worse or are we just more aware of it due to the internest and easy dissemination of information?

          Also…lighten up on “The Sarge”….he has a difficult job in IL…its not easy living or working in this state…he is here as a prepper and in the right spirit…

          Its my opinion, that anyone over the age of 40, has some sort of history with their job…in today’s litigatious society, almost everything we do is open to legal scrutiny and regrettably people make mistakes. And society wants free money…and there is no shortage of lawyers to achieve that end.

      34. So only bankers are greedy???

      35. December 13, 2014 what are the things to do today? Inventory; Food supplies, Water supplies, Ammunition supplies, now check and clean firearms, clean and load magazines, finish up home defenses around both inside and out. Check to see if range cards are at windows and doors, double check field of fire. Check night vision and thermal equipment, place binoculars where needed and the list goes on.
        Folks I believe it’s time to grease the hinges on the bunker door and be ready. For me December 24, 2014 the U. N. Small Arms Treaty goes into effect and POTUS will likely sign it on the U.S.’s behave and Congress (Senate) will let it stand. Just prepare because time grows short. The DAY OF RECKONING fast approaches. May the odds be always in your favor! NEVER END THE FIGHT (Lt. Murphy).

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

        • Copperhead ,


          Semper Fi 8541

          • Night Breaker: I’m sorry your a Mud MARINE, but we all can’t be perfect.(LOL) It would be an honor to serve with you, only if you switched to the ARMY. Be safe my Brother-n-Arms.

            MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

      36. I’d like to see them drag their junk over broken glass. You’ll know who they are with high pitched voices.

      37. ht tps://

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