Blackout Chaos in Venezuela: Looting, Rotting Food, Scarcity of News, and Death

by | Mar 12, 2019 | Headline News | 78 comments

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    This article was originally published by J. G. Martinez D. at The Organic Prepper

    I am devastated because of the news of these last few days. The reality is, the reason for the power grid country-wide failure is the corruption level of these last years. Our main electricity generation company is a state-owned one, and the budget for the maintenance was stolen.

    Plain and simple.

    The funds are now in some tax haven under the name of God knows whom.

    Now, start with the real topic: how to deal with the consequences.

    The blackout in Venezuela has no end in sight.

    This extremely extended blackout is going to stay a long time. I have been sent reports of people charging 1$ to charge your cellphone 10 minutes. Go figure. I have seen pictures of a 5 kg ice bag being sold at 10$. This is not going to last too long. The military is going to jail those abusing their ice production capacity…not for “justice” but to take it over, for themselves. This is too easy to predict. And that is why living in a large city once things start to become hairy, stinks.

    In Caracas, the capital, people are driving in the opposite direction in the highways, trying to locate a spot with cellphone signal to send messages via the internet. They are roaming desperately in the streets looking for drinking water, ice, medicines, or food.

    The country became a concentration camp, courtesy of uncles Hugo, Fidel, Raul Castro, and Diaz Canel. If someone out there believes that Cuba Island should not be freed, let me know the reasons. They are responsible for all of this mess. Just look at the history: they tried to invade Venezuela in 1963 and then again in 1967. Changing the tactics, they introduced a mole in the army in 1974 – Hugo. This has been extensively documented by Ivan Carratu Molina, and he has been interviewed many times. I am sure he has published some of his work translated to English, explaining how they arrived to the chair to weld themselves into the power.

    There is a terrifying scarcity of news after over 50 hours without any electricity.

    I have not received messages from my family in the last 3 days. As they are in a very small town and have access to an underground stream and power generation, a fruit garden, and small cottage and farms all over the place I assume they are coping with the situation. My concern is for them to have access to gasoline and food, as the electronic payment has been severed with the blackout. However, they, being widely known in the town, should not have too many problems. I have tried to make phone calls to the landlines but they are disabled too.

    The few notices I have received is that there are lootings in Caracas and surrounding areas. I can´t know how extended or severe this situation is. There is no one there with means to transmit what can be happening.

    This is an ideal situation for the activation of a HAM based network information. Solar panels, a small battery to run the equipment, safely from a remote station, and we are set.

    It is very likely that any station transmitting somehow sensitive information like looting places, dog-eat-dog shootings, gunfights, road blockages, and alike, could be targeted by the authorities, though. In our case, it is more about connecting people in other countries with their relatives inside.

    The harsh reality of surviving a collapse is hitting people in Venezuela now.

    I read in the social networks people that start to provide survival advice, with basic items, and newbie prepper stuff. I used to receive jokes and used to have coworkers laughing at me when they watched my house evolve and my gear. I just hope now that they don´t loot it while I am not there!

    The food, scarce and extremely expensive, is getting spoiled after over 2 days without power. People are really starting to face, in a tropical climate with temperatures over 29 Centigrade (84 F), how hard it is to survive. The water pumping system is down, so people with tanks or gravity systems already have a backup…but without any power to fill the tank, the situation is going to become nasty.

    Thank God the sewage system there is designed to work without any pumping.

    One of my friends in our city has a solar panel, but he can´t find a battery at an affordable price. He earns a 5$ salary and the battery is 80$, cash. He won´t use the old battery of his truck because it won´t last, and it is beyond its natural life limit. He has a small genset, but can´t find oil for 2 stroke engines, again, at a price he can pay.

    This should raise concerns to those living on a wage of a state company, all over the world. My dad has been able to deal with inflation because he is a freelancer, and he adjusts his price, sometimes even bargaining and getting food or goodies.

    It is becoming harder for me to focus on writing. Being jobless in a foreign country, and without knowing anything about my parents is not something that helps. I apologize if this seems to be written a little erratically.

    Being without power is making food preservation and cooking difficult.

    OK now, let´s see. There is no power during the day, and the supply is 2 or 3 hours daily if that. No power means no water, in the cities, at least. The food in people´s fridge is rotting after 48 hours in the dark. Many of them reported this on social networks.

    I don´t have a clue how many changed to electric kitchens because of the inability to find bottled propane. That´s almost impossible to know, but it must be an extremely large number. That worked fine…until now when we face a total power grid collapse. No one bothered in researching some alternative cooking means just like solar dishes or similar ways.

    Many people have a grill, at least, and finding some firewood in a nearby park should not have been so hard, to prevent the food from rotting. Of course, some city people won´t want to damage their image collecting firewood. Darwin kicks in and hurts.

    The worst part is that most of the apartments must be now dark, humid and hot caves. Not a place I would like to be these days. Outside, things can get really hairy in a heartbeat. Talking with my wife, while having some coffee, we realize how lucky we are, despite being both jobless and broken beyond belief. But we are still a family.

    The reports I have been receiving are stuff like…a girl I met in the SSNN giving a ride to a granny with a stroke and her son to a private medical center…and they almost refused to attend her, because there was no place. They insisted until the doctors admitted her. The guard of the clinic approached the girls and told them to go home because an explosion was coming. The girl described extreme tension in the environment.

    Being the capital city, the rest of the country already was struggling with some issues, and being punished as well by the gang. But nothing prepared the people of the capital to face this.

    Carrying water bottles, 2 gallons each, by the stairs up to a 15th floor is not something that your average next door girl used to do every day. Paying dollars because no one wants some other currency is something that never was in the realm of the possibilities. I am proud to say, I saw that, especially that, coming in 2015 and told it to a friend of mine. Many of those early warning signs (I wrote about those signs, indeed, in one of the first articles) are now a cold and painful reality.

    That said, I must recognize something. It was extremely expensive and difficult to stock a pantry when my wife and I started prepping circa 2008. Nevertheless, we did it. In the top of our preppings, we calculate two months for the 4 of us, without leaving home. Provided no power collapse, of course, and water supply was more or less constant, to fill up the tank.

    This is very important, and have to be considered in any prepping plan made to survive long term: after our acquisition power started to vanish, working for a salary was NO LONGER VIABLE. Our pantry got a deep beating in less than the half of the calculated time, fellows!

    I can´t explain if this was something atypical, or if this was to be expected in hyperinflation. There was no way to buy food after the hyperinflation process started to develop itself. We had to consume our stock, mainly because the rationing taking place made IMPOSSIBLE TO replenish. This is why I hate those…demons.

    After a while, I was entirely relying on my other online job (working until 12 am often to wake up at 6 am for the day job) and exchanging a good portion of that salary to be able to buy most of our food. We invested in the improvement of our education (I don´t know to do anything else than my profession, and my only vocation perhaps is to talk a lot, besides writing of course). We saved some of the money, but plenty of that was for home improvements and food.

    The very hard choice of our forced displacement had to be made, with me leaving early to try to set up something before bringing along my family (and I will always appreciate those who sent assistance those days for the tickets, and will be eternally thankful for that).

    Please read a summary of the situation I have seen and my conclusions in the next article, in a couple of days.

    About Jose

    Jose is an upper middle class professional. He is a former worker of the oil state company with a Bachelor’s degree from one of the best national Universities. He has a small 4 members family, plus two cats and a dog. An old but in good shape SUV, a good 150 square meters house in a nice neighborhood, in a small but (formerly) prosperous city with two middle size malls. Jose is a prepper and shares his eyewitness accounts and survival stories from the collapse of his beloved Venezuela. Thanks to your help Jose has gotten his family out of Venezuela. They are currently setting up a new life in another country.

    The Pantry Primer

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    Daisy is a coffee-swigging, gun-toting, homeschooling blogger who writes about current events, preparedness, frugality, and the pursuit of liberty on her websites, The Organic Prepper and She is the author of 4 books and the co-founder of Preppers University, where she teaches intensive preparedness courses in a live online classroom setting. You can follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter,.


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      1. What does this dipshit know, he is not even there.

        • Pain and Suffering brought to Venezuela by the US Government of Blood thirsty Thugs, NEO-Cons, CIA and their counterparts in Europe and Saudi Arabia. The Genocide of decent 3rd world Countries is a crime against humanity. Stay out of other people’s business and stop this destroying Countries for shiits and giggles.

          Its pathetic and disgusting.

          • This whole thing is a CIA operation. The FBI and CIA are enemies of the people and should be frog-marched to a hot fetid tropical prison, every one of them, the kind of prison with big spiders and forced to wear crotch-biter jumpsuits, with a high wool content.

            • Son of patriot, no doubt there may well be CIA interventions with the power outage and other matters. But Maduro and Hugo are not exactly the good guys either, Hey ? PCR put out an article about CIA using Stuxnet to take don their grid at dams and substations. That seems likely an effort to push it all over the edge. Personally I would prefer to see no such interventions as this regime is already self imploding. But TPTB never seem to learn anything from their hubris and arrogance.

              The outcome of these events if played out here in USA would be quite different with no electricity, because Americans are far more spoiled, fat, dumb and lazy ! It would be far more chaotic already. These people still know how to “make do” with what they have. We here in USA lost that perspective long ago ! Also it is never cold there and that is a huge factor as well.

              I say let them solve their own shit !

              • Me thinks the point is being missed. No Garbage Government will determine my future. Prep or die.

              •, while there might be some CIA involvement we don’t know about, I say it’s primarily Chavez and Maduro’s faults, with advice and help from the Castro brothers also. Why does anyone think Chavez allowed Castro’s goons into senior positions in the Venezuelan government, including the military and internal security? BECAUSE CHAVEZ DIDN’T TRUST HIS OWN PEOPLE ENOUGH TO HELP HIM STAY IN POWER. And last time I checked Venezuela is still shipping 100000 barrels of oil per day to Cuba to help THEIR economy stay afloat. If that oil is cut off then it’s curtains for the Castro regime. I also agree Venezuela should solve their own problems.

                  • I grew up around the rockies and have been many places there. The most beautiful awe inspiring places. I moved away for a good job and living. I would never have what I have if I stayed there. Now I can return, to find my old favorites OVERPOPULATED BY CALIFORNIANS! God damn assholes! Fuck you cocksuckers! Stay in California … we HATE YOU! But alas…. I must take my wife for a tour of the old country…. I love it so much…. she will to (just passing through).


          • Do you have evidence of this or are you just talking out your Obama?

          • TharSheBlows, that is the most asinine thing I have heard. Socialism is what destroyed Venezuela not the USA. I get so tired of hearing communists like yourself bashing and blaming everything on America when it has been America that has lifted literally billions of people out of tyrany and poverty

        • Fake Venezuelan bullshit scam artist Jose Martinez.

        • Quit bitching, What would you rather have nothing from someone who is there or something from someone who has connections? You don’t like don’t read.

      2. Tell all the young millennial dipshits. This is what socialism brings.

        • Unfortunately you can’t tell the young millennial dipshits anything. They already know everything there is to know. Just ask them and they will confirm that.

      3. Sounds like Puerto Rico or a Katrina scenario.

        Quit your whining and get busy.

      4. My favorite Topic. Grid Down. Ive discovered rumors that the USA military is responsible for the problems with the Venezuellia blackouts. It seems China and Russia have invested billions of dollars there. And wanted to be paid back. Mostly paid back in Oil. The USA cant let that happen. The Petro Dollar must be enforced no matter what. Now we have two pissed off enemys with a common goal. And they are Developing EMP bombs to retaliate. Its rumored to be a triple wammy. one on the east coast,one in the Midwest and the last on the west coast. Since 60% of the population lives within 6 miles of the coast. and the Midwest is the bread basket of the nation. Three EMP bombs should be enough. I for one will rejoice that cell phones will no longer work. I by necessity had to own one when I drove Truck. And got rid of that horrible device as soon as I quit driving truck. And If there aint any electricity folks in the Ozarks wont starve as fast as other places. Folks will nor hunt game. Nope they will raid those chicken grower houses. they will kill and eat the young tender calves of the thousands upon thousands of cows that inhabit the region. Every Tuesday 5000 or more feeder calves weighing a average of 500 pounds are auctioned at the Ozarks regional Stockyards in West Plains Mo. and that not the only sale barn in the Ozarks. So the folks in the Ozarks could kill and eat 5000 head per week and the number would increase. plenty of wood to cook them. plenty of water to drink and wash with. And I have no idea of how many millions of chickens there are. Of course as soon as the feed runs out those grower chickens will all die. They cant forage like a bantam chicken is able to do. and then there are lots of goats and sheep that are likewise easier to hunt than wild game. and there are also pigs. and if set free those pigs will have a population explosion. those pigs will eat the dead chickens,offal from the slaughter of cattle. they will even dispose of dead humans.The cattle & hogs will make it on their own without help from man. Not a 1800,s lifestyle. A stone age Lifestyle.

        • Nailed it again Old Guy… I am trying as best as possible now to get completely off the grid before the grid crashes and it will. Got to be ready for tht disaster. I have Solar for electric, well and septic on site. Enough timber here to cook.. This is FL, a great location to live off the grid. I went through just 1 15 LB propane tanks for heat this year Off Grid. So for about $13 I heated my place this winter. Its back to 70 and mid 80 degs here now. No winters to deal with. Back ups to back up.. Plenty of fuel and ammo to hold out for some time.

          • Thar She blows your to be commended on your preps. however there are simply too many people in Florida. And your preps mean you have something others will kill to get. Back Your solar Pannells make you a target .a decade ago we had a huge Ice storm. It took all of the Local coops electric down. there wasn’t any power for over a 100 miles. I had a generator. and was using it. and a (friend) seen we had lights. And came to my door very upset and angry. wanted to know why we had electricity and they didn’t. I replied we have a generator. He said I don’t hear it. I stated its in the root cellar. it ended up I had folks invade me relatives & so called friends. they ate our food used our facitities and complained . I wanted to kill them all. I have since sold out & moved west over a 100 miles. don’t Know the neighbors. My relative don’t know where I live. I live a 1/4 mile from my locked gate. We didn’t have electric when I was a kid. We kept stuff cold in the spring. salted and smoked our meat. or killed and cooked it fresh. not until 62 did we get electricity. I could do without electric. less than 28 people per square mile where I live. and just white folks.

            • Sounds like you have a pretty good plan. I am out in the country but in a private subdivision with private roads a mile back into where I am at the dead end road, and plenty of No Trespass signs, and its country out here. My lot parcel is a few acres, surrounded by swamps, and a good secured barbed wire fence with cattle fencing and barbed wire up and over the tops of the fence posts and gate. What they can’t see they can’t steal. I keep a few friends close, and the rest has no idea what I am about.

              OPSEC, Yep let just one person in and give them help, and they will rat you out to the rest of the unprepared seeking help. So never really help anybody you do not trust 100%, so basically trust no-one, since no-one can be trusted. Just look just as distraught in a crisis, be the gray man with no flash or cash. Don’t make yourself a target rich asset to plunder. Plenty of guns and ammo to back all of this up, and just renewed by CCW permit. Packin it daily.

            • Are you Amish? (lol)

        • Russia and China won’t start WWIII for something as little as oil from Venezuela however the CIA / US Military being behind this is highly probable. In the end the entire “oil peg” / USD / reserve currency is a fragile system requiring ever increasing foreign interventions that are costly and dangerous. Sooner or later the enforcement of which may line up the items that facilitates a direct military confrontation. All the players fearing the other guy might first strike may themselves first strike. The scenario is frightening.

          • I wouldn’t bet on Russia and china just countinuing to be shafted by the Petro Dollar. What if they help Iran or some other place to develop a EMP Bomb? good grief every place the USA military and CIA sticks their nose into we create a new enemy. most of the World hates the USA. Those who don’t hate us take advantage and laugh behind our backs.

            • Attacking the US is suicidal. Chinas vehicle around it is to slowly, methodically, for their currency to become the preferred instrument for international transactions with their trading partners. They’re patient. They’ll develop Africa and in the process own it; Africas resources are immense. Nation by nation drops the USD thus limiting the pool it dilutes into. As more do this even more desire to do so as the remaining dollars loose value. The US will counter with “indigenous” revolutions in these African nations ostensibly to remove tyrants from power, free the oppressed and so on but in reality to thwart Chinas independent economic rise. Russia is looking at survival having limited economic manufacturing muscle.

              • There’s not going to be any attack and no one is exploding EMP’s over our coasts.

                We’re doing just fine voting our own country into the ground. Between the vast numbers of military age men crossing out porous southern border, the lack of European immigration and the 22 trillion dollar debt, I truthfully don’t see a way out of this. Do you?

                Having said that, I don’t think for a second that other players will not step in once we begin the ‘correction’.

                Whatever you have and whatever you think, you don’t have enough.

              • Russia sells oil for dollars or euros and immediately change them for gold .What more in the world of gold or oil ?It is obvious that this barter profitable and it may continue indefinitely .USA with GDP growth of 3.5%,and the growth of debt is 10% ,a business cannot exist for long .Therefore, Russia’s main ally which in the United States.

              • In a WW war games scenario, the US Military Gets it asses handed to hem quite decisively and decidedly. You want to gamble? Feeling lucky Punk? Huh do ya?

        • Please come to Denver with the snowfall..We]ll move up into the mountains so far that we can;t be found…And throw I love you echoes down the canyon and then lye awake at night till they come back around….

      5. well, i used to watch Chavez’s cabinet meetings as they were public. One time when i was watching (subtitled translations) a reprter asked why he was so hard on his cabinet. He stated that his countrymen were like children. AND there were very few competent people in his country that could put up resistance to the entire country being taken over by economic invaders whose goal was to rob Venezuela of all of its natural resources. He said that if he were not so tough on his countrymen then his country would revert to total chaos and the people would be left with nothing and civil unrest and death would be the result. Then he had the reported escorted off the premises for being rude. Doe any of this sound familiar? it seems odd that preppers would give into the level of propaganda that is used to justify overtaking sovereign nations. What would a prepper do if his country was being invaded? And i am guilty of warring since my country is doing this!

      6. Socialist/Communist countries never seem to learn the lesson that you have to keep maintaining or replacing your infrastructure and your means of producing goods. The United States is also not supposed to be maintaining its infrastructure. Nothing lasts forever.

        • Brian, and what about our own infrastructure ? As well what about many of our own cities that are totally out of control like Chicago, Baltimore and many others. Many are completely insolvent just as the USA is ? Then add in the sanctuaries and it is all compounded 100X. Seems we have plenty to pay attention to right here before we cast any aspersions ? Let them solve their own shit and we start solving our own for a change!

          • The Amer. Soc. Civil Engineers gives the Amer. infrastructure a D- (D minus). Our roads, bridges, dams, levees, water treatment plants, sewage treatments plants, water distribution systems, power grids, railroads, airports, tunnels, canals, public buildings, etc., are deteriorating faster than they can be repaired. Many are beyond repair. The cost of bringing all our infrastructure to “satisfactory” is said to be more than 10 trillion dollars. We cannot afford this. (That said, how are we going to pay for the Democrat’s bogus Green New Deal that would cost more than 70 trillion over the next 10 years? Not going to, that’s how.
            Then there are the inner cities that look like Berlin 1945 that dot the US. The cost of urban renewal is trillions and trillions of dollars. Another generation of urban neglect will render many cities practically uninhabitable. This will cause additional problems; massive social problems for one. Whites are fleeing cities causing a greatly diminished tax base. Those who pay the most taxes to support social spending and services require them the least, those who pay the least require them the most. How are cities going to function when the tipping point comes (actually already here). Expect cities to start boiling over socially and politically in the near future. Also expect cities to start annexing massive areas of suburbia to augment tax collections (when that happens watch property values drop like a rock already happening, with renewed waves of white flight).
            The icing on the cake is the 22 trillion fed. gov’t debt, and literally growing by billions per day, with most states and cities also in unrepayable debt. When using real accounting methods Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare are already insolvent. Most pension plans (both public and private) in the US are close to insolvency. But the worst is there is at least 100 trillion dollars in future liabilities for all levels of gov’t in the US, there is absolutely no resources at all to sustain these future costs.
            The reason why officialdom does not talk about these issues is because they are way, way, way beyond dealing with, past the point of dealing with it; they certainly know about all the debt issues in the US. There is no doubt when TSHTF there will be mass printing of dollars and confiscation of wealth and assets, the well is dry (also, expect private guns confiscation). Otherwise they know if social spending is suspended there will be civil upheaval. Presently, the economy and financial systems are still sustained by all the “cheap money”, pumped out over the last several years, that is, QE – quantitative easing. But the effect is now diminishing, there will soon be a point where more debt will no longer stimulate.
            Don’t believe what the MSM or gov’t says, it is pure propaganda. This country is in a real fiscal mess, actually it is intractable. It is so bad conventional answers won’t work any more. Meanwhile, the middle class is shrinking even as hyper wealth concentration is the most extreme in more than 100 years. The overall standard of living and quality of life is inexorably declining, even as many Demo.s say we are not paying enough taxes !?!?!? Wealth is power, officialdom wants to drain off the wealth of the citizens to make them dependent on gov’t.
            Pay off all your debt, become as self-sufficient as possible, accumulate real tangible assets, put your children in private schools, and withdraw from interacting with all levels of gov’t as much as possible. The best, most effective, long-term, and happiest solution to all these problems for me and mine is to SECEDE again !!!
            TPTB and their gov’t minions really don’t care about any of this. Their primary, over-arching, number one goal is to change the demography and culture of the US. They want a society too fractured, too impoverished, and too ignorant to be a check on their power.

            • Good post. Thanks

          • Casting aspersions is OK since the places you mention are havens for Marxists. I don’t feel any responsibility or duty to places like Baltimore. In fact, I hope the whole city burns down. That’s what the dumb shits voted for and that’s what they should get.

      7. Its gone and the ven prez knows it weather its the US or russia or china that gets it he’s doing the same shit ive seen many people do when they loose their home to repossession they trash it out of spite and the whole if I can’t have it no one will attitude. No one gives two shits about the people,or anything for that matter just the oil and thinning the herd as its going just makes it easier for who gets it. Remember over in the sand box what happend they blew up and set on fire the oil wells. Cus it all boils down to that the big prize the brass ring lol

        • Im pretty sure its not for the coffee or bananas lol sorry we have no bananas today…but we do have oil oh yea the whole petro dollar hmmmm why rob a convenience store when the bank is right down the road

      8. With socialist welfare state the US has been using when LBJ was Prez, is now showing its ugly head. Can’t fix our infrastructure because we are paying for too many folk on welfare, supporting fatherless family’s. Have ten kids by ten different fathers and we pay for them. What pisses me off is one of my daughters has 4 kids and two different fathers. The second guy wants to get married, but if she does she won’t get her shit from the government (us). Talk about a disappointed father. She really pisses me off, but she is my daughter and I love here but it doesn’t make it right.

        Is the same coming to the US, You Damn well betcha! When the Demorats take over it won’t take long it will happen. It gets closer every time they are running things. It will be worse here because there are more of us, and most folks out there aren’t and will never be ready for the shit to hitting the fan.

        • Sgt.Dale

          The list of causes for the decline of the US is long but not accidental.

          1. Guns & Butter of LBJ and the subsequent abandoning of Bretton Woods
          2. The intentional exportation of US manufacturing and with it the jobs that went with it
          3. The evisceration of Glass Steagall turning Wall Street into a casino
          4. The divorcing of money and hence interest rates from capitalism “supply and demand”

          In totality it’s a recipe to increase US dependence on the world (a highly likely goal) while simultaneously lowering its wealth with the (once again likely goal) net result of economic homogenization / equalization.

      9. I was thinking what if? What if Trump fails to be reelected? How would that effect me? and I think it wouldn’t be so horrible. It would hasten the Collapse. and all Trump getting elected has done is make me at last 4 years older. and his reelection would make me another 4 years older. Trump will not MAGA or create any lasting reform.And he is Too buddy buddy with the 3ews. I might vote for the Dimocrap just to get the show on the road?Maybe voting and electing the Left wing candidate would be the best choice, vote them in and let the left socialist commie idiots lie in the bed that they made. No matter who is president, the CIA and military do whatever they want anyway.

        • OG
          Good points, I really would be 71 when he would be out of office. I’ll still be full of fight, but it will be a ruff road for us OLD GUYS to do what needs to get done, but it might take a little long but we will get it done.

        • I think collapse is going to take a VERY long time. No sudden event.

          Look at Venezuela. It has been in collapse since 2014. It has taken 5 years before the lights went out.

          I suspect it will take 20 plus years before the shit show is in full force here.

          • If SHTF doesn’t happen for another 20 years the majority of posters here have absolutely nothing to worry about because they’ll be long gone by then..Even if alive by then,most will be too old,feeble and of little to no use.

      10. Who cares about this country being socialist. It’s no worry for me. J.D. doesn’t live there anymore. Daisy should get him an English editor so his posts are at least understandable. Why’s he living off the paypal gratis of others and bitching about socialism?

        Anyway, a little more background on why empire wants a new and approved leader in Venezuela. There have been significant discoveries of sweet oil in the disputed Esequiba region that borders parts of Venezuela, Guyana, Brazil, and offshore areas. Exxon Mobil has drilled a few exploratory wells with the permission of Guyana in the disputed areas and has found sweet crude oil. This area was never explored thoroughly since the dispute is in the international courts. The empire needs this local sweet crude and the Orinoco heavy crude will mix nicely with the naptha and condensate that is the primary production of the US tight oil wells…a twofer.

        Go get em empire goons.

      11. God bless the people of Venezuela .

        It’s nice to see that this site hasn’t a shortage of Russian/Muslim/Chinese trolls and your garden variety kooks.


        God bless and watch out fur dem hogs.


          They don’t Seminole. Just loudmouthed ignoramuses. The idiot Venezuelans don’t need anybody’s help screwing themselves. Latin America has always been beautiful at it.
          Russia and China can be paid with oil. Petrodollar standard don’t enter into it. They have been doing it for years. Iran too.
          No, Venezuela is nothing more than the current poster child for Socialist stupidity. Nothing more. They are getting just what they voted for. No pity from me. Just enjoy the show and maybe learn something.

          • AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Stuart is an ignorant ignoramous. Get real you dope. So you trust the CIA you fricken shill?

            “Democratic Institutions?” – 10 Lessons From History That Will Destroy Your Trust In The CIA

            by Tyler Durden
            Sat, 07/21/2018
            CIA Operations ht tps://

            Well here, fellow “traitors”, are the Top Ten reasons to question anything and everything the CIA – or any intelligence agency – has ever told you (in descending order)…
            #10) OPERATION PAPERCLIP
            #8) ALLENDE COUP
            #7) MOSADDEGH COUP
            #5) MASS SURVEILLANCE
            #3) COINTELPRO
            #2) PROJECT MKULTRA
            #1) THE IRAQ WAR, and the Illegal Wars in Afghanistan, In Libya, in Syria, in Yemeni and now the quiet war Venezuela.
            Our “democratic institutions” lie to start wars. There’s no reason to think they aren’t doing – or wouldn’t do – the same thing about Iran, North Korea…or Russia.

            Never trust the CIA, they have proved they don’t deserve it.

        • Hold it…I know what the Chicago Cubs have planned….its called “we have a winning team, let’s break it up and be losers”…

      12. Where are the men of Venezuela? Wot, freedom isn’t worth risking their lives?

        I suppose the US taxpayer will send them $4 billion to $12 billion.

        Then suppose a few hundred thousand of their “best” “working” teen-aged “males” will try to invade the USA, and the MSM will report they are all starving frightened women and children [a partial truth, when cowardly men claim asylum and illegally invade – these so called men truly are women and children]

      13. Tells me to get the he ll out of the city.

        • They are all morons. I would have gotten the Hell out of the country as soon as Chavez was elected. When more than 50% of the citizens vote for a Marxist government you know that all sanity is gone and the country is lost. The same thing goes for the USA and if the Marxists take over here I will be on the first plane out of here.


        Ron Paul:
        President Trump has joined Rubio in wanting the government to, in Trump’s words, “take the guns first, go through due process second.” During his confirmation hearing, President Trump’s new Attorney General William Barr expressed support for red flag laws. California Senator and leading gun control advocate Dianne Feinstein has expressed interest in working with Barr to deprive gun owners of due process. It would not be surprising to see left-wing authoritarians like Feinstein work with right-wing authoritarians like Barr and Rubio on “compromise” legislation containing both a national red flag law and expanded background checks.

        My years in Congress taught me that few politicians can be counted on to protect our liberties. Most politicians must be pressured to stand up for freedom by informed and involved pro-liberty citizens That is why those of us who understand the benefits of liberty must remain vigilant against any attempt to erode respect for our rights, especially the right to defend ourselves against private crime and public tyranny.

      15. War on the Poor (i.e. “the gypsies”)

        The other day I talked to a fellow-bus-passenger. He was furious!!! He had just got out of jail. He said every time he finds a good camping spot, the cops come and arrest him and take him to jail! He said its against the law now to live outside. I’ve heard other homeless people say the same thing– complaining about cops tearing up their camp sites and arresting/threatening to arrest them. Most people here do live outside!! We live in the mountains– what used to be the National Forest. Much of the area still is National Forests and people can’t afford or simply refuse to pay $800/month to rent a room! So they live outside!!

        Last week, almost everyone on the bus was talking about the situation and they seemed scared! They were talking about Martial law and how the government can shoot prisoners (felons) during time of Martial Law. They were also talking about WalMart and how they have it set up so that during an emergency they can house hundreds of people– like a concentration camp. People are worried the government intends to put poor people in camps like WalMart and then just shoot them when Martial law is declared. They were saying that’s why the government wants our guns. I didn’t think too much about it- I’m not homeless and I’m not a felon! But A couple days later, I talked to this other guy and he told me the same thing. He’s frightened because he’s on disability. He can’t work and he’s afraid of what the government intends to do to the poor. He also was talking about WalMart Suddenly, I put two and two together…

        Its against the law now to feed poor people. The cops have been known to spray Clorox on food intended for the homeless. They used to ALWAYS have free food here in the park every Saturday. This has been the custom for years. That’s ended. No more. Its against the law to give money to homeless people/the poor. I read that but I never would have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes! I was on the bus and someone wanted to board but didn’t have the dollar. I attempted to give him a dollar. The bus driver jumped on me, telling me that I couldn’t do that! She said there were cameras all over the bus and if her supervisor saw that, he would be after her head! She said its against the law now to give money to the poor! I was shocked but put my dollar away! In some states, its against the law to live in your car. And its against the law to provide temporary shelter– even for one night– to the homeless. Anyhow, lately, I’ve come to realize how truly scary the situation really is!! The US government has declared war on the poor and has even started imprisoning them for being poor and homeless. Hitler did the same thing! He declared war on gypsies!

        If you read Naomi Wolf’s books you will see that the US government is following the exact same steps that all would-be-dictators follow when closing down an open society. There is a playbook that they use and go by. Hitler started out with the war on the gypsies, the downcast, the deplorables– imprisoning them. No one cared! Just like I didn’t care at first to find out that homeless people were being arrested and discriminated against. “First they came for the gypsies, then the outspoken journalists, then the Jews and then they came for me.”

        (John?) Whitehead wrote something about this but I never would have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes!

        • Anon Heard a lot of rumors going around the country about mass amounts of homeless people disappearing into thin air, never to be seen or heard from again. A fisherman off the coast of Hawaii took pics of a FEMA barge dumping shipping containers into the ocean,supposedly full of screaming homeless people.Makes you wonder.I know I would fight to the death before they ever herded me onto a FEMA barge or bus.And laws against feeding or helping those who are down and out? What in the hell has this country become? Pure evil.

      16. There are too many Patriots like myself that will not obey any gun laws from any Government.
        It is as simple as it get – My 2nd amendment is my right to carry and this right will not be infringed.

        They may try but they will fail

        • Jakartaman, I stand with you on that. Our rights are NOT negotiable. There is NOTHING on any table.


      18. Joke of the day

        Conservatives walk their dogs
        Socialists eat them

      19. Full Spectrum Dominance? Any one buying or selling to Venezuela, cannot buy or sell to the USA for one year? They want that light sweet crude, and they want it cheap. Anyone buying Venezuela oil cannot do business with us for one year,plus,seems they will make life miserable for anyone breaking our sanctions.

      20. When the lights go out, chaos ensues. I believe what the writer of the article is saying. Why? Because I lived in freaking corrupt Louisiana for the first part of my life where the sheriff for one of the parishes on the Bayou used to supervise drug drops. Back door payments from the oil companies to the bosses of the parishes. Revenge “activities” going on all the time from political rivals. The citrus growers knew what went on in the higher circles. Get invited to a Mardi Gras ball? You were either fresh meat or one of the insiders. Throw me something Mister. I am not deceived by the righteous and rotund Maduro who has hastened his own demise by encouraging banditos to roam the streets terrorizing the populace on his behalf. People get tired of standing in line no matter who is to blame. The worm turns, people. Leningrad is no more.

      21. A socialist utopian state. C’mon now what could possibly go wrong. Lol.
        Anyhoo ,
        I have to help one of my elderly relatives prep a bit. Here’s the situation
        1.) She’s 68
        2.) Not the best of health
        3.) Will not use a firearm
        4.) She has good good stocks
        5.) Lives alone
        6.) Is still clear headed
        7.) She will use force.
        8.) Very stubborn
        9.) Old school knowledge (same base as me)
        10.) Will swing a bat if needed.
        11.) Has her own property and home.
        12.) Has other family members close by.
        13.) Lives 22 miles from CFB Suffield.
        14.) Is able to drive larger vehicles.

        So that’s the challenge in a nut shell.
        How the hell do I get these people even kinda ready?
        Let’s see whatcha all got for advise.

        • Forget 68 year old woman using force bat. Buy her a can of Bear spray, and an air horn. Hook her up to life alert. she pushes the button and rescue is on it’s way. If and when SHTF life alert won’t work, by then, get her a gun, unless she’s stupid she will change her mind

        • Beaver- an alarm system and a safe cubby like I have. I have a firearm in mine- the cubby is disguised to look like part of the wall. It doesn’t need to be big, I installed mine where the water system for our house was supposed to go. She is too old for hand to hand combat but she is not too old to hide. I have a safety bar installed on the inside of the door so it won’t give when pushed on.

        • Please talk her into a gun but if not make sure she has a supply of wasp spray. An elderly woman in our area sprayed an intruder in the face the second he opened the door.

      22. #3 is a biggie.
        I assume she doesn’t have to deal with Momma Bears or Moose in the rut.
        #12 That is your solution.
        #13 All they will do is call RCMP?

        Hardest thing I have ever done is deal
        with elderly parents, grand parents,
        and even a great grand parent.

      23. FinCEN has a list of literally hundreds of financial sanctions issued against the leaders of Venezuela and the shell corporations they control. These sanctions are for money laundering and other financial crimes. Basically the leaders of Venezuela have been (and still are) robbing the country blind. Once Maduro and his cronies are out of power they will hide out with hundreds of millions of dollars they have stolen from the Venezuelan people. This seems to be a common tactic of every socialist regime throughout history and that’s where the DemoRAT party wants to take the United States.

      24. No power but social media still works ? Bull Shit !

        • Jose is not currently IN Venezuela.

      25. coming to a city near you….

      26. I LOVE reading the comments section when Patriot Pantry advertises…People are saying things like: How do I get water to make the meals? You want me to make food with contaminated water? How do I heat up my food? My neighborhood has an HOA and I can’t just build a fire in the yard, I will get in trouble. I will just go down to the store and buy food. I will just ask a neighbor for food because they are nice.
        The stupidity level is high and just reminds me how unprepared people are, what few skills they have, how they lack the most basic common sense and how f*cked they are. Our neighborhoods will be a cesspool of starving idiots. It reminds me of a day last year when our power was out for most of the day because of a storm. The neighborhood gates wouldn’t open and people were just lined up in their cars waiting for someone to fix the problem. I turned around and left the hood using an old dirt trail. Total sheeples. As bad as we think it will be, it will be way worse. Venezuela didn’t happen over night- It was a slow methodical drain that took years and people ignored all the signs. They let it happen and now they are screwed. Reminds me of exactly what is happening here. It’s coming.

      27. I reccomend a book I just finished,not that I agree with all of it,it is fiction. Black Autumn by Jeff Kirkham and Jason Ross.

        • @Southside

          I read that book and I liked it. Although I questioned some of it too, overall it was good.

      28. Jose I enjoy your story’s they are food for thought as I watch my country slowly implode. Best of luck to you and your family.

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