Bizarre Brilliant Green Fireball Lights Up Midwestern Sky

by | Jul 12, 2018 | Headline News | 15 comments

A fireball in the sky Sunday gave midwesterners quite the view when it created a brilliant and bizarre green light at night. The fireball was seen across several states including Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana, Kansas, Nebraska, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

“The estimated 3D trajectory computed from the witness reports shows a shallow entry angle, one that could be associated with an Earth-grazing fireball,” the AMS explained in a post online. “But many witnesses reported a fragmentation – it could mean the meteoroid actually went through the Earth atmosphere.”

“Airline crew here, we saw it pass from right to left (north to south) over Moline, IL. It left a brilliant green light, and shed lots of debris as it entered the atmosphere, exploding at the end,” one Twitter user explained.

Although the sight of the bright green light was odd, there is an explanation.  According to Forbes, Meteors are green because as a meteor enters Earth’s atmosphere, it is heated to the point where its outer layer is vaporized. The metals in the meteor glow with particular colors. Green comes from nickel. The most common metallic meteors are iron-nickel, so green is actually a rather common color. This glow tends to be the brightest when meteors hit the atmosphere at a high speed. For example, fast-moving Leonid meteors can often have a green glow.

But that certainly doesn’t detract from the ominous beauty of the green light, as many social media users detailed.

“Anyone just see the Big Green fireball fly thru the sky!?????? Just flew over me as I was passing Mahoney St Park. THAT THING WAS BOOKING IT!!!!!” one Twitter user exclaimed. “I also saw the green shooting star / fireball in Saint Paul. Definitely a meteorite,” another user added.

“Because of their appearance, these streaks of light some people call meteors ‘shooting stars,'” NASA explains in a blog post online. “But scientists know that meteors are not stars at all — they are just bits of rock!”

According to Fox News, a meteor forms when a meteoroid, which is a type of space rock that breaks off from a rocky body orbiting the sun (an asteroid) enters Earth’s atmosphere. As soon as the space debris crosses over, it breaks down into what scientists call a “meteor,” which then vaporizes and, as a result of friction, appears as a bright streak of light in the sky.

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    1. Menzoberranzan

      It was only Hillary casting a spell, that failed of course.

      • fozbotz

        So now forbes is an authority on astrophysics?

      • ronna

        Hillary riding her broom very fast! 🙂

    2. durangokidd

      Nothing to see here, My Peeps,move along. “Green” meteors are quite common. This one reminds me of one just like it I saw one night while sleeping on the roof of a houseboat on Lake Powell years ago. 🙂

    3. 2018 Is Now

      Big methane fart over a cow pasture.


      It was AL GORE trying out new green house gas effects on the people who don’t believe him. the explosion at the end of the flight sort of has me baffled, I hope he didn’t blow up one of his jets from fleet the people helped him purchase.

      • JRS

        In 2004 Al Gore teamed up with David Blood (ex Goldman Sachs) to form Generation Investment LLC. Then Gore went on a world tour.

        Seriously… “Blood and Gore”…scamming millions from the people. Can’t make this shit up. It’s true.

    5. Old Guy

      Too bad a few don’t hit hellery, mad Maxine and the women from the view.

    6. Brian

      Saint Patrick came in his sleigh which was pulled by eight little leprechauns. He’s doing it in July so as to not compete with Saint Nicholas. He calls out “Gosh and begorrah!” (whatever that means) and leaves bottles of green beer.

    7. B from CA

      Nickels from heaven.


    8. dan-o

      Sounds like the old CCR song…”It came out of the sky just a little South of Moline”! Maybe John Fogerty knew something.

    9. the blame-e

      Okay, I’ll bite. How did the camera-person know exactly when and where to place their camera? Did the meteorite phone ahead and say it was coming?

    10. Misty1C

      Typical meteorite narrative from NASA (AKA Never A Straight Answer). Most likely a weaponized space system attacking a deep state satellite. In case you are a normie, you may be surprised to know there are lots of galactic battles going on now in space between good and evil human factions, and good and evil non-terrestrial factions. Hence the creation of the space force. Meteor my ass!

    11. Fritz

      I once got really drunk on tequila and wretched up big green fireballs for two days. It was one of those ‘never again’ moments.

    12. kay123

      I once lived near the Arsenal there…used to hear booms like
      cannon fire. But calls to or from the radio station assured people it
      was not Military excercises. Airport said the same thing….. not
      from in-coming or out-going traffic.

      Someone blasting at one of the several the rock quarries?

      Radio station host, there, never let it die..he questioned for years
      but never found out WHO OR WHAT WAS RESPONSIBLE !?!?

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