Billionaire: “We Are Destroying the Middle Class. That’s What Keeps Me Awake at Night.”

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    “We’re in for a huge change in society. Get used to it. And be prepared.”

    That’s not a new message, but as the warning will affect the personal wealth, job prospects and ability to stay afloat of nearly everyone on the planet, it is worth paying attention to.

    They are the blunt words of Johann Rupert, a jewelry and fashion mogul from South Africa worth an estimated $7.5 billion.

    Rupert blasted the actions of “.1 percent of .1 percent,” or roughly the upper 7,000 individuals of the population, which paints with a narrower brush than the general class warfare slogans against the 1%, who instead make up an enormous 70 million people across the globe.

    Bloomberg reported:

    We cannot have 0.1 percent of 0.1 percent taking all the spoils… It’s unfair and it is not sustainable.”

    “How is society going to cope with structural unemployment and the envy, hatred and the social warfare?” he said. “We are destroying the middle classes at this stage and it will affect us. It’s unfair. So that’s what keeps me awake at night.”

    The already widening wealth gap is not properly seen by the masses below, who are perhaps ready to simply blame anyone in sight who holds wealth. Instead, the true gap is between the insiders, who used just a handful of powerful individuals to manipulate the economy and tilt things towards their control.

    These tensions between the haves and have nots will “escalate” even more drastically than they already have, according to the billionaire, “as robots and artificial intelligence fuel mass unemployment.”

    [Rupert] said he expects advances in technology to lead to job losses after having read books on the subject recently.

    The stakes could hardly be higher.

    The manufacturing, delivery, warehouse and even service industry transition away from human labor towards robotics and A.I. will threaten the supporting net of nearly the entire working force, unless a transition to fabled new industries can be envisions and implemented with as little disruption as possible.

    As these trends shape our future, a very real group of insiders are meeting at the secretive Bilderberg Group during their annual conference to discuss, among other vital global topics, the issues surrounding “artificial intelligence” and “cybersecurity.”

    Attended by some 150 powerful individuals who represent the most dominate firms on the planet, Bilderberg has increasingly invited tech geeks and Silicon Valley billionaires to advise the banking and finance cartel who steer world politics, industry and social life.

    Paul Joseph Watson reported on the attendance of DARPA director and Google researcher Regina Dugan, whose work in bioauthentication has sparked controversy:

    Former DARPA director and now Google executive Regina Dugan, who is helping to develop and promote the idea of an ingestible identification microchip, will be in attendance at the secretive 2015 Bilderberg conference in Telfs-Buchen, Austria.


    Google Chairman Erich Schmidt along with Demis Hassabis, Vice President of Engineering for Google DeepMind, will also meet with over 100 global power brokers from finance, politics and academia during the elitist confab.

    As SHTF previously reported, job-killing killer robots are on the way to changing the social strata, and making more poor people than ever before:

    Already many human jobs are being displaced by computers, and most trends point to a rise of automated assembly lines, computer-run logistics and services and robots to do jobs humans did before that.

    From The Week:

    The robopocalypse for workers may be inevitable. In this vision of the future, super-smart machines will best humans in pretty much every task. A few of us will own the machines, a few will work a bit — perhaps providing “Made by Man” artisanal goods — while the rest will live off a government-provided income. Silicon-based superintelligence and robots will dramatically alter labor markets — to name but one example, the most common job in most U.S. states probably will no longer be truck driver.

    The future looks bleak for those who once made up the middle class, and who now find themselves and their contemporaries competing for meager earnings and struggling to maintain qualification for increasingly predatory loans and financial arrangements, just to keep afloat.


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      1. There is always someone on the other end of one of those robots.

        • I want a stockless shotgun for home defense. Any suggestions?

          Yeah, I know the fastest way to stir the shitstorm on this site is to ask about gun calibers. I just want to hear your ideas.

          • I guess I’ll be the second person to comment off subject. Thinking of Jade-Helm. I’ve studied conspiracies for 50 years and I still try not to buy into alot of fear-porn so to speak, any who, tonight on channel 13 KCWY Casper on the 10PM news they had a segment on the National Guard doing a air drop from a C17 and a C130 they said it was around 200 men and it was West of Camp Guernsey Wy. They had people on camera that was just so proud to see their sons make a jump, and they did make this sound like such a great event. Now that being said, I’m not one of the anti-police, anti-military on this site but what really caught my attention was when they said “this was a training mission and a Show Of Force” their words not mine. A Show Of Force in Old Empty Wyoming! I guess we joined the other 7 States. Trekker Out. I’m Slow To Anger, But I’m Getting There!

            • Being a fellow Wyomingite (Casper), I have so say that in general, Wyoming government supports this and most things FED. It is because Wyoming government has become Dependent on the Fed for their livelihood. It would shock you just how much is paid for by the Federal government and there are many strings attached. Do you think the 500,000 population of mainly ranchers and retirees could pay for all the new schools, parks, roads, 300,000,000 remodel of the capitol building so on and so forth thru taxes? I grew up in Wyoming and Ive seen the real economy that we had destroyed by federal intervention. Every field used to be planted with something and there was a grainery in every town. Huge markets for beef and sheep and rabbit. Textile mills making wool products. Its all gone now because the cities have no respect for the people anymore. They get their funding from the state and fed and the paltry few bucks they get from property and sales taxes barely pays for the snow plows. So they ignore the people.

              • Someone here at SHTF Plan pointed out the coming impact of AI and robotics; and the resulting loss of employment for the masses almost one year ago.

                Who was that masked man? Its in the archives. 🙁

                • There will be plenty of employment for all the masses, within the next 5 years. More employment than anyone could possibly ever want.

              • Joe, you might want to look in the mineral extraction taxes that the state of WY receives. Apparently you managed to miss the #1 source of state gov income while living there.

                Ignoring people except when pandering for votes is what politicians do. No argument there.

          • Holy crap this looks like it works for me!


            I was gonna say Google “shorty shotgun with drum mag” but I hate the idea of working a slide when I’m sh*tting bricks.

            The shorty’s smaller but this looks small enough for me. Yeah, hallways are a pain in the ass to maneuver in.

          • Acid, Looking for a home defense shotgun.

            Check out a Kel-Tec KSG Dual-Magazine Pump Shotgun

            Its 12 gauge and holds 14 rounds +1 in the chamber, 12 rounds if you use 3 inch shells. The dual side by side magazines can be loaded with different ammo types and user selected. It is a compact as the law allows bull pup design. 15 rounds means you can send nearly a pound of lead down range

            Warning there is a cheap knockoff made in Eastern Europe, they are scary unreliable. Check out YouTube demos and reviews.

            Shotguns that accept drum magazines are illegal in several states, this bad boy is illegal only in a couple states with ten round magazine limits.

        • Yes there are. I’ve been programming them for nearly 2 decades. It’s amazing how far they’ve come in being able to program themselves in that very short time.

          Soon enough that “someone” will be a bot.

          • I’d i’ve been building and managing the servers and networks that allow you to run that programming.

            Essentially, there seems to be a lack of people in our area of expertise. I get job offers all the time. They’re high dollar but their in places I don’t want to go so I keep my job. Good benefits and 70K a year. I could easily make double or even triple that if I’d push it, but, I’d have to move and work in a metro area. Not worth it.

            I prefer podunk and 70K.

            • BH & NR, funny how we are interconnected distantly.
              I design the last mile in the fiber-light, coax-copper, and wireless so we all communicate between talk and shareing info…

              • I don’t know what I’m going to try and say here.
                I guess my thoughts are of the human heart and mind.

                A world of robotics has nothing to do with the
                human mind and spirit and matters of the heart.

                A robot can’t fathom the joy of a father holding
                his infant in his hands, or cupping his wife’s face
                in his hands for an intimate kiss.

                A robot can’t feel the loss and grief of losing
                a loved one so close to oneself that the loss
                becomes a rendering of one’s own soul.

                A robot can’t feel the joy of watching a child
                opening a gift underneath a Christmas tree.

                A robot can’t comprehend the elation of seeing
                an old friend from many decades past.

                And a robot can’t embrace the face of God, for
                it has neither a heart nor a soul nor anything
                other than a mechanical duty to do the task it
                was programmed to do.

                A robot is not life, it is just intimations
                of immortality, life without life, if you will.

                • A robot may be faster, cheaper, less trouble than a human; however, a robot (as of yet) has no emotion, which is why humans will win over any robot. The same reason humans can create robots is the same reason humans can destroy robots. A robot has no reason to live, but humans have God, family and country. IMHO, a few creative humans can render useless an entire warehouse of robots in a very short time if needed. Note to NSA monitors, this is not a threat, it is just an opinion.

                  • Or one solar flare.

            • I made $70k 30 year ago as a network protocol developer and the salary hasn’t inched up a cent for most people since then. People may say $70k is a lot of money. However the investment in books, continuing education certifications, so on and so forth is considerable in this field You are generally expected to put in 12 hour days 6 days a week. It is about Walmart money by the time you are done.
              A little about intelligence. A chicken is infinitely more intelligent than a computer. Even the best super computers. People are supposedly intelligent. But think about how many really stupid people you know. Are they a threat to you? Nope not at all.
              Invention in this world has little to do with intelligence, memory or skill. It has to do with Epiphany. You can take 1000 highly trained, skilled and intelligent people and pay them big bucks to come up with the next great invention and it is more likely it will be the farmer tilling his field who comes up with It. (TV).
              So don’t worry about AI doing away with the jobs of the middle class. It aint gonna happen.

              • The middle class jobs have been going to third world countries since Nixon. The only thing the US does really well is kill other nations, look out Syria, Iran, Korea and Russia, you boys are up next.

            • NetRanger and Joe, I’ve got positions coming up within the next year for individuals of your level of knowledge and intelligence (and political viewpoints) that you might just decide to move across the country for, when all details are heard. This would put you in a particularly good area to be in when SHTF. (Gadsden, AL.) This is one of those once-in-several-lifetimes type opportunities, at a small startup. I’ll get in touch with you later this year.

          • Until I retired, my job involved automating manufacturing processes in the Big 3 auto plants. Yah, it will eventually put a lot of UAW guys out of work. I am not sorry. Even if half of them they weren’t drunk, (or on drugs, or just terminally lazy), the machines do a MUCH better job and do it faster than any man can do. This has been the history of manufacturing since the 18th century. Nothing much new, except the advent of computers. Products become better, and cheaper, (or would if the Government didn’t interfere), and men no longer have to do dangerous, unhealthy jobs like electroplating and spray painting. They guys who design, build, install, program, operate and maintain these automated systems are most certainly middle class. What they are not is dumb. The days when a high school dropout could go into a Ford plant and make a fat salary are over.

            • People are so selfish, wicked, and stupid. Take some folks in the pot growing industry for instance. A significant part of why pot legalization efforts have failed in certain states (like California) is because certain **growers** voted against it…because they’ve got their little nest feathered getting paid big bucks for what should be a simple and cheap plant, and they don’t want other people getting in the game and disrupting their gold mine…even if it means other folks have to continue being fucked by the police and going to jail over it.

              Same thing with the idiot Luddites who oppose industrialization. It’s going to happy whether the morons like it or not. Nobody is guaranteed a steady, easy living, ever, in the history of man, nor is there ever reason to expect that anyone should be.

              A typical assembly line worker would rather keep the price of cars artificially high, than to voluntarily suffer a little disruption to his life to allow the price to deflate, so that millions of others could benefit.

              It’s not like there aren’t warning signs that certain changes are coming, and that folks need to be making plans to adapt their own situations to circumstances. No, folks want to just forge on blindly ahead, never thinking about anything, expecting all details to be worked out to their satisfaction, then when these “totally unexpected” things happen they pitch a fit. Utter selfishness, and stupidity rules the day.

        • “There is always someone on the other end of one of those robots.”

          Yes, but is that person bent over with their “end” stuck up in the air????

        • Wrong. Tweaked you mean there is always one person on the other end of 1000 of these robots. That is the problem.

        • Another robot fixing, repairing and improving itself. Even the suppose human on the other side will be over taken and will be rendered obsolete. The arrogance of the 1% of the 1% will also fall victim to the T1000.

          Live Free or Die….I’ll be back

        • Maybe so but there USED TO BE at least a hundred, now unemployed, people whose jobs were lost–hence the economy’s loss as well–to machines that pad the fat on the fat cats.

          Boycott corporate Amerika and support small business! What’s a few bucks more for an item if it props up the REAL JOB CREATORS, hence, SPENDERS back into the system unlike the Greed Kapitalists of the .01%.

      2. As a side note my wife fractured two vertebrae in her lower spine at work at MoPar. The X rays we’re supposed to be sent to her physician but never were. The company Dr said, “Your clear to resume work”. Rather rapidly it was obvious that something was amiss. It was discovered that her spine was fractured. She had two spinal surgeries that didn’t work. She got workmen’s compensation but unfortunately Chrysler went bankrupt. They were self insured because as we all know they were, “Too big to fail”. Now the well is dry, she is 100% disabled and the workmen’s comp including the medical for any operation on her back has ended. The State of Delaware does not back up the workmen’s compensation for those companies deemed, “Self Insured” by the State Insurance Commission.

        We’re right back to 1930 pre Wagner Act.

        • That is so unfortunate for your wife. I hope she fines relief? How in the world do you unravel the mistakes and mishaps you have incurred! Soon they will blame the computers and robotics.

        • @Kevin2
          Breaks my heart to hear your story, which seems to be everywhere.
          I don’t think this can keep on going on….somethings going to give, the structure is weak and failing.
          I don’t know what those 7,000 will do without us slaves but hope it’s worse than what we are dealing with.
          Be well and keep hop alive.

        • Kevin2,

          This is why I don’t make too much noise about the “welfare class” which you are not but you may need assistance from the same system and the leeches. Let me be clear: if you guys are having trouble feel free to dip into the the gargantuan fund I’ve paid into all these years and never pulled a dime back out. No, really, I’m happy to help you out. You’re welcome.

          …but, what pisses me off is that you probably won’t be able to get a dime out of the system that I and you and her paid into. No, the really needy deserving people get screwed while the welfare kings and queens suck it dry.

          • You seem to be conflicted or confused as to your feelings about the welfare class. Have that problem with other things?

            • This ain’t a handout as funds were deposited as part of her hourly compensation to cover payment in event of an accident at work. In the day we paid $25+K year in federal tax to uncle sam for many a year.

        • Gee, I had spinal fractures (and crushed discs) and both my doctors said that the government would never give me disability for “a bad back.” And I was self-employed at the time, so I qualified for nothing. So Rand Paul, who said half of folks on disability only have bad backs: Fuck you!

        • So sorry to hear about your DW. THis is why the people will rise up and fight. I have friends with similar predicaments and after they hired a good social security, SSI, medicare lawyer they got 100% disability, plus healthcare, plus state welfare. You wife has paid into the system and deserves the payment more than illegal aliens.

      3. FWIW, those interested in learning what may be in store for the working class, see: Turking.

        It’s an old term that “futurists” had seen with the industrial revolution. Look forward to taking out loans to “attend” schools like “University of Phoenix” only to find that your job was learned by “bots” that have you taking out loans you may or may not have paid off, and back to the laptop and “U of P” to get another certificate or paper to get the next level job, only to find the “bots” have grown learn and were built to perform that function too. Rinse and repeat…


        • Agree with Delburt. Go to trade school and get a functioning skill. I have 3 college degrees, the last of which just took 5 years to pay off. Now I’m retired and I see I should have become a mechanic or a welder!

      4. The trades, construction, electrical, plumbing, etc… will always be done by men. Learn a useful trade and you’ll never be replaced.

        • Been in the trades for over 30 years . the pay as been steadily going down due to so many youngsters flooding the workplace with no real experience but a great piece of paper from the local community collage . Anyone can be replaced

        • Two things come with that.

          1. A flood of tradesmen as people go to those jobs thus lowering wages for the tradesmen.

          2. The overall population has less purchasing power therefore the tradesmen will be paid less too.

          Shit falls down hill.

          • Depends on the trade.

            A high end blacksmith always has, does now, and always will make a decent living and not everyone can become a blacksmith so there isn’t all that much competition.

            No matter what you do remember that cream rises to the top and the other stuff just sits there. You make the decision as to which you will be.

          • Kevin, Don’t take this personal but I have to respond. I don’t know if you live on the mexican border, but in Wisconsin we could take 1,000’s of tradesmen of any nationality and still not find enough people to do the work. Future generations are screwed in many ways. Almost all young people are too lazy to work with their hands and it’s affecting the entire economy. Tradesman in the past were looked down upon as a lower class of worker. Well it’s changing. Let’s see who will be left to do any service work in the near future. 30 years ago I had the youngest crews in Wisconsin. Now it’s impossible to find anyone under 30 that will get off the couch and do something.

            And if the population has less purchasing power that’s not yours or my fault. Wages are rising and soon the useless sheeple will pay any amount to repair or build what they have. And we can always barter something.

            molon labe

        • Skilled tradesman?

          I’m seeing swarms of new landscapers in the neighborhood that do the standard mow and blow.

          For a decade it was just two companies, suddenly this year, there are six. Each has its own pack of illegal aliens.

          I’m now seeing the owner of one of the originals mowing, instead of driving his truck around supervising. Lots of competition leads to price reductions. Everyone works for less, just what Obama wants. Each of these companies limit the hours of employees now, so they can avoid paying for ObamaCare! Everyone involved is poorer.

          • PTPO, it’s the same situation where I live. Numerous landscaping companies with ONLY illegal aliens doing the work. Can’t get young black or white people to do shit anymore.

            • Braveheart,it’s the same situation where I live. Numerous landscaping companies with ONLY illegal aliens doing the work. Can’t get young black or white people to do shit anymore.

              BH, Got any original ideas? If not, just make something up. I do it all the time.

          • Landscaping, farming, construction, roofing, and food services have been taken over by illegals up here.

          • A person working for a licensed electrician in SW Florida that can do the job without supervision makes $15 hr W/O benefits.

            My Son in the same boat makes $25 with benefits up north.

      5. Oh the poor money pig Corporatist Globalist fascist cannot sleep because the filth helped suck away his money from the Middle Class. The filthy money pig fascists know the people are going to wake up and take back what the filth stole and put the thieves in jail, so of course the criminal fascist money pig trash should be scared.

        • Like in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe?

          Gotta admit, the average person there is a multi millionaire now (in Zimbabwean dollars) and the rich are now gone.

        • This so-called billionaire, just may be a one of a kind elitist, sort of like Donald Trump. Not your average billionaire.

          They are concerned because they see the domino’s stacked to fall in the coming months, and along with them, goes their life’s work of building wealth, falling down the drain.

          That is precisely the problem with America today. We have become a nation overly possessed with a love for money and extravagance.
          We have even put money and wealth at the center of the modern day church’s teachings. Why? Because that is what the people want to hear……..PROSPERITY.

          Well, that signifies the Laodicean Church. The last church that is prevalent just before the return of Christ. It is the Church that is lukewarm, that Christ regurgitates out of His mouth. It is the church that is caught unaware of His return, and is overtaken …”like a thief in the night”, because they have said….Rev 3:17
          Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:

          So, my friends, it is we, some pretty well off and some just getting by, that are awake. Some of us are very much spiritual oriented, and some not so much, but; we will not be overtaken as by a thief in the night, because we are watchmen.

          We are prepared as best as we can, and we are accepting that chastisement is coming upon the nation as a whole. Not that we won’t be influenced, and affected in many ways, but that we will be making the necessary moves in the next few months to clear up and clean out all that would possibly leave us sitting broke and broken hearted.

          That is the key to survival, truth and knowledge and faith.
          By not playing church and keeping our head in the sand, we are not deceived, like the masses of sheeple will be.

          Thanks to shtf plan, and other folks that put the truthful information out there. These are the times that try men’s souls. The horizon is dark for most folks and they don’t even know it yet. We see that darkness settling in but just on the fringes are the faint beams of light, that we hold dear to.
          There is a better day coming, after the storm.
          Don’t be one of those that miss it.


          • PWTW, I couldn’t have said that any better. Sad but true.

            • BH, see what I mean?

        • Ron A….well stated but no jail for these parasitic viruses in my book. The ultimate punishment is by God but we can always arrange the meeting to take place sooner. The same goes for their guardians. No Mercy.

      6. I am a Canadian (dual US/Canadian) citizen. If you think socialized medicine is the answer (not saying you are, of course), you would be very, very, VERY wrong. I am VERY sorry to hear about your wife, in any event.

        Going back to the subject at hand, maybe the Learjet leftist cronies should pony up? Perhaps Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama could share her vacations? I hear she is renting out the country of Lichtenstein this August for just her and 800 of her socialist fellow thugocrats from Chicago. Just joking. But NOT joking, George Soros reportedly could face up to $7B tax bill, after delaying payment for years . No need to read the story. You know the drill from the Clintons, all of the limousine leftists in Hollywierd, the entire island of Democrat Martha’s Vineyard, etc., but here it is anyway:

        If you want to figure out the real leftist crony scam (and CRONY capitalism is as much capitalism as matter is to anti-matter) pick up Dr. Arthur Brooks’ Who Really Cares. For example, if leftists gave as much blood as conservatives, we’d have TWICE as much blood in our national blood supply.

        Like everything else, leftists are hypocrites, phonies and destroy everything they touch (like Detroit, the first big city to adopt the socialist Model Cities prog.) under corrupt Mayor Coleman Young

        • BUT
          what good does it do to give to “charity”

          when you are passing the laws that are the cause of so much of the poverty and suffering in the first place ???

          big f_cking deal if you donate to a soup kitchen that feeds out of work factory workers
          when you passed the so called free trade agreement that sent their jobs overseas in the first place

          I can give you a dozen examples from my “red” state

          • Satori

            Hell they import outsourcing now. Just look at Disney.

            • Kevin2… Disney learned from IBM who was the mother of outsourcing. BTW, the CEO of IBM, made $15m bonus (year end of 2014) even the company had 12 consecutive net revenue. Warren the pig Buffet bought additional $2 BILLION share to support her. Also the CEO of Disney was granted $25 million bonus and additional perks in form of stock and other god damn material things.

              USA the land of free my ass. USA is the home of 1% corporate fascists and thieves.

        • the private sector does it so much better ???

          Some hospitals marking up prices more than 1,000 percent

          ht tp://

      7. How do they propose robots paying taxes and usury interest.
        Doesn’t this destroy that base of federal elitist profiteering?

        • Oh wait, I’m sure the socialist jewish senator “save the middle class” presidential candidate Bernie Sanders will save us all.
          Whew, I’m so relieved.

        • Vtfree2, the experiment with robots is doomed to failure. Those machines will never buy anything, pay taxes, or anything else.

          • Brave: Exactly, that’s my point, they can’t allow robotic production to succeed.
            It would be their demise, not that they don’t already have one.

          • Braveheart

            The UAW President Walter Reuther said that, in so many words to the grandson of Henry Ford in 1970 when he toured the first Ford industrial robots on an assembly line.

            “Walt, those robots won’t go out on strike”.

            Walter replied, “They won’t buy any cars either”.

            • Kevin2, I’m familiar with that story. I believe that’s the ONLY reason he kept real people working. Robots can’t buy shit, nor pay taxes, nor do MOST other things that humans do.

              • BH: The robopocalypse for workers may be inevitable. In this vision of the future, super-smart machines will best humans in pretty much every task. A few of us will own the machines, a few will work a bit — perhaps providing “Made by Man” artisanal goods — while the rest will live off a government-provided income.

                You don’t quite get it, do you?

              • On the other side of the coin, consider that a tractor does not buy corn…but it does help one man produce far more of it than he otherwise could alone…which results in an abundance of plenty where there was none before. Which is why the Model T Ford, when introduced, revolutionized so many people’s lives.

                With a fully automated assembly line (or something that’s close to it, using 1/20 as many workers), and with NO bullshit taxes to pay or regulations to obey, something like a modern Camaro or Mustang could be built and sold for much LESS than $5,000.

                A HUGE percent of the cost of a modern car is labor. Another huge cost center is layer upon layer of government rules and regulations.

                Imagine being able to buy a new Camaro SS for $5,000! Imagine what you could then buy for $30,000.

          • The biggest reason that the robot experiment is doomed is because they don’t vote Democrat. Once that is realized, the robo scam will come to a screeching halt.

            • do I really need to address this whole left/right bull sh_t
              thing AGAIN???

              my state went totally RED in the last election

              and it has turned into an absolute f_cking paradise I tell you

              bazillions of jobs
              the streets are paved with gold !!!


              now excuse me
              I have to pay my electric bill
              the tax on which has DOUBLED

              and I’m going to get a haircut tomorrow
              on which I have to pay a tax
              (been getting haircuts in this state for 40 years and NEVER paid a freaking tax until now)

              and going to get an oil change for my vehicle
              and yeah
              gonna now pay a tax on that

              and I’ll buy a newspaper to read over lunch
              and yeah
              gonna pay a tax on that now too

              paradise I tell you
              a freaking paradise

              • Satori.

                “Cause I’m the Tax Man. Yeah, I’m the Tax Man”.

                Beatles. Tax Man.

              • Satori: There is nothing in the Constitution that limits the influence of wealth on government. No better example of this intentional oversight exists than the creation of the first American central bank. It is worth a digression to examine this scheme, as it was the precedent for much yet to follow. Which included taxes.

                 The very first Congress incorporated a constitutionally-unauthorized central banking cartel (the Bank of the U.S.) before it bothered to ratify the Bill of Rights – a sequence of events which eloquently reveals the priorities of the new government. Most all founders federalist with a will to create a large federal government to their benefit.

                The bank was necessary in order to carry out a broader plan: the debts of the new nation would be paid with money loaned by the wealthy, and the people were to be taxed to pay the money back to the wealthy, with interest.

                Not much has changed, the truth is still buried deep.

                BTW I cut my own hair twice a week with a razor, no tax.

              • Satori, those taxes are the price you pay for civilization, or so the left likes to say.

                I’m glad to see little taxes like that, there’s a lot of people who pay no taxes at all, parasites who use the roads, police, courts, schools, etc., at no cost to themselves. Even the poorest American can afford to give back a couple bucks a week.

                • “Even the poorest American can afford to give back a couple bucks a week.”

                  As one of the poorest Americans, who is living on $7,200 a year, while devoting much of that money to long term projects, I would say that’s a rather clueless statement.

                  A couple bucks less a week means I skip a cheeseburger one day. Which may mean no meal at all that day.

                  • Other than what strawberries, tomatos, or mustard greens I can pick out of the garden, of course.

              • I barter brass for my haircuts ,, fuck their taxes

        • They won’t need taxes. The talk is they will do away with paper and coins for money. It will be all electronic. They’ll print all they need. For them, of course, not us. Can’t have us rabble in the same places.

      8. When more Americans prefer freebies to freedom, these great United States will become a fertile ground for tyranny.
        Allen West

      9. It’s all about the have’s and the have not’s. The have not’s has got to close to the have’s and they will not let that happen. They be the master’s and we be the workers. They are not going to let the worker’s have, period. I say crash and burn the whole thing and just maybe we can start over, will maybe start over.

      10. Prepper Tip of the Day

        Family is producing 6,000 pounds of food on 4,000 square feet of land near downtown LA

        ht tp://

        “The Dervaes family live on 1/10th of an acre 15 minutes from downtown L.A.. In itself that’s not strange. What’s crazy is that they manage to maintain a sustainable and independent urban farm. Complete with animals!

        In a year they produce around 4,300 pounds of veggies, 900 chicken , 1000 duck eggs, 25 lbs honey, and pounds of seasonal fruit. There are over 400 species of plants. What?! They have everything they need to ‘live off the land.’ From beets to bees. Chickens to chickpeas.”

        • In California?

          Is that even legal there?

        • Yea I saw that report, too.

          If they can do it, others can to.

          Now for the bad news. I usually don’t put too much faith in too many modern day prophets. However when I hear the same type thing coming from different persons that are having revelations spoken to them by their guardian angels, and then sharing that message, i pay attention.

          The message is now coming through that two big events are coming upon Americans, in the next six months.

          If I remember correctly, you Satori are in southern Cali. It is with great sadness that I pass this on, and you and others can take it with a grain of salt or pray about it, but the message is coming, that one of the two Mega Earthquakes to hit America, in the next six months is around the LA area. Notice the message was “mega quake”, and the period was between Sept and Dec. My advice is to pray for a sign to get out or stay put.

          The other “mega quake” to hit will be an economic/financial one, in the same time frame. Once again, my advice is to pray and get out of the markets. Losing a percentage, is a lot better than losing it all. Having some transferred into silver and gold, is better than transferring it into ashes. Transferring it into food reserves is best.
          The time is now before time runs out.

          I am tying up some loose ends and purchasing a few more items that may prove beneficial…. like more deep cell batteries, portable solar panels and some 12 volt lights. More dried foodstuffs, and stocking up on medicines, so as to be able to wean myself from them slowly, if need be.

          And definitely, more water filters,and such, so as to be able to have reliable, potable water.

          Keep searching.


          • no
            I’m not in souther Cali

            FAR from it actually


            I was born in southern Cali actually
            but I had the good sense at the age of 2
            to get the hell out !!!

            • No idea how old you are but if you are over fifty then leaving So.Cal at two deprived you of some very nice years. San Diego is still nice but I would not live in LA unless filthy rich. At the rate things are going Calif. in general will be unlivable for whites in ten years.

            • Thks. Satori.

              I wasn’t sure, but maybe you had that reference somewhere along the line, that you were born there.

              Anyways, I do remember folks that talk a lot of sensible things and I remember you from many years ago, making sense here.

              I feel for the people in that area if this all comes true.
              I was there for a long layover in “94 just after Northridge.

              The maze of highways and bridges will once again prove to be obstacles, I’m afraid.

              I have often wondered if there is some sort of tie in with the Jade Helm planned event, or if its of no importance.

              Time will tell.

        • Simple physics will show you that they have to be bringing in hundreds of pounds of fertilizers and thousands (if not tens of thousands) of gallons of water to accomplish that output. Nothing is free (well, maybe air) in high intensity “farming”.

      11. No , what they are doing is replacing the independent minded white middle class with dumbed down government co-dependent sub human low brow brown immigrants.

        it’s all going according to the Zionists Nwo Zog Masters eugenics two class system plan.


        • I believe they call that “SPEAKING FROM THE HEART”

        • This was a pretty good video, and she just says what most people think.

          When the morning show, lame stream networks, female mouthpieces like Julie Chen, make such a stupid big deal over a screwed up piece of sexual trash as Jenner; then we know the time for grace is just about up.

          Thirty years ago, this crap would not be broadcast and definitely would not be “glamorizing” such stupidity and extravagance.

          The Jenner story should remain in the closet, next to the gutter, where it belongs. This is the kind of pc crap that is warping the minds of our children.

          Where is the majority of the filth and sexual perversions coming from? Directly out of Follywood/LA.
          Punishment and judgment begins at the root of the evil that deceives and controls.
          I seriously believe we will see a destruction of the centers of much filth in America, begin in the LA area, before this time next year. It will take something as powerful as a 9.0+ quake, to cause some to wake.


      12. The middle class, at least a sizable one other than nobility, is an anomaly in human history.

        It’s like freedom, as soon as people achieve it they start working to get rid of it.

        Both freedom and prosperity seem to scare people for some reason.

      13. I can’t wait for the collapse to happen. We need to get rid of the the free shit losers. They are dragging working folks down. The more people they let into the country the more exploit the system. It’s all a redistribution of wealth from the workers to the leeches the rich never feel the pain never.

        • Greetings,

          Are you crazy? Civilization is tissue paper thin and I’m in no hurry to see a collapse as just the loss of our grid would result in the deaths of 90% of us. Watching family & friends die of starvation or of sh*tting themselves to death from contaminated water is not something I’m looking forward to.

          • NickelthroweR

            I was crazy when I got here, But I’m all right now.

            Guess friends and family better get their stuff together. I agree with Asshat.

      14. Parasites end up killing the host which is like killing the golden goose. They get greedy and want everything to the point that the host dies and then they die.

      15. No to Charity.

        I get so many phone calls to donate money for every worthy cause under the sun. Some can be down right aggressive in their approach.
        I tell them the City Council or the Mayor has it by voting for sales tax and property taxes.
        Also can not wait for the election so my phone rings off the hook.
        This past time I had a candidate running for Congress and He rang my door bell that has a BIG ENOUGH SIGN that states, “No Soliciting”. He told me his name and I asked him if he could read. He then left.

        • Charity? Thats not charity, thats, well, big profits without producing anything. Charity is giving to a small local church that uses the money to help people.

      16. A lot of people will still have jobs: those robots aren’t going to sabotage themselves, are they?

      17. As the altruistic billionaire alludes, it’s global. So simply going elsewhere won’t keep the wolf at bay.

        Therefore, it is essential what your sons and daughters who wear the tyrant’s uniform and kill on command will do. Will they see it as the worst of corporate fascism? In 20 years or even sooner, values like individual liberty and private property will be as quaint as bobbing for apples after Sunday service. Or will they be so glad to be “on the side that’s winning, the side that has money to pay them” that strictures of family and morals are conveniently forgotten?

        Because sooner or later the dispossessed, the 99.99% of us, are going to seek to pink mist a few plutocrats, dynamite a few power stations, or otherwise use the only means available to us, since this is beyond political change, to remedy things.

        Funny how the Terminator movies, fiction that they were, weren’t all that far wrong as things are turning out.

      18. Simply put the PTB Progressive does not want a class of people comfortable with their existence, we are what they consider the bourgeoisie and they want chaos.

        Me I’m the Steppenwolf caught on the threshold of a world between the next great cultural shift.

      19. That’s why they need depopulation. You really didn’t think “they” (TPTSB) would allow themselves to be the target of the 99.9%s’ rage? They’ll kill most of us off BEFORE we get so poor and irritable that we will go after them. THEN…that’s when the robots will be fully online. The robots won’t fight “them” back – maybe.

        • Amen Reverend-
          When enough bots come online at a critical mass it will be time to ‘cull the labor pool’ so to speak.
          Jobs for the masses, Seriously? That issue will practically take care of itself with proper handeling and herding (and a few opportune deadly viruses).
          We’ll see if they can keep the plates spinning long enough for zero hour to get here.

          • Well i agree with most of that, except the bots deal. They don’t need bots. Why?

            Because; they already have demonic beings that we know as extraterrestrials. I believe that there has been a reproduction program in place for many years. There are tens of thousands, and they are hybrids, some with links to the early hybrids that go all the way back to the time of Noah.

            The bible speaks of them in the “very” last days. They are what some of us refer to as the “locust army”.
            Why would i say that?

            Because they come up, out of the earth as locust/grasshoppers do. The time they are allowed to “sting, but not kill”, mankind is just like the time of the locust/grasshopper during the summer months…a five month period…may through September.

            Now that doesn’t mean they will physically be on the earth from the last May through September period. It just means their time allotted by God, for His purpose to “turn the hearts of men”, will be five months. It could be Nov. through March.

            Anyways about it, it will be at the very end and it will be Hell on Earth.

            Time is running out. Time for extended periods of futuristic ideas as Follywood has brainwashed folks with, just ain’t gonna happen. People need to wake up and get off the Follywood Train, because it is about to derail.

      20. I mean if it keeps u ip atnight u could do something about it….I mean roght if I had 7 billion I am pretty sure I could figure a few ways to help people and still be making money…..

      21. We will not make it that far I don’t believe. People will revolt and major riots that make Baltimore look like a little league tricycle tot race.

      22. Greetings,

        I do a lot of media work for events where the elite get together and look at upcoming trends. Remember that event that Mitt Romney was speaking at that was secretly recorded? Yeah, I sit in on things like that all the time.

        The author of this article is very much correct. I can tell you for a FACT that 60% that are working now will not be working 5 years from now. This just isn’t blue collar workers. If you are a doctor or a lawyer then you are the very last generation to hold those positions as medical knowledge is expected to DOUBLE every 72 days by 2020 and no human doctor can keep up. You lawyers have no one to blame but yourselves for creating a system that is now so complex that only a computer can understand it. You guys will be out of work very very soon.

        The technology that these guy already have and what they are planning to do with it is jaw dropping.

        • No Lawyers?!! Oh Oh! They will then need switch TV lawyer ads from: If You need a lawyer call our free number of 1-800-JewBoys….TO: 1-800-Robotic!!

          Maybe HAL-9000 will answer…”Sorry Dave I will NOT open the Hatch for You any longer!”….Dave: “oh come on HAL,,,You were pre programmed to Know us jewdeo kommie eliet bolshevikzionists Must emerge prior to end of food stashes etc! Now Please Hal open the damn exit hatch before us eliet swindlers die down here!”

      23. This guy reads some books and just now he gets it. America started down this path in the 1970s. I remember when seeing a Japanese made car was rare. They fucked with the autos and then it spread like a virus. TRADE AGREEMENTS. All these Ivy league assholes moving production overseas. The American worker has been placed out to pasture. Whats funny to me is tptb wonder why nobody is buying anything anymore. One side note-auto sales were awesome last quarter-who the fuck is buying these cars?

      24. No, Mr. Billionaire, you got it all wrong. What you don’t realize is that you are fighting against God Himself. Read the first few verses of James 5 – He knows all about you and He laughs at you. The pit you are digging for the masses, is preparing to receive you.

        “Lord, who is like unto thee, which deliverest the poor from him that is too strong for him, yea, the poor and the needy from him that spoileth him?” Psalms 35:5.

      25. Yep, crunch the numbers and it’s mathematic impossibility, that why we must prep. Like the multi billionaire as you can see the time that I am posting that I am not sleeping and staying up at night. Don’t worry cabalist rat bastards, we are up t night too, Jade Helm 15 boys are up, and so are we. The Baltic index is dried up lien a cracked up lake rice bed..go figure.

      26. It keeps you awake because A) you’re not doing it fast enough, B) you miscalculated and the AI slaves you need won’t be ready for prime time for a full two decades after you’ve wiped your ass with our corpses, or C) if you’d just slow down you could conceivably financially buttfuck our kids for the couple of nickels they may have to rub together, but all your buddies won’t listen to your pleas for longer term thinking?

        Which is it?

        ‘Cause it ain’t your non-existent altruism, and it ain’t any sense of sustainability for the future generations of disgustingly rich bastards which, from your point of view, mean exactly nothing to you because everything stops when you personally die.

      27. The mistake people make in understanding future technological changes is this: past notions of technological change do not work on a planet with record numbers of people and sharp reductions in available resources, water being one of them. The future will not include many billions because it cannot provide for them. Combine this with the advances in science and technology – which are now running a century ahead of what we see around us today – and there will be room for a super-class and a super-race to enjoy a hyper-advanced life, but this can only work with a restoration of the planet’s balance between homo sapiens and resources.

        In the short to medium term, there will be a role for many of these people but I am afraid it will be in a neo-slave role either doing horrible tasks or to provide sexual pleasure to the higher placed people (if you are young, very fit and pretty). Europe, for example, is making a catastrophic mistake in allowing in millions of low-IQ people from Africa and the Middle East just at the point in which technology means most of the jobs they could do, will be gone. The social problems they will create and the costs far outweigh any benefits (crime, unrest etc.).

      28. “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.”
        George Orwell

        Semper Fi

      29. Can you hear the thunder? There’s a storm coming….

        • Amen Jim.

          Sadly, I report to those sheeple that have been asleep at the wheel that steers their future, more specifically their future after this flesh life; the storm is here.

          For decades, i followed the ideology that we are not to understand Revelation, and that was because we were lulled into a state of complacency, due to a pre-trib fly-away doctrine, whereby we would miss all the pain,suffering, and death that is to come.

          Then after much research and study, coupled with prayers, I realized I had been lied to and that no such rapture was going to take place.

          Then, I was under the influence of another false teaching that says most of Revelation is just allegory, or meant as a figurative manner of information. That the deaths of “billions” of lives during the last days was only in a “spiritual” manner, and not physical.

          Sadly, many years ago, i realized the mistake of following that teaching. There will be actual deaths, but most churches and religions of America don’t teach it that way because they don’t want to offend and scare the congregations.

          My response is this; I would rather be scared a little now, so i wake up and, prepare for the terrible day of the Lord; rather than have the whole mess come crashing down in an avalanche of reality, after it is too late to prepare physically and mentally.

          Being one that is prepared to accept all that is written as an actual, physical happening, in my lifetime; will cause my heart not to fail me from fear, nor will it cause me to commit suicide, as many, many, will do.

          This is no time to play ostrich. Most are still doing that, but many that have come here over the years are not coming here as often because they understand and believe, and are busy trying to get their house in order. No time left to be playing key board commando if one is not prepped to the hilt.

        • This Multi Billion guy in South Africa Has to be a fraud. Or at least fraudulent deep worry concrens for middle class folks…Because in South Africa, which You never hear of thru ANY MSM Electronic rabbi talmudvision(TV) news….Since at least when bubba Klinton got mandella in to finalize the Black zio kommie power eleite there in SA, whitey middle class and ranchers and farmers that were previously FEEDING and providing Jobs for/to most african blacks, and has been in SA since prior to usa founders Pligrim ships came to amerika…

          Them SA whiteys hes soooo concerned of has been savagely butcherd in a massive attempt to totally Genocide every white within africa…This info can be found at various websites complete with photos of savagely killed off whiteys of SA, Killed off BY animalistic baboonlike african darkies…aka negroes.

          Funny this “concerned” billionaire has just Now in 2015 noticed theres a huge problem?

          I’d wager also if his billions was made in Fashion and jewelry, hes likely a flameing faggot..Fashion and Hair dresser seems to be what draws fags most eh. Oh besides the huge Draw fags has for Your small whitey boys of course!

      30. Depopulation let’s face it there a lot of useless eaters taking up resources that are finite. We cannot afford to waste stuff on people that aren’t worth it. Put all your compassion aside and look at the long term sustainable picture. I’m not trying to be heartless but look at the situation at hand tptb will be forced to act on this someday.

      31. “Former DARPA director and now Google executive Regina Dugan…” <- That says a lot. If you didn't have any reason to be weary of google there's one.

      32. Obamacare…another vehicle to impoverish the middle class

        Kentucky Hospitals Say They Will Lose $1 Billion Due to State’s Obamacare Exchange

        “Hospitals in Kentucky are hemorrhaging money and laying off staff, all thanks to the KYNECT Affordable Care Act state health care exchange…

        Democratic Governor Steve Beshear established KYNECT as a state-run Obamacare health exchange via executive order in 2013, over the vigorous objections of Republicans in the state legislature.

        Last month the Kentucky Hospital Association released a stinging indictment of the financial calamity KYNECT has imposed on them in a report titled “Code Blue,” which concluded in bold print: “The bottom line: Kentucky hospitals will have higher losses and lower operating margins due to the ACA [and KYNECT], with a projected net loss of $1 billion from 2014 to 2020.”

        “The Medicaid expansion enacted under Obamacare is unaffordable for the taxpayers of Kentucky and should be repealed. This program is projected to cost Kentucky in excess of $150 million per year after 2016. …

        Obama’s War on the Middle Class
        “…One of the hallmarks of all socialist countries is the is the absence of an independent middle class.

        From the Bolshevik experiment in Russia to socialist Venezuela today, it is necessary for communist leaders to eliminate that class of citizens who are not dependent on government for their welfare.

        Political theorists from Aristotle to Locke understood that a truly INDEPENDENT AND PROSPEROUS MIDDLE CLASS WAS ESSENTIAL TO THE COLLECTIVE WELL-BEING OF ANY SOCIETY.

        The middle class has always, in every society, been characterized by qualities of social restraint and economic realism — a shrewd and skeptical conservatism that serves to restrain the grandiose plans of utopian revolutionaries and embittered reactionaries alike.”

        “It is an ominous sign that the political left, with the loyal support of more than a third of our population, is intent on its destruction.”
        -American Thinker

      33. Today’s History Lesson

        This 1783 Volcanic Eruption Changed the Course of History

        ht tp://

        “Those people who did not have enough older and undiseased supplies of food to last them through these times of pestilence also suffered great pain.”

        • Satori,

          Thank you for posting this.

          Another phrase from that article that I keep thinking about:

          “It’s a sobering reminder that destructive changes to the environment can have long-lasting and far-reaching impacts, even from hundreds of miles away.”

      34. All the new jobs are low pay and part time. Most new jobs go to immigrants. Which means what? Americans are being displaced. We are transitioning to the “New America”. Fewer white people and lots more non whites. No middle class. Just the ruling elite and serfs for the plantation.

      35. From my bible: The meek shall inherit the Gulag. Anyone who doesn’t pick up a gun and fight for themselves, their family, their people, deserves what their enemies have planned for them. Amen.

      36. Who will be ordering Amazon’s products when people have no jobs – or the new middle class is pulling in minimum wage. Eventually all colleges and universities will become obsolete. You don’t need a college degree to work at McDonalds.
        I wouldn’t give up my gun yet cause things will get real ugly.

        • It is about getting people into massive debt and wiping out wealth. That is the first phase, thus the housing and tech bubbles and then the student bubble when the first two wrecked the economy. We are now going into phase 2, which is when the economy and jobs all the students thought would be there for them will not materialize and thus they will need to join the military. And then we have war. Lots and lots of millennials for the war machine. Used to feel sorry for them but they seem to be a sucker generation and so it will be sweet justice after 8 years of Obama. Also, it will be kind of funny to watch all the dark ones and the hispanics thrown into combat against the Chinese and the Russians. Grab some pop corn and some beer!

      37. what are the rich gonna do with all that money when it becomes useless because there is not gonna be anything to buy, because nobody will be working to make anything, we will all be dependent on the government and be just sitting at home watching paint dry and waiting to die.

      38. And the fact that the multi billionare rat bastards, pedofile, women & children you sick faggot, sex trafficker abuser sickos, multi-billionare types, ARE NOW GETTING WORRIED, THEY SHOULD BE. You have been busty will CPS, taking people’s kids, for sex trafficking, for abuse, torture, and all the sick things that your addicted. No wonder your lacking sleep at night. You see the victims are also lacking sleep at night and so are the parents. And you rat bastards think that you can just talk you way out of it with BS puppet elections. I hope your getting some sleep tonight, your going to need it. Lacking sleep at night? I understand your situation, you didnt get the people to give up the guns, so now its Jade Helm 15

        Elite-get the damn soldiers in the city now. i cant sleep at night. I want them dead, if they ever catch us, we are dead.

        Northcom-Sir we are trying our best, we just shipped in 50 more tanks in Midland Texas, we got more coming to Utah for the Mormons.

        elite-what about the walmarts, get the damn stores ready now. How many chinese soldeirs we have ready.

        Northcom-we have 350,000 more chinese and Latvians. coming in sir. Sir we are doing the best we can, its leaking out, i am lacking sleep at night sir.

        elite-you better hurry up, time is running out, we need to launch the attack before the next election so that our lord and savior can stay in power indifinately. We need to preposition the assets then tell the public that China is going to invade us, so that we can use the Chinese to kill the American people.

        Elite-ring, ring ring. The damn patriots came out in Arizona armed with Ak;’s and Ar’s damn, damn it will should a got the damn guns, now it too late. What about the Saudis, how may jihadist do we have in Mexico.

        Northcom., we have 10,000 and counting.

        Elite-, bumpt it up right now, damd it. yes. We got it going, soon we will have the order that we needed. Look man, we have to cancel the election, and declare martial now, we have to do now, damn it. Call cheneyne mountain, get ready to take out Texas. We have to hit them now. That stunt we just pulled in Waco aint going over well. They know it was a false flag. i cant sleep at night, i am letting your all know that i heading to DUMBS in a few moe weeks.

        As you can see, above is a lickely possibly conversation of what these elite f…ks are planing behind the scene.

        Now mercy for you f….ks. I guess my shtf-effers is that the global elite, feel that now the they have us enslaved , having for years moving products, goods and services to feed the financial systems to move the metals, and all products and multi-mineral resources to literally for years since the 1950’s, as the constructed all the DUMBS, including merging with rogue factions extra terrestrials Arcon/reptilian aliens who have promised them Type One status in the gallactic community. The arcon rulers have made if now clear to thier elites stuge’s that its time to cull 97% of the population, because we are not longer needed, why? Because they have completed the bases, so all thats needed now, is to get the walmarts completed, fully connect the underground rail system directly to connect to the rail systems to the consentration camps at all the location outside and in all our major city areas, i have been told, that its literally 1000’s of these execution camps manned with the 30,000 guilotines, firing squads all over the country. Then you rat bastards elites, purposedly built bad technology, oil, etc, and poputed the entire planets environment, then blamed it on everyday people, takin crap about how they have to reduce population to save said planet, Earth, and all the other crap that they have come with, agenda 21, common core, etc.


        You sons of bitches are staying up at night, that you have to live underground, because patriotic pizzed off hunting partys will be coming for billionare boys. No wonder your lacking sleep at night. Makes sense. You sons of bithes may be fully nucternal in a few more weeks.

      39. If it causes you problems at night, then use some of your money and create a business where you can employ some middle class people. Be part of the solution.

      40. The comments on this site are more interesting than the stories that prompted them, many times. I mean that in a good way.

      41. I am dreaming of a robot hooker.

      42. This Mr. Rupert (w/family) is sitting on over $7 billion personal fortune, and he has the gall to criticize the 0.1 percent of 0.1 percent? He is also a former Chase Manhattan banker. Puhleeeeeze.

      43. This is why they have to wipe out 80 percent of us.

      44. Then him and his rich friends should back a political candidate’s that will uphold the laws of this country and fight for whats right. Right now the only person that looks to be genuine is Mr. Scot Walker, all the other contenders cannot be trusted whatsoever.

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