Bill Would Allow Police to Confiscate Guns Based on Accusation Alone

by | Jul 2, 2014 | Headline News | 166 comments

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    A draconian gun control bill set to be voted on by the California legislature would allow police to confiscate a person’s firearms solely on the basis of an accusation made against the gun owner by a family member or a health professional.

    Although the bill was amended after an onslaught of complaints, the legislation is still being labeled as the harshest gun control law in the country.

    AB 1014, authored by Assemblymembers Das Williams and Nancy Skinner, would create ‘gun violence restraining orders’ that would allow police to proactively confiscate firearms and hold them for one year with no due process merely based on an accusation made by an immediate family member, a law enforcement officer or a health professional.

    “This bill would allow a search warrant to be issued when the property or things to be seized are a firearm or firearms or ammunition that is in the custody or control of, or is owned or possessed by, a person who is the subject of a gun violence restraining order and who is presently known to have in his or her custody and control or possession, or to own a firearm or firearms or ammunition,” states the bill.

    The accusation against the individual has to meet the standard of evidence, “to believe that the subject of the petition poses a significant risk of personal injury to himself, herself, or another by having under his or her custody and control, owning, purchasing, possessing, or receiving a firearm,” states the bill, although the nature of this evidence is not properly defined.

    The bill has drawn fiery criticism from gun rights advocates who see the legislation as an onerous assault on the Second Amendment.

    “If for example, person A goes to a judge and files a complaint about person B, person B can have his/her guns and gun rights taken away without any idea why or even have the chance to plead their case. Only after law enforcement searched person B, their family, friends, place of work, and anywhere else police might have thought person B hid guns would that person have the right to defend themselves. Guilty until proven innocent,” writes Yehuda Remer.

    “This bill goes too far,” Sean Doherty of California Assn. of Federal Firearms Licensees told a Senate panel. “AB 1014 shreds the right of privacy and right of property that has been jurisprudence for decades.”

    Even David Warren, of Taxpayers for Improving Public Safety (a group that normally supports gun control legislation), spoke out against the bill, stating that it had “significant constitutional deficiencies” and would not be enforceable.

    Having been passed by the California Senate Public Safety Committee, the bill now heads to the legislature for a full vote.

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      1. The SAS Survival Manual from the UK and the U.S. Army Survival Manual can both be googled and printed for free. Now there’s some info you can’t (or shouldn’t) pass up. FREEEEEEEEEEE.

        • NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING,from California surprises me. Nothing but a bunch of idiots live there.

          • Another mud-slide in California,
            or should say shit-slide.

            • Every fire arm I own has been purchased from a privet seller. I don’t even buy at gun shows in our area due to the information taken. All ammo is paid for in cash. No one has a clue what I have and I cache half of what I own. I also have a very bad ass attorney. Make a faults claim against me and I take you to court and sue the crap out of you. Even if I lose I cost you tons of money and I have plenty of money. People who know me know this. It is a great deterrent. They know I am not to be toyed with. I no longer have anyone on my property or have family members at my home that are “at risk” for fake claims. Time is to short and you need to pick and choose your friends wisely. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

            • Here is one clue, NEVER NEVER admit you may be depressed, or ever thought about suicide or killing yourself, or ever even kid or joke about it with police, or any doctors or any authorities. That alone will allow TPTB to commit you, put you on a List, and Ban you from any firearm ownership ever again, and take the guns you have now away from you. Just ask: David Sarti, the Big Guy on one of the original Doomsday Prepper Shows, and on YTube. These groups will bait you into admitting something to them. You know the Ol’ just between you and I just admit it scam. OPSEC, Learn it-Live it.

            • I have said this before and I will again, get out of these anti-gunner states as soon as possible IF you cherish freedom. There are still gun and self defense friendly areas left in this country that wouldwelcome people that believe in liberty and the right to protection with open arms. These F holes that have huge populations of retarded anti-gunners will be the first places to fall into martial law and the first places to go after those that believe in freedom. Once someone is accused of some drummed up crap against them, it will be very difficult to leave the state to live in freedom elsewhere.

                • Good morning, BI. Awesome video. I saved the picture to my computer and will use it as background. That’s one business that can definitely prevent an armed robbery or any other BS.

              • BI:
                Sadly, those of us who live in Cali (with older family members who need help, so we are stuck for a while) must stand in the gap and fight Sacramento. Thankfully, we have the largest NRA membership in the country, and three good lobbyists who are fighting the good fight. If any of you live in Cali, and you are NOT a member of the NRA, you are begging to have your rights taken from you. Join the NRA NOW. Then, get active! You can go to the NRA Members Council website and use the One Click feature to email all the legislators involved and voice your opinion. We have fought off many crazy bills like this before, and if we STICK TOGETHER, we can do it again.

                Keep your powder dry,
                Dr. Jeff

                • Regardless, of what most that live outside CA think of it’s populace. There are a lot of folks that live in CA that don’t support Follywood,abortion,queers, and bashing the 2nd amendment.

                  I personally don’t care to live there, but i won’t pre-judge folks that do.

                  • i betcha there’s a MAJORITY of californians that are pro-gun…..but they don’t VOTE!….which don’t make a shit anymore….we are beyond fixing this shitstorm with the ballot-box….time for the BULLET-box.

                  • Passin I agree. To prove your point, they showed a few good freedom loving Callies taking a stand against those bus loads of Illegals today, their should have be thousands of them taking a stand. Trekker Out.

                  • @MT;
                    Sorry that should have been a thumbs up

                • @The Dr;
                  Regarding the NRA, sadly I do not believe they have our best interest in mind. I’m a life member and I think the only thing the NRA is concerned about is the NRA.

              • @Be Info- You mean like New York, CT, CA, IL & Washington DC. Those are Communist Districts and States of America.

          • Hey Wilson, you’re no better than any liberal who labels people based on where they live, what color they are or what they believe in.

            I’m not going to come straight out and tell you to fuck off for being so shallow but I will tell you that there are plenty of people in CA that are just as pissed about what’s going on here as you are.

            Get a clue else you’ll be labelled along with the other useful idiots.

            • Sorry Billy Boy. I agree with Wilson. Guess I’m no better than a libtard either.

              You can tell me to fuck off if you want. Won’t hurt my feelings.

              • I will say, Wrong, I am impressed that some
                folks with spine in California stood up to
                the busses bringing in illegals and turned
                them away.
                if this catches on country wide the gov may
                begin to understand how pissed off the people
                really are.

                • Pissed ain’t getin’ it. Time to monkey wrench.

                  • There’s a pic of a police officer standing with his hand on his waist, next to the bus driver…he’s trying not to, but he is smiling and his posture says he’s proud of the protest. IMO.

                • I agree with you on that one Defiant. I can’t see them doing a damn thing though about their gun rights. I could be wrong…. That’s how I got my name after all.

                • spikes in the road will stop the buses.

                • They know what the flood of turd worlders means. Even many in the crowd that has been cheering on the “immigrants” are now realizing what they have done, now that the “immigrants” are now not just invading SOMEBODY ELSE’S community.

                • No Defiant only when the outraged citizens start burning those busses will the PTB understand how pissed off America really is. Remember the 1960’s when bus loads of undersireables,(“freedom riders”), started showing up in the south? They were given a warm welcome by Southerners,as those busses were burned.

            • Women are taking up arms in Ukraine and joining the fight– on both sides! Really cool that women- even young girls in their twenties– are joining the men in the fight against the Fascists. However, its occuring on BOTH sides!! The Freedom Fighters as well as the Nationalists-pro the new governor. (At RT news).

              • Ya , anon its real cool to see girls shot and dead in the streets.
                Its a shame they have to fight .
                War just sucks , lets hope its worth it .

                • As a female, yeah, I do think its cool. They are fighting for their right to live as they see fit. The US-installed puppet has NO RIGHT to force his views on those people in Eastern Ukraine.

                  • Anon, you seem to know some things about the Ukraine conflict. I know this is totally off topic but who are the good guys and who are the bad guys? I can’t seem to get a handle on it because of all the administration muddled BS.

                    Give me your opinion, please…

                  • NetRanger, all you need to remember is the 5 billion dollar coup d’etat that got that whole thing started.

                    Every “justification” for the coup in Kyiv after that, is irrelevant. They are trying to convince us what is going on there is “right.”

                    You can’t cover up a wrong, by doing something else right…you have to fix the wrong to make it right.

                    It’s kinda like horsing around and shooting someone dead by mistake. You can’t take it back by signing up for another gun safety class, or make it right by claiming they had it coming, because they were from a poor neighborhood.

            • Billy Hill, welcome and I understand the point you’re trying to make. Nobody is trying to stereotype anyone here. If you live in CA, I do sympathize with your plight. I for one know there are good people in CA who are just as disturbed as we are over the communist policies. We are only talking about the commie POS people who make the policies, not the good people who suffer under those policies. Take care.

          • What do you expect from the land of fruits and nuts??

          • Das Williams and Nancy Skinner should be tried for treason,found guilty and then executed via electric chair
            as they dislike guns so much.

          • Actually, with a population approaching 40 Million people, there are a lot of good decent people living there,just NOT in the Democratic strongholds of the Bay Area, Sacramento, Los Angeles County, and San Diego city, which ARE the Progressive-Plantation-Marxist strongholds of that state. Also, they are the most populated areas of the state, so the Entitlement Brigades there, always vote for their favorite Marxists to represent them in Sacramento. there are 58 counties in California, most of them are conservative and far less populated than the areas above, so they get screwed by their fellow Californians as well as paying for their welfare benefits, public employee salaries and huge pensions. You ARE correct in that nothing the State Legislature does is a surprise to anyone in my native state. They are seeking as much control over the populace as possible, hence the move and desire by many in California to break the state up into smaller entities. I hope and pray they succeed.

          • So glad to have moved from California! It seems to be right in line with Obama. Nuff said.

        • Stewpedaso, I have copies of both. I highly recommend them also. No surprise that Communist California would propose something like this. The 2 commies who came up with this scheme should be targeted. ‘Accidents’ do still happen on occasion.

          • Can I be the accuser? Boy would that be fun!

        • “Terrorist”

          another name for patriot.

          Freedoms just another word
          for nothing left to lose

          And what do we give a damn for anyway?
          Do you give any weight to the words of a raving lunatic you pass on the street?
          No? Then why the government?

          You have to understand. Its just people. They are *just* people. Some of them armed, many of them dangerous. But they are human. We outnumber them. Millions to there thousands. If a million of us swarmed the steps of the senate, armed with mere inkpens and hammers,
          the secret service wouldn’t have enough bullets to kill a tenth of us, and they wouldn’t have enough men to stop us before we massacred every lieing thieving scumbag in DC, one by one, like Brutus stabbing caesar.
          And thats the reality of it. We could kill them all just by trampling. No *really*. Trampling. It could work. A million people bum rushing, what?, a few guards armed with rifles and machine guns? Those guys would shit their pants right before being pulped beneath the onrushing tide of thousands and thousand of people who were fed up with wallstreet running mainstreet. It would be a bloodbath.

          Now imagine all of the millions, armed with AR-15s, Imagine them angry. Imagine them organized.

          This is the scenario they are attempting to prevent. Because the strategists, and think tanks, and all the smart guys in suits know, when they shut off their
          lights at the end of the day, that we outnumber them. its what keeps the nsa up at night. It is the *reason* for projects like Minerva.

          We are the tide, that is coming in. We are the anvil that breaks the hammer. We are the sword that falls to cleave the the hydra in two.

          When it all comes down to it, these guys:

          Get up in the morning
          Read the news and eat breakfast, maybe with family
          Get into the car. Stop at the gas station
          Maybe buy a candybar and say hello to the attendant.
          Get into work. Bitch about a parking.

          Get a worksheet and talk with the manager about what needs done.
          Eat a snickers and kill a few people. Maybe spy on their ex.

          Go home at the end of the day.

          …and hope some extremist hasn’t burned down their house, shot their dog, and taken their family hostage.

          Now all they need to do is label a few more millions ‘extremist’.
          And then we have not just burned homes, but whole cities.
          And THATS how a spark becomes a wild fire.

          Because these people–they are not some fucking goliath faceless *machine*.
          They are *people*. Individuals. They breath. They sleep, and eat, and shit just like the rest of us.
          The most vicious of lie ever told is that each of these people responsible for the mess called ‘government’…that they are unstoppable, or godlike, or some nonsense.

          They are human. When you shoot them, they bleed, just like anyone. *We* OUTNUMBER ***THEM**.
          You shoot enough of em, they *GO AWAY*.
          A lot of them will shoot back.

          And if you don’t? They keep on taking from you. And taking. Until you wake up one day and say
          “What happened? Why am I being evicted from my house? Why is the IRS confiscating my property? Because
          at somepoint I went to court, and at some point the courts decided I’m not entitled to a lawyer and I’m not allowed to say or do anything to change that or I’ll be put on some list and charged with terroristic ‘speech’.”

          or “What happened? Why am I being press ganged into a prison? Because an officer arrested me and said
          that I resisted when I demanded to know why I was being arrested, never mind he has quotas. And the
          courts decided that it was all right for the prospector to convene in secret meetings with my public

          or “What happened? Why is my teenage daughter being strip searched in front of everyone at the airport by a 40 y.o dyke? Why are they talking about a colonoscopy on a TEENAGER? Is that their finger in my daughter? Because an accountable security expert, who jacks off to people’s xrays, decided that my daughter looks like “one of them terrorists”–that the fbi so conveniently sets up..and that she therefore needs to be molested by a highschool brownshirt dropout in uniform.”

          Your meekness happened. A revolution is not a million outraged people marching with fucking signs and
          screaming at the top of their lungs–as if that ever did anything.

          A revolution is a million *individuals*, equally outraged, all driven by their own personal grievances, all standing on common ground, demanding truth, demanding action, by the governments own standard…at the point of a fucking

          You don’t win a war by looking at the other guy and shrugging your shoulders hoping *he* does
          something. You win a war by stepping out in front and *doing*.

          George Washington didn’t defeat the british by using his freespeech. He fucking shot them.

          And if you say ‘violence isn’t the answer’ your part of the problem. Have you SEEN the violence agents
          of the state commit each day, not just against regular people, but against pregnant women even, and *children*? Have you been to sites like copblock?

          Violence solves problems. Just ask the government.

          History will judge us, rogues, or fools. But these thing we don’t do for the mere opinions of
          tomorrow. These things we do for TODAY and the people we love. The justice of our righteous outrage is
          not saved for a rainy day. We do these things, these terrible, bloody, awful things to preserve that which we have built against the creeping decay
          caused by petty pools of shallow scheming scum.

          Do you fight for glory? Or survival?
          And do you burn at night, lay awake and wonder?
          What will they take from each of us tomorrow?

          Rise like Lions after slumber
          In unvanquishable number,
          Shake your chains to earth like dew
          Which in sleep had fallen on you-
          Ye are many — they are *few*

      2. Amazing isn’t it? Al laws supersede the Constitution if the Anti Gun people want them to. MoloLaben

        • That’s what I wonder. Is this correct?

          If the Constitution says right to bear arms cannot be infringed, then anyone attempting to infringe these rights would be breaking the law

          If so, then anyone coming to your house to take your guns would be subject to arrest. What force is allowed against someone acting illegally? What force is allowed against someone who resists arrest?

          • hillaryhappy sez:”If the Constitution says right to bear arms cannot be infringed, then anyone attempting to infringe these rights would be breaking the law”

            Actually no. Your rights are not infringed as a matter of law, until a court rules that they are. And that is why the constitution doesn’t mean what it says. It means what 5 justices on the Supreme Court says it means.

            Here was my eye opener to the corruption of the system> I personally had a brief discussion with Judith Kaye, the then chief justice of the NYS Court of Appeals (New York’s Supreme Court) during the meet & greet after a law seminar I attended when I was a practicing lawyer.

            I asked her “how can you read the absolute language of the 2nd amendment ” shall not be infringed” to allow laws which infringe the right?

            She said to me (and I quote) “I don’t think that that is what the people want”.

            I was absolutely floored. Here was the highest judge of the state who’s responsibility it is to apply laws as written, telling me she’s going to essentially legislate what she wants.

            What it comes down to is this> You can’t protect your rights by simply writing them down on paper. Mao Tze Tung said it best “political power comes from the barrel of a gun”. That is THE bottom line.

            And they guys pointing the barrels at us are the Federal and State Governments. The Courts are one arm of the government. Do you really think they are going to enable a counterforce to their power?

            And after they disarm us, we will be powerless, and as the Athenian general Thucydides famously said; “The strong do what they will, and the weak suffer what they must. We will most assuredly suffer.

            • 4.2 Frigahertz, welcome, and allow me to say someone will take your guns ONLY IF YOU LET THEM. Since you’re a lawyer, then you know what the system is really like. You know something is definitely wrong with the government. We are facing a federal government that through its own words and deeds admits that they have evil intentions towards the people. we are all being forced into a fight none of us wanted. If you haven’t done so already, you need to decide which side you’re going to be on. I’m going to fight. I’m not surrendering to evil. None of us has any obligations to any evil government, period. Don’t follow orders from any government officials, period! Take care.

              • You are more correct than you know.

                All this “legislating” is nothing but lies. They can legislate whatever they want. The supreme law of the land says they can’t infringe. Look up the definition of infringe. It doesn’t include a court opinion.

                Do not let ink on paper rule you. Just because they print it, doesnt make it so. One thing they’ll never tell you: no document and no government gave you the right to keep and bear arms. This is an inherent right. They can’t take it away either, not lawfully.

                But, understand that because millions of times per day they get defacto permission to prosecute and enforce defacto color of law statute and codes while getting silence from 99% of the population allows them to assume a defacto system of laws.

                That defact system is the UCC. In the supreme court case Salinas vs Texas and reading in the summary I found a gold nugget:

                The SCOTUS said that Salinas had no right to remain silent because HE DIDN’T CLAIM IT!!! Wha? Yeah, thats right. Since the defacto UCC is being used by corporations, your consitutional rights are ignored. …UNTIL YOU CLAIM THEM! (…actually, its a misspeak to say “constitutional rights”, they are your “natural rights”)

                So, write a letter to the governor of your state. State simply

                I, John V. Smith declare that I have inherent rights. Some of those rights are referred to in the bill of rights. It is governments’ duty to protect my rights. I will be expecting the governmetn of the state of california to fullfil its duty.

                Some of those basic rights included these and others…

                Send it to the governor registered mail. Send a copy the the president, also registered mail.

                I think some of you may be surprised how this would all change if people would start turning our land back into the united States from the USA, Inc it has become.

                By the way, according to law, a right cannot be regulated by government only in as much as it interferes with the rights of others.

                Simple fact: they are farting in a hurricane. It means nothing. However, to the weak minds accross this land, many will be convinced and turn in their guns when that law gets passed.

                I don’t ever see any reason to worry. Weak minds will always be coerced into doing stupid things, like turning in your guns or not pulling the ripcord on the hot water sprinkler system that hoses down your front porch with boiling water when certain types of scum appears to be stuck to it.

                KOITCH – Keep One In The CHamber

            • Your rights are not infringed as a matter of law, until a court rules that they are.
              Thank you. That is what I was trying to ask.

            • The real problem is that people still BELIEVE that four pieces of paper (the U.S. Constitution) which a bunch of rich white guys wrote (but never bothered to sign) over 200 years ago is legitimate and therefore makes the U.S. Government legitimate.

              If you believe the foregoing, you also better not be naughty or else Santa Claus might not bring you anything for Christmas! 🙂

              Suggested Reading:

              No Treason: Constitution of No Authority — Lysander Spooner

              • The belief in the legitimacy of any government rests on the consent of the prevailing opinion.

                Consent of the governed to be governed may only prevail where legitimacy still exists, or where naked force preserves it against all else.

                When it comes right down to it, a man will only be governed at the point of a gun for so long before he decides to take it from the thugs waving it around like it is some kind of badge.

                The Constitution doesn’t protect you. The Constitution protects nothing. What protects it is a threat of force — the kind that only comes from the contemplation of subjecting an armed people who are hellbent on remaining free.

                The Constitution only enumerates our rights to do so. If people start forgetting that then maybe they need to be reminded that we don’t need a piece of paper to tell us that a man with a tin badge sticking his finger in our collective asses is violating us.

                And we don’t need a piece of paper to tell us that goons in uniform are committing fraud when they put leins on our bank accounts.

                And we certainly don’t need a piece of paper to tell us that a fucking armed goon from DHS (brownshirts inc) siccing a dog on a pregnant women is bullshit that he should have been executed for, point blank, between the eyes, right then and there for. We don’t need to be told these things, that if they are committed by anyone besides an agent of the state they are crime–we don’t need to be told by a piece of paper when we are being robbed and assaulted, because each of us has eyes to see the injury for ourselves.

                And I would have personally done it. Ended that thug, or any number of others. Consequences be damned, if I had been standing there, on any number of occasions, where agents of the state wantonly and merrily violated people.

                Because I don’t need a piece of paper or a man in a black robe in order to recognize armed robbers, murderers, rapists, human traffickers, and scum when I see them.
                Do you?

                Hang em. Hang em all.

          • In Texas they illegally entered a house and the guy in it shot the policeman dead. Jury said he was justified. In Cal I’m sure they would just kill you and cover it up.

            • @ Paranoid. Leaving California is like escaping from East Germany during the 1970’s or 1980’s. This is a place that is dangerous to even visit, especially the southern part of the state.

              • BI and other Cali haters:

                You would be be amazed at who all in the prepper world call California home. As I have said before we have our areas nore often than naught in N. California where the county sheriff’s are very conservative. I am in what I call a safe zone.

                We all keep a low profile and as I said before we are just a sample of what is coming to each of you in other states. The good side of that is that we will fall first and recover before some of you even get started on the road to sanity once again.

                Putting all that aside I do hate the liberal f-tards here in California that make like so hard for us. But I have a family and a business that combined with a love for my birthright state keeps me here.


                • @ Big B. The sad truth of this is, WHEN martial law is declared MOST of california will become like the other states under a police state. States like california make laws that affect the entire state, like magazine size limits. You might be safer where you are, but the laws will still come and sting you and everyone in the state like an African Bee. Just like Indian reservations that have their own little enclaves within a state, still are not immune from the laws, many bad laws of the state they are in or from the feds.

                  The first states to fall under BO or whatever so called new emperor will be those states that are the most liberal and the ones that are most freedom hating AND has the highest population of anti-gunners.

                  There are good freedom loving people in california, new york connecticut, massacusetts, new jersey and other gun free safe havens of hell. These people will be the first ones to be targeted by not just the government, but by those anti-gunners that consider anyone to relish the freedom to self defense as savages. Conservative places will fare a lot better, such as the one you say you live in. Still the whole states that are easy pickens for the government will be the first ones to go under. Places like Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and a few others will be the last free zones left because the population there hates anti-gunners and the libtards that want everyone to be chipped and control like some cow.

                  Not putting you down where you choose to live, just stating a fact about the first areas to fall and how dangerous it is for those that do understand the quality of life of freedom is. I myself, and I feel many others would rather live in a cave in a free zone than live in a controlled nazi state or country with all the modern conveniences that people have become accustomed to. That is just me.

                  • BI, you and BigB both have my deepest sympathy being stuck in a commie state. Best wishes to you both.

                  • RE:”freedom loving people in california, new york connecticut, massacusetts, new jersey and other gun free safe havens of hell.”

                    I used to live in the Hudson Valley of New York (140 miles north of NYC), which I deeply loved. I consider it to be one of the premier bio-systems in the world.

                    I was driven out of the state by excessive regulation, excessive taxation and excessive law enforcement,(the middle of the night passage of the NY SAFE act being only the latest in a long line of burdens placed upon it’s constitutionally armed citizenry). I am very angry that I was forced to leave.

                    I closed my biz, & let my 9 workers go. I moved to rural _unnamed state__. A state that has more respect for my 2A rights.

                    I imagine departures of this type occur tens of thousands of times each year in NY. And to that I say GOOD! My hope is that all meaningful economic activity leaves New York, the more quickly to speed the state to its ultimate conclusion of Over Controlling Welfare State going down the drain.

                    Very sad. A beautiful state destroyed as a place to live by pandering control freaks elected thru robbery & bribery (tax dollars taken at gunpoint & given to the gimme-gimmies in exchange for their vote & their indifference to the crimes the corrupt politicians commit).

                    Sadly,I have concluded the USA as we knew and loved it is doomed, but I for one will no longer aid the demise. I refuse to fund that shite w my tax dollars. I can’t turn it around by myself, but I can take personal responsibility for my part in it. Just because you can’t do everything is not a moral license to do nothing. You are responsible for your part. As for me, not one penny more.

                  • BigB;
                    OT, but any word from JOG?

                  • Martial law in California would be nearly impossible to enforce, have you any idea how BIG (land-size alone) California actually is? Have you any idea of the size of the population density? Any idea of how long it took the National Guard to mobilize in the 1992 Rot-Knee Kang Riots? They had to truck their ammo from up in San Luis Obispo County down to Los Angeles in order to arm the National Guard with something other than EMPTY rifles. Think it’s changed all that much since then? Nope.
                    In the major population strongholds of Prog-Marxism, few people other than thugs are legally armed, co theoretically martial law might logistically be possible. However in the huge valleys and mountains? Forget it, it’s not going to happen without serious insurgent reactions from the locals-some of whom are NG members themselves.Just a native’s observation is all.

                • As a former Ca res. I would say that at least over a third is conservative constitutionalist. One third is Libs/socialist and the rest are either Illegal, EBT, or just havent got a clue. If you think the one third conservative is going to obey any of these laws, including mag cap, registration and confiscation, your wrong.

                  • I was stationed at 32ns Street, San Diego for a couple of years. Lived on “H” street in Chula Vista and went to Southwestern Comm College. If all you want to do is sunbathe, surf or skate, you’re in the best place ever.

                    If, however you actually have to support yourself by WORKING, want to be free of govt intrusion and try to be self-sufficient, you’re barking up the wrong palm tree.

                    It was scenically beautiful down there, but you couldn’t drag me back there now. I was lucky and landed an apartment in a small freedom-loving clique…an island in the ocean for sure. I was also in my 20’s.

                    I lived in Santa Barbara for a while as well. My in-laws still live there. The only similarities between Santa Barbara and San Diego are bi-lingual signs, palm trees and Von’s.

                    Santa Barbara didn’t even really have a “welfare office” when I was there.

          • As Gomer Pyle would say “citizens arrest!, citizens arrBANG!… Come on you bunch of asshats. I’m tired of talk, bills, blah blah blah, chip chip chip away. Lets get this reset started. Come on. Be brave. Try. To. Take. Mine.

            • Put yourself in the cops position for a minute.
              You’re sitting there in a briefing and your Sargent tells you, you and a couple of other guys have got to go over to Joe Blows and get his guns. Here’s,the warrant, oh and good luck. Must suck to be on the bottom of the Totempole.
              Joe will know you’re coming as you are walking up to the front door.
              Yea, I can see this law will be quite popular with the cops.

        • Only one law, kill the commies.

          • You have got have it all wrong. It should be “kill the liberal Democrats”. I could free the country by elimination of less than 50 thousand people. %16 hundredths of our total population. Just need someone to do it. I’ll give you names.
            I have 539 off the top of my head. Congress + executive + supreme court minus 10 keepers.

        • Yeah, I looked up “ebola” and a lot of info came up under wiki (dictionary). For years, an outbreak of around 200 deaths or so has not been uncommon. Some years, only 1 death the whole year. However, this year there have been around 600 cases. Also, they said it can become airborne between species!! and that dogs and pigs can contract the disease (and bats, of course).

          They said the nurses started fleeing the hospitals when they saw other nurses dieing from it. That’s also what I read in the book, “Hot zone”– when a bunch of hospital staff started contracting it and dieing from it, nurses started fleeing the hospital.

          On the good news– they said they have (possibly!) a vaccine for it that has proven effective on mice… so, let’s pray!

      3. Another reason to leave California

      4. h t t p ://

        Screw you target!
        and as a Concealed carry person, how are you going to know if I am or not,because that’s the purpose ..
        besides that a public business doesn’t get to write my freedoms , or dictate them

        and The retailer says guns in the store are “at odds” with the family atmosphere..but robbing staaling or car jacking in the parking lot isn’t?
        Hey Fuck you Target , I wouldn’t buy a salty pretzel from you now
        and with your latest credit car screw up , you deserve to go belly up

        sorry JMO and .02

        • sorry, too pissed to spell “Stealing” or “Card” correctly

          kinda glad only my wife shops there,( besides what kind of store is named Target and doesnt sell guns or ammo I got no use for that store anyways) and I don’t think shes thrilled with the place any more anyhow

          so go a head and cut yer jugular Target , I hear the wind whipping thru the empty parking lot like all the other anti 2nd un american stores

          • @VRF
            I’m with you 100%. We live in MN which is the home of Target. A few of our neighbors even work in Target’s home offices. We were regular Target shoppers, but won’t be ever again.

            All of our business now goes to Wally World. Also don’t support Macy’s or General Mills either as they are huge Lib’s and donate lots of $$$$ to Lib causes.

            In God We Trust

            • Sign on pawn shop wall:

              “In God We Trust — ALL OTHERS PAY CASH.”

          • On the good side- burglars know where is the best store to rob and get away with it.

          • VRF, I agree about Target. Besides, they don’t have anything that turns me on anyway.

        • Re: Target gun policy. Its the same MADD crowd, you know Mothers against drunk drivers bitchin. Well how about DAMM Drunks Against Mad Mothers.

        • Sounds like they are telling a bunch of us that they do not want our business. I read that they are closing a bunch of stores, so let them close them all. Sorry if that is where YOU work.

      5. Remind me to set some doughnuts on the porch for them. Everyone deserves a last meal…

        • Hahahahaha…awesome.

      6. What else could one expect from California?

      7. You may not like Guns
        That is your right
        You may not believe in God
        that is your choice
        But if some one breaks into your home or trys to kill you on the street in your daily business
        the first 2 things your going to do

        Call some one with a gun, and pray to God they show up in time
        good luck with that
        I’ll keep my gun on me thank you very much

        • VRF, I don’t even dial 911. I handle the situation as I consider necessary aka using my own discretion. My goal is to survive such a situation, not worry about any legalities.

      8. California, the slippery slope just turned into a slippery cliff.

        • The old saying; “As goes California, so goes the country”, just won’t stick any longer.

          Even if the libtards in californication nation passed this illegal bill, most other states, except maybe, Iowa, Conn., and New Hampshire, would never follow suit.

          As ‘whowuddathunkit’ stated earlier; never admit you suffer from chronic depression and have thoughts about suicide. When the unaffordable & uncare Act gets into full implementation, those statements will get a person into deep shit.

          If you go to a medical facility for anything anymore, they will try and get you to sign off on admission of depression and thoughts of suicide. Wonder why?….

          Don’t think that info just gets casually done away with. You can bet it goes into an (international) database and can and will be used against you in the future.

          TPTB know full well it will take every weapon in their evil and illegal arsenal to disarm most Americans.
          They intend to fully use every opportunity in the future to do just that.

          We ain’t forgettin’ shit!

      9. On another note..I hear

        They’re not happy in Gaza.
        They’re not happy in Egypt.
        They’re not happy in Libya.
        They’re not happy in Morocco.
        They’re not happy in Iran.
        They’re not happy in Iraq.
        They’re not happy in Yemen.
        They’re not happy in Afghanistan.
        They’re not happy in Pakistan.
        They’re not happy in Syria.
        They’re not happy in Lebanon.


        They’re happy in Australia.
        They’re happy in Canada.
        They’re happy in England.
        They’re happy in France.
        They’re happy in Italy.
        They’re happy in Germany.
        They’re happy in Sweden
        They’re happy in the USA.
        They’re happy in Norway.
        They’re happy in Holland.
        They’re happy in Denmark.

        Basically, they’re happy in every country that is not Muslim and unhappy in every country that is!

        And who do they blame?
        Not Islam.
        Not their leadership.
        Not themselves.

        They blame the countries they are happy in! And then; they want to change those countries to be like the country they came from where they were unhappy!

        Excuse me, but I can’t help wondering: How damn dumb can you get?

        Everyone seems to be wondering why Muslim terrorists are so quick to commit suicide. Lets have a look at the evidence:

        – No Christmas.
        – No television.
        – No nude women.
        – No football.
        – No pork chops.
        – No hot dogs.
        – No burgers.
        – No beer.
        – No bacon.
        – Rags for clothes.
        – Towels for hats.
        – Constant wailing from some idiot in a tower.
        – More than one wife; hence, more than one mother in law.
        – You can’t shave.
        – Your wife can’t shave.
        – You can’t wash off the smell of donkey.
        – You cook over burning camel dung.
        – Your wife is picked by someone else for you. AND
        – Your wife smells worse than your donkey.

        Then they tell you that “when you die, it all gets better”? Well no shit, Sherlock!
        It’s not like it could get much worse.

        • Out of the ballpark VRF.

          Who was it that coined the term “Commiefornia”?

          • Who coined “Commiefornia” – a Non-Commie

        • Well put!

        • FUNNY VRF….. and true…

          Don’t forget all the silly assed protest’s you have to go to on a monthly baises in those countrys

        • There’s a fix for this.

        • @VRF you hit it out of the park with those excellent observations!

        • You are delusional………I mean its nice to have a fantasy, but you are taking it too far. The WHOLE world is unhappy not just the moozlems……….the entire planet is in turmoil and all the sugar coating in the world aint gonna change it……….americans are just pacified dumb animals. As long as the porn, beer, pork, meth, crack, weed, county checks and pharmaceuticals keep rolling they aint gonna say shit. Let the drugs and other stuff stop and you’ll see first hand how HAPPY us americans are……’ll take 72 hours of no food, county checks or dope to send this country into a nosedive(no pun intended) ……94% of the world drugs get consumed right here! Cut the drugs off and its ON!

          • How would the CIA fund it’s black ops?

        • Let me guess. Everyone on this board is white and american.

          I am christian too.

          Us/UK leadership is responsible for destruction of their countries and foreign economic policy designed to destroy their countries.

          The US has been attacking every country that has not traded in the US dollar for oil, hence paving the way for setting up a one world currency.

          US troops have led to disasterous internal regime changes in arab nations that have led to christians ending up dead.

          You are the blind. You are unrighteous. When they finish with the CIA-funded ISIS destroying the region, they will take your guns next. American workers are no longer valuable to the US/UK financial elite.

          You have 70 upvotes. What is wrong with all of you? Are you all blind? Is there a single righteous Christian amongst you?

          • Seth

            I won’t argue with you about the geo-politics of what the American government has done, leave it to say that sometimes it’s about balance and sometimes it’s about power. Find a time in world history this wasn’t the case and I’ll slap you in the face.

            YES! We need to wake-up, but in the grand scheme of things are we any different than any other small town anywhere in the world?

            Relax, prep, live and love. But don’t spend your time being angry at people on a prepper site because you think we should start the civil war.

          • Ya got some people a little wrong, Seth.

            Some of us realize that all of these “terrorist” groups are just pawns in a big game, played by globalist elites.

            The problem is, in their fury to advance their own agendas, these groups like ISIS, Al-CIA-Duh and the Taliban are ALL complicit in the destruction of their own world.

            Their desire to “cleanse the world of the infidel” has scammed them into dying for a cause that is not their own. They don’t (yet) realize that Islam will not be the world religion. The Mormons are just as complicit and stupid. They don’t realize when they comply with the globalist’s demands, that the world religion WILL NOT BE MORMON EITHER. It’s the same lie, sold to every other proselytizing religion.

            They all THINK they are advancing their own agenda, but they are only adding to the destruction of themselves as well.


            TPTB are advancing their own agenda, on the backs of every blind control freak on the planet.

            …and it’s working PERFECTLY.

        • The muzzies sound like libtards,
          Only happy when they are somewhere they didnt pollute with their bass ackwards BS!

      10. How to deal with Anti Gunners from other states.

        If I do come in contact with others from anti gun states, this is how I would handle it. If they do not have a gun, they better move on down the road. If they have a gun I would ask some questions that they should know to determine if they are fake. I do not want any part of these people. If they could not handle it before the trouble starts they damn sure will not be able to when it happens.

        All else fails. Have them break the weapon down and clean it.

        I await the Exodus.

        • Sorry, but since the invention of smokeless powder and non corrosive primers I only clean my guns in months beginning in Q. Spend the money you would spend on cleaning stuff on more guns.

      11. Add two names to the traitor list.

        I’m waiting for the day when some sick person just uses 5 gallons of gas in a school. The gas dumped/poured down a hallway and lit with a flare. Much cheaper and way easier to kill more people.

        You cannot outlaw gas.

        • New York City’s gun control could not stop the worst mass murder in the city’s history:

          Eight seven (87) people killed by an unemployed Cuban. He set fire to “Happy Land” nightclub, located in New York City, on March 25, 1990.

          • The idiot leftists will just accuse you of saying that because you are “racist” Heck, to these ignoramuses, calling Dr. Ben Carson, who is 100% black, vs. Obungler, who is only half black, racist is fine, and tearing strips off Sarah Palin for what she wears as a woman is just fine, the “war on women” notwithstanding. I used to tend left when I was young. These idiots sure woke me up quickly in my 20S!

        • powdered aluminum and iron oxide

          • I was making that stuff 50 years ago. It’s interesting, but not useful. Gives you a blob of molten Iron. And a bunch of sparks, Army uses it to destroy Secret equipment and wield Cannon into useless plugs. Even the ATF doesn’t care if you buy it. You want to be 100% sure your computer is gone, yes it’s OK otherwise a gallon of gasoline is far more destructive.

        • If I”m not mistaken, isn’t Obungler’s faux global warming push trying to do outlaw gas now? Of course, he, and all the Hollywierd Learjet leftists, are exempted from using gas or aviation fuel on their AirForce 1 and private Learjets. Laws are only for us “little people.”

        • Oh, they’d come up with something, like passing a law that makes it illegal to CARRY GAS IN CONTAINERS larger than a big gulp cup…STUPID SHEEP.

      12. I’m sorry, I HAVE to say this, even though not EVERYONE is included in this group. Listen, residents of California: If you live there, its your own FAULT what happens to you! You don’t HAVE to live where a few liberal elitists have brainwashed you to the point where you are asking them for permission to wipe your butt!!!

        You DESERVE everything they pile on you!

        Get out. Leave. Let them get the illegals to do their dirty work!

      13. Eventually they will attempt to confiscate guns regardless of the law. Most likely during martial law. The California law will most likely be fought and defeated by the NRA. It’s too important for them to ignore.

        • The Ninth Jerkit Court of Appeals will uphold any of California’s unconstitutional laws.

          • Michael Savage refers to the 9th Circuit as The Ninth Jerkit Court of Schlemels. I agree.

      14. Everyone of these worthless Politicians should lose their job, like today!
        CA. don’t put up with this, kick them out of office now.

      15. Besides owning guns, I have some high powered slingshots with taconite (iron ore) pellets for ammo. There’s always the danger that the government would raid your home when you’re not there. So it’s good to have other options.

        • A high-powered crossbow, wrist rocket and a couple other surprises are kept in this house.

        • Bcat,while I agree about other options tis even better to have things not all in one basket,true whether firearms/gold/food/hell,anything.

      16. Only in California, the land of fruits and nuts.

        • And whispering bushes.

      17. Ya, I see ze gestapo iz beginning to function at near full capacity. Soon you vill find zat ve have vays of making you say ze letter O.

      18. Is this bitch related to Pelosi? They both blather the same bullshit.

      19. Off topic…. but anybody here know anything about tackmarks? Supposedly they are the reflective stickers on the backs of street signs that are supposed to direct foreign troops to strategic locations. Watch the backs of signs while driving and note that there are different patterns in terms of where they are located on the back of the sign that may signify what’s near by. By my neighborhood out in the desert there is a large yellow square above the smaller white one. I believe it is significant. Needless to say I will be rearranging the tactical markers on the signs around my home and suggest y’all do the same when the time comes.

        • Not that I know anything about it, but I recommend attempting to discover their meaning prior to changing it. Sounds like a perfect opportunity for Mr. Murphy to make an appearance. Nothing like accidentally changing it from “Pass thru” into “Kill everything”.

          • Good point. Never stick your hand in a hole, if you can’t see what’s in it…

      20. We need to write the Bill for Law that describes anyone infringing on the people’s right to own, possess or use firearms as spelled out under the 2nd Amendment be jailed for a min of 1 year and $10,000 Fine for the first offense, 5 years and $50K the 2nd offense, and 20 years + $100K the 3rd offense. That would put an end to this Anti-gun crap. Also, End All Sales Taxes on Firearms. We don’t allow Freedom of Speech to be Taxed, so why is there Tax of Freedom to own Firearms? Taxes are an infringement and an added burden to purchase them, and a device for tracking.

      21. There is going to a lot of French in this post.
        Readers discretion advised!!!!

        BULLSHIT BILL!!!
        S.O.B.’s The in Comfornia! They can all go to Hell!!!!
        Thank God I don’t live there because when I got that order I would tell them Hell!! No I’m not going to do it. You can stick this one up your Ass!!!!

        This is the line in the sand for me. If I were you and they tried to take your stuff I would fight back with everything I had. I would only give them up when I ran out of ammo and I was to tired to swing them like a club.

        All you folks in Comifornia. Fight this one to your last breath!!!!

        Today the guns and Ammo tomorrow your KIDS!!!!


        • 10-4
          I think they entered the realm of 5150

          woudnt you say Dale?

          • VRF
            F’n A!

      22. The social media team of the Toronto District School Board and have been instructed to address the damage caused to the reputation of one of the Toronto District School Boards administrators, GORDY STEFULIC, VIVIAN MAVROU and VARLA ABRAMS as a result of the erroneous information you have posted to this web site.

        This is your second notice that you and/or your fans have posted offensive, defamatory and harmful information to this web site.

        The Toronto District School Board has determined that this information is FALSE as attributed to GORDY STEFULIC, VIVIAN MAVROU and VARLA ABRAMS.

        The Toronto District School Board is requesting that you delete this offending and inaccurate information immediately,and to prevent misogyny by releasing the I.P addresses, Names, Mail and personal information of all your fans to the TDSB for legal purposes.

        By agreeing to your terms, you will not notify your subscribers of the search of their internet activities, and you will consent for a police search on your premises and the premises of the suspects.

        Furthermore, the TDSB will need to scan through the online bank transactions of all your users to figure out the misogynist libel posters.

        It is imperative that you remove this information as the earliest opportunity as it has been reproduced and re-posted on other websites. The offending and inaccurate content is of the most serious concern to the Toronto District School Board and to Stefulic, Mavrou and Abrams and is negatively impacting on the school community and the administrators ability to carry out their statutory duties.

        Govern yourself accordingly.

        Toronto District School Board
        5050 Yonge Street
        Main Number: 397-3000. After Hours Emergency: 416-395-4620. Report Defamation: 24 hour Call Centre: 416-395-4620. Chair 416-397-3100

        • Mac…and everyone….I just thought the above was a joke….I didn’t realize that this is a real case….google it….

          Although it totally pisses me off that, if true, they think they can raid my home or collect my bank transactions because I read a story about these people. But then…I keep thinking I have rights….silly me.

          So, is this real?


          • No idea if this is real… but the law in the UNITED STATES is clear on these matters.

            this web site will not release any personal information that may include email addresses or IP’s unless a US court order has issued such a demand.

            (also, I have no idea what they are talking about)

            • Mac: Thanks for the reply.

              This is a Canadian case I think….pretty nasty and a HUGE pedophile case and horrific allegations involving several people who work at a school….accused are threatening EVERYONE who has talked about this case all over the web.

              But I do not remember anyone talking about this here on your site… I don’t get it…


      23. Hmmmm… wonder what happens when an accusation is made against the bodyguards of the Hollywierd Learjet leftists? Or perhaps the police or DHS folks? Or maybe those BLS guys on the Bundy ranch if they stray west a few miles?

        Oh wait, sorry! I forgot. Rules and laws are just or us little people. Never mind.

      24. A full set of weapons and ammo….buried.

        • What’ll it take to make you dig ’em up?

      25. California and New York are test beds of idiocy, they’ll eventually perish like Canaries in a coal mine. In this case though it will be from their own nauseous fumes.

      26. Yep , just keep F-ing with us and thats exactly where we’l be
        The United States could soon become a large-scale Spain or Greece, teetering on the edge of financial ruin.

        That’s according to Donald Trump, who painted a very ugly picture of where this country is headed. Trump made the comments during a recent appearance on Fox News’ “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren.”

        Read Latest Breaking News from Newsmax dot com h
        t t p://

        • Come and get ’em cowards. The attrition rate foor door knockers would be HIGH as their expiration date nears.

        • I agree VFR..
          Financial ruin is scary and will affect us all.
          Paper money is worth only what it can be exchanged for.
          Hard goods are preps that are worth their weight in good.

          Think clean water, food shelter.
          And realize losing one or all can cost your life and loved ones.

          And confiscation of assets by the thugs can quickly happen.

          Currency wars are here.
          Fiat currencies always fail .

          God bless you and yours VFR.
          Your comments are valued.
          Not One More Inch

      27. Seem like every day, someone is trying to change gun laws (status quo) to what they feel will make them safe. We currently have a large amount of aimless personnel in the wrong positions tying to solve something that’s currently not possible. Why does the populace change it for the better, both the gun law of the land, and the pitiful mass that only needs help at the most critical time in their lives?
        I have been around weapons from Patriot Missile systems to .22 cal. I will be damned if anyone thinks they can just come to the CASA and expect things to be peaceful if they (enforcement) storm troop the place. They can leave their weapons etc., in the vehicles prior to entry or else face not only secure entry points, dogs, IED’s and mass retaliation. I am and always have been easy to work and get along with, but if you try to take my given rights I fought for and expect me to lay down, PLEASE TRY NOT TO BE NIAVE.

      28. Seriously, are there still libertarians/conservatives/gun owners living in California?
        I would have moved away long ago.

      29. To the PTB in Californicate. I, as a concerned citizen, would like to report a whacked out wench that may be packing. She is known to rant and rave like a lunatic, and was last seen aiding and abetting illegal entrants across the SW border, She is also known to frequent the halls of large government buildings in the cess-pool called D.C. If anyone sees this woman, who is known to carry a firearm, please contact the nearest authority or psychiatric facility.

        • I didn’t know dianne feinstein went to the border (sarcasm). How can we tell her from nancy pelousy?

      30. California is a joke. Nothing from this state surprises me. Instead of building desalination plants to deal with their water problems, they want to stomp on liberties.

        • Could a coal fired plant be designed that would efficiently desalinate ocean water?

          Of course, commies can be drowned in salt water. No need to waste the good stuff.

      31. Do police departments offer their employees good life insurance?

      32. The thing about guns is :
        After the guns are gone,
        Taking everything else will not be a.problem.

        That’s what matters here.

        Guns are being removed from many.
        We all perfectly understand what comes next.
        Slaughter plus robbery.

        Personal gun ownership saves much.
        And brings a sense of security in a world gone mad.

        I say listen to elders speak.
        Of what has happened before.
        Realizing history repeats.
        Protect self, family, and whatever else matters.

        We are one group all in this together on this site.
        We must share often without fear.

        Count your blessings each day.
        Be kinder than expected.
        God all, and reach a helping hand for all in need.

        Not.One More Inch.
        Let freedom be more than a.advertisement.
        May we all


      33. They can pass all the laws they want, but the bottom line is THEY HAVE TO COME AND TAKE THEM! Engage them when they try no matter the time of day or where, if you are unwilling to do that and yes you very well will die, but if enough engage them soon the ones in the meat grinder will say I’m done. You ask well River Rat will you give your life and the answer is absolutely without question. It will start with the little guy, but if you are waiting for someone else to start, that is not what FREEDOM is all about. So if you are not willing then, hand them over to someone who will now. So they engaged 1000 and lose twice that many to start things off, something well change. If we are not willing to shed our blood for freedom then freedom is not for us.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!

        • River Rat:
          I gave ya a thumbs up.for.this.
          Fighting is a necessary in an hour of need.
          Although smarts about when is often arguable.
          You share much wisdom here.
          Thanks much.
          This old.lady’s heads is nodding yes.

          Not One More Inch

      34. Anyone here know of an outdoor range in the NE where I can sight in my .308? I’m going on a big game hunt this fall and need to sight the scope at 200 yds for the retic marks to be accurate to 500 yds.thanks

        • @NoPittyParty here…. Yeah try sighting it, in Central Park NY City outdoor range. Set your targets up on a park bench. Let er’ rip!! lol… If that does not work, buy a Laser Bore Site as a back up for only about @ $10 to $15. Insert it, turn it on, aim at something 200 yards away, and adjust your scope cross hairs to the dot displayed. That’s also a great way to get close and save a ton of ammo when sighting in your rifle scope. This device more than pays for itself 10 times over, especially when SHTF if for some reason you bump your scope and just want to check your zero, without wasting any ammo or giving your position away… Comes in all calibers. Also good for re-aligning your rail laser lights to pin point zero.

          • I guess one could be creative and figure out how to use this “Laser Bore Site” to zero in a crossbow too. The pics don’t show the back of it, but if there was a hole that the shaft of an arrow/bolt could fit in, I think it could be made to work.

          • I don’t know whether to laugh or moan at the ignorance just displayed. Laser bore-sighting at 200 yards? C’mon now. Assuming the laser spud fits the bore perfectly, which it doesn’t, the best that will get you is an point of impact for a real shot about a foot below point of aim.

        • Don’t you live near any public land?

          My word man, no powerline right-of-ways near you where you can get access.

          i hope you ain’t planning on using that .308 to sling lead at elk at 500 yards. if so, you best be able to put every shot within a six inch circle and aim at the heart only.

          But, you didn’t say, Big game hunt out west, so maybe its just whitetails.

          • Not to shoot a high powered rifle in CT

        • In most cases, a 30 cal rifle sighted in at 24 yards (upward trajectory) will be accurate at 200 yards (downward trajectory).

          Works with my M-14, sks and 7.62×54

      35. Try it. Try to take the guns from American Patriots. A war will start and all these politicians will be in hiding.

      36. …and that is how it all started children… Now go to sleep.

      37. It occurs to me more than anything, nearly all here show our anger at this post.

        Nearly all here support 100% the tight to keep and bear guns.

        We nearly all agree corporate TV media blares programming propaganda 24/

        Politics being the entertainment wing of the corporate/Fascist order over taking us all.

        I wish I had some earth shaking comments to post here.
        The sadness I feel for my children and others children over this is heartbreaking.

        Yet what happens today may affect many.

        We are all neighbors in so many ways now.
        Common sense is invaluable.

        Seize this time you have for necessities.
        Be well in all you do.
        Take care.out there.

        For disease, famine and pestilence are at the gate.
        Starvation looms near.
        Remember your loved ones.
        God bless.

        A.dry day with blue skies.
        After the daily thunderstorms, torrential flooding on Monday.
        A tent for the two large rips from the massive Tulip Poplar limb, sewn by hand and.sealed with outdoor duct tape.

        Next.problem: molded laundry.
        Y’all have a good day.

        Not One More Inch

      38. Today on the news we had people who opposed guns come to Florida and enlisted the help of those Damn Closet Yankee’s to send more shit before state legislature.

        I wish these people would move to Russia or North Korea.

        • Russia wouldn’t have them coming to his country and trying to get Russian laws rewritten to suit the socialists…

          “Any fourth grade history student knows socialism has failed in every country, at every time in history. President Obama and his Democrats are either idiots or deliberately trying to destroy their own economy.”

          —Vladimir Putin

          “If minorities prefer Sharia Law, then we advise them to go to those places where that’s the state law. Russia does not need Minorities. Minorities need Russia, and we will not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell ‘discrimination’.”

          —Vladimir Putin

      39. I would like to ask each one of you, how much more time do you plan to devote to the discussions on topics posted at this site.
        The hard core prepper already has a good understanding of the prospects before him. To the point that we rehash many subjects. JOG did a clean break away, which I truly admire. For the rest of us that pound the keyboard it almost the time to take what we have learned and put it to good used to include OPSEC.

        I am thinking 90 days.

        • You mean this wasnt all just mindless entertainment?!

          • Slingshot;
            I don’t comment often but I have been on this site for nearly 3 years. And I now Kula’s comment was made in jest but for me this site is partial entertainment. Half the time I bypass the article and just read the comments.

            I enjoy; the banter, the views of like minded individuals, the personalities, etc.

            On occasion someone posts a good prep tip, but for the most part I am here because of the shtf community.

      40. Kommiefornia,,,,
        What else would you expect!

      41. just remember you americans voted for it, suck it up

      42. Really? I didn’t vote for any of this crap. Or the crap before it and so on and so forth.

        The commies that have invaded America however, clearly had it marked as an outright goal for years. To Wit:

        h t tp://

        38. Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies. Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders which no one but psychiatrists can understand [or treat].

        39. Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose Communist goals.

        This has all been planned for years, we are just now seeing the effects.

      43. Kinda sucks, but if you’re going to take my life…what other option do I have but to defend me and my own???
        God bless…

        • Just looked over the article. Fits Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, Feinstein, Schumer, Bloomberg and most of congress to a T.

      44. Time to have that pvc pipe filled up caps glued on, and put away. Just in case this gets out of hand.

      45. Logic,by the time you do that unless just extras being hidden,well,time to put the tools to use!

      46. I hear you, but this is going to be a war of the flea. One does nothing ten thousand causes a itch, one hundred thousand will have them doing back flips, and one million kills the beast.

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