Bill Gates: Countries Could “Bounce Back In Weeks” After Coronavirus Lockdown

by | Mar 19, 2020 | Experts, Forecasting, Headline News | 11 comments

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    Bill Gates, Microsoft’s founder a vocal advocate for global vaccine enforcement has said that the countries who have been in lockdown will “bounce back” in weeks. Hopefully, he’s right because Americans are facing what could be a permanent loss of what little freedom we have left in exchange for a false sense of security.

    In Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, no new cases were reported in the past 24 hours. for the first time, according to Bloomberg. That is optimistic news.  However, on the other side of the world, New York’s new cases doubled only opening the door for more tyranny and control over people who are begging for the government to take care of them.

    What we’ve experienced due to this outbreak has been nothing short of disastrous. The media has people panicking, not preparing, and people are being subjected to the worst types of enslavement by their governments. Is containing the virus worth every single one of us becoming slaves (more so than we already are)?

    Bill Gates is actually saying that countries can get back on their feet rather quickly. In an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, Gates was asked about how long “this” will last, according to a report by CNBC News. “If a country does a good job with testing and ‘shut down’ then within 6-10 weeks they should see very few cases and be able to open back up,” he responded.

    “The current phase has a lot of the cases in rich countries. With the right actions including the testing and social distancing (which I call ‘shut down’) within 2-3 months, the rich countries should have avoided high levels of infection,” Gates wrote. “I worry about all the economic damage but even worse will be how this will affect the developing countries who cannot do the social distancing the same way as rich countries and whose hospital capacity is much lower.” –CNBC News

    The best way to help right now is to prevent getting the virus and protect the older populations.  Help out your neighbor if you can, even if it’s just to give them a roll of toilet paper. Offer to buy their groceries so they don’t have to go out.  Now is the time to use your knowledge of preparedness and help those who need it. The more we can pull together on our own, the less the chance of increased government tyranny. There’s also a decreased chance that people would accept it if we can all work together and beat this without government boots breaking down our doors.

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      1. Where did this originate? There is circumstantial evidence for it being released from a Chinese lab. There is also circumstantial evidence for the US military releasing it at the World Military Games in Wuhan. There is no real proof of either. Circumstantial evidence is how innocent people wind up on death row. I’ll stick with the wet market scenario until further evidence.

        I see no problem calling it the Chinese virus. A lot of diseases are named after their original location. West Nile and Lyme (town in NY just across from Plum Island) are two examples.

      2. I beg to differ with “Billy-BOY”,

        Global supply chains are fully disrupted and the probability that those can be restored to the state they were is identically ZERO. There is every likelihood that the vast logistics will be reconfigured over the next few years – yes, YEARS – but much of that will involve moving supply lines to a radically more ‘local’ basis. Globalism, ie, ‘Neo-Colonialism’ is effectively dead; RIH…Rest In Hell.
        I reiterate here, Tradeoff.pdf by David Korowics (get it via google search) lays out the consequences of what we are seeing now. If however, as has been thus far indicated, it is the case that COVID can re-invent the same person person repeatedly then even Korowics prognostications fall far short of what we’ll see in time to come.


      3. Gates? Same as the idiot Dr. Oz who knows just about as much as Gates. LOL. Both are shit for brains as we use to say in the Corp.

      4. physically/thermodynamically impossible

        i reckon it’s nice to have a first class seat in a lifeboat.
        glug, glug, glug

      5. What a liar!!! It is his goal to cut population. Why would he want you to know the truth so you could prepare?

      6. Google Event 201

      7. Bill pegged this from the beginning. Better listen to him. Total lockdown and maybe we have a chance

      8. Correction:
        Bill Gates
        Countries could bounce back in weeks after coronavirus looting by TPTB.

        Probably just another coincidence!

      9. I would rather die than be vaccinated for this. There is a tremendous amount of disinformation coming from the medical community over the corona virus and the vaccine for it. 

        Iceland claims to have identified at least 40 strains of COVID-19, stating that the virus will mutate and weaken to the potential fatality rate of the flu. The U.S. is claiming that there will be 4 or 5 strains that will not mutate and require a single vaccine, but the vaccine that Gates wants to develope is an RNA messenger vaccine, encoding the programmed immune response to the antigen into every cell within the body and encoded into each individuals RNA. This is unchartered territory. Let Gates, his family, the government employees and WHO and AMA sign up for the vaccine that they are attempting to extort vast quantities of money from the Federal Government using every person in America as their mandated income source. 

        People are saying that if the country isn’t totally shut down with forced testing, forced vaccinations, and forced isolation that millions of Americans will die this year.

        Millions of Americans die every year. Death is  only guarantee that life offers.

        I propose that the fascists calling for these measures just spend the rest of THEIR lives in self-isolation protecting themselves from lifes risks, rather than forcing everyone else to pretend that before the coronavirus, nobody ever died in America, and that this is nothing but a failed attempt to cover-up financial failure induced by financial fraud!

        This is a financial problem that we must not allow to turn into a health problem! 

        $640 trillion in derivatives might be a clue that the math is off!
        Another clue that the math might be off is that Market Capitalization to GDP ratio went from the ridiculously high 110% at the end of 2016 to the insanity on hallicinogenics of 155% at the end of 2019, growing by 29% while GDP grew 2.25% during the same time frame. Another clue that the math might be off is that less than a dozen publicly traded companies now use GAAP. Another clue that the math might be off is the fractional reserve system itself! 

        Another clue that the math might be off is that the QE under Obama which led to zero interest rates caused a pension crisis, particularly for the federal, state, and local government employees whose pension plans suffered as a result of not earning interest and attempted to make up for the shortfalls through investing in risky stocks, explaining the sky high valuations. It had nothing to do with reality, and everything to do with refusing to admit that the entire economy is based on outright fraud! Until that is addressed, and the guilty parties are held responsible, the problems will only get worse! That is just the reality, and the reality is based on math!

        In 2002, Rockefeller suggested that the U.S. “prepare” for a pandemic, and so did Bill Gates and other Davos World members with Event 201 and ID2020.

        Israeli intelligence “warned” that there will likely be interference and terrorist acts that will interfere with the 2020 election, the same way that Netenyahu “warned” that the World Trade Towers “might” be attacked by “radical Islamic extremists” a couple of years prior to the controlled demolition of the World Trade Towers and attack on the defenseless, surveillanceless Pentagon, and the dancing Israelis.

        For the first time in income tax history, the government has delayed income taxes to protect their co-conspirators, the high rolling banksters who have once again gambled away customers assets since the repeal of Glass Steagall and the Graham Leach Bliley Act made it possible, in addition to the repeal of blue sky laws for tech start-ups in 1993 that was responsible for creating the Orwellian surveillance nightmare  on Main Street world that we now are forced to live in.

        The CDC shut down the Fort Detrick Bio-weapons lab in March of 2019 for failure to prevent repeated pathogen leaks. In October of 2019, the U.S. military participated in the Wuhan Military Games. The military has had a repeated history of using illegal and unethical medical practices on the military, veterans, and the general public. Gulf War Syndrome is proof that there still a tremendous amount of secrecy that has endangered veterans lives that the military is unwilling to admit to!

        I have never been to China, but as far as unclean eating habits are concerned, the U.S. homeless population dumpster dives and state and local governments have prohibited and shut down churches, charities, and businesses for feeding the homeless. So, yes, that definitely should be addressed for the sake of public health! BTW, imprisoning the homeless for dumpster diving is not the solution!

        San Antonio Texas has the world’s largest bat cave population with 15 million Mexican free tailed bats, hosting tours and hikes at the Backen Bat Cave purchased by Bat Conservation International.

        Logic would place this as ground zero for the corona viruses that have been occuring in this country and throughout the world, then transported to Fort Detrick Bio-weapons lab to be used for population control in an act of domestic and international terrorism to prevent the spread of the truth about the fourth financial fraud induced economic collapse in 33 years.

        The Mexican free tailed bat is also referred to as the Brazillian free tailed bat. It was discovered in 2017 that the  species has had coronavirus A. Also worth noting is that coronavirus has not been detected in European or Asian bats.

      10. The new official policy on terrorism predictions is ” Who Ever Smelt It Dealt It!”

        When people just “warn” of a “possibility” without any evidence to support that “warning”, it is not a warning! It is a threat which is in and of itself an act of terrorism! There happen to be laws against terrorism in this country! Send these psychopaths to prison where they belong so that they can no longer harm anyone! Demand the extradition of Netenyahu! He belngs in GITMO far more than anyone there!

        So sick of these psychopaths! From Netenyahu to Gates! Rockefeller is out of the way now, after his grande finale post exit strategy of coronavirus and event 201 that he predicted would happen.

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