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Bill Gates: “Climate Change and Bioterrorism” Will Be The Next Crises

Mac Slavo
February 16th, 2021
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Bill Gates, who was a part of event 201 before the coronavirus scamdemic “plagued” the world, is predicting there will be two other crises. And since we know he’s neck-deep in the COVID-19 scam, he’s probably got a role in these other crises as well.

Gates, a billionaire whose wealth has expanded while others were impoverished thanks to their enslavement to the ruling class is all but telling us what to expect the elitists to propagate as a “crisis.” We knew eventually that they’d try the climate change angle and demand we give up our private property while they live in luxury at our expense.

According to a report by The Hill, Gates revealed his “predictions” during an interview on Derek Muller’s YouTube channel Veritasium. Gates pointed out two prominent threats facing the modern world: climate change and bioterrorism.

“Every year that [climate change] would be a death toll even greater than we’ve had in this pandemic,” Gates said during the interview.

“Also, related to pandemics is something people don’t like to talk about much, which is bioterrorism, that somebody who wants to cause damage could engineer a virus. So that means the chance of running into this is more than just the naturally caused epidemics like the current one,” he said.

Bill Gates thinks we should be further enslaved to prevent the crises he’s planning on from happening. He’s all about control and power over everyone else.

While Gates said there will certainly be more pandemics in the future, he said humanity could increase its preparedness for one to the point where the world would never have a death toll anywhere near what is occurring today with the coronavirus outbreak, which has infected more than 107 million people and killed more than 2.3 million around the globe.

“Pandemics can be worse in terms of fatalities. Smallpox was over 30 percent fatality,” Gates said. “We were lucky that the fatality here is not, not super high, but we can nip in the bud…the number of deaths with the right system should be a tenth of what we’ve seen here.”

Gates said the world could prepare for the next pandemic by advancing mRNA research, the technology used in the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines, increasing testing to 10 million PCR tests a day, and making more investments in diagnostic machines and therapeutics. –The Hill

Read about Event 201 (the elitists’ version) here. 

The biggest crisis facing humanity is not climate change, or pandemics (even if they are real.) The biggest crisis is people’s belief in slavery and belief that others have the right to rule them. It’s time to wake up and realize that government, in all aspects is slavery.  Changing the wording or voting for a new master won’t change the reality that some other person thinks they have a higher claim over your life and property than you do.  That is literally the definition of slavery and currently, that’s the crisis we should be concerned about. 

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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Date: February 16th, 2021

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    1. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Bill Gates Specializes in Being Wrong, In Fact, You Could Reasonably Argue That Bill Gates Is Now The Master Of Deception!

      As Usual, The Surveillance State / Tech Titan Terrorists Are the Crisis, and Have Volunteered To Be the Next Crisis, Because They Have Fraudulent and Illegal Business Models!

       Same As It Ever Was!

      Mark Zuckerberg’s wife is an evil physician, and Bill Gate’s daughter is an evil Med school student. After all of this information has been revealed, it is not possible to believe that they simply do not know any better. If I know these things, there is no legitimate excuse for the government, physicians, universities, and media not to know these things. Of course we cannot fail to mention that Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are evil techno-fascist propagandists on the DoD junk revenues ( Afghani heroin )  which happens to have killed over 550,000 Americans, but no skin off their backs, they were just junkies, well, not until the AMA got ahold of them, but they became junkies! 


      University Virologist and Immunologist now confirms what I have been saying for at least 8 months!  What in the hell took you so long?! Like hell you didn’t know! This is a CYA operation and oportunistic exploitation and litigous abuse! Seven universities that have been Covidian Cultists now sue the CDC after they finally have evidence that there is no covid! The CDC has no covid samples, which I have been saying! Finally, now after they participated in and benefited from destroying the country and the world, they go for the kill and go back for more and sue the CDC! their partners in crime! Glad that you finally got around to doing the electron microscope examination of covid to prove what I have been saying that it is influenza A&B! Glad that it finally dawned on you that the RT PCR tests are wrong and do not work, even though it was a well known fact that the inventor said himself! Glad that you finally realized that the base pairs of the RT PCR tests are only 30 to 40 and that viruses have 30,000 to 40,000 base pairs! What took you so long?! That is tantamount to criminal negligence at best!!!! How dare you sue the government that I would be left on the hook for paying for you opportunistic frauds! You make me want to puke! Of course you could not have been honest and say what took you so long to finally decide to do this! Profiting off of willful ignorance and blatant lies!

      Well, the LA Times apparently did not think that it was relevant that the CDC has confessed that there is no such thing as covid, and decided to feature an article on new vaccination eligible recipients, all of whom happen to have higher than normal health costs and risks, and new borns are really just an expensive pain in the ass for the government too, so you can now officially refer to this as a Eugenics targeted assassination genocide program.

      LA Times:

      Who is now eligible?
      Those who will be eligible in March include those with:

      Cancer, current with debilitated or immunocompromised state
      Chronic kidney disease, Stage 4 or above
      Chronic pulmonary disease, oxygen dependent
      Down syndrome
      Immunocompromised state (weakened immune system) from solid organ transplant
      Sickle cell disease
      Heart conditions, such as heart failure, coronary artery disease, or cardiomyopathies (excludes hypertension)
      Severe obesity (body mass index greater than or equal to 40 kg/m2)
      Type 2 diabetes mellitus with hemoglobin A1c level greater than 7.5%

      More Evidence of Targeted Assassinations! 

      Vaccines to Exterminate Seniors, to Save Corrupt Government Employees, University Professors, and the Medical Mafia! We Can’t Have 23 Million Overpaid Government Employees and Non Working Seniors! Would You Rather, Save Seniors, Or Continue to Overpay Corrupt, Incompetent, Lazy Government Employees That Refuse to Do Their Jobs and Abide by the Constitution?! 

      They Are the Persistence Which Must Be Met With Resistance!
      Their Lifestyles Are Crime Against Humanity! MICIMATT InfraGard Cult  of Corruption!

      CNA James, whose video the criminal psychopathic hacker prevented me from watching, has stated that people are dropping like flies from vaccines in the nursing home that James is employed in.

      As I have previously reported:

      Well, It sure as hell appears that the vaccines are killing many more people than they are reporting because on November 16, 2020 there were 2,487,350 annual total deaths until November 16,2020. Verses 2.7 million to 2.9 million total deaths per year between 2015 and 2019. On December 22,2021, they report that there have been 3.2 million total deaths in America. So, between November 16,2020, and December 22,2021 there were 712,650 deaths. So, once again, medical error is the third leading cause of death in America, but they are claiming that it is covid. It is their treatment and prevention of covid that is responsible for far more deaths than “covid”! Of course they claim that the Novemeber numbers might not be accurate, because it is nearly impossible for the government employees to be able to count to over two million and get it right the first time. That is just expecting far more from government employees than they are capable of doing!

      Now The Atlantic Council is worried that there may be a pandemic, and are insisting on DoD spending. Deja vu! Where did they ever come up with that idea?! Let’s not and say we did, since we already did that, and it did not work, a few times, in 2020, 2009, & 2003. They consider themselves to be ideas people and a think tank.

      Andrea Iravani

      Since I have been posting these links, the Global Research link has been removed from its website. Apparently the univerisities do not want people to know that they intend to sue the CDC for someting that they were guilty of colluding with them on. I did manage to find 
      Dr. Dereck Knauss’s conclusions in this article authored by him, but it does not mention the lawsuits by the seven universities.

      I also discovered that in 2017, the Trump administration issued an edict that all conversations by any scientist that works for the government, including the CDC employees must be cleared through the Atlanta Communications office, which was then required to be cleared by Mike Pence after the scamdemic, according to Harvard Law Edu:

      “Motivating the Knight Institute’s concern in this instance is a record of severe restrictions on the rights of government scientists to speak freely to the press. In 2017, Axios published an email from Jeffrey Lancashire, a public affairs officer, to the National Center for Health Statistics, announcing that for every employee of the CDC “any and all correspondence with any member of the news media, regardless of the nature of the inquiry, must be cleared through CDC’s Atlanta Communications Office.”

      “According to recent news stories, scientists and health officials at the CDC must now coordinate with the Office of Vice President Mike Pence before speaking with members of the press or public about the pandemic,” the complaint reads. “These stories have raised concerns that public health experts who know most about the risks to the public are not being permitted to speak candidly and that the information the government is now conveying may be incomplete, inaccurate, or misleading.”

      When I was first alerted to the page being removed from Global Research, I searched and found the link for libertyinternational, and also found exerpts with the link to the Global Research article in the hoaky website, which has conspiracy theories of QAnon,  Lizard People, and earth invading aliens.

      Obviously, it was Global Research that removed the article, perhaps by request because of the mention of the lawsuits and my reaction of justifiable rage to the lawsuits. So, are the lawsuits now, Above Top Secret? Would it surprise anyone if they were? If there are secret FISA courts, maybe there are secret arbitrage courts. I hope that they simply dropped them matter, but knowing how corrupt those organizations are, I have little faith that that is what happened. After all, had over $21 trillion missing from the Pentagon.

      Andrea Iravani

    2. True says:

      He pointed out the prominent threats to the modern world being climate change and bioterrorism. Apparently,this psychopathic asshole neglected to mention that the biggest threat facing all of us is eugenics obsessed Bill from the 👿Gates of hell 👿himself!!!!

    3. Buffy says:

      Our world would’ve been a much better place if Bill and his minions had never escaped from the depths of the Hell Mouth!!

    4. hmm... says:

      “that somebody that wants to cause damage could engineer a virus” Uh,would that “somebody” possibly be you Bill?🤔

    5. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Homeland Security Committee member suing Trump for affiliating with Violent extremists! 

      Unsurprisingly, QAnon, is not named as one of the defendants, who I have been saying that I believe is Christopher Wray who started at the FBI just prior to the appearance of QAnon, and Wray was a WANO attorney that would have had Energy Security clearance that QAnon claimed that he had.

      QShaman being a shooter that the FBI had trained as a Manchurian Candidate is proof that QAnon was involved in this conspiracy. The FBI contacted QShahman and invited him to the Stop the Steal rally. QShahman said, ” Yeah, I really want to be there.” to the FBI. The FBI refuses to disclose the identity of QAnon that they claim that they are investigating and have designated as a terrorist organization, but have kept the identity of QAnon shrouded in secrecy! The FBI had in fact worked with, and invited all of the named parties in the lawsuit.

      Sputnik reports:
      This comes three days after Trump was acquitted in a Senate impeachment trial that focused on allegations that he incited the January 6 riot at the Capitol.

      Mississippi’s Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, has filed a lawsuit against the former US President Donald Trump, accusing him of inciting the deadly insurrection at the Capitol and of “conspiring with his lawyer and extremist groups” to prevent the Senate from officially certifying Joe Biden’s presidential win.  

      Apart from Trump, the case names his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, the Proud Boys, and Oath Keepers organisations as defendants. The latter’s members were charged for their involvement in the Capitol siege. – Sputnik News

      Andrea Iravani

    6. Everyone's dead says:

      “which has infected more than 107 million people and killed more than 2.3 million around the globe” Yet, I don’t know anyone who’s died from Covid or anyone who’s even told me they had it – amazing,isn’t it? How about any of my fellow posters? Do any of you know anyone who has died or become devastatingly sick from the phantom menace?🤔

    7. Honesty says:

      Even the crap I scrape off from the bottom of my shoes has more worth than Bill Gates.Fuck him!!!!

    8. Anonymous says:

      So is breathing now considered bioterrorism?

    9. cooties says:

      I read somewhere that they have “temporarily”suspended quarantine in Venezuela as they’re currently in carnival week and want the festivities to continue uninterrupted.It’s so convenient to have an “illness” such as covid which can apparently be paused on demand.Let this stand as proof as to how “dangerous” phony 19 really is.😂

    10. Jack Wagon says:

      You have to wonder if old Billy Gates is plagued with spells of paranoia at times, for instance what if one of his armed security personnel became “woked” in the true sense and realized what ole Billy boy was all my my….You better give your body guards squirt guns,we would never wish any harm on Charming Billy. On a side note, Billy boy the self appointed ex-spurt needs to keep his raunchy pie hole shut,people are tired of the endless stream of diarrhea flowing forth,at least wear a face diaper,you turd blossom

      • Yeah says:

        @Jack Wagon,you are right that Bill should wear a face diaper.Unfortunately,as you know by now,the elite are so much better than us regular slobs so they don’t have to wear a mask.The masks are of course reserved for us common folks because we are all filthy and dirty!!!😂

    11. Why doesn’t Gates enter the gates of hell already . The world never asked for his opinion etc.

    12. Options says:

      Q.The pearly gates or the gates of hell?
      A.Think we all know which one is waiting for Bill.

    13. Indeed says:

      This guy could probably get into movies playing (you guessed it)the evil villain. He wouldn’t have to work on his evil little grin or his hate for humanity as the psycho already has those down pat.

    14. TharSheBlows says:

      Can’t believe nobody hasn’t taken that geeky douch bag out yet. And along with G Sorrass. Major predator chaos makers disrupting humanity and civilization.

    15. Anonymous says:

      Next big crisis for this ass is prosecution and then execution

    16. James says:

      Bill Gates: “Climate Change and Bioterrorism” Will Be The Next Crises
      I know, because I will be funding it. Never let a crisis go to waste!

    17. Curious says:

      Wonder which one of these two guys comes up with the evil plans – Bill or his “wife”?

    18. And he knows because he will be behind it. Someone should throw the murderous p&#ck into a tree chipper.

    19. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Abominable Snow Job Climate Alarmists Resposible for Snow Job in in The Saudi Arabian Deserts!

      If Trump was the climate arsonist responsible for California wild fires, then Biden, Blinken, and Kerry are the Abominable Snow Jobs responsible for snow in the Saudi Arabian deserts!

      Saudi Arabia’s deserts are covered in snow, and it is the first time in 50 years that it has snowed in Saudi Arabia.—photo-video/

      Andrea Iravani

      Hey, if you want to be environmentalists, that is great, but you don’t want to be environmentalists, you want to be terrorists engaging in scientific and financial fraud, just like you did with the scamdemic, and just like you did with 9/11 with terrorism and financial and foreign policy fraud. And now Elon Musk is going to have to abandon Mission to Habitat Mars because of gravitational waves, but I knew long before that that Mars was inhabitable since it does not have a magnetosphere, which would prohibit a habitable climate from ever occuring, but hey, people thought that Trident missiles launched off the coast of Florida were alien space ships, and wealthy individuals were stupid enough to build undergroud bunkers that they would share with a dozen horses, never minding living with horse shit from twelve horses for indefinite time spans.

      Andrea Iravani