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The Rich Got Richer During COVID-19. Here’s How American Billionaires Performed

Tyler Durden
January 1st, 2021
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This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. 

We’ve all been affected by the pandemic-induced mayhem of 2020. But, as Visual Capitalist’s Carmen Ang noteswhen it comes to finances, some have fared far better than others.

While job loss persists for Americans making less than $20 an hour, the rich have gotten richer. More specifically, the most wealthy American billionaires have seen their net worth bounce back dramatically, thanks to strong stock market performance.

Here’s a look at who’s gotten richer since the market bottom in March 2020, and just how much their net worth has increased since then:

Billionaire Net Worth Growth in 2020

Between March’s market bottom and December 2020, the billionaires included on this list grew their wealth by 57% on average. Interestingly, that’s about 10 percentage points higher than the overall growth of the S&P 500 index during the same time period.

Elon Musk saw the highest increase during this period, with a $129 billion boost in net worth—that’s a whopping 523% in gains.

This makes sense considering the year Musk has had. Tesla’s market value has skyrocketed throughout 2020, and SpaceX’s long-term valuation doubled after making some monumental strides in the private space industry.

Jeff Bezos saw the second-highest growth in net worth with a $74 billion increase. This isn’t surprising, given that Amazon’s stock price has climbed 69% since the beginning of 2020.

But Amazon hasn’t been the only company to benefit from the accelerated e-commerce market—other retailers, like Nike, have also seen a significant boost in online sales this year as well.

Billionaire Wealth, in General, is Up

It’s not just the billionaires on this list that have increased their wealth. In fact, during the pandemic, billionaire wealth on average has increased 27% worldwide. Growth has been exceptionally strong in tech and healthcare.

Will things level out post-pandemic, or will the wealth gap continue to grow?

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    Author: Tyler Durden
    Date: January 1st, 2021

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    1. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      And just think, all that the billionaires had to do in order to create wealth for themselves was to illegalize all competetion, falsely imprison everyone in their homes under house arrest over scientific and medical fraud that the billionaires perpetrated, and censor almost all competition and critism.

      These are the biggest anti-free markets, and anti-capitalists that the world has ever known, and they walked off with all of the capital!

      Andrea Iravani

    2. cranerigger says:

      Governments around the world are influenced by those that have access to power. WEALTHY people have money to influence those that govern. The LOBBY- system of influence in the USA & elsewhere gives disproportionate influence (POWER) over those that hold political office.

      Our new President will be influenced by those that have lots-of-money, FOREIGN POWERS.

    3. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Munchausen’s Syndrome on a National Scale as Official U.S. Health Care Policy

      Munchausen’s Syndrome is a form of extreme mental illness in which individuals cause symptoms that mimick actual diseases, frequently by poisoning their victims. Those with Munchausen’s Syndrome are often in positions of authority, and those with Munchausen’s are also frequently employed in the health care sector. 

      The CIA also has individuals with Munchausen’s Syndrome. The CIA has resorted to such tactics in the past. 

      It is my hypothesis that Corona-Thrax was developed so that individuals that are being extrajudicially murdered with 5G mimmick symptoms of corona-thrax. Anthrax causes symptoms that affect the brain, lungs, heart, blood vessels, and kidneys. 5G uses microwaves and at the high end of the frequency range it vibrates water molecules. Microwave ovens cook food by vibrating molecules. The vibrating molecules causes friction. The friction causes the heat which cooks the food, like rubbing two sticks together, and creating a fire that way, which I have yet to succeed at doing, but it can and has been done, and it is a well known fact.

      The anthrax vaccine caused narcolepsy in military recipients. When the corona outbreak first started in China, the individuals collapsing in the street appeared to suffer from narcolepsy as well. Bill Gates has a Gavi division in China. Chinese people may have been experimented on without their knowledge or consent. 

      Corona deaths initially were reported to have been from kidney failure in China.

      Just as The Machine decided to opt for a simultaneous manufactured crisis of covid-19 to use as a fall guy for the third economic collapse in twenty years in a CYA psy-op, the military has also developed Corona-Thrax. Why would they develop something that could kill them? My guess is that they are extrajudicially murdering people with 5G and blaming it on Corona-Thrax. I do not believe that they would release it into the environment. I believe that it serves as a psy-op and that the majority of people who did get sick had the flu.

      Andrea Iravani

    4. James says:

      This is the biggest gutting of small business in US history in favor of large corporations. And stupid people believe Joe Biden is going to tax billionaires. No, his over $400,000 is on EARNED INCOME. Jeff Bezo makes about $80,000 to $90,000 in earned income, Warren Buffet $100,000 in earned income. Yet they make billions in stocks and bonds of their companies, which will never be taxed until they sell it, and then at the lower capital gains rate. I guess fools are easily fooled.

    5. James says:

      Notice the only Republican supporting Billionaire is Alice Walton at no. 10. The rest are all Democrats, and the 10 after Alice Walton are Democrats to, making 19 of the top 20 billionaires Democrats. Yet Trump is accused of favoring billionaires!