Recent Simulation: Coronavirus Killed 65 Million

by | Jan 28, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Headline News | 12 comments

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    In a recent computer simulation of the spread of the coronavirus, 65 million died from the disease. In October of 2019, a group of 15 business people, government officials, and health experts gathered in New York to plan out the global response to a worldwide outbreak of a never-before-seen (and completely fictional) coronavirus.

    This was meant to be a training exercise, however, it has proven to have disturbing similarities, in retrospect, to 2019-nCoV, the Chinese virus that has swiftly spread around the globe this month.  Reports continue to come in of this outbreak worsening, while some say the mainstream media and the establishment ruling classes are hiding the broad scope of the outbreak from the general public.

    In fact, one nurse turned whistleblower in China says that there are actually 90,000 people sick in the area the outbreak began.  Not to mention health officials say the virus spreads before symptoms show.  “I’m here to tell the truth,” the anonymous nurse says in the video, which shows her wearing a full-head face mask. “At this moment, Hubei province, including the Wuhan area, even China, 90,000 people have been infected by a coronavirus.”  Based on these two pieces of information, if either is correct, the containment of this virus will be all but impossible.  If both are correct, we are in a much bigger predicament than being told.

    In the simulation, it only took 3 1/2 for the people running it to realize containment attempts were futile, and 65 million people were dead from the pandemic.

    The fictional coronavirus at the center of the Event 201 simulation — a collaboration between the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, the World Economic Forum, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation — was called CAPS, and it started with pigs in Brazil before spreading to farmers, not unlike how 2019-nCoV reportedly began with animals before spreading to people.

    In the simulation, CAPS infected people all across the globe within six months, and by the 18-month mark, it had killed 65 million people and triggered a global financial crisis. –Futurism

    The simulation was apparently meant to be a “learning” experience for the ruling class. The troubling implication remains, though, that if 2019-nCoV reaches the pandemic level, it might already be too late to prevent the millions of deaths predicted by Event 201.

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      1. So? 65 million out of 7.8( less than 1%) Billion and most of those are city people. Meh!

        • 650 million would be better.
          I do hope the virus is one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

          • That would be Pestilence, I think.

      2. Less than 1% of total world population? I’m not super worried… those are pretty good odds.

      3. There is a possibility this coronavirus in itself may not be as bad as China has officially stated. In reality, this pneumonia-like disease may be severely aggravated by the literally catastrophic national air pollution problem there. Of course China will not admit this, but it is not hyperbole to say in cities and industrial areas across China the air is becoming almost unbreathable, with the results of vast numbers of people becoming sick, even before the virus. There may very well be a virus going around, but its effect may be powerfully compounded by the extraordinarily dirty air.
        Look also for other possible “contagious diseases” to occur in China in the near future; the real culprit for these others diseases will also be the water. Only 5 % of China has clean drinking water, the water supply in China is profoundly polluted and poisoned by unchecked municipal, industrial, and toxic waste; with very little official oversight to correct, mostly due to corruption. Many water supplies throughout China have become irreparably polluted. They will not acknowledge this either, they will just use the power of the state to regiment society into acceptance and compliance.
        A second nation that is rendering itself unlivable is India, their air and water pollution are poisoning every part of the country. Their solution is a little different from China, millions are immigrating, just to do it all over again somewhere else.

        • Best comment. Level headed, thank you.

          Man, just ran out of harbor freight latex gloves and down to 1 box of 3m n95’s. Bummer. I’ll just save what I have and spray them down with lysol if necessary. Gross.

          Stock up on colloidal silver, known to tackle this particular strain.

          Good thing I shop at Costco and have on average, at least several months supply just because I don’t like shopping very often.

          Hygiene. Hedge purchasing. Reason and sensibility.

          It’s for sure now, you can’t trust Amazon to stop product fraud.

          What is however most shocking is the nature of censorship on major search engines. I scrolled 5 or more pages down on a variety of corona virus issues today and almost every single one of them provided Completely unbroken strings of liberal industrial media complex results. Go to late pagers were blatantly absent. Edge behaved much worse than normal.

          Coincidence this runs with end of 7 age life? I think not. Technotyrants are in control. Pain.

          In my dying action I’m going to find the person whom forced Edge on Xbox One users and torture them until they admit why Mozilla Firefox is not an available alternative option. Cheers.

      4. Does the Navy not realize that burrying infected pigs will increase the spread of the disease? I doubt that they are oblivious that insects, rodents, and scavengers feading on the rotting carcasses of infected pigs will rapidly increase the spread of the disease. This was shamelesly and heinously sick, sadistic, and deliberate neglect by the Navy to burry these dead pigs rather than incinerate them!

        It is why I have never had a compost, because it attracts rodents.

        The diseases can be carried from a variety of animals, insects, and even other parasites. Typhus is from lice, Malaria is from mosquitos, viral menengitus is from tics, the black plague was from rats.



      6. Good. 65 million is a start. Need to thin the herd.

      7. They don’t even try to hide it anymore…

      8. People will believe anything.
        John Hopkins ran the Event 201 simulation. It did not predict the number of infected nor deaths.
        It was a test of global pandemic readiness.
        The Event 201 is easily researched on the John Hopkins website along with the simulation, results and details of what the did.
        John Hopkins tracks virus outbreaks all over the world and has an interactive map that tracks the recent outbreak in real time updated every couple of hours.
        Just as the had one for SARS and MERS, both of which are also Corona Viruses.
        Corona virus is an entire family of viruses and the word means “originating from animals”.
        I encourage everyone to go and check this FACT on the actual John Hopkins website for themselves regarding Event 201. Download the whole pdf which is a large document that details out everything.

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