Biden’s Vaccine Push: Some “Need More Convincing”

by | May 5, 2021 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    Joe Biden is making a desperate push to get people to take the experimental gene therapy. He says 70% of the country will be fully”vaccinated” by July 4th and that some people just “need more convincing.”

    Since the rulers are running out of people willing to take this concoction, it makes you wonder how they will cross that 70% mark.

    New Poll: U.S. Is Running Out Of Adults “Willing To Be Vaccinated”

    Perhaps the next step is an attempt to force this thing into people, or the “punishment” for refusing.

    Medical Journal: Get The COVID-19 Vaccine, Or Be Punished HARSHLY

    With his administration meeting its goal of administering 200 million doses of coronavirus vaccines in its first 100 days, Biden set a new target on Tuesday: to have 70% of the adult population covered with a first dose, and 160 million people fully vaccinated by Independence Day. As of Tuesday, 105 million people in the US were fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, according to a report by RT. When the masters are in a desperate attempt to get people willingly “vaccinated,” it’s time to ask questions.

    From Mind Control to Viruses: How the Government Keeps Experimenting on Its Citizens

    The daily number of shots administered has fallen sharply since mid-April, and the White House has switched from promising shots to pleading with Americans to take them. With less than one-third of Americans fully vaccinated with the gene therapies, convincing the others will be tough. But most holdouts firmly expect some kind of push in some way to try to “convince” them to take it.

    There are millions of Americans who just need a little bit of encouragement to get the shot,” Biden said, announcing a new website and SMS service that will help the public locate their closest vaccination center. He also said that the federal government is encouraging stores to offer discounts to customers who show up for vaccinations, and with sports leagues to give rewards to vaccinated fans.

    The White House also announced on Tuesday that it will spend $250 million on hiring “community outreach workers,” $130 million to promote “vaccine education,” and another $250 million on state and city-level ad campaigns promoting the jab. So basically, the paid propaganda pushers will be sent out to convince people to suspend their critical thinking, give up their free will, and obey the ruling class.

    Recent polling found that the number who’ll definitely not” get vaccinated has remained at a steady 13% since December. With that number not budging, and many more who will “wait and see” before taking it, their prospects look grim.

    And we need to ask if the numbers they are giving us are even real. 102 million Americans are fully vaccinated which means almost 1 in 3. That seems high. Dramatically so, but we also know they aren’t above lying about the numbers, and perhaps by saying that many have taken the jab, it’ll convince others to do so as well.

    Another COVID-19 Whistleblower: A Montana Dr. Says Government Is Drastically Overstating Deaths

    Study Results: CDC Inflated COVID Numbers By 1600%

    When there is an obvious agenda, such as getting people to take whatever is these experimental gene therapies, it bodes well to ask the tough questions.  Mainstream media has proven they won’t do it for us. Continue to use discernment and your own critical thinking. It’s all we’ve got right now when we never get the full story when it comes to truth or information.


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      1. There’s no way that the kind of quota case used to report code violations and to collect mail-in ballots is going to have a credible, scientific discussion with me, or manipulate me, emotionally.

        But, there have been episodes, in which late model vehicles with city plates are parked, every so often, with the blue, plastic, digital clipboards, taking notes.

        About one or two days after the first lockdown, pedestrians in what looked like a no-man’s-land were getting swooped by lowflying helicopters, particularly at the edges of town.

        Your movement can be somewhat tracked, even if you are disaffected by cellphones.

      2. “Community outreach workers” I think we all know what that means. As you mentioned, this group will be in charge of getting the unvaccinated to suspend critical thinking and blindly follow the vaccinated sheep to their slaughter. These fuckers will stop at nothing to get everyone jabbed.

      3. If they ever even think of trying to physically force people to get take this shot, they had better be prepared to get a few shots of their very own and I’m not necessarily talking about a “vaccine” shot!

      4. These filthy liars? will do and say anything to get people to submit to this b.s.
        They will manipulate the numbers of the alleged number of those vaccinated to make it seem as though everyone is trying to get this crap, which is a freaking lie! There is no fuckin way so many people have been jabbed. If so many had been jabbed, there would be no need for the nonstop vax propaganda and bull?.

      5. Message to the elite: Since the vaccine makers have zero liability in case someone is injured or worse from their product then I think it’s only fair to warn you that I will also not be held liable for any harm(or worse)
        I may inflict on anyone trying to vaccinate me against my will.

      6. Anyone even thinking of getting this crap just has to ask one question: Why the hell is there a relentless push for everyone to get a shot for something (if it even exists)
        with a 99% survival rate?
        Whatever answer one may come up with ,one thing is very clear – it sure as hell is not to “protect our health”!!!

      7. So,now senility Joe is trying to convince more Americans
        to take this gene therapy?
        Shit, I’m not even convinced this guy’s our real prez??

      8. Recent Headline:
        UK GOTH
        AND “SHEEP”.

      9. Creepy Joe says getting more people vaccinated is a huge step in our return to normal. This coming from a guy who is nowhere near normal???

      10. We will beat you until moral or vaccinations improve…

      11. biden you piece of biden!

      12. So, 13% say they will “definitely not get the shot.”

        Here is the category that I am in…Anyone who attempts to forcibly inject me will be shot dead with a bullet between their eyes. I do not care if it is a doctor, a nurse, a cop, a governor, or the President of the foreign held corporation named the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Whomever it is, they will die the day that they attempt to inject me with New World Order Agenda 21 poison .

      13. Whatever happened to that old feminist argument: “my body, my choice!” I think that phrase is due for a dusting off and resurgence jn common use with regards to “the jab.” The resident-in-chief can pound sand.

      14. The pretender who is allegedly in the White House will never convince anyone to do anything. Go away Joe!!!

      15. More deaths than 911 already, Vares shows over 4,000 and the CDC 3,500. We all know the books are cooked so it’s more, with more death to follow.

        Sorry I only gamble with my money and not my life!
        Simply not worth it, and as another poster so admittedly stated: why is there such a push to be vaxed for a bug that has better than a 99 percent survival rate?

      16. People like him and other politicians who claim to have gotten vaccinated are probably lying. They probably get a saline solution jab to fool the rest of us to take this experimental drug therapy. Remember, we are being used as guinea pigs by the pharmaceutical companies. I mean who or what else could they experiment on? ???

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