Biden’s Presidency Will Be A Catalyst For Secession – And Perhaps Civil War

by | Jan 23, 2021 | Headline News | 29 comments

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at 

    Over the past few months, I have written a handful of articles that discussed what would probably happen if Joe Biden actually entered the White House and launched his administration. My initial belief was that Trump would refuse to concede and that this would be a trigger for national chaos blamed on conservatives, but I have also noted that Biden’s entry is almost just as disruptive, as it sends a signal to the political left that it is “open season” on anyone that disagrees with their ideology.

    Of course, conservatives are not going to simply sit still and be purged and abused, they are going to strike back, and this sets the stage for a number of events and outcomes, some of which are completely unpredictable, even for establishment globalists.

    First, though, we need to address how Biden and the globalists are going to create chaos so that they can then demand their own brand of “order”.

    In my article ‘A Biden Presidency Will Mean A Faster US Collapse’, published in October, I outlined why the ongoing economic crisis will accelerate in the wake of a Biden takeover. More specifically, I predicted that Biden would implement a federal covid lockdown, probably within the first year of his presidency, similar to the Level 4 lockdowns implemented in Europe and Australia. Biden may lure Americans into complacency with promises of “relief” and fewer restrictions in his first couple of months, but he will then use the rather convenient news of “covid mutations” to bring in even harsher mandates.

    Such a lockdown, if Americans submit, would mean an even larger spike in unemployment, a loss of hundreds of thousands of small businesses as well as a huge loss in tax revenues for some states (mostly blue states).

    Another scenario is that Biden leaves the lockdowns in the hands of state governments, but pursues a nationwide program for medical passports. The passport, of course, would require people to take the vaccine and accept contact tracing apps on their phones; meaning 24/7 surveillance on the public. At least 30% of Americans have said in polling that they will refuse the vaccines outright. Another 60% have said they are wary of the vaccines and need proof of their effectiveness. So, the medical passports will lead to millions of people being denied participation in the mainstream economy and collapse happens anyway.

    In other words, the elites are going to try to hold the economy hostage while telling the public that if we don’t accept medical tyranny it will be OUR FAULT if the system breaks down.

    The economic crisis, however, started long before the pandemic, long before Biden, and long before Trump. It has been building since the credit crash of 2008, and in the 12 years since, the Federal Reserve and other central banks have been pumping out trillions in stimulus while encouraging non-stop debt accumulation. Right before the beginning of the pandemic, the US was suffering from the highest corporate debt in history, the highest consumer debt in history as well as the highest national debt in history.

    What we are witnessing right now is the final phase of a collapse scenario that was more than a decade in the making, and Biden is about to help finish the job.

    Biden will no doubt seek to hyperinflate the dollar in the name of offsetting the losses and keep things afloat for a short time, but the real agenda will be to trigger price spikes in goods as well as eventually killing the dollar altogether. No amount of stimulus will stop the crash that has already been set in motion; the bailout measures from this point on are Kabuki theater, a show put on for the masses to make us believe that the government and the banks “did everything they could” to save us. The elites have no intention of stalling or stopping the collapse; their “great reset” demands it.

    One’s initial assumption would be that Biden would then take the blame for the economic crisis, but it appears that the establishment is going to set up a Herbert Hoover narrative and lay all the blame squarely on Trump and conservatives. In the past I have noted that Trump’s trajectory was very similar to Herbert Hoover’s, in that he was a business mogul and Republican that pushed for corporate tax cut policies and also extensive tariffs.

    Hoover also served only one term, taking the blame for the crash of 1929 and the advent of the Great Depression, even though the crash was primarily caused by the Federal Reserve’s ultra-low interest rates and easy money, followed by a series of rate hikes (a fact which former Fed chairman Ben Bernanke would later openly admit to in 2002). This launched the three-term dominion of Franklin D. Roosevelt, one of the most communistic presidents in our history and the initiator of socialist programs which have since buried the American public in Quadrillions of dollars in unfunded liabilities.

    Biden’s latest statements indicate he will be introducing numerous executive orders to “correct the mistakes of the Trump administration”, thereby implanting the idea that whatever happens next is Trump’s fault. The “Reset” globalists and their central banking partners will have to bring down the US economy very quickly under a Biden White House. Why? Because if they wait, or if they try to drag out the collapse and the worst happens a few years down the road, Biden and the globalists will get the blame. They MUST crash the old world order now so that Trump and conservatives can be saddled with the consequences.

    The strategy seems to be this: Demonize conservatives as much as possible as quickly as possible so that our purge from social platforms can be rationalized. When we are incapable of defending ourselves in the public sphere because we have been removed from the internet, the establishment and leftists can blame us for everything going wrong. The public would have no access to any other points of view or contradictory facts and evidence because the alternative media will be gone. We become the monsters, the bogeymen, and the source of all American suffering.

    We didn’t fall into the trap of supporting martial law measures during the BLM riots, so this must be Plan B.

    Will their plan work? I doubt it. Just as the globalist rollout of the pandemic lockdowns and medical tyranny is failing to gain traction in the US as huge numbers of people refuse to take the questionable vaccines, I suspect millions upon millions of Americans are already savvy to the propaganda schemes of the establishment and will not buy-in. But, that doesn’t mean the elites won’t try it anyway.

    In early November in Issue #47 of my newsletter, The Wild Bunch Dispatch, I war-gamed the Biden scenario extensively and concluded that if he was to enter the White House it would have to be followed by a massive erasure of conservative media platforms from the internet. I stated that:

    If Biden does indeed enter the White House and take control of the presidency, expect certain consequences right away: A complete full spectrum censorship campaign of conservative news sources will be undertaken by tech companies and government. There is no way Biden and the democrats could keep control of the situation while conservatives are able to share information in real-time. Do not be surprised if web providers suddenly start kicking conservative sites off their servers, just as Bitchute (a YouTube alternative) was kicked off their server for 24 hours on election night.”

    This is already happening, and Biden hasn’t even stepped foot into the role of “commander and chief” yet. The coordinated effort by Big Tech to remove Parler, a Twitter alternative, from the web completely was not all that surprising. Luckily, Parler will be back up and running by the end of the month, but the censorship campaign is only going to get worse from here on. Biden WILL support and defend the censorship efforts by Big Tech and the fascist marriage between government and the corporate world will be complete.

    To summarize, the globalists have to silence us before they can effectively demonize us. The truth is on our side; facts and logic are on our side. They can’t win the war of ideas if we are allowed to speak; this is why they are so desperate to silence us.

    Sweeping gun control measures will be issued by Biden, but only after the conservative purge from the internet is close to finished. If conservatives are isolated from one another in terms of communication, this makes it harder to organize a defense against aggressive gun confiscation. Biden will most likely try to exploit Red Flag gun laws first, this would allow federal agencies to declare anyone to be “a threat to public safety” without due process, and have their guns taken away preemptively.

    There is an obvious outcome to all of these actions and I don’t think it’s far fetched to suggest that conservative counties and states will demand secession. At the very least, conservatives are going to continue to relocate to red states and red counties, just so they can continue to do business and make a living without government interference. There’s no way that most conservatives controlled states or counties are going to submit to federal lockdown mandates or medical passports, and economies in conservative regions are going to remain stable because of this while blue states are going to crumble.

    Biden will seek to retaliate against conservative controlled areas of the country in response.

    There comes a point when it is impossible for those that value freedom, logic, and reason to live side-by-side with those that are irrationally obsessed with control. The American constitutional framework in particular was designed to prevent collectivism from overriding individual liberties, but if the system is sabotaged through subversion and the Bill of Rights is violated, then maintaining the system is no longer plausible.

    The best option for a number of reasons is to separate. Secession is often referred to as “running away” from a cultural problem, but this is an ignorant way of looking at it.

    We are reaching a stage right now in the US where it will be virtually impossible to voice political concerns without risking retribution. If you are a conservative, you will be targeted.

    If conservatives and moderates migrate away from leftist controlled areas and congregate in red states or red counties, then it will be difficult for leftists to attack them for voicing their views. If your employer is a conservative, then he’s not going to care if a leftist mob demands you be fired. If you own a business in a conservative community, then the people that live there will continue as your customers regardless of what leftists say about you.

    Conservatives and moderates MUST start to physically separate from the political left. We must remove ourselves from the blood-sucking parasites that have attached themselves to us. This allows us to remain free to think and speak as we like, and it takes all power away from leftists to hurt us by disrupting our means of making a living.

    Secession is a more extreme measure, but it WILL become necessary if leftists refuse to accept that we are no longer participating in their games of fear and subterfuge. Leftists are collectivist by nature, and collectivists see people as property. Walking away is not an option in their minds. So, though we might successfully separate, this would only be the beginning of the battle.

    The important thing is to first make sure that conservatives KNOW that there are places they can go where their civil rights are valued and defended. If conservatives feel completely isolated and alone, many will give up, go dark, and pray they are not discovered. This is unacceptable.

    The advantage of secession is clear; by separating, conservatives force the enemy to come to them, on the ground they have prepared. The leftists will be the aggressors by default. They will try to present the situation otherwise, but it won’t matter. We will have the moral high ground as well as the superior strategic position.

    There are multiple narratives that will be used to demonize the secession movement beyond the terrorism angle. In particular, I think the government and the media will try to tie secession to “foreign entities”. In other words, they will claim the secession movement is being funded or supported by Russia, or some other foreign power. This is what almost every government in history has done when faced with a viable secession or rebellion that could threaten their control – They accuse the people that want to separate of being agents for evil outsiders.

    It doesn’t matter.

    Conservatives cannot live with leftists, their cultism and zealotry have made it impossible. And, we will not live under a globalist tyranny built around their reset agenda. Separation allows us to consolidate for defense and protects us economically. It is the only way to ensure that we remain free.

    The globalists and the leftists will try to stop us; they can’t help themselves. They are insane, after all. This will lead to a war many of us have been expecting for quite some time. At the very least, with separation and secession, we will be in the best possible position to stop them. If we remain isolated from each other, the fight will be over before it even begins.


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      1. I have a plan where conservatives can crash the mkt and make money from it There are inverse ETFs out there Buy those and then move all your mutual funds into cash That could cause the mkt to sell off

      2. Mac

        This is your doctorate thesis.
        Great article and I believe spot on.

        1) Take control of media – done
        2) Go for the guns – In process
        3) Go after our constitution – In process.

        I am not as sure as you that the Patriots will not roll over.
        Nothing in recent history supports the premise Conservatives will fight back – An Obvious example is our metrosexual Representatives.

        The Idea that conservatives en mass will move to Red states is very very unrealistic. $$$$
        Will red States start the process of succession – probably – will they succeed – a Big Maybe
        When the economy begins to seriously crash (inflation?) People may express their outrage by civil disobedience – Joe will just order martial law – Fema Camps etc etc

        • It’s time for Texit. Other states will go along because they are unwilling to ratify a totalitarian dictatorship.

          Continuing to live in a corrupticrat controlled region is not an option.

      3. Great article, however, in “red states” that have demoncrat governors like NC, I suspect the tyranny will spread, maybe not as bad as blue states, but they will be effected.

        • They’ll be dead enforcers buried here and there in NC

      4. I think secession is a very real possibility. and the logistics of it are very do-able.
        Just cut the cities loose. Due to econuts and Democrats virtually all means of production have been moved out of the major cities, eg “Blue cities: that control all our politics.
        Silicon Valley doesn’t produce Silicon anymore.
        Seattle doesn’t build airplanes, Detroit doesn’t build cars, and Pittsburgh doesn’t make Steel.
        I predict the rise of city states. Islands in the ocean of real America. We will not secede, we will isolate them from us.
        Think out of the Box, since the ballot box has now failed and we are reluctant to use the ammo box, then what is left?
        Time-out box.
        They have one in Hockey.
        Give all the Democrat cities a “time-out”. No food, power, water, or necessities.
        This can be done with 4GW decentralized activity.
        strikes, facility specific destruction by small groups, and water
        pollution scares, will shut the cities down for months.
        Let them go their own way since they think they are rich,
        we only demand the ports and access to and from.

        • Without going into a long impromptu history lesson, the Federal gov’t stopped their ears and foolishly closed every door for compromise. The Southern states seceded only after no option remained. It is the same today. What I call the blue state nation (b-s-n), insists on total control, at any price, and we are soon going to see measures to squash anything or anyone who will not submit to b-s-n ideology and politics. I promise you, even the blatant violation of your Constitutional rights will be justified. You will see “measures” deployed only a generation ago that were unthinkable.
          There will eventually be a de facto b-s-n and a de facto r-s-n, with the r-s-n becoming more and more opposed to b-s-n ideology, and the relationship between the two becoming untenable in every way, until finally a crisis.
          (The last “civil war” was an extremely violent event because the South refused to acquiesce to a second-class status. However, it was not a civil war because a civil war is a war of factions fighting for control of the same gov’t and territory. The South had its own territory and gov’t, and had no wish to control any Northern territory. The public education system of today doesn’t want citizens to know that part of history).
          The Fed. gov’t is the same today (which is the hub of the b-s-n) simply will not give up uncontested rule at home and it’s empire. For example, at home, states have presently been reduced to little more than subdivisions of the Fed. gov’t, some are chafing, and challenging the Fed. gov’t on several fronts. The Fed. gov’t insist that its laws and policies are primary, even in those areas the Constitution says are reserved for the states. As for empire, what does the US need with more than 800 military bases, facilities, outposts, etc. around the world. And why its incessant overbearing but mostly fruitless interference in other nations business? The cost is literally ruinous and unsustainable, but the gov’t and its statists will not change, even to point of collapse.
          I believe it was Mark Twain who said “if elections made a difference, voting would not be allowed”. We’ve already seen voting by ballot makes no difference, many voters of today are those who vote with their feet (they are a new kind of Secessionists, but don’t realize it quite yet). Cities and states all over the US are flat bankrupt, with a steady outflow of the people who pay the most taxes (all of them by the way in northern or coastal areas), and heading strait to the conservative regions of the US (unfortunately, some of these people keep their liberal political beliefs and attitudes).
          The traditional South is the last major region in the US where most people are still patriotic, but I can tell you this is fading fast. The majority of people in red states know the blue states need red states far, far away more, than the other way around. The Fed. gov’t likely realizes much of this and is moving even now to literally stymie freedom. When people exercise their 1st Amend. rights they are called “insurrectionists” or n*zis. The plan to crush 2nd Amend. rights is under way to disempower the populace. And the 4th and 5th Amend. are being destroyed in the name of fighting t*rr*r*ism, white supremacy t*rr*rism, (which is totally contrived, it does not exist), and other nonexistent enemies. We are moving into interesting times.

          • The Constitution guarantees every state a republican form of government. Lying, cheating, and stealing makes this impossible.

            Every state has the option of publishing a Declaration of Independence, and of joining up with other states that are doing the same.

            Not to mention the fact that most major religions condemn lying, cheating, and stealing, regardless of who benefits from such unethical activities.

            I am elderly and also a caregiver. I am not personally involved with political activism of any kind, though I do vote, for whatever that is worth.

            I don’t know what will happen next, but I observe that the leftists have overplayed their hand. They have awakened a sleeping giant, and the outcome cannot be predicted at this time.

      5. I believe most of what you say is spot on, However IMO, succession will not work in states like mine Idaho, we’re practically surrounded by blue states. But that is not my point acutally, as with other Country’s, State’s have become globalist to each other in products. I buy Washington potatoes over Idaho, because most times an Idaho potato is not on the shelf. Cant grow orange trees here that i know of, especially North Idaho. So this succession would have to be a commune of sorts to work. Maybe if one half the Us was blue and the other Red, might have a little bit of a chance. Besides IMO, I think that the left will follow Stalin’s tactic. Using covid they will stop all flow of supplys to states where no one will take the shot. (I am one) Biden already executive ordered a no flying order if not vacinated. Thought about moving to Alaska when Obama was elected, my hubby who passed away, said that would not be wise, Alaska is a Country away and if there are no supplys to send people who Know nothing of cooking without welfare money and a microwave, all the animals will be fair game and most people would probably starve. When they decide to take the guns, im guessing that this will be the way also. Stop flow of supplys to non compliant States. So IMO start prepping with seeds and food to eat as you wait for hopefully a good crop for a winter supply. Cabbage and Potatoes may be our friends with chickens and rabbits. Elections have consquence’s. PS, A dem rep said that maybe people not taking the shot should also not get stimulis. Hmm Is what im thinking already starting?

      6. I think the PTB know that the potential for psychological and physical resistance is considerable.

        The old 3 am kick-in-the door w/ SWAT Team linebackers arrayed with all the finest protective gear and weaponry is so 20th century. Still can be used upon occasion…to make a point.

        They have most of us in a techno-vice. How many of us can manage our financial or any other part of our lives without access to the internet, banks, credit cards, debit cards, cell phones, etc. ?

        Here is a possible scenario: After the ‘appropriate’ legislation or EO, you receive a message through one of your various devices that you have 7 business days to appear w/ the items or the proper documents leading away from you for said items they say you are now in illegal possession of…or…

        No show or no comply to their satisfaction ? They freeze important parts of your life at the COB on Day 7.

        No money, no credit, no phone etc.and of course, a warrant for your arrest…

        Or maybe they do it the other way…When you open their email, it triggers the freeze until you show up w/ the contraband.


      7. The title’s got it all wrong and bass ackwards: it should be Illegal Biden/Harris Occupation Regime Will Be A Catalyst For Civil War And Perhaps Secession. Secession is nigh-impossible unless tens of millions of people pull up stakes and move elsewhere, as the ideological division is between blue cities and red counties, not states; one can no more secede from the other than an ocean and the islands in it could secede from each other. Civil War 2.0 is exceedingly likely, however, since clearly those island-dwelling traitors and the ocean-dwelling patriots cannot peacefully coexist anymore.

      8. Jeremiah Johnson used to be a contributor here a few years back and posted a article about this very thing happening his conclusion was when it collapses there would only be roughly 38,000 Patriots that would actually fight to save this country and it would take a couple of weeks and that would be the end of them.we’re well on our way for it to become reality

      9. I do not disagree with the premise of state secession, however, theoretically it started under the Trump administration, sanctuary states seceded away from the union, economically, politically, and lawfully. The “Sanctuary” ideology enveloped 10-12 states into seceding away from the union and became safe havens for every illegal act and or person. The Blue State!!

        These states are not geographically border states as they were leading up to the civil war, however, they are governed by Socialist ideologues, such as Murphy, Cuomo, Northam, Pitzker, Whitmer, Newsom etc. All of their AG’s filed lawsuits against the Trump administration and held the same hostage during the Covid19 lockdown scamdemic.

        I do not believe there will be a RED STATE (majority) secession, not even in relations to the current BLUE STATE secession underway. Sadly, the conservative ideology will only go so far, and currently it’s as far as the garbage cans along the parade route. Conservatives are very good at cleaning up after an anti-government protest.

      10. Slavo says, “Conservatives cannot live with leftists, their cultism and zealotry have made it impossible.”

        Here is when people started saying, “drain the swamp”. Is it conservative or leftist?
        “Megacities Urban Future, the Emerging Complexity, Pentagon Video”

        Society is like a giant Indian School, in which we are never expected to own a simple shelter, hunting grounds, water rights, or the rudest means of production, in freehold.

        Forcible relocations are-on-the-table, if we are to learn from historically, internally displaced people.

        Their purpose is preservation of the union — in other words, to keep you on the reservation, even when this goes against your best self-interest.

        What are you conserving, conservative? Who for?

        Any independently-productive straggler is unto himself a parallel state, a deep state, a paramilitary, or little, industrial complex. Secessionists are considered enemy, in much the same respect that going awol is criminal.

        • @Darth

          that video ↑ is obsolete

          once the scamdemic was successfully perpetrated , there’s no looking back.

          mad max is the big man on campus in the futuristic aftermath not the pentagram pentagon

          • I strongly believe that COVID stimulus can serve as a backdoor census — particularly, if vaccination becomes a requirement for movement.

            • I don’t believe that the people administering the vaccination regime really care what is written our posterboards.

      11. My comments are not showing up??

        I’m a human being!!

      12. who gets our military? our nukes? how do we protect against china and/or russia if we divide?

      13. There are no states with substantial population that will be red for long. The big cities will turn them blue.

        There was a recent essay by a guy who moved to Williamsburg, Kentucky, thinking he’d be in a conservative community. He discovered that he was living in a woke college town. And that’s just little Williamsburg.

        You think that Houston, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Memphis, or St. Louis won’t swamp the politics of the conservative parts of their states? Dream on.

      14. chilling.

      15. Chilling.

      16. The government that is closest to us is the town and counties. Secession starts there. Red counties in any state, tired if the abuse and tyranny that a blue metro county dictates, should at the very least join a coalition of other red counties. The old state boundaries are archaic. The new nation should have a living boundary established by counties electing to join. Just look at the voting map, it would be a cake walk. Convert your USD to something tangible. Property or PM now, we dont have ling.

      17. If civil war 2.0 breaks out I am headed for the mountains like Jeremiah Johnson I am just going to say F–K IT and leave me alone so go kill each other I am going to sit this one out.

        • So am I.

          I am older than dirt and twice tired.

          It’s on the next generations to carry on the fight for truth

      18. We should remember what Maxine Waters said in January 2017. It so applies to this.

      19. Sadly, we the American allowed the mainstream media, the government and their collaborators to goose step us into this medical Martial Law under the guise to protect grandma and pappy.

        Some of us would say, “speak for yourself” but the truth is the truth, we let this happen and the only way, I fear, out of this is through the barrel of firearms. As long as we allow the government and the media to walk over us, they will continue to do this to us as long as we let them.

      20. Anyone remember that old saying, “Back when ships were wood and men were iron”. I think whats happened over the last 60 or 70 years is that the television set,the permissive culture that was introduced in the 60s and 70s and all the different forms of immorality. All the single parent families where there is no father in the house has produced a huge population of effeminate men,not necessarily gay but unmanly men,soft,lazy,obese. It’s God’s judgment I belive. Since 1973 almost 60 million abortions,and we just can’t seem to stop it. I read the other day the leading cause of death in the world in 2020 was abortion. 42 million in 2020. God is not mocked!!

      21. Ray Dalio is right and wrong.
        Semantics are key in defining Civil War as opposed to Class Warfare most notably.

        ht tps://

        Anyone thinking that either would be contained within US borders hasn’t considered the far reaching repercussions of a chain reaction.

        No this is where the globalist get called out and for lack of historic definition would probably be best defined as Armageddon.

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