Biden’s Plan To “Vaccinate” The World

by | Dec 4, 2021 | Headline News | 24 comments

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    For those paying attention, we already know when they will stop with this hoax of pandemic. It ends when the world is vaccinated, and now Joe Biden has plans to try to make that the reality.

    Biden said the US “must vaccinate the world.” Obviously. That’s the goal. We all know this. If you’ve been paying attention, you know everything is about whatever is in those shots.  Biden outlined his coronavirus policy for the upcoming months in an op-ed published in USA Today on Thursday. In the piece, the president said that the rapid spread of the new Omicron variant, which has already spilled over to the US, is a cause of concern,” but not “for panic.” As long as we submit to our own slavery and take the shots the master demands, right Joe?

    Biden seems to think the vast majority of people are living in a state of fear all the time. While some obviously do, most don’t. We just want to live freely. But that’s not acceptable when you live under a ruling class of any kind. In fact, they are even going to begin pushing the propaganda onto our children.

    Resisting Tyranny Depends on the Courage to Not Conform

    As part of Biden’s “plan” to vaccinate everyone, and to keep schools open, he said the government would step up its vaccination campaign targeting children as young as five, as well as opening“hundreds of new family vaccination clinics,” according to RT.  The president also said he would require private insurers to cover the cost of at-home rapid tests, noting that the tests would be readily available for free at “thousands of sites nationwide” for those who lack insurance.

    How interesting, considering many people can’t even buy food. But the supply chain disruptions never seem to affect the vaccines or the absolute joke that the PCR tests are.

    But of course, vaccinating everyone in the United States isn’t enough to ensure the New World Order and slave planet continues. We must vaccinate the world and strengthen international travel rules for people coming into the US,” Biden said, adding that the United States plans to ship 200 million doses within the next 100 days, in addition to the 280 million vaccines it has already sent.

    Is there seriously anyone out there that cannot see that these shots are necessary somehow for the rulers to complete their task of owning us all permanently? Hopefully, Biden’s op-ed will do one thing: enlighten the still asleep sheep to afraid to look beyond the veil and admit the obvious: we are slaves. The real question, once we realize that, is what are we going to about it? And honestly, we can’t do anything until enough people realize the truth and are willing to disobey.

    Resisting Tyranny Depends on the Courage to Not Conform


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      1. Lets correct the article it is NOT Biden that wants this he is mentally sick and has NO knowledge of what he is doing this is a direct order from the ancient bloodlines now known as the NWO.

        • You are correct. Biden is in the advanced stage of rigor mortis.

      2. People, that is to say thinking people, speculate about it in all manner of ways but the question still remains:

        What is the REAL reason the PTB want every single person on earth vaccinated?

        What will the vaccinations actually accomplish that the ruling powers wouldn’t be able to accomplish without them?

      3. Dear joey,

        Go straight to hell and bring your poison “jabs” with you.

      4. I got the third ” shot ” for the same reason as I got the first two, to shut my son and daughter in law up. As they both work in the health care industry. Otherwise, maybe I would have been able to be with my wife of 48 yrs again, she passed away of cancer 4 yrs ago

        • Apparently the jab has screwed up your mind. You keep repeating the same shit. Get real

        • You sir are an idiot

        • STFU! You are a really bad troll!

        • Dr Mengele says the AI.DS develops within a year of the shot,

        • The average intelligence of america is going to increase seriously in a year.

          • Care to elaborate on how you think that’s going to happen?
            If it happens it’s not going to be because of the Internet and forums.
            Village idiots ruined the Internet and forums years ago by collectively gathering online to drown out the voices of reason.
            Speculative opinions and misinformation were passed and accepted as facts and the rest is history.
            People have gravitated towards information that reinforces their own beliefs and they refuse to believe information that doesn’t reinforce their own beliefs.
            That’s not a good thing.

          • What are you saying.

      5. Let’s go Brandon, let’s go!

        Vitamins D, C, K, and B12 with zinc are the immune system’s best friends, vaxxed or not.

        Toss in some green tea for the zinc ionophore and you’re GTG.

        • This … One of the few comments about living. These shots are about dying. Anyone who takes the shot gets their name put into the idiot column in my mental classification list. I don’t want to associate with such people. Intelligent people don’t get more intelligent by associating with people lacking intelligence. Stay away.

      6. With the latest coming out, what we already knew, if the “Empty vessel” had one shred of human in him, he’d halt these jabs right now, this minute. Lets go Brandon

      7. Fuck Joe Biden

      8. Isn’t this a weapon of mass destruction?

      9. Old Poopy pants only needs to concentrate on filling his pantaloons with great gobs of poop,and try not to function outside of his diminished mental capacity.

      10. Evil has no boundaries

      11. Dear Fellow Friends, i do think it’s a matter of months until these devils mandate death squads coming to our doors.The question is, how will we face them…..Lock and Load…….

      12. Gun up ! ORGANIZE !

      13. How does a petrified relic plan anything? This is Obama, Fauci and Gates.

        • This is Deeper than those political figureheads.

          The World Economic Forum fronts Globalist Socialism.

          That’s like Nazi-era National Socialism, but updated to be anti-nationalist in favor of more inclusive-sounding Globalism.

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