Biden’s Hurricane Preparedness Tip: Get Vaccinated!

by | Aug 23, 2021 | Headline News | 20 comments

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    This is not a sick joke, although, it sure appears as it could be.  The White House ruling class sociopaths are actually now saying that the best hurricane preparedness tip they have is to take the experimental gene therapy shot.

    Not only are the rulers unsurprisingly suggesting people need to get doped up with whatever’s in those shots, but they are now saying it’s the “most important” part of a hurricane preparedness plan.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency told Axios‘ Jonathan Swan last year the agency had included the coronavirus crisis in its planning document, titled “COVID-19 Pandemic Operational Guidance for the 2020 Hurricane Season.”

    Now, with the allegedly more contagious Delta variant surging, particularly in the hurricane-prone Southern states, FEMA officials want to step up protections against the virus, with COVID-safe shelters, a White House official told AxiosThe masters want everyone vaccinated, and this time, they are saying it’s because of possible evacuations.  If you have to leave your home and end up in a FEMA camp, (which we would suggest anything but going to any state-run camp, let alone one run by FEMA) you’re first concern will apparently, be getting a cold.

    Delta Variant Fear Mongering Continues: Delta Accounts For 98% Of All COVID Cases

    “The President was briefed on the data that demonstrates that the most important preparatory step people can take to prepare for peak hurricane season is to get vaccinated to ensure they will be protected from COVID-19 if they have to evacuate their homes,” per a White House readout. “They also discussed how FEMA is innovating during the pandemic by working with partner organizations to enable COVID-safe sheltering, providing vaccination options at shelters and recovery centers, and protecting its workforce so they maintain mission readiness.” -Axios

    So basically, it’s all about getting this “vaccine” into as many human bodies as possible. For real hurricane preparedness, check the links below:

    Hurricane Preparedness: Start Before The Storm

    Without This Tool in Your Hurricane Supplies, You Could Be Screwed

    Stay prepared. Really prepared, not “ruling class” prepared. Remain alert and keep using critical thinking.  They are pulling out all the stops to get this shot in people. Stay aware, but refuse to live in fear.



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      1. The .gov scum have gone stark raving mad,seriously they are clinically,certifiably,entirely INSANE! They are bat§hฯt crazy. At this point they are exceeding dangerous. DANGER WILL ROBINSON! DANGER WILL ROBINSON!

      2. Biden’s hurricane preparedness plan is all wet
        and full of a lot of hot air –
        just like Joe ?????

      3. As you accurately mentioned
        Yes, the most important thing to worry about in a hurricane while my house is being blown away will be not getting a cold ?Thanks for
        the tip cadaver Joe ?

      4. Speaking of hurricanes
        really wish one would come along and blow Joe and all his partners in crime away –
        far away.

      5. Maybe the next hurricane we get should be named Joe in honor of our pretender in chief. Seems appropriate when you look at all the catastrophic damage he’s done to this country since sneaking into the White House.

      6. IF the mRNA shot worked with near Zero Side effects, it could be helpful in crowded conditions with poor sanitation.

        Since we know Pfizer does not work against Delta, and one could doubt Moderna as well, it makes no sense.

        Even if these injections did work, you need 2 weeks to get Immunity, and with 2 injections for most of them, spaced apart by some weeks for what they are calling full immunity ( which is a Joke)…not helpful to get injected at the shelter even if it were to work.

        Not Logical.

      7. A vaccine for hurricanes.

        How novel.

      8. I’m a truck driver. I have been traveling across I-40 through NM and Arizona today. Two parallel tracks follow I-40. Today, 08/23/21 I passed by HUNDREDS of miles of roughly one mile strings of intramodal cars completely idled, the engines shut down, and being packed in asshole to belly button. This rail line is completely shut in, and SHUT DOWN. It is clearly an orchestrated shut down of a main east-west rail line. To the middle and east coast residents, your mid-atlantic supply line from the far east is now cut off. You may all begin to riot and starve when ready. I repeat, this rail line is shut down. The configuration of the intramodal containers and how they’re loaded is very odd. I would say “suspect”. I might proffer we are about to be struck blitzkrieg style from the inside out at any fuckin moment. Pass it along.

        • Thank for reporting your observation, very interesting, please keep us updated with any further developments.

          • Y’all are aware that – currently – there’s no pipeline of goods coming in from our WONDERFUL Chinese comrades, right?
            Really, I wasn’t attempting to be a smart-ass. Since that freakin’ HUGE port in China went offline the flow of goods rather abruptly stopped cold. There are ships still unloading in Los Angeles but they’ve got thier own problems.
            Simply put, ‘No GOODS means no Railcars to transport all that nothing.’


      9. The State’s message for total covid vaccination must not be reaching the masses if the people are told they should get one for the hurricane season. Who’s in charge of their propaganda program, is this the best it can do? If it’s going to run propaganda for the covid jab at least sound rational and convincing. This particular piece of propaganda is so unsophisticated it is inane. It only reinforces my belief there are not so many vaccinated as we are told. It also tells me if it resorts to using every event or occasion as a reason for vaccination it must be an extremely high priority for them to have every-single-last person get the jab, no matter what. How about making other items a priority like assuring Americans in Afghanistan it will get them out after JB and his team have created a total mess, or assure Americans he and his economic staff will get off their asses and do something to fix the economy – not just keep putting out phony statistics, or assure us it is protecting our rights instead of continuing to always undermine our rights. Sorry, it will have to do better than that.
        Keep the g*dd*m vaccine away from me. I hope the whole f*ck*ng fiasco gets broken off in their ass, and that everything they do keeps turning to sh*t.

      10. Mac please find a way to kick Andrea off the comments. He has a few good things to say and appears to be on the side of good but posts too much crap that make reading other comments difficult. If I don’t see any change soon i will stop reading this site.

        • I second the motion…

          Of late this seems to be the “Andrea Irvani” channel…Jesus, Mary and Joseph, PLEASE give it a fuckin’ rest. Amen.

      11. This Power Elite directly employs several millions of the country´s working force in its factories, offices and stores, controls many millions more by lending them the money to buy its products, and, through its ownership of the media of mass communication, influences the thoughts, the feelings and the actions of virtually everybody. To parody the words of W. Churchill, never have so many been manipulated by so few.

        Aldous Huxley

      12. Howdy All,

        Traipse over to Michael Snyders site and look up the posting there titled “Just a Little Reminder”…believe me, you’ll be stunned when you read how many CCP Assholes are associated with (or on?) the Pfizer Board of Directors. Pfizer would better be named the “CCP Pharmaceutical Company”. Jesus, Mary and Joseph…
        how in the Hell do we LET the most virulent enemies of America gain control of such an important drug company?!
        Oh yes, my Bad, I forgot that the entire Federal edifice is now under the personal direction of the DULLEST Tool in the history of the Presidency…and Harris seems to be as bad if not worse.


        Be Ready or be DEAD…Life is solely a Pass/Fail exercise; no exceptions.

        • I looked, couldn’t locate on either of his pages A link would have been useful.

          • Apologies H,

            In times past posting links here was a sure way to delay your post in moderation for way too long. That said, the link is;

            Cheerio, JOG

      13. Looked, couldn’t locate.. How about a link?

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