Hurricane Preparedness: Start Before The Storm

by | Aug 31, 2019 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 20 comments

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    With hurricane season in full swing as many brace for tropical storm Dorian’s arrival, most don’t want to be left in a bad situation waiting on help from the government that may not ever come. If you live in a hurricane zone, you may want to consider boosting your preps for one if you haven’t already.

    The most important thing to remember is to hide from the wind but run from the water.  Don’t get caught in flooding and if it looks like that’s a possibility, grab your bag and bug out. Water weighs about 1,700 pounds per cubic yard. As it’s pushed by hurricane winds, it can act as a battering ram, pummeling the shore and buildings.

    If you do evacuate, make sure you’ve got a place to go. Camping gear may make it easier to avoid FEMA shelters and keep some of your privacy. Make sure you’ve got a first aid kit and food in your bug out bag, along with some life straws. Water contamination could be a big problem and a life straw will remove a minimum of 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria, 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites, and filters to 0.2 microns; which surpasses EPA filter standards.

    Make sure you have your bug out bag ready and be able to get to it in a hurry.  Hurricanes can change suddenly and without warning and you may have little time to decide to leave your home. Having it accessible and ready to go in seconds could make a big difference.

    Before a hurricane comes, you will want to secure outdoor furniture and cover all of your windows with plywood. This lessens the chances of damage being done.  Broken windows can cause water damage, and winds can toss any debris into one.  By securing furniture, or putting it inside a garage, you can mitigate some of the chance your possessions will damage your property or someone else’s when the winds pick up.

    Pick a room in your house as a “safe room.”  If you don’t have time to evacuate or bug out, you’ll at least have a better chance if you’re in a basement room with no windows. This rooms should house some food and water as well as flashlights.  If you’ve chosen well, and there are no windows, you may need the flashlights to see. Hurricanes often cause power outages and you may not have much if any light. If you’re trapped in that room, you’ll want something to eat and drink.  There’s no right amount of food and water, just store what you’re comfortable with based on the size of your family.  Anything more than 3-days worth of food and water will be better than nothing.

    If you think it’s necessary, also consider making or grabbing a toilet to use in your safe room.

    All of these preparations should be made in advance of a hurricane or a tropical storm.  As Tess Pennington says in her book, The Prepper’s Blueprint:  If we have learned one thing studying the history of disasters, it is this: those who are prepared have a better chance at survival than those who are not.



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      1. The general rule is, “You hide from the wind, you run from the water”. We evacuated during Irma as the potential of 9ft above our street level (we’re already 7.8 ft above sea level), is deadly.

        • Right now Dorian is pounding the Bahamas. Cat 5 @ 185 MPH sustained winds, 225 MPH gusts, equals a EF4 Tornado. Since 1851 the Treasure Cay area in the Abacos Bahamas has experienced three major hurricanes, all of which were Category 3 hurricanes, according to the NWS Charleston. Dorian, currently a Category 5, is the strongest by far to affect the area. Hurricane Andrew in 1992 is the only Category 5 hurricane to pass through the Bahamas.

          So Its that bad. Predicted to settle down some before it hits FL, its going to rip up the east coast of FL for the next 3 days, Tues Wed Thurs, with a Cat 3 and 2 winds. Many E coast beaches will become altered.

          ht tps://

          I saw people in FL gas lines on Thurs, it was all hands on desk for 2 days preparing then we get the news its turning north and missing most of FL. We will still get plenty of bands of rain across FL from this hurricane. Yeah Storm surge sucks eh Kev2. That’s why I moves out of Tampa a block from the bay to high ground in N central FL Most everything above Orlando is good, south or Orlando is FL will be washed away eventually in the next century or 2.

          • TSB, like I always say, people who don’t prep are inept. I doubt if we even get any rain from Dorian in my area and even if we did we’re 1000 ft. above sea level here. No flood zones in my area. I went out getting more supplies Sat. I’m still stacking regardless just like a prepper should.

            • This article statement: Camping gear may make it easier to avoid FEMA shelters and keep some of your privacy.

              What? You telling these folks to go camping in 185MPH hurricane winds in a what? a tent? To avoid a FEMA camp? Don’t think the author has ever experienced a hurricane. I think I have a dozen or so under my belt here in FL. You won’t forget the stress involved. The more prepared you are the less stress on you during the crisis. Always be prepared and then just a few adjustments to the plan when the hurricane comes or any other disaster. You have a full bug out bag, a month of MRE’s, Mt House, and several ways to cook food and boil water, water filter etc.

              And, have you tested all your gear to make sure it works in your plan. I went through dozens of flashlights until I found my Go-To light. How much of your gear is still sitting in its original box with the price tags on it. Field test all your gear and supplies. Why carry useless junk that does not work.

              DEP BH. thinking you will just ove to the country when all hell breaks loose is a joke. Look how long it takes to prepare to move, years to position yourself and actually move. It took me about 4 to 5 years to the point of selling real estate and getting out and getting set up at a BOL. Those who waste time day dreaming, thinking they will just bug out to the woods are delusional. Most woods are private property. So go buy you some woods in the country and start living, off the grid. Sell your overpriced house in the city and get some real land, preferably with fresh water available.

              • TSB, you haven’t been paying attention to my posts for the past month. I’ve already relocated to the BOL as of the last week of July. I’ve already been positioning myself and preparing for the move for the past 3 years. Already had the place lined up. I didn’t have to buy any property. All I really had to buy was an old Dodge Ram 1500 4WD that needed some work after sitting in a garage since 2010. It’s a 2003 that had only 130000 miles on it. I got it for $5000 and spent another $5000 getting it driveable including new tires. I left my job of 30+ years over a false complaint, turned in the company truck, loaded up what little I had left and hit the road. All my supplies were already here in a storage building put in on numerous trips over the past 3 years. I’m finally in the country and out of the urban jungle. I’m finally where I need to be when the balloon goes up. Feel like a whole new man. One side of the property borders on a year-round creek with good water and good fishing. Nice deep well and a lifetime supply of firewood for the stove. I was making moves all this time and just kept it under wraps.

      2. I’m always surprised with the news coverage of people that have no preparedness, waiting in lines for water, food,gas and generators. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, just saddened.

      3. The Dorians were the original military industrial complex.
        Not only did they control the shit…they had an exclusive on the fan as well.
        Always ready for Freddy.

      4. Cash from the bank
        Gas in gas tank
        Sandbags to rank
        Ice for the drank
        Water in a tank
        Soap for your stank
        But if you draw a blank
        Go north and visit a Yank

        • Even though this storm is a thousand miles away, it is a good nexus point that reminds people to replace any perishable/consumable supplies. Time to take stock, and check stock.

          As for me I’m down a couple cases of water, and 5 gallons of gasoline. I’ve added a few items since the last nexus point of reflection. I also had a small amount of comfort items in my long term food expire, the yummy stuff often has a shorter 5/10 year shelf life. I’ll reevaluate expired stuff for alternatives before I replace it. Changes to the family may require more long term food, extra mouths to feed.

      5. I saw a soccer mom in a warehouse store (in her imagination, a gymnast going on 11 years old) taking the last couple of gallons of water.

        Will this sustain you under exertion? How many people are you caring for? Nevermind, you got the last ones. Teeheehee.

        (Fiji water was left behind.)

        Many of the people, who you are competing with, for vital resources, on a day-today basis, are mental children, incorrigible, flippant, and would not be able to grasp the gravity of their situation.

        • Reality will hit the unprepared like a ton of bricks, when they see no food on the shelves at home or at the store. No toilet paper available or water, Then have to take the kids and go scavenging digging in garbage cans to survive.

          You can be prepared, or eat what’s left over out of garbage cans and go eat dirt, leaves and grass like an animal. And you go begging for food, and nobody helps you. Then reality sinks in as you look destitute and desperate. Gee,… I shudda prepared. Duh..

      6. Just watched one of the most pitiful news conferences I have ever seen. It was about the shooter in Texas yesterday. The governor and the heads of the various police agencies involved patted themselves on the back and claimed to have done such a great job. Blowhards. It took the police an hour to stop this guy. An hour. He was able to shoot people at random for an hour. The only police that did good, were the ones that finally cornered the bad guy and killed him. And I smell a rat. They were trying to pull this guy over for a minor traffic offense. But there were two troopers in the squad. When’s the last time you saw two troopers in one squad? In the day time? Was one of them in training? And the guy they’re trying to stop just happens to have an AR15 loaded on his seat nest to him? I suspect they knew this guy and were looking for him when this went down. No factual info was revealed at the news conference. Time will tell.

        • Traveling this weekend I saw several state trooper cruisers with two to a car, and this was along the Eastern corridor. There was a leak on one or more web sites that they were expecting trouble this weekend? Usually when I see two troopers to a car, they are training recent academy grads.

          I was wondering how long this guy had been driving around making illegal moves before a cop tried to pull him over. These shootings stink of a CIA deep state op. Who but the top ten Democrat candidates, and Democrat House and Senate members, plus mayors and governors have been attacking police endlessly as enemies of the people…. So now another nut job who watches CNN, hears voices, and is a gun loving Democrat (huh) goes nuts!

        • A few things bother me.
          Why was this guy driving around with a loaded rifle and lots of ammunition? And shoots at cops through his back
          window. It is strange.
          Also why car jack a USPS vehicle?
          Why not a good 4wd truck. They have lots of them where he was.
          Shoot the driver of a new Dodge RAM and take that. It seems to me he already shot one up and kept going.
          Like most cop stories we’ll never know what happened.
          In the end we”ll have to listen to incessant Democrat calls for disarming everybody except the government. They won’t even tell you more people died and were shot in the first half of this weekend in Chicago than in Odessa TX. Chicago Sun-Times reported 7 deaths and 22 wounded to Sunday.
          I don’t count the Odessa shooter as a death, It was a trash takeout.
          Enjoy your hoilday.

      7. The shooters name allegedly, is Seth Aaron Ator. What kind of name is that?

      8. True or not…

        I think maybe, not sure, I heard on AM Coast to Coast that this hurricane is part of a HAARP war between China and the US. China manipulated the weather to cause Dorian to head straight towards the mainland USA at maximum destructive power. But, at the last minute, our hero military swung into action and fired up the Alaskan HAARP station to stop and deflect hurricane Dorian from giving a direct hit and steering it to the north. It’s still too early to tell which HAARP will prevail in this weather war, but my heroes, that put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe, will win in the end. The ChiComs will lose this round.

        USA! USA! USA!

      9. Shooters in these insane mass shootings are on or are coming off anti-depressant drugs. SSRI’s cause violent emotions. The scientist who with her partner discovered how to make them says she regrets creating a “monster”.

        I was surprised to learn that doctors have been singing a rhyme about the horrors of too much serotonin in the bloodstream for decades. The failure to properly metabolize serotonin thus resulting in too much is what causes depression, stomach problems, insomnia, heart failure, schizophrenia, and violent behavior. So, why are doctors prescribing what is clearly the cause of a rise in crime and an epidemic of suicide, as well as these here-to-fore virtually unknown acts of homicidal/suicidal mass shootings?

        Clearly, there is the monetary motive. But additionally, it fits perfectly into the political agenda of the anti-gun proponents or agents of the government and the oligarchs whose goal is to leave the population helplessly disarmed and unable to fight against a tyrannical dictatorship of their very own. In other words, these drugs are a tool of the elite rulers to steal the second amendment by consent, a trick.

        Whether this drug is part of a plan to disarm the citizens of the USA, or if it is not part of a planned operation, ie a “conspiracy”, it is just the same, helping the anti-gun people to push their agenda on MSM news sites every time a guy goes nuts on these drugs and shoots down innocents for no reason whatsoever other than that the drugs have made him batshit crazy.

        SSRI’s must be deemed a menace to society and outlawed like PCP and LSD.


        • The recent lawsuits of prescription opioid manufacturers shows us the big pharma machine knew the hazards, understood the danger and mass produced Oxycodone and others, supplying the legal and illegal drug trade. Opioids are now the number one killer of young Americans, exceeding natural causes plus car accidents plus gun deaths combined. Politicians answer, more gun control……

          My point, big pharma, is the biggest killer in the US, and they are making billions doing it. Does anyone think they, or the deep state will allow an adult conversation about these drugs, when it’s so easy to just call for gun control….. Oh look a butterfly!

      10. Aha. Tonight I learned that the shooter called both the police and the FBI just after he was fired. His employer also called the police. I’m quite sure there is much more that isn’t being told.

      11. “…Waiting on help from the government….” Yep, they really do need help, from themselves!

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