Biden’s “Accounting Scam To Fund Ukraine

by | Aug 9, 2023 | Headline News

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    Joe Biden is “pulling an accounting scam to send more money to Ukraine,” Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene claimed on Tuesday.  With funding for weapons shipments exhausted, the White House claims that it can keep the arms flowing thanks to an “accounting error,” Greene said according to a report by RT.

    The Pentagon announced in May that its accountants had overvalued previous arms shipments to Kyiv to the tune of $6.2 billion and that this money could “go back into the pot” and be used to finance future weapons transfers from US stockpiles. Crucially for the Biden administration, this “error” was discovered before the last tranche of military and economic aid money authorized by Congress for Ukraine – worth $48 billion – ran out this month.

    Oddly enough, one day earlier, U.S. officials said that the next aid package for Kyiv would be financed from a $6.2 billion windfall discovered in May.

    Essentially, the quantity of weapons sent to Ukraine remains unchanged, but by declaring them overvalued, the Pentagon claims that more can now be sent. Two US officials told Reuters on Monday that the first arms package financed by this error would be announced on Tuesday. –RT

    Ukraine Used “Cluster Munitions” In Attack On Russia

    Biden Approves Banned “Cluster Bombs” For Ukraine

    Greene used X on Tuesday to tweet that the U.S. ruling class has “not even finished funding our own military” and the “Biden admin is pulling an accounting scam to send more money to Ukraine.”

    “Plus they want Congress to pass another Ukraine supplemental by combining it with emergency flooding money,” she continued, referring to reports that the White House is working on a supplemental budget proposal to fund future weapons transfers, which it apparently plans to pass by combining with an upcoming disaster relief bill. “This is WRONG and can NOT happen,” Greene declared. “We should only be funding money to help Americans with disaster relief, not forced to vote to fund Ukraine at the same time! SEPARATE THE FUNDS because I’m NOT voting to send MORE money to a foreign war to kill MORE people!”

    As long as there is government, there will be war. Until people en masse finally realize that they aren’t owned by anyone and no one has authority over them, we will be stuck in this statist game of control, war, and enslavement.



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