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Biden Tells Americans To “Mask” Or Get “Vaxxed” & Is Ruthlessly Mocked

Mac Slavo
May 14th, 2021
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Joe Biden tweeted that Americans either need to get “vaxxed” or wear a mask. After his post, all sides ruthlessly mocked him for his ignorance and relentless pushing of the experimental gene therapy.

COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

The sudden about-face from the mask zealot – Biden wore a mask on Zoom calls with foreign leaders and insisted on wearing it outside even after being fully vaccinated for months – left many people who listened to him and the corporate media narrative on the virus with a bad case of virtual whiplash. -RT

Even democrats blasted Biden as “irresponsible” for saying the vaccinated can remove their masks. Others were likewise unconvinced that either a mask or vaccine is necessary. Ian Smith, one of the owners of the Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, New Jersey – persecuted by the state for refusing to lock down his business – commented that “This gonna turn into ‘Let me see your papers please’ real fast.”

Biden and the Democrats embraced mask-wearing as a cause in mid-2020, as a way to differentiate themselves from President Donald Trump – who had refused to cover his face in public, arguing it would show weakness.

The push to get everyone vaccinated or wear the visible sign that you are submitting to the new world order is only going to intensify.  In the previous weeks, the ruling class has even admitted it’s running out of people willing to take this experimental gene therapy shot and responded by saying kids, ages 12 and up can now get injected.

Stay alert. It doesn’t look like we are far off from this:

Medical Journal: Get The COVID-19 Vaccine, Or Be Punished HARSHLY

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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Date: May 14th, 2021

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    1. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Typical Day In America of Being Tortured by The “Great” Retards In the Spirit and Tradition of 
      Joseph McCarthy, Ed Gein, and Jeffrey Dahmer

      I’m Not Your Stepping Stone!

      The Citizens of the United States have the freedom to be illegally spied on, wear masks, get colonoscopies, gynecological exams, mammograms, prostate exams, get”vaxxed”, and have a narco-state government deal narcotics through licensed hard core drug dealers, and their big league street drug dealers, proving that Afghani citizens have more actual freedom and less corruption than the U.S.A.

      It is just another day in America of being slowly tortured and cannibalized to death by the serial criminal psychopaths in the surveillance state. It is only going to get worse, unfortunately. It is HUGE, unfortunately, and it is also only getting HUGER! America will never be great again. It is just not in the cards. Anyone that says otherwise is lying point blank. They just keep launching more spy satellites, and so do other countries. There is no escape other than death. Once you are on their radar, they will never stop. It just grows and gets bigger. Joining them is not the answer. Their lifestyles are crimes against humanity. Jumping from the frying pan into the fire is not a life saving strategy. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. It is as plain as day to everyone not in the surveillance state that it is filled with the most evil and mentally incompetent people in world history because they are psychopaths. They are at least 100 times more mentally incompetent than people with Downs Syndrome. Psychopaths including the people in the surveillance state are really like two year old spoiled brats trapped in adult bodies. Unfortunately, they have taken control of the world without adult supervision to prevent them from evil and destructive temper tantrum behavior when they do not get their way. Of course, nobody would claim that a two year old throwing a temper tantrum is evil, but when adults do it, it is quite a different story. Psyhopaths do not have three things that well adjusted adults have – a conscience, emotional maturity, or common sense.  They are in the not worth it at any price category. We cannot co-exist with the serial criminal psychopaths in the surveillance state anymore than we can co-exist with flesh eating bacteria or leprosy. Everything is a one way street with them. They have destroyed the meaning of life. It really creeped me out when Apple installed a heart rate monitor on my phone in an update that could not be removed! They are sick as hell! They are evil scum!  They demand total information awareness of every aspect of our lives. After destroying the meaning of life, the only thing left to destroy is life itself. I cannot imagine what it would be like to be such a sick, retarded fucking loser that someone would have to illegally invade someone else’s life without their victims consent, and against the will of their victims, but that is exactly WHO and what they are! It is TLR! Total Life Rape! They literally have the mind set of rapists and thieves. They have no regard or respect for the rights, lives, and property of their victims because the people in the surveillance state are psychopaths that literally do not have consciences. There is no boundary that they will not violate. They are expert liars as well. They have to be, because obviously nobody would accept them if they knew the truth about them. Now they are demanding that we either accept them and their parasitic, cannibalistic life styles, or they literally will not let us live. Well, I would rather die than accept them and their cannibalistic parasitic lifestyles and surveillance cult. I repeat, they are in the not worth it at any price category. If I die, I die, death is inevitable. It is better to die in honor than to live in vain. Surviving under total surveillance is difficult to describe, I would say that it is like the feeling of being raped by a giant octopus. If that is not considered torture, what is?


      (1998) (Roberto Benigni, Nicoletta Braschi) (PG-13)

      “Drama/Comedy: An Italian Jew tries to shield the horrors of a Nazi concentration camp from his young son by having him believe that their internment there is really just a game.”

      Life is not a game or computer simulation! Only insane, delusional people would believe that! Of course Silicon Valley psychopaths can reduce any cognitive dissonance regarding the crimes that they perpetrate upon their victims if they believe that we are not people and are just computer generated images! In their minds, they didn’t destroy anyone’s life if they truly believe that everyone is not real. Everyone is nothing more than a sequence computer codes and algorithms and not actual flesh and blood in their insane level of attempting to justify their barabaric atrocities, they tell themselves that to reduce their emotional discomfort.

      The Milgram Experiment proved that most Americans are sadistic and leap at the opportunity to gratify their sadistic pleasures!  The Milgram experiment did not even have a control group, so it did not even use the scientific method. Most Americans and Germans are not obedient by nature! To the contrary! They are only obedient when they benefit from it! We would have no crime in America if most Americans were genetically obedient, and there would be no crime by any Germans if they were genetically obedient. Since I live in the state with the highest German population, I know with total certainty that Germans are obedient when they benefit from it and disobedient when they will not benefit from obedience! 

      You will not hear many German Americans saying that the politicians whose political views are contrary their own must be obeyed and respected because they are authority figures. In fact, being involved in three political parties in Wisconsin, I have never heard a single German ever say anything even remotely close to that! Did most Germans obey Trump? It sure as hell doesn’t look that way! In fact, most of them were never Trumpers, even though Trump is German! The Bush family, Adam Schiff, and Charles Koch are just a few examples of this! 

      All that you need to do in order to make the world a better place is to commit suicide! Obviously! Don’t hate me because I’m better than you; hate yourselves because I’m better than you! Yes, I am definitely better than you! You would not have gone to such extraordinary lengths to illegally invade my life, my brain, and my data for any other reason than the fact that you are nothing but a bunch of worthless, useless, brain dead fucking retards, so desperate to attempt to be able to reason, that you have invaded my brain, my life, and my property! Obviously, I have a tremendous amount that you want, and you do not have anything that I want, and you are therefor in no position to be trying to call the shots or set the terms and conditions!

      The “Great” Retards in InfraGard, DARPA, WHO, UN, WEF, and the Media and Their Viral Criminal Psychopathy

      The Pentagon is claiming that Russia attacked U.S. military in Syria with sonic weapons that the Pentagon claims gave troops flu like symptoms, omitting the loud silent audio noises of sonic weapons attacks experienced by embassy employees in Cuba, referred to as Havana Syndrome, China, and other embassies. I am also a victim after illegal unconsented uninformed surgery on March 27, 2014, at Columbia St. Mary’s Ozaukee performed on me through nasal cavities and ears implanting micro-chips, sensors, RFIDs, or microphones, since it is difficult to detect, which resulted in immedate sleep deprivation, excruciatingly loud tinnitus, a sudden inability to be able to cry, and a sudden need for eye glasses, and an immediate end to menstruation, since I am convinced that they also stole my ovums while unconscious since “medical samples” are the second largest export from Wisconsin to Canada. 

      Immediately after my first cell phone was hacked in June of 2017, someone started attacking me with sonic silent audio tools. My dog also heard it, because he would stare and bark at the cell tower. At first I thought that it was a protest taking place in the industrial park or near the highway behind the cell tower. It is evidently beamed to cell towers from a satellite, because I have heard it while in another town. It is evidently frequency specific to the devices illegally implanted in me. I started researching it after finding out that others did not hear it.

      The psychopaths at Columbia St. Mary’s Ozaukee refuse to confess that they have perpetrated this illegal sadistic experimentaion on me. They also revived me from a clinical state of death on March 27, 2014, in order to do it, strictly for the purpose of torturing me, terrorizing me, and preventing me from living a full life, after I attempted suicide by taking a bottle of hydrocodone prescribed for an impinged shoulder and a bottle of 5 milligram valium prescribed for anxiety. Three doses of narcan and an external heart defibrilator was used on me. Ascension Health, now registered to an undisclosed foreign owner in Texas now owns Columbia St. Mary’s Ozaukee hospital previously owned by ex Florida governor Rick Scott as part of the Columbia Group. Nobody at Acsension knew who owned it when I called locally a couple of years ago, nobody at the St. Louis home office knew either, which is strange as hell! So, it could be The Order of Nine Angels, or The Church of Satan that owns it, and they certainly seem to act as though it is owned by one of those organizations. Wisconsin’s ex governor Tommy Thompson and Health and Human Services director Tommy Thompson is a primary investor in Verichip which is also used by the “Humane Society” to install microchips in pets. Thompson and Hillary Clinton thought that people should be microchipped.

      Proving the illegality which I have reported in the past is that Wisconsin passed AB290 in 2006 which prohobits people being involuntarily implanted with microchips and RFIDs, and with the DARPA program, it is all done on a voluntary basis, which I did not ever volunteer to participate in either! I have never and would never consent to this! I was not even online until the late 2000s! I am totally anti-surveillance, and always have been, and every healthcare provider that I have ever had knows that about me because I have expressed my concerns with surveillance abuse to all of them!
      When I told the police, about the illegal surgery performed on me, officer Alfonso asked, well did you get an MRI scan to prove it? I said that there is no need or reason to subject myself to the radiation of an MRI because there are surveillance detectors, one of which was stolen from my home while I was in the hospital, along with my EMF meter! The surveillance detector was later returned broken! The EMF meter never was returned, as well as many other things that have been stolen from my home! I guess the fact that I even had those things shows how opposed to this type of surveillance I am! 

      The medical mafia is an organized crime ring of drug dealers and assassins which we found out about with the opioid epidemic and the scamdemic and biological weapons injections. You really can’t expect known narcotics dealers and assassins to behave like law abiding, respectable members of society! And prior to the scamdemic, they were committing $750 billion to $925 billion worth of medical fraud a year, and the third leading cause of death for years in America was medical “error” which basically has ASSASSINS IN LAB COATS flashing in neon lights, because people just do not make that many errors when human life is at stake! 

      Right after my first phone was hacked in June of 2017, James Hurth that was a neurosurgeon, psychiatrist, and head of Columbia St. Mary’s Ozaukee Hospital Behavioral Health abruptly resigned without explanation, and also abrubtly resigned without explanation from being the directors of both Ozaukee County Counselling Center, a division of Ozaukee County Health and Human Services, and also the chief psychiatrist for the Ozaukee County jail. The CEO of WE Energies also abruptly resigned without explanation concurrently.

      I think that they are trying to see if they can control people, and also spy on people with these devices. They use silent audio sonic technolgy and ask me to give posessions up, move, give up technology, none of which I have done and which I refuse to do. Since I was involved in the DNC as an events cooridinator and was a Sanders supporter and Hillary hater, I think that someone in politics or even both parties wanted to spy on me for that reason and see if they could control me with mind control. People started illegally entering my home even if I would take out the garbage or get mail. Neighbors behind and across the street from me have stolen things from my home and placed them in their windows. Everytime I would leave without a set schedule, my psychopathic neighbor that lives three doors up from me would pour water on my front step prior to me walking out the door to let me know that she is a freaked out Peeping Tomasita, and another sick, freaked out, fucked up, loser for life, Peeping Tomasita that lives in her her mother’s condo with her son, even though she is well over forty, would drive by and wave everytime I would walk my dog at no set schedule. The military and others are experimenting on me with psy-ops. They even wear invisibility cloaks which they developed that display the view behind them. It is like a pliable computer screen that displays a mirror image of what is behind the person wearing the invisibility cloak. Now, just to get the mail, I have to place something in front of my door and walk backwards. New people moved in all around me except for on one side. It always has been a very transient neighborhood which has turned into a hood of sadistic, white trash, serial criminal, psychopathic thugs. They used to stalk me when I would walk my dog that they killed with poison. The neighbors have spied on me and gas lighted me by honking horns when I would visit websites, and repeat or reenact things that I have said or done in my home. Someone also hacked my smart meter in February of 2017, which made it read all letter ds and stray energy flew out of the light socket and laser split two coffee cups in half, one after the other. They also have fake mechanical dragon flies that fly around my yard in the summer, and fake birds that talk and asked me “Do you speak Portuguese” and said, “The Television is your biggest fear.” The psychos in invisibility cloaks would take metal objects and drag them against my metal fence at night, making loud clanging noises. They have locked my doors using directed energy magnetism beams to lock them so that it changes the lock settings so that they keys would not work. They have stolen many things and have vandalised causing tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage just to material objects alone during the most vulnerable time in my life after my Mother that also lived in the neighborhood passed away in 2015 and even deprived me of grieving her loss as well as the loss of my dog in 2019, and the loss of my brother in 2020. They also prevented me from grieving the loss of my grandmother in 2014. They are the most vile and wretched scum conceivable that should have been aborted rather than conceived for the good of humanity. It is and and Anonymous and they have enlisted many in the media to participate in as well. They use Vault7 hacking tools and have hacked into my car, appliances, smart meters, lighting, heating, cooling, and even my sleep number bed! They are sick as hell. They even hired a Siberian musician Einnfalt to write a song about me, “Exhibit C God’s will for Andrea Iravani.” I know damned well that it is not Russia that is behind this. It is the surveillance state, police state, and medical mafia. It is the MICIMATT Military Industrial Congressional Intelligence Media Academia Think Tanks, WHO, InfraGard, DARPA, and Five Eyes. They are mentally incompetent, insane, evil, serial criminal, psychopaths. They are total losers. They are the scum of the earth that the world would be better off without! They are creating the hell that they and their descendants will be forced to live in and will end up being the victims of.

      Here is proof that Lockheed Martin has installed this technology in cell towers and that they are Domestic Violent Extremists and Domestic Terrorists that terrorize American citizens:

      Anesthesiologist John R Hall MD Austin Texas on his website International Center Against the Abuse of Covert Technology proves that these sick, sadistic, illegal Mengele type experimentaions have been performed on people and estimates that it was done to 300,000 Americans here:

      Proof that organized community stalking by Domestic Violent Extremists and Domestic Terrorists is taking place here, in order for someone to be a Domestic Violent Extremist, or a Domestic Terrorist, they must be engaged in terrorizing people and engaged in domestic violent extremist behavior. America has a HUGE Domestic Terrorist and Domestic Violent Extremist problem and I happen to be one of the domestic terrorists many victims and the domestic violent extremists many victims. I really do not care if you worthless fucking losers in the media that have been spying on me and gas-lighting me for what ever sick fucked up reason it is that you are doing that object to being called terrorists while you are psychologically terrorizing and torturing me. The alternative media has treated me the way that the main stream media has treated Assange.

      I dedicate this song to the Low Life Terrorist Scum in InfraGard, WEF, the WHO, Five Eyes, and the MICIMATT that have perpetrated an organized serial crime spree on me, my life, my family, and my property:

      Public Image Ltd.- Low Life – YouTube

      You may recall how freaked out Hillary Clinton and the Secret Service were acting, attempting to convince people that she was being remotely controlled, with the Secret Service reaching into their pocket and pressing a remote control device when she had the head bobbing episode, and all of her other inexplicably strange behavior and also George W. Bush’s strange behavior of just stopping mid sentence staring off into space in what appeared to be petit mal seizures or TIAs, transient ischemic attacks, which are indicative of mini strokes and in some cases an absence of blood reaching caused from blockage of carotid arteries to the brain not to be confused with total information awareness! 

      Peter Koenig that was an economist for the WHO keeps writing that  people will be able to be controlled with 5G, which I do not believe that it is possible to over ride the free will of the human brain to get someone to carry out a specific desired task, they may be able to prevent people from things like remembering things through either disrupted neurological impulses and imposed neurodegeneration through neuro-cellular destruction or by causing someone to faint, have a seizure, or heart attack. There is zero excuse for doing this. Aside from recreational pot smoking and drug experimentaion when I was young, and going over the speed limit, I did not do anything illeagl, anyone trying to claim responsibility for any behavior of mine, is doing so on fraudulent grounds. These people are domestic terrorists and thieves and international terrorists and thieves with the five eyes and WHO. Causing insomnia, anger, and stress through constant noise cannot be deemed as a legitimate form of medical treatment for anything at all. 

      I am convinced with the evidence that I have read about, witnessed, and experienced that there was a plan to convince people that everyone in governments around the world and heads of corporations were not responsible for their crimes against humanity and treason involving 9/11 in America, as well as all that followed because they were remotely controlled Manchurian Candidates. 

      Obviously, the WHO, WEF, financials, central banks, tech companies, militaries, Verichip, and universities were conspiring with the government officials and CEOs in this after ripping everyone off and perpetrating their decades long crime spree after people added things up regarding 9/11 and realized that it was an inside job. Kind of like, just trust us, just keep letting the stock of our companies with business models based on financial fraud levitate, don’t prosecute us, and we will pretend that you were not responsible for your actions and that you were remotely controlled by, drum roll please, “Russian Hackers.” 

      Unfortunately, I and approximately 300,000 other Americans are for some reason a victim of it that has destroyed their narrative. I am glad that it destroyed the false narrative, but not that innocent lives, including my own were destroyed in the process of doing it. 

      I am not public property. Neither is my life, my history, my family, or my property. I know the law, and I know my rights, and I know that what they have done to me is both 100% illegal and 100% sadistically evil. My rights and their limitations are clearly defined in the constitution. Who the fuck do you think you are?! I remind you that you are such worthless, useless, insignificant, irrelevant, incompentent, cowardly, wastes that you do not even have the guts to admit what you have done to me proving that you are completely powerless, useless, worthless, irrelevant, and insignificant pusillanimouses. You are the scum of the earth that have earned the right to spend the rest of your lives in federal pennitentiaries where you are no longer capable of harming me, my family, or anyone else. You are serial criminal psychopaths and your lifestyles are sick, insane, and disgusting crimes against humanity! Do the world a favor and kill yourselves! You are fooling nobody but yourselves! 

      Only crazy and or retarded people would think that what you are and have been doing to me, my family, and my property is legal! Go to the emergency room, or better yet, just kill yourselves to MAGA! You are Domestic Violent Extremists, Domestic Terrorists, and Sadistic Serial Criminal Psychopaths! 

      Why don’t you take a survey and see if people think that sane, intelligent, law abiding, patriotic Americans use silent audio sonic tools on people, do illegal, uninformed, unconsented surgery on people, illegally enter peoples homes and vandalize and steal, censor truth tellers, hack into appliances, devices, and cars, spy on people, stalk people, gas-light people, falsely diagnose people, commit mal-practice on people, and commit perjury on their victims? 

      Obviously, sane, intelligent, law abiding, patriotic Americans would never do those things, only serial-criminal psychopathic scum of the earth that are insane and mentally incompetent would ever even entertain the idea of doing those things, let alone actually do them like you have done to me! All that the psychos need to do to make the world a better place to live in is to commit suicide!

      This article shows how out of control the police have become in the past three decades. Some blacks may wrongly believe that they are treated this way by police because they are black. They are wrong. The police treat everyone that way. Even law abiding citizens which George Floyd and the majority of BLM protesters victims are criminals, which does not justify being murdered by police. The police are out of control. They exercize rights that they do not have on a regular basis, which means that they are committing crime on a regular basis. I used to deal with police on a regular basis when I managed my Dad’s store and called the police on shoplifters that I would chase down the street. The police never shot a single one of those shoplifters, and I do not think that such a thought would ever have even entered their mind thirty years ago. I am not suggesting that the police should have shot them either. The police show up at my house frequently, despite the fact that I am a law abiding citizen. I will not open the door for them. I speak to them through a closed window when they do show up, or do not even speak to them at all. The last time that they showed up was a couple of months ago because they told me that the post office was “worried about me” because I didn’t get my mail for a while. The cops asked if they could come in. I said no. They asked if they could bring my mail to me. I said no. This happens a few times a year. They show up because “neighbors are worried about me” because I didn’t mow my lawn, and they showed up because the technical college was “worried about me” because I called the tech college about vaccines being stored at minus 94 degrees fahrenheit since nobody would take me seriously since I am not a scientist by trade, I called the tech college since they have scientists that teach there, and UWM was locked down, the cops also showed up at the house because WE energies,
      ( the gas and electric company) ” was worried about me”  when I told them that my smart meter read all letter ds as a default code. 

      It seems extremely strange that all of these people that call the police because they are “worried about me” never told me that themselves. I suspect that they never told the police that at all, and that the police are just spying on me, are up to no good, and are trying to pick a fight with me. It certainly seems that way. 

      When the police showed up because the “worried about me” post office called, I told them point blank that they couldn’t come in because I was “worried that they would shoot me.” They are frequent flyers over my house with helicopters. I guess that they just must be “worried about me.” They even try to pretend that they are UFOs in their helicopters ascending, descending, turning lights on and off and changing the colors of the blinking lights, in the dark, while the helicopter reappears with different colored lights on hundreds of feet away, which happens to be just one of their many aviation violations. They flew at the second floor window level between my house and my neighbors, because I guess that they were “worried about me.” They came within three feet of the cell tower connected to major transmission lines. They fly below aviation levels for residential neighborhoods almost every day. They fly in excess of aviation decibel levels over residential neighborhoods almost everyday.

      Funny that with as “worried” as the police are about me, they refuse to arrest the psychopaths that have stolen from me, vandalized, illegally entered my home without my knowledge when the doors were locked and they do not have a key that I had given to anyone, the vault 7 technolgy being used on me, done illegal surgery on me, or the psychos that use the sonic silent audio tools used to torture me. In fact, when I reported the crimes they said to install a security camera. I asked Officer Alfonso who told me to install a security camera, and who had the disgusting audacity to ask, “What makes you think that you are so special that people would steal from you?” after I told him about the breakins, theft, vandalism, hacking, and stalking. I asked Officer Alfonso if he could check the security camera at the end of the street and he lied point blank and said that only the state of Wisconsin and not the Grafton Police had access to it, even though when they were installed, the News Graphic said that it was for the Grafton Police. I told him that a security camera is not able to prevent anyone from breaking into my home. It is just a camera, and it could be ripped off, broken, hacked, or lights shined on it, and video could be recreated, and that if I can see it, so can other people which would make me and my property even less safe, and it would also give someone the ability to gain access into my wifi. If security cameras stopped or solved crime, there would be no crime in America, because there are more security cameras than ever and there is also more crime than ever, proving that the surveillance state is an organized crime ring.

      So, it is just really impossible for me to believe that the cops are “worried about me” or that anyone that has called them is “worried about me” for anyother reason than they are “worried about me” because they are guilty for the crime spree that they have committed on me, my life, my family, and my property, which would certainly leave them with a lot to worry about, because I am living evidence of their crime spree.

      James Brunnquell is the president of the village of Grafton and does not work a single second in the village, and does not have voice mail with the Village Hall, like every single other employee of the village of Grafton does. James Brunnquell is a full time supervisor at Froedert Hospital which is used as the Laboratory for The Medical College of Wisconsin that has long been involved in Nazi type experimentaion including Eugenics. James Brunnquell has been village president since 2003, even though he has never actually worked for the village at all, and prior to being absent president he was on the village board. James Brunnquell is farming Grafton residents. It is the one and only reason that he is the village president. He does not work at all for the village, does the worst possible job imaginable, is as conservative as the Liberace and claims to be a Republican and menial labor village employees make $90,000 a year, so did the secretary, and he spent $7 million to replace the plumbing in the old outdated high school for 700 students that looks like a prison, and moved the village hall away from the police department because the village employees did not like being so close to the police, and over to an 11,000 square foot building for a village with a population of 11,000 people. Of course the village employees think that Brunnquell is the perfect boss. He is never there and does whatever they tell him to do and he pays them as much money as possible, and treats residents worse than farm animals.

      I have posted the above information on multiple web sites, and have been completely ignored by every journalist that publishes on those sites regarding the information, although many have used it as an opportunity to illegally spy on me, gas light me, hack, and steal intellectual property. They just pretend that I do not exist, while simultaneously letting me know that they are illegally invading my life and property. They are just as sick as the government. With the minute amount of power that they have managed to illegally usurp, they have abused. If they had as much power as the government does, they have proven that they would be the same or worse. 

      The “Great” Retards and Their Predatory Psychopathic Crimes Against Humanity! Consuming Consumers, Voters, Readers, Viewers, Listeners, and Patients!

      *Everything about data farmers and spies is instinctually resistable. 
      *Everything about data farmers and spies is as resistable as leprosy.
      *Everything that data farmers and spies do is a crime against humanity.
      *Everything about data farmers and spies is totally parasitic.
      *Everything involving data farming and spying is theft.
      *Data farmers and spies have posed a clear and present danger to humanity.
      *There has never been more sureveillance and there has never been more crime.
      *Data farmers and spies cannibalize their victims and then want to kill and destroy them after farming their victims for their own fraudulent consumption and narcisstic glorification.

      It is either the data farmers and spies, or everyone else. Everyone else cannot co-exist with data farmers and spies anymore than they can co-exist with flesh eating bacteria. They are completely devoid of integrity, and are therefor inferior mutants.

      Data farmers and spies know that what they are doing is 100% illegal, so they deny it and say that their victims are imagining it and mentally ill, which is libelous and slanderous, in addition to bearing false witness and perjury. Data farmers and spies are psychopaths. I am surrounded by them. Data farming and spying is not new and it is not normal. Only people with deviant personality disorder and psychopathy are data farmers and spies. The crimes of data farming and spying require that data farmers and spies have no respect for the rights and property of others. It is sick as hell. It rewards the corrupt and the mentally incompetent at the expense of the competent and innocent. Either the data farming and spying will stop, or the data farmers and spies will destroy the world and everyone in it because they are completely mentally incompetent and completely corrupt. They would not be data farming and spying if they were intelligent and honest. Data farmers and spies are genetically inferior mutants. Their actions and life styles are the only proof required to prove the last sentence. Now the data farmers and spies are claiming that they are spying on viruses. Data farmers and spies have diseased minds. Data farmers and spies try to claim that they are data farming and spying on people to advertise to people. Data farmers and spies do not have any right to invade people’s lives to try to sell them something. It is also a lie that that is why they data farm and spy. They do it for data theft purposes because they are unimaginative mentally incompetent thieves, not for advertising purposes. Only people with diseased minds would claim that they are data farming and spying for the good of the public, or for advertising. That would be the least cost effective advertising imaginable! Pouring through tons of data to get someone to click on an ad or to order a pizza?! Who in the hell do you think that you are kidding?! These are the rationalizations of addicts. They are addicted to data farming and spying. If drinking a glass of wine is good for your heart, drinking three bottles of wine will really make you super human. Is there really any difference between taking narcotics after surgery or for getting a splinter? Cocaine was originally used on patients by dentists, which are doctors, so doctors recommend using cocaine. Bill W. had his spiritual awakenning on LSD, so if AA is really going to be effective, everyone has to drop acid at AA meetings.

      Yes, the rationalizations for spying and data farming, which is also spying under a different name sound every bit as absurd as the rationalzations made by drug and alcohol addicts! You are making complete asses out of yourselves! 

      The only information that I opted to know about my readers on my website was which country they were from. I was stunned to find out what a rarity that choice was! Many that claim to be Libertarians or supporters of the constitution do not practice what they preach and data farm! They should do everyone a favor and shut down their websites! 

      Considering that I am in my fifties, and that I have never had a history of criminal or violent behavior, and that I also received security clearance on multiple occasions including to meet Barabara Bush and Jenna Bush, attend George W. Bush Speech, attend Barack Obama speech, have attended numerous fund raisers with elected officials, including Tammy Baldwin, hosted fund raisers for a state  governor candiate, everyone knows damn well that I am not and never have posed a threat to anyone. Anyone that claims otherwise is patently lying! To claim that someone that has lived non criminally and non violently for over half a century would suddenly become a violent criminal is a totally fatuous and asinine argument, based on absolutely nothing other than their own criminal intent. They are spying on me because the threat that I pose to them is that I am better than they are and they are obviously extremely inferior to me, and they have committed a crime spree on me, my life, my family, and my property! That is the only threat, and they know it! I was also an events cooridinator for Ozaukee County Dems, and was elected to the Resolution and Platform committee for the sixth CD district, and was a personal caregiver for the elderly and disabled people, and volunteered for the RNC prior to all of that! So, there is no legitimacy for any claim that I am in pre-crime of any type, anymore than there is any legitimacy to claim that a newborn is in pre-crime. They just say pre-crime, because they are serial criminal psychopaths and wrongly believe that everyone will wind up in that category. So, now, everyone ends up being born into pre-crime. If you would consider it a crime to have supported those candidates, or to be involved with the RNC or DNC, then in hindsight, I cannot agrue with that, but they and the media lied, and I was not on the internet until the late 2000’s, so I really did not know. I never did vote for Obama though, I voted for Ralph Nader and Jill Stein, and everyone in the DNC knew it. What they have done to me is nothing short of great bodily harm, domestic terrorism, domestic violent extremism, illegal enslavement, and false imprisonment of me in my own home, and they should all be charged for those crimes and sentenced to federal pennitentiaries for them! They are the threat to society! Not me! They are barabaric, sadistic, beasts that are serial criminal psychopaths! They are evil, treacherous, heinous, crimes that must not and will not be forgiven by me! It is truly grotesque, evil, monstrous behavior surpassing that of Josef Mengele, Hannibal Lectur, and Dr. Frankenstein.

      May God grant you the serenity to accept that you are inferior to me in everything and in every way,

      The courage to confess non-anonymously on social media or national media what you have done to me, my family, my dog, and my property.

      And the wisdom to know that the world would defintely be better off if you were dead!  

      That is my prayer for all of you that have committed this sadistic  serial crime spree on me, my life, my family, and my property! 

      You would not have to resort to invading my life, property, and brain, all against my will if you were not completely talentless and completely retarded. It must be embarrassing as hell for the wretched swine in the following sectors : government, health care, research, ministry, legal, InfraGard, private eye, entertainment,  think tank, corporate, financial, media, and education sectors that have illegally enslaved me and falsely imprisoned me in my own home, and have tortured me and terrorized me causing me great bodily harm to have to confess that they have perpetrated and ignored the barbaric atrocities perpetrated against me when they feign to care about justice, law, religion, freedom, liberty, and human rights! I am not your property, and I am not community property! You are a bunch of worthless, useless, evil, mentally incompetent, insane frauds! Who the fuck do you think you are?! You are scum! You are sick and monstrous as hell!  You are just too God damned fucking worthless, stupid, and lazy to be able to live, obviously! You have exploited me and the vulnerable situations that I have been placed in through no fault of my own as though you are vampires, monsters, parasites, and predators! You are all 100% evil! You do not have a scintila of human decency! I had no idea that such a large percentage of the population was completely evil until 2014! It is not as though you are just walking past the homeless person on the way to work! It as as though you are all assalting and stealing from the homeless person that you walk past on your way to work! It is truly disgusting to be subjected to and witness your grotesque behavior! You are nothing short of horrifying beasts!  So glad that I did not have children that will have to be tortured and terrorized in a world by filled with evil, wretched scumbags like you!

      You know damned well that you are the dangerous terrorists and criminals, and not me! The fact that you have not even bothered to uncover the 9/11 hoax, the seven false flag wars that followed, or recover or charge the guilty parties for the missing $21 trillion from the Pentagon, or prosecute the individuals responsible for the scamdemic, and the fact that the police run child pornography websites, and that over 90% of illicit activity online takes place on TOR, and that TOR is fully financed by the government which just keeps it up and running and keeps censoring truth tellers and shutting their sites and social media accounts down, is just the tip of the iceberg of the overwhelming mountain of evidence that the surveillance state/police state is the organized crime ring of Domestic Violent Extemists and Domestic Terrorists that pose a clear and present danger as well as a grave danger to everyone outside of it! The surveillance state/police state has caused systemic corruption and it poses a moral hazard! All of that proves that the only reasons that you spy are for the purposes of stealing from, enslaving, and murdering your victims, which means that you are just too stupid and lazy to be able to live! You have turned America from a country into an organized crime ring! Now all of you, your families, and descendants will be forced to live in a country with nowhere to turn when the most grotesque macabre crimes are committed against yourselves and your “loved” ones, but of course, you really don’t love anyone, because if you did, you would not have done what you have, because you know that you will not live forever! Maybe that is why some in Silicon Valley would like to live forever, exactly like vampires do in the movies! 

      I have called the FBI over this dozens of times and have repeatedly been hung up on 95% of the time, and it is hanging up on me because the same woman always says, “goodbye Andrea,” prior to hanging up on me. Other times, I have been told to call the police. I have told them that I have and that they are corrupt. I have also called Scott Walker, Tony Evers, Wisconsin AGs, state senator Alberta Darling, state assembly man Jim Ott, congressman Glenn Grothman, Senators Tammy Baldwin, and Ron Johnson, Donald Trump, Biden, the RNC, DNC, Rand Paul, Devin Nunez, Tulsi Gabbard, Bernie Sanders, Ilahn Omar, Rashid Telab, and the Pentagon. The Pentagon always tells me to call the police. The police are corrupt, incompetent, and just plain lazy. I have also called the UN and WHO, Human Rights Watch, Ron Paul who told me to call the John Birch Society, the Rutherford Institute that never got back to me, even the Humane Society since it also affects animals, Judicial Watch, and have been ignored by everyone. I have notified many journalists and have been completely ignored in one aspect, but they spy on me and steal data, intellectual property, and gas light me in another aspect, with the moral equivalent of assaulting and stealing from a homeless person on the way to work. 

      You are moral hazards and liabilities that America can no longer afford! Like all moral hazards, you are engaging in destructive, abusive, excessive risk taking behavior that causes all moral hazards to fail. The excessive risk taking includes serial criminality. Your failure is imminent and impending! You are living in a delusional state of denial! If you were not talentless, insane, delusional, retarded hacks, you would realize it! You bring the phrase “sick as hell” to a whole new level!

      More On Sonic Attacks Including on Military, State Department, Government, and CIA Employees, because the human brain is both the enemy to the government as well as the black market product sold to
      unimiginative, mentally incompetent, narcissistic, megalomeniacal psychopaths. 

      One of the repeated chants that the psychopaths using the sonic weapons on me keep saying is “we’re not gifted.” Well, most people are not gifted, and they accept it and try to better themselves in other areas, just as most people accept that they are not super models, and make the best with what they have and try to improve their appearance, they do not decide to murder or maim all of the super models to eliminate competetition, or try to surgically implant their own brain in the super models body so that they can have the body and face of a super model, because that would be sick as hell, just like what they have done to me is sick as hell!—report/—report/

      My problem is that I keep forgetting that I am surrounded by the
      anti-Christs – the Jesus killers. The anti-Christs died for their sins, and they have been filled with the same dark spirit of the anti-Christ Jesus killers. and Jesus died in vain, because after over two-thousand years since the birth of Christ, they haven’t learned a damned thing, and the stupid behavior voluminates, and the killing never stopped, and just keeps going on and on! Jesus did not die so that you could sin, you imbeciles! He died because you sinned by killing him! You are in the low IQ losers club! Like, oh, Jesus is dead, now we can sin without him criticizing our sinful behavior! You justify the most absurd things! You are not only low IQ losers, but lunatics as well! 

      Anti-Christs, will you ever have your come to Jesus moment for anything other than crucifying him and other truth tellers all over again?

      You may say that the anti-Christs were the victors, but after almost two-thousand years after the crucifixion of Jesus, he is the most well known man in world history, as well as the most quoted, so the legend and spirit of Christ is still alive today, albeit for an apparently dwindling population.

      Apparently, many in America and the world, including in the government, operate on the concept that whomever is willing to be the most sadistic, abusive, corrupt, destructive, deceptive, and deviant is guaranteed victory. That is really an insane gamble to take. Are you willing to gamble with your lives, as well as your families and descendants lives that there is not anyone on earth that is not willing to be more sadistic, abusive, corrupt, deceptive, and deviant than you are? The world is a pretty big place. Would you like to take that gamble, or would you like to stop? 

      Andrea Iravani

    2. I never take anything seriously that emanates from the great pretender.
      Our alleged Resident in the White House can keep all of his “recommendations” to himself. Go away Joe.

    3. I have had enough and have put myself on suicide watch!

    4. Games says:

      The flip flopping continues.
      Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago they were saying the vaccinated should CONTINUE to wear masks?
      At this point, they are just openly mocking us and playing with us like a cat does with a mouse.

    5. toony loons says:

      No matter what, I just hope
      that Joe continues to wear his mask – nobody needs to see that.🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    6. Uh huh says:

      This has got to be the biggest experiment on the masses ever! The evil behind this covid Insanity is absolutely immeasurable!

    7. Curious says:

      I wonder if the distinguished
      “Dr” Falsi had a hissy fit after hearing Biden’s latest announcement on masks?😂

    8. Truth says:


    9. Doctors as The Third Tier says:

      It is shameful that conservatives justify the murder of a middle aged man by kneeling on his neck for nearly ten minutes until he died of a heart attack on the basis that he had a couple pain pills in his pocket. But this is our doctor led Third Tier Order.

      Many of you may be wondering how things should have gone the day Chauvin murdered George Floyd. What should have been the rightful outcome? In the midst of your bewilderment many of you turn to the medical establishment owned meadia and read the opinion pieces and listen to the pundits. You know who they are. For them if any illicit or even any legally prescribed drug is found in the body of the deceased it is said to the effect that they got what they deserved. For them this tells them all they need know and the case should be closed in Defence of the cop. Others say and perhaps with some legitimacy that any resistance to the cop whatsoever is justification for killing a citizen whether it be a child or adult. That all should go along willingly with the medical establishment owned enforcement tool. That way, the accused will have their day in the medical establishment owned court. Hendrickson sescribes it “(Let me offer one comment on resisting arrest: Everybody—regardless of age, gender, race—please, please don’t resist arrest. Doing that increases the danger to your life, and it just isn’t worth it. And to those who argue that police officers should let those they are trying to arrest run away and not use force to detain them, what kind of disrespect for the law, what kind of anarchy are you promoting? When an officer arrests a person, it isn’t an invitation that a person may accept or decline. There’s no option for the detainee to say, “No thanks, officer, I’ve got other plans for today, so see you later.”)”

      in reasonable times when working with reasonable government employees what Hendrickson has to say in this regard makes a lot of sense. Floyd was a man in his mid 50’s and there has been substaintial media warnings about the risk involved with regard to resistance. In fact, cases similar to Floyd’s are lined up back to back to back for as far as the eye can see. Further, cases similar to Floyd’s have been the spectacle of media coverage for a very long time. For those reasons as well as others he likely knew the risk of resistance. Hendrickson inquires as to the example such resistance leads. Well I think I would answer him that whether he, I or whoever may or may not like it, Floyd has become a national folk hero who may always be remembered for his sacrifice. Though I do not have time to verify it I heard schools are being named after him and monuments erected. Whatever the case, no doubt the conviction of Chauvin is seen as a historic victory against oppressive forces.

      As a people we should know something about oppression and resistence. From our founding document the Declaration of Independence “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.” As stated earlier, things are so oppressive the populace’s of our nation stand at the ready to burn our cities down. Hello Hendrickson and whoever, are you there? Is anybody home? Are you awake? Do you get it? Our President Biden has declared that he recognizes no “constitutional rights” absolute. The
      The leader of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab has declared that “you will own nothing and you will have nothing. “ Do these sound like people who care anything about you or your Liberty?

      So what was it all about the day Floyd was murdered by Chauvin. Again, Hendrickson puts it this way “Legally, it was wrong and unjust for George Floyd to die that day. While Floyd might have violated at least three laws—allegedly passing counterfeit currency, illegal drug use, and resisting arrest—he didn’t commit a capital offense, and so his death is a travesty.” Okay, let’s start with the drugs. We are living in unprecedented times with regard to the scope and gravity of oppression with regard to drugs. People have served life sentences for substances as benign as hemp or cbd. Over the past 20th century the doctor-medical establishment Tyranny has usurped entire control over just about any substance of medicinal value. Most of these products were given by God Almighty. More and more products disappear from the shelves every year and are “controlled.” As a further efface to we the people the doctor-medical owned establishment has even outlawed the growing of many plants in our gardens. Remember, in in all of humanity there has never been the likes of this sort of Tyranny EVER! And yet they are not finished and they have much more for us to come.

      Many of you may be confused that I have defined the Tyranny, Oppression, Murder, poverty, social injustice and Corruption that we live under as being doctor-medical establishment owned and led. However, we need only look at the financial profit motive and financial profits actually gained to truly understand. Beyond that we can look at their status and privilege attained. People like George Floyd who allegedly use drugs are typically forced to buy them off the street. In that event prices and demand skyrocket out of control. People sell the drugs from the doctors at a profit and buy more and more as more and more people also decide to get the drugs. The big Pharma end the medical establishment realizes huge financial gains. Cops are hired to police and the prison complex also profits enormously. Lawyers and courts of course also get their cut. Thereby the severe laws benefit the doctor-medical establishment at the top. Eventually the people become conscious that they are being gamed and taken advantage of. At some point they have no alternative but to stand up as we witness throughout the cities of America. Another aspect of all this we witness is gigantic crime waves and violence throughout these cities. Take note that it is rare to see cops murdering citizens in places such as Amsterdam and Portland. The more civilized the city is with regard to drug policies the less we see cops murdering the citizens. Further, the less likely it is for drug users to commit acts of violent crime in an effort to purchase drugs. Finally, stand your ground scenarios such as we saw with Floyd become less common. Should a drug user want help discontinuing drugs perhaps they can seek a doctor. Ideally this is what a doctor should be for in such a circumstance. Ideally this is beneficial for the patient, doctor and society as a whole. Today’s doctors are so confused they literally do not know who they work for or to who their loyalties should be. Today’s doctors balance their practice of medicine between a host of alphabet agencies and other interest such as the FBI, CIA, CDC, DEA, public health and almost too many to mention. While the doctor profits how can this work for the patient? In any event another damaging aspect of these laws is the that people and other countries begin illicitly manufacturing drugs that are either intentionally or unintentionally literally poisonous and many people die as the result. Often the CIA is involved with drug smuggling and other nefarious activities in this regard. Thoughts of what is truly safe for the cops and what is safe for society are seemingly disregarded when draconian medical establishment policies are implemented.

      For most our history as a nation there was not a lot of laws regulating drugs and from a crime and death perspective our country was better off. Opioid products were readily available over the counter. In creating the market for illicit drug use not only were the laws of regulation manufactured by the government it also created a lot hysteria and buzz surrounding the idea of drug usage. We see this with regard to tobacco and all sorts of other drugs. The doctor-medical estabishmement owned media went to work making drug usage look cool. While drugs have always been available in America and are to this day Hollywood and the media in general have been responsible for much of drug usage. An onslaught exists to this day with their advertising and hysteria. Every drug they introduce supposedly being stronger and more cool than the .last. The largest profit maker for television adverting is the pharmaceutical end of the tyrannical establishment.

      From a constitutional perspective the regulation of drugs such as they are is a violation of natural law and God’s nature. By natural law and God’s nature as humans we are free to make use of the things God gave us as we find useful so long as we are not hurting others in a direct context. Whether that be rain water collected from the roof or the plants given to us through His nature. The Declaration of Independence speaks to God’s nature and Law of Nature “The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.” Thus it is that the doctor-medical establishment tyranny is in violation of the Laws of Nature and God’s Nature for it is that we are to live by Free Will. With regard to your children it is up to you who are supposed to teach them difference between rightful and wrongful living

      When George Floyd made his decision to resist whether you consider it heroic or not he did so likely knowing the risk. Sadly, he did so under the duress of knowing that the Medical-Tyranny owned cops and courts are so heinous, so egregious, so extreme and so corrupt that he thought the risk was worth it. I think it obvious to say that with the onslaught of cases presented in the media on a near daily basis that others past and forthcoming also knew and know the risk. Considering that there did not seem to be any pressing reason to take Floyd into custody on the day in question it seems that in a more sane world he simply could have been let go. Floyd was not flight risk and pending investigation he could likely have been picked up any time.

      In short, the Order spent much of the 1950s and 1960s creating the demand for a drug market that it would later deem illegal. Once the drugs were declared illegal the Medical Order (MO) spent the 1970s, 80’s and on up to current day educating the public about the drugs which were made illegal. Further, the MO convinced the public that all behavioral deviations from their proclaimed policies should be met with severe penalties. Without these policies lawyers, courts, the prison complex, police and other industries would not exist to the extent we know them today. As time has moved on stand your ground types of altercations which resist shake downs such we see in Floyd’s case have become common. In reaction the public rebels against the brutality of the MO. Yet, how can the MO be enforced without the use of brutality when so many will resist when confronted by enforcement? Thus, we have it that mouth pieces from MO owned media sing a chorus for non resistance

      The tentacles of the Doctor-Medical owned establishment are ever expanding. Their tyranny does not rest. Early on in 2020 a novel virus was brought to the attention of the public. We were told that it comes from bats in Wuhan, China. Since that time humanity has seen an unfolding of tyranny in scope and scale never witnessed before. Many respected virologist, pathologist, and other medical doctor experts experts who have broke ranks with the Order argue that through the use of so called vaccines we will see a holocaust that could only make previous tyrants such as Stalin, Hitler and Mao blush.

      While the MO has been inhumanely ruthless in imposing new policies upon children and the public as a whole with mask wearing and social distancing mandates the real end-game is their Frankenstein vaccines for all. Never at a loss to pervert language and the true scope and scale of a “crisis” we see that initially the Wuhan China Virus was only of very limited consequence. Yet in its greed and lust for power the doctor led MO refused to let something that was harmless to children and harmless 98.7% of the population go to waste. Within a matter of nine months they would concoct a concoction of poison and never before tried dna/rna altering “therapeutics” and unleash it upon the unsuspecting masses

    10. Did you miss Event 201

      The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY. The exercise illustrated areas where public/private partnerships will be necessary during the response to a severe pandemic in order to diminish large-scale economic and societal consequences.

    11. Quick Learner says:

      I was dating a quite attractive girl a few months ago, she insisted I get the covid “vaccine”. She even said she doubted we could have a relationship if I did not get one. I told her I don’t know who she’s talking to because I have no plans to get the vaccine, and no plans for a long-term relationship either, and that she had a wrong and one-sided idea about that. This is the same girl who told me about a week after we started dating my hair was too long and I needed to get a haircut, I just matter-of-factly said no and left it at that. Later that day she mentioned I have an attitude of not explaining myself. I said that’s one reason why I’m never getting married, I don’t explain myself, and I won’t explain myself. I meet this bitch, date her a few times, and the next thing you know she’s trying to tell me what to do and trying to change me. She once actually mentioned her biological clock is ticking, I responded she go find a beta male (I never mentioned anything about my vasectomy.) I own a very nice home and some property in a semi-rural area. She started to drop by even without letting me know, really irritating, it was impacting my personal time. She must have felt she had some kind of right to take liberties of my time.
      Most men get married because they are just weaklings. Marriage is a form of slavery for men, why would men voluntarily get married. They do what their women tell them, they give up their self autonomy, they unnecessarily put up with BS, have to take on more responsibilities, they just settle for so much less from life. Fortunately, more and more men are starting to realize having temporary and casual relationships are more satisfying.
      Hard times are coming, real hard times. Personal resources, opportunities, etc. will be precious, and may be difficult to come by in the not so distant future, keep that in mind. Remember, no matter how pretty she is, somebody, somewhere, for some reason, is tired of her sh*t.

    12. Establishment Retaiation says:

      On March 16, 2021 on behalf of my Mom who is deaf, blind, crippled to a bed and wheelchair., I called the transportation benefit phone number given on the Aetna website, 1-855-814-1699

      There was no problem. They told me she had the benefit and went over how many rides she could have. All they asked was 48 hours notice.

      Recently, I received a text from Mercy who has been accepting money from Aetna for my Mom’s care. The text asked if she wanted a covid19 vaccine. My Mom does not want it and I replied “no”.

      Today I called the transportation benefit dept again and now they say they have no record of her. So I called Aetna and they say she does not have the benefit. The person I spoke to had poor English language skills and sounded Chinese. I asked her for the enrollment agents name and phone number. Spent nearly 20 minutes on hold before being given the wrong name and phone number. I asked also to be transferred to somebody who could give me the info. The transfer was never picked up after waiting about another 20 minutes for someone to pick up. The Tentacles of the establishment are long and ruthless. I feel that this is possibly happening as retaliation for her not getting the shot. She has a top of the line premier PPO plan and pays through the nose for it. How could be that this benefit is not in her plan? And the enrolling agent did not enroll her in the benefit considering the circumstances? Wondering if others feel they are experiencing retaliation from the tech and pharmaceutical insurance complex for not accepting the poison injections?

    13. Ted K. says:

      There’s too many stupid people on my planet…

    14. notu says:

      that nation idiot biden needs to be put in his place. he is the planet court jester.

    15. Bill says:

      Who is the prez talking to? We are Americans, we don’t need his permission for anything. Furthermore, I don’t need his or the govt’s guidance, especially when it impacts my freedoms and rights. Here’s a tip to everyone, this “pandemic” (or any other “crisis”) does not entitle the State to abridge your rights and freedoms, stop allowing it to do so. It might make a fuss, but it can only exercise illegal power to enforce its edicts, and even that is not possible when enough people say no.
      Here is another reality. If you have been paying attention you have noticed big tech colluding with gov’t in canceling anyone who exercises independent voices, thoughts, and actions, or anything that does not comport with the leftist agendas and narratives. The left is not satisfied with election victories, they want permanent total, complete, absolute power over every aspects of our lives, this is no exaggeration. But they cannot achieve it with only leftists policies, propaganda, and election victories. There is coming a time when the American military will be used against American citizens. Why do I believe this is very possible? Traditionally, the military has leaned Republican, not anymore. Because ex-prez BO did, and current prez JB have been purging the military of large numbers of “non-desirable” senior offficers and replacing them with those who believe in leftist ideology. And in the last few months the admin. has been rooting out and purging “white supremacists” in the ranks. White Supremacy in reality does not exist, it is merely a euphemism for patriotism, Trump supporters, conservatives, those who believe in our Constitution, etc. The military is surely being converted into a tool for domestic political control.
      When the leftists see there are many millions of people who will never get on board with them, they will become impatient waiting for their political efforts to convert the US into a Marxist state. They will call in their now politicized military to help finish the job. Before, the military has always been adverse to domestic politics. Now with the purge almost complete, it will become involved, but as a tool of the leftists.

      • Bill's right says:

        @Bill, I agree with you that the “white supremacist” does not exist. I think the world is so screwed up and the programming is so complete that if we stand up for ourselves and have some patriotism and happen to be white – you are immediately labeled as a white supremacist. The evil ones behind our current miseries are experts at dividing everyone and demonizing anyone who happens to have some pride and respect for themselves. They are always turning anything that we do into an “us against this or that group” type of thing and it is absolutely sickening how many people fall for the divisive tactics.

    16. Anonymous says:

      Happiness is seeing drooling, pedo joe leave the White House with Harris under one arm and the joint chiefs under the other.

      Had enough of this criminal bullshit yet?

    17. Hmm... says:

      Recent headline:
      Vaxxed Country in
      the World Sees Huge
      Spike in Deaths,
      More New Cases
      Than Any Other

    18. Darth Skippy says:

      (I still have pursuits, which interest me, when I take a break from this.)

      After having gone through several dictionaries, I do not see where it has been differentiated, between the right hand, right arm, or right side, in the Bible:
      “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

    19. cranerigger says:

      NOT “ruthlessly mocked” – I say APPROPRIATELY MOCKED.

      If slo-Joe wants to drink the Jim Jones-style-Kool-aid, I can’t stop him. But he damn-sure will not force me & my family to drink it.

    20. Anonymous says:

      Audit all states election ballots or resign!

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