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    Biden: “I’m Reiterating My Call…To Maintain and Reinstate Their Mask Mandate!”

    Mac Slavo
    March 30th, 2021
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    Joe Biden is very upset that people aren’t wearing their ritualistic shame muzzles anymore. He’s now making demands on lower politicians to exercise tyranny on as many people as possible and “reinstate their mask mandate” if they dared to lift it so people could breathe fresh air this spring.

    Biden says forcing people to wear masks is your “patriotic duty.”

    It’s a patriotic duty. It’s the only way we ever get back to normal. –Joe Biden

    People are going about their lives and thumbing their noses at the ruling classes’ antics at this point, and King Biden is pretty ticked off about it.  The slaves have decided to rule themselves and the power-hungry politicians are losing control quickly.

    “People are letting up on precautions, which is a very bad thing,” Biden said on Monday in a White House press briefing according to a report by RT. With the seven-day average of new Covid-19 cases nationwide rising 16% in the past week, he added, “We’re giving up hard-fought, hard-won gains, and as much as we’re doing, America, it’s time to do even more.” In other words, he cannot have people figuring out that they were born free and don’t actually have to get permission from other humans, even those in government, to do anything.

    The mainstream media and governments are losing control of people all over the globe.  Humans are finally standing up for their rights to live not as slaves, but as free sovereign people capable of making their own decisions without rulers and elitists calling the shots.SHTFPlan

    The uptick in fear-mongering lately regarding everything from mutants and variants, to Ebola and hospitalizations is clear evidence that most people no longer live in fear. The government’s days are numbered but they do not appear to want to go down without at least a last propagandized fear-mongering push.

    Make sure you remain a slave and obey the rulers, whether they are mayors, or governors, or congressmen. “I’m reiterating my call for every governor, mayor, and local leader to maintain and reinstate their mask mandate,” Biden said. “Please, this is not politics. Reinstate the mandate if you let it down. Businesses should require masks as well. Mask up, mask up.

    Are Face Masks & COVID Rituals Occultist Symbols For Submission?

    They desperately need to know who the complying and obedient slaves are. Make no mistake, this is far from over. Especially because people have awoken to the truth that no one has power over them and it doesn’t matter if you call it a democracy, republic, or otherwise. We are free and fewer are acting like slaves by the day.

    They manipulate us using fear:

    The Science of Fear: How The Elitists Use it to Control Us & How to Break Free

    John Adams once said: “Fear is the foundation of most governments.”



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      Author: Mac Slavo
      Date: March 30th, 2021

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      1. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        Their problem is that they are mentally incompetent and have high levels of degrees and have convinced themselves that people are stupid enough to believe them, despite the fact that most of the MDs and PhDs paraded in the media, including the alt right and aly left are mentally incompetent narcissists that are totally full of hubris and fell in love with their egos. Their egos will destroy them. Their egos are larger than they are and will consume, devour, and destroy them. It is a given. Hubris gets them every time. They are fully committed to being stubborn, wrong, and evil. A strategy guaramteed to loose, obvious to any rational individual. It is only a matter of time. 

        The plague that killed between 30-60% of Europe also was followed by the 100 years war. So, if they consider that to be a renaissance They may not like the results of it, because it may not include them. They are pathological losers. They are addicted to losing like all compulsive gamblers are. They are high rollers, and they have shit for brains.

        With the psychopaths also now obliterating the second amendment, and also abandoning ICBMs and spending money for those on “covid-19” shots instead, coinciding with foreign policy disasters on multiple fronts, I hate to say it but I would not be surprised if the Chinese end up invading and ambushing America. They could send 1/5 of their population here and do it right away. The revokation and abridgements of the second amendment rights of Americans would make it extremely easy for them to do it too. 

        Grafton Wisconsin government employee Amber Thomas in the water and waste water division has decided to murder me in cold blood, which she informed me of today because she said that they will turn off my water for refusing to allow the Grafton government to enter my home to install a new water meter even though I informed her that she has no right to enter my house, she said, yes, we have a right to go into your house. I told her that she does not because it would be a violation of the 4th amendment. I told her to place the meter outside and she lied and said that they would freeze, even though there are outdoor water meters used in Madison WI and Amber Thomas is the supervisor that makes these decisions. There is no Wisconsin or federal law that requires water meters either. 

        Amber Thomas has the mindset of a rapist, believing that she is entitled to force her way into people’s homes and if they do not comply, they will die, because nobody can survive without water.

        It is like someone that holds a gun to your head and says give me your watch, and if you don’t I will shoot you, and try to make you think that it would be your fault if you do not give them your watch and they shoot you.

        I refuse to tolerate Amber Thomas trying to force her way into my home, by threat of my imminent death for not complying.

        If I die, it will be Amber Thomas’s and the Grafton government’s fault for cold blooded, pre-meditated homicide. Amber Thomas is a psychopath, obviously! 

        From Madison Wisconsin’s website:

        “Madison Water Utility has an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) network that reads and transmits water consumption on a daily basis. Some customers may choose not to have a transmitter inside their home. MWU’s opt-out policy offers two options: have the transmitter installed on the outside of the building, or not have it installed on the property at all.”

        “Option 1: Electronic Read Transmitter (ERT) installed on the outside of residence/building: $50.69 one-time charge
        Option 2: No Electronic Read Transmitter (ERT) on property: $4.06 additional monthly charge
        Please fill out and submit an opt-out form if you are interested in one of the two options above.”

        Standard Meter Opt-Out Form

        “In order to opt out, you must set up an appointment to have a Madison Water Utility meter technician visit your home or business. Call (608) 266-4765”

        Andrea Iravani

      2. Rules were made to serve the citizens, not the other way round.
        It will be obvious in the end.

      3. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        The establishment is freaking out because everyone has realized how corrupt they are. After their involvement in 9/11, the seven false flag wars that followed, the missing $21 trillion from the Pentagon, and the “covid-19” pandemonium used as a cover for corruption and financial and political malfeasance, who could claim that they are not totally corrupt?

        White Christians are the majority in America, which is the sole reason that they have been illegally targeted in secret FISA courts. The fact that everyone in the Biden administration and previously in the Trump administration has ramped up these calls to target white Christians are intimidation tactics to silence them in hopes that they will stop pointing out the in your face, or on your face, masked corruption in the government and establishment. Trump insisted that criticizing Israeli government policies as being anti-Semetic, and targeting anyone in BDS, even though any American can organize a boycott of any and every American company and suffer no consequences what so ever. Biden has kept those policies in pkace and ratcheted it up.

        Do not back down. Do not be intimidated. Know your rights, and exercise your rights. If you let them intimidate you, it empowers them and is positive reinforcement for evil, corrupt, oppressive behavior.

        We tell them that they are corrupt, evil, and oppressive, which they counter us with by being even more corrupt, evil, and oppressive, and accuse us of being white Christians that are patriotic, support the constitution, oppose corruption, and know that the government is the largest national security threat to America. I confess to the charges that I am a white patriotic, American, Christian, that supports the constitution, opposes government corruption, knows that the government is totally corrupt, and is the largest threat to America. The evidenve proves it. None of those things constitute a crime or an act of immorality. 

        Lloyd Austin has overstepped his bounds and is exercising rights that he does not have on multiple fronts, which acts of constitutes high crimes, treason, and also violations of the Posse Commitatus act of 1878 which also specifically prohibits the military from targeting American civilians. 

        The Military and everyone in the government all swore an oath to uphold and defend the constitution. The constitutional rights of individuals acknowledged in the constitution, including the amendments in the Bill of Rights and the following amendments are to be upheld by every American, whether they work for the government or not. Nowhere in any of the amendments does it say that individuals rights are to be honored only by the government. Stealing is a form of a 4th amendment violation of another person’s property, as unreasonable seizure. People taking things that do not belong to them, or spying on people would fall under fourth amendment violations of unreasonable search and seizure. There is no reason for it. These criminals that steal and spy cannot obtain a warrant either. They are not in law enforcement. Police and others in the “intelligence” communities really need to quit their jobs if they are incapable of determining what is reasonable and what is unreasonable.  The secret FISA courts must end. People are prohibited from defending themselves, which is why they are secret in the first place. Anyone can blatantly lie about someone and destroy another person’s life for any reason at all, including for eliminating competition, stealing intellectual property, or destroying the life of their victim while they continue their predatory behavior on the population at large in total freedom, while their victim’s life has been totally destroyed without knowing who was behind it or why by someone that has tried to destroy them through a cowardly, dastardly act of psychopathy.

        Posse Commitatus Act

        The resulting Democratic Congress was at odds with the Republican President Hayes. In response to what was seen as undue influence over the 1876 election, Congress outlawed the practice of posse comitatus by enacting the Posse Comitatus Act (PCA) (as 20 Stat. 152) as a rider to the Army Appropriation Act for 1880. The act stated: “Whoever, except in cases and under circumstances expressly authorized by the Constitution or Act of Congress, willfully uses any part of the Army or the Air Force as a posse comitatus or otherwise to execute the laws shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.”

        “Also, the president may use the armed forces to suppress a rebellion, insurrection, domestic violence, or unlawful conspiracy that obstructs the execution of the laws of the United States or deprives the people of the United States from their constitutional rights, privelages, or immunities.”

        Eric Striker via Unz Review reports:

        “The guidelines describe patriot “domestic extremists” as holding an ideology that states “the US government has become corrupt, has overstepped its constitutional boundaries or is no longer capable of protecting the people against foreign threats.” Oathkeepers, Proud Boys and Boogaloo Bois are put in this category.”

        Andrea Iravani

      4. TharSheBlows says:

        Blahh blahhh blahhh.. This decrepid brain dead fossil is not even the legal legitimate President. After the mask comment, Joe was then seen drooling down his chin and heard mumbling something about “Where is my 2pm saucer of apple sauce?”

        These dopes are a true embarrassment to the United States and standing in the world.

        • Anonymous says:

          TharSheBlows, you have a real valid point there, and I fully agree. Yes, this decrepit brain-dead fossil isn’t even the legal legitimate POTUS. After the face diaper comment, Joe was then seen drooling down his chin and heard mumbling about “Where is my 2pm saucer of apple sauce?”
          I agree; these dopes are truly an embarrassment to the US and standing in the world.

      5. Willie Brown says:

        Go fuck yourself Joe then drop dead.

      6. Mr President? How exactly did he get in there?Oh, now I
        HAIL TO THE THIEF!!!!

      7. cooties says:

        Cadaver Joe and his scare tactics again. The phony 19 narrative is unraveling at record speeds and these tyrants can’t stand it. Their world is crumbling all around them and the control freaks
        are imploding. This all reminds me of the witch scene in The Wizard Of Oz
        “I’m melting,I’m melting”…

      8. The Do Da Man says:

        Old Maggot brains Joe couldn’t manage a bowel movement, he’s just a meat puppet flapping his gibbs living in la la land, thinking he’s somebody impotent.

      9. F U PEDO JOE. No masks, lockdowns and hell no to your DNA altering POISON

      10. Wojo says:

        People are folding like cheap suits. When the “vaccine or gene therapy” was made available many people I know and work with where like me saying “Hell no, I am not taking the shot”. Well its been two months since I last heard those words and 90% of them have gotten the vaccine and its as if its a club. I am not wanting to be in that club. I tell each of them thanks for taking one for the team.

      11. James says:

        No one is listening to a crazy, demented, corrupt, criminal old man that stole an election.

      12. BADGER BADGERISM says:

        you are under citizens arrest…Now Turn yourself in

      13. Hate to you Joe, but as far as I’m concerned, you and your female partner in crime can go screw a loose goose