Biden Gains On Trump In PA, Takes Lead In Georgia, As Day Three Of Post-Election Counting Continues

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge.

    As we head into day three of counting the ballots, Philadelphia City Commissioner Al Schmidt told CNN he expects an update in the next few hours as they kept counting through the night.

    There are 50,000 votes left to be counted there, he said. Despite a dustup that was the result of observers from both the Trump and Biden campaigns have been present observing the counting process, Schmidt said. “We have no doubt when the count is finished, Senator Harris and I will be declared the winners” he added.

    Here’s the most up to date map from Bloomberg:

    Source: Bloomberg


    In Georgia, Biden took a lead of more than 900 votes at about 0430 Friday morning: the lead has since grown to 1,096 votes. He gained the lead initially came after Clayton County in the Atlanta suburbs reported a bucket of ballots. Biden had been winning a huge proportion of the votes in that area. Other Atlanta suburbs are still reporting.

    In PA, Trump’s lead stood at 18,229 votes at 0600ET though it seems to steadily be shrinking. More mailed-in ballots, which Biden is winning by a healthy margin, are still expected to be counted, with many of them from the heavily Democratic city of Philadelphia and its suburbs. More mailed-in ballots are also set to be counted on Friday in Allegheny County, the home of Pittsburgh.

    However, in Georgia, a local reporter summed up the situation with all the attendant frustration and vitriol. Robin Kemp, the reporter in Clayton County, acknowledged that “yes” the votes are still being counted” and that no clear winner has emerged.

    If, by some miracle, Biden does pull off a victory in Georgia, it would be a historic moment for Dems. But it wouldn’t necessarily translate to a victory: Also, for readers who aren’t familiar with the other votes that take days to fully count these are validly cast ballots, just being counted now.

    Biden also retains leads in the states of Nevada and Arizona, where ballots are still being counted, and mail-in ballots from thousands of older retirees remain to be counted.

    With PA remaining the biggest available prize, every major network has Biden leading with at least 253 electoral votes, meaning that if he were to win Pennsylvania and its 20 electoral votes, he would have more than the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency. Fox News and the Associated Press have both called the race for Biden in Arizona, projecting him as the winner of that state’s 11 electoral votes, though other networks have abstained.


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      1. Don’t abandon hope of a Capitol Hill congressional civil war shoot out between politicians.

        Andrea Iravani

        • And the Moon is made of Cheese. Welcome to the Twilight ZONE. The whole world is corrupt. A very sad day in America to try and raise a child with integrity and honest standards. So where did all of the $6 Trillion in Covid Emergency funds go? All I saw was a $1200 penitence check, to be a good sheep and comply. I hope you all went out and bought a gun and ammo with the Covid Checks. You will need these liberty tools coming up very soon. I’m starting to see more homeless beggars on the street and people living out of their pick-up truck campers. Gonna get F-ugly very soon. Jan 3rd, massive housing foreclosures begin.

      2. Pence might walk into congress in a trench coat, pull out a machine gun and shoot everyone dead, of course Biden would be there too, then kill Trump, then the secret service would kill Pence. That could help Make America Great Again. Even though many are corrupt that are not in government, they are supposed to be the ones that are responsible for upholding our constitutional rights.

        Andrea Iravani

      3. The USA is a nation of laws. This election (results) will end up in the SCOTUS. That will be the USA’s last stand. Freedom will either be chosen or the republic will forever be lost!


      4. The MSM (Main Stream Media) acts like there could be no possible problem with the vote counts in predominantly Demonrat states. Like Pravda they try to reenforce the Demonrat party line. The extension by courts to accept votes after the LEGISLATURE MANDATED date of 11/3/2020 is NOT LEGAL (The court may NOT extend the date provided by the legislature). George Soros funded campaigns for SECRETARIES OF STATE (certifiers of elections) over the last ten years make many Americans suspicious. The resulting work forces to COUNT the VOTES are heavily populated with DEMONRATS, which also makes folks suspicious. Mailed ballots to old voter lists yields ballots going to dead people, non-citizens & non-residents of the particular state. News readers on the MSM, get a clue – there are plenty of reasons for scepticism.

      5. Trump WON, And so in a panic, they stopped counting as Trumps margin began to widen even larger. Then in the middle of the night, trunk loads of fake ballots of dead people show up and all the votes are for Biden. 104% of registered voters voted? More votes then registered voters in several States? This is fraudulent ballot stuffing, and Voter Fraud by the Dem and they got caught. Nobody showed up to a Biden rally, maybe 10 people, yet he magically gets the most votes ever recorded in the history of the USA for any candidate ever? Bwhahaahahahaha..

        This is a Hoax that is unraveling BigTime, and Biden needs to be locked up along with all their DNC commie supporters.

        • TSB – This is what commies (marxists) do. Fraud is a moral issue, marxists deny morality as it is an impediment to obtaining and holding power. Their only morality is what helps them in their goal to seize power – which is all that matters to them, this is why they say “the ends justifies the means”. And really, they don’t care if we all can see their lies and fraud, the only important things are that: 1- the fraud won’t be convincingly proven because half the population will always believe the lies (useful idiots), and even if the evidence is clear and overwhelming they still won’t accept it, and 2 – they have a sufficiently large enough portion of support from the voting population to legitimize the vote, making it all the harder to contest.
          Even though the Dems. may have won, they are still very upset by the fact the more than 70 million people voted for DT, and that the election was close (if you count JB’s ballot and voter fraud, otherwise it would have been a decisive DT victory). And that there were too many votes for DT for the Dems. to say they have a mandate.

      6. If it was rigged, let Trump and his merry band of huckster lawyers
        file it in court and prove it.

        Better yet, howz bout you donate some money so the billionaire orange man can afford the recounts and court cases. He’s way too poor.

        Hahahahahaha….Trumptards are funny

        • Trump tards are funny. Biden tards are shit eating,shit spitting c.h.u.ds. and that sounds about like you basement boy, Get a job spitter! Elbulleheal

      7. The international sign of distress is the flag flown upside down. Your election is in distress.


      8. It is over for America. It has been for twenty years. But the election of Biden, a corrupt, Ukrainian bribing, senile, sex-offender to lead the nation is definitely a new all time low for America, and many Republicans voted for Biden in the primary, so many are equally responsible for a Biden presidency. Hopefully, he won’t sell the country off to China for an ice cream cone. Both candidates were involved in the lock down involving high crimes and treason. I am truly awe struck at what has happened to this country. America may never recover, and it is doubtful that it will in my life time, in fact, it would take nothing short of a miracle! This nation is led by evil, sadistic, abusive, criminal psychopaths, and that is not an exageration. Corruption is now so ingrained into American culture that many were unphased by the candidates running, and even promoted one of them knowing full well that the lock down was based on financial and scientific fraud, which equates to a nation of hostages held by evil, sadistic, criminal psychopaths that have zero regard for human life, once it leaves the womb, and they probably only care about it while it is in the womb, because they don’t have access to it, and cannot spy on it. The truth is, that they do not care about a single one of us, whether we happen to be a day old, or a century old, and the lock down, forced masking, and banning freedom of assembly is 100% proof of it, knowing full well that it is all extremely unhealthy and also impoverishes people and destroys lives. Even Adolph Hitler didn’t go that far, and I hate Adolph Hitler, but these scumbags in charge are even worse than he was! 

        Wake Up America!

        Andrea Iravani

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