Biden Expands Legal Team In Preparation For “Voting Fight”

by | Sep 15, 2020 | Headline News | 7 comments

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    Democrat Joe Biden is gearing up for an election battle. He’s now expanding his legal team to prepare for the election chaos we have promised.

    Biden is bringing on two former United States solicitors general and other top attorneys to oversee what could devolve into a fierce battle over the results of November’s vote. The build-up comes as the mainstream media continues to report on the issues confront election officials nationwide as they prepare to conduct this year’s election amid a global plandemic ushering in the New World Order.

    President Donald Trump is also anticipating election chaos, suggesting mail-in voting could be fraudulent. The back and forth between Trump and Biden is alluding to major election chaos regardless of the results this November.

    They Are Promising This Election WILL Be UGLY: Clinton Urges Biden to NOT Concede

    “For months, the Biden for President campaign has been quietly building a massive election protection program–the largest in presidential campaign history,” a Biden campaign adviser said of the new legal expansion, according to a report by ABC News. He added that the program involves integrated legal, communications, and political strategies to ensure that jurisdictions are properly prepared to handle the challenges that come with holding safe in-person voting and also to combat misinformation about voting via mail.

    This election is already messy, to say the least, and it wouldn’t be wise to assume that it’ll smooth out.  It’s only going to get bumpier in the near future. As this election approaches, expect it to get more chaotic. It’s all bein setup and is nothing more than theatre.  Don’t fall for it!

    It’s All A Set-Up! Politician Calls For “Unrest In The Streets” Before Election

    Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder (the guy who ran the Fast & Furious scandal) will also have a roll on the legal team, leading a communications operation aiming to “interact broadly with all stakeholders in voting rights,” per the Biden campaign.

    Biden says Trump is sowing distrust in the voting process. “I have confidence that Trump will try and not have that happen, but I’m confident the American public’s going to insist on it,” Biden told reporters outside a polling location in Wilmington when asked if he has confidence that all votes will be counted in November’s election.


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      1. Just another human casualty of the Trump administration, in this case, inarguably of the bravest most morally upright man on Earth, Julian Assange.

        A Tale of Two Lewises:

        Andrea Iravani

        • Wrong article. This article has nothing to do with Assange

      2. Donald Trump is the largest enemy to journalists and the 1st mandment that the world has ever known, with Trump’s war on Truth and dedication to prosecute “leakers” and individuals that publish, or discuss “classified” information which is actually government corruption which has no business of being classified at all and the corrupt psychopaths that are guilty are the ones that ought to be receiving the sentences and charges that Assange is receiving in addition to numerous other charges which they are guilty of! Even Obama and Eric Holder both concluded that they would not seek to prosecute Assange and used The Pentagon Papers leaked by the New York Times as a reason for not doing so. The nut jobs in the alt right media all pretend to support Assange, but the nut jobs also all support Trump and falsely proclaim the MSM ignores Assange, which is a lie, because The Washington Post, New York Times, ABC, NBC, and many others have all pointed out that Assange is being prosecuted over the same charges that The New York Times published The Pentagon Papers over, in addition to scores of other leaks that have bern published by both journalists and former government employee whistle blowers.

        How ironic is it that these nut jobs include both journalists and former government employee whistle-blowers that are demanding that everyone vote for Donald Trump?! Definitely paid propagandists, lunatics, or mentlly incompetent half-wits!

        • Methinks ” paid propagandists, lunatics, or mentlly incompetent half-wits!” includes you….

      3. After the 1st debate,Trump will; crush Biden in the voting. no need to count all those mail in ballots.

      4. Thanksgiving cancelled. They do not want anyone to have anything to be thankful for. Too bad, still thankful that I am not one of them and didn’t sell out and join them, which would be a fate worse than death because they have proven that they have absolutely no regard for human life, constitutional rights, or personal property, and the truth about their sadistic predatory crime spree being exposed is definitely their biggest fear. They have been torturing and terrorizing me and violating my rights and property. The wprld would be better off if they were dead. I have never even met many of these psychopaths, and barely even know many of them. They are sick as hell! They really are 100 times worse than the German Nazis, maybe people might have noticed how everyone is suddenly defending Nazi Germany as a righteous and justified group of people. How fucked up does this world have to be to look back on Nazi Germany as “the good old days”?!

        Even Global Research from Canada promoted philisophical racist Keiser Wilhelm, who was before Hitler as a really great guy, who believed that Royalty was appointed by God and sought to take over land through brute force, on one of their radio shows.

        What’s wrong with this picture?! There has been a rush to defend Germany in World War I and World War II. Gee, do you think that this might be originating in Germany?!

        Ya Think?! German revisionism, it wasn’t the Jews that were the problem with Germany, it was the Americans.

        All said, at least the Nazis didn’t force the entire global economy to shut down and hold almost everyone in the world hostage and falsely imprisoned in their own homes! 

        Andrea Iravani

      5. Your lesser-of-two-evils, in any case, is never going to agree to the privacy of your person, property, and fruits of your labor, free-and-clear.

        You would just hear some banal aphorism, or you would shut down a debate, entirely, by asking primal, elemental questions about the social contract, off-script.

        Why do we care about teleprompters, if the only “relevant” questions have been pre-selected and the answers memorized. Or, you’re considered highly-eccentric, pooh-poohed, and asked to leave.

        Don’t tase me, bro.

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