Eric Holder Testifies on Government Gunrunning: Justice Dept “Not Responsible”

by | May 4, 2011 | Headline News | 32 comments

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    As Mexico prepares to sue American gun manufacturers over the flood of guns crossing into their country, and the progressive left blames the second amendment for gun violence south of the border, some mainstream media outlets are finally reporting on a little know government operation designed to import guns into Mexico for delivery into the hands of the very drug cartels responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people over the last few years.

    The operation was authorized at the upper levels of law enforcement at the ATF and overseen by head US cop Attorney General Eric Holder. Mr. Holder, of course, refuses to take responsibility for the deaths, especially of Americans, which may have resulted from some 1800 weapons (that we know of) being illegaly transferred to Mexico under the umbrella of the operation code named “Project Gunrunner”:

    I am going to take great exception to what you just said. The notion that somehow or other this Justice Department is responsible for those deaths that you mentioned – that assertion is offensive.

    This is but a small microcosm of how big government works today. The overt hypocrisy is sickening.

    It is nothing short of ridiculous and a gross violation of ethics, morality and decency when our nation’s top law enforcement agents are guilty of breaking the very laws they purport to protect, and then try to spin the entire story by blaming law abiding gun owners, gun manufacturers and the existence of the second amendment itself for violence in a country as corrupt and chaotic as Mexico.

    Equally as sickening is the treatment received by Jay Dobyns, the undercover ATF agent who was, in part, involved directly with Project Gunrunner. The government left him completely alone and without protection. His family was left to fend for itself, and as a result, was almost murdered.

    If our law enforcement agencies and the individuals who run them are prepared to do that to one of their own, think how much they care about you and your family.


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      1. The sad thing about this is that the people who are reading this and understand what a discrace this fiasco is also understand how very little regard for individuals many officers or officials have.

      2. The US federal govt Inc is corrupt?gasp,say it isnt so…..anybody who is suprised by this and some  “previous regimes” illegal activity hasnt been paying any attention,sadly there are alot of them…… 

      3. This is not a surprise…….

      4. If you are still giving your consent to be governed by these hypocrites then you deserve everything that is coming our way.

      5. So if Mexico sues the USA over gun violence, who will defend the USA? Our Atty General agrees with Mexico….

      6. The emperor has no clothes!
        Every statement that comes out of this Administration is laughable.  For example:
        1. Attacking Libya without congressional authorization is perfectly legal, because the Justice dept. says so.
        2. Crossing Pakistan’s borders to get Bin Laden without their permission was perfectly legal, because the Justice dept. says so.  (Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he’s gone!)
        3. TSA groping young kids and cancer survivors is perfectly fine, because Big Sis says so.
        4. The FDA can shut down Amish farmers selling raw milk locally…
        And so on down the line.
        It would be funny, if the consequences were not so serious.

      7. This is bullshit!!We all know most of the guns the drug cartels get from corrupt element in the central American militaries. For Christ sake can the left think!! When was the last time you went to a gun shop that sells grenades,rpgs,RPK full automatic machine guns!!!  Wiki leaks released a cable that showed most of the weapons the drug cartels get come from central American armories and the black market. Where is the media reporting on Operation Gun Runner!
        It is no doubt the ATF,Homeland Security,and the Justice Dept allowed this program to inflate the numbers of American guns used in drug crimes  so they can pass legislation to ban guns. Now the Meixcian govt who should be suing the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives, Crossbows, and Everything Sharp(B.A.T.F.E.C.E.S.), are suing gun manufactures. Has the world gone mad. Well I hope Grassely and Issa find out who ordered this operation and defund and get rid of B.A.T.F.E.C.E.S once for all. Lets us all pray of Dobyns and the other ATF whistle blowers because these men have honor which has been lost in our government. Let us hope this scandal takes down BATFECES,Holder,Napolitano!

      8. there is no justice any more ARM YOUR SELF NOW AMERICA THE DRUG CARTEL, BATF, ETC. ETc. IS COMING. Don’t think this can’t happen to you the closer they get the closer they get get it?????

      9. Any Real Americans left in DC?

      10. Comments….. Holder is certainly the epitome of a sorry sack of shit.

      11. If you or I played the role of the gov. in this story we would be charged with murder. How is the gov. not guilty of murder? Oh that’s right, they’re the “law.” We’re the serfs.

      12. Yep!  Boys our government is F-U-B-A-R!!!!!!!!

      13. Any straw buyers out there.  I have a barn full of it BUT it went thru a moo.

      14. Everyone … need I remind you that Eric Holder has a history of being compliant to the wishes of his superiors. As Deputy Attorney General in the Clinton administration he issued several controversial pardons.

        There’s a reason Holders Internet nickname is ‘placeholder’ … he’s the perfect example of compromised law enforcement. That’s why Obama choose him.
        BO is walls streets ni….. and Placeholder is BOs nig….

      15. Holder is a paid for boy!  What’s wrong with Woofie?  Your step parents are dead!

      16. MA: You got that right and I agree with your analysis! 🙂

      17. Holder must be taking notes on The Bernank’s speeches/testimony.

        “Nothing bad that happens is ever my fault no matter how obviously related it is to my actions.”

        This is the same two-bit ass clown (also similar to Bernanke) who wouldn’t prosecute those Black Panthers for insanely obvious voter intimidation.

        This guy sucks.

        He fits in perfectly in D.C.

      18. Lets face it, the federal government needs to go the way of the Dodo. The sooner the better.

      19. These guys hopefully are getting more than the local whoessssss….sorry I forgot they go in as middle business, come out millionaires!    wonder how?

      20. This isnt anything new..this has been going on for so long, it has become S.O.P.

        anyone with half a brain and 1 eye that has been paying attention knows the CIA, ATF, FBI etc..make their own rules as they go along..and have been funding and supporting drug cartels and the shipping of drugs in and out of this country for years..this goes way back..way back..60’s or even earlier

        Our hypocritcal government is running drugs and has been..for so long its become a busisness practice for them..

        If a cartel doenst play right..busted..if they pay and play they get a pass.
        anyone who thinks differently has been living under a rock

        Pot Mexico and other southern Amrican countries..
        Coke..Columbia, Peru’..etc..

        its where they get the “rest” of their “funding” from

      21. …Aaahh, brings back memories of Iran Contra. All ya gotta do is remember one phrase and you’ll get through it: “I don’t recall.” …worked for Ronnie.

      22. Ok, sanity, i don’t like to use this language, but WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO ABOUT IT? Nothing would make me happier than for the U.S. to secede from Washington DC, but what the fuck are we supposed to do? Our corrupt, ass-fucking, torturing, gun/drug smuggling, kitten-raping, murdering sons-of-bitches government has us all by the balls, dare I say, including you, if you live here. “Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?” Blast your way through? They’ll kill you before you can twitch! Our illustrious BATF, who doesn’t want you owning guns sure as hell has ’em. And they know how to use them. It makes me madder than Hell to know these bastards commit crimes my tiny brain can’t conceive the horror of every day, and they do it in my name without my consent and there ain’t a damn thing i can do personally to stop them. It makes me even madder when somebody says, “don’t let them do this!” Again, what am i supposed to do?

        Mardochee, the B.A.T.F.E.C.E.S. thing was hilarious. I pissed myself laughing. Fortunately, i was sitting on a toilet while reading it. Great stuff. I gotta remember that one. It almost made me forget how angry I am.

      23. The price of guns will soon skyrocket because of this.  The manufacturers will pass this cost along to us.  Or go out of business.

        Which is exactly what this administration wants.  They would just LOVE a disarmed America.

      24. I stocked up on guns and ammo when the “Patriot Act” was passed and after the National Guard began entering homes and collecting guns after Katrina.
        …You know, when that socialist, George Bush, was in charge.

      25. I don’t know about any of you, but I don’t have a Blackhawk in the shed on my back 40. Nor do I have any heat seeking missles… that said, if we (just civilians) got into some serious cow-pies with our government over the atrocities they keep shoving down our throats it would end badly for us. We have the equivalent of pea shooters compared to the armory our government has at their disposal. The totally screwed up thing is that our government doesn’t even want us to have those!

        Completely aside, as I was writing this I kept thinking about the Regan administration wanting to put holes in every bucket so children wouldn’t fall in and drown. Hmm, maybe they are the two topics are really the same thing after all.

      26. Eric Holder is a criminal and I would like to say Jay Dobyns is a hero, however, he screwed the people that loved him, and got screwed bye the people he swore his obedience to. Now Jay Dobyns has to live with the stigma of being a raton! That being said, I do believe Jay also sleeps at night with a clear conscience! He’s just another poor soul who took some lead down in Tucson!

      27. None of us here are important enough to justify a Waco style invasion of our homes or property by the Feds, THEREFORE, live a quiet simple life and make choices every day that wean you and your family form the system. Seek self sufficiency in as many areas as you can at the personal level and seek out like minded individuals who can assist you in your weak points. Also take steps to limit your exposure to Federal taxes, vote with you feet. Quit smoking (lots of Federal taxes there). Stop bitching about the loss of freedom and LIVE LIKE YOU ARE FREE! I did all of the above……packed my shit, moved to a different (free) state, adopted a simpler lifestyle, etc. Guess what? After six months of my new lifestyle I was a different person. There’s a lot you can do if you want it bad enough. Stop whining and make those choices NOW while you can or some real shitty choices are going to be made FOR you. It isn’t easy……….but it IS worth it!

      28. Mac – thank you sooooo much for carrying this story on your website!  We really need to hear this.  This guy (Holder) is a first class criminal  and should be BEHIND BARS.  It is absolutely shocking to hear him say that these assertions  “are offensive.”   OF COURSE IT’S OFFENSIVE YOU ASS-HOLE!!! OF COURSE IT IS – FOR THE US GOVERNMENT TO BE SUPPLYING ARMS TO THE MEXICAN DRUG CARTELS, AND THUS BEING RESPONSIBLE FOR MANY, MANY MURDERS.  IT’S OFFENSIVE TO ALL AMERICANS.  Off with Holder’s head. 

      29. Fed UP, The US government would lose and lose badly in a guerrilla war with US citizens…Those “pea shooters” are big enough to get you just about any weapon you want. They cant even win in Iraq or Afghanistan, an insurgency in the US would be the end for them. They prefer to boil us slowly like frogs in pots. The danger is they turn up the heat too far too fast and the brainwashed frogs realize whats happening. Then its game over.

      30. If Obama did not authorize it and Holder did not know about it, then this shows that the ATF is completely out of control. After Ruby Ridge, and then Waco they must think they are above the law . They need to be defunded we can sure put the money somewhere else. The fact that they gave orders to shoot the children at Ruby Ridge, and then decided not to start the raid at Waco until all the school children returned from public school and were in the compound goes against every thing America stands for. The official coroner’s report said that the children did not die from the fire but died from the huge amount of CS gas and Methyl Ethyl Ketone as it caused them to go into such convulsions that their bones actually broke. The ATF later admitted that they knew the children couldn’t survive as there were no gas mask small enough to fit them ( remember they had an agent staying with them) but they thought that it would cause the parents to come out with them. But when the tank first broke into their compound it knocked part of the building on their only exit. …..

      31. No suprise and this is just one small concern out of many that all add up to bad trouble. Specialy since we have officers that have to deal with not only the guns that the ATF allowed in to mexico  that are also coming back and forth across the boarder. The cartels also have been bringing military munitions into the US. Our officers are not equiped to deal with that kind of amarment…. Arizona is the battle ground and people get so offended by the laws they pass. Well they are in fear for their lives and for good reason and our Government don’t seem to be helping. 🙁 To many suffering from cranialrectumitis!!!

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