Biden Already Signs A Bunch Of Executive Orders Including A “Mask Challenge”

by | Jan 21, 2021 | Headline News | 9 comments

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    On his first day in office, Joe Biden has already signed a whole bunch of executive orders. He has started with imposing a federal mask mandate (for government employees), a commitment to “racial equity,” and rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement.

    In addition to the “100 Days Masking Challenge” for the federal government, Biden signed an order making it the official policy of the United States government to “advance racial equity.” This will reportedly abolish Trump’s “1776 Commission” for patriotic education, which his new domestic policy adviser Susan Rice called “harmful,” and have all government agencies review their programs and activities to ensure federal funds are “equitably distributed in communities of color.”

    According to numerous reports, the Biden administration will also include an order to count non-citizens in the U.S. Census again – something Trump tried to stop, as well as strengthening “workplace discrimination protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity.”

    Trump also withdrew the U.S. from the climate pact on his first day in office in 2017. Biden’s executive order would see the U.S. rejoin within 30 days, with former secretary of state John Kerry now acting as “climate czar” in charge of its implementation. The Biden White House is also re-establishing the Directorate for Global Health Security and Biodefense, which was part of the National Security Council under the Obama administration, and rejoining the World Health Organization.

    Another order would have the federal government reverse or re-do more than 100 Trump directives as “harmful to the environment, killing the Keystone XL pipeline and reversing the permits for development inside several federal preserves such as Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante. The government was also directed to “consider revising vehicle fuel economic and emissions standards to where they were under Obama. –RT

    So far, it feels like Obama’s administration is back in office. Enjoy the show, folks. This was all by design and all preplanned.

    In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way. –Franklin D. Roosevelt


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      1. Good luck to all the people that wear masks, go ahead depleat your god given very powerfull immune system. Then when they release something that your little mask won’t protect you from R.I.P.. I haven’t wore a mask ever and I won’t. Make me. Elbulleheal Live Free or Die Trying… FOD to all the CHUDS and Democraper PIGlosi shit eaters

        • I never wear them either!

      2. Joe and Hoe in charge.Could our lives get any worse??

      3. It’s time to ignore the illegitimate masked man!

      4. Biden says amnesty and citizenship and voting for 11 million illegals. Bad news. It’s over 25 million illegals. The commies have been using that 11 million number for over ten years. As if no one else broke into our country for more than ten years. Adios amigos! Adios USA!

        • H – it has been estimated to be around 30 million 5 years ago, but I know what you mean, and you’re dead on about getting them all “legalized” so they can get registered as Dem. voters, we all know this is the point. The legalization process will be rushed so that they can get them all registered before the next election because it likely right now the Repubs. will take the House of Representatives in 2022 (as of today 221 Dems, 211 Repub., and 3 vacant seats – a flip if 6 or 7 seats will flip the majority to Repub.).
          The Dems. secondary task is to place millions of illegals around in Repub. controlled districts that have lower numbers of illegals to alter the present majorities in those districts.

          • I wouldn’t depend on anything happening in 2022. The democrats now know how to rig the elections and get away with it. I don’t see any Republicans winning anything any time in the future. The Dems will use every crooked trick they know to remain in power including election rigging and crooked judges to always rule in their favor.

      5. 100 day masking challenge —’s_bridle

      6. Sorry prez, for years you supported women saying “only I have rights over my body” (and I have no problem with that). Well, only I have have rights over my body too, and unfortunately for you I don’t do masks. But please continue with all your new edicts and policies anyway, it only will bring on popular disgust, discontent, and dissatisfaction quicker.
        P.S. Everyone already knows you’re going to run the economy into the ground.

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