Battle Los Angeles: Joint Military Training Exercises in L.A. Seek to Prepare Soldiers for Urban Warfare

by | Jan 24, 2012 | Headline News | 229 comments

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    Most Americans would consider the following report to be nothing out of the ordinary. But for those in the know, given what has transpired over the last several years, it raises alarm bells:

    LOS ANGELES (CNS) – Joint military training exercises will be held evenings in downtown Los Angeles through Thursday, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

    The LAPD will be providing support for the exercises, which will also be held in other portions of the greater Los Angeles area, police said.

    Training sites “have been carefully selected to ensure the event does not negatively impact the citizens of Los Angeles and their daily routine,” a department official said.

    The training, which a department official said would involve helicopters, has been coordinated with local authorities and owners of the training sites, police said.

    Police said safety precautions have been taken to prevent risk to the general public and military personnel involved.

    The exercises are closed to the public, police said.

    The exercises are designed to ensure the military’s ability to operate in urban environments, prepare forces for upcoming overseas deployments, and meet mandatory training certification requirements, police said.

    Source: KFI AM 640

    Rob Richardson of Off Grid Survival shares our sentiment. Something just doesn’t feel right:

    Maybe it’s just the prepper in me, but when I heard the U.S. Military will be conducting a massive training exercise in the streets of Los Angeles I must say it made me feel a little uneasy. And how could it not?

    With the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act, which gives the President the power to arrest and detain American Citizens, it makes one wonder why the military is conducting drills in Urban America. While it could be, as LAPD insists, just a training exercise the timing sure does make you wonder what’s going on.

    This Thursday the military will be conducting a joint exercise in the streets of Downtown Los Angeles. The joint exercise will have the Los Angeles Police Department providing situational support and will take place at multiple simulated training locations throughout Los Angeles.

    In an statement from the LAPD, the department insists that the exercises are designed to help the function in urban environments overseas.

    Via: Off Grid Survival

    We could always chalk this off to standard military training, but considering the warnings coming from financial insiders, the chairman of our central bank, and world leaders, we suggest that these soldiers are being trained to deal specifically with scenarios recently outlined by the Pentagon, including civil unrest and large-scale economic breakdown right here in the good old USA:

    According to President Obama, the Iraq mission has been accomplished and Afghanistan is soon coming to a close. This begs the question: For which urban environments and scenarios are these soldiers training?

    Hat tip Off Grid Survival


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      1. It’s coming, practice makes perfect. The miltary will tell you it’s for overseas, but that’s what they tell them. I only hope that they choose the right side, I really do not want to fight our military. BUT I WILL!!!!

        • THIS THURSDAY Obama is due in a georgia courtroom to provide his BC (both the copy and original),his adoption records, college transcripts, ALL OF IT, To the JUDGE..I wonder if he will show up?? Funny you dont see him in Arizona much…Sheriff Joe will throw his shiney a$$ in jail…



            The live video stream will be located at this page and on the home-page of this website.

            Please see our press release for more details.

            Live stream begins this Thursday at 9 a.m. ET. Stay Tuned!

          • … wearing his pink underwear (it’s a MUST) !!!

          • Ummm…Sheriff Joe is on the brink of being removed from office by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, even Republicans are beginning to call for his removal due to mismanagement, racial profiling and corruption. As for Obama, he’s flying in to Arizona today to speak in Chandler at a new Intel plant. Just thought I’d update you on current events, they make the second half of your above statement as moronic as the first.

            • Sheriff Joe is not being removed, the 9th Circiut gave MCSO a clean bill of health, said they are a model Agency, then Obama’s henchmen in the, so called,”Justice Department” make B.S. claims that he’s profiling. Anybody who doesn’t lay down and let illegal aliens flow in daily by the hundreds is the subject of a Demorat witch hunt. get your facts straight!

          • Obama not only didn’t go…he also didn’t respond to that moronic order. And he was in Arizona and Sherriff Joe didn’t do a damned thing.

        • Perfect practice makes perfect. Nobody will be shooting back at them during drills.

          • They might be. I was there for the Rodney King riots. Lots of shooting going on. Was particularly impressed when the national guard showed up without ammo or magazines. Not a good place to be when the SHTF.

            • Yesterday after I read this article I started watching all of the local LA news I could find just to see if there was any mention of it and its exact location. Guess what? Not a friggen peep, nothing. These local media outlets are a joke and will SUCK UP to anybody. You know damn well they were told to keep this under wraps as much as possible. What a bunch of weak kneed pie eyed journalistic airheads. Worthless!!!

            • That must have been on radio, there was nothing on TV at all, and there are a lot of news channels here.

            • hammerrun,
              they most have give it a 10 sec spot, they really don’t want anybody to know anything. Lame Stream Media.


            • Yes,,, the same after 9-11. they too had no ammo when positioned in the airport termnals… i worked there and asked them. the guy showed me his empty mag.

          • GC; I have personnally witnessed this training. There are numerous flaws which will be evident to the many vets on this site, when each encounters the urban assault. Also, this is why capitol hill has been trying to ban assault rifles, they don’t want to have the enemy (us) being able to interchange with their equipment. Or as some may think; competition.
            Remember; urban assault is door to door. They will be using tear gas and flash grenades. Prep wisely.
            The training does NOT take in the account of snipers.

            • Must add: their training for rural areas is way different. Rural areas is where they’ll use mechanised and air assault, because they’ll sustain greater causualties and most rural areas have more guns per person.

        • I felt so compelled by this story. It made me buy another couple hundred rounds of buckshot.

          • Buckshot is for looters.

            Soldier ants require Full Metal Jacket (7.62+ preferably).

            • I like 5.45 AK 74.Hot small laser bullet,and it tumbles like a drunk down a flight of stairs…

            • I hope I can find some some cheap ammo for my old 303 british that thing can knock down an elephant a buck a round makes you take careful aim

            • Ron….Just picked up some 303 for my 1942 or

              You’re right ,if you hit something with a 303 it’s going bye bye

          • Do not forget the rifle/sabot slugs. The extra firepower will come in handy!

        • There were similar wargames in Denver, CO last year.

            • Don’t EVEN get me started on the ***

          • Don’t forget Boston and Miami also. Interesting that specific cities seem to be gamed.

          • Denver is where the bunker is to house the fleeing rats. Jesse Ventura exposed this last year. A multi billion bunker for the elites; proles will be turned away (or quickly disposed of).

        • Just bought another 2 bricks of 1050 rounds,,today..and will continue every week

          never enough..

          go to the range constantly…

        • In Bosnia and Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan our troops have been called to conduct war in the streets and then to act as police ( for which they are not trained). It is a valid comment that they need more urban warfare training but they have mock up cities on military bases. Why go into a live city?
          Posse Comitatus was repealed. And we have an agreement with Canada to send or recived troops when needed onto our or their soil.
          Now we have the National Defense Act that only defends the government. It does make a person wonder.

        • Why do urban combat training in a modern metropolitan downtown. First, this is not the type of city you will encounter in the middle east. Russia, China, Dubai, Saudi Arabia maybe. Second, downtown Los Angeles would be much denser with high rise buildings. I know they have conducted this ‘urban’ training before in Oakland, Ca and other U.S. Cities….but why?

      2. If it were not for the timing I might accept that this is just another training exercise as I have done similar ones in my past. I do not believe in coincidences, so I am concluding it as an attempt to scare Americans into submission in advance preparation for some event.

        • We knew this was coming. Still, thinking about it makes me feel sad and concerned for my children and grandchildren.

          • Yes it is scary for our kids. It does say in the Bible that it will be very difficult for women with children. But the important thing is for all of us good people to stick together. It will be very difficult, because there will be many people trying to take advantage of the situation. But we will out number them. As for the military, most of them are probably being lied to also. They are not going to fight their own people. That would mean they would be killing their own family and friends. Same with many police. Yes you will have the gungho types that just want to murder people, but for the most part we will prevail…

            • Being in the military and currently deployed, I can tell you that a LOT of these guys worship and pledge obedience to their damn paychecks, and as long a that pay comes on the 1st and 15th, they don’t give a crap what order it is. However, a small % and even in my current bay, maybe 5-8% MAX would disobey and get the hell out when opportunity comes, the rest are mindless drones/targets of opportunity. I have a wife and 2 kids, I will be home to protect them or die tryng to get home if this B.S. happens before my deployment/enlistment is up. F**K this Govt.

            • OK, Here’s how the Soviets did it. They NEVER deployed Russian troops in Russia. They always brought units from other member nations, many of whom had very bad blood with the Russians and absolutely no connection to the people in the country of their deployment. The will do the same here and put units from Tennessee in California and vice versa. That cuts waaay down on the likelihood that the troops will refuse to open fire on their “own family and friends” cuz the “family and friends” are back home. You watch and see.

        • Rule #1: Don’t live in LA
          Rule #2: Don’t live in any other large, urban area (if you can help it).

          It’s far easier to roadblock a few strategic highways, bridges, and roads, and let gridlock do the rest.

          • What do you think OQ? I would bet that less than 3% of the readers of these pages live in a big city. Those people simply can not even imagine something like what we are talking about happening to them. Most people in the big cities will be in total shock when shtf.

            • I live in the suburbs of DC. My husband’s job is here. We live in a townhome and access out is heavily restricted. 2 basic roads, 15 north (which runs you into a two lane bridge into MD, yeah right) or 7 West which you could run to West Virginia. we have maps in the car and backpacks to bug out and an all terrain stroller for our kids in case we can’t drive. We are just hoping that if anything goes down we are the first out so we can drive. I desperately want to sell our house and move far far out to the countryside but my husband’s boss isn’t keen on him working completely remote and I doubt we could sell our house without taking a $20,000 hit right now. There are lots of urban preppers, believe me. I run into them all the time from townhomes to apartments. They have plans and places to exit to if needed. Just pray for us that we are fast enough to get out ahead of everyone else if SHTF.

            • ” I would bet that less than 3% of the readers of these pages live in a big city. ”

              Agreed, but how many live within 20 miles of one?

              No need to feel embarrassed if you do: I’ll raise my hand on this one too. I live within 20 miles of PDX, in a metro area with 2 million other souls. This will be changing very soon (once the lease is up here at La Casa OQ and I can move to a tentative BOL community I have an eye on), but until then I’m in the same boat as many preppers here.

              Thing is, not everyone can afford to score a few acres in the middle of nowhere and simply move. Many folks have houses they’re kind of stuck in for awhile, because there’s no sane way they could sell them. Others have careers that keep them close to the city. Still others have family that they cannot simply abandon.

              In my own case, I’m lucky in that I mostly telecommute in my job now. This means moving to a BOL makes a lot more sense for me than it would some guy who would stare down a 3-4 hour round-trip commute each day. As it is, my upcoming rural relocation still means that I’d have an hour-long commute each way if I ever switched jobs in town.

              Having spent quite a bit of time out and about in the countryside, I can tell you that jobs are damned hard to come by outside of town. I mean they’re rough as hell to find, and those still working are grateful as hell that they are.

              there is good news, though:

              When I began sniffing around looking for places to rent, I quickly discovered that I could rent a huge-assed house out there for cheaper than I could rent a small apartment in town. The savings alone would justify the gasoline costs even if the pump price went up 200%, and I were to commute every day of the week. Seriously – we’re talking about a $400/mo. difference in some cases.

              I also discovered that there are a *lot* of nice places to rent (and buy) out there. Certainly not mansions, but definitely homes where a guy and his wife could be comfortable without being pretentious. Out of everyone I talked to (over a dozen so far in just one small town), only one had any sort of attitude about it (he had to have been a sales guy… no matter though).

              Overall though, if you can do it, I recommend doing it.

            • Sadly I live in a very big city and cannot afford to get out. You may be surprised how many of us still hope and prep. I knw it will be difficult, I understand it ma be impossible but I keep ping anyway.

              Take care

        • Pastor

          The military trains for every scenario and then some..of course they are training for the event we all suspect will arise most likely this year if any..

          Perhaps Mac could enlighten us all with the weaponry they possess..with all his inside info..


          • posse; their basic weaponry is an M-4 (5.56). Pistol: 9mm with a few 240s and 249s.

      3. All in all…. its just another brick in the wall,
        All part of the plan.

        BUT…. as we know, the best laid plans of mice and tyrants and traitors can go ary when common folks get fed up enough to… we will see.

        • Remember Concord, MA. Farmers beat back the Greatest Army in the world. We are their descendants!

          • Amen, Freeport!!

      4. There’s more of us than there is of them. Let them train; won’t make a bit of difference.

        • Agreed, but there’s only really a few of “us” that won’t just rollover for a handout.

          • Arkaden; please practice walking around your neighborhood and locating advantage points. Why? If you keep moving after firing back you increase your chances of survival and that others (God willing) will jump in with you.
            Prepare escape routes (by foot), you’ll be facing a force that is dependant on GPS. So know your area.

            • ~DRD5508~

              Excellent advice, sir!

        • I keep hearing people allude to that “more of us than them” concept, usually related to the zillions of guns civilians in America have, but how does anyone know whether the majority of gun holders are cowards or not? I say the cohesion to rise up as a collective is not there. If it was, it would have happened, long ago.

          No, I say the military is easily the one in the driver seat if push comes to shove. THEY are the ones that have been killing the masses in foreign countries. Most Americans live on TV and movies, and get their knowledge from fantasy shows rather than reality. It’s all make believe. When the shooting starts it will be those who’ve seen the blood and know how to keep that tap open in others, that will come out on top, militarily speaking. At least initially. Shock and Awe will keep most Americans hiding under their covers, at least the city dwellers

          The best we can hope for is for the smart heads to prevail, those in the military, and to support and side with the Constitution. Otherwise, it will be a turkey shoot.

          Gobble, gobble!

          • Lack of food will ensure the fight is gone from most of those who would otherwise resist. A precious few who had the foresight to stockpile food will still be able to resist but I suspect not many will be looking to go pick a fight with the military who will be well armed and well fed. Cops, on the other hand, will be the modern day equivilent of the Civil War era Home Guard. They will be going wherever they feel like going and confiscating anything they feel like taking because they are the law and can do it. The war/revolution will be fought for the most part against the police who will be the primary tool of oppression after the system collapses. Think knights during the Dark Ages, riding around killing, looting, and raping at will in the name of the local warlord.

            • Greetings,

              I do not see that scenario playing out. See, people become police officers because they have no other talents. If they were artists or engineer then they would be doing that. Instead, they run around bullying the weak.

              A man running around with a gun will be as common as rain after things go South but the ability to create a better world will not reside within the police department. If they want to eat then they will have to hand over their weapons and get into the fields to work – it is the only thing they are fit for.

              Also, I’m not worried about our military. Less than 20,000 insurgents tied down our entire military for 10 years. What do you think will happen when it isn’t 20,000 but 20,000,000? Then the Playstation Party will be over.

          • EA:

            The American Revolution didn’t start until the British came to take the militia’s powder at Concord. The modern equivalent hasn’t taken place yet. As of yet, there’s been no spark.

            Don’t ever assume the US military will react with absolute cohesion when ordered to engage it’s own citizens. Lee, Longstreet and Pickett once wore Union Blue, until they realized they would have to fight against their own states. Modern equivalents will rise up in the same vein of those gentlemen.

            I have faith.


            • “As of yet, there’s been no spark.”

              No spark? NO SPARK? We’re in the midst of high intensity, catastrophic wild fire, i.e, a “Bleacher Fire”, i.e. so intense we can only sit in the bleachers and watch.

              Almost on a daily basis our civil liberties are being methodically dismantled, gutted and the masses don’t even know it’s happening. Sure, the Ron Paul crowd is savvy, but they/we are a minority.

              It’s one thing when the majority are “on board” but that is not the case. The masses sit in the bleachers with their hands over their eyes, ears and mouths and prefer Denial over reality.

              I’m suggesting it may be too late for them to come around, wake up, be willing to put their addictions on the back burner and rise up courageously and make a stand.

              Faith has nothing to do with it, especially when it comes to those who don’t have a clue of what Americans went through 200 plus years ago. Not the faintest notion. This is no longer the America that our Forefathers Constitution was designed for.

              AND, the US Military is not made up of primarily “The Good Guys” who will see their fellow fearful Americans as “the good guys”. Those days are gone. The world has changed, America has changed. Both sides are very sick…dis-eased. THe Military follows orders. They’ve been programmed to do exactly that. One better believe when the time comes, the majority of them will do what they need to do to preserve their own, first.

              Only time will tell.

            • EA…You are correct.Was watching the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on C Span about a week ago. He was discussing the forward objectives of the military. One was for civil unrest(he named OWS as one). When questioned about using the military on citizens he of course said no.I have no reason to believe he was lying(sarc)

            • The military can be swapped out for UN troops or Canadian troops per our new laws. So if our guys support the Constitution and citizens, theirs won’t.

          • I guess you do not know Americans very well. The vast bulk of American gun owners(all 133,000,000 of us) are so because it was passed down to them by their fathers, grandfather, and great grandfathers. 99.9999% of all US snipers were hunters or have hunted. More than the vast majority believe in the Constitution, believe in Freedom, and Liberty.

            Unlike the British who gleefully handed away their Freedom, we will not. It will be better to die fighting than on our knees begging!

            • Yeah, yeah, yeah. Knowing Americans? Give me a break. Wake up and look around you.

              Like I said, talk is cheap and most Americans are too busy being busy doing nothing with their lives while addicted to a plethora of junk that keeps their mind like jelly. Besides, we won’t know “anything” or how “anyone” will perform until the time comes. Personally, I prefer neither dying nor begging.

              Like I said earlier, “where’s the beef”? Where’s the uprising? Who’s storming the palace gates? “Any body heard gun shots? They have already given away their freedom, liberty and the Constitution.

              No, no, no, the masses are already begging for more entitlements, that’s what your country men are good for… 48% of them.

            • Yeah, most people are so in the dark they keep voting in the same servants of the bankers every time. People don’t learn. Most people I run into in my daily life are oblivious to what’s going on.

      5. “The exercises are designed to ensure the military’s ability to operate in urban environments, prepare forces for upcoming overseas deployments, and meet mandatory training certification requirements, police said.”

        Yeah, right.

        Probably the ZIonists of Hollywood filming another “end of the world thriller” using tax payers money.

        • I wonder if they shouldn’t pratice their drill in the hood…

          • Guess you have never been there. Downtown LA is the hood.

      6. These exercises aren’t new but it stirs the pot for the DOOM CLUB

      7. I’m surprised that they’re not doing these drills in Chicago for the G-8 summit that the OWS’s will be attending. Or are they?
        One thing’s for sure, L.A. knows how to riot. Wouldn’t want to be anywhere near that place when it happens.

      8. WHISKEY

      9. Papers please. Take this one out back. READY, AIM, …

      10. “closed to the public” Who do they think they are?

        • God. They think they are God Almighty.

          Whenever they steal rights form (wo)men, they are acting like they are God.

          Whenever they try to create value (money) from nothing, they are acting like they are God.

          There will be justice. Some in this life and some after it. Just keep that in mind. Justice comes sometimes in a flash and sometimes it comes eventually.

          I don’t worry too much about this stuff. If they’re wearing blue helmets and/or they’re not really our military, then that concerns me.

          Let them do their little dance and enjoy it. When the rest of the world realizes that Uncle Sam is broke and the dollars that he’s giving those troops is as valuable as toilet paper, then we’ll see what happens and where the riots are.

      11. mac what does sovereign wealth funds mean

      12. The military has contingencies for every imagined threat. I would be willing to bet silver that they have a contingency plan for invading Canada. Of course they have wargamed financial collapse and how to deal with the almost immediate riots that would ensue when the banks take a holiday and no one’s debit or credit cards work. Don’t know how they will get soldiers to fire on their fellow Americans; most likely have to do it by degrees by provoking a violent response to a confrontation. At some point soldiers will probably be willing to fire on Americans when a few of their own have been killed first. My bet is that the police will be the ones to do the actual killing of civilians, and the military will be there to support. Eventually they will be forced to take over the mission when nasty tactics by the police thugs provoke even nastier responses from those on the receiving end.

        • Moon. I have a friend that was was 30 years Airforce intel. He was involved in SAC bases throughout his career. He told me we have a plan for ANY conceivable scenario, up to and including the invasions and military takeovers of our North American neighbors. These plans were in place in the event of any soviet missle strikes in this country. He gets a little…ahem..diarhea of the mouth when he gets a few beers in him. He is sworn to secrecy on a lot of things but he gladly divulges unclassified info. I am told that this government has been practicing for years against civil unrest except now the situation and circumstances are different. We are in for it!

        • “My bet is that the police will be the ones to do the actual killing of civilians”. I am betting with you on this one. Especially in the large metropolitan areas.

          I think we may still have some Oath Keepers out here in “the boonies”.

          • Can’t help wishing a “tactical low yield nuke” was in place for tonights “state of the union clusterf*ck” speech. So many problems eliminated “in flash”!

            Slate would be almost clean.

            • There were reports a couple of years ago about nukes on a bomber they should not have been on, flown from the north down to sportsmans paradise(la) Alot of people got the can, and alot of single vehicle accident deaths. The jericho sinario would kill many innocent people and destroy the smithsonian,the memmorials and our great buildings. Could I suggest the nude bomb? You know how many in the joint session would fall over and die a painful death seeing hillary,boxer,polosi,feinstein, and frank naked? It would be a meat grinder, death everywhere!!

            • The rabbit hole goes deeper and MUCH broader than just one location and a few individuals my friend, albeit I do like your thinking.

          • I agree, MHM and Yental:

            The police are more accustomed to push-back from citizens….it’s a daily part of their job, so they are far more immune to using force against ordinary people than our military. It will take a little more persuading for the military to see us as “the enemy”.

            ….I hope.

            • @ Daisy, I believe you are right. The large urban police departments have been intentionally militarized and conditioned to consider ALL dissenters/protestors as “the enemy”.

              This “mindset” has been an integral part of COP training for some time now. The treatment of the “occupy protestors” is mild compared to what is coming.

            • Yental, Daisy,

              The only reason the Occupy protests did not end in bloodbaths was because it was being played out in full view of the press. I am sure that those cops were just itching to use their batons to break some skulls and to fire live rounds from their weapons. Next time, they will shut off the internet and kill anyone attempting to video their actions.

            • ~Moon/Daisy & Yental~

              Much of the military conditioning/mind-set received by large urban PDs, is israeli(IDF) based! Do some research on the number of US police hierarchy types, traveling to israel for tactics/strategy indoctrination! The evidence is rather abundant & easy to exhume.

              Ditto w/ regards to the (domestic) ‘HUGE’ liaison/advisory status to many police departments, enjoyed by both the ADL & SPLC…both of which, are nothing more than ‘tribal’ 5th column destroyers of LIBERTY, CHRISTIANITY & our REPUBLIC.

              It is my opinion that, should push come to shove & conflict ensues between patriotic Americans & whatever antagonist entity employed by the feds….the “DARKEST DAYS” will be remembered as occurring early, in the contest!!!
              We on the whole, have a big learning curve ahead of us.

              Lessons to garner….

              1.) Learn from your enemy. Know his tactics.

              2.) Always harass him at every opportunity across the widest/largest area of operations possible & wear him down.

              3.) Make him deploy/use up, massive quantities of men/materials/resources.

              4.) Never fight him on his terms unless you’re cornered & have no other option…if that occurs, then make it as expensive for him as you can. Sell your life dearly!

              5.) Never allow him to rest.

              6.) Never surrender!

        • I’d like to believe that most of our soldiers would do the right thing and side with the American people. Look for the powers that be to assume this too. On the other hand, look for BlackWater types and U.N. troops to have boots on the ground instead. Paid mercenaries and foreign troops will have NO issue engaging the natives.

          Semper Fi

          • “mercenaries and foreign troops” will be met with EXTREME PREJUDICE by the likes of most people here.

            If THEY are accepting “payment” to kill/corral Americans…THEY had best pray THEY DIE rather than be wounded/captured. Waterboarding will be the equivalent of a sponge bath compared to alternative possibilities.

          • Well, they did pledge to protect this nation (the people) from enemies foreign AND domestic.

        • Numbers to be aware of;

          US Military – 1.5 Million, most deployed over seas(Barry cuts 500,000)
          Federal, State, Local Law Enforcement – 800,000 at most

          American Gun Owners – 133,000,000 who love Liberty and average owning at a minimum 3 guns.

          All communications would have to be taken out if they started confiscating firearms or it would spread like wild fire. There would be instant Revolution!

      13. It is ironic. The government has training and plans for events they have no substantial evidence to believe are going to be happening in the immediate future. Now, if any man or woman does this, they are looked upon with suspicion of being a terrorist, or at the very least, some sort of nut-case. I would laugh if it weren’t such BS.

      14. This is the new normal, for all the sheeple, this is not new to us, it has been happening all over the U.S. the training camp built on 29 palms marine base, now that is some scary stuff, google it yourself, after reading about it …(sorry don’t have the link, lost it somehow), it sent chills down my whole body…..they have a massive urban combat training center, that is training, not only military but all branches of law enforcement as well….

        • This is from the 29 Palms website. Just a little info:

          The simulation staff at Twentynine Palms, CA provides simulation support to all of the elements of MAGTF Training Command (MAGTFTC) as well as the tenant units of the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC). The staff supports units at Bridgeport and Yuma as well as all of the units in the local area at Twentynine Palms. The simulation staff provides training for any size unit from individual to regiment, for any warfighting discipline from infantry to logistics, and from all parts of the combat spectrum from full scale war to establishing local governance. The command seeks to integrate simulation into each unit’s training pipeline in order to better prepare units to get the most out of the premier live training venues available within MAGTFTC. MAGTFTC and MCAGCC boast a professional staff with extensive military and simulation experience who place the training needs of Marines beyond any other concern. MAGTFTC regularly exercises every major simulation in the Marine Corps inventory and stands at the forefront of innovation to bring the best technology to Marines training for armed combat.

      15. this shit is starting to make me ill…. we really need to have something happen that will take this in one direction or the other… but just suspending in air where we are now, is not an option ….

      16. such a $hit hole! I hate the place.That place is WASTED! Now that I have that off my chest, Yes, this news is disturbing to habius corpus thats for sure, but I am not disturbed by this at all because the us mil is not my enemy. My enemy is the fascist(the merger of state and biz) sytem we have in place now, and the irs,thefed,dea,epa,pension funds,paper money,traitors to the constitution,crooks in congress,crooks in senate,social security,income tax withholdings,crooked judges, and parking meters. I HATE F^CKING PARKING METERS! MY TAXES BUILT THE ROAD YOU A$$CLOWNS!

      17. Further, I believe the Economy will get better “statistically.” Obamanomics save the day. Just in time for re-election. No republican will stand a chance. Its just a distraction from what’s really happening. The media will give you little bits. Just enough to keep you interested. They treat Ron Paul like a Ross Perot and we all know he isn’t.
        Your best bet is to stay away from it all together. It upsets me. Seeing all the BS just piling up. The Shit has Engulfed the Fan! The fan didn’t do shit! Everybody’s buried in shit already that a fan would be like waifing a fart in your general direction. Once stocks are high enough, money will begin to flow a bit easier, making everything a bit easier. At least until Obama is elected again, then POP!
        Even further than that, I believe Ron Paul will drop out of the race, return to Texas, and fortify its borders for a possible succession. At least that’s what I’d do.
        Escape from New York people! Escape from L.A.

      18. They can use all the bean dips as dummies

      19. I’ve been thinking about how this could play out when the time comes. For an economic collapse, just the same as a personal loss of income, a person picks and chooses which bills to pay and which not to – when they are backed to the wall so to speak. As the government starts to cut programs (entitlements) I’m thinking that the military is the very last thing that is ever cut. If the dollar devalues, many think that those military personnel will simply abandoned their posts to be with family, but I’m thinking not so much. The key (domestically) for protecting their family is on base housing and food. If someone promises you food and safety for your family during chaos in return for your service in the homeland during martial law, Oathkeepers aside, I’d place a bet that many stay simply because of that.


        • What about an indefinite conscription of some sort? It’s not uncommon even without a war going on for a service member to be at the end of their contract and get automatically extended to fulfill a current obligation. Doesn’t happen all the time, but it’s not new. And not all personnel live on base, so not showing up is still an option regardless if you live on base or not. They simply issue a recall and roll is taken. Those not there are UA.

          Semper Fi

          • Seems that might actually benefit us…after all if Im getting out and you unilaterally force me to stay Im not a happy little trooper now am I…especially if your keeping me in to fight my own people…just sayin’

      20. Grandma: sovereign wealth funds are state-owned investments, where the state is a country, and the investments are stocks, bonds, precious metals and so forth. For example, the government of Italy has, lets say, 1 billion euros to its name, it is held in its sovereign wealth fund. The gold owned by the U.S. government is part of its sovereign wealth fund. The name “sovereign wealth fund” originally meant the “wealth of the king”, or sovereign.

        • ~Talnik~

          Here’s some reinforcement for ya to chew on….We, the American taxpayer are being “Financially Sodomized” w/o lube by gov-corp………

          • WOW..Thanks for the link.I will have to see if the CAFR for my school district is available to the public. They have been crying broke for 5 years.

      21. What is this really? I think it is a show of superiority over the slaves. Anyone with half a brain knows that if you wanted to train for urban warfare for “upcoming overseas” deployment, you would go out in the middle of whatever terrain needs to be simulated and build a mock-up site. This is pretty much how it’s always been done, unless your terrain to simulate is a real American city. So, I think this is part intimidation, part preparation with a dash of something else yet to be determined.

        There is a huge urban training center out in Utah. The installation is absolutely impressive with some very outstanding structures. Many times I have considered visiting this place and maybe signing up for a class.

        So, why not lease this place for the week? Why L.A.? There are other places around the country that do the same thing. This smells funny to me as well.

        • Joe: I agree. 10 years of rotations in the middle east and now they want to change training. Only logical reason for change in training is that the theater will change. Middle east cities are not much different from one another, same is true for western cities.

          I am aware of such training in Denver, Chicago (a couple years ago) small towns in IA, and now LA. Am I forgetting any?

        • Right joe, like the 30 or so MOUT facilities the military already has.

          Like say Muscatatuck Urban Training Center which is a 1000 acre 100+ building training facility.

          It definitely seems to be something out of the norm.

          • Agreed. There are MANY facilities on bases that are used for this type of training. So why LA? Why now? Since this is a joint operation, it would be interesting to see what other troops besides ours, have boots on the ground.

            Semper Fi

        • JoeRepublic, they could be training in a real city to …. get training in a real city. OK so they can build mock-ups and good ones, but there’s *always* some damn thing that’s not done right, like they get curb hights wrong or some arcane thing that ends up really messing ’em up when they use mock-up trained skills on real terrain. There’s a *feel* to a real city, that can’t be reproduced.

          And, downtown L.A. is a shithole that’s got almost no population outside of work hours, and not that much during work hours because ….. there’s not much work!

          It could be really fun to mess with ’em but then that’s just me ….

      22. Suck it!

      23. thanks Talnik. This site is fun.

      24. Planed to be under the radar.Could this be just a cover?The whole thing will be out of sight.I do believe some T.V. media curve ball stuff will be thrown out there for the masses. What Area are they doing this training in?The plan is in.But what are the order’s?I’m believing smokescreen!

      25. will the sun spots and northern lights effect the state of the union address teleprompter?

        • Then it’ll be a short speech

        • who ever keeps thumming me down can blow it out their ass

          • You tell em Grandma.

          • Grandma, if your new to the site, that would be RICH99. that will be thumbs down #1, or from here on referred to as a strike.

            Strike 1. It will come on any post that you write. Strike 2 is some one that I have not pin pointed yet, but yes 2 strikes will be automatic. Now if you get 3 or more, you may have someone who does not agree with your post. Welcome to the site! Enjoy and learn.

      26. The final step will be the same thing they have been trying to do for years. They will try to disarm us. That is why they always put up fake stories for the sheep of this country to read, and turn them against guns. So then you have the sheep out there voting for anyone who will enforce gun control. The only control they are wanting to do is ‘us’. Without weapons we would be at their mercy, which is laughable. Hopefully we will all outnumber the sheep, because otherwise we may be in trouble. But it’s all part of the process. The cops are already trained to fight us. Now they are training the military, next they are going to try and disarm us again. And that’s when things are going to go ape-$-hit. We are all put on a list as it is. The list consists of everyone in the United States. We are all put into categories from the most dangerous to least. The eve before the order is given to occupy, the military/police will be going around and rounding up the people on these lists. Of course they aren’t going to do it in a time we will be prepared, so the best thing to do is to always be prepared. Sleep with your hog under your pillow. Keep your things packed and ready to mobilize. Be prepared people, because in order for us to prevail, we will all need each other…

      27. I don’t buy it IMHO this is training for urban operations inside CONUS not overseas.

        The military already has several MOUT Military Operations Urban Training facilities. Fort Leonard, Camp Atterbury, Yuma proving grounds, Shughart-Gordon facility, and the Muscatatuck Urban Training Complex, just to name a few.

        Key word JOINT and LAPD will be providing support, sounds like military domestic policing actions, not training to kick in doors in A’stan.

        Posse Come and Get Us?

      28. I wonder what libtard checks the ‘dislike’ box on all the comments.

        • Heuristic, if your new to the site, that would be RICH99. that will be thumbs down #1, or from here on referred to as a strike.

          Strike 1. It will come on any post that you write. Strike 2 is some one that I have not pin pointed yet, but yes 2 strikes will be automatic. Now if you get 3 or more, you may have someone who does not agree with your post. Welcome to the site! Enjoy and learn

          • Sal- I’ve been coming here for quite a while and I mainly stay in the slow lane. It seems that the asshatery has really increased around here lately.

            • Dumb and dumber, are you two stupid or do you just listen to John Denver songs. This is the autobahn created by Mac’s world and not yet invented by Al Gore. Cry somewhere else in your KIA in the fast lane. You’re lucky you get to vote without registering.

            • Heur: The ol’ double-edged sword: Unfortunately for readers, the odd, useless commenters have increased because web traffic to this site has seriously increased, but higher volumes (hopefully) are good for Mac’s website, so just ignore and roll on.

              What scares me is while RICH99 usually wastes time, he occasionally has a good comment…rare, but it happens. I hate to, but have to agree that he is right that articles like this get preppers roiling — it sure got my attention as to why they would be doing urban warfare unless it is to deploy in Mexico, US, or Iran — what other arenas are currently in the NWO sights? TPTB only messes with non-nuc parties.

      29. Makes you wonder about increasing the military budget.

      30. Nah,

        Y’all are wrong. These folks will train the police and there will be no problem at all.

        All we need is just some more Czars then they’ll get it all straight. No more problems, just look at what we have working for us now! Gollllly Geeeeee…

        Let’s waste money – what the hell, it ain’t ours!!!!!!!!
        Let’s have some more Czars!!!

        Hell, if my predictions are right and the way BO is agoin’ we’ll end up with a Double Dildo Czar. That way, no matter who you vote for, or what you do, one of y’all is still gonna get it up the ass.

        NOTE: positions that also existed under previous administrations are indicated with an *.
        1. Afghanistan Czar – Richard Holbrooke
        2. AIDS Czar * – Jeffrey Crowley
        3. Auto Recovery Czar – Ed Montgomery
        4. Border Czar * – Alan Bersin
        5. California Water Czar – David J. Hayes
        6. Car Czar – Ron Bloom
        7. Central Region Czar – Dennis Ross
        8. Climate Czar – Todd Stern
        9. Domestic Violence Czar – Lynn Rosenthal
        10. Drug Czar * – Gil Kerlikowske
        11. Economic Czar * – Paul Volcker
        12. Energy and Environment Czar – Carol Browner
        13. Faith-Based Czar * – Joshua DuBois
        14. Government Performance Czar – Jeffrey Zients
        15. Great Lakes Czar – Cameron Davis

        This list ends at:
        32. WMD Policy Czar – Gary Samore

        You can see this whole debacle at:
        That was from 2009!

        Y’all Beware! Bring the Assssstroglide.

        • ~Y’all Beware~

          Damn….! There’s an awful lot of ‘Red Sea Pedestrians’ on that list!

          • Yup, that’s why the rest of the world laughs at us, some call the present group in charge the ZOG for Zionist Occupied Government. Or maybe it’s Zionist Occupation Government. Anyway you get the point. It gets cuter: our dollars are called “zogbucks” which you have to admit rolls off the tongue rather nicely.

            Since one of the Chosenites slipped up and told of plans to assassinate Obama, I actually like the Bamster a little.

            (I don’t understand some of the extreme dislike of Obama I see around. What’s he done that the other guy wouldn’t have done? McCain, right? Would McCain have done anything any differently that Obama has? All the scary anti-gun stuff hasn’t happened, people can now take guns into national parks, Geo. W. Bush never had the guts to pass something like that, all-in-all I have to say he’s Not As Bad A President As Everyone Makes Him Out To Be. Sure, I probably should have held my nose and voted for McCain I guess, but like millions I held my nose and stayed home! The two were, and are alike, enough to not have made it much of a choice. A President these days is a figurehead, for the most part. I’d not be surprised if O. has a second term. He’s the least annoying president we’ve had in a long time.)

      31. Let me ask a question of the assembled, when not if the SHTF where would you want to be LA or Cheyenne Wyoming?

        • How about anywhere Wyoming.

      32. This may sound wildly far-fetched, but if you consider it, what better way to infiltrate a large city and take over than to say that you are staging a training exercise?

        People are expecting the city to be positively loaded with cops, soldiers and military paraphenalia, then suddenly, SURPRISE!!!

        “Ladies and gentlemen, this is NOT a drill. Please calmly exit your homes with your hands on top of your heads and you will be directed to the nearest utility vehicle for transport to Camp Fema. Do not be alarmed, it’s for YOUR OWN GOOD.”

        • i agree Daisy what state do live in?

          • Grandma:

            I’m an American living in Canada. 🙂

            I get lots of thumbs down too – it just means you’re saying something that riles somebody up. Consider it a compliment.

            • never heard of anything good coming out of canuc land

            • “most are insane” compliment accepted!

            • Aw, Kev, you know you’re my biggest fan. 😉

            • My kids are from Canuckland, Grandma, and they’re just wonderful. 🙂

            • Now THAT was funny!

            • Get a passport for your kids and defect back home before it’s too late. Quit chiming in on every female or black issue. I use to think I was the slow learner.

        • That is a possibility Daisy, but I think it’s more likely training and conditioning for what lies ahead in the near future.
          1) training troops for domestic policing operations
          2) Condition the troops to get used to policing Americans citizens.
          3) Condition the public to accept military control and policing.
          I know they said it’s closed to the public, but the public has been informed about the drill and they will certainly see and here the helo’s flying around.

          Not to mention all the proceeding joint military/police exercises that have already taken place.

          • RWS, I was just having a little flight of fancy. 🙂 I don’t think this is THE ONE. I’m just suggesting it would be a way to sneak into some place with everybody watching. “Hiding in plain sight” so to speak.

        • They can have LA, just keep them out of the USA. ha.

        • That is a way scary thought Daisy. For the record I have played hockey with alot of canucks. They are great people, not grumpy. All they need is a molson and hockey night in canada turned on and they are content.

        • Daisy,

          Long time no talk with. I have to disagree with that although they might be that dumb. If the try and infiltrate they would have to be in many large cities, reason for this is once word gets out which it would, the people would be on high alert. And they don’t want that. They need us to be good little slaves and hand over ours guns, and we all know that will not happen.


      33. it’s all fun and games … till a low yield nuke suitcase bomb is deliberately set off/ triggered in a just like they did 9/11 and oklahoma city… their next possible FED massod CIA FALSE-FLAG TARGETS – seattle, l.a., chicago, n.y city or boston by the israeli mossad and their amerikan cia.fbi lap dogs!

        obama/ soetoro our illegal cia puppet prez needs this next nwo zionist cia mossad false flag to “scare” you all into keepin’ him in office…

        it’s coming… prepare to defend yur’selves and family…

        use yur’ time and resources wisely… as they prep, so do we… LEARN YOUR LOCAL AREA HARDENED STRUCTURE AND BOMB SHELTERS! or if near the woods… good completely shock proof solid rock formations with caves or build deep dug-outs in dry hillsides and secure clean water sources nearby… clean water is key for your survival.

        • nina

          Great to have you back..where the hell have you been?

          reloading your casings?

          Hell..OB is on tonite and here we all are on Mac’s site..

          guess there’s hope afterall

          Surley Mac must be watching the great ob 1 canobe for some great posts tomorrow..


        • Nina,

          Welcome back brother, now that is something to think about a false flag is what I have thought all along. State of war means Obamma stays put. The other side of that coin is with a false flag done by a american could create the very thing they need to try and get the guns.
          After all it would be for our own good. Yeah right my own good, and that checks in the mail and most of us know the second part to that saying. I will not say it with the ladies in the room..

          Good to see you my warrior friend,


        • Ninaor! You’re back!

          Don’t let ’em endanger your precious bodily fluids ….

        • important: to all FREEMEN PATRIOTS please read and see the truth of who really runs Fascist Amerika and what they are planning for you all…

          CFR Madmen Itching for a Nuclear Armageddon

          p.s. to the s.o.b. feds who attacked my puters’systems for my george soros hit post earlier yesterday… ;0P pssszzt suck me nwo.zionist.fed.slimo…

          run run run as fast as you can, you piece of shit feds can’t catch me , cause i’m the fed piggy butcher man. got .45-70?

          • patagonia: is where the family rothchilds, george soros, david rockerfeller and family, the cia george bush’s and family, killery and coke head bill clinton, and other Bilderboybuggers are all fleeing too when they BLOW AMERICA UP! The US ARMY already has a group of 1000 Special Forces Troopers there at a secret u.s. base to guard the Oligarchy NWO Whores and Families… check it out really pretty… I’m thinking of moving there myself!


      34. get out of the cities now! jonhnny law and/or the gangbangers are gonna get you.

        • When the gang bangers go after the burbs..they will be met with great resistance in some areas. I used to have a service business. I was in hundreds of homes. I noticed the lawyers, Dr.s and everyone else all had a gun rack with cases of ammo. The burbs are more stocked than the gang bangers know. We will coordinate with the cops when martial law hits and form hunting parties for these scum. They will not be hard to find. Remember that the burb folks are the ones who run the corporations. We are good at planning, organizing and coordinating. Many are former military.

          The big reality will be when to transition.

          It’s important to understand that America is now gone.
          Prepare for things. It will get bad. Very bad.
          The very fact that the govt. built out all the fema camps…tells me they are not after joe six pack. They will stock the fema camp with OWS dudes, gangs and illegals.


          Have you ever considered that the FEMA camps were designed to take back America
          and purge it from the socialist forces. I hope this is true.

          it will be a sad state to see the NWO blue helmets break down my door to get my shotgun and a few shelves of canned goods. I think they are after bigger game.

          I think the military will go after the blue helmets to purge them from our soil.

          This will all be directed from the top brass at the pentagon.
          Funny… I bet it will be congress that finds themselves at camp fema.

          Just a hope.

          • BREAKING I remember the L.A. riots, Jamal and his crew would get to the edge of the burbs and there would be some guy on the roof who’d grown up hunting squirrels and participating in 4-H target shooting, with a long-gun in hand and watching the street. Jamal and co. would then do a 180 and depart.

            The other bright spot was the Korean shop keepers. It’s a good thing they’re such bad shots or really didn’t want to hurt anyone, because they were heeling their shots over the mob’s heads. It would have been carnage if they had real training. Instead lots of handguns went BANG BANG BANG and hardly anyone got hurt lol. Beats them getting burned out and maybe beaten up in the street.

            As I like to say, if YOU want to do something, take a non-shooting friend to the range for a day. Pay for it all, including lunch. A real blow-out (heh heh) may cost you $100, cheap price to pay for a convert.

          • I don’t know about that theory, but it would be awesome. The word I hear is that a perge in the military is taking place. Has anyone elese heard of this from friends in the military??????????????

        • That’s a very disturbing article, NinaO.

          Good to see you here, btw.

        • Thanks for the post nina. I suddenly feel the need to buy a few more cases of 7.62×39.

      35. Wonder what happens to there familys while there out killing yours?

        • They’re out in the car waiting. The family that kills together, stays together. These are not normal people with normal outlooks on life.

      36. It would really suck if any of the scenerios outlined above unfold.. Period!

        I agree we will need to band together .. There is definately A big force in large numbers…but who is ready to get down- if the shtf? I thought so!!

        We need to Focus on prepping.. Because the weather in 2012 may change the whole game in its entirety.. And just survival would be our main focus .. Again- this would suck!!

      37. This is a tough call. When the LA riots broke out would you prefer that the National Guard not be used? The concern is that it’s obvious that major civil unrest is expected.

        The issue is the series of events that over time have put the public in this position. I believe this is even spinning out of control of those that formulated this mess.

        It’s not easy to economically destroy a country as productive with an abundance of raw material and food as the US. On a greater note it’s even harder to take down the industrialized Democracies at the same time.

      38. Updated: Jan 24, 2012 5:39 PM


        RIO GRANDE CITY – Law enforcement from Rio Grande City to Donna are asking questions about a black helicopter they saw flying on the American side of the border Tuesday afternoon.

        We were with law enforcement near the Lone Star Bank off 83 in Rio Grande City when we saw the chopper. They all had the same reaction: it was Mexican military. The helicopter is black with triangular reflectors on the bottom and the back. It has two rudders and a case on the side that might be used to hold a gun. Another reporter saw a similar chopper flying over Donna just before 3 Tuesday afternoon.

        We found pictures of similar choppers. They have the same reflectors and shape. They are Mexican military Blackhawks. The chopper that flew over the Valley Tuesday looks similar to other Mexican military incursions in the Valley last year.

        One landed at the airport in Laredo last August. Another flew over Roma in the same month. And in March 2010, a Mexican military chopper flew twice into the United States.

        Our undercover officer wonders if the Mexican military was watching he and the other officers working on unbundling drug evidence. He says its also possible the military or somebody else could be following the bundle of drugs an officer brought back to the evidence location. It happened at the same time the chopper was flying over the area.

        We’ve called Customs and Border Protection to find out what that black chopper was doing here. We haven’t heard back. CBP usually doesn’t responded with information to requests for information in other incursions.

      39. NinaO, Daisy, Mac, anonymouse, Burt, et all,

        If I don’t get to where I need to be,
        Cause another has cut me down
        I know that I had friends,
        Willing to help, and as friends
        They will always be.

        Y’all Beware!
        Thank y’all for just being you.

      40. Now,
        I just watch 2 minutes of BO and I’m so sorry I wasted my time.

        Goodnight! I’m Just getting started on this BSer.

        Y’all Beware!

        • Y’all

          Watched 5 minutes of the great one and went for another adult beverage..and came here for solace..


      41. Some damn paranoid f@@@ers around here and communist by the sounds of it
        Don’t worry when the SHTF y’all are on your own, no I won’t come after you but I ain’t helping you either you watch law and order break down cause us “pigs” are bugging out also. I love hearing how much of a dirty pig I am till I got to go save your mom or sister from a rapist then I’m an ok guy but any other time you don’t need me.Guess what people have fun dealing with all the garbage that is gonna be around post SHTF cause your all gonna have to become your own cops pretty soon, like I said I won’t be around when it hits the fan nope I won’t be a pawn in that game so…….

        • Never heard of that happening, but you guys do a fine job of writing a report!

        • When seconds count, police are only minutes away.

        • NOT against honest, integral Police Officers. In fact, fully support them. However, the NWO bunch is the enemy of True America, unfortunately *some* thugs will be undeniably wearing various uniforms from local and state Govt’s all the way to the corrupt Federal Goons. Honest cops I do not mind standing beside. Only problem is there won’t be many left after paychecks get threatened and the fear of losing significant lifestyles comes into play. At the same time, the same will be happening to everyday citizens as well. FYI, one of my friends amongst many are Cops. Not being an ass, just lamenting on the fact that we here aren’t all paranoid delusionist when you consider what is actually going on out there.

        • what did you think the 10 million or so new, legaly owned firearms are for? if you think there’s suddenly that many people who want to get into target shooting, your dead wrong. they’re for self defence, and will be used so.

        • Heeeeeeeeeeeeeere PIGGY PIGGY, Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere PIGGY PIGGY, SSSSSSSSSSSSSssssooooooooooooouuuuuuuuueeeeeeiiiiii!

          Don’t worry piggy… if I need HELP transporting and selling DRUGS or Stolen Property… I’ll give you a call and give you your usual cut as always… come the next SHTF NWO Fed False Flag Day/ Martial Law REX 84 Day you best stay home with the kids and wife and hide your badge and uniform , some of us U.S. Armed Forces GRUNT VETS, know the truth of American Law Enforcement being trained by the ISRAELI jew Massod in Terrorizing American Citizens and wont think twice of going through you NWO.Zionist.Goyim.Soldier.Slaves to get at Your NWO.BilderBoyBugger.Masters… In the End We The Oath Keepers and FREEMEN of America will have our JUSTICE for crimes committed by the NWO.american.goyim.puppets Against the FREE American Citizens!

          your time is coming…

        • Don”t Worry..There are enuff of us true Patroits, and former service Members to take up the Slack..We don”t care about Badge Monkeys and JBT,,WE”ll Take care of go Home While you still have the Chance..King Obama needs some More Bootlickers to help his election!! Semper Fi

        • Sorry, you won’t be needed!!!

          • This was for Policeone, needed to clarify


        Today my employer had me sign a document that stated to me how much I made and how much I was paid. They collected the documents and will be sending this info. to the NYS department of labor I believe.

        The document had my name, job title and bi weekly pay on it.
        I’m sure the file they will send to the govt. will have my ss#, address, sex and many other things one it.

        My take is…they will use the info. in some way to decrease employers employing illegals. or… a NWO plan to inventory folks.

        this just just like when the farmers had to register all their animals and provide documentation of their inventory.

        It’s all falling into place…
        Fema camps, then stocked and staffed.
        NDAA, lock your ass up forever bill.
        Battlefield American soil.
        Drones can now fly in the US.
        Chem trails to spray us with heavy metals to mess up our lungs so the
        new flu can kill us all.

        Remember that they disarmed England and Australia.
        When they pass these laws….DO NOT TURN IN YOUR GUNS.

        Everyone needs to fund the NRA and other 2nd amdt. orgs.

        I’m sending in my donation after I write this…they have a nice deal on coffee mugs now.

        Get a hat…
        I now regularly wear my NRA hat everywhere….
        Folks look at me in the grocery store…we need to show them that the NRA members are just nice folks. It all starts with little things that millions of Americans do.

        Child to parent…
        “Mommy, what is the NRA?”

        Get it? Got it? Good.

        Now go fund your groups and make a donation…this might be your last chance.



      43. Could it be that the Mexican cartels are that strong in L.A.? Or maybe they need to control them before they get stronger.. I for one could never fire first on a US soldier..Having been one my self. They are someone’s son, brother, etc. And made from the same mold as most of us.. Better to just ask them who’s keeping their family safe in this crisis.. They may pack up and go home. If it’s a nation wide civil unrest and riots, most police and soldiers will try to be with their own families…As you or I would.
        Lets hope the military leaders have more sense than our political (so-called ) leaders do.

      44. You wonder how many of them would stick around in a true SHTF scenario. I think many would take their weapons and go try to protect their families.

        • The U.S. military have been burying there excess ordanance to make sure that doesn’t happen, nor will the private citizens of the good old USA, get there hands on them either …..

      45. ive been to L.A, East, south central, compton, and “The Jungle” are parts of L.a i would NOT want to be in once Shtf. i would not want be 200 miles within city limits, and those guys will fire on whoever including military, imagine Fallujah times 100. those guys would shoot at you for literally looking at them wrong. running military drills is one thing, but those guys in the “hood” have home field advantage, and thats big.

        • In mid 90’s the company I worked for had one of their test beds down in and around compton. We had armed guards, (contracted some off duty cops) and were packing! That place is a $hit hole!

          • i agree kevin, once shtf that place is gonna go ape sh*t,

      46. Simply training people, I think part of preparing is being ready for multiple scenarios..

      47. Folks,

        Oblowjob is looking to promote himself to DICTATOR, and these so-called “training exercises” are practice for future deployment IN OUR OWN BACK YARDS, IN SUPPORT OF NWO/GLOBALIST AGENDA IMPLEMENTATION!!



        THAT Folks, should be the thought pattern of EVERY Patriot, as they go through their day.





        Proud Southerner, Texian Free Man, Soldier of the Sovereign Republic of Texas.

        • You are a nut. Get a life.

      48. To the numbnut that said the cops will be doing the killing, you really need to grow up.

        • @JC,

          JC, does that stand for Jack Cass? I am the “numbnut” who said the cops will be doing the killing. You must be some kind of cop or cop sympathizer. You ever been outside the US? In many countries cops do not protect the population, they protect the corrupt from their populations. For years cops have violated their oaths and abused citizens and routinely beat and sometimes killed those who were in their custody. The War on Drugs has increasingly militarized the police force and given them license to use more brutal methods including SWAT teams because they are fighting a “war” on crime. The cop is charged with enforcing the law and as the bullshit coming out of the statehouses and DC has become more and more repugnant, cops have had to enforce this crap on citizens whom they should be protecting. Cops as the enforcers see civilian populations through a “us vs them” lense, and those attracted to law enforcement are there in part because they like the power and authority of their position. While there are no doubt good cops who take their mission of protecting and serving seriously, they are the exception to the rule. You need to take your head out of your ass and smell the bullshit. If cops were given license to use whatever means neccessary to quell riots are you so ignorant to think that they would not fire upon crowds ignoring orders to disperse?

        • Police do not work for the people; they work for the corp whether they admit it or not.

      49. I remember this type of training years ago in the Army, just a small portion of the training a soldier gets. No need to analyze it much further than that.

      50. Militarized Police? Somebody call the Oath Keepers and let’s see if they are more real than the Tea Party.

      51. Perhaps they should take the rest of Mexico while they’e at it.
        keep prepping

      52. You sure this is “training”?

        Just saying…

      53. Interesting how a comment that differs from the standard conspiracy, doom and gloom, the sky is falling rhetoric is still being moderated

        • Why.- Its gloom, doom, and BOOM(you forgot the BOOM)! You forgot that some of us tin foil hat wearing, conspiracy theory nut job tax payers think WW3 is comming!

      54. Get a clue, most cops are doing their job. Its hard, thankless often but I’ve never met a bad one. Its the people that they deal with like some here with bad attitudes towards them that is the real problem. The 60’s are over. Get a life.
        Cops have to enforce the laws created by the politicians that are elected by other people since so many have up voting. You want to change the laws GO VOTE, then the police won’t have to arrest you for violating a law since its been repealed.
        Give the boys in blue a break. Thumbs down if you will I don’t really care.

        • I used to support the police but experience has taught me otherwise.
          1) Personal cop friend who bragged about beating up people he didn’t like but was unable to find evidence to convict.
          2) Burglary to my business and cops refused to investigate
          3) We tracked down above criminal, found him selling stolen goods, called the cops- no arrrest, no return of stolen goods, (they did come out and talk to him a little bit)
          4) Friend beaten unconscious in public parking lot. Police filled out a report, said “oh, that’s a gang initiation, we haven’t been able to do much about them”
          5)Friend runs a plumbing business which was vandalized. An insider told him the police found the entire stash of goods but the stuff that was returned to him was only the worthless pieces. The good stuff mysteriously vanished in the police storage unit.
          6)National guard acquaintance- taking drugs, deserting his wife and child to run around with numerous known drug users and dealers and he gets full support of his superiors who won’t even bother to drug test him without giving him enough notice to dry out.
          I could go on…
          Direct experience says so much more to me than the lip service so many of these people promote. I struggle to find any positive examples to offset the negative- I guess I remember the neighborhood cop when I was a kid and he was a good guy. I don’t see any of those anymore.

          • Merree

            The list is almost endless.

            “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

            In all fairness not all localities or states for that matter are the same. Delaware SP are professionals. If offered a meal for free they are not allowed back in that establishment. The tolerance is zero. Every once in a while a cop in Delaware is arrested for DWI, unheard of anywhere else that I’m aware of. People and organizations live up to what is expected of them. Not the written “by the book” expectations but the real culture. I was told by many that Organized Crime could not get a foot hold in Delaware.

            I lived in a neighboring state for decades then voted with my feet. Lets say their expectations were kinda low and probably are the norm.

      55. Can they declare war on Hollywood and fags. I’d be OK with that.

      56. Last week I couldn’t spell terrorist, this week I are one.

      57. MM2nuke

        Ever been to Philadelphia?

        It’s not the laws they enforce. It’s the unwarranted violence they inflict from beatings to murder. It’s arresting people for videoing them while they are on duty in violation “Of The Law:”. It’s their attitude; there are three groups, cops, family of cops and everyone else.

        I hung around with cops that routinely drove drunk and never paid for breakfast at 3 AM after the bars closed. They were both the designated driver and designated drunk and I got a few meals free by just being with them; “Put your money away, don’t say anything”. Hell in one smaller town a cop off duty put his car in someones back yard after failing to stay on the road. The home owner seen him walk and stumble into a fellow officers patrol car. No DWI test for him.

        There are lots of good cops. However the “Policeman’s Code” of protecting fellow officers that are bad is the problem. The AMA tends to do the same thing with Physicians.

        It’s all part of that “Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely” thing.

        • People have to realize that WE have to be the ones to fix the problems. Vote out the corrupt politicians, get those corrupt and inept fired. Bring the truth to the public and throw the bums out. Start locally and work your way up to state then federal levels. WE have to hold those in power accountable for their actions. We outnumber them, truth in numbers. Post flyers with facts of the issues, if the press won’t cover it do it yourself!

          • MM2nuke

            That is terrific advice.

        • Kev2- sometimes they drive up on road dividers and kill someones grandma, drunk scotfree no blood test till 5 days latter. I am very familiar with such groups of cops, but there are good one’s also!

          • kevin

            Yes there are but good cops protect bad cops. They have an rule that is not written but is well known among officers, “Badges Protect Badges” on an off duty.

            It’s the us verses them mentality. We unfortunately are in many respects, “them”.

      58. This is weird. We got new 911 call boxes in the forest preserves here in Chicago. In vertical lettering is the word, EMERGENCY. But next to that, was the word NEIBENZPIECZENSTWO. So I went home and Google translated it, then I called the preserve headquarters and asked them why they had the Polish word for DANGER on the 911 box. They said it was for Polish speaking people, of which there are only 3.13% here. Again, I asked why didn’t they use the Polish word for emergency which is awaryjnych. They said that was the word the Polish Embassy gave them. Seemed suspicious to me and even more so when the lettering was removed the next day by an officer. They wouldn’t admit it was for the UN Partnership for Peacekeeping Troops, which in my state are Polish Troops.

        • The Chicago area has the largest Polish population outside of Warsaw Poland. No other Polish city can match the number of Poles in the Chicago area.

          • Ok, like 3.13% are Polish, but the point is they used the word for DANGER, as told to them by the embassy. One would think the embassy would know the correct word to use. If I were in Poland, and the only english word I saw was DANGER, I sure wouldn’t go there for help. The dif between their words for emergency and danger, are as clearly different as our words are.

          • That does explain some things!!

            • I was able to photograph it before it was removed. Proof!

      59. Learn your surroundings. Go for a slow walk in the area you will have to defend. Notice gangways, fences, stairs, windows, cover and concealment. Look at the rooftops. Go up there if you can. Most fighting will in urban terrain. Study the fighting in Beirut in the 1980’s. Buy some bolt cutters. Think of what you will do before you have to do it.

      60. In the inner city projects, the gang bangers cut holes in the walls between the apartments for escape routes. They disabled the elevators to keep the police from entering their floor. Have good fields of fire and multiple exit routes.

      61. What would happen if we all got togather and a training Exercise.

      62. On a lighter note, and speaking of the military and police (PG13)…

        A gorgeous female police officer arrested an Army Attack Helicopter Pilot for drunk driving in the early morning hours of New Years day. She told the aviator, “Sir, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say, can and will be held against you.” The APACHE Pilot looked at her and said: “Tits”

      63. Why you people getting surprised that America is going down?
        Did anyone take HISTORY courses in school?
        There is no Country (Super power) to last long in the history.
        Will be a time that you have to go down (100000% sure) and discussing the way of going down? It doesn’t really matter. Learn from the HISTORY where a superpower state will be destroyed from INSIDE first. For the rest everybody just have to be prepared first from psychological side and then from material side.
        When I watch TV and I see people or the President or everybody saying GOD BLESS AMERICA I think these people are crazy. They better say (and that’s true)

      64. Before you start looking for land do your homework in my area where neighbors are spread out there’s nobody to watch your place you would have to live there full time not using it as a part time retreat the meth labs are popping up all over the place and if your not there fill time they’ll find out and all that prepping will be gone same thing with building a place all the materials and tools gone, it’ not any safer out here then living in the city these addicts are destroying the countryside.

      65. “Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.”

      66. The key is food and circus.

        When a sports “hero” is dethroned the “worshippers of the sphere” revolt. It was recently seen at Penn State University by members of the literate class (as opposed to the illiterate underclass). Here shows the power of circus. These young people have little hope after college but they save their anger for circus. This is because the prime directive of food has been supplied. Once food is obtained the attention defaults to circus.

        Want to see all hell break loose? Let the food supply be cut. This is historically the catalyst for revolution. Even “worshippers of the sphere” will refocus their attention if hungry enough.

        • If the US is planning for massive civil disturbances I suspect food shortages in the form of too high of prices (inflation) or flat out shortages (economic collapse) would be the cause. Twenty percent of the young men entering military service in WWII had shown evidence of malnutrition.

          Available food is the key. The lack of food is the major cause that drives otherwise civil people to behave very badly. Stock up on more food.

      67. Mac,

        here is a video from Dec 7th, 2011 showing about 100 Bradley Fighting Vehicles traveling on a train through Tennessee westbound.

        • Uh, those are Humvees, not Bradleys.

      68. Hey Mac,

        Isn’t this 70 years to the day, this video, of Pearl Harbor? Ironic.

      69. America is Nazi Germany reborn, the Fourth Reich.

        • noel- Prescot bush led the charge!

      70. It’s all just a show of force. All to intimidate the US citizen. This government has used this intimidation factor for years. We’ve all done it. Take Iran right now.

      71. Concerning military training in the streets of LA, I have had various discussions with friends and acquaintences concerning the military who are coming home from Iraq & Afghanistan. What is Obama and his cronies going to do with them; well it seems that now we know. As far as training the military to handle urban problems in other countries, they already do this in various locations around the country and no one has seen them in the streets training until now.

      72. ha ha ha

      73. In this link the reporters call in counter-terrorism training. You prepare for the fight you believe you will have next. 160th SOAR little birds are the duck and dive gunships more capable of inner city interdiction around taller buildings. Keep in mind the highly effective use of themals and NVGs during night ops, these are SpecOps guys not simply crowd control in the case of generalized civil unrest.

      74. To begin with most poor historically illiterate folks in this country have a serious need to disabuse themselves of the mistaken notion that this country is a democracy!

        A careful reading of any of a number of historical accounts to be found on Wikipedia,or Steve Gillon’s “Ten Days That Changed America” will reveal the violent statist put down of four years of civil uprisings (war) before the war between the states in 1860 (Shay’s Tax Rebellion 1786-87 and the so called Whiskey Rebellion of 1791-94) the second of which founding father George Washington (then sitting president) removed his executive suit, donned full military dress to command 13,500 troops and smash the last of those two upstart outbreaks! By the way, no where in the american constitution is the term ‘democracy’ to be found. In fact Adams, Jefferson, and Alexander ‘founding father’ Hamilton had nothing but disdain for the term remarking that it was “nothing more than mob rule in which the majority of 51% could abuse the rights of the other 49%”. And oh yes, after the put down of the last civil outbreak in 1794 Mr. Washington’s staff proffered to him the bold idea of storming the then american congress, seizing control of that government and making him the “Emperor of America”! Why should any six year old taught the truth about our history be the least bit surprised at anything those running this (and the world government,no doubt!)system would dare to do! And just think a clever little man and the off springs of his litter crept out of the ‘JudenGasse’ in Germany in the late eighteenth century, and took control of Europe’s
        financial system. All this emboldened and aided no doubt by Mr John Nelson Darby, hatcher of the ‘Lost Ten Tribes
        Lie’ that has the middle east in turmoil, our banking
        systems under the control of behind the scenes families, and us nervous about crowed street bombings!. But that’s another story now, isn’t it?

        Hit your library’s folks, you’ll be amazed at what you
        find there!

        Erick Dean Tippett
        Retired Musician/Teacher
        Chicago, Illinois

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