Banned: Woman’s Photo Rejected from Beauty Contest Because Of Handgun: “Inappropriate Content”

by | Apr 9, 2014 | Headline News | 193 comments

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    Last summer Bob Ferris’ wife returned from church looking particularly beautiful so he decided to take a few snapshots with his camera. A few months later the couple happened across a contest promotion in People magazine called “Real Beauty at Every Age.” The contest was open to everyone and all that it required was a photo submission. Just about all submissions, so long as the pictures were tasteful, were allowed entry into the contest.

    But Sandra Ferris, who says the contest submission was her husband’s idea, didn’t even get past the qualifying stage.

    Apparently, the photo she submitted was flagged as “inappropriate content” by People Magazine editors and was denied entry, though the magazine itself has yet to comment on specifically why the photo was not accepted.

    Apparently, the submission broke the rules because Mrs. Ferris happened to be holding a .45 caliber handgun in the picture.

    “I don’t think there is anything more beautiful than a woman holding a handgun,” said Bob Ferris in response to the rejected entry.

    Here’s the offending photo:


    Though Mr. Ferris had his suspicions, he wasn’t convinced that the gun was the reason for the photo being rejected, so he persevered.

    I didn’t think they’d reject the photo,” Bob Ferris said.

    But they did, listing at least three possible reasons for rejection: size, focus or inappropriate content.

    “I was a little shocked at first,” Bob Ferris said.

    To see if the gun was the problem, Bob submitted a second pistol-packing momma picture, and was once again shot down. Only after entering a third time with a gunless photo did Bob finally hit the target – the photo was accepted.

    The contest rules make it clear that the judges can reject any photo for any reason at any time.

    His next submission using a different photograph was also rejected:

    sandra ferris - 2

    Not one to give up, Mr. Ferris really wanted to know whether the issue was because of problems with focus or size, so he sent over yet another picture, this time with no gun.

    The third time was a charm and Mrs. Ferris’ picture was finally entered into the contest.

    sandra ferris - 3

    In all fairness, People magazine enjoys the same rights as a private business as individual Americans do, so they are protected by the First Amendment.

    But apparently that’s the only one that really matters to them, because the Second Amendment is now considered “inappropriate content” by the popular magazine.

    Insofar as Bob and Sandra Ferris are concerned, they won’t be cancelling their subscription to People magazine… because they didn’t have one (and don’t plan on getting one any time soon).



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      1. Baring breasts would have been acceptable,

        but bearing arms goes beyond decency.

        • She should have been holding an aborted baby. She’d have made the first time.

          • Southron,
            That is simply an asinine post.

            • Off Topic: MY peeps, I want to expose the Alt Media BS with respect to the Nevada Rancher. His cause is not YOUR cause. His cause is not personal liberty, first amendment rights, or any other Constitutional cause.

              It is a business dispute. His business, that refuses to pay his fees for using OUR land. Should I quit paying fees for my mineral extraction on taxpayer land after accepting the terms and conditions and fees for my use of that land?

              I see now that Sheriff Mack who I normally would strongly support has “sided” with the Rancher and criticized the local Sheriff. I see where others have tried to generate Militia support for this guy, calling upon Militia Members in Southwest Nevada to “rise up” against FEDERAL TYRANNY.

              Bullshit. Tyranny? Tyranny is gun registration in Conn.

              Anyone who supports this Rancher who is not paying his fees to use OUR land is being used, and used despicably. There are NO Constitutional issues involved in this dispute.

              This is a BUSINESS dispute and a multimillionaire who does not want to pay his fair share to US. 🙁

              • I thought I’d just report on something IMPORTANT…

                Apparently, Bundy is fearing that he may have to die over this.

                Where are those oathkeepers when we need them?

                • Sixpack: His is NOT a Constitutional issue. Oath Keepers should NOT be engaged in this dispute. Bundy doesn’t have to die, he just needs to pay the $300,000 in grazing fees he owes to US. His death would not make him a martyr for personal liberty. It would make him an idiot for trying to cheat a business partner: US!

                  Three hundred thousand dollars is a lot of grazing fees; meaning a LOT of grazing land for the animals in his cattle business as grazing rights on taxpayer land are below market value cheap.

                  Alt Media should NOT be supporting this guy. neither should the Alt Media Sheeple. Support for this guy is like calling “Wolf” when there is no wolf. Patriots should be picking and choosing and supporting liberty issues. Bundy does not have a personal liberty or Constitutional Right to use US Taxpayer grazing land for FREE!

                  The lease of grazing land from the US taxpayer is cheap, cheap, cheap. Just like Bundy who is stealing from US to subsidize his business! Can I bring my sheep over to your house to eat your lawn for free? No? I didn’t think so.

                  Get a clue, My peeps, that is what Bundy is doing with his cattle. 🙁

                  • “the Alt Media Sheeple” huh.

                    I see.

                    You attack Alt Media a lot.

                    You attack the people who read Alt Media.

                    Yet, you think you’re one of us? And, you want to direct us from upon high?

                    Again, you’re either well paid, or seriously misled.

                    Either way, you’re ….

                  • If you heard a mafia voice directed at the chick in the photo of this article saying “She doesn’t have to die, she just needs to pay the $300,000 fees she owes to US.”

                    Would that change anything?

                    Is the implication, “Pay Up or Die” (or do serious jail time)? Is it clear there is a difference between “us” and “them”?

                    Can it BE any more clear who the true owner is?

                    …Expand from there. The Next Obombyacare victim is… ?

                  • @the durango kidd

                    You obviously don’t know the background on this case, but that won’t keep you from exposing your ignorance, or trolling for the Feds will it!

                    This has nothing to do with “grazing fees,” and everything to do with “grazing rights.”

                    The Bundy family has held the surface rights to that land going back to 1877. That fact is codified in Nevada state law. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

                    The Feds have stolen 300 head of his herd, and are now trying to run him off that land to destroy his inherited property rights, and grazing rights in general. Period! Once again, this has nothing to do with “grazing fees.”

                    Nevada state law says his family has “first use” rights to that land, but now the Feds roll in, and outside of the rule of law, render his rights null and void.

                    Anyone claiming this is not a constitutional problem is either a moron, or a troll.

                    BTW… how much “taxpayer” fiat paper (money) are the Feds spending on this operation designed to destroy this mans rights? Millions I’m guessing… and you support it!

                    We all know you love to lick the government boot DK, and you’ve managed to illustrate that for us here once again.

                  • The fact that 200 plus law enforcement with snipers over money owed on disputed land rights is good enough for you?

                    You decry the so called nwo yet always side by their rules when push comes to shove..

                    You always tout engage your employees..and now one does and you side with the feds?

                    It’s obvious to anyone here with cognitive thought that you are the well placed disruptor always speaking from both sides of the equation…

                    Surely you supported Janet Reno at Waco and applauded that massacre as well..

                    Just how much does the irs,atf,dhs or whatever agency that employs you pay you…it must be substantial for all the double sided b.s. that emanates from your comments.

                    Durango Kidd aka Trojan Horse..


                  • dk

                    You use to make some since. I’m thinking old age is getting to you. Your posts have gotten dumber and dumber.

                    Hows your gold mine doing by the way?

                  • @DK… Not sure what Bundy is doing with his cattle but I agree about the grazing fees. Yes, you can bring your sheep to my house to graze for free. My lawn will get mowed and I will get free fertilizer. I might even clip a little wool once in a while to make thread for my clothes.

                  • Not a Constitutional issue? Everything that happens in this country is a Constitutional Issue!! Every single citizen in this country who is arrested, removed, injured or even killed defending their rights, is a martyr to a cause that is more than 220 years old.

                    A government that takes those rights away in defiance of the people, is not a government at all. It is a nu-Constitutional Dictatorship.

                    I just read about a Nevada Militia group who put themselves on 72 hours notice to move ready to support the Bundy’s. Sure takes some kahunas to make that kind of commitment!!! I hope Bundy gets 10,000 plus people to head out to where he lives to support him.

                  • Mr. Bundy’s daughter Shiree Bundy Cox in a letter explains the feud from the family’s perspective:

                    “I have had people ask me to explain my dad’s stance on this BLM fight. Here it is in as simple of terms as I can explain it. There is so much to it, but here it is in a nut shell. My great grandpa bought the rights to the Bunkerville allotment back in 1887 around there. Then he sold them to my grandpa who then turned them over to my dad in 1972. These men bought and paid for their rights to the range and also built waters, fences and roads to assure the survival of their cattle, all with their own money, not with tax dollars. The rights to the land use are called preemptive rights. Some where down the line, to keep the cows from over grazing, came the Bureau of Land Management. They were supposed to assist the ranchers in the management of their ranges while the ranchers paid a yearly allotment which was to be use to pay the BLM wages and to help with repairs and improvements of the ranches. My dad did pay his grazing fees for years to the BLM until they were no longer using his fees to help him and to improve. Instead they began using these monies against the ranchers. They bought all the rest of the ranchers in the area out with they’re own grazing fees. When they offered to buy my dad out for a penance he said no thanks and then fired them because they weren’t doing their job. He quit paying the BLM and tried giving his grazing fees to the county, which they turned down. So my dad just went on running his ranch and making his own improvements with his own equipment and his own money, not taxes. In essence the BLM was managing my dad out of business. Well when buying him out didn’t work, they used the endangered species card. You’ve already heard about the desert tortoise. Well that didn’t work either, so then began the threats and the court orders, which my dad has proven to be unlawful for all these years. Now they’re desperate. It’s come down to buying the brand inspector off and threatening the County Sheriff. Everything their doing at this point is illegal and totally against the Constitution of the United States of America. Then there’s the issue of the cattle that are at this moment being stolen. See even if dad hasn’t paid them, those cattle belong to him, regardless of where they are they are my father’s property. His herd has been part of that range for over a hundred years, long before the BLM even existed. Now the Feds think they can just come in and remove them and sell them without a legal brand inspection or without my dad’s signature on it. They think they can take them over two borders, which is illegal, ask any trucker. Then they plan to take them to the Richfield Auction and sell them. All this with our tax money. They have paid off the contract cowboys and the auction owner as well as the Nevada brand inspector with our tax dollars. See how slick they are? Well, this is it in a nut shell. Thanks”

                  • DK: Please stop, you’re going way over their heads by using logic supported by the very thing these folks hate-FACTS. Throwing pearls before swine is a waste of time with these halfwits who are genetically incapable of grasping even the simplest of ideas. Your assessment of the situation is correct. The rancher is using land that is not his and doing it for free. He’s no better than any other welfare cheat but these cretins can’t grasp even this simple concept. More’s the pity.

                  • For once I have to agree with you. The BLM fees are $1.35 per animal per month. He should pay them.

                    “The trouble started when Bundy stopped paying grazing fees in 1993. He said he didn’t have to because his Mormon ancestors worked the land since the 1880s, giving him rights to the land.”

                    I think that says it all.

                  • durango I do agree with you a lot of times, but what makes me mad is the grazing fees he did not pay, ok I give you that, but what I’m getting at is its like out of control fees or how about late fees and then your in the hole so far you cant get out (unreasonable fees is what im talking about). Or how about Obamacare fees. if we dont pay then we owe 1 grand, next year we have fines for not paying them and late fees. It’s the late fees and added fines and all the extra dollars they add on to make it where you can never get out of the hole, basically slavery to drain you dry if you dont comply with everything. Same thing in taxes, you get behind or they screw you and tac on late fees, penalties etc, now you owe 14,000. See my point. That is the corruption I’m pissed about and they are getting bigger and more and more fines and fees as we continue in the future, thats whats out of control. I would like for you to agree with me on that point. Same with him.

                  • DK,Old guy, You are both working way to hard to make everybody believe that Mr.Bundy is in the wrong. I’ve read on here about Gov paid trolls, but I never really believed it till now. Old guy says he ran 60 head of Cattle, then went on the gov dole and seemed Proud of it. Even if he did farm which I have my doubts he wouldnt be against Bundy the way he is, with 20 posts trying to drive it home. No I think old guy is a payed troll, cause he seems to be a lot better writer then he was a farmer, I Commend your writing skills sir. DK, old guy when gov comes after your Possessions we on shtf dont want to hear about it, your on your own. Now I need to start ploughing my masters Property so I can get my masters crops in.. Have a nice day..Standing by in P A.

                  • Durango, I don’t support the rancher, I support the first amendment. A “First Amendment Area” is un-acceptable. I don’t care about the rancher’s right to graze his cattle, or the fight over public lands. I do support the rancher’s first amendment rights, and the denial of those rights IS a reason to fight.

                  • DK:

                    Your “my PEEPS, is as offensive as MCCains “my friends”. Please stop with that assinine comment…..

                  • Durango … bring the sheep over… my mower is in for repairs. Oh and while your at it have some lawn your self…since you are now one of the sheepel. My wife worked for the BLM and left due to there “NEW” practices. Don’t post unless you know what your talking about. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS…..and don’t drink the koolaid like some of these folks are doing…..

                • It’s absolutely fair that I should be required to pay for grazing my cattle, but some other guy doesn’t have to.

                  • I don’t have a horse in this race, but if this land is Federal Government land, and I’m the Federal Government (meaning and American Citizen) Why should I pay for something I all ready own?
                    JUST ASKING!

                  • Some here Miss the Real point. Where is it const Ok for ANY fed agency or fed govnt itself to simply Declare it Now Owns 78% of UTAH? Or 75% of Nevada? or similar huge percentages of entire state land mass in all Other states feds make such UNconst claims?

                    Recall Klinton as Prez when he did an exec prez order, and overnite the grand escalante indian staricase which consisted of aprox 40 acres originally set aside as a state indan memorial zone or whatever its called…

                    When the folks in charge of that zone asked to Increase from 40 to 200 acres to build larger parking lot for visitors etc…Klinton said Okay! Then not just did klinton allow the xtra acres as requested…Klintons exec order set aside aprox 7/8ths of entire state as FED owned Property and made ALL former Gold mines etc OFF limits.

                    Includeing a gold mine that the main shaft was located INSIDE some old womans House since her busband built the home over the Mines main entrance shaft since he owned it.

                    She got ordered to cease all mine opps due to klinton exec order LAND GRAB!…Where is That ok based on usa const issues eh?

                    Current Land grab opps by feds is in Cahoots with several huge with big money backers Private orgs like wildlife federation, and a few more I cant recall names of now.

                    Once completed, and YES its ALL AGENDA-21 related, The fed land grabs are going to create a huge Split down middle of entire 48 states america lands. And ALL Fed or wildlife fed org lands will be fully OFF-LIMITS to/for ALL/every form of Human useages. Even walking upon that land will be OFF Limits to “preserve” it etc…

                    Then look for what these enviro whack jobs, whos devotions have made this agenda 21 issue their new ager Religion, to enforce BUFFER-Zones that fully surround all “Taken” lands. Each having two or more buffer zones that look same as a map with circles around a nuke blast ground zero. First buffer zone at say, 3 miles out from center land mass…NO Humans allowed period for ANY reason! Next buffer zone at say, 10 miles Out…VERY Limited With Fed Permits issued on very Limited use reasons will allow for some Humans useage, like scientists who study endangered House FLYS! Yep All 12 different species house FLYS Now on Fed endangered FLY Lists!

                    Then another Buffer zone circle at say, 25 Miles OUT from center land mass..Humans ON foot are Ok,,,But ONLY if ON Foot. NO mechanized vehicles, NO pedal bikes, NO wheelchairs(anything with Wheels is OFF limits).

                    Final buffer zones to be set at aprox 50-100 or more Miles OUT, thats where folks can still use Roads, cars, Bicycles, Horses etc…Some folks will also be allowed to “RESIDE/LIVE” in that zone…

                    Who thinks or believes that NO special use permits will be Granted or SOLD to folks like SOROS, and Sheldon Addleson(jewish casino nevada owner and largest single cash donator to neocon repubs guy) And Ted turner types so they and They alone can build huge home compounds complete with Jet plane landing strips, Helo pads, and 25-50 seperate “Guest” homes on OFF Limits agenda 21 land grabs?…..That should keep em all safe and sound when the local Peon Riff Raff(Thats me and YOU folks) Far enough away that zero harm can ever occure to Them and Their Pals eh.

                    These are the True agenda 21 land grab issues going on if one simply studies it awhile.

                  • Pissed Off Granny,

                    The word “peeps” is a sweet term of endearment for people you like to spend time with. You know, nice friends. I don’t think it was aimed at you. Don’t worry, nobody mistakes you for being nice.

                  • Sgt. Dale says:

                    “I don’t have a horse in this race.”

                    But you do… It’s called freedom and liberty.

                    Understand and embrace them before you lose them.

                • Sixpack:

                  Amen to your comment. I feel the Bundy standoff is one of the events of the year and we are fed this horseshit story.

                  Come on Mac. The MSM is doing everything to keep a damper on this story because it could be the start of a big liberty movement. If it continues to escalate I will be on my way to Nevada. A chance to put your money where your mouth is.

                  This is a POWER struggle and the feral government is there to show us little people we no longer have any power.

                  On another note I just saw where representatives in two states, Colorado and Texas, have introduced bills that will eventually give the secret service the right to arrest SHERIFFS who do not follow fed mandates.

                  Many sheriffs have made it clear they will NOT enforce feral federal laws; so we will have secret service, KGB?, overriding our local sheriffs….

                  These bastards never give up. If you live in these two states you need to see who the legislators are who are sponsoring this bill and do a recall on them….remember it happened in Colorado, it can happen again.

                  • PO’D Granny: More like former CHEKA jewdeo bolshevik killer squads eh. Only Today they Hide behind names such as SPLC-ADL-MOSSAD-IDF….All of which have been and Are being used as Training agents for american Police agencies and their Cops.

                    IDF and MOSSAD both send agents here to train todays cops on better methods of subdueing and Killing 100% innocent Goyims(Thats You and Yours!).

                    While Mossad and IDF former soldiers Train usa cops in the Physical aspects and tactics…. Same as perfected by practice/Use in Rabid Aparthide Racist state of Israel for Decades to perfect it.

                    Those from ADL and SPLC send agents to Train same cops mentally to have the Proper “us VS Them” Mind-set.

                    SPLC and ADL Hide behind lesser evil sounding names. Instead of CHEKA Killer cop squad trainings, they prefer to call it something closer to “Racial Sensitivity Training” Programs…OR…”Faggot/Dyke/Lezbo, Awareness and accetpance sensitivity Program trainings”

                    make No mistake though and for All those as yet unaware, Unawake, or just plain Ignorant in Denail type folks out there….Heres a real simple way to comprehend all of Both the Phys and mental trainings Most cops at every level now recieve…

                    Us cops VS Them Peon Goyim Cattle herds(formerly called american Human citizen persons). SPC/ADL so called sensivity awareness really means …”All Goyim Cattle/sheep who reject such un christian, un american, unGodly, Un Holy Political Lib jewdeo kommie PC crap forced fed them are All evil nazis, racists, antisemties, and You “Good” policemen Must Eradicate and Exterminate as many as possible….Then return to base HQ station for new improved Training Updates from SPLC, ADL, IDF, Mossad.

                    The new 21st century brand of Soviet Kommie Bolshevik CHEKA agents! aka U.S. S.S-CHEKA squads!

                    PS: All above stated issues. Trainings by splc adl idf mossad etc are all Well Documented at many website articles, and a few live Videos of cops being trained By IDF israelies etc…And You probobly wondered Why since 9/11 Daily you heard on Faux TV shows constant calls for the american fed and local cops to be trained same as Israel does to halt further “terrorist” attacks eh.

                    FOX TV simply provided the PRE-Brainwashings by constant repititions of that…While IDF and Mossad, adl and splc were already fast at work with actual Phys and mental trainings! WAKEY WAKEY! all you Goyims!

                • I / We were there, where were you?
                  North Idaho Oath Keeper

              • Why is he just about always so off-topic, and usually off-tracking? I mean, this was a cool photo, WTH? I would have liked to see the background, but…

                Anyway, RE: “to pay his fees for using OUR land.”

                It’s not, “OUR” land, it’s theirs.

                “They” get the fee, “they” spend the money. “They” get to decide what the rules are, and “they” get to tell the people in the state of Nevada what to do. “They” also pound in the stakes for the ‘No Trespassing’ signs and the “Free Speech Zones” that Only apply to the regular guy, Never to the gooberment truck.

                “They” – is not “us”.

                If that’s not a Constitutional issue, what is?

                Notice how “they” expand: first they limit the 2nd Amendment, then the 1st, soon they’ll require permits for pencils, … and then…

                Why you go on endlessly defending gooberment, I’ll never understand, even If they pay you well, or your head is ….

                AT any rate, the Constitution was a coup, the whole she-bang was a farce and a ruse to consolidate power. F… when, as Larken Rose puts it, will people wise Up to, “the belief in the legitimacy of the ruling class”?

                In your case, the answer seems to be: Never.

                Time will tell about the rest of the people in North America.

                The obvious solution is: the gooberment shouldn’t own any land. Let the free market decide things just like is done with just about everybody else, everywhere else.

                Also, possession is 9/10 ths of the law. The dudes were there, way before “the law” ever was.
                It makes sense, unless your a Communist, or a Fascist, or something?

                • Average Guy: What IS the Constitutional issue? Please explain. As usual, you do not have the players or the situation correctly identified.

                  WE The People are the government in America and Federal Officers are OUR employees. In this particular case they are removing animals that are illegally foraging on US Taxpayer land.

                  Illegal because the Rancher decided that NOW and apparently for some time (based upon the amount owed), he should not have to pay a fee for grazing his animals on US Taxpayer land. That US taxpayer land is leased every year to the highest bidder.

                  This Rancher would have had to sign an original lease and pay the fees. When the lease was up he would have had to re-lease the land for grazing. If he wasn’t the only Bidder, he would have had to pay the highest bid in order to re-lease the land and graze his animals.

                  Originally, he did. Those grazing permits are put up for auction at the end of the lease term. Usually every year if I am not mistaken, so while that Rancher’s family may have been grazing on that particular land since Mormans first settled the area, once the land was taken by the US Government in the march Westward of “Manifest Destiny” that land became the property of US Taxpayers, and subsequently, his ancestors, and then he, paid grazing fees to the American government. That’s US.

                  My mine is on US Taxpayer land. I lease the mineral rights. A Rancher also leases the land, but he leases the grazing rights. He likes to believe, and Ranchers like to talk about how big their ranches are, but in most cases those ranches have a small fee simple ownership component and a very large grazing lease. In most of the West the animal unit is one animal per acre. In some areas it may be more than one acre depending upon the forage able to support the animal.

                  Bundy owes me money and I want it!!! 🙂

                  • I meant one animal unit per 40 acres. My bad. 🙂

                  • You are either a funny guy, or your head is stuck-in-the-sand-nutz: “WE The People are the government in America and Federal Officers are OUR employees.”

                    When did they Ever act like such? Hmm?

                    Would that be during the banker bail-out when 95% of The People said, “No!”,or would that be when April 15th rolled around and the gooberment told everybody to jump? Or would that be the many examples Will Grigg has outlined on his blog?

                    As a “patriot” I’m sure you’ve been to Will Grigg’s blog, .. haven’t you?

                    I caught this bit, “once the land was taken by the US Government in the march Westward of “Manifest Destiny” that land became the property of …” but then you lost me.

                    WHO exactly is the property owner?

                    It sure as heck ain’t you.

                    Nor, is it magically, “us”.

                    And, did you notice the word, “taken”?

                    You might crow and say, “Bundy owes me money and I want it!!” then tag on your smart assed smiley face, but “you” ain’t collecting Jack. It’s only “them” that collects. What part of that don’t you get?

                    I’m not surprised you love/boast about paying your over-lords your mining fees. (Well, not really.) That’s the nature of those who work alongside empire, especially a communist/fascist/oligarchy empire.

                    Have you heard Bob Seger’s song, ‘Blinded By The Light’?

                    Ya, that’s you.

                  • DK
                    The issue is The federal government exist only through the Constitution, Anything to do with it (Fed) would make it a issue.

              • One more thing, RE: “This is a BUSINESS dispute and a multimillionaire who does not want to pay his fair share to US. :-(”

                Is that Not a line from an Obama script, or wHAt?
                “does not want to pay his fair share” Yeesh.

                “Fair share”?

                Collectivist emotional class-warfare b.s., through and through.

                Have you hugged your sickle and hammer today?

                If you missed it, it’s the same color as your merchantilist lust for empire. The one, is now the same as the other, in case you didn’t notice. Many people don’t. Maybe that’s why they are ok with civilian disarmament?

                • AG: No it is not a line from an O’Bummer script. I have to pay taxes, and I have to pay lease fees for my use of US Taxpayer land.

                  As far as I am concerned, so does Bundy and the multinational corporations like GE who are not paying their FAIR SHARE of taxes. 🙂

                  • All I heard was: “I have to pay – and so should they – just pile on the empire, and Make Them Pay!” Also, “I Love the anti-freedom empire”

                    That’s all I heard when I read what you wrote.

                    Why are you so mislead?

                    RE:”for my use of US Taxpayer land”

                    The so-called ‘taxpayer” does Not own the friggin’ land. The ogres at the Top do. Why is that so hard for you to understand?

                    Unless of course, you consider yourself an ogre?

                  • It’s his land end of story

                  • Who are the idiots giving this durango idiot thumbs up?!!

                  • You are an idiot. It’s time for you to shut the fuck up.

                  • DK, there’s something you’re missing. The land in question belongs to the RANCHER, NOT to anyone else, NOT to the govt. He shouldn’t have to pay any fees, period! I support the rancher and the Bill Of Rights.

                • Oh, CRAP!

                  “Have you hugged your sickle and hammer today?”

                  I laughed so hard I think I may have peed myself a little. 🙁

                  Thats was a great line.

              • @dk..

                You’re pretty ignorant when it comes to land use issues in out west, aren’t you.

                Suggest you do a little more research before you post on this topic. You might be surprised at just how little you know.

                The Bundy is not the first family that has had to deal with the tyranny coming out of D.C. through agencies like the BLM and U.S. Forest Service, but he is getting noticed right now because of his defiance.

                But….you probably won’t take the time to actually do the research. You’ll just tell us all how smart you are.

                Every day, you reveal more and more just what a government hack you really are.

                • Walt and Average Guy:

                  Right on. The most stupid statement of all from DK “It’s my money and I want all of it”. Don’t spend it all in one place when you get it, DK. And further more, dont hold your breath until it gets to you. You see, the Mooch Moochelle and her tribe needs it for their next vacation.

                  DK, you have went over the edge with this post. You have labeled yourself an idiot.

                  • POG and everyone else, I have just lost whatever respect I had left for DK. Yo Mama, you once said DK sounded like a neocon. You were right. DK is 2-faced. On one hand, he’ll acknowledge there’s things wrong with the system and then on the other hand he’ll defend the same illegal and unconstitutional actions of same govt.

                • Walt,

                  I’m not trying to be a smart-ass, just wondering… when you said that DK needs to “do a little more research” and that he’s “ignorant when it comes to land use issues out west” what specifics were you referring to? Is there another piece of the pie missing here?

                • Walt: The Rancher doesn’t own the land. If he owned the land (fee simple) he wouldn’t have to pay grazing fees for the privilege of running his cattle on US Taxpayer forage.

                  It’s simple folks. The Rancher doesn’t own the land. The “right” to the land was a LEASE; which is why he had to pay grazing fees.

                  If he owned the land, he would NEVER have had to pay grazing fees in the first place. 🙂

                  • Just as you don’t own your home because you have to pay the “simple” “fee” of taxes.

                    Your next response will govern wether I ever read another word you key in.

                  • He “owns” the “grazing rights” much like the coal company can “own” the “mineral rights”. They’ve been passed down for serveral generations. The “grazing fees” you speak of was for the BLM to help him manage the land as in building roads, waterways, etc. Since they kept taking his money but returned no value, he fired them. He still owns the grazing rights. Him not paying the “grazing fees” just means he now doesn’t get the perks anymore, that, well, he never got in the first place.

                    You’re embarrassing me, DK. I always saw you as a reasonably intelligent, patriot/liberty kind of guy, but, well, I’m rethinking that position. What part of “he owns the grazing rights” do you not understand?

                    What the BLM wants to do is buy his grazing rights. He gave them a flying “fuck you” and so, *SUDDENLY* OMG! ENDANGERED SPECIE ALERT cropped up. Hmmmm.

                    Get it? Or are you to thick to understand, this is not about a business deal. This is about property rights. No, he doesn’t actually “own the land” but he does own part of it: The Grazing Rights.

                    The BLM is essentially, criminally, attempting to convert “grazing rights” into a fee based system so they can, essentially, cancel his rights. Its a type of criminal conversion. Bundy is smarter than they are and now, with our muscle, we are gonna back them down.

                    GAFC = GET A F*ING CLUE

              • Agreed. Both sides are using this situation to make the other look bad. This is not about the Constitution or any amendment. It is not our fight. Our fight may come but this is not where it should begin. This is about a rancher refusing to pay fees and a greedy Government who wants their tax dollars from the little guy.

            • sd mule, perhaps you meant a thought I had: “it was not the best thing to say in pleasant company”? Or, something like that?

              Perhaps your thought was like mine, “it’s a terrible thing, but it’s likely true.”? One I’d rather Not hear. And that, “It’s more a reflection on the twisted perception of the gatekeepers at that magazine than anything else.” After all, we Do live in a culture of death. One where death is celebrated, especially if it is a death in sacrifice to the betterment of the whole of the empire. And also, didn’t you notice the people cheering when certain desert people were bombed or shot, or bulldozed over?

              That’s why they applaud soldiers when they get on an airplane, right?

              Heck, a person might wonder why they don’t offer a human sacrifice, it seems they Love/Lust death and empire so much.
              But, I guess that’s what Drones are for?

        • This is not surprising and is expected. You have to understand, all media is owned or controlled by the very people who don’t want you owning guns.

        • I like the FIRST photo… and I am a woman!

          Was just thinking last night, after a very upsetting experience (on the elevator real late at night with a very huge, scary looking man, who was making very inappropritate comments!) that WOMEN– ESPECIALLY–NEED TO HAVE GUNS after SHTF… and as we grow closer to complete meltdown. A man can perhaps defend himself against another man, but a female is pretty much defenseless!

          If ANYONE needs a means of self defense, its the FEMALE!!!!

        • I think it might get their attention if everyone would cancel their subscriptions to people magazine, or at least threaten to. Arms are beautiful things, some people just use them in the wrong way, no fault of the arm in question.

      2. The only useful destination for most liberal rags: nice flame colors for initial start up of a wood stove.

        • Aw, just two thumbs down from the lib-trolls !, and so early in the eve too. How sensitive.

          BTW, the newspapers fit the parrot cage. BS in print and Bird Sh** it attracts. So fitting.

          Glenfiddich evening to ya.

          • Dear 9er Xray, I didn’t give you a Thumbs Up, nor a Thumbs Down. I just wondered if you knew what the word ‘liberal’ meant in the classical sense? And, I wondered if you’re one of those people who are confused about the difference between a Progressive welfare/warfare loving Democrat and and war-mongering/welfare loving Republican? Did you know they are two wings on the same bird of prey?

            Well, didja?

            Just wise up, will ya? Phalease.

        • next they will want to remove all those pointed knives from our kitchens. now that i think about it….what the h*** do we need knives with points on them for? thaaaaat’s riiiight…..pointy knives DO kill people! i gotta get on this! somebody’s gotta stop those pointed knife manufacturers! we gotta legislate them guys outa business!….and why NOT just make it mandatory for grocers and food manufacturers to get all that stuff cut up BEFORE they sell it to us…..then we won’t even need BLADES in our kitchens… GAWD! think of the lives it will save! where does this madness stop…..yeesh, sarcasm off…for now.

          • buttcrackofdoom, I dislike your nic, but I do so agree with your thought here.

            • Might I suggest, Hennessy?

          • Butt C: I use Asian knives for food prep; the pointy 8 inch ones are just for cutting cantaloupes or roasts. I got some five to eight inch pointed ones for bartering when the time comes. Here’s some more sarcasm: what about hammers, hatchets, other hand tools that could be used for weapons. Other items are long handled yard/garden tools- will they be outlawed too? Man’s sock filled with rolled coins could be swung at an attacker or vicious dog. On and on.

            • or a sock with a padlock in it would make a great weapon also. i carry one while walking the dog.

      3. Yeah, we can’t have photos of a woman who is able to defend herself!

      4. Inappropriate…right. When people with “power”, big or small dictate what is acceptable and whats not…it’s a slippery slope to “your views” and by proxy your thoughts, way of life, and opinions are also inappropriate.
        You must not be allowed to have any of those.
        We’ve been headed that way for a while. It will get worse.
        The thought police are watching.

        • “The thought police are watching.”

          That’s the new motto of the unitedstate.

          I shudder to think children are thinking it everywhere in classrooms everyday.

          Why wouldn’t they? They have a camera aimed at them daily, don’t they? …Same as us adults?

          That’s All sooo Very wrong. And, what I was taught was Very Un-American. But, what do I know? I just lived here All my life.

          • Oops, that came out wrong. What I meant to convey was, “That’s All sooo Very wrong. And, what I was taught was: having a camera aimed at them daily, having a “thought police” watching, all That IS Very Un-American.

      5. The editors view America from a protected perch above Manhattan sheltered from and therefore oblivious to present and past reality. Their influence over popular culture is proportional to the delta in standard of living between them and the body politic. “The People” live in a real world. They live in a fantasy.

      6. Well, she isn’t exercising proper gun safety with her finger on/near the trigger.

        Maybe that is the reason why?

        • I almost said that myself, but upon closer inspection we can see that her finger is clearly off the trigger in all pictures. From the side, if you can see her whole fingernail, it’s obviously not on the trigger.

          • Maybe not in the first pic, its at least on the side of the trigger.

            The 2nd pic, you can clearly see that her finger is bent and part of the nail is missing, hidden by the trigger guard.

            • Personally, I think you guys who focus on, “On the trigger this, Off the trigger that” are a bunch of namby pamby pussys who focus too much on what “ought to be”, and what “should be”, and what you’d demand it to be. Instead of what people want. …Ever hear of the phrase, “No Harm, No Foul”?

              But, that’s just my take. In your household, you’re free to make whatever choice you want.

              It used to be a “Free Country”.

              • Why didn’t they just photoshop her out of the picture and leave the .45? It was a whole lot better lookin’ in my opinion.

      7. It isn’t about being PC or anything like that…

        The morons in control of garbage like that just despise freedom and would rather present beautiful gals as easy targets than promote responsible self defense.

        It is my personal hope that they, the “celebrities”, and most forms of mass communication are the first to “go”.
        THAT would be a wake up call.

        I’m at the point now where I don’t even look at the news for facts anymore and magazines are almost a thing of the past with internet being so readily accessible.

      8. well this is not good news

        DHS study: North Korea capable of EMP attack on U.S.

        “WASHINGTON – A long-suppressed report prepared by the Department of Homeland Security for the Defense Department concludes that North Korea could deliver on its threats to destroy the United States with a nuclear electromagnetic pulse attack.

        The report remains blocked from release to the American public.”

        • Really? These guys can barely get a rocket off the launch pad, let alone deliver a killshot to an area as large as the U.S. Now the government, on the other hand can certainly orchestrate a number of things and promptly blame porky for the deed. It’s all by the playbook and way too obvious. The term misdirection comes to mind here and certainly applies.

          • I wouldn’t make any bets about a targeted high-altitude nuclear attack, but they have the means and expertise to sail one right into a harbour in the hold of a civilian ship. It might not be as destructive as an EMP strike but a nuke going off in Portland, Seattle or San Diego harbours would be a devastating blow at the least.

          • Soc:
            They don’t need at rocket for a EMP. They could use a 777. Or any other airplane and fly it to Denver and set it off in the air.
            That is why they are busting their A#$s to try and find the plane.

            • I don’t think a jet liner’s operational ceiling can reach high enough a nuke being set off would result in a massive EMP. However, air bursting a nuke (as opposed to high-altitude detonation) could be a way to use the payload more efficiently.

        • That must mean we’re close to a false flag when the fu&+ed up feds start putting out that info.

        • Yeah….with an EMP…or most any other nuclear weapon, you don’t have to be exactly on target. Simply being “close” is good enough.

          If they can get a missile high enough and get it to go far enough with a payload, and get it somewhere over the USA, they can pull this off.

          I don’t know why anyone should be surprised at this.

          At least N. Korea’s little sawed-off pissant of a leader might be interested enough in self-preservation to not actually do it.

          But……give the same capabilities to Iran, and you have a whole different matter, because you bring the religious factor into the equation with their belief in the 12 Imam and what needs to happen to bring him on the scene.

          • For a so called Online alternate media, WND is really as close as one can get to a usa version of Israeli Mossad, combined with jerusalem Post newspaper edition.

            WND= Hotbed of neocon israel firsters, war mongers, with a couple of Pastor John Hagee types writing articles on a regular basis. And most everyone that writes articles for WND includeing the boss joe Farrah, are rabid self proclaimed “jewdeo-christian-zionists”, that alone should be a Massive Huge wakeup call to any alert, supposedly awake, folks.

        • Its from DHS so you know its false and you need to be looking at what their other hand is doing.

      9. Eh,can think of a lot more things beautiful in life then a women holding a hand gun,nature everyday is a good example.That said,firearm or not,didn’t find women/model that attractive with or without a firearm,just being honest.

        • Warchild, I’m with you. I thought those pictures were great. F#$% all of the PC crap!

          • And I agree with you, braveheart. Reminds me of that old joke:

            “Hell yes, Jeb! She had a pair of .38s, and a real gun!”

            KySSG . . . out.

            • KySSG, welcome back.

              • Thanks, braveheart.

                I explained my recent absence on a couple of other threads, but don’t know if you had an opportunity to read them. I’m hoping I’ll have some time to post a little more often, now that things have settled down at work.

                KySSG . . . out.

          • R.B.
            Going to be back in Tenn. next week looking for some land. A couple are very promising.
            You are right about those pictures.

        • Yep, and if were bein honest, a woman with a gun,, Im thinking Anjelina Jolie as Lara Croft, now thats a sexy gal with sexy guns,,,,

      10. Forget the issue with the firearm, I want to know why this woman is in a beauty contest. Hells Bells…

        • Must be a redneck thing,,,

          • Kula.

            The girls all get prettier at closing time.

            • M.I.L.F !!!

              • For ALL MSM’s such as People magazine, the 2nd amendt and a Firearm photo representing it, are Strictly Taboo!

                Yet if for example the women in this articles photo was instead holding a small 1 yr old African tribed baby, that she traveled to africa in search of, then once she located said african baby offered the african tribal Mother of said baby $20,000 to Purchace said african 1yr old baby….And once Paid for then brought her new purchase, aka african baby, Home to the usa so she can Prance around down Hollywood Blvd and show off how close her new afrcian black baby matches her black aligator skin handbag or purse, similar in fashion as to rock star Madonna has done, not once but at least Twice now with seperate african baby Purchaces as described..

                That would NOT be any sort of Taboo! Such a photo would likley have won her first place Cover photo, with an at least 10-12 page article on the wonders of multicultural diversity….With zero mention of just how Close such a purchase for $20,000 Cash resembles what was supposedly outlawed back in 1865 aka…Slavery!

                In reality weather one Buys for Cash an african baby like Madonna did to use as a show off piece, or as some form of voodoo to ward off white guilt held by modonna, or one Buys the african baby to use as a cotton picker worker….It is still basically the Same thing no…Slavery. Buying a black Person for own personal use.

                Yet That would definatly get top billing cover photo with long article inside magazine!…but all american traditional Guns?…Totally TABOO!

                • Themguys:

                  You really hit the nail on the head with your post. Want to go to Hollywood and pick up an Oscar? Want a seven figure income? Just go to Africa and buy yourself a child. Disgusting!

                  Think there aren’t babies in America pleading to be adopted?
                  Sure are, but they wont get you in the limelight like the trip to Africa will…..

                  • POG,

                    The reason people adopt babies from outside the US is because an American born child has a much higher chance of being taken away by the court system and given back to the birth mother even if you adopted the kid years ago. That very thing happened to my sister’s friend once the birth mom got out of prison. The kid didn’t understand why he was being taken away from the only mom he’d ever known and she ended up having a nervous breakdown because of it. Blame the judicial system.

                  • PO’D Granny: This Weekend, Thursday thru Sunday I believe it is. The Biggest neocon repubs Campaign Cash, $$$$$ Fundraiser is being held in nevada and hosted by the repubs party single largest person cash contributor.

                    He is Sheldon Addelson, Multi Billionaire jewish Casino Mogul owner. Sheldon is akin to the repubs equal and opposite of the dem Libs SOROS jewish Olygarch Cash Cow man!

                    This years events for neocons repubs is even beigh touted and promoted as the “jewish Campaign Event” and is obviously for and whom will “Decide” which repubs we get to pick from for prez next election as well as mid terms in next fall election cycle!

                    Less than 1.7% of usa Population totals are whos deciding which Repub AND which Dem us Peon Goyims get to vote for!

                    And we still have a few ignorant in deep Denial type folks here that keep claiming its Islmaic Mooooslims that Run america!!!….Alex jones claims its ARABS that fully Own and control all of HOLLYWOOD!

                    One just cannot make this stuff up eh!

        • It is for Grand mothers.

          • I Forgot to also mention: That even though they have 365 days per year every year to do it.

            Eli Da Weazel and Tribe, are hosting their yearly Gayla event of “HOLYHOAX Rememberance” week! right at same time frame as..

            American Majority Christianities Most revered days/event called….EASTER Week!

            Think its “Just a coincidence” Jews like Eli weazel and tribal crew are holding holohax events at exact same time frame?…Nope! zero coincidence.

            Their Jwo/NWO depends greatly upon them tradeing away Jesus’ Death on Cross event which Is what ALL history revolves around. IE Christ’s Death on Cross is central Point of all history. Every historic era or event is either BC aka Before Christ or AD aka After his Cross death event.

            Jewdeo zios like eli da weazel and tribe Must replace That mind set of Christ being central to ALL of history Pre or post Christ, with Their fabricated fantasy Hoax aka the HolyHoax event and that fabled “six Million” number.

            Once worlds goyims accept Holohax event as THE central point of ALL known history as in BH before holohoax, or AH after holohax….Then they can acomplish a J-wo nwo where all Goyims will be forced to recognize international global jewry as “gods” of their Owm makeings! aka the Talmudic “messianic Era of 10,000 yrs” where the tribe Owns and controls entire world and ALL it contains including Goyim people/cattle as their slaves.

            What a Plan eh!….my Plans are to do all I am able of to Prohibit such evilness!

            • Themguys:

              AS I understand it ALL republicans that are considering a run for the presidency are in Vegas groveling at the feet of this “kingmaker” who wants a war with Iran ASAP.

              He wont be sending his kids to die for his greed. Huh Uhh…..It will be mom and dad America who will sacrifice their kids one more time.

              When will we say NO MORE!

      11. hey
        when even the Dems “get it”
        ya better be worried

        “Rep. Yvette Clark, D-N.Y., warned the EIS Summit, “The likelihood of a severe geomagnetic event capable of crippling our electric grid is 100 percent.”

        We’re 1 act away from social cataclysm’

        and even the insurance companies are calculating their losses ???

        Now Lloyd’s of London warns of EMP

        (sorry to direct yer aTTenSHun away from the whole chick with a gun thing !)

      12. People have died coming to America. Our ancestors fought and some died for our freedoms. Have you sacrificed anything by canceling your TV service? Most of it is liberal BS. By paying your monthly fee you help liberal anti-American causes.

        The enemy is demonizing anything that is Freedom oriented, Constitutional, or good. Cadillac paid for commercials on Piers Morgan(Thankfully he is gone). Have you called ANY companies that advertize on ABC, CNN, CBS, or MSNBC. And told them you do not watch those stations because of their anti-American liberal bias?

        Hit back the same way. It might make a difference.

        Besides, the money spent on a TV service is better put to preps.

        • Cut the cord over ten years ago. Never missed it. Besides, with technology today, a good computer and internet connection, you can watch just but anything you want, when you want. Newspapers, magazines cable and network TV are gonna go the way of the rotary telephone.

        • @ Sierra,
          Excellent post!

      13. The title of that rag should be “Sheeple” magazine. God knows, it would more accurately reflect the interests of the editors, if not the readers.


      14. I’m with Warchild on this one. I believe too many focus on ‘physical’ beauty and objectify everything. Inner beauty is so much more. Why the mad craze involving ‘selfies’? Because people are just that; selfish, self-centered, self obsessed and self-serving.

        The beginning of the end is nigh so many of these things will pass this world never to be seen again. Speaking of near, my town got it’s own armored (Bradley M-113 tracked) vehicle this month. Complete with forward and aft 50 cal. gunner turrets. Now why would our little town need a massive pieces of firepower like that? They are coming to your town too, so you best stop worrying about dancing with the tards, or beauty pageants. There are far more important things to concern yourselves with.

      15. You also have to realize that if they allow a normal looking white lady, next up comes the trashy white lady and ghetto ass people holding aks ars and whatever they got.

        Then comes the lawsuit from Shaniqua because she was denied her opportunity to get in the paper or on some website. Then theyd have to pay her off and shed tell everyone how she paid. Wash rinse repeat.

        People shouldnt be so offended by things they dont understand about the world.

        • CrackerJack, what you just referred to is aka “black scam”. I see it in Memphis every day.

      16. Just about all of Sarah Palin’s modeling pic clear back to her early years she is sporting a Gun. I doubt we’ll ever see her on the cover either.

        • Speaking of which. Sarah and other Conservatives should openly come out and advocate NOT watching certain shows/channels or buying certain products.

          The libs are doing this. Are you?

          • Dave:

            Do you really believe Sarah Palin does not understand the game and how to play along?

      17. “I don’t think there is anything more beautiful than a woman holding a handgun…”
        Except for that little honey with the M16 video I have.

      18. The wussification of America continues unabated. Heaven forbid any of the progressive anti-gun suck-ups at People magazine actually had to take matters into their own hands to pick up a firearm to defend themselves or their families from an armed home invasion or car jacking.

      19. It probably got denied because she couldn’t keep her booger-hook off the bang-switch!!!

      20. She is so damn ugly.

        • She’s adorable. Bob Ferris is a lucky guy.

          True, the picture in red doesn’t flatter, by my take. But in the original picture, she is simply beautiful.

          • I don’t care about the gun. Let’s talk about beauty. She is not contestant material. She does not look pretty. Come on there are pretty looking cheerleaders or Hooters out there.

      21. Its for the children.

      22. Gun porn!

        I once clicked on some Saudi Arabian porn. It was a picture of a woman driving a car.

        I thought Mrs. Ferris was fairly plain looking until I looked in the mirror…age hasn’t done me any favors, either.

      23. Everything is being demonized,guns,all amendments to the constitution,religion. Not much left to destroy……are you going to vote in November?

        • Jim in Va.


        • Looks like the choices they’re putting forward are from the Bush criminal gang or the Clinton criminal gang. Different branches of the same mafia.

          So, all the front runners in the R wing of the syndicate met at Sheldon Adelson’s place in Las Vegas a few days ago for a pow wow with the Republican Jewish Coalition for their Spring Leadership Meeting.

          Keynote speaker was “bomb Iraq and Iran” Dick Cheney. He spent his time glorifying his war pursuits and defending the NSA and Israel. Shoulda given that heart to a “tin man” that deserved it.

          Jeb Bush, Christie, Walker and Kasich were all in attendance. They’re all in the zionist neocon camp.

          • JRS: Yep. It is More Proof that while dem libs tv reporters complain of Koch Bros jewdeo cash for repubs campaigns, and lately sheldon has become The Main top amount individual cash cow for repubs.

            Meanwhile over at Neocon FOX Tv news, reporters constantly complain of george Soros masive cash cow contributions to so many Lib dem kommie leftist pols and orgs etc..

            But what Neither leftist CNN and MSNBC, NOR, Rightwing FOX TV shows EVER mention is the facts that while SOROS is a Multi Billionaire jew on the Left VS Sheldon Adelson is equally a rich Multi billionaire cash cow for rightwing neocons cash contributions galore..

            They never ever mention that at end of the day, end of every election cycle, BOTH of those guys are Loyal ONLY to Jewish Tribal issues, and rabid Aparthide racist state of Israel concerns, period.

            Thats how jewish and zionists maintain total control of usa. They have tribe members “pretend” to be opposites aka neocon repub VS Lib Kommie dems…When all along their only combined main concern or intrest is jews and israel.

            I bet if some Lab technician person were to do a q-tip swab DNA test of the Heads and Faces of various Dems and Repubs….The Lab Test results would confirm that yes indeed…BOTH Dem and repub Party elected officials heads and faces have traces of the same jewish ass sweat and feces covering them both equally. I call em All “HUTAS” IE: Heads up their Asses bunch.

            A Vote for dems=A vote for Israel and jewish issues.

            A Vote for repubs= A vote for Israel and jewish issues.

            A Vote for EITHER= Screw America and every Goyim it contains.

      24. Great article. Somehow the posed woman w/ the gun story was sidetracked by the Govt Kidd telling us what to think about the Nevada Bundy holdout.

        What this video at beforeitsnews dot com
        Its called Update: Ranch Riot: Feds Assault Bundy Ranch Protesters With Tasers And K9 Dogs

          • JayJay; just further proof that leo’s will fire upon you without a second thought.


      25. These anti-gunners are the most shallow superficial pieces of crap that there is. They ogle at these women that have 8 levels of pancake makeup plastered on their faces so their skin can’t even breathe. Then they make these horrible statements about ANYONE with a gun in their hands, even fake guns or water guns. People that would deny a person that right to defend themselves are rotten to the core. Anti-gunners are the lowest of slime and the most petty small-minded of those that walk this planet.

        • BI,


      26. Next!

      27. In all fairness, the husband’s idea of beauty isn’t mainstream. A lovely smile and a .45 aren’t exactly Disney.

      28. If you stick your finger into a pencil sharpener what do you think is going to happen? If you send a picture of a woman holding a gun to a liberal rag what do you think is going to happen? No surprise here. I bet that the picture was sent in just to make a statement about a liberal rag, knowing full well that the chance of the picture being excepted was slim to none. So who is the target of that statement?, the church choir, that’s who. I’m sure that the husband and wife were not dejected by being rejected, on the contrary they were made to feel secure in their views on left and right politics.

        And someone needs to teach her how to hold a gun.

      29. Tis a private publication,believe in their right to do as they see fit.I mean really,people magazine,who gives a fuck!?

        • Warchild Dammit I disagree. A magazine is a business, a bakery here in Oregon was shut down for not baking a cake for a gay wedding. The judge said that a business doesn’t have a right to discriminate even if providing the service violates one’s beliefs.

          • Yea I love that,,
            one groups beliefs trumps another,,
            I am sick and tired of the government telling people what they can and can not do,,,
            Ill be damned if they tell me who I have to sell my produce to,
            I feel for that bakery as from what I understand they were a great bakery and had a long history,
            Screw the freakin government and their crap,,
            the MSM has nothing about the DOJ or the targeting of conservative groups, about the IRS refusing to release info to congress and the list goes on and on and on,,
            and then theres what is going on in Nevada with the Bundy family and the BLM,,,
            Im sick of this shit, and they want us to work like good little ants and pay our tithe to the kings and queens on capitol hill,
            I say screw them,, its time for the ants to revolt.

          • That court decision was insane,tis a private business.That said,will work for anyone without regard to their sexuality unless say child molesters,what adults do is none of my business and bad business to turn money away,that said,agree they had every right to deny service in this and any customer.

      30. So where do we go from here?

        This will be another article that makes its way down the page into oblivion.

      31. I think they are great photos and love seeing my wife with a gun also. I think the only thing better is a pregnant woman. On another note, I wish ALL comments be directed to the article at hand. Going off topic strays from the purpose of this article. The rancher story is a big deal, and it has been posted on this and other sites. That’s where those comments belong.

      32. another piss and vinegar column from my favorite pundit

        Is the US or the World Coming to an End? — Paul Craig Roberts

        just a taste

        “Across many fronts, Washington is emerging in the world’s eye as duplicitous, untrustworthy, and totally corrupt”

        “This audacious recklessness comes on top of Washington’s overthrow of the Ukrainian government, the NSA spying scandal, Seymour Hersh’s investigative report that the Sarin gas attack in Syria was a false flag event arranged by NATO member Turkey in order to justify a US military attack on Syria, Washington’s forcing down Bolivian President Evo Morales’ presidential plane to be searched, Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction,” the misuse of the Libyan no-fly resolution for military attack, and on and on.”

        “The self-inflicted hammer blows to Washington’s credibility have taken a toll. The most serious blow of all is the dawning realization everywhere that Washington’s crackpot conspiracy theory of 9/11 is false. Large numbers of independent experts as well as more than one hundred first responders have contradicted every aspect of Washington’s absurd conspiracy theory. No aware person believes that a few Saudi Arabians, who could not fly airplanes, operating without help from any intelligence agency, outwitted the entire National Security State, not only all 16 US intelligence agencies but also all intelligence agencies of NATO and Israel as well.”

      33. You can tell these ladies know how to handle their weapons.
        Finger off the trigger!
        I think they would have been better with an AR or AK 12Ga. Just my opinion.
        There is nothing better looking that a woman hold a baby in one arm and having a pistol on her hip. That Momma bear is the greatest of Gods creation!

      34. No beauty contest organiser would want the controversy of having a picture of a woman with a gun. If I was running it, I wouldn’t either. It has nothing to do with what I feel about guns. Having a model with a gun would be bad for my business.

        • I understand where you are coming from, but they should have been honest. Everybody is so worried about hurting others feelings they can’t tell it like it is.

      35. Putin Warns Europe “No Alternative… Will Cut Gas Supplies”

        “European partners have left Russia with “no alternative” but to halt supplies of gas to Ukraine and Europe, according to a letter from Russian president Putin to European leaders.”


      36. One it warms my heart that this husband realizes how beautiful his wife is. My husband does the same for me. Two it’s absolutely crazy that a picture of her with a gun was rejected. I’m sure she knows how to properly use firearms, otherwise they wouldn’t have taken pictures of her with them. I say that because this couple does not seem to be idiots. I believe I will write a letter to People, I get the magazine for free. I honestly would never pay for it, some of the nonsense that’s published makes me cringe. I’m young only 32 but the direction our society is headed makes me sad. People younger then me make me fear for my children’s future. I teach my kid’s well but the overwhelming stupidity of society is disheartening.
        On a positive note it looks like Tennessee will become an open carry state. Makes me happy to live in the south.

      37. RENO, Nev. (AP) — Buyers snapped up 29 federal land leases totaling more than 56 square miles in a northeastern Nevada area.
        This could become the state’s first oil shale fracking site.
        U.S. Bureau of Land Management geologist Lorenzo Trimble tells the Las Vegas Review-Journal the Elko County oil and gas leases sold Tuesday for $1.27 million to six different companies.


        • That and the water rights from the Colorado river running through. I live in Nevada and every year I watch this grass burn all around me. Millions of acres at a time. In addition Nevada is what’s called an open range state. Anytime you leave a populated area the signs are everywhere. Matter of fact the law says if you do not want the cattle on YOUR land it is YOUR responsibility to fence it. By-the-way that is a 5 wire barb at a minimum. BLM has pushing ranchers out for years. Your taxes do not pay for the upkeep of Nevada land by any extent of the imagination. However it may be paying some real nice BLM salaries.

          • BINGO!

          • Just one more item to mention about the Cliven Bundy case is the first amendment zones set up by BLM. Nevada citizens rights are not contained within ropes. Many of us strictly enforce our first amendment rights with the second amendment.

            • You got that right maddog. I saw that yesterday and it fired me up bad. WTF is a fenced off area for free speech.

              Took the day off today. Me and the wife are planning my job exit in June. I cant work to pay this fucked up govt anymore.

              • Glad to hear about your move. Not sure what you do for a living but maybe do it on your own. I’m an electrician and work for myself. Keep in mind you can do anything else your knowledge allows besides your main work. Good luck, I’m sure you guys will do great.

                • maddog I work w/ my hands and if Im in the office it drives me crazy w/ the office politicking and gossip nonsense. Go to work to do a job not kiss ass and spread tall tales. Save the drama for tv and faceboook, know what I mean?

                  Only bills we face are utility bills, insurance, and the taxman. The biggie is health insurance and no we aint goin govt for insurance.

                  Well get it all on paper and do the what if thing. Then well talk to the kids. After all if we go this route well spend some of there inheritance. If I know them theyll say go for it.

        • Interesting story km thanks for sharing.

          Meanwhile the Bundy standoff is going on and this is the pos article posted for the day. Theres a media blackout on whats going down in Nevada. Facebook militia pages calling members to mobilize.

          Grazing rights being cut, water rights removed, IRS targeting conservative groups and outspoken critics, businesses being targeted but this is America land of the free. Bundy will probably go down for the rights of Americans while the zombies chatter there teeth about an ugly woman posing w/ a gun.

          • time for a whole nother kinda hope and change

            • You got it Kula. Brother, Ill stand w/ you any time. I pray for the Bundy family and for peace. What I want is peace and justice. If we cant have both, Ill take justice. Same as Mr Bundy wants.

          • Calgacus:

            And Mac picks up this TRASH to feed to us on this site.

            Mac must have been running on empty when he picked this one.

            • Granny
              If I decide to quit my job I might need to start my own website. Already got the name: SSSS
              Ill double up on the SS and take em down.
              SSSS stands for Shit Striking, Stand Strong
              You heard it here first.

              • Let me know when. I will be there Calgacus. I absolutely know where you stand. No PC crap from you… you are a stand up guy. Thanks

                • Granny youre aokay by me. You say what you mean. You been on fire today. Keep it up.

          • Ive been trying all day to post links

            I finally found out what to do so they would even show up in the comment section

            than i had to wait for Moderation due to the fact all links are videos or storys from other sources

            I posted about this “Heat up in Nevada” yesterday on the last article Mac had up

            Not One More Inch to those BLM or any other three letter agency that feels they need to thug their way into this

            If the FBI BATF or ATF get in on this it will go full retard quickly

            • VRF I thank you for your links and no matter when they come in just know some of us use them.

      38. Some of us will go to prison and some of us will die. But we must resist. Freedom isn’t free. We will have to pay the price or do without freedom.

        • Couldn’t agree more Poon Tang. Join the resistance now. Think John Gualt.

      39. Not knocking the subject of the conversation (because I agree that there’s not a thing wrong with the photos, other than that they don’t have any “intrinsic appeal” — the magazine’s words, not mine — to People Magazine’s target audience), but I wonder if the rules of the contest were the same last year as they are this year.

        According to the current rules of this contest, an essay is also required. If no essay was submitted last year, and one actually was required, of course the entry would be rejected.

        Here are this year’s rules for the contest:

        And here’s a link to the contestants whose applications were actually accepted:

        Looks like the competition is still open. To find out if the gun was actually the issue, submit one of the photos with an essay, and submit the same essay with a photo of the woman cropped above the gun. If that one is included, then indeed, it was the gun that was the issue.

        Also bear in mind, the photos and essays become People Magazine’s property to use afterward, without any other compensation to the participant. Since People is a privately owned business, and beauty contests are subjective, they can make and enforce whatever rules they want in order to please the vast majority of their audience. (My guess is that most of the people on this site don’t actually subscribe to People. It’s not exactly the most useful of magazines.)

      40. Alright,
        First of all, “People” magazine? Who in the hell reads People? I wouldn’t use it to wipe my ass.
        Secondly, why would you put your wife or anyone you loved in that position, given the current climate? You might just as well put up a billboard inviting the Feds to come screw with your life.
        I like the pic, but the wrong venue.
        I’m not really sure anyone is right in this case, people who read “People” are scary people.

        • In addition, you know with 100% certainty that had People magazine published the photo, they would have gotten the usual complaints by the whiners, yapping and bitching that they were “offend”.

          In my never to be humble opinion, the only people who read People magazine are the shallow low information voters, who voted for antichrist Obama and belive what they see on the evening MSM news.

          This NOT being PC, but good OPSEC; NEVER draw attention to yourself, with a photo of you with a firearm. You want to maintain a very low profile. Any photo, like any thing you say will be used against you. You will be assumed to be guilty, till proven guilty. Never forget that the current culture has gone collectively insane.

          • @ Jeff,
            That just about sums it perfectly.
            “Never forget that the current culture has gone collectively insane.”


        • If people do a search on Harry Reid and the sheriff of Clark Count NV its obvious. Sheriff is Douglas Gillespie, registered D who was elected as sheriff, 2nd term.
          Hes friends w/ Dirty Harry and both are involved in the Fusion Center outside Las Vegas. Turns out the sheriff is the law for both the county and the city of Las Vegas.
          Also turns out sheriff Gillespie earned himself some bigass award from the national sheriffs assn presented by Dirty Harry a few weeks ago. Ill get a link up.
          Sheriff Gillespie aint going to help American rancher Bundy. Hes a commie in bed w/ dirty Harry.

          • exactly..and he’s not upholding his oath either

            lil bastard needs to be voted out, He could stop this whole thing, but he’s a coward and wont do a dam thing for the people

            remember this

            • State of Nevada is run by LV alone. Just look what happens when one urban area takes the entire state. Dirty Harry and his gang of sheriff thugs run the show. Aint no we the people there its we the corrupt.

        • VRF:

          Thanks for the links. One of the articles identifies the HEAD of the BLM:

          Neil Komze

          Native Nevadan who spent 8 years as a SENIOR POLICY ADVISOR FOR SENATE MAJORITY LEADER HARRY REID before joining BLM.

          Harry Reid’s policy is in lockstep with the Obama administration, so we know his “policy advisor” is in full agreement with the coersion.

          • Yup..
            commie thru and thru

            I have a feeling this could go hot any time.

            this is wrong on so many levels. and it needs to be stopped before someone makes a grave mistake

            hey Mac, whats up with the silence on your site about this event?

            • Posters, do not remain silent on this one.

              Call or e-mail Neil Komzie (commie?) at:

              202-208-3100 or e-mail at feedback at los dot dol dot gov

              I did both….how about you?

              • thanks for that number and link

                Yes is the answer

      42. Mac, why aren’t you covering this thing in Nevada. This is huge….

        I pray people who can, will go there by the thousands and support this guy.


        • Mac: You have been ask a question. Patitntly waiting………

      43. First reported by Jay Jay.

        You will hear in the video a person saying this is America. Just like the person who was refused ammo at a gun store during the Rodney King Riots. He also made the comment, This is America.

        This is not America anymore. How do you those cookies?

        I also said people will be saying those words a lot.

        How do most people today know what America is and what it stands for? Used to anyhow. How do you like that Facist boot upon you neck, Nevada?

        get ready. They BLM will be back.

      44. I wish I could go to Nevada today and stand against tyranny. Could not even afford the gas to get there though. Some patriots not so far away need to stand. But I fear another government massacre a la Ruby Ridge or Waco.

        • Now we can understand why the government wants to turn the internet over to the UN. MSM has been told not to run with this important story and the UN would shut off any story on the internet.

          That would guarantee that no PATRIOTS would have enough information to ever gather together to stop the stealing of America.


      45. How many of us would like to go and help this rancher out? Do you have the money and time to pick up and go? So we just sit down in front of the computer and life goes on. Those in Nevada should of had a better turnout. That is how it is going to be all over. When a person gets shot then the biggest party will be the news crew. You have to be willing to go if the incident is in you reachable area. If you don’t, we are all FRAUDS. True you have to consider if the person who needs help is not a nut job.
        More to come like Nevada.

        • Slingshot:

          I read where there are bands of militia on the way to the Bundy ranch. The heads of two of them are already there. May the Lord look after these BRAVE PATRIOTS…

      46. The main thing that really stands out to me from the contest entry rules is the part about them getting to use any and all photos.

        So basically, this is just a very clever way of 1) engaging their audience and 2) getting a HUGE number of royalty-free photos of beautiful women to use anytime they feel like it. (Ever price royalty-free stock photos for a magazine? I have. It’s VERY expensive.)

        So, to me, that would be the main reason to say no to an image showing a gun. They want as many images as they can get that can be used for a wide variety of applications. Putting a gun in a woman’s hands, given all of its current political connotations, severely limits usage of the photo. They don’t want to deal with the headache. Same as if they had shown an image of a beautiful woman breastfeeding in public. Some, like me, find it totally natural and beautiful. But others, like my mother, find it disgusting and embarrassing to be seen breastfeeding in public.

      47. reporter David Knight today around 20 cowboys went on land claimed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and retrieved cattle.

        “We gathered about 30 head,” said Bundy. “We did have a small confrontation with them, but they didn’t have the forces to do a whole lot. They couldn’t mobilize fast enough and we were able to gather those cattle and get them to the ranch.”

      48. thedailysheeple com militias-are-on-route-is-the-2nd-american-revolution-starting-in-bunkerville-nevada_042014

      49. In a stand-off that has been likened to Ruby Ridge and Waco, the federal government has now deployed armed agents in a case of what the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has deemed “trespass cattle,” escalating a 20-year battle over grazing rights and what actually constitutes “public land” use in Southern Nevada.

        Cliven Bundy, a 67-year-old rancher says his family has worked the 600,000-acre Gold Butte area since the late 1800s and that they were there well before the government’s Land Management Bureau ever came al

        Armed federal officers have arrived to steal Bundy’s cattle and close down the land he is using. What’s more, they have declared a zone around the area to be free of the restrictions of the Constitution, specifically, the First Amendment right to assemble and speak freely. They’d like to keep their reprehensible actions quiet and out of the public eye. It’s really difficult to mow down a bunch of protesters ala Waco with the whole world watching.

        • Bureau Of Land Management Phone Number: (202) 208-3801 Brian Sandoval Email Contact Form- (http:) gov DOT nv DOTgov/Contact/Governor/ Brian Sandoval – Carson City Phone # – (775) 684-5670 Brian Sandoval Las Vegas Phone # -(702) 486-2500 Senator Dean Heller Contact Form – Phone #’s For Heller – Reno: 775-686-5770/ Las Vegas: 702-388-6605/ Washington: 202-224-6244 Sheriff Douglas Gillespi – (702) 828-3231 or (702) – 828 – 3111 Email: Sheriff@lvmpd DOT com

      50. The pistol photograph’s well,the woman,not so much….sorry.

      51. People mag is a Liberal trash rag I wouldn’t wipe my azz with.

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