Bangladesh’s Power Grid Collapses

by | Oct 4, 2022 | Headline News

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    The power grid has failed and completely collapsed in Bangladesh leaving around 140 million people without power. Nearly everyone is left without power as of Tuesday afternoon, Bangladesh time.

    The grid failed at 2 pm (08:00 GMT) and, apart from parts of Bangladesh’s northwest, “the rest of the country is without power”, Power Development Board spokesman Shamim Ahsan said on Tuesday, according to a report by Al Jazeera. 

    Officials of the state-run Bangladesh Power Development Board said power transmission failed somewhere in the eastern part of the country.

    All power plants tripped and electricity was cut in the capital Dhaka and other big cities, said Hasan.

    Engineers were trying to determine where and why the glitches happened and it could take hours to restore the system, he said. –Al Jazeera

    The power grid in Bangladesh is not the only grid that is having trouble. The Epoch Times recently reported that the United States needs to spend trillions of dollars in upgrades on its power grid to accommodate renewable energy demands.

    Germany’s Energy Crisis: Power Grid Faces Collapse As Prices Soar And Solutions Offer More Problems

    The Cuban government has also asked the Biden administration for a helping hand with immediate assistance to help the devastated island nation get through the dire consequences of the impacts of supercharged Category three hurricane Ian.

    Cuba’s electrical grid – decades-old and in desperate need of modernization, has been faltering for months with blackouts an everyday event across much of the island.

    But officials said the storm had proven to be too much for the system, provoking a failure that shut off the lights for the island’s 11.3 million people.

    “The system was already operating under complex conditions with the passage of Hurricane Ian,” said Lazaro Guerra, technical director of Cuba’s Electricity Union. “There is no electricity service in any part of the country right now.” -Reuters



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