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    This article was contributed by Tom Beck of Portfolio Wealth Global. 

    Tom Beck of PortfolioWealthGlobal CALLED IT! For over a year, he’s been coming ON OUR SHOW and predicting GOLD and SILVER will deliver huge gains! Check his ACCURATE PREDICTIONS, HERE!

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    We are SO PERFECTLY positioned; it’s an absolute crime not to be invested in PRECIOUS METALS and not to be SEEING GREEN every trading session when we know the central banks’ playbook!

    I love watching David Rubenstein interview the world’s most interesting CEOs and billionaire investors on either his Leadership Live calls or his Bloomberg show. I get even MORE VALUE from the guest interview appearances that he does.

    Rubenstein is a private equity pioneer. He changed the game. He also happens to be an AMERICAN PATRIOT, who has donated billions of dollars to educate the masses on the United States’ heritage.

    When asked what his WORST MISTAKES in business were, he said the following:

    1. Facebook: Rubenstein was introduced to Mark Zuckerberg when the future co-founder of the social media giant was STILL IN COLLEGE.

    Imagine one of the world’s most distinguished investors telling you he doesn’t believe in your vision; that’s quite a blow, but it was Rubenstein who ENDED UP regretting every single syllable he uttered out of his mouth.

    Rubenstein didn’t even want to meet with Mark since he didn’t think a “dating website for college students” would work. Had he given him the $10M he was raising, Rubenstein estimated its current value at over $100B for his firm.

    2.Amazon: Rubenstein met with Jeff Bezos when AMZN was still private!

    The words out of his mouth were, “Jeff, you’ll never be rich from this business.” Bezos wanted to give Carlyle Group a THIRD of the company!

    Rubenstein declined. When he later realized that Bezos would be the next Bill Gates, he funded a PRE-IPO round, but sold immediately, as shares became public.

    Not holding for longer has been estimated to have cost him $5B. Not agreeing to buy a third of the operation, well… that’s an easy $600B error.

    Early-stage investments are difficult to judge. For every business that succeeds, 99 others fail.
    But, with GOLD AND SILVER stocks, the opportunity couldn’t be clearer.

    The system has been changed by Covid-19. The real economy is shrinking and defaults will be frequent, but there’s no contending that the availability of credit has not contracted, as it does in classic recessions. Rather, it has been GROWING EXPONENTIALLY, so that asset prices are inflated.

    The fiscal response in Europe, which has been non-existent for the past decade, is only now getting off the ground.

    I’m seeing signs of a structural shift in Europe; with valuations so cheap for their assets, the EUR can really gain over the dollar. This will send gold over $2,000 WITH EASE, while silver will rally to over $25.

    The political landscape is so tricky that I can READILY ENVISION asset freezes between the U.S. and China. On the more extreme end, there could be market access blocking and maybe embargoes.

    These two powers are on a COLLISION COURSE!

    Taxes are also going higher for the rich; many forget that in 1930, when the wealthy were last so hated and the maximal tax rate was 25%, the IRS raised it to 75% by 1935, peaking in 1941 at 81%!

    It’s hard to imagine this, but when SHIT HAPPENS, the masses get pissed and retaliate.

    Own gold and silver and speculate in the miners – we are making a BLOODY FORTUNE!



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