Bahrain Prince Donates $32M To Clinton Foundation, “Gets Access to Secretary of State”

by | Aug 22, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 61 comments

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    Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 6.03.58 PM

    Video still image: State Department

    $32 million down, and … Next thing you know, the meeting was allowed. Wonder what he asked for?

    More importantly, we should all be asking: is this really how we want foreign affairs to be handled – for private gain?

    According to the Daily Caller:

    Newly released Department of State documents reveal that the Crown Prince of Bahrain was given an audience with then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton after he donated $32 million to her foundation.

    The documents, released Monday by Judicial Watch, included emails between Clinton Foundation executive Doug Band and former Clinton State Department aide Huma Abedin, which appear to show that Abedin acted as a middleman between Clinton and her foundation’s donors.

    The first email, dated June 23, 2009, shows Band interceding on behalf of the Crown Prince, noting he is a “good friend of ours.”

    The priorities couldn’t be more obvious. How many decades of war, terror and debt will trail behind the destructive actions of a Hillary Clinton presidency?

    Basically, the Clintonista form of government is all mercenary pay-for-play. It works for who can afford access, and could can afford the protection of the government. It is basically a queen’s court of favor, and there is no shortage of ruthlessness who fall on the other side of that favor. Just ask Gaddafi about that.

    That White House is one that is very much for sale.

    Here is video of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s formal meeting with His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, Crown Prince of Bahrain, who established a Crown Prince International Scholarship Program through the Clinton Foundation back in 2005 and subsequently funded it to the tune of $32 million over the course of the next five years.

    The emails, obtained by Judicial Watch, show the inner workings of this pay-for-play set-up. “CP” refers to Crown Prince Salman of Bahrain:

    From: Doug Band

    To: Huma Abedin

    Sent: Tue Jun 23 1:29:42 2009


    Cp of Bahrain in tomorrow to Friday

    Asking to see her

    Good friend of ours

    From: Huma Abedin

    To: Doug Band

    Sent: Tue Jun 23 4:12:46 2009

    Subject: Re:

    He asked to see hrc thurs and fri thru normal channels. I asked and she said she doesn’t want to commit to anything for thurs or fri until she knows how she will feel. Also she says that she may want to go to ny and doesn’t want to be committed to stuff in ny…

    From: Huma Abedin [[email protected]]

    How is this not grounds for disqualification? Because there are intermediaries?

    Bahrain is important in Middle East affairs because it stations the permanent U.S. Naval Support Activity base for the entire Persian Gulf. That situates at least 50,000 or so full time U.S. soldiers, directly across from the huge Iran landmass, inside the Straight of Hormuz (where Iran has the means of blocking off access to the gulf for all ships not already stationed at the base).

    Bahrain map, TUBS, Wikimedia Commons.

    Image: TUBS, Wikimedia Commons.

    Bahrain is strategically of great importance to U.S. interests in keeping tabs on Iran; it is undoubtedly where a major part of any potential war with Iran would be based.

    The U.S. Naval base remains there despite controversy and opposition to it during past decades, a storm which it weathered.

    It is surely why the U.S. remained silent on Bahrain affairs despite a huge crackdown against peaceful protesters in 2011 amid a larger movement of Arab Spring uprisings. The U.S. corporate media was complicit by refusing to cover the oppressive actions of the Bahrain regime – the exception to the rule was then-CNN anchor Amber Lyons:

    The crack down during a prolonged state of emergency was considered brutal; tear gas and other crowd control measured were used to put down the protests. Reports claim that many of the protesters were systematically tortured. Even doctors and patients were reportedly beaten according to reports which the government of Bahrain has denied.

    If Bahrain wasn’t strategically located across from Iran or sitting on huge oil reserves, it would likely be considered a violator of human rights.

    Read more:

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    Saudi/Iran Split Risks “Chain of Violent Consequences” That Would Drag U.S. Back Into War

    Bombshell Report: Crooked Hillary Took $100 Million From Middle East Regimes: “Massive Conflicts Of Interest”

    NATO Envoy: Military Planning Against Iran and Syria is Underway

    Will Hillary Go Down Like Nixon? Watergate Journalist: “What’s On Emails? Probably Not Pretty”


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      1. 32 million?Boy,in the big pic not a lot of money,once again besides just being a truly evil trollop hillbag sucks at pricing deals!

        • They are all on the take! Rich and poor! You scratch my back and I will scratch yours! The Democrats and TPTB have figured out the power of the dole. These folks are above the laws of man but those laws are not the only ones that govern the Universe.

          Louisiana Eagle

          • I believe you’re right LAE. I further believe that’s why Trump is so hated by both the Dems and Repubs. They fear an outsider that doesn’t need bribe money might direct his Attorney General to prosecute pay to players, and that would likely affect both sides for many years to come.

            • Been saying that from the get go….

            • Trump is NOT an outsider. He lives and works with and for the elite. His connections help him make money. And he would not have gotten 2 minutes of TV time if they did not want him to get it. Remember Ron Paul and the media blackout of his campaign? But Trump has had massive coverage. Who owns the media? The elite do.

              Trump is the same as Hillary and Obama. His message is different but how many presidents pay any attention to what they say to get elected? Remember “You can keep your doctor”??

              • They need to replace the law that prevents campaign donations from non-citizens.

        • They are all on the take! Rich and poor! You scratch my back and I will scratch yours! The Democrats and TPTB have figured out the power of the dole. These folks are above the laws of man but those laws are not the only ones that govern the Universe. It is sad that they have failed to see the true picture and taken the moral high ground. What a waste of a life. A victim of greed.

          Louisiana Eagle

        • Scholarships were probably used to infiltrate Jihadists into the America and onto our university campuses to recruit American born Muslims.

          That, of course, would exclude people like President Obola, given that he was born in Kenya and is a citizen of Indonesia. 🙁

      2. Hitler finds out Hillary Clinton won’t be indicted by the FBI

        Duration: 2:24

      3. and why is NOTHING done to reign in the scumbags??? BECAUSE THEY are all in on the money!! clean the DC house is the only chance we have to save our country!! and probably too late anyway!!

      4. No point in house cleaning Apache,they’d just hire a bunch of illegals for cleaning!

        Seriously,the white house is just a doll house for chosen puppets,we need a much higher and thorough cleaning,a cleansing as it were.

        • War,
          Yeh I know, just a good place to start, would have to do some over seas work to finish off the real scums!!

      5. I was in Bahrain drinking beer at the holiday inn in the late 80s. That scum muslim country sucks just like all other scum muslim hellholes. I was glad to get on my ship and wave goodbye.

        • I spent time there when fighting first broke out with so damn insane….

          I was doing runway lighting for a secret air base and the power generation for large camps…

          • I was just in transit trying to catch up with my ship. Had to wait a couple weeks there.

            • It’s a small world brother…

              • Sure is my friend. We will probably be fighting for our country again soon.

                • Yeah, hitting the gym, squatting, bench and deadlifts 3 days a week…

                  Stay the course…

      6. Today there is no right, no wrong. There is no journalism, only generic talking points, incessantly mouthed by all the talking heads…

        Tell a lie long enough and it will become a commonly accepted truth…

        America has been sliding,a good long while. But—
        it sure seems somebody pulled flush in the last seven years or so???

        We got a “white privilege” complex, The Constitution soon to be replaced by a global treaty, we got false flag worries, we got the IRS rigging the books, we got Lois Lerner drawing a pension, we got Hilary stealing primaries from a clearly avowed socialist???

        I had a conversation with a retired Texas ranger the other day…
        He said given the current forces at play in this country, he no longer held out hope for a peaceful outcome…

        I would have to agree…

        • No “white privilege”. I declared the “Age of White Guilt” over after a black, African, faggot muslim was elected POTUS by White America.

          Thanks so much Iowa. Redeem yourself in November. 🙁

      7. We are going to listen to all the crappy news to defend Hillary and nothing will be done. It is still a long time to the election and you know it will be an election of fraud. Give Hillary the presidency and let’s get on with the tyranny she will bring.

        Shut down the internet and bring on the gun confiscation.

        • Don’t give in to doom and gloom, fear and despair. Don’t fall for the state propaganda media, left wing PSYOPS, or bots (software robots), software agents mimicking humans. These social bots interact with real people in social media or on blogs, with the goals of persuading, smearing, or deceiving, to influence the mood and behavior of the masses, with the intent of discouraging citizens from voting or otherwise acting in their own best interests.

          Polls are skewed by the socialist media. If you oversample libtard turds and undersample independent voters, of course hitlery will win that fixed poll.

          The powers that shouldn’t be don’t always get their way. America has seen Divine Intervention in the past with John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan being elected. The tables are about to be turned once again. The devil, who controls the so-called illumined ones, has overplayed his hand this time. The globalists are now being exposed for the entire world to see, for who and what they really are. We are obviously in a battle for the very soul of our nation, but it this not the end of America.

        • Don’t believe anything the Lame stream media says period, its all lies, propaganda and the exact opposite of what really is happening. Everybody needs to cut the cable off immediately. Its a sham to fleece your wallets and brainwash your mind.

          Trump needs to break up the Media into a Million pieces and give the public airwaves back to the public and people. We have been robbed of Free speech for decades now. There is no more investigative reporting.. Just talking points, by the 5 owners..

          We have hackers across the world telling us the truth and exposing these tyrants via the internet. The real world out there, is truly rooting for Americans to win our country back.. Including Putin. He understands our dilemma and struggle here.

          That’s why the Fascist criminals want the Internet shut down, the last vestige of free speech left.. So enjoy your last few months of saying F*ck you!! Because if that hildabeast becomes dictator. We are really screwed as a nation. I never dreamed it would get this bad in my lifetime. I feel so sorry for the young people of our country who never knew what freedom was like back in the 60’s and 70’s,… So expect more false flags coming, gives them free rein to consolidate more power. There is no more checks and balances, and they operate on EO’s and propaganda media.

          ~WWTI… Save America, Vote Trump. Get people to Register ASAP. Start sending them Trump speech videos.

      8. So the leader of a moderate Arab nation, host to US Naval forces in the strategic Persian Gulf, has to pay $32 million to Hillary’s private foundation in order to get her to perform her duties as Secretary of State.

        There’s plenty of room in Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary for her and the cronies who aided and abetted this odious breach of the public trust.

        Good thing she didn’t totally snub the Prince, or we could be staging out of Diego Garcia.

      9. 32 million for Hillary?

      10. Mac, great job with the site.

        We need an article from Hodges or someone referencing some valid and reliable polling samples that show Trump ahead 69-19!

        Obviously, Lamestream Media is controlled to the hilt.

        Mac, which Prince would donate $32M to the SHTF Foundation?

        • Article at ETF news

          Trump 67 to 19

        • Prince SKINHEAD would for sure.

          The TRUTH is priceless old bean… KA-CHING £$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$

          It’s getting harder and harder to post anything here!!!

          Best wishes to Mac & SHTF Plan folk.

          Time is short dear friends. crazy.

      11. Does anyone know the final results of ABC poll Friday?
        Got on it from here I think.
        When I got on it and voted (10k) votes.Trump 81%. Hillary last with 5% Haven’t seen anything,anywhere hmm!Can anyone say landslide,I know,wishful thinking!
        Maniac –out

        • ABC has taken down the site.. ?

      12. Hillary Rotton Clinton. Well paid whore.


      13. And yet another item to add to the mile long list of morally and ethically questionable actions of the Clinton regime/democrats.
        I’ve had some managerial training. One of the things my coach said was “never even have the appearance of impropriety. You never accept kickbacks, never solicit favors etc…. Once you do, they own you.”
        With the current crop of demorats every day we get the joy of hearing of another little ethical whoopsie. Debbie Wasserman Schultz gets caught rigging the primary. Should have resigned in utter disgrace. All democrats should have ostracized her infinitely for this. What was the spin? “I took one for the team” with a big smile on her face and she gets a job on the Hillary team. 20 years ago DWS would have been drummed out of politics.
        So now were getting up to speed on the latest revelation, pay to play. Maybe we’ll send some of our boys over to help you if you shell out some cash to our little fund. Disgraceful. Been going on for years.

        I really am starting to view these people with utter contempt. Anyone will have a slip up every once in a while. We miss something that we didn’t have time to run through the filters to vet a transaction or gift. With the democrats, the shear volume alone tells you that it’s the way they do business. Hardly an unknown fact. They aren’t missing opportunity to vet items, they are ignoring ethical standards in their entirety. They are endlessly corrupt.
        There is no moral compass with these people. Now our latest generation is coming of age they get to witness the hapless disregard for the ethical and moral standards that once helped allowed us to display some semblance of law and order. Something a society can build on. I hope and pray our youth do not follow suit. Pay to play, the latest of many fine ethical standards these progressives are bringing to the table.

        We have no choice but to remove these people from leadership positions or they will surely wreck this country. By hook or by crook as the man said. Sure hope the vote works but I am losing hope for that.


        Have a nice evening!

      14. Not surprising,,,
        The liberal ninnies are all afliitter over hitlery

      15. great to donate money …. if it is utilized in better way

        Each vote is very precios


      16. The Federal building, blown up by government agent Timothy McVey and German accomplice as part of a false flag to make prepper/survivalist White Christian Patriotic Constitutionalists look bad in the Public Eye; contained incriminating documents regarding the Clintons.

        It seems that the Mossad,Isreal connection in DC will kill children and innocent people in order to further their agenda. Our ideas of right and wrong stem from The Ten Commandments and The Law is for all, but to these Satanists who believe in Babylonian Pagan Luciferian deception and lies, the rules are for the goyim not the Club J*w and their puppet Clintons.


        • But I digress; with regard to the Prince and his 32 million dollar donation, what’s a poor boy to do. If he didn’t donate to Hillary, he might be tempted to spend it all on whores and gambling.


      17. For those still in any doubt, go checkout… BARE NAKED ISLAM.

        We don’t need their shit!

        Time is fast running out for our communications… Make every post count.

        God bless in Jesus’ holy name xXx


      18. “I’m a businessman. When they call,. I give. And you know what? When I call them two years later, three years later, they are there for me.” Donald J. Trump

        yells and screams about a “broken system”
        yet is VERY much a part of that very system

        criticizes Hillary for accepting “donations” to the Clinton Foundation
        yet he has been buying and selling politicians for decades by his own admission

        maybe he has “seen the light”

        LOL !!!!!

        meet kettle

        • Quid pro quo. You help me I’ll help you down the road. Not wholly bad when some ethics and boundaries are applied. It helps build relationships and gets things done.

          I donate to your political campaign and five years later you help fast track a building permit.
          Not acceptable:
          Here’s $32MM. BTW there’s a bunch in X village. We think their ISIS(AKA political adversary). Their messing with our oil wells and stirring up general mayhem. Maybe you can put a little “shock and awe” in that general area?

      19. Just a short word or two about the BBC.





      20. You cunts. Wrong address… Liverpool is in my rear mirror already.

        Eat shit you dumbass pricks.



      21. Jacked Up Rent

        h ttp://

        hope all those average Joe’s know where their hard earned money is going

        LMAO !!!

      22. I am not surprised the Clinton’s will bend over for money. They are lawyers and politicians. What angers me is the system allows it.

      23. The environment, the environment.. Bob Fletcher and the 12 th planet.

        First the rain fall and flooding starts all over the country.

        Bob Fletcher..quotes.

        My city of Houston is flooding a lot lately..

        HCKS and my fake scientist buddy according to the trolls.

        OK now this?

        Germany tells citizens to stock pile 10 days of water..My fellow shtf- effers. The smart intelligent ones that listen to my comments.. Germany will be pulling out of the EU after February of 2017.. back to the Doutchmark…this means that citizens will be our of money and will have to ride out the economic reset..over here is the good old American continent, out gulf in Texas just recently less then 6 months ago, the ocean floor ripped open in 12 areas and all the oil and gases are literally destroying our region and water.. the queen ordered BP to attack the region to teach us Texas a lesson about succession. A the civil, revolutionary war will start once the people find out that a Trump is lot getting in..the war starts, then ww3 starts then the destroyed environmental collapse, is dropping oxygen levels in the Texas Gulf forcing evacuation from our coastal areas, etc..with the war, the environmental destruction, etc, the women in all the major cities will find themselves in kind of situation that they will literally wish that they has a man to protect them, their time has come to face their ELE event starring from 2017 to 2025.. promises and guarantees mass death of women all over the entire continental US.

        I am not trying to upset your women, just move in ot the next comment, you don’t have to read this..Hillary has your back. Trump doesn’t like women. Have more babies, the grocery store will be full of food..


        This comment is only for the real preppers, and women who prep. I don’t mean to get the trolls upset.. Like B form CA has advised most of you, that just ignore my BS and move on and don’t listen to my bullshit, since you know bullshit when you read it.. Those who have a BOL, you need to relocate now, run and leave the city areas, leave now while you can..Alex Jones mentioned recently how he got his East Texas location ready an online to evacuate and leave Austin at a given a notice, never to return to the city again…but then again, yo will be told not to listen to him because he is a shill..i happen to know someone who knows him, and he is the real deal.. but then again trolls will advise not to listen to me..Don’t listen to me..

        Your comment about women’s survival makes no sense…quoted one lady on this site..I find you offensive she states..nothing you say makes any sense..

        OK good, you have to figured out Lady, good luck..government loves us. Have another baby..

        It’s obvious that I am dellusional and there is a nut house for me..


        A legend in his own mind..

        From the nut house..

        • Hicks your not crazy and if you are i guess i am too. I think its more so people being nieve as to true human nature. When shtf there will be no rules or laws or morals existing. Rape and the spread of diseases is what will kill off the majority of women and in turn the rapists also. Along with temptations of the flesh you know women will do what ever they need to to survive even if its just for a can of beans so the spread of diseases will be so rampant trust no one and also consider zika in the equation people living in shtf will be so prone to mosquitoes and it too is sexualy transmitted so it would get more and more difficult to reproduce healthy offspring. Then disease spread by pestulance look at the black plague spread by fleas. People and societies will no longer exist just a bunch of human animals and any thing goes behavior and no morals without concience. What am i talking about we are already on the edge of that cliff just look at society today and the qhole pc crap .

        • HCKS
          Well my friend you make some very good points, and should make people think. I don’t agree with you 100% of the time but that is OK. Looking at the big picture we are pretty close. So keep the info coming.

          When TSHTF, be it war, revolution, weather, or what ever it is going to worse that we can imagine. So giving what you imagine/or know what is going to happen is hard for people to swallow.. Some of the crap I have seen in good times would make people sick, just think what it will be WTSHTF!!!!!


      24. Look at how few posts to site.
        Posts are being blocked.
        If free speech not allowed here.
        Then I can no longer visit or support your advertisers.
        Real simple.
        And I am going shopping. Credit cards on fire baby.

        Saw guy at gun store yesterday max his cards out and needed help loading up.
        He said he is leaving city to stay at hunting cabin until nuke threat cools down or is allowed to continue until we are all destroyed.
        Allie’s destroyed Germany because German People didn’t stop Hitler. Same here now.

        • Free speech is, indeed, allowed here. Posts are not being ‘blocked’ though about 1% are being deleted for various reasons that include disparaging comments and trolling.

          This is and always has been an open forum for ideas and discussion, but not when that discussion is designed to threaten or harass.

      25. HCKS, I like you, but have reservations…I’d like to have a beer with ya someday to really get an idea of your personality.
        Your posts of the past have been better than your recent ones.
        Oh, but I don’t drink beer…
        Still, stay with us!

      26. All our politicains are doing cash for questions here in the UK but none of them get arrested and war criminal Tony Blair gets away with mass murder.

        it’s one rule for them and another one for everyone else untill the lamp posts come calling as the general public rises up against the banker puppets who run things.

      27. HCKS, I’m a woman, and I listen, and do. So your words are not falling on deaf ears. Although you ramble sometimes, I am accustomed to that and I think I’ve learned to read between the lines. Thank you for your input. It is needed.

      28. Just because she isn’t indicted doesn’t mean much more than the entire system is corrupt. Look at it like this: Her actions are consistent with someone who is engaged in major criminal activity and the cover up of that activity. Any reasonable and prudent individual would have to draw that conclusion. Anyone who is intellectually honest would have to agree, regardless of party affiliation.

      29. Why does everyone want to bug out? Who the heck is going to fight the bad guys? Do you intend to leave the entire country to the bad guys? Are you all cowards? Move into enemy country. Stay behind and take it to the bad guys. Do you all plan to leave the fighting to someone else? Isn’t that how we got in this mess?

      30. So we can all go back to legally paying hookers for sex?

        That’s great !

        Same ethics people

      31. saving the millennial generation is a lost cause…

        they have been ‘cucked’ by zionist controlled media and public school’s brainwashing.

          • And it’s probably against the law to carry concealed on public transportation. So what? Do you want to die? Carry any way. Or don’t take public trans.

            • and that is an infringement

              they cant stop you from carrying legally in a public place
              and if they do, you have yourself a discrimination suit

      32. Friggh’n RUBBISH lady. Only money talks to her and for what? She blows it to just make more money and for what? Just to make sure rubbish like her get in office.

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