Author: ‘Democrats Plan To Cheat’ In The 2018 Midterm Elections

by | Aug 20, 2018 | Headline News | 60 comments

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    In an interview with USA Watchdog‘s Greg Hunter, author Eric Eggers says that he has evidence that Democrats are planning to cheat in the 2018 midterm elections. “I think there is clear evidence that they [Democrats] are actively working to create an environment that makes cheating as possible and as likely as it can be,” said Eggers during the interview.

    Eggers is the author of the new book called “Fraud: How the Left Plans to Steal the Next Election.” You can view the interview with Hunter in its entirety below.  In the video, Eggers lays out the available evidence that not only have Democrats cheated to win elections in the past, they intend to cheat again, and soon.

    “We have 248 counties in this country that have more registered voters than they have citizens of legal voting age. How does that happen? There are clearly errors on the voter rolls. This is why the subtitle of the book is ‘How the Left Plans to Steal the Next Election’ because what I uncover in the book is George Soros and the head of the Democrat Party both support the effort to do two things. On one hand, they fight any effort to increase the legality and security of elections in this country. They do that by fighting state efforts to institute voter ID laws or to cleanse the voter rolls of illegal voters. That’s documented and not up for dispute. The State of Ohio just successfully fought George Soros to do both those things. They also fund groups like La Raza and ACORN, and they have had to change their names because they are chronically associated with voter fraud allegations. So, those guys go out and get as many voters as possible, regardless of whether they should be casting votes in this country. Then they funnel them through the gaps that exist in our vulnerable election system. That’s basically the setup.” -Eric Eggers

    Eggers says he’s got a mountain of evidence to back up the claims in his book and those made in this interview with Hunter. “I think it’s certainly increasingly difficult for Democrats to make the claim there is no evidence of voter fraud. In this book, we had 40 pages of footnotes . . . so, there is quite a bit of evidence,” Eggers said. “As recent events have shown, it doesn’t take voter fraud on [a] massive or national level for it to truly impact elections. . . . In the 2016 election, we found 2,100 incidents of double voting in the state of Florida alone.”

    But Eggers feels that even though Democrats plan to cheat in an attempt to steal the election, there’s one big problem with their plan.  And that was the election of president Donald Trump.

    “The good news is we do have a president like President Trump that is laser-focused on the issue, and he is informing quite a few people. . . . The sanctity and security of our elections is absolutely a national security issue.” -Eric Eggers




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      1. What lying propaganda! Republicans KNOW they’re gonna lose in November, so they’re trying to say, already, that if they lose it’s because the other side cheated. How pathetic.

        • You are going to be really disappointed in November, snowflake.

          • Bee Liberty

            Very very disappointed. The “progressive” left lives in an echo chamber. They stifle any opposing views and then conclude through reinforcement that they’re correct. Its good your here, you’ll learn something. Far more Americans want to stop / restrict immigration. They don’t want the competition for jobs. Transgender and gay are one and the same to the bulk of Americans just different forms of the same. Do the math; think the trans/gays and their sympathizers are the majority? The “progressive left” won’t be beaten at the poles, they’ll be decimated.

            • ‘Decimated’ means every tenth one gets killed. ‘Devastated’ is probably the word you are looking.

              • Thanks……

                • Look up the Roman history of decimated while you are at it to maintain order. Amazing and terrifying, right?

          • One of my relatives and some other people watched a Bus going from Ohio to Michigan to vote for Obama, one black lady later said she voted 5 times. They called the local tip line and were hung up on.

            • Look up the Veritas Project video where a DNC official describes organizing such voter bus trips.

              • 01

                Illegal’s & dead people’s ‘votes’ are important aspects of vote fraud. There is another. Black box vote fraud. Look that one up if you have yet to.


        • No, Bee, what you have described is a demonrat ploy. The Red Wave will crash upon the shores of America in November and the tide is rising as we speak.
          The dems have a long history of cheating that began in the 1800’s. We as astute scholoars of history know this and have watchdogs for this purpose.
          Demoncraps, on the other hand, try to hide behind lies, delusions, and socialism and they are no longer welcome here, Your side writes volumes of lies in papers, magazines, flyers, on FAKE NEWS media…thousands of lies. We know what the Stupidcrats blame others for is, in fact, what they themselves are guilty of. The “History of Voting” bears this out succinctly. Look before you leap into a gulag bee hive, Bee.

        • “NO, lying Repubs, we CAN’T have voter ID, even if it’s free, because only people of color can’t afford it and that makes you RACIST!”

          You know, it used to bother me when someone called me racist. Now that’s just another Monday. I think it lost its bite somewhere around the 872,301st time it was hurled at me with no evidence to back it up.

          Shut up and show your government-issued photo ID that says you are eligible to vote, or go home. That should be the default position of every election judge at every polling station in the country.

          • Jaxx……bingo!

          • Jaxx, AMEN. Blacks have never liked ID cards.

            • Be careful what you ask for, yes some type of ID should be required before you can vote, but a Government-issued photo ID ain’t one of them. Sounds to much like a National ID to me! Trekker Out.

              • trekker there is a government issued ID card. I worked the polls a few years back and we were told of such an ID. Legal only for federal elections and not state. (Az requires proof of citizenship to vote in state elections.)

                Now read what I wrote again.

                They’ve been cheating for years.

          • We know everyone has ID because they drive, have bank accounts, and do their business every week. If democrats were following all election rules and never strayed, they would not win most elections. Democrats always cheat. That is one reason why voter ID’s are a requirement.

        • What part of 40 pages of supporting footnotes don’t you understand? #walkaway or get swept away come November. Do you have your kleenex ready?

        • Bee Liberty

          Look at an objective study of the Democrat Party and you will see the pursuit of POWER supersedes any ethical boundaries. After spending many decades in CA and seeing incredible abuses, there is no other conclusion than the Democrats always try to cheat their way to victory. You think Bernie Sanders wasn’t cheated by Debbie Wassermann Schultz and the Demonrat Party?

        • What’s the matter Bee? You afraid that your free lunch on working class people’s paychecks will run out? Guess the thought of getting a real job is kinda scary huh?

      2. Democrats hate id cards, yet you have to have them to enter a federal building, get a library card, open a checking account, drive a car, get on a plane, get an EBT card, get health insurance, etc.

        It’s NUTS not to show an id card to vote in an election for congressmen, senators, and the presidency! We KNOW there is tremendous voter fraud and we cannot allow it to persist.

        Obviously you begin with absentee voting. No ne should be able to vote without identification.

        It’s annoying that Demoncrats call an id card….a poll tax. Is is a poll tax to have one to open a banking account too???

        • Amazing you have to have your Social Security card, your Birth Certificate, and Two Bills from your home address and your Marriage License if your a married woman, along with your old Drivers License. I’ve only had a DL for 50+ years but still have to have all this info. I guess driving a car is more important than Electing who will rule over you. Trekker Out

      3. Only a matter of time until this ^^ shit turns into killing.

        • So be it.

          • I’m just concerned that it will be hard to tell one from the other at distance and without talking to them. But the pile of bodies at the fenceline should be a good deterrent to those too stupid to think for themselves.

      4. ‘Democrats Plan To Cheat’ In The 2018 Midterm Elections

        In other news, the sun will rise tomorrow.

        • Bingo!!!!

        • Democrats AKA Libturds AKA Commies plan to cheat in the 2018 midterm elections. So what’s new? That’s the only way they can win an election. Let’s see how many minorities vote multiple times this go-round. And let’s not forget the DEAD people. They always manage to still cast ballots from the grave. [SARCASM]

      5. Democrats always cheat at every election, that is nothing new. They can’t get thousands of dead people to vote for their candidate if they have to show ID.

        • Hell, even dead people won’t vote for Democrats.

          • Where I come from they do, invariably.

            • Stuart, in my area they do every election time; local, county, state, AND federal.

      6. You can’t get on an airplane without an ID. Try to pick up your meds at the pharmacy without an ID. The only reason for not wanting ID’s is voter fraud. Period. Why does the Mexican consulate in Chicago sponsor Mexican only voter drives on consulate property? I’ve observed that taking place. There is info from the Federal Election Commission that there are 3.5 million more registered voters than there are people old enough to vote in this country. Solution? Purge the rolls and start over. Only people who can prove that they are citizens can register. No absentee allots except for the military. There are one or two states that have only absentee ballots and nothing else. Go back to verifiable paper ballots and all counting must be on video. And voters must be able to check their ballots at a later date to make sure the vote wasn’t switched or stolen.

        • I have long had concerns with states that have long voting periods. Do people really need to vote weeks ahead of the official voting day?

        • Him, ever noticed that it’s only minorities that practice voter fraud, with their white libturd allies, of course.

        • My sister, who lives and works in China as a teacher, couldn’t be bothered to absentee vote or pay her taxes the last couple years. Needless to say, “STFU” is my standard response when she wants to talk about this country. It makes for a strained relationship but I’m pretty much over hearing the leftist drool hit the floor from her mouth.

      7. I like ice cream

      8. Fuck the Republicans…fuck the Democrats.

        The Constitution is covered in both elephant shit and donkey crap. Raise the righteous sword of libertarianism to slay the evil communists and bring back the free markets where sound money soars to new heights and SHTFplanners can be rich and rule the nation and have first choice of all the beautiful women and drive the fastest cars and say fuck you to the lazy hippies and the free shit army.


        Oh yea, fuck the Fed, too.

        (jk)…well, not the first part or the last part…

        • JRS, you are one hundred percent correct. The fake left right divide is done intentionally in order to divide and conquer the people. Why vote? Both parties are beholden to the same corporate masters? In addition, our country is a federal corporation. It is listed in 28 US Code 3002 line 15. By voting for this fraudulent corporate government, one is committing treason against the united states of America as it was founded and giving consent to be ruled over b an illegimate corporation masquerading as a lawful government. Notice the united states was written in lower caps. That is how our free country’s name is to be written. The corporate government is the United States.

          • Yes, everyone should be aware of the Act of 1871. The state was incorporated.

            “Fascism…is a merger of state and corporate power.”
            ——————–Benito Mussolini——————–

            The US is a fascist state, not a capitalist one. Government at all levels is incorporated…a legal fiction. Something like 187,000 of em in the US tells you all you need to know.

            Wake up sleeping sheep…

      9. Have you noticed that NONE of these people (Democrat or Republican) really work for you? They work for Washington DC which is a CORPORATION run by the NWO. “Come OUT of her my people!” (Revelation 18) Dump it and get prepped to win in these End Times “End Times Toolkit”

      10. I don’t believe in Russo-phobes, who use the hammer, sickle, and date of the Communist Revolution, in their branding.

        Nor, do I believe in RINO’s, who campaign on the issue of demographic replacement, while praising minority jobs numbers and appointing them to your cabinet. Someone using Latino agents to torment Anglos, 100 mi from the physical border, has lost the plot, a long time ago.

      11. Let me see I’m 64 years old, and I know that in Shitcago they have been cheating for as long as I’ve been alive. So what is the news on this?

      12. So what? The Dems cheated and pulled out every dirty trick in the book to get hellery elected and it failed miserably! What makes them think It will work in the midterms?

      13. I’ll file this one next to ‘Obama is gonna call off the election’.

      14. The dems will till try….its in their DNA.

      15. All the time Tramp was running, he told the American people that he was going to lose because the DINO’s were cheating. He won and has not said another word about it. BTW sheeple: both side cheat.

      16. Both the extreme left and the extreme right support Palestinians and condemn Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians; including torture and murder of children and adults. The concentration camp where Palestinians live and die has been there longer than any enforced ghetto or concentration camp in history.

        TPTB use the hygalian dialectic better known as divide and conquer. There is no real choice in the USA. Both parties are controlled by the same minority elites.

        You can vote either way, but the differences will not be enough to make much difference.
        Blacks, Mexicans, and queers usually vote democratic which makes life easier for illegals, welfare moms, and gender skzofreniks.

        Middle class whites vote Republican and get more money for “Defense” for the wars where their children die. Usually democrats actually initiate the wars Republicans prepare for.

        The elites trim the herd.

        Right is wrong and left is nothing.


        • Right is wrong, and nothing is left.


      17. Demonrats are pulling all the plugs in their “self-control” dam. They went nuclear the minute the Donald was declared the winner.

        Look at all the Donald bashing sense then, and the conservative purge. There is nothing they won’t do, and they have been doing it all.

        Russian collusion is an absurdity in the face of demonrat Russian collusion, collusion in general, and absolute corruption.

      18. Democrats chest? And in other news oxygen promotes life.

        Sure the socialists cheat, and if that won’t work they are willing to kill to get their way. This isn’t a bunch of Torie Redcoats we are dealing with here, but dyed in the wool sociopaths who’ve never had a life and want to steal someone else’s in order to get one… why we’ve allowed them the other news is beyond me.

      19. Kfilly and JRS made the most sense. The vote always brings the same result, the deepening of tyranny no matter the lying winner. The difference in the candidates is invisible when looking at the actual post election initiatives that are advanced. It is always detrimental to the majority of the population without fail. It is an absolute scam and fascist authoritarianism always wins with the end result being greater predatory capltalism for the capitalists while dealing communism (NWO) to the masses. World War 3 to finalize this construct. That anybody could vote for any of these traitors is baffling.

        • Aljamo,

          The following Vladimir Lenin quote is true here today as it was back when he said it, “The oppressed class once every few years gets to decide who from the opressing class gets to represent and repress them in Parliament.” We are the oppressed class. The oppressing class are the 1%. I dare anyone here to run for President if you meet the Constitution requirements. Yep, good luck with the trillion dollar fund raising campaign. They priced a vast majority of the country out of office.

      20. The more I know, the worse it is. If Trump has done anything, he may have woke up a few more people about the extent of the corruption in the US government. This is bigger and deeper than lobbyists bribing politicians. International oligarchs and politicians from many countries working together to loot the world. Thousands and thousands dead. Millions displaced. And the thieves don’t lose a minutes sleep over it. This goes back through many US politicians and their cronies. Governments are literally nothing more than gangs with tanks. I don’t see anything changing this.

      21. One clear way Trump can deliver a GOP sweep in November would be to follow up on his February 15, 2016 declaration in South Carolina that he would find out and inform the American public “who really knocked down the World Trade Center” in his planned speech on 9-11 on September 11, 2018. Lol, the odds of that ever happening are astronomical at best, more like a quadrillion zillion quintillion to one.

        • Many Americans already know who is responsible for 9/11. Netanyahu, the Bush family, Soros, Cheney, the CIA, Silverstein, the Mossad, and others. Now, what’s your next question?

      22. We need to send about 100 million people to the tent city of
        Ethiopia or some sand dune in ME.

      23. This isn’t rocket science. Costa Rica has an indellible ink and voters dip their finger in it to cast their vote. They also have one of the highest voter participation rates in the world.

        Do what is proven to work but verify that those who vote have the right to do so. Face the facts that Democrats are intentionally trying to help illegal aliens acquire the legal right to vote as they vote for those who give them government benefits.

        If you apply practical inexpensive technology like this and severely examine absentee voting rolls and verify each, we can remediate voter fraud.

        But the Democrats throw up roadblocks because it serves their stranglehold in the urban centers. Look at the election map for the presidency and you will see that practically all urban centers had majorities for the Democrats.

        They are obviously not 100% Democrats but have majorities in nearly all of these urban centers. And since between 77-81% of Americans live in them, then the slight edge is destructive to the American republic. What a shock! The government giving out goodies gets more votes! It’s outright paying for votes.

        This unnatural parasitic relationship between urban dwellers and politicians is the curse and disease that must be cured if America is to be healthy again. It’s cancer.

        Why do you think preppers are up in arms? We live in the rural regions on purpose as urbanization is anathema to our lifestyle. Were it not for the wisdom of the Electoral College, which carefully seperates us from the evil mob rule of democracies, then the urban folks would ALWAYS GET THEIR WAY. And it’s so evil that merely the top 100 urban areas would ALWAYS GET THEIR WAY.

        That kind of democracy is repulsive and malevolent and is treason against the American republic.

      24. What do you think absentee ballots were designed for, it certainly wasn’t for people away from home to vote.

      25. Has anyone been watching the election results this evening, CBS canceled their entire Tuesday evening viewing schedule and from 7 pm on things did not appear very good for Republicans holding the Senate or the House, even the Gubernatilorial races were favoring the Democrats, the ballot votes need to be investigated to find out if those voting are legal United States citizens and in how many districts they cast their vote.

      26. Fascist nihilists! You speak of liberalism as if it’s a disease. But YOU are the disease. I am a white male in my 50’s but I no longer trust white conservatives…take that back. I voted against you WASPs all my life.
        Eventually, you’re gonna get the whole world blown up. At least then you’ll shut up. We’ll all be dead. Why do reactionaries always swing toward mass suicide? Are we the same species?
        This guy’s argument, after all, is that minorities are cheating the vote to take over. How are they going to do that, exactly? It’s the corporations that can really take over. Why don’t the reactionaries complain about them?

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