Australian Dad Charged With Murder for Self-Defense: “Rapist Found Near Daughter’s Room”

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It’s every family’s worst nightmare, and it’s the reason to have self defense tools and preparations in your home.

But many governments around the world don’t hold the same basic protections for home defense that the United States does in most states (and clearly, there are forces at work to undermine that as well).

This father was charged with murder in Australia for fighting and killing a rapist who was entering their home in attempted robbery… and found close to his daughter’s room. Ask yourself, would you do any differently?

via the International Business Times:

A young dad in Australia has been charged with murder after he confronted a burglar inside his home. Father Benjamin Batterham, 33, discovered convicted rapist Ricky Slater, 34, near his daughter’s room inside their family home in Newcastle, New South Wales, at 3.30am.

With a 32-year-old friend, Batterham confronted Slater and the resulting skirmish sent Slater to hospital where he later died of his injuries, believed to include brain damage.

Batterham also suffered facial injuries and bite marks to his body and some reports say he had to be tested for HIV. Reports that Slater suffered a broken neck have been ruled out. After Slater was taken off life support Batterham handed himself in at a police station and was charged with murder.

The details of the incident are no doubt importance, but in essence, Batterham has lost his liberty on charges of murder for defending his family inside his home.

Australian law is crazy – apparently there is no right to self-defense?

Well, typically of laws, it is a bit vague, but killing an assailant in self-defense is only a partial justification in the eyes of the law, where excessive force considerations will still hold the man accountable to murder. In the case of Benjamin Batterham, it seems ridiculous.

That’s why more than 100,000 people have petitioned for his release:

Now an appeal on the apprentice chef’s behalf has attracted over 110,000 signatures (as of 6 April). However, a planned protest march on behalf of Batterhamwas called off when a teenager organising the protest said he was threatened by members of the Slater family.

But the family of rapist Ricky Slater have torn down signs and intimidated supporters out of holding a rally:

“So we ripped them off the poles and then my son-in-law saw this young bloke putting up more banners and just said ‘that’s not right’ and ‘can you give me the rest of them, sorry'” said Dickson. “He never assaulted him or anything. We’re just upset that they were going up. People have been saying so much about Ricky, it’s very painful for our family.”

Newcastle police are investigating the incident. The case has divided opinion across Australia, with most appearing to support the actions of Batterham.

So not only has the concept of self-defense been turned on its head, but the powers that be are again sowing division between racial groups in a case that is reminiscent of Trayvon Martin, and likely to split communities and debates along ideological lines.

But if you can’t defend yourself, you also can’t be free.

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    1. GenEarly

      A prime example of Progressive-ism.These Progs never stop progreSSing. So now you can’t even defend yourself and your home in the middle of the night from an intruder because you used “excessive” force.
      Australia is the future these Progs have planned for the USA.
      Hilarity likes their gun laws in Australia too, so don’t ASSume “it can never happen here.”

      • hammerhead

        Shoot, shovel and shut up .
        They should have never called the cops .

        • FuckingPissed

          Second that hammerhead. Bury the scum in the woods 6 feet deep. Never tell a soul.

          • durangokidd

            No guns and no self defense. How many of you want to move to Australia now ???

            America looks better every day !!! 🙂

            • john stiner

              Child rapist? I don’t think so….

              If the dick doesn’t fit, you must acquit.

              • Barn Cat

                Babies can be raped. I’m sorry you’re so uneducated when it comes to sex.

                • Mac from t.o.

                  Oh Johnny knows all about this subject, don’t you Johnny?

            • swinging richard

              America has the best laws for gun ownership, for now. Wish I owned one.

          • Braveheart1776

            Hammerhead and FP, I agree. I wouldn’t have surrendered to ‘authorities’ either. That man has a God-given, natural right to self-defense and it doesn’t matter what anyone’s law says.

            • Mountain Trekker

              Bad News, Merle Haggard dead at 79.

              • eppe

                Merle made 70 albums.
                He was a busy guy.

                Having 2 killer teenage daughters, this hits home.

                I have told them to shoot to kill.
                And they can hit targets.
                And if anything happens, I will play ‘the Wolf’ on Pulp Fiction….

                • Shelly73

                  Any rapist of anykind should be castrated.and yeah i taught my daughter how to shoot at a very young age .i beleive it should be a must do when you have children.

                  • eppe

                    My oldest can handle a 12 ga skeet shooting like a pro. Rarely misses.
                    Makes me proud they came thru life so far without many problems.
                    I worry about the future they will face.

                    Be well all…

                  • gardenbird

                    I agree… Put their dicks in a blender and then make them drink it.

            • Trollio the clown

              grabbing a buddy to beat an intruder to death isnt really self defense.

              • Mac from t.o.

                The extra pair of hands will not only help in the act of defense at present, but also deter future attacks. It really boils down to efficiency.

          • Man on the inside


        • Hoser

          Agreed. One less rapist in the world is a good thing. I hope he was shot in the head with a .357 Magnum Hydra-Shock. That’s what I intend to use if presented with the same situation.

        • Mr Reynard

          But..But.. But.. His mum said, that he was a “gentle” giant & (don’t forget) he loved his mum ???

      • FreeSlave

        Liberalism is said to be a mental disorder. Here’s another example:

        Male Norwegian politician raped by asylum seeker says he feels GUILTY that his attacker will now be deported because the man might suffer back in Somalia

        “A Norwegian politician has spoken of how how he felt guilty that the Somali asylum seeker who raped him was deported.

        Karsten Nordal Hauken, from Ås, Akershus, was raped in his home and the perpetrator was subsequently caught and jailed for 4.5 years.

        However, when Nordal Hauken found out that the man was to be deported back to Somalia after serving his time, he reveals he felt guilt that the man would possibly face hardship in his old country.

        Nordal Hauken, who describes himself as a ‘young Socialist Left Party member, feminist and anti-racist’, was attacked in his own home.

        The politician reveals that he struggled to come to terms with being a heterosexual male rape victim, and subsequently self-medicated with alcohol and cannabis.

        ‘I am a heterosexual man who was raped by a Somalian asylum seeker,’ Nordal Hauken writes for NRK.

        ‘My life fell into ruin, but now I feel guilty about him being sent out of the country.’

        He reveals how he was called up by the prison shortly before the perpetrator was to be deported to Somalia, having served 4.5 years in prison for the rape.

        ‘I felt relief and happiness that he would be gone forever. I felt like the Norwegian State had taken responsibility to carry out the ultimate revenge, like an angry father confronting it’s child’s attacker.

        ‘But I also had a strong feeling of guilt and responsibility. I was the reason that he would not be in Norway anymore, but rather sent to a dark uncertain future in Somalia

        He adds: I see him mostly like a product of an unfair world, a product of an upbringing marked by war and despair.”

        From the UK Daily Mail.

        • durangokidd

          Two words; “Norwegian Syndrome”. 🙁

          • Braveheart1776

            DK, that’s really “Libturd Syndrome”.

        • Al

          At least he lives to the same standards he demands from all others.
          (Of course he is still a crazy moron)

        • anon

          Bring the Somali back and let him ream the Norwegian again.

          This time sell tickets.

          • Braveheart1776

            He sounds like he’s acid’s type. LOL!

          • Mr Reynard

            I voter for it !

          • didndonuffin

            Has anyone else noticed that the adherents to the “religion” that claims to have such a disdain for homosexuality seem to be constantly practicing homosexuality?

        • B from CA

          4&1/2 years for sodomizing a bleeding heart white male. Long enough to give the culprit a college education and send him on his way so next time he rapes another man, he’ll have the smarts to not get caught. Hang the scum. I hate rapists. I especially hate child rapists. And, having first hand knowledge, I have a special place in my heart for Somali rapists who rape white young men. Hang them. Hang them all.

        • JoJo

          I’m speechless! The politician probably had too much too drink and let the Somali corn hole him. Things got out of control, you know, then the neighbors called the cops. Now he feels bad…

        • Ketchupondemand

          Free Slave, talk about liberal guilt. It is correctly called a mental disorder.

      • Braveheart1776

        GenEarly, let these ‘progressives’ [HOW I HATE THAT WORD] come f#$% with me over an act of self-defense and they will definitely make ‘progress’ in going into the dirt nap.

        • BraveheartI776

          I shoot anybody that come by me. I am Braveheart. I take dirt nap too.

          • Braveheart1776

            Don’t let me find out who posted this BS under my name. That is some dirty pool.

            • HBOMB

              ooohh!!!! Internet tough guy.

              • Braveheart1776

                Hdud, at least I’m not a sorryassed troll. I can look at myself in the mirror and not see any issues and walk tall. What about you?

                • HBOMB

                  You can’t see any issues…lmao. That’s because you are bias.

                  Others on the outside can see the issues you have.

                  Walk tall. lol…When the shtf and they come for you. You will be the first one on your knees begging, like a dog.

                  Me…. I would welcome a bullet to the head than to not be like you. You sorry ass pos.

                  • Braveheart1776

                    Hdud, I never beg anyone for anything. You’ll never know any of the things I’ve been through and survived each and every one of them. You trolls and the rest of the sheeple out here will end up dying on your knees. I’ll die standing up fighting.

                • BraveheartI776

                  I looked in mirror but mirror cracked cause I shot it. I am braveheart I shoot anything. what about you ?

                  • Sgt.Fail

                    Aim small, can’t shoot at all.

                  • Braveheart1776

                    Imposter posting under my name, the mirror cracked because your face appeared on it. LOL.

      • lmorris

        after you kill the prick dont call the cops put him in your thuck or car go to woods or what ever burn it

        • NITE OWL

          why not take him down to the river and let MR. CROC take care of it.

      • buggymak110

        Same shit here in canada !!!!! You can’t even beat the hell of a burglar in your house even with a broom. …… attempting murder will be filed against you !!!!! This is how stupid governments are…… GUNS SAVES LIVES……

        Someday one government officials will have a home invasion and I hope this event will be an eye opening experience…… better have a gun in my hand than a police at the phone…. my house is my castle so come unwelcome you might have some lead in your diet !!!!!!

      • Storm

        I would LOVE to go there an organize that protest. An hope the slater family.. If you can call them that tries to intimidate us. Just saying.

    2. Rorinon

      Batterham was charged because he followed the fleeing Slater out into the street, where he and another man proceeded to beat slater into the unconsciousness. If Batterham has stopped when Slater fled his home instead of chasing him into the street, he supposedly wouldn’t have been charged.

      I don’t agree with Batterham being charged at all, but that beating after Slater fled the home was no longer considered self defense or defense of Batterham’s family in the eyes of the law.

      • B from CA

        Fuck the Law.

        • Braveheart1776

          B from CA, I agree.

        • Ken

          The law is an ass.
          –Charles Dickens

      • DevilMayCry

        The police, beign largely incompetent, may well not have caught the perp if the father had chose to call them instead of persue the intruder.

        And the man had already invaded the fathers home once, there was no guarantee he would not return.

        The only acceptable course of action was murder.
        Despite being a poet, I don’t candy coat problems. That POS had to die. By the fathers hands, by the police, or by another inmate.

        Justice from the barrel of a gun. Or from a headlock, or a long ass knife.

        I’ve come to one conclusion. Morality is not relative, and the world is full of hypocrites and monsters. You either become a monster, or you get eaten by one (the state).

      • Rorinon

        I said I did not agree with it. Just explaining how “the law” down there is charging him with a crime. Unfortunately the same thing would happen to any of us in the US if we followed the rapist outside to continue his well-deserved beating.

    3. Jacknife

      It would be a real shame if the criminal to broke into that man’s house conveniently disappeared.

    4. Sgt. Dale

      Very well put.
      Can’t add anything to it. Again Well Done!!!

    5. PretzelLogix

      Who called the cops?
      Damned fool. Problem was already solved!

    6. B from CA

      Shouldn’t have called “authorities”. Rapist near your child’s room, should be killed and body fed to pigs, or what have you. Just get rid of the body. No body, no problem. All is fair in love and war. And this, my friends, is war. First a psychological war that makes people feel bad for killing an intruder rapist lurching near your precious child, then a war against your liberty that would put a decent father behind bars for defending his child. It is not insanity. It is planned. It is war.

      • DMONIC

        No body, no crime.

    7. Infidel-2

      World going to hell in a hand basket.

      Kiss My Country ASS!!!

    8. Really???

      WTF?? I mean really, WTF?

    9. logicrazy

      Just choot em….

    10. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf

      This world is finished..

      On a more serious note, I believe that arresting men who defend women from rape is conditioning to accept mass rapes once the war starts in depends on the state.. here is Houston, if a man defends his wife or daughter, your not lickely to go to jail. I have experienced the worst since that happened to my ex girlfriend… not a laughing matter at all.. you would not want to be in my shoes and experienced what I have experience after I saw what happened to my ex..
      I hope something like that never happens again because if soldiers are in my area looking for girls and women, they will pay a heavy price.. I have heard some really bad bad horrific stories that I have mentioned in this site, that I don’t want to get into..I feel bad for the women knowing what’s coming up in the near future for America..



    11. Philosopher

      Go ahead. Make my day. Break into my house and you will come face-to-face with Mr. Moss, my pump shotgun. Click, click.

      • Braveheart1776

        Philo, BRAVO! I’m the same way. We all have a God-given natural right to self-defense. I don’t even follow any restrictions on self-defense. Anyone who interferes with my efforts at self-defense will face consequences. Bank on it.

        • Philosopher

          BH: I hear ya! It isn’t my only weapon but even in the dark that pump action sound is enough to make any moron run. If they are too stupid too run? oh well the next sound they hear will be the sound of themselves screaming.

          • anon

            One in the chamber with the safety on.

            Not giving my position away to nobody by racking a round. Intruder in the house? No warnings for I believe you are there to kill me.

          • Braveheart1776

            Philo. I do have other ‘liberty tools’ at my disposal. Racking the slide on a pump usually stops trouble before it can start. I mounted a tac light on my 590A1 which gives me the extra advantage of blinding an intruder.

    12. PA farmer

      Shoot, shovel, and shutup..

      • Karen


      • john stiner

        You really don;t have to shovel anymore. Just dump the body in a black neighborhood and nobody will care.

    13. rellik

      I have read a lot and somewhere I remember, I think it was the crusades, where the criminal was forced to eat his own penis whole. The criminal was then nailed to a pole beside the road and his belly cut open to show all he ate his own “junk”. He was left to die and rot.
      My modern twist would be to use a framing nailer to nail a sign
      “This was a rapist” to his chest( missing the heart of course).

      As for the Aussies and their fucked up laws, That is their choice.
      I would follow my #1 rule: never volunteer to talk to the police.
      Always ask “Am I being detained, am I free to go”?
      Never answer questions. Never lie. Be polite. Comply with
      their demands. Never trust them.

      • Philosopher

        R: jeez wasn’t that an episode of Game of Thrones? Let me guess it was a Muslim punishment for the kuffars.

        For folks that wonder about Bergdahl I reached the conclusion that he was used as a butt-buddy and probably also ended up a eunuch. What is a eunuch? A castrated Human male. Sort of like the difference between a stallion and a gelding. The stallion is intact and the gelding? not so much. Same diff between a bull and a steer. Bull is intact, the steer has had its parts fried up and cooked for dinner.

        • Anonymous

          What is game of Thrones?
          Just for my wife we have minimal
          satellite and no premium channels.
          No local broadcast, too many gullies,
          and too few people.

        • Acid Etch

          US now imports twice the Muslims it does white people.

          When the average IQ in the population drops below 90, America goes to third world status.

          Mark my words.

          • anon

            Fifty-one percent on government assistance/unemployment and an average IQ below 90 in the population. The landscape will change. Not for the better.

            Take Pictures.

    14. Kevin2

      Its a shame that Australia is like that and their gun laws too much to deal with because they do have some damn fine geography. They speak English too, its easier than the British to understand.

    15. Plan twice, prep once

      This guy did the right thing. Better to have his wife and daughter visit him in prison than to be free and have to visit your wife or daughters graves.

    16. Ketchupondemand

      Off topic, but will still piss you off:
      Newsmax HAD this as a headline story a couple hours ago, now it’s down the page..:

      “President Barack Obama says he has the power to allow illegal immigrants to be eligible for federal benefits through the guise of “prosecutorial discretion,” and that he will not enforce the law against them for being in the country, CNS News Editor-in-Chief Terence Jeffrey says in an editorial.”

      Apparently the traitor in chief will have his stooges argue the case before the Supreme Court.
      But he’ll just write an executive order if he doesn’t win..

      To count the ways we have lost our country…

      • B from CA

        The point is not proving that we have been betrayed into the hands of enemies who glory in our demise, that point has been proven. The point now is let’s find ways to fight and win against the foreign influence that controls Government, the media, publishing, the Internet, and the financial system that holds it all together. Defeat the financiers of misery, the rest will fall like dominoes.

      • Philosopher

        KOD: seeing that on FOX news just now. How the hell do you show up to the USSA and magically “qualify” for full benefits even if you have never worked here?

        This is the reason Europe is going up in flames. The pussy-in-chief hates this country. He doesn’t give a crap about the US. Zero. He thinks he is going to save the world by crashing and destroying the US.


    17. AC

      Hydrated lime is sold in 50 lb. sacks by most home improvement stores. It’s used – among other things – to keep mortar mix pliable.

      They also sell shovels, which can be used – among other things – to move mortar around the job site.

      They also sell plastic sheeting, which can be used – among other things – to cover concrete, to prevent it from drying out too fast.

      I wonder what sort of home improvement stores they have in Australia?

      • didndonuffin

        Plastic sheeting also slows the natural decomposition of compost. Compost should be allowed to decompose quickly.

    18. wojo

      Think I will go out and buy another gun this weekend, and some fricken ammo.

    19. molonlabe

      It sounds like to me that the family of the rapist should be disappeared. I am sick of hearing about these family’s that defend their criminal relation. This guy was a convicted rapist that had broken into a home to (sarcasm on) borrow a cup of sugar (sarcasm off). I regard myself as a Christian person who believes in forgiveness, but there are times when we should expedite the deliverance of some people to be judged.

    20. B from CA

      No! Don’t waste energy focused on the wrong target.

    21. charlie2dogs

      why do you keep voting for the ones enslaving you

    22. overthecliff

      Do not ever volunteer information to the police. They are not your friend. They get points for arrests and convictions.

    23. Dave

      This is why you bury the FOCK’rs in the back 40 along with all the dogs, cats, horses etc. Garden grows great and nobody seems to know why.

    24. Gary

      If you can beat the perpetrator into submission to stop him, then do just that. If you continue beyond necessary force, then yes you are a murderer.

      Once sujugated, I recommend using duct tie straps with a hand tighter hand tool for extra security.

      Yes there are te when we have to act fast, but if you remain alert 24 – 7 and are prepared, then there is no reason to kill.

      Let God handle the end of someone’s life you just keep them from harming others, you, and themselves.

    25. JD

      Prime Ministers, Members of Parliament, Presidents, Congressmen, Senators, and the local mayor all have armed protection details who will shoot to kill, if the politician is PERCIEVED to be in danger.
      The privileged political class has the luxury of living in gated communities, in secure homes, guarded by their protection details, but ordinary citizens are hypocritically DENIED the right to protect themselves and their families.
      Stand up Australia, protest, refuse to pay your taxes, and vote out/impeach any politician who dares to deny you the same rights and privileges that they enjoy.

    26. Shirley Rodriguez

      The father should receive a medal of valor and outstanding citizen award.

      However, what we get is some fuckhead communist parasite politicians who want to turn the criminals into victims and real victims into criminals.

      criminals and communists are cut from the same mold

    27. Jay

      A fine lady I once knew relocated to Australia many many moons ago. She gave up her US citizenship and became an Australian. She was so hot I still remember her to this day.

      Anyway, Kathy M., all these years later, such a strong pacifist, how do you like living there now? Can’t defend your castle from a home invader INSIDE your own four walls???

      I know, I know; you said you’d let them pillage and ravage you instead of defending yourself.

      Such a brainwashed Shela.

    28. paul mccummiskey

      paul mccummiskey, STAND YOUR GROUND google it.

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