Assassination Threat? Glenn Beck Suspended After “Talking About Taking Out Trump”

by | Jun 2, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 62 comments

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    When it became clear that The Donald would become the nominee for the Republican party, and that Ted Cruz, deeply favored by radio host Glenn Beck, no longer had any chance of a Hail Mary! for delegates in a contested floor battle, Beck almost lost it.

    He became apoplectic and reportedly suicidal.

    Perhaps for Beck more than anyone else, Trump represented the end of and a betrayal of the country that he had hoped to restore through the ballot box.

    Now, that avenue has been closed and other means are already being discussed and considered by his guests and associates.

    Since it is being openly broadcast on Sirius XM radio, it isn’t exactly a quiet conspiracy but one comment was enough to get Beck suspended from air for a week as they discuss whether or not to cancel his show.

    via WTVR:

    Glenn Beck’s syndicated radio show will be off SiriusXM for the rest of the week after a guest was accused of hinting that Donald Trump, if elected president, could be assassinated.


    Those comments came during an interview Beck conducted last week with the fiction author and conservative commentator Brad Thor.

    Discussing a potential Donald Trump presidency, Thor lamented that impeachment would likely be off the table.

    “If Congress won’t remove him from office, what patriot will step up and do that if, if, he oversteps his mandate as president, his constitutional-granted authority, I should say, as president,” Thor said. “If he oversteps that, how do we get him out of office? And I don’t think there is a legal means available. I think it will be a terrible, terrible position the American people will be in to get Trump out of office because you won’t be able to do it through Congress.”

    The Drudge Report, the influential conservative news aggregator, ran a headline saying that Beck and Thor talked about “taking out Trump.”

    The comment is rooted in the same branded-version of constitutional talk that has defined Beck’s media empire.

    Assuming the tyranny of a Trump presidency, Beck’s guest Brad Thor’s comments can be interpreted as a call to action for a “patriot” to “step up” and remove Trump from office – given that all the legal means available have been extinguished.

    Have they all gone insane?

    Did this guy really just make a veiled threat of assassination against Trump?

    Either way, it underscores the divisive and revolutionary times in which we are living.

    And if so, should Beck be pulled off the air, or protected by the first amendment? Ironically, Glenn Beck just came back from meeting with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to discuss the scandal of suppressing conservative news on the world’s largest social media site.

    Beck gave Facebook a clean bill of health on algorithm-based bias, and appears to have forged a political alliance against Trump.

    Glenn Beck and Donald Trump have their own history of exchanging insults. Trump mocked him for crying all the time after Beck accused Trump of supporting Obama.

    Donald Trump went on a little rant during a New Hampshire rally this morning about Glenn Beck, who he deemed “dopey” (multiple times) and an “idiot.”


    Trump reacted to Beck’s comments by calling him a “really dopey guy,” saying, “I’ve watched him cry on television all the time. He’s doing very badly. His thing is falling apart, his company is falling apart.”

    Would a President Trump fight against the tyranny of the establishment, or give it a fresh face to move things along?

    Either way, Trump is attracting a lot of hatred, death threats and violent opposition.

    The country is ripe for change, and the agents are realigning their loyalties as we speak.

    In many respects, it seems that everything that is American is on the line, and subject to be redefined by one or more assumed authorities.

    What do you think will happen in November 2016 and beyond?

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      1. Suspended and rightly so.

        • Boo-Hoo Beck and Boo-hoo Boehner ought to get a room. Waaaahhhhhh! Mommy! Donnie Trump just kicked me in my shin…….waaaahhhhhh!

        • Glenn Beck is a flake and whoever this Thor guy is, he should keep his fucking mouth shut. I didn’t hear the broadcast so I won’t pretend to know anything about it however, for this fool to spread his brand of fear and panic as to what Trump will do is a big part of what’s wrong here. Does this fool have a crystal ball? Is he able to read the future? Is he really Ms. Cleo in drag? It’s people like him starting all this trouble who have caused all these problems we have now. Are these people afraid? Are you scared you might have to get a job and actually EARN your fucking food? It seems to me the people who are the angriest are the ones who are actually scared the Free Shit Faucet is about to be turned off. And you’re complaining that Trump Might, he hasn’t been elected, but he just might overstep his authority? Give me a break. This constitution has been raped for the last 8 years, and you’re worried about something that may or may not happen? Hey asshole, put down the crack pipe, put your big boy pants on and go fill out a job application.

          • Jacknife, BRAVO! Beck is one of the stupidest mofos MSM has ever had. He couldn’t find his way out of a wet paper bag. the thor guy might be related to him for all anyone knows. If Beck had ever been related to me I would disown him BIG time.


        • Yeah, during a week when he isn’t on his own show but on vacation!

      2. Beck is a GAY POS who sucks the Zionists to make money. Go to hell Beck.

      3. Beck’s been compromised for some time now. “They” got to him.
        Should have been talking about the current resident being taken out. Oh, forgot. They got to him..

        • “got to him.” Obviously you don’t listen to Beck at all. I am not excited about trump as our nominee either but it is what it is. It isn’t that i think he will bend to TPTB though they will be tough on him. My problem with trump is that when there is a collapse or major event or whatever, he will not hesitate to use the military to enforce martial law. He is definitely a stong man but that can bite you in the ass big time if your not careful. Trump is still a big question mark cause he isn’t part of the system and noone outside his inner circle really knows what he’ll do. I’m willing to gamble on the guy but that doesn’t mean i like it.

          • The Drudge Report ran a headline saying that Beck and Thor talked about “taking out Trump,” not Beck. As I heard it, Beck and Thor had discussions about the realities of Trump and Thor was looking for the political means of taking “trump out,” and not an assassination as this article suggests.

            • The only ways to remove a President from office are Trial and Impeachment by the Congress, or if he resigns or dies of natural causes.

              Any other concept about ‘taking out Trump’ is discussing extralegal means of removing a President, there is no way to sugar coat it.

              Beck and Thor deserve whatever happens to them. I didn’t like it when Obama was elected, but he was elected and that’s the end of it.

        • I used to admire glenn beck and watched him regularly. Thought we were of the same mind set as far as how corrupt our gov is. Now I wouldn’t spare one minute to listen to what is now bulls**t coming out of his mouth. What happened glenn? who bought you?

      4. Ooooh a 1 week suspension. Beck needs a straight jacket not a mic!

        • Glen Beck was on Fox news and then was not. You can say what you want, but not to hint about ” Taking someone out”. There are a lot of individuals who would pick up on that and Act on it. Glen Beck should not be on the radio at all. He is suppose to report the facts and read what is news and not create News that is not factual. He needs to team up with Michael Moore. Our Country has enough problems and we do not need to hear from a fatalist . Maybe he should do a little research regarding the facts and ask some of the Senators who had to deal with Ted Cruz .

          • Sorry dude, but Beck is a commentator, not a reporter. If he were the latter your complaints would have some merit.

      5. I don’t think it was enough of a threat that he should have been taken off the air. However, he does not own the stations that air his program and so they do have the right to pull it if they choose to do so. The First Amendment is about the government’s interaction with the citizens and not the citizen’s interaction with other citizens. As Rush Limbaugh has stated a few times, you have a right to free speech but do not have the right to an audience.

      6. If you actually listened to the segment, you would know the actual context. Without that, you are just adding to the hysteria. Any article that posts just clips of the segment without a full transcript is just trying to make problems. This happens almost weekly for Rush. Unless you heard what was said, you shouldn’t have anything to say.

        • How would a patriot step up and take him out in any other context

          • It would likely involve the military but it wouldn’t necessarily mean killing him. Frankly I think he does have the makings of a caudillo.

      7. Beck is an unstable individual who loves to hide behind religion.

      8. I think Glenn Beck was a good guy and just lost it.

        He got lost in trying to inform the public and the ratings for his show. That escalated into a personal Crusade and could not understand the failure of his White Knight.

      9. That is the biggest bunch of horsesh*t I’ve ever heard. I am a daily listener and heard that interview. That quote is so out of context it’s funny. Glenn even laughed about it on the show. It’s left wing propaganda so if you are a patriot, tea party, prepper, etc.. you are supporting the left’s out of context concoction. Sorry to see one of my favorite sites publish such trash. One sure way to tell if someone is a Patriot and on the level is if the Left attacks, you know they’re doing something right.

        • He went to the border handed out soccer balls and teddy bears.Recently he said we need to be fair to the butcher of benghazi.Controlled opposition

      10. IF, there was a round about conversation about assassination, then hinting outwardly in hope that someone in his audience maybe dumb enough to take out Trump, then I hope he never comes back online. He claims to be a Christian, that holds Christian values, well talk about taking anyone out, even in a joking matter, if there is such an animal, should disqualify him from returning to radio to express his views to the people. If he is so downtrodden about the success of Trump, and feel that with Trump as President, America is finish, well first of all, we already have a President that has done that damage, why didn’t he suggest that when Obama first started his destruction of America? Now, that Trump has a chance to become the 45th President, and if he does not believe Trump will be good for America, then he should take him out without suggesting to his audience in hope that someone else would do it for him, and his happiness.

        • Heard the whole thing and what you outlined DIDN’T happen. Right now I’m completely undecided what to do. I don’t trust Der Donald anymore than I trust Hillary.

          • Second amendment trump open borders Hillary

            • I don’t believe he’s being honest. As I stated in a longer post down the page, he called Romney’s plan to strengthen E-verify so illegal Mexicans would self deport “barbaric” back in 2012. Sorry, but his “conversion” is a little too new and a little too convenient to convince me he believes what he’s saying now.

      11. Glen Beck is one of the stupidest shills MSM has ever had. He and his buddy Brad Thor, if they were serious about attempting to knock off Trump, would’ve done Hildebeast the biggest favor and guaranteed her victory in Nov. He looks like someone I had a fight with back in grade school. And I WON the fight.

      12. I certainly hope nothing happens to Trump, I am not sure what his supporters would be willing to do if he is attacked.

        • Uhm, start CWII?
          So much firepower going to waste.
          If the HitlerII gets it, it’ll either go into deep hidden storage, or, be used.
          She’s already said she likes the ‘Australian model’…
          Where they buy back all the guns.
          (Yeah, all the ‘legal’ guns.)

          • PM, good to see you back. The hildebeast can take her “Australian Model” and stuff it. I’m not giving up anything. We’re headed toward civil war and/or revolution regardless of which sock puppet gets ‘selected’.

      13. If Trump is elected it will go one of two ways. It will get a lot better OR a lot worse. I don’t think there will be any middle for this guy.


        • Hillbilly

          The election is summed up by. If you want to take the chance to make the country great again you vote for Trump.
          If you want to get it all over with, you vote for Hillary.

      14. Put a great big six point star on Glen Beck’s forehead. He is the phoniest piss poor actor who has been crying his way into the hearts of fools. To suggest that a “Patriot” could be motivated to off Trump when it is being openly stated that some Israelis want to assassinate Trump. He is trying to scapegoat the group of loyal Americans he falsely pretends to represent. Stop watching TV, seriously. It is false propaganda, deceitful brainwashing designed to make you act in ways that will cause your destruction, and pervert and destroy your children.

      15. We/re all going to hell in a handcart.

      16. Europe is swinging to the right politically. Seven out of ten Brits admire and support Mr Trump in his endeavour to become President. Islam is a real threat to the west, be strong America. Chase out the Muslim from your shores whilst you still have the Whip Hand. Support and vote Trump to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

      17. Beck lost it a long time ago. I have zero respect for whiners and criers, like him. Wish Beck would STFU and go away. But I do have to admit that it is very entertaining to see people coming unhinged over Trump. If Trump does get elected, the days of Bush derangement are going to look tame in comparison. Going to need to buy more popcorn and beer for that show. I am sure that just when I think the Lefties can not get any more insane, they will prove me wrong.

        • If Trump gets elected, I predict marshal law within months.
          The white house being the active center of constant protests.
          Then we’ll see, if the People are fed up enough with ‘bathroom policies’..

      18. Beck was a local yokel blabbermouth at a Tampa radio station before gaining popularity and being elevated to whatever the hell he is now. All I know is that he is repugnant and I can’t get the attraction people have to him. I remember when the supposed left was trying to get Air America established as a counter to Limbaugh, Savage and the rest. Rachel Maddow was there, not that I listened. She gives me the creeps also. Trump is a big question mark, we know the elections are tampered with and fixed. The establishment consider Clankton the chosen one to continue the obvious agenda going forward. How come nobody talks about that lying hag being assassinated? Beware the body count queen. In 1968 I was big on Bobby Kennedy, he made statements that he would go after the murderers of his brother once he became president, and he clearly would have won that election against Nixon, RFK was the peoples choice overwhelming. The rest is history, though Sirhan was just another patsy like Oswald. The peoples choice was sabotaged again, a direct ongoing reflection of those in power today.

        • Bobby Kennedy was naive. After his brother was assassinated he travels with Roosevelt Greer as a bodyguard when he needed at a minimum the defensive line if not the entire NFL. TPTB play for keeps. Become a threat to them and you better become a shadow or be in the center of NORAD. Any President that thinks he will stand in their way needs a VP that is more unacceptable than him in succession, a huge number of grassroots support, hand picked Department heads of the letter agencies and the Military command along with massive popularity of the troops.

          The above is like believing in Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, beating terminal cancer and winning the only ticket Powerball in a record lottery.

      19. Didn’t Beck sell what passes for his soul to Zuckerberg for thirty pieces of silver, last month?

        Looks like Zuckerberg got the worst of that deal.

      20. Gee if we cannot talk anymore, than maybe our right of talking has evaporated. I for one wish the current president was either droned (vaporized) by one of our radical enemies, or taken out in back of the woodshed and the daylights knocked out of him. He has put our country into great peril, and is affecting the lives of 340 million people + illegal invaders. They silence Beck, a nut case, and allow Hillary Clinton to run for president, after she received the 3AM call for help; Benghazi, and did absolutely nothing. Yes, it is time the American people take back their country, and retire the oligarchy at top; either peacefully, or forcefully as they so desire. We elected them, they did not nor have the right to say they created us.

      21. Why is he So Upset about what would happen in the Next Administration , look at what’s Going on in the Current.

      22. The money always get them in the end. Everyone has a price. Everybody gotsta pay.

        • Not everyone. Ron Paul, Ralph Nader. There are a few.

      23. I’m seeing a lot of “Ifs” being thrown around, which means y’all didn’t actually listen to the segment. How does that make you any better than the liberal media? They do this all the time! Someone frames a segment out of context, pass it around to get a rise out of people. I would think y’all would be better than that. And what the hell does this have to do with planning for SHTF?!? If I wanted to read shite like this, I’d go read drudge, which I avoid. How about posting less politics and more prepping?

      24. Trump has come along at a time when America
        DESPERATLELY needs a leader. It is game over
        if he isn’t elected. Clinton is a criminal. She
        will definitely go for the guns. To Bernie Sanders
        all white people are rich and privileged. Free
        college tuition is his selling point. If there are
        NO JOBS that free diploma will make a nice coaster
        to set a bottle of Jack Daniels on. A strong military
        doesn’t mean that Trump plans to use it. A strong
        military is a necessary evil. Trump needs to be
        careful. The Zio-globalist cabal hates him.

      25. Glen Beck started his show years ago on FOX pretty good. I seen him change, moderate, ignore the globalists and focus on the conservative social issues instead. The final straw was when a caller brought up the Bilderburg Group and he said, “Bildergerg, build a bear, I don’t care”, making a mockery of the caller. That was the last time I watched or listened to him figuring, “They got to him”.

        • Glenn Beck was really interesting when he was on FOX and his “chalk talks” on that network were excellent.
          However his FANATICAL support for a NWO oligarch like Ted Cruz, his support for illegal aliens disguised as “Christian charity”, turning a blind eye towards the Trilateral Commission, the CFR, and the Bilderbergers, and since last year, his thinly veiled threats and vitriolic comments about Donald Trump and his supporters, proves that Beck has either been compromised and gotten to, or he was part of the controlled opposition all along.

          • NWO oligarch Ted Cruz? I think you need to loosen your tinfoil hat, pal.

          • JD- of course you are right about Ralphie’s perverse/reverse psychology headgame. But as George Castanza once said: “It’s not a lie if you believe it.”

            Beck skipped over the hill years ago.

      26. I think that #1] We ALL, (Glenn & Brad included) NEED to take a DEEP BREATH, and GIVE PROFOUND THOUGHT & PRAYER to what your mouth utters! ({Prov.22:3 & 27:12}..a two fold WARNING!)…Even INFERRING such is foolishly irresponsible, at this point!

        #2] The danger TRUMP honestly threatens with, is due to his pride & nature…It’s his nature to “Do what it takes to WIN!” BUT!!! As I’ve said MANY times, and Prov.26:2 states: “As the bird by wandering, as the swallow, by flying, so, the curse CAUSELESS SHALL NOT COME”!

        BEWARE! “Lest you find yourselves fighting against Yahwey!; [Acts 5:33 – 39];

        We STILL have time to PRAYERFULLY SEEK the Lord’s guidance, and WISDOM, and LEARN from HIM what we SHOULD and SHOULD NOT “give place to”, — thinking, saying, planning, OR doing!!!

        This Country is in the FIRST STEPS towards it’s judgement.


        This judgement is NOT OURS to dole out, OR, emotionally blabber about!!!

        ONE THING IS FOR SURE THO: Glenn’s 110% CORRECT! “We won’t be allowed”…much longer…(SiriusXM just PROVED THAT!)


      27. I heard the whole interview (heck, I can just about tell you where I was when it started and when it ended!) and there was absolutely no threat against Trump. I certainly understand Trump’s appeal. 1) We’ve been lied to over and over by the DC establishment. 2) The most certain way to turn good people into reactionaries is to continually accuse them of things they’re not guilty of; which leads to #3) you just want it all to stop.

        Having said that, I remember what a disappointment Arnold Schwartzenegger was in CA. I lived through the disaster that was the Jesse Ventura governorship in MN. Sure, Trump is SAYING all the right things, but I don’t for a moment think he means most of it. He’s on the side of the PC left regarding transgenders using the restrooms of the other sex; just four years ago he criticized Romney over his proposed expansion of E-verify so Mexican illegals would self-deport. Trump called it “barbaric”! He was fighting the TEA Party back in 2011. Certainly property rights would be in jeopardy as he’d like to see more Kelo v. New London type decisions.

        I believe Hillary would be Imelda Marcos 2.0; Trump would turn out to be Latin American style strong-man. I genuinely don’t know what I’m going to do this Nov. as I distrust them both EQUALLY.

      28. I heard it and good bye shtfplan your spot in my line up goes to another I will not suffer fools!!!

      29. Bronco bill I think it hell in a hand basket I like the hand cart though it must be said different in different places. Like funnel cakes to some doughboys to me. Car to you cah to me. Cool to you Pissah to me. Funny shit trying to lighten up this taking people out. There will be time for revolution later.

      30. i think the show should be permanently cancelled. beck is a hypocrite. if you dont like the will of the people than move elsewhere. this kind of journalism produces nothing but violence.

      31. Glen Beck should really interview all parties involved in order to get a fair and impartial view point.

      32. I’m new here. But, Trump had me at hello lol. He put immigration at the forefront before any of the feckless Gop ‘candidates’ did or ever did. The 1965 Immigration Act has destroyed this Country. Period. If he does not win in Nov….I do not believe that we will ever get it back. And I am the father of 3 small children. Very sad to say that it will be more difficult for them, than it was for us. Where are the great men? Trump is 8 months away from taking control. San Jose was just the beginning.

      33. beck is a TURN COAT,LIAR and a THIEF

      34. I am surprised that we haven’t had a coup to get Osama the Islamic dictating filthy terrorist out of that office. The Military fully supports Trump in the first place so that will not happen. These people will do anything to keep their corrupt hold over this country and protect their crooked jobs and to stay out of prison. If Trump gets in, they are all looking at prison terms including that filthy Islamic dictator and that transvestite he is living with and those adopted kids he so calls his own. Yeah right!!!!!

      35. If the Military did not take out Obama who is a Muslim Traitor to America They will protect at all costs Donald Trump

      36. Ted and Glen,leaves no room for any gray areas. Everything is either black or white, right or wrong. And as a result, the leader maintains strict control over the followers. Donald Trump has a good relationship with family, and country. Fellowship is based on whether there is agreement. Herein lies the tragedy. This self-righteous, rigid standard becomes more important than relationships with individuals. We first check out where people stand on the issues, and then we determine whether we will spend much time with them. The bottom line is this: We want to be right (As we see it, of course)more than we want to love our neighbor as ourselves. At that point our personal preferences eclipse any evidence of love. I am of the firm conviction that where grace exists, so must various areas of gray.
        I cultivate a judgmental attitude toward those who may not agree or corporate with my plan. Scripture calls a person a “weaker brother.” (We need to be careful here; some people are “professional weaker brother.” Those folks are not weaker brothers at all, they are hard-core legalists who play the role of weaker brothers.)You can’t be afraid of the heights if you’re going to walk on the tightrope of grace. But at the same time you have to watch out for the strong gusts of wind that will occasionally blow like mad.

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