“Assad Stroke After Assassination Attempt”? CIA Plants Fake News About Near Death to Torment Syrian Leader

by | Jan 31, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 48 comments

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    This article was written and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    With President Trump comes a new front in the War on Terror.  Will there be a wider war in the middle east region under his presidency?

    Editor’s Comment: Covert black ops are still in full force, regardless of the changing of the guard in the Oval Office. While only time will tell how President Trump will handle foreign entanglement in the Middle East, though his tweets condemning Sen. John McCain, Sen. Lindsay Graham and others for their warmongering are perhaps a hopeful sign.

    On the other hand, Trump has already authorized deadly and controversial attacks on terrorist homes in Yemen, including one on the family of Anwar al-Awlaki, the American-born terrorist that Obama took out with a drone, as well as his 16-year-old son. The most recent strike has now taken out Awlaki’s 8-year old daughter and other relatives allegedly affiliated with terrorism. As a candidate, Trump vowed to go after the families of terrorists, a campaign promises that sparked a great deal of controversy.

    Meanwhile, President Assad survived the long seize attempt to oust him from office via moderate rebel/terrorist mercenary groups sponsored by a host of Western and NATO allies. However, that protracted front of the war ended decisively when Russian military force drove out these forces from Aleppo altogether, changing the face of the Syrian war. Now, the CIA is using psychological techniques to torment Assad and stir up a frenzy that could surround an attempt to remove him in the near future.

    It remains to be seen how President Trump as a Commander-in-Chief will address the multi-faceted conflict in Syria, and the contentious U.S. role vis-a-vis Russia, whom Trump has pledged to play friendly with. The immigration ban from seven Muslim-dominated countries could stir the pot for a larger world conflict and a new front in a revived (and revamped) War on Terror.

    These will be interesting times, but the CIA and shadow government are not going to quickly give up its objectives in the Middle East.

    Related: Update: “Putin’s Favorite Chauffer” Killed In Accident… Exactly As Former CIA Director Described On TV

    Black Propaganda Psyop: So Which Intelligence Agency Spread Fake News About an Assassination Attempt Against Assad?

    by The Daily Sheeple

    “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” ~ Author Mark Twain

    How is this for an eerie psychological mind game?

    Breitbart is reporting that a flurry of regional news stories out of Syria are claiming that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was in serious condition after either suffering a stroke or an assassination attempt.

    The office of the presidency has officially responded that all such claims are false and Assad is “carrying on his duties quite normally”.

    “The presidency denies all these reports. President Assad is in excellent health,” the statement read, according to Reuters, suggesting that “changing circumstances in the field and politically” were behind the claims that Assad was ill.

    “The Syrian people had become immune to such lies,” the statement concluded.

    Really? Immune? Fake news must be happening all the time over there at this point as the obvious regime change operation is probably considered behind schedule.

    Also considering that we know the fake news agenda is really just black propaganda being wielded in a thinly veiled psychological operation (psyop) against people all over the globe, these rumors are being spread for a pretty obvious reason.

    It sounds like a mafioso-esque threat on Assad’s life… and it sounds like something straight out of the CIA textbook.

    This particular fake report calls to mind the shocking comments that former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell made in an August 8, 2016 interview on The Charlie Rose Show.

    Amid discussing how Morell wanted to make the Russians and Iranians “pay a price” in Syria, which Rose clarifies by asking, “We make them pay the price by killing Russians? And killing Iranians?” to which Morell responds, “Yes, covertly” — Morell goes on to say:

    You don’t tell the world about it, right. You don’t stand up at the Pentagon and say we did this. Here’s the other thing I want to do, I want to go after — I want to go after those things that Assad sees as his personal power base, right. I want to scare Assad. So, I want to — I want to go after his presidential guard. I want to bomb his offices in the middle of the night. (Source)

    With threats of harassment like that, sprinkling a little premature obituary fake news campaign on top for good measure is nothing.

    This article was written and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.


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      1. With a wife as beautiful, glamorous, elegant, smart, articulate and fashion-savvy as his, you would do everything possible to get through the day and see her in bed. I suspect he is in good health. What a stud, eh?!!

        • FT, I’ve watched several interviews of Assad over the years. He is intelligent, speaks excellent English, and is not the monster the Western MSM makes him out to be. The CIA needs to be destroyed. I also call BS on the reports on his health.

          • I agree: he neither comes across as a crazy lunatic nor a tyrant. A medical man by training, he is clearly very clever and well-educated. He also has excellent choice in women; Asma is beautiful and also very clever.

        • Trump Nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Ct Justice. To Replace Justice Scalia

          • TD, I researched Gorsuch. If his credentials are true, he sounds like a real winner. Closest thing to Scalia we could hope for.

        • what a weenie, more like…

        • Breaking:
          Liberals have concluded if Asma would promise to give every man in Syria a madonna out behind the palace grease dumpster … we could be done with this.

          Military announces new heavy duty Kevlar knee pads known as “madonnas”…


        They’re not happy in Gaza..
        They’re not happy in Egypt ..
        They’re not happy in Libya..
        They’re not happy in Morocco ..
        They’re not happy in Iran..
        They’re not happy in Iraq ..
        They’re not happy in Yemen …
        They’re not happy in Afghanistan …
        They’re not happy in Pakistan ..
        They’re not happy in Syria ..
        They’re not happy in Lebanon ..

        They’re happy in Australia..
        They’re happy in Canada ..
        They’re happy in England.
        They’re happy in France ..
        They’re happy in Italy ..
        They’re happy in Germany ..
        They’re happy in Sweden ..
        They’re happy in the USA ..
        They’re happy in Norway ..
        They’re happy in Holland ..
        They’re happy in Denmark ..

        Basically, they’re happy in every
        country that is not Muslim and
        unhappy in every country that is!
        Not Islam.
        Not their leadership.
        Not themselves.

        AND THEN-
        They want to change those countries to be like,
        The country they came from where they were unhappy!
        Excuse me, but I can’t help wondering…
        How dumb can you get?

        • Yet the [RACIST] US news media will have you believe it is white people and the Russians that are the booogermen. Un-fucking-believable

        • one thing to add, IF your not one of them they want and will kill you!! BIG difference between anyone else and Muzzies!!

          • Apache54, let a muzzie try it on me and the damn thing dies.

            • AGREED,

          • Apache, except for those social ‘justice’ warriors who are so tolerant they will kill you to prove it.
            Just one example from Gateway Pundit:
            VIDEO=> VIOLENT LEFTISTS Knock Trump Supporter UNCONSCIOUS at Portland Airport – THEN TAUNT HIM!

        • Just like the communists here, not happy in commie countries just non commie countries. I guess there is no limit to how stupid you can be huh lol.

        • BlackMo- The Muslims are not happy in their own countries because the US, West, Nato & UN have invaded these countries to displace them.

          Lets pull back all the troops and let them decide how they want to live in their own countries. When you have a country run by a dictator chosen by the west you will always have chaos as your country is raped of all its assets.

          That’s the US hijacked foreign Policy, ordered by the Zionists who have controlled it up to now.

          Many of these Drone attacked were set up for a while under by Obama, and they are now unfolding. So, it’s not all Trump yet. I bet Trump is getting on that info now too. WHO the F*ck is in charge? The CIA? or Trump? Stay Tuned.

        • BlackMoe, let those sandniggers start harming any of our people and they get sent to allah. No pass go, no collect $200.

      3. The real enemy is all religions, all royalty, the greedy [enslave all of the people into debt] central banks and the [rape of all resources] multinational mega corporations, these are the ones the US military ought to take out, leave the civilians alone! Just saying if the military was used to take out the true enemy of the people the wars would of been over now for decades!!

        • it is ALWAYS about the MONEY!@!

        • Bert, if the government really took out, in your opinion, all the true enemies of the people, then the government will have no more competition and will become your sole enemy and your slave master. Please don’t be so naïve.

      4. Any comments on this?

        On the other hand, Trump has already authorized deadly and controversial attacks on terrorist homes in Yemen, including one on the family of Anwar al-Awlaki, the American-born terrorist that Obama took out with a drone, as well as his 16-year-old son. The most recent strike has now taken out Awlaki’s 8-year old daughter and other relatives allegedly affiliated with terrorism. As a candidate, Trump vowed to go after the families of terrorists, a campaign promise that sparked a great deal of controversy.

        I see a few things. American-born, terrorist, 16 year old son and 8 year old daughter.

      5. Baghdad Bob lives.

      6. The CIA is the definition of terrorism.

        With all the meddling that they do in foreign countries, can anyone name one thing that the CIA has done which has turned out to be good for Americans?

        • The CIA deep state is at war with Donald Trump for wrecking the establishment’s plans for the NWO, and they’re not going to forgive Putin for busting up their ISIS operatives, as well as for supporting Assad. We are battling a huge octopus, with multiple tentacles.

      7. NWO Globalist bankers are eliminating physical cash in Australia and India. Without ready cash, how will these people survive extended power outages resulting from power grid blackouts r silting from more frequent earthquakes, hurricanes, mechanical failures and solar/enemy EMP events? During widespread power emergencies, people cannot buy lifesaving medicines and food with electronic debit and credit cards, if physical cash no longer exists and/or is not accepted by grocery and drug stores.

        • Think about it: this is how women and girls get dragged into transactional sex. Without any money to pay for things, buy food, there is only one thing most women and girls have left to offer (few have the practical skills that preppers have).

          This is common across Africa where the UN operates. Look it up.

      8. Fk’n Hilarious ✞

        Priest Wants Anti-Trump Protesters to Commit Suicide

        by IWB · January 31, 2017
        by Amna El Tawil

        Priests should spread peace, love, forgiveness, and tolerance, but it seems like the pastor of a mainly immigrant Catholic church has a suggestion for all those who are protesting Trump – to kill themselves. He says that protesters should commit suicide by taking a “flying leap off the nearest building”.

        “Show your hate for Trump. Do it for social justice. #JumpAgainstTrump,” read a message posted by Father Philip Pizzo, just hours after he celebrated the Sunday Mass, the New York Post reported. The message included an illustration of a man plummeting from a skyscraper.

        FULL STORY: http://investmentwatchblog.com/priest-wants-anti-trump-protesters-to-commit-suicide/

        • Some people give the Lord Jesus a bad name.

          Shame on the priest !!

      9. Probably spraying Syria with Chemtrails! McCain and Lindsey may have ordered it?

        There are plenty of older UTube vids. that show Assad and Wife hobnobbing with US Elites and many functions, look it up. I’m old enough to remember Good Relations with Syria when all heck was breaking loose in surrounding countries. Like Arafat/Isreal; Golan Heights etc…

        The Globalists are so angry because Assad and Putin stood up to them.

        Sounds like Sheeple is just catching on. SHTF already been on this one.

        • TEST, let me guess; “The Shelter”. I was only 4 or 5 when that was made. There were ‘sheeple’ even in those days. The doctor in that show was the only one with any sense.

      10. this is what the cia has resorted to? amateur bs? wow have they no pride.. they couldn’t even over throw castro.. and he didn’t have the army that Assad has!
        apparently the only people the cia can torment are goat herders.

      11. Trump did not make any statements about his war policy while campaigning, threats against Iran and enhanced torture. The real terrorists are globalists from America doing their usual murder, pillage and plunder. Trump is a slicker one of them. Wait until the honeymoon wears off. So without war our economy is unable to exist. Obama piped in from the shadows negative about religious discrimination. I thought former presidents got the hell out of dodge after grafting D.C. The Dark Shadow does linger, in my guess to milk the falling all over themselves dumbshits.

      12. Putin is smarter than to fall for stupid CIA mind games. Putin has his own people doing the same things, so when you find one of Obama’s daughters turned into a heroine addict, don’t be surprised.

      13. More CIA Fake News

      14. Syria has not attacked anyone for longer than the United States has existed. The aggressor in the Middle East is Is real. Assad is a moderate allowing Christians to be part of his cabinet. The chews in DC have mislead President Trump. His son-in-law is probably a plant. Be careful President Trump. Soros wants to rule the world and you are in his way. Soros does not want America to be great. He wants America to look like Germany after WW2. And for you to wind up like Hitler, dead.


      15. Obama said Assad had to go. Obama is gone and Assad is still around. So much for Obama the prophet. Does anyone still believe he is the anti-christ?

      16. You look at Assad and he is not who you would think was someone who would have high blood pressure and would be liable for a stroke. He is tall and thin. Men seem to shun doctors and won’t get their blood pressure checked. They change with a stroke or a heart attack. Drug stores and some grocery stores have blood pressure monitors to check your own pressure. It may cost some money but it is money well spent. In an SHTF situation, your blood pressure will probably skyrocket. Getting yourself as healthy as possible is the best thing you can do.

      17. Assad is tall and thin. He is not the image of someone you think of as having high blood pressure. Even tall, thin people can have strokes and heart attacks. It does happen. Not all victims of cardiovascular disease are short and obese. Men seem to shun doctors’ visits and blood pressure tests. It may cost you some money but it is money well spent. If you won’t go in for a check-up, at least get your blood pressure checked!

      18. Don’t count on Obummer going away. He is young, has the support of all the losers, and just getting started. He may indeed be back for another run in 8 years. And he may even win, after the NWO collapses the economy and causes further destabilizations in the world….blaming it on Trump. Another possibility is secretary general of the U.N. If a democrat gets elected in 4 or 8 years, he/she will hand over our sovereignty (and our constitution) to the U.N. We are in very dangerous times.!!!!!!

      19. The CIA needs reeling in, they seem to think they can do whatever. If they are planting this propaganda about Assad, it sounds reminiscent of grade school pranks. I would like to see the CIA do some real intel. This would be more productive and beneficial for our country…..that is IF we could trust them to be truthful. The CIA doesn’t seem to recognize the fact that the POTUS is their boss. President Trump needs to “drain the swamp” at the CIA and show them who is the “real” boss. You have to give them something they understand….unemployment. I surmise the people of Syria just wish all outsiders would leave their country, and let them rebuild their communities.

      20. Trump is on record as saying that bombs were used on 9/11 and was he for real then he would be going after the ring leaders and having them arrested.

        Well he’s not so that says to me he’s just another banker puppet just like Obummer who he praised when handed the keys to the whitehouse.

        The bankers have you by the balls because money buys you anything in the USA and you can ask that other jew, George Sore-Ass if that true or not

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