As The Coronavirus Spreads, Survival Gear Keeps Selling Out!

by | Feb 29, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 26 comments

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    N95 or better face masks are all but impossible to come by right now.  But in addition to those selling out completely, emergency food kits and other gear is flying off the shelves in stores and selling out online because of the coronavirus’ rapid spread and rising death toll.

    What is selling out? According to a report by Business Insider, these are the items to grab if you want and don’t already have because they may not be available much longer:

    1. Hazmat Suits – as people boost their quarantine gear and first aid kits in anticipation of what could soon be a global pandemic, Hazmat suits are seen as necessary. If you self-quarantine yourself or an ill family member at home, a couple of these could come in handy to prevent the spread of the virus to others.
    2. Face Masks AND Gas Masks – Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, I was unable to find any N95 or better face masks available for sale.  But if you want one, continue to Google them a few times a day or check websites that say they are coming back in stock. However, while face masks aren’t readily available, preppers are also buying gas masks. Will A Face Mask REALLY Protect You From The Coronavirus?
    3. Emergency Food Kits – a lot of the 30-day emergency food kits have already sold out.  You can still grab some 72-hour and 14-day kits, but those are going quickly too.  This is likely due to the “bugging in” that will happen if this virus does become a pandemic.


    There are a few things you can do that don’t cost anything to make sure you’re ready for this outbreak to be labeled a pandemic. Improve your diet, improve your handwashing techniques (and teach children), and do an audit of your first aid kit and quarantine supplies. 

    While everything else seems to be in stock, for now, these three items are going quickly.  It’s always better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.  That seems to be the mindset of most preppers, as these things that we all know we should have on hand for those SHTF scenarios start to sell out!


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      1. I have desperately tried to enlighten relatives to prepare for the inevitable Covid-19 pandemic, and I keep hearing, “this will all blow over soon”, “the stock market will return to normal shortly”, “it’s just the Democrats playing the situation in order to get Trump out of office”, “it’s Donald Trump’s/the Republicans/the Democrats fault”, “this is just the flu”, and the massive denial and list of idiotic reasons why life will always be the same as it is now goes on and on and on…
        First, viruses don’t belong to any political party.
        A virus doesn’t distinguish between race, religion, political affiliation, young, old, gay/straight, urban or rural dwellers, although people can do things to mitigate their chances of exposure.
        Second, helplessness will get you killed.
        Third, if you rely on the government (any government) for information or for help, you will not survive. Governments only role in SHTF situations is to maintain order and prevent panic.

        Normalcy bias is extraordinarily powerful.
        No one wants to believe that the world as we know is it about to drastically change. No one wants to believe that our lives will change for the worse, and that survival will become the name of the game, and not going out to eat, entertainment, fun, shopping, Tweeting, and hanging out with friends.
        Your IPhones, and other electronic gadgets will not save you.

        I pray for those who are not prepared or preparing, I pray for those who are currently suffering, and I condemn the elites and governments for lying to their citizens.
        May God help us all.

        • Well said. My only question is ‘Are American sheep blind, or have they have them been blinded?’ God has been kicked out of our schools, off our public property, and out of most American lives..

      2. Rationing Toilet paper in Hawaii already. I’ve noticed people stocking up on very large amounts of everything in the Eastern US. Do not wait to get your bug in supplies!

      3. fyi, if you are still looking for masks or good respirators, check welding supply shops. lots of very nice P100 gear at my local shop 😉

        stay safe folks

      4. “Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it!”

      5. Disneyland has rumors going around that the CDC is on site in Anaheim CA. They want the visitors lists for 3 weeks. A number of restaurant staff have the virus and were sent home.

      6. If you’ve done any prepping you would already have it. Good luck,hope this blows over.

      7. Notice the Futuremoneytrends advertisement on the left with Trumps picture and the caption “Is War with China Coming”?

        And I say yes.

      8. My girlfriend actually asked me how I would take care of her if this particular virus became an epidemic that lead to regional lockdowns here as in China. She asked me if this happens could she stay with me (she rents a small apartment in town, I own a house in a semi-rural suburb area). I said no, but asked why. She said she would personally feel safer, and that she could leave her car parked here without worrying if someone was going to break into it. I still said no, and mentioned to to her my brother and his wife would probably be staying here. Her reply was there is plenty of room, and that it bothered her my brother and his wife seem more important to me than she. I bluntly told her they are, they are family. I asked her why doesn’t she use her girl power to take care of herself because sometimes she likes to say how strong women are and that they really don’t need a man. She has on occasion stayed over night, but she has stated a desire to move in with me, concocting all sorts of reasons why it would be a good thing. I always and immediately tell her no. To get to a point, in an emergency many people will only be nothing more than a resource sponge and a liability, don’t assume responsibility for those outside of family who have nothing to offer.

        • Dude, IMHO , cut her loose (if that is an accurate description of her/the situation.)
          You have a better chance to find someone like minded now if you look.
          Don’t give away secrets but you can “probe” for what a single lady is made of , right now (foresight, stability, calmness etc..) Maybe not a bug in partner now (unless she’s a knockout with a double major in triage and sharpshooting), but if this blows over you may have something.
          Good luck to you.

          • Thanks Anon, fortunately I had a vasectomy years ago (guess I forgot to mention that to her). You’re right about doing a private assessment, what gets me is an incredible sense of entitlement women in general display. Good luck to you.

            • I second what Anon says. Cut her loose. You don’t seem very attached to her anyhow. Find you a good woman that is happy you can’t impregnate her. I’ve been fixed too 🙂

              • He’s not attached to HER. Just a small part of her anatomy. Duh. Frankly it’s a toss up who is getting the worst end of the deal here.

      9. Cripes, this shite is worthless to the average person that has no idea how to handle the lousy spread of antiseeze compound (sticks and spreads like a plague once on ungloved hands) nevermind biohazard materials.
        Someone thinks they’ll suit up to take care of a person in the house and then what? Walk out of the room tracking material through the house before exiting and getting their decontamination hose down and shower then going back into said house?

        A lot of people will be in for a rude awakening when they first put on a respirator and find out you get a workout by just breathing. Granny’s gonna suffocate in a gas mask.

      10. This web site and the communist CCP controlled USSA/World MassMedia, continue to push the “Be Fearful”, “Be Afraid”, “you will die”, FALSE NARRATIVE.

        Magic mask will NOT save you. Gear will not save you.
        Yes taking precautions might help. But self Isolation, Good Health, Good Genetics, are likely the determining factors on who gets this china virus.

        Stop the Fear mongering Bravo Sierra. Just Stop it. . . . and like zerohedge says, “On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to Zero.”

      11. Not to worry they’re fast tracking a vaccine. Fast tracking a vaccine is a frightening concept. It takes years to safely develop medicines with great effort made to ensure safety. Even with that, due to oops or profit before everything even that sometimes is found to be too dangerous. The, “never let a crisis go to waste”, if there was a nefarious intent to administer a drug with ostensible purpose, this heavily embellished event is just the lubrication to facilitate the aforementioned. Personally I don’t trust the “free flu shot” let alone this.

      12. You can buy all the masks you want on EBay.

        Such a bargain $300 for a box of 20…

        Then there are the masks being sold one at a time with no packaging. I wouldn’t put it past them being used.

        Isn’t this why we prepared ahead of time? If you bought it two years ago you aren’t hoarding.

        • Everything preppers have warned about is happening; failure of global supply lines, martial law, shortages of medical supplies emergency food and water. I think several more will surface within 2 months including social unrest, violence, loss of employment, run on banks and the desirability of a rural retreat.

          Preppers have been vindicated. I am NOT trying to be smug. Just stating the facts. Hard decisions lie ahead. Pray for guidance in making them.

      13. Well good I hope it all runs out. Cull the retards of the world. Imagine life without all the morons blocking traffic or holding up checkout lanes or building houses next to you and always doing stupid shit. Heaven is a world free of these idiots that make your life miserable and overcrowded. I need to invent a sterilizer gun! And a few billion rounds for it too! The world would be soooooo much better with 50% or more reduction in population especially people with an IQ under 105. If you don’t agree or can’t understand why then you are one of the morons that need mandatory sterilization….

      14. If you can’t tell your surrounded by idiots, your probably one of them….

        • Idiots to the left of me , morons to the right.
          Here I am, stuck in the middle with you…

      15. This is just a convenient excuse for all of the guilty parties when things go wrong. It is totally obvious. They could say that it is spider eggs in subways and people would be runnng around in hysteria. Total desperation to blame a stock market crash on tbe coronavirus. The dog ate the trades.

      16. Two very sick Disneyland Park hosts were taken away from the Anaheim California Disneyland park on the quiet. One has since died. They could have infected 500,000 people ?

      17. Some some stores in Los Angeles are empty of everything food. I mean fing everything. Wait until the system implodes. Then it’s going to get really crazy. The military is out on all exit highways of LA setting up checkpoints. They will quarantine LA. Thankfully we left San Diego for Idaho this week to our bug out property.

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