As MSM Panics The Public Over COVID-19 Cases, Grocers Reinstate Purchase Limits

by | Nov 9, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 11 comments

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    The mainstream media is continuing to be a good puppet of the ruling class by panicking the population into a frenzied state of fear. As we have already seen, when people panic, they hoard toilet paper, and that’s happening again, causing grocers to reinstate purchase limits.

    In a statement to USA Today, Kroger said they have “proactively and temporarily set purchase limits to two per customer” on items including toilet paper, paper towels, disinfecting wipes and hand soap. The limits went into effect about a week ago, the grocer chain said. These limits apply to both in store and online purchases on these items.

    H-E-B, which manages more than 400 stores mostly in Texas, imposed limits as of Oct. 31 on toilet paper and paper towels to stores in Border, Central Texas, Gulf Coast and San Antonio regions, according to a link on its website tracking purchase limits. The Giant Co., headquartered in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, has about 190 stores across the U.S., said on Oct. 29 it began limiting customers to buying one bundle of toilet paper and paper towels six rolls or larger and up to four single rolls or 4-roll packs of toilet paper and paper towels. The limits were placed “as the supply chain for these products remains challenged,” the company said in a statement to USA TODAY.

    “To be clear, we are seeing little evidence of stockpiling, and there is no need to create panic,” Giant said. So, why are people afraid and hoarding paper products again? Because the mainstream media is panicking them over the scamdemic and the rise in cases of the COVID-19.  This is apparant, and it’s easy to know why people have become scared again: the media told them to be.

    Wegmans, a Rochester, New York-based supermarket chain, said in a statement they have had limits on purchasing toilet paper and paper towels since May and will continue to maintain them throughout all of scam waves of this plandemic.

    Luckily, most readers of this site are already well prepared and stocked up on these things. Keep in mind, most people don’t understand the very basic fundamental rules of preparedness.

    Grocery Stores Are Prepping For a 2nd Wave Of COVID-19 Panic Buying


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      1. Perhaps for the first time ever, the CDC says they will not count seasonal flu numbers. They will be counted as Covid-19. Thus, you can see where the phony surge in “cases” comes from.

          • are you sure, I’ll have to go back and look it up. I scan info 4 hours every day. I appreciate your question. Always question.

          • A quick search couldn’t locate the info. I check the Illinois Dept. of Public Health and the Cook County Medical Examiners website for general info, among other sites. Deaths every year listed as ILI, are influenza like illnesses. They have trouble separating which are Covid-19, seasonal flu, pneumonia, and elderly patients with other lung illnesses. The Cook County Medical Examiner lists related deaths as having died with corona virus, not from corona virus. Almost all of them have multiple co-morbidities.

        • I saw that too….so here we go again..its flu season and we’re going to call everything covid…to generate fear and shortages….we are already seeing closures of schools, food co-op (grocery store) and a manufacturing plant for ONE case in each place…SERIOUSLY!!
          its flu season!! your homework people. Go listen to Hagmann report a week or 2 ago with Dr Richard Proctor….very interesting

      2. Another possible reason for the uptick in toilet paper,disinfectants,hand soaps and paper towels-the election results/possible fraud? There may not be enough tissue/hand soaps to clean up the filthy mess the Dems left on their path of destruction as they went about trying to steal- I mean “win” the presidency.

      3. I solved the problem so easily: I no longer watch television.

        • PH – TV is incorporated into the bread and circuses plan. It’s meant to distract, it’s meant to have you think about unimportant things, it’s meant to misinform, and it deploys subconscious techniques meant to influence society on behalf of the State. Good for you, you won’t miss it. Even though I didn’t watch much, I stopped watching TV more than two years ago. Looking back I realize 99.9 % of what is on TV is pure drivel. If you haven’t stopped that long ago, one will notice their thinking improves when their mind doesn’t spend that time in idle. Since you’re leaving comments on this site you’re probably already getting your news from alternative sources on-line, and is far better informed. One develops a desire to fill that otherwise wasted time doing things that are more meaningful and useful.

          • I have NEVER owned a TV in my life. Have I ever watched TV? Yup, but only when I am somewhere else, never at home since I do not have a TV.

            Do I miss it? Nope. Got better things to do than watch drivel that is totally useless.

            BTW, I am over SEVEN DECADES old, so that is a LONG time to be without TV.

      4. Are people really hoarding TP? To a degree, yes. However, due to the TP manufacturing system, a LOT of the TP buying is not hoarding.


        There are three types of TP manufacturers.

        1) Consumer which package TP for retail sale.
        2) Industrial which package TP for commercial sale.
        3) A few that package for both retail and commercial.

        So, what did the lockdowns do? The kept more people at home thereby INCREASING consumer TP use AND LESSENING commercial TP use.

        Consumer TP is DIFFERENT than industrial TP. Compare what you buy in the store with what you USE IN THAT SAME STORE. Consumer TP is packaged by the roll or package of rolls in sizes geared to the consumer market. Industrial TP is packaged by the pallet and is geared to the industrial/commercial market.

        Lockdowns INCREASED demand for consumer TP and DESTROYED demand for commercial/industrial TP.

        Makers of consumer TP were overwhelmed with demand that they could not fill.

        Makers of commercial TP were overwhelmed with supply that they could not sell.

        Since industrial makers do not have the equipment, the distribution network, nor the knowledge to make commercial TP, their sales tanked.

        Those FEW who make BOTH types of TP, could to a LIMITED degree, shift their output to whichever side of the equation is most profitable, namely consumer TP now.

        So, are people REALLY hoarding TP? Or is it a simple demand/supply imbalance due to political STUPIDITY?

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