As Establishment Pushes ‘Triple Masks’ This State Voted to Over Turn Mask Mandate

by | Jan 29, 2021 | Headline News | 18 comments

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    This article was originally published by Matt Agorist at The Free Thought Project. 

    *That escalated quickly.Matt Agorist

    For those who have been paying attention, the “experts” on the coronavirus have been the complete opposite of consistent when it comes to advising Americans on how to react to the pandemic. Since the lockdowns began in March, hypocrisy has been at the forefront and masks are on the main stage.

    Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has been at the center of this entire debacle from day one — first telling Americans not to wear masks and then pushing for a nationwide mask mandate — is not free from this hypocrisy either.

    The mainstream media has been in lockstep with politicians who continuously move the goal post on where they stand. One glaring example of this is the fact that a video of Dr. Fauci telling Americans that “there’s no reason to be walking around with a mask,” was fact-checked by Reuters and the like despite it being 100% real.

    In the clip, Dr. Fauci says “There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask. When you’re in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better and it might even block a droplet, but it’s not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is. And, often, there are unintended consequences — people keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face.”

    Of course, Fauci later reversed his stance and has hypocritically failed to abide by his own recommendations.

    After telling the nation to mask up, Fauci was seen at the MLB game between the Washington Nationals and the New York Yankees — not wearing his mask. When word got out, Fauci went on the offensive and called those who criticized him for it, “mischievous” and claimed to have pulled down the mask because he was drinking water. But the picture showed that wasn’t true, he had his phone in both hands — not a water.

    Now, after the mask mandates across the country failed to stop a second massive outbreak, Fauci is telling the country that wearing two masks is “common sense.” That’s right, after telling everyone in March not to wear masks because they won’t protect you, this same person is now telling us to wear two masks. Hell, why not three, four, or five masks then?

    Just like all other measures, the mainstream media has begun to unquestioningly pump this out to the masses. CNBC actually has taken it further, and put out a video recommending triple masks! You cannot make this up. Why don’t we all strap pillows to our faces? That will stop the spread, right?


    The arbitrary nature of these lockdown and mitigation measures are beginning to take a toll on folks, especially as they watch the economy turn to dust, and politicians like Gavin Newsom refuse to say why they even implemented such harsh measures in the first place.

    This week, state health officials in California refused to tell the public why they locked down the entire state which appeared to have little to no effect on the spread of the virus. Then, as cases were at all-time highs, they randomly lifted the stay-at-home order, further confusing everyone.

    At least one state has had enough.

    In Wisconsin, the state Senate has voted to repeal the mask mandate issued by Gov. Tony Evers last August.

    “This is not about whether face masks are good or bad,” Republican state Sen. Steve Nass, said before the vote. “This is about repeatedly issuing emergency orders contrary to what the law allows.”

    The measure still has to pass a vote in the Assembly, and as it is Republican-controlled, this will likely happen.

    The idea that people react differently to a pandemic based on their political ideology is utter insanity. However, it is a testament to the power of the two-party system and its ability to sway people. Because of this politicization of a disease, half of the country thought it was fake while the other half were so fear-stricken some of them wished death on children. 

    By flip-flopping on issues, issuing arbitrary dictates, and blatantly disobeying their own mandates, these hypocrite politicians have successfully whipped Americans and the rest of the world into fit of hysteria in which people don’t believe experts when they speak or do believe non-experts spouting complete nonsense. If FOXSNBCNN told their viewers tomorrow that you can’t get COVID-19 below 3 feet of elevation, half the country would probably start crawling around on their hands and knees.

    This is the state of politics and the media in 2021. It’s an embarrassment to the human species that we actually have any faith left in the system.


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      1. The percentages given in the propaganda poster are bunk. Numbers Fauci or one of his gargoyles made up. We have seen dozens of studies saying masks do NOTHING to prevent Covid.
        Our two biggest problems are a hateful leftist media and Modern Americans are largely a bunch of whining wussies. IF YOU DONT WANT TO WEAR A MASK, YOU SAY NO!

      2. next level of the “medical advice”

        Just smother yourself with a pillow…

        • A plastic bag over your head is quicker, easier and more effective, once you have lost consciousness. Your face in a pillow would still give you a chance or survival.

      3. Since the establishment thinks they can kill off our elderly by this virus, why don’t they get rid of that old queen Elizabeth, her whole monarchy, Soros, Gates, Fauci , and the rest of the old farts who are murdering others . The world doesn’t need these people either. What’s good for our innocent elderly is good for the world’s oldest psychopaths.

        • @Marcy,you are so right.All the evil people you mentioned should be thrown into a pit of ravenous rats to be ravaged.The only problem is that the rats probably wouldn’t touch the likes of them.Unlike the evil ones you mentioned,the rats actually have standards.?

      4. I don’t know about others,but, I have absolutely no faith or trust in the system whatsoever.”Dr” Falsi and the msm are such filthy liars who cannot and should not be trusted by anyone anymore,! The very fact that the idea of wearing 3 masks is being entertained by these psychos is absolute insanity! I would NEVER wear 3 masks! To be honest, I don’t even wear one.It’s absolutely laughable to see some sheep running away from my mask less self.At times,they’ll cross the street when they see me coming.The only purposes of pushing 3 masks on the sheep is to suffocate them even faster and humiliate them even more.Facts.Plain and simple.

      5. It’s never really been about the masks,they know the masks have little efficacy to make much of an inpact. They use the mask issue to see how far they can push the envelope. To see how much they can control the thought processes of the populace. After all the controllers are psychotic,like Joe Stalin or Bill Gates or George Soros. They think they are gods,to rule the unwashed masses. Probably having huge orgasms as they see all the economic destruction,all the human suffering all the death they have inflicted. But when the wrath of God Almighty and the wrath of The Lamb of God is revealed they will hide in the caves and dens in the mountains to try in vain to escape their judgment. Jesus Christ is THE WORD OF GOD who judge’s and wages war in righteousness. Rev.19:11-16

      6. As phony 19 numbers/”stats” continue dropping in various places around the country, it would appear that the “win” of Prez Bidet has had a profound effect on this “unstoppable” illness.The timing of this miraculous turn of events is of course purely coincidental and had absolutely nothing to do with some type of a political agenda.May the masses now bow down in gratitude to their cadaver in chief and Savior prez Bidet.He and he alone has saved us all from the phony 19.Go figure.?

      7. This is a triple threat match now and those pushing the three masks will not win.BRING IT ON!!! ?

      8. “The measure still has to pass a vote in the Assembly, and as it is Republican-controlled, this will likely happen” NOPE! Wisconsin lawmakers discovered if they vote away the emergency order / mask mandate, the State of Wisconsin will lose nearly $50 million every month in emergency Foodshare assistance affecting 250,000 struggling families. So they stopped further voting and the emergency order and mask mandate still stand.

      9. Thick plastic bag over head, 100% efficiency, yet I am still not going to wear it, as I HAVE TO BREATHE YOU FOOLS.

      10. The government has done the most evil things to us such as locked us down,destroyed our businesses,caused so much hopelessness/depression, irreparably damaged future generations and totally removed our rights.Which brings me to a truly,truly terrifying scenario: If they can do so much damage to us over phony 19 – can any of you possibly imagine what they would do to us if a REAL pandemic were to actually ever take place???

      11. In Wisconsin, the state Senate has voted to repeal the mask mandate issued by Gov. Tony Evers last August.

        I live in Wisconsin, but grocery stores still are demanding you wear a mask, so if you want to eat and have the store check out your groceries and not be arrested for trespassing there is really no other option.

        • James: The mask mandate still stands as does the Emergency Order. The Republicans stopped the additional voting needed to overturn it because Wisconsin will lose nearly $50 million every month in emergency food assistance affecting 250,000 Wisconsin families if they proceed with the vote and overturn it.

        • Then, you find a store that says nothing to you–I go into stores and you can spot the idiots–they wear masks…I do not and no one says a word. Have you even tried it??

          Doctor’s office attempted to make me and I said no.
          I got stitches removed and left without speaking.

          I also said no in the bank; new checking because husband died-
          I left without speaking.
          I just say NO___YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!!

          • I go into stores all the time without a mask. The mask Nazi at Walmart says,sir where is your mask? I just keep on walking and they don’t do anything. Now if they stood in the entrance way and said I could not enter I wouldn’t argue with them,I’d just go to some other store. Now there have been a few occasions I wore a mask and I felt ashamed like I submitted to evil(which is true). People better wake up,these people,the global reset clowns want us dead. And all the little Bolsheviks in every state county and city are walking lock step with their masters.I don’t think there is much hope left. My hope is in my Lord Jesus.

      12. Hmm, first there was no need to wear a mask and not to worry, then it was ” wear a mask for two weeks to flatten the curve “, then or now it’s that you should wear ” two masks ” to protect one self, now they are saying it is better to wear ” three ” masks> Are we still trying to ” flatten the curve yet ? Oh, and the goal post that we are suppose to strive for, not only are they / or somebody have been moving the goal posts all the time, but it seems like the people in charge have added more goal posts, so which goal posts are we headed for ? Hmm, just wondering so I know which way to go and what to do when I get there. Really confusing, to say the least

      13. People need to rise above the noise and think clearly about what is going on. We are living in a giant experiment unprecedented in human history. This is the experiment:

        1) To blend together as many races and ethnicities as possible despite the increasing genetic evidence that human races are very different biologically and react to their environment in very different ways, ie: one size does not fit all. An African pygmy is not the same as, say, a beautiful Han Chinese woman.

        2) Pack as many people as possible into crowded urban environments despite the ample evidence this is a perfect petri dish for disease spread.

        3) Moving the turd world to the first world. Flying people around without any public health measures from third world dirt pits to the first world makes no sense but lots of profit. People with third world hygiene and habits and all the diseases they carry around in their bodies is a perfect environment for out of control viruses and other diseases. Ask a flight attendant about the Indians who poop standing on toilet seats.

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