As Civil Unrest Brews, Wealthy Go Underground in Luxury Bunker Community: “Safest Places on Earth”

by | Nov 14, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 46 comments

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    Don’t just survive when the world burns, but survive in style.

    The election of Donald Trump signals a revolutionary fervor among a large segment of the population that is simply fed up, though it is isn’t just his supporters. The economic realities of a stagnated economy are weighing heavily upon the masses, and they are looking for outlets to address their anger.

    If the current protests against the election are any indication, the world is nearing ever closer to destruction, and those who can afford to do so are getting out of the path of violence, mayhem and property destruction ahead of a time. Though the dust will likely settle, the current atmosphere is somewhere between ‘anxious’ and ‘panicked’:

    via CBS in Dallas/Fort Worth:

    An investor group is planning for a doomsday scenario by building a $300 million luxury community replete with underground homes. There will also be air-lock blast doors designed for people worried about a dirty bomb or other disaster and off-grid energy and water production.

    Residents will enjoy an equestrian center, 18-hole golf course, polo fields, zip lines and gun ranges. Retail shops, restaurants and a row of helipads are also in the works. For those looking to “get away,” they’ll also be able to enjoy three white sand beaches and a neighborhood spa.

    “We’ve evolved it into long-term sustainability instead of a survival community,” Trident Lakes CEO Jim O’Connor told the Houston Chronicle, adding that the 400 planned condos will house about 1,600 people.

    “It’s not just a hole in the ground to hide in — it’s going to be one of the most plush resorts in all of Texas, if not America,” Trident Lakes spokesperson Richie Whitt told the Sherman Herald Democrat.

    “People are getting fearful of this world … If need be, it’s going to be one of the safest places on Earth.”

    For those already living in the luxury class, the expense of the elaborate underground community is not only grandiose, but to me, the extra expense on comfort, entertainment and the focus on above-ground activities only suggests that they are hedging seriously on the possibility that they might have to retreat to these places for considerable time periods.

    At any rate, the 1% has taken cues from Occupy Wall Street, Tea Party protest voters, Black Lives Matter, Bernie supporters and the populist upsurge that elected Trump – namely, that whether or not some or all of these events are manufactured, the population itself has reached the point of revolt and uprising.

    With such deep-seated anger and division, the wealthy are going to great lengths to ensure that they are able to live comfortably and, if necessary, completely apart from the rest of society.

    This elitist self-sustaining community will not only set the bar for the rich and well-connected, but for anyone looking to ensure long-term survival through sustainable living that is either off the grid, or not dependent upon it if the grid goes down.

    Whether or not the world ever experiences a nuclear attack or apocalyptic disaster anytime in the foreseeable future, there is every sense that society itself could unravel, and that the disintegrated fabric will spread unrest, violence, riots and ruin for all that it touches.

    As J.D. Heyes has reported, the elite are preparing their getaways with considerable urgency:

    With growing inequality and riots such as those in London in 2011 and in Ferguson and other parts of the USA last year, many financial leaders fear they could become targets for public fury.

    The president of the Institute of New Economic Thinking, Robert Johnson, told attendees at the recent World Economic Forum in Davos (itself, ironically, representative of a class of uber-rich that exists apart from the 99.9 percent of the rest of the world) that a number of hedge fund managers and others with the means to do so were already busy planning their getaway.

    “I know hedge fund managers all over the world who are buying airstrips and farms in places like New Zealand because they think they need a getaway,” he said.

    Food, water, electricity, fuel (and other forms of power), firearms, medicine and skills in everything from agriculture, animal husbandry, mechanics, engine repair, shoes and clothing, tools, hunting and camoflauging will all become vital assets in building that lifeline – and people of all income brackets will need to take measures to prepare, or remain wide open and vulnerable to a society that continues to flirt with total disaster, while scoffing at measures to reduce risk and normalize.

    The underground shelter market is gaining in size, especially as more and more sectors are preparing to deal with the increasing importance of the threat of EMP attack.

    Notably, engineers just announced the development of ‘conductive concrete,’ which they designed as a low cost way to shield against an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack.With the potential of grid failure and system wide disabling of communications,  data centers, military structures, government buildings and more are investing in defensive protections, though theoretically anyone could create their own shielded room or home using these materials:

    According to

    Nebraska engineers Christopher Tuan and Lim Nguyen have developed a cost-effective concrete that shields against intense pulses of electromagnetic energy, or EMP. Electronics inside structures built or coated with their shielding concrete are protected from EMP.

    “EMP is very lethal to electronic equipment,” said Tuan, professor of civil engineering. “We found a key ingredient that dissipates wave energy. This technology offers a lot of advantages so the construction industry is very interested.”

    EMP-shielding concrete stemmed from Tuan and Nguyen’s partnership to study concrete that conducts electricity [creating]– the ability to block electromagnetic energy.

    Their technology works by both absorbing and reflecting electromagnetic waves. The team replaced some standard concrete aggregates with their key ingredient – magnetite, a mineral with magnetic properties that absorbs microwaves like a sponge. Their patented recipe includes carbon and metal components for better absorption as well as reflection.

    […] Today’s shielding technologies employ metal enclosures that require expensive metal panel or screen construction, limiting their feasibility in large structures. […] The resulting patent-pending product protects building interiors from electromagnetic interference, such as radio waves and microwaves, as well as electronic eavesdropping.

    Furthermore, this type of concrete, known as Shotcrete, can be sprayed on over existing structures – meaning that existing buildings can be upgraded for a fraction of the cost of new construction.

    The wealth gap that divides a few from a country devolving into desperate, revolutionary masses will be nothing compared to the doomsday gap that could follow widespread unrest, violence, war or an EMP attack.

    Prepping has never made more sense.

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      1. Who cares,prepping has become fashionable.

        • build it, they will come…………hope they still got TIME to build it!

          • And Hillary will be safe in her Jail Cell waiting her trial under the violation of the Espionage Act.

            The World Threat levels were just reduced immensely with a Trump Victory. Sure still keep collecting a year of food, guns & ammo, sit tight and watch this unfold.

            Only threat I see is an economic collapse before trump takes office to purposely crash his agenda with a broken economy. This time NO Bailouts for the Banks.

            Watch a lot of prepper product sites selling fear, go out of business cause there is not much fear left out there. That’s a Fact, so lets see if this gets printed.

            Lock up Soros and the Riots will end.

            Now move along folks nothing here to see. lol

            BTW/ Underground bunkers are Human Tombs. You can flood them, burn them, smoke them out, cut off all electrical, water, bury them alive, it an expensive Trap. You are safer above ground and the move, playing gray man, than stuck in the ground with hundreds of Hoards wanting to kill you for what you have.

            • Zeus,
              good read! we can hope this comes about as you see it!

              stay safe! and ready, it is coming!

            • Zeus, damn good points, but the hildebeast will never be taken into a courtroom, let alone into a jail cell. The Clintons may be down but not out. Everyone notice how quiet they’ve been since the election and maintaining a low profile? Except for the ‘useful idiots’ rioting, this has been going too smooth. The Clintons are still a force to be reckoned with and have Soros supporting them. Putin supposedly put a price on Soros’ head. Let him send in his Spetznaz to take out that whole clan and he’ll do the world a helluva favor.

            • Z

              I think our now President is going to pardon her.

            • RE: Underground bunkers for the rich

              I wonder if any rich folk have considered “why” they might need such a BOL in the first place? If TPTB were decent folks, they wouldn’t need a moon base to live on.

              Civil unrest has their (rich) fingerprints all over it.

            • sorry to bust yer bubble zeus, but collapse IS inevitable. it is probably MUCH closer than most realize. i don’t doubt that the powers that shouldn’t BE are about to crash this sucker, just to poke a stick in trump’s eye. and once it begins, there’s going to be no going back. if you can’t SEE what the people of this country have become, then there’s no hope for you to understand why it HAS/had? to happen. wonder what black-eye-day will look like THIS year….hmmm. in the end, there WILL be gnashing of teeth…seems like i read that SOMEwhere.

          • If these joints ain’t ready to go, they’re way too late.

        • I got magnetite. Lots of it. 😉

      2. IF it is civil unrest that takes this country down the bunkers for the wealthy are nothing more than under ground death bunkers, they won’t stand up to a few determined rioters, UNLESS they have oxygen generators, because they cannot scrub out all the air needed to live, would only be a matter of time before they were compromised.
        Yes this very debatable all depends on HOW much money you spent for the site.

      3. Good idea for a temp shelter.
        Bad idea for a long term stay.

      4. Good luck to them. These are people who have never unclog a toilet or fixed a broken electrical socket and wouldn’t know how. 300 A type personalities in close proximity that only know how to get other people to do what they want or need. What could go wrong?
        In one month the security force they hire will own them and all the trophy wives will be passed around like DVD’s

        • watch “the divide” to see what COULD go wrong…it’s a great movie, but MANY won’t finish watching it because it’s so dark….but it WILL show how people can go crazy penned up together. preppers can learn a LOT from this one.

      5. To all protesters you came into AZ the biggest mistake of your short anarchists,traitor lives enjoy your water and food sleep well at night in AZ we bite back see you soon soros!

      6. Indoors plants for survival.

        Turmeric and Ginger are in the same family of plants. Both can be grown indoors in shallow wide(2 feet Square or round) pots, with rich soil. Spray water them. You can eat from the edge of the pot and the plant continues to regrow. Supermarket type has spray to retard growth. Soak in water for 24 hours. Let dry plant. Spray with water with a drop of grapefruit seed oil to prevent mold after plant grows out. Better to order untreated root.

        I have not grown Turmeric and Ginger. I just came across this. It seems like something of value as once you get the plants established, they can be harvested for use on a continuous basis.

        There are some beautiful homes with skylights letting in enough sun to function like a greenhouse. For those of us not so fortunate, Tumeric and Ginger Root require only minimal indoor sun, not direct sunlight.

        To your survival and good health.


        • B. I’m gonna have to try growing some of that. Always some good info from you. I also would like to grow some mushrooms some time. As for the bunkers, I’m not living in a hole just to exist. Screw that. I’ll hold out above ground as long as possible. Then who cares then

          • Grow some mushrooms Ted?!How about a Psilocybin Pig,basically a takeoff of the truffle pig!Sit together at the end of the day with sun setting on pond and enjoy a little of the bounty!

      7. Bunker, schmunker. If my single wide ain’t good enough to pull into that gated community then I don’t want to go! Heck, they’d probably want me to put full skirting up and maybe even a fancy store-bought concrete step. No way I’m sellin out to such materialism!
        Besides, how would the hounds get outa the rain if’n I skirted the whole danged thing? Makes no sense atall…

        • And besides that Okie they would’nt even let you fly your Confederate flag out front.

      8. The last time such a concentration of the world’s wealthiest and most obnoxious upper class crammed themselves into the same space, their ship hit an iceberg.

        I’d rather take my chances above ground than get trapped in a bunker with such a gathering of snobs (I wonder who will guard all their mansions and possessions? Or will they try to take all their stuff with them into their cramped crypts?).

      9. I have talked to my allies and we are not backing off on preps in fact the new solar generator will be arriving this week.. It would be naive to believe that its time to let our guard down and relax. Like i told my woman, i will never relax.. I never did whe n i was homeless and never will now. This whole UN take over crap is no way near over anytime soon unless those who are influencing the take over are forceably removed from society..The liberals are fightning very hard around the clock to take over Texas, and we are still having alot of problems here locally…The election is over and we have not seen one damn jade helm piece of equiment leave this city, instead syrians, 10,000 of them moved in, and more UN equipment have moved into Texas and people have seen it. And more chi-coms soldiers have been brought into El Paso by the shit loads. Not a damn thing has changed.. I have to see the inaguration to believe it because now i am hearing that over 30-50,000 liberals and other idiotic trouble makers are getting ready to go to Washington to stop Trumps Inaguration literally..
        I support Trump, love the man, but not sure if he will be able to accomplish what he needs to do.


        Seeing is literally believing.

        • I’d love to see an A-10 swoop down and rake their sorry asses (protesters) as Trump says, “I do”.

          • PO,snipe the violent ones,yes,the rest,let em protest,tis the American way.As I have said before,we do not want to become the monster we hate.We have to a degree ourselves to blame for what has become of this country,we need to lead by example and show the young that they can make it and have a decent life,we need to save a few generations that have been fucked by a out of whack system or I feel humanity will become extinct!

        • HKCS, never stop prepping. It has only gotten worse this past year and even though Trump was “selected”, this is just another distraction in and of itself.

          Things are getting WORSE each day. Period.

          • Sorry, it’s HCKS.

      10. Nothing lasts forever, and the elite/1% should know that sooner or later they MUST leave their bunkers for lots of reasons!
        Plus their ventilation systems would be rather easy to render inoperable.
        The elite would be wise to not develop a false sense of security for long term survival situations in their luxury bunkers.

      11. morlocks !

      12. how about some good ol’ fashioned carpet bombing…LOL
        Give em’ something to whine about fa-real. These lil cupcakes are real tough in a group.

      13. Thats in ector tx just west of bonham, i drive by there every day and all they have are rental homes from a previous vacation rental company a few small ponds not lagoons and recently a weird statue in a small town in one of the poorest countys in tx. There is no underground bunkers as of yet, if i were trying to have a secure facility i wouldnt put it between two towns that are well know for meth addicts.

      14. Human nature being what it is, I would expect there to be a lot of domestic disturbances, wife-swappin’ and “Spenard Divorces” in these uber lux bunkers.

      15. Weld their ‘Blast Doors’ shut!!

      16. They went cheap on that bunker in the photo above. Those plastic Wal-Mart chairs will be busted in a year or two.

        • Arcivist- that’s the standard stock photo for stories of this genre. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen that pic in two years.

      17. I think the Democratic party is Done, for the next decade or maybe longer. I am so glad Trump got the presidency. I am so sick of the Clinton’s I could just puke, Obama too. He sounded just like a Preacher tonight (14 Nov) and I am just sick of it…. The silence is deafening from Obama and Hillary, they say nothing about Soros’s hired thugs and the riots.

      18. They should have talked to a couple of grunts – the layout cannot be defended above ground – and once you lose top side, the bunkers will lose any external power, water, air, or other supplies.

      19. So when the global peoples revolution comes in full gear the people will go and get them elites out of their holes like rabbits. hahaha

      20. I don’t think compounds like this will ever be used by the people who buy into them. The families AND staff will not be able to get to the place. Some will.. but I would wager that most would not make it there in complete family units, due to kids in school or college, waiting to late to move, roadblocks, etc. Unless the staff has a right to bring their families, a compound like this will be a well known target area without management and protection.

      21. Dear God,
        Please put the LIBTARDS in their safe space… they’ll kill each other in a couple weeks.. make it really big so all the killary voters and SJW can all fit.. then weld the doors shut after they all get in.. America is saved..

      22. So in other words the wealthy are being told it’s time to go to their underground bunkers because their end game is beginning to unfold. Trump has put a damper in their plans so it must be accelerated to avoid a Trump presidency at all costs. Soros is the major financier for all the chaos they have planned and their objective is to create just enough chaos as to give the illusion that a declaration of Martial Law be required to stop the riots when all that needs to happen is that Soros be charged as a Terrorist under the Patriot Act for funding this chaos. Keep your eyes peeled!

      23. Its all irrelevant they havent got any bunkers yet. like i said before i know exactly where the location of the planned lux bunker in tx is they have nowhere to hide. If your in the area its just west of ector tx on sh 56 go check it out you cant miss it there is a huge statue/fountain very out of place , linger make em feel unconfortable about their location

      24. Completely agree with Braveheart above. This thing is strange and quiet behind the scenes. All of the cupcake rioters appear to be just an illusion to the real scheme that is being developed behind the scene. Stay alert folks. Stay prepared and vigilant.

      25. I don’t live far from there! My tunnel will come up on the 19th hole at the golf course @@

      26. wow i did not know that these rich were / are that stupid. if they go underground like that they miss all the fun. imagine if all the red state people get into a conflict with the blue state babies. they hate guns in the blue states they do not know how to use them, and they are going to attack all they red state people? how long will the last against us who have guns , know how to use them and are read to use them when the time will be a short battle and when the smoke clears the welfare collectors will be all gone. the rich in the bunkers will not have them to send against us anymore. a that point the people in the bunkers will be brought into line or be eliminated too. no i do not fear this sort of a scenario i am in fear of a bolshevik style take over by the rouge elements in or government.

      27. Underground may be a safe place to escape civil strife until the guards figure out that the wealth and other things that the useless parasites promised their guards are being destroyed and that these parasites will not be able to give the guards what they want. Also, a young buck among the elite may take to opportunity to entice the guards to eliminate all these useless parasites so that he may be the “king of the mountain.”

        Moreover, being underground is not the best place to be if floods or earthquakes occur.

      28. I Like it Anyone above Ground Just has to Block The air in take vents. Wait till the people in the Bunker to Run out of Air. Then Wow u Got Your own Bunker. JUST SAYING

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