Arms Race: Nations Hurry To Develop Hypersonic Weapons

by | Oct 23, 2018 | Headline News | 27 comments

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    There is one big and glaring sign that the United States seeks to thrust the globe back into an arms race. John Bolton is in Moscow to discuss the United States’ intent to withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.

    The end of the 31-year-old treaty signifies that potentially, world powers will return to an arms race mentality.  But there are some that believe the arms race is already upon us.  According to NPR, over the past year, the U.S., China, and Russia have all stepped up efforts to develop a new kind of missile; a weapon that can fly faster and farther than almost anything in existence.  This kind of missile is known as a hypersonic weapon.

    These types of weapons would have the ability to travel at five times the speed of sound or more. They could strike at a target while evading missile defenses and hit almost anywhere without any warning deep inside enemy territory.

    In March, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced his nation had successfully tested a hypersonic weapon known as the Kinzhal, the Russian word for “dagger.” The video below shows the Russian “Dagger” which is one of the hypersonic weapons currently being developed.

    But the Chinese aren’t lagging behind in this new arms race either. In August, China said it had conducted the first successful tests of a hypersonic prototype called Starry Sky 2. It flew for more than five minutes and reached speeds above 4,000 mph, according to state media.

    Physicist James Acton at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace who has studied hypersonic weaponry. Acton says these developments are just the beginning.  “Over the next few years we’re likely to see a lot of testing,” Acton says.

    Because of these recent advancements in hypersonic weaponry, Mike Griffin, the Pentagon’s undersecretary of defense for research and engineering, said he was worried the U.S. was losing its edge in hypersonics. “We did the groundbreaking research. They’ve chosen to weaponize it. We need to respond,” Griffin said at a forum on missile defense on Capitol Hill, according to NPR.

    And the U.S. responded by stepping up their hypersonic weapons program. Earlier this year, the Air Force awarded $1.4 billion in contracts to Lockheed Martin to begin working on air-launched hypersonic weapons. Other agencies, such as the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), are also working on hypersonic weapons.

    Acton says advanced materials and supercomputers are helping hypersonic development. “We are seeing Russia, the United States, and China all conducting hypersonic tests,” he says. “I would be surprised if there were not hypersonic weapons deployed within the next decade.”


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      1. This is not really about Russia. This is about China.

        The INF treaty was between the US and Russia only. It allowed the development and testing of all the new midrange weapons but not the deployment of them.

        Enter China. They have developed all these technologies same as US and Russia. But the US agreed not to deploy these in the INF treaty…and China is not a part of that treaty.

        Uh-Oh…the US has it’s hands tied and cannot deploy missles to counter China. Thus, Trump drops out of treaty to counter China.

        However, the US has not dropped out yet. Better to invite China and Russia (and whoever else they need to) to the table and get a new deal done. After all, this was a Reagan deal…not Obama.

        If war hawk Bolton is in charge, likely no date will be scheduled for new treaty negotiations. Bolton is a deranged mutant death walrus.

        • Boomers will let each and every one of the Hondurans in.

          Wait and see.

          Your daughters will give them sex and your monuments will be rubble. Your sons will bow to Islam.

          Baby Boomer soy boys.

          $308 million dollars a year sent in foreign aid to Honduras from my tax money

          I hope a civil war does come.

          You boomer fucking freaks need your fucking candy asses beat down. Pigs.

        • “There is one big and glaring sign that the United States seeks to thrust the globe back into an arms race. John Bolton is in Moscow to discuss the United States’ intent to withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.”

          So WHY is TRUMP looking / willing to withdraw from this treaty ??? For the same reason he has withdrawn from the various Trade Treaties or has looked to renegotiate them: they weren’t fair.

          In the case of the Russian Treaty cited, Russia has violated that treaty with new missiles banned under the Treaty. The result is a One Way Treaty. There is no reason to keep a Treaty in effect if one side is violating that treaty. 🙂

          • ““We are seeing Russia, the United States, and China all conducting hypersonic tests,” he says. “I would be surprised if there were not hypersonic weapons deployed within the next decade.””

            Japan will be deploying such a weapon next year. Japan also has the ability to create 80 to 100 nuclear warheads over a long weekend, as I have mentioned here in years past. Yeah it’s in the archives.

            Chinese belligerence will be costly. 🙂

            • China has no border with the United States. China has no bases on the border with the United States. China is surrounded by bases of the United States and this is its aggressiveness? The problem of the United States is the same as that of Germany under Hitler. An exceptional nation wants to rule the world. This desire cost the entire world community 70 million. man and ended with the destruction of the exceptional and their allies and accomplices. Maybe it’s time to stop before it’s too late?

          • The United States believes that Russia may have violated the treaty. Russia shows that in Romania there are launchers that violate the treaty. Instead of resolving the problems, they decided to withdraw from the treaty, creating one common problem, living on earth for people. The essence of the cancellation of the contract is to ensure that the missiles reach the territory of the enemy faster than a person can think. Therefore, the decision to start the destruction will be taken by a computer, for normal people this is the frenzy of the country’s leadership.

        • One second you’ll be here then the next you won’t.

      2. Seriously? That video proves a hypersonic weapon? ummm, no.

      3. As is the norm the Military is preparing for the next war using the last wars weapons.
        Hypersonics, orbiting, highly maneuverable high power lasers. Rail guns. Hunter killer high speed torpedoes sitting on the seabed, lying in wait for years. Blue Laser submarine detection systems.
        Gama emitter satellite killers. That may be the future.
        I’m sure the military has stuff in development.

        • My hypersonic doggie can run out and bite their balls off before they can do shit! 😀

          • They can test their weapons on the flock of shitstain brown parasites being bussed, err, allegedly walking, up through mexico to invade the US.

          • my hypersonic kitty can use her hypersonic claws to claw their eyes out! 🙂

        • The USA has kinetic weapons in space already that are more powerful than nuclear weapons. The Air Force Space Plane has been in orbit this last time for over a year carrying these 22 foot long projectiles.

          At this point in time the USA has the ability to defeat both Russia & China simultaneously without nuclear weapons, and that does not include the TR3-B triangle spacecraft.

          That is why the NWO has been anxious to find a pretext for war with Russia. Russia has great technology but most of their weapon systems are not yet in mass production and they just don’t have enough to compete. 🙂

      4. It will make a huge difference if we get devastated by a missle in 15 minutes vs 30 minutes…

      5. Off TOPIC: I just saw on YouTube a video that asked the question; what should you stockpile?

        She answered the question that you should stock-up on what you would miss most if everything shutdown tomorrow. I had never really looked at it like that, in those terms before.

        What would you miss the most if everything shutdown tomorrow?

        I have the basics covered and I guess I can look towards luxuries. Maybe hard candies? Any thoughts?

        • Toilet paper.

          • Infidel,
            Since this is a prepper site look up “family cloths”.
            That is where you end up at.

            • Thanks Rellic. Plus how much toilet paper should a person stock? I have 8 cases. Space is an issue at some point.

        • Ya candy, toilet paper, wait… I can use trespassers faces for toilet paper! Hope they have big beards lol! Oh and beer(making it is a pain in the ass). Looks like it will be wine and shine! 😛

          • Genius,
            Agreed, Beer, I would miss the most. It is my last vice, I’ve quit everything else.

        • Reese’s peanut butter cups of course, if you can keep them in stock !!! Hard candies ??? M&M peanuts. They melt in your mouth not in your hands. And of course peppermint stars , for a cheap sugar rush. 🙂

        • Booooozzzze!

          • When you are on the perimeter of your BOL you do not want to be inebriated. A sugar rush could be helpful to keep you alert in the wee hours of the morning between dark and dawn. 🙂

      6. Posters here amuse me.

        They talk about how advanced Russia is over us then criticize us if we try to catch up so we can defend against them.

        They seem to think Russia has the right to ignore the arms treaty and develop its military weapons without restraint and we should obey it and fall so far behind our defeat is guaranteed.

        FWIW, the arms treaty was with the Soviet Union, which no longer exists, not with Russia which feels no obligation to pay attention to it.

        • Agree wholeheartedly Anonymous.

      7. Hypersonic. The new arms race. Let’s spend some more money we don’t have.

      8. I don’t know. I think our ultra top secret weapon that allows something go go in somewhere and instantly come out somewhere else a long way away is more effective. I will post the link if I can find it again. Utterly amazing!

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