Another Food Supply Chain Issue: Wheat Prices Surge

by | May 19, 2022 | Headline News | 6 comments

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    The price of wheat is surging as inflation and shortages force the costs of the commodity even higher. Experts suggest that the price of wheat will increase by over 40% this year.

    We need everyone on the globe to be prepared for the increase in the cost of wheat.  Wheat prices will rise to $700 per ton this year, a nearly 40% jump from the current $430, the Ukrainian minister of agrarian policy and food, Mykola Solsky, said on Wednesday, as cited by TASS.

    “Are we ready to pay $500, $600, $700 per ton? The situation is critical for Asian and African countries, which mostly imported grain from Ukraine,” Solsky added. The economic law of supply and demand is going to be made very clear to most in the coming months. The harvest this year is also expected to be much smaller.  “This year we expect a 50% drop from last year’s harvest,” he stated, adding that due to Russia’s ongoing military operation in Ukraine, “the next winter sowing campaign is in jeopardy,” he said according to RT

    Earlier on Wednesday, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the global community will not be able to fully solve the food crisis without Ukrainian grain and Russian and Belarusian fertilizers, adding that “Russian products and fertilizers should have full and unlimited access to world markets.” Earlier this month, he warned that a fifth of humanity is at risk of poverty and hunger due to the current situation in the grain market. –RT

    Western sanctions have also dramatically limited the availability of crops and fertilizers from Russia and Belarus on the global market. With the growth in global grain prices, major suppliers such as Russia, Kazakhstan, and India have temporarily stopped exports to protect their domestic markets.

    Concerns over the grain market have been slowly surfacing for a long time, but have become overly apparent in the past few months.

    Dr. William Mount: “United States Corporation” Is Causing The Wheat Distribution Problem



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      1. So greedy farmers will get rich while the rest of us, those without lots and lots of money, starve?

        Maybe we can use the defense production act the way we are with baby formula.

        • Grow your own food, you lazy turd!!!!

      2. Don’t be fooled by the numbers; they may reflect some world conditions but not local conditions in the U.S. or Canada.

        The EU is shipping out Ukrainian grain with no problem by truck and rail from silos not controlled by Russia, so there’s no excuse for export problems except to hide that the EU is running off with Ukrainian grain.

        Biden ordered clearing the COVID backlog to be the priority and prevented fertilizer companies from hiring rail cars. Otherwise, the US should have no shortage of fertilizer.

        The Ukraine war, has very little effect on North American food production. Leftist sabotage of supply chains are the main culprit here.

        You can bet they also want to export all available American grain at world prices, regardless of any domestic need.

      3. So what is or will happen, Will Biden ship all of our wheat grown here in the states over to the Ukraine ? Only time will tell. Binden doesn’t care about the U.S. population any more, Just another way of putting or holding the U.S . population down. And he is being used by the American communist party who is sitting in the back ground

        • alfie – They’re not just commies. This particular group of commies who control, and I mean literally control PrezzJB in every way want Bolshevik type communism imposed on the US, only not on themselves. They are actually oligarchs/plutocrats. They love their wealth and property and privilege and identity and power. From you they want obedience and uniformity with few to no rights. In fact, we’ve already heard it said “you’ll own nothing and be happy”.

      4. Another food processing plant burned down last night, US Foods in Phoenix, Arizona. Where did everybody go on this site??

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