Another Doomsayers Claim: Planet X Will Be Visible From Earth THIS YEAR

by | Feb 20, 2018 | Headline News | 64 comments

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    Prominent researcher, numerologist, and theorist David Meade believes humanity could witness “naked-eye sightings” of planet Nibiru beginning in May of this year. Meade is now sounding alarms for what he says could be the apocalypse, beginning with the return of Planet X.

    According to The Daily StarMeade and other theorists believe that Nibiru’s gravitational force could cause earthquakes and tsunamis, bringing about an “end days” scenario. The Christian researcher previously claimed the planet would become visible last year.

    However, after Planet X (also known as Wormwood and Planet Nibiru) didn’t appear, Meade changed the date to May of this year. That’s when Israel will celebrate 70 years since it was declared an independent nation. According to  Meade, this is a bold sign of the end of the world.

    “Anything from this Spring forward, anything will go,” said Meade. “Here’s what I believe is going to start in the Spring of 2018: I believe North Korea will ascend to become a world-class superpower in March of 2018. I believe the great tribulation will begin after a short period of peace. Planet X won’t appear until after the tribulation period commences, and I don’t think you can pinpoint a month, week, and day but I do believe 2018 is high watch and I would be very surprised if a year from now, that we will be talking about anything except Nibiru.”

    Others claim Nibiru is already here. Conspiracy theorist Paul Begley said, “There are asteroids, meteors – it’s all happening. The heavens are being shaken by some type of force, a gravitational pull. People are spotting now what looks like potentially Planet X. I have, from one night, three different people send me pictures of what looks like a Planet X.”

    NASA has continually denied the existence of Nibiru, and The Church of England says Meade’s theories are based on misunderstandings of the Bible.  In this new theory, though, Meade doesn’t claim Nibiru will impact the Earth, only that its arrival will usher in the Biblical end of days, and the “trials and tribulations.”


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      1. I don’t prep for doomsday. I prep to survive. But there are some things that are not survivable. I believe the Bible, so no the earth will not come to and end, ever.

        • Nibiru can’t be floating around out there in the cosmos orbit theory if planet earth is flat, and gravity, nuclear bombs, and moon walks don’t really exist.

          Somebody needs to get their lies straight before they tell them

          • I’ll promise to believe this crap if the people that push it will promise to blow their nonexistent brains out when it doesn’t happen.

            • FEAR NOT! It is just the cosmic short bus coming for all the liberals and communists! All aboard and GOOD RIDDANCE! 😛

              • OH Lord; please make it so!

                • Genius,
                  WE can only hope! It can’t happen fast enough for me and my wife!

              • Now THAT is the best response ever!

              • And gonna pick up all the “It” ones too….the girls who are not girls, and the boys who are not boys — the IT people.

            • T-H-A-N-K-YOU from the great hidden Planet NIBIRU. [Do I really need the brackets?]

          • What is the Earth is flat and so is Nibiru? 2 flat plants on a collision course? HMMMM


        • It’s out there. It’s coming this way. But there are many years yet before it is visible to the naked eye. By the time that it is, the result of it’s passing will already be manifest.

          Buckle up. 🙂

      2. This is what happens when you do crack and pot. I suppose a story from Wigginton Chem Trails is next on the SHTF story rotation. Stories here appear to be on a rotational repeat.

      3. I thought it was year before last….last year…hmm. Oh well I wonder if Niribu is taking visitors ?

        • You remember correctly. In early 2017 Marshall Masters (big-time Nibiru promoter) told us everyone would see Nibiru in the sky by November 2017. I’m still looking for it.

          Marshall Masters persuades people to move away from the coasts because of the coming tsunami’s. So he’s breaking up families and changing lives over this “threat”. So sad if it’s all a big circle jerk.

        • Earthlings may not be accepted there.

      4. The real harbinger of when the world is coming to an end is when ‘Bat-Boy’ marries a Kardashian or Paris Hilton and begins a whole new race of bat-kids eventually becoming the anti-Christ and the 12th Imam all rolled into one. I’m keeping my National Inquirer subscription hot and active to get the head’s up.

        • The National Enquirer is VASTLY MORE ACCURATE than ANYTHING on Main-Stream Media !

      5. Last I read recently is that the Earth will go through the tail of whatever passes as planet x goes by a further distance from Earth. True or false, I still feel the need to get away from large bodies of water.

        • right.

          this thing is so big it’s going to cause problems for earth but is so far out we cannot detect it even though we can detect pluto’s moons which would not affect earth if they broke off and went by and it’s going to move fast enough to pass earth this year.

          the planet x nuts have no idea about mass, speed and common sense, probably are all Bernie voters.

          • Hey, i heard a conservative talk radio today and he said that Bernie is pro gun. Is that true? And the stupid snowflakes wanted to vote for him. I bet they didn’t even know. Oh, isn’t he from Vermont where they like guns?

      6. I have no comment on this topic. Just watch and see what is going to happen. You will literally shit your pants.


        • You just commented on this topic.

          • I was so high on shrooms one time I laughed so hard I actually did shit my pants lol. Is this going to be like that?

            • Maybe. But without the high or the laughing.

              Actually it’s all a crock. You can quote me on that one.

        • Well, since we’re talking about Planet X (Niburu), etc…
          Can anyone here on SHTF provide solid confirmation about the Anunnaki? And that we humans are supposedly genetically engineered?

          • The thing about the annunaki story is if they had all that tech to get here and do all that stuff then why did they need humans as slaves? Just make robots to do it all, it would be a lot more efficient. If they could carve huge blocks of stone out and place them then they sure as hell could easily collect gold. Doesn’t add up to me.

            • I completely agree with you about the robots. But maybe back then, robot technology was also ‘alien’ to the Anunnaki? 😉

              Anywho, if the Anunnaki story is true, I have no doubt whatsoever that evil Enlil’s descendants are aligned with the Zio-NWO cabal. And that America is somehow held captive (distracted by MSM PROGRAMMING, Hollyweird, sports, junk food, feminism, cuckery, BigPharma drugs, etc.).

              So if Enlil is behind the Rothchilds/NWO, where are the descendants of Enki (the good brother) and why does it seem like bad/evil is winning over good?

              Humans are too frigging ignorant & simple minded to be the ONLY intelligent beings in the Universe. Just my 2 cents.

              But then again, this video on the ancient Sumerians and their alleged interactions with the Anunnaki is pretty compelling.


          • If human beings are genetically engineered then where did these so-called engineers get their genetic material from? The bottom of some genetic DNA barrel somewhere?

            • Bottom of barrel? No. I believe there are zillions of other planets out there with intelligent life on them. So they took genetic material from another planet with evolved beings and in doing so helped our human race evolve quicker. It’s the only plausable answer i can see. Why would God the Creator just create one planet – Earth – with life on it? All the other planets in space would be a waste. It makes no sense that we are the only ones in existence.

        • hey ! I’m in Houston also, could I come over and take a sample of what you are taking; seems like pretty good stuff if you can keep believing in planet x.

          I mean even notorious fear monger glenn beck is rational enough to know planet x is a farce

        • HCKS is right, bring an extra pair or thrice. Nibiru is indeed the red dragon from the bible. Its electromagnetic pull is whats causing the poles to shift which is happening now by fact. Which is causing an increase in chaotic weather. MSM claims global warming/climate change when they know the truth of the matter. Why does Vatican invest in top dollar telescopes? Why the trillion dollar black budget underground bunkers? Rev 6 explains this pole shift and ive seen it happen in a vision and it is indeed the harbinger prelude to the son of man coming in the sky w great glory for all to see. Ive had many a vision come true is why i share. Meteors are dropping everywhere recently (dragons tail) which is from Nibirus debris field and a huge asteroid (wormwood) is coming very soon. We all know NASA is full of it so why do they admit a planet x and system, then turn around and try to debunk it? Same with MSM. Cue the lightbulbs for my logical folk.

          So once more and more meteors hit followed by a huge asteroid, then Nibiru and other planets from the same system will be very visible for all to see. Instead of shitting our pants we should be getting right with Christ, repenting our sins and accepting Jesus Christ Yeshua as our savior for The prime creator YHWH Yahuah sent his son to save our souls from satans stranglehold over this dark and death filled world. Its a gift God sent us, all we have to do is accept it and live right. When you see these events unfold please pay heed to the warning, its Gods last call if u will to be saved and inherit the new heaven on earth. The writings on the wall, listening to the wall, before we rise meteors fall. Dont hold up the wall yall! Im in Houston and we have a problem but the Astros won the world series for a reason not a coincudence nor the name astros. God is awesome like that. Only solutions. Much love kinfolk We1

          • Please read Wes Penre’s papers from beginning to end; you will read what is really going on. Hint: You are all being fooled.

      7. When I was in College, I took a course in Astronomy. This college had a small planetarium. Even so, the teacher said that only very few students took even a single class, let alone majored in Astronomy.

        When children are young they are very eager to learn about the natural world. How many people think to point out the wonders of the universe. Get rid of your television. Point out the sun rising and setting. When the twilight turns to night, look up at the real stars dancing in the night sky.


        • I spent 10 years working with world class Astronomers.
          Including the best planet hunters there are.
          I got a lot of one on one instruction in physics.
          I know how they collaborate to produce “Science”.
          I find it hard to believe they missed a local planet.
          The earth causes the sun to wobble several meters
          as we orbit it. Jupiter causes a really BIG wobble.
          Everything in our solar system is moving and there are a lot of people watching, with some very powerful instruments and lots of data high power data processing.
          You want to be believe in a planet X? Well it is just that, a belief.

          • yeah, HCKS had us all dying a year or two ago from Nibiru. Said we should move to northern Colorado. Glad I didn’t.

            • Coloradoooh freakshow liberal hiiighhh! I seen it raining buds from the skyyyy… Everyone in tiny houses with 3.2 beer trying to get hiiiiigghh… Dumb ass liberal hiiigghhh… Colorado….

        • I took astronomy as well, and went to the same planetarium that the astronauts train in.

          Did you know that when they put Polaris directly overhead and crank up the speed, that you get really dizzy?

      8. nowhere in the bible is there a reference to any planet hitting the earth and destroying it the bible is clear on events that are coming on the earth–there will be 1000 year with Christ ruling on the earth before this earth is burned up and then a new heaven and earth will come into being when gods plan for humans in the flesh is complete== this world is going to have horrible destruction before Christ comes to set the human race on the path he has planned for it

      9. meade knows nothing he is blowing hot air or something that is coming out his ass–he is showing himself for what he is=-=-=total bs

      10. If we can see it with our eyes this year, then tens of thousands could see it with telescope now. I call B.S.

      11. RA and DEC or this is complete and utter BS.

      12. Not again lol

      13. WHY do you keep printing this crap? This makes you look like a tool. I’m sorry man, but you are loosing your credibility because of stuff like this. Get back to usable stuff.

      14. Somebody has been watching the movie “Melancholia” too many times.

      15. Yay!! Nibiru is coming again …. soon. And Yellowstone is having earthquakes – whoa SUPERVOLCANO anyone? If only we could convince Bigfoot and Bat Boy to hold a joint press conference warning us of global warming, Earth would be saved for humanity.

        • Love that movie; truly it is out there, flyby in a few years ; will not collide, lots of damage though.

      16. Is the person from armageddon going to save us! They better land that Ship on there soon to blow it up! Give me a break lol!!!

      17. They have been saying this for about 15 years now. I’m 1/2 from Missouri (Mothers side) SHOW ME. and I’ll believe.

        • Like you told those little boys when you stripped searched them.

          Listen here you 10 year olds I am police officer Dale and my mommy is from Missouri. So for you boys to not have stolen then three dollars you must drop you pants and show me.

      18. is Bruce Willis going to come and save us again!!

      19. Gawd. Not this shit again.

      20. Actually I wish it was real. I would prefer a giant space rock. to the chaos and civil wars that seem to be what the NWO wants.

        • Nibiru is the binary twin of our sun that failed to ignite. It has a lot of mass and can only be seen with infrared telescopes from the southern hemisphere since it is in an elongated orbit at an angle. It will not be visible until it is right on us. The Bible speaks of destruction that comes suddenly like a thief in the night and that it will be just like in the days of Noah when the flood came.

          • I cannot see God but I believe. Just because they have not detected Nibiru, does not mean it’s not there. If it is on an elliptical orbit, of course it’s not visible. It will become visible when the time is right. When prophesy is being fulfilled.

            Isaiah 55:8 — 7Let the wicked forsake his way And the unrighteous man his thoughts; And let him return to the LORD, And He will have compassion on him, And to our God, For He will abundantly pardon. 8″For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” declares the LORD. 9″For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways And My thoughts than your thoughts.…

            Many prophesies have been fulfilled. More to come. Don’t believe what humans are saying. The answers are all there in the bible. Seek discernment.

            1 Cor 2:14 —
            …13And this is what we speak, not in words taught us by human wisdom, but in words taught by the Spirit, expressing spiritual truths in spiritual words. 14The natural man does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God. For they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned.

            in the end, nothing will save you except your faith and belief in GOD and Jesus his son.

            and those of you who sneer and mock – take care!!!
            International Standard Version
            Psalm 1:1 How blessed is the person, who does not take the advice of the wicked, who does not stand on the path with sinners, and who does not sit in the seat of mockers.

            wake up, God is your only salvation.

      21. Nibiru, the Dark Star, or the Dragon is our sun’s binary twin that failed to fully ignite. It has great mass and can only be seen with infrared telescopes. The Bible says destruction comes like a thief in the night…suddenly…without warning. Think about it.

        • Spot on, someone is awake.

      22. True or fake who really knows if Niburu is a threat? There must be money in making the hundreds of videos on YouTube, I watched a couple of hours of them after this article and still don’t know if it’s real. I mean it’s not like out of the realm of possibility.

        • It is out there… a hollowed out asteroid the Annunaki are inside it; ‘they’ want to claim earth back. Nibiru comes every 3,600 years which is one year to the Annunaki. They go around galaxies conquering planets and absolutey get high on bloodshed and Kaos that is why humans are behaving so erratically. The cabal know what is coming…their ‘Master’; the sheeple will be the last to know of course.

      23. Apophis is coming in April 13 2029 and crashing into the Earth 7 years later on April 13 2036.

        Prepare to be raptured because those left behind will die.

      24. Nibiru, the gift that keeps on giving. I wonder if Elon will park his car on it for a charge up.

      25. It’s not a planet. It’s just the aliens that planted us here stopping by to see how we’re doing.

      26. Elon Musk is one of them, trying to escape Earth before it happens.

      27. While it is certainly possible that there is a planet with an odd eliptical orbit in our solar system, the chances of it being close to us at this point AND invisible are pretty much nil. Remember too, that Niburu’s atmosphere is reportedly infused with gold, our gold… mined by the genetically modified earthlings… so Niburu would be a very shiny, highly reflective planet. So, if Niburu were close I believe we could see it.

        All that being said, it is not unbelievable that we would get regular visits from other intelligent life forms, call them what you will. We probably have lost the collective memory of the recent past many times due to cataclysms on earth, so who is to say Nibiru isn’t a huge spacecraft that comes around every few thousand years to document what is going on with us.

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