Another Day, Another Lockdown In A Chinese Port City

by | Jan 12, 2022 | Headline News | 4 comments

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    Another port city in China is locking down.  This is bound to complicate the already devastated global supply chain. Authorities have confirmed a whopping 2 cases of the omicron variant in Dalian, another important port city.

    Three Chinese cities remain completely locked down, while Tianjin is only partially locked down (it has also been sealed off from outsiders; only those with permission are allowed to arrive and depart). Tianjin, a city just 130 km from Beijing, authorities are tightening lockdown measures in three districts to try and stop the spread of COVID, according to a report by ZeroHedge. The ruling class’ fears that if there’s an outbreak in the capital city just in time, it could upend the Winter Olympics (the last thing the CCP wants is a disastrous Olympic Games like Japan struggled with over the summer).

    But that’s not their biggest fear. Their biggest fear is people realizing they don’t have to obey any tyrant or politician who seek to rule them.

    In Tianjin, restaurants, movie theaters, gyms, and any other indoor sources of “entertainment” have all been closed. Its 14 million residents are also being required to undergo another round of city-wide mass testing.

    On Wednesday, China reported about 170 new locally transmitted cases, with 118 in central Henan province, 37 in the northern port city Tianjin, eight in northwestern Shaanxi province (where the capital city of Xi’an has been locked down for almost three weeks), and seven in the southern technology hub of Shenzhen, according to the National Health Commission. There have also been new cases of the omicron variant detected in Dalian, as we mentioned above.

    These numbers are statistically irrelevant, so what’s really going on? Is it just to keep the fear rhetoric as high as possible? Or is something else going on?

    Another Chinese City Goes Into Lockdown Over Omicron


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      1. Wow 2 whole cases??
        Well, there goes
        the neighborhood!!

      2. plandemic humor:
        While cases of the moronic
        variant continue to rise,
        researchers have recently
        uncovered a much more dangerous variant. This new variant appears to largely affect mask wearing folks living in a constant state
        of fear. Scientists have named this new variant which has no known cure
        the “mass stupidity variant”.
        stay safe folks…..

      3. Stop coming into America to. We don’t need your diseases.

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