Another Chinese City Goes Into Lockdown Over Omicron

by | Jan 10, 2022 | Headline News | 6 comments


A major Chinese city near Beijing has placed its 14 million residents on partial lockdown after 40 children and adults tested positive for COVID-19, including at least two with the omicron variant. Remember when this scariant was first announced that it was “mild,” according to “scientists,” so what exactly is the justification to lockdown 14 million people for 40 cases of this cold?

It’s hard to say what the motivation is here other than fear and panic the masses into blind obedience to their rulers. The real issue with Tianjin being locked down is that it’s a major port in China. With the supply chain already devastated and reparation of it seems still so far in the future, this could be a problem on a global scale. The mainstream media in the United States says this is China’s first local outbreak of omicron of any size, less than a month before the Winter Olympics open in nearby Beijing.

According to a report by ABC News, buses and trains from Tianjin to Beijing have been suspended and people are being told not to leave the city unless they have pressing business. The city began mass testing of all its residents on Sunday after a cluster of 20 children and adults tested positive for COVID-19, including at least two with the omicron variant. Another 20 people tested positive on Sunday, bringing the total to 40. Officials said earlier that the virus has been circulating so the number of cases could rise.

Xi’an Authorities Block All “Negative” Posts On Social Media As Lockdown Backlash Grows

While we all know there is no logic behind the lockdowns, ruling classes everywhere continue to use them as a means to control and fearmonger entire populations.

Elsewhere, millions of people are being confined to their homes in Xi’an and Yuzhou, two cities that are farther away but have larger outbreaks traced to the delta variant. Residents of Xi’an have been under lockdown for more than two weeks, but the number of new cases in the city of 13 million fell to just 15 on Monday in a sign that restrictions could soon be lifted. Yuzhou is a city of about 1.1 million people in neighboring Henan province. –ABC News

This is all ramping up again (or still). If there is any way a ruling class can get away with lockdowns, they will try it. Never put it past those who want to own you and rule over you. They will stop at noting to congeal their own power at your expense.

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    1. Unreal

      Anyone still remember two
      years ago two weeks to flatten the curve?
      Are we there yet?????

    2. Reprint

      Recently read this:

      “The unvaccinated are not
      a threat to society ~ they
      are a threat to authority”

      “If you allow the government
      to strip you of your rights and
      break the law because of an
      emergency ~ then they will
      always create an emergency”

    3. Anonymous

      Are the Chinese really that afraid of a relatively low fatality virus or is this just their way of fostering and lending continuing credibility to the psychologically based fear campaign being used to acceptance of total governmental control of society among most people?

      The Chinese are not a low IQ stupid people, their leaders know exactly what they are doing and what they intend to accomplish by it, and whatever it is isn’t public health related no matter what the stated excuse may be.

    4. George Jones

      The reason the Chinese authorities freak out, are the Winter Olympics over there, next month. They are scared to death the event will be have to be cancelled or otherwise be disturbed.

    5. Reprint

      “A conspiracy theory is
      often only a few months
      away from becoming
      government policy”.

    6. Marcy

      All of China should be locked down. And stay the hell out of other countries. That’s the only way to stop the spread of all these China made diseases. And shove the “made in China ” garbage up their assholes.

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