Xi’an Authorities Block All “Negative” Posts On Social Media As Lockdown Backlash Grows

by | Jan 6, 2022 | Headline News | 27 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. 

    As Beijing struggles with the worsening outbreak in Xi’an, the provincial capital of 13M that has been under lockdown for about 2 weeks now, authorities are finding it increasingly difficult to paper over the popular outcry. So, authorities in the northern Chinese city have banned “negative news” on social media as many residents took to Weibo and other platforms to complain about their present circumstances.

    The citywide lockdown, believed to be the most brutal since the original Spring 2020 lockdown in Wuhan, has left many stranded at home without enough food, and without access to medical treatment. Unfortunately, they’ll need to keep their complaints private if they want to avoid angering the powers that be.

    “From Jan. 4, people are banned from posting details of the pandemic restrictions or information about the road situation, videos, links, mini-apps or photos of the situation, particularly negative news,” the municipal government said in a mass text message to the city’s 13M residents. “There is background surveillance operating on all WeChat groups, and any negative news will be deleted as soon as it is sent,” the message said. “Please bear this in mind and pass the message on.”

    Radio Free Asia reports that the message was triggered by a wave of public dissatisfaction and online complaints as people have been prevented from leaving their homes to buy groceries and basic necessities.

    Just like in Wuhan, many have been turned away from hospitals for medical treatment because they come from high or medium-risk areas.

    Instead of allowing complaints to fill up social media platforms, the local government in Xi’an is running a high-profile propaganda campaign to remind people of the efforts underway to bring shipments of fresh food to beleaguered residents.

    Amusingly, some residents have been pressed into service of this campaign: RFA managed to get its hands on a clip of a family receiving delivery of food and drink, before being asked to thank the government by the agents who delivered the shipment.

    “You should thank the government,” the officer is seen saying. “Thank you, government, for your care, thank you,” replies the resident, having just received a white radish, three potatoes, six carrots and two onions.”

    One Xi’an resident said the authorities want to put the people’s complaints “on mute”.

    “They want to put us on mute, so that we can’t talk about anything negative regarding the pandemic restrictions,” Feng said.

    Another resident complained that the government can silence people, but it can’t fool them.

    “It’s pretty clear now what the government is doing,” Ma said. “Now, if people are hungry, they’re not allowed to say so.”

    “This isn’t a place fit for humans to live, where they won’t even let sick people seek medical treatment, or give birth — that’s how they treat people in a pandemic,” she said.

    Xi’an isn’t alone. Lockdowns are also in place in Henan province’s Yuzhou city and in the central city of Zhengzhou. There are also restrictions on travel in and out of Beijing ahead of the 2022 Winter Olympics on Feb. 4, and lockdowns have also impacted the port at Ningbo, as we reported earlier.


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      1. Aaahhhh Sooooo, you got da Kung Flu!

      2. China’s “lockdown” news is probably just a ruse in order to make the West accept more tyranny. The Chinese are laughing and it’s all business as usual.

      3. If the Asians didn’t breed like rabbits, the world wouldn’t be in this mess. Chinks eat anything because there’s not enough food for them, then they get mysteriously sick and it spreads like wild fire all over the world. Our economies, healthcare, educational systems are screwed because of China. China is to blame for all this mess.

        • “If the Asians didn’t breed like rabbits, the world wouldn’t be in this mess”

          What do Asian breeding habits have to do with the 200 year history of the subversive democrat party?

          “[They] eat anything because there’s not enough food for them”

          There’s not enough food for them due to their totalitarian govt’s policies.

          “Our economies, healthcare, educational systems are screwed because ”

          Own govt and multi-national corporations conspired to subvert and control these systems.

          Good grief you’re low info. Get a grip.

          • L MAO some asshole didn’t want to admit the truth. Farticus. I stand by what I’ve written. They breed like fucking rabbits and, they are the cause of the worlds problems. So, stfu farticus.

        • Don’t forget africa and india too. Buncha roaches.

          • But who helped fund all this? That’s right, The US. This is a globalist plot. Ever heard of “new world order”? Or “protocols of the elders of zion”? Just part of the play in action. One thing about India though, they have a much higher IQ than africans (like every other country). Humans cannot be responsible for their reproduction (planet killing) so The “elite” do what they deem needs done. Not that I agree with all of it but some of it I do. Freedom isn’t free and it takes a lot of responsibility, we have never been free and never will be.

            • “We have never been free and never will”

              Freedom is just a state of mind.
              Most people mistake privileges for freedom.
              The last people to experience freedom have been dead for over 200 years.
              If freedom exists why do we have birth certificates, SS numbers, and required to pay taxes?

        • Covid was made in a lab numbnutz

          • By Asians. They want to rule the world. It’ll never happen.

            • Europeans rule the world and have done so for the past 300 years, spreading to every major continent, violently taking over North America, Australia and New Zealand.

              Asians, don’t seem to have the same level of ambition, violent or otherwise.

              Even now, Far East Asians are far outnumbered in Western countries compared to Middle Easterners, Africans, and Latinos.

        • Take a mirror and look at yourself.

        • Overpopulation is a problem in those parts of the world, but to say it is the only problem is simplistic. The seeds of our modern day problems were planted decades ago, when overpopulation was not a problem. A major problem are degenerate cultures and political systems. Systems that are conducive to overpopulation, that allow dictatorial authoritarian regimes, indifferent to environmental destruction, or won’t let other live in peace, etc. They exist in every region of the world.
          According to many demographers the world will reach about 10 billion in about 30 years but then start dropping off sharply after that. But again, that is due to the seeds planted now. Birth rates in most developed nations of the world are now actually below replacement, it’s the least developed countries that are adding to their numbers. The birth rates are down sharply throughout the world except Africa and some Muslim regions, which will only see their numbers and their misery grow. Most countries in Africa do not have the will or the ability to deal with their national problems. Unfortunately, rather than dealing with their overpopulation and economic problems they only export their problems to Europe, Canada and the US.

          • It’s true. They breed like fucking rabbits.

        • Actually east asians are dying out because of low birth rate.

          You need to get out more and do some research before you open up your ignorant racist piehole. Smh

        • Seriously? China is to blame. Clueless bird brain. You still don’t know the facts of what is going on. Your media is doing a good job lowering your IQ,

          • L MAO China has the worst human rights records ever. Look at how they treat their own people and foreigners. Remember the two Michaels? So who’s the bird brain? The truth hurts hey Shi li? And furthermore, China needs to stop selling garbage electronics to us. I’m sick of all this “made in China” garbage. China is polluting this planet to. They need to clean up their garbage on land and what’s washing up on our shores and oceans.

      4. Alright MAGA Marcy, alright, pipe down. I wasn’t ever made aware that rabbits are also subject to a one rabbit per colony policy. Hmmm. Seems as if there is a “chink” in your flawed and ignorant thinking. Ever considered trying on some concrete boots and swan diving into the asphalt?

        So, for reformation sake, repeat after me:

        It’s the CCP and the PLA I hate. Not the people.

      5. China is taking no chance on having the Winter Olympics being disrupted. The west would love an “excuse” to bar their athletes from participating.
        China believes (with good cause) that the “Covid” Pandemic was created by the USA to create a financial war and raise propaganda against China.
        USA and China are at war. At this stage it is a financial (sanctions) and propaganda war. It could turn into a physical war at any incident or provocation. China (and Russia) are being very careful not to give the USA any excuse to start shooting.
        They would win such a war but only at great cost to their countries.

        • Agreed. The EU, though, would come up the middle after the natural geopolitical giants took each other out.

          They EU nations did OK under the rise of China, but the U.S. and China rose meteorically; there was no way Europeans were going to remain geopolitical great powers in 50 years.

          France instigated the Wuhan BSL4 lab, the US funded it, including gain-of-function research.

          First use biological warfare is against US doctrine, but Globalist America isn’t about keeping America safe.

      6. The reasons are irrelevant. Censorship, lies, propaganda and restrictions are the standard tools of authoritarian regimes, including in the US and other developed countries. In fact, the distinguishing features of all illegitimate and authoritarian regimes is they will always practice these things by default. That is one reason why the State can never to be trusted . Authoritarian regimes are usually run by psychopaths or sociopaths or some type of elitists and cannot admit mistakes or allow their failures to be known because it would reveal them as incompetent, corrupt, and of course illegitimate and power hungry. They will do anything to hide the truth including causing the deaths of vast numbers of innocent people. They work only misery because they have it backwards, they see the people as existing for them. That the people must be subservient to them instead serving the people. Actually, they see ruling over people as their right or destiny or because they are somehow chosen, and better and more enlightened than all others. Therefore, they assume the right without penalty to abuse humanity. They only serve to degenerate, desecrate, and despoil for their own purposes.
        The greatest indicators to knows these hypocrites is that they always accuse others of crimes they themselves are the most guilty of, and always blame their failures or problems on others. Tyrants, authoritarians, psychopaths, and an assortment of elitists have always been a cancer on humanity.

      7. This is to be expected in a Communist country.

      8. Did not know they ate potatoes in China, hmmmm…….

      9. We had Chinese for the 1st time last evening since start of Covid. Personal protest, their employees visited family in NY & brought it to our small town 7 states over.

      10. Why worry so much about China when they defeat themselves so readily?

        Omicron variant is almost harmless, like a natural vaccine against more serious forms of COVID.

        CCP tyrants are like tyrants everywhere; can’t let go off any pretext to more ill-gotten power.

        If they let Omicron spread now, COVID would be over by early February, during the Winter Olympics, if that’s their big concern.

      11. Why worry so much about China when they defeat themselves so readily?

        Omicron variant is almost harmless, like a natural vaccine against more serious forms of COVID.

        CCP tyrants are like tyrants everywhere; can’t let go off any pretext to more ill-gotten power.

        If they let Omicron spread now, COVID would be over by early February, during the Winter Olympics, if that’s their big concern.

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