Anonymous Issues Frightening World War 3 Warning: “They Are Preparing For What Comes Next… The Citizen Will Be The Last To Know”

by | May 9, 2017 | Headline News | 104 comments

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    A new video released by the hacktivist group Anonymous via their official Youtube channel warns of a coming global war that will catch most of the world’s citizens off-guard.

    All the signs of a looming war on the Korean Peninsula are surfacing… we’re watching as each country moves strategic pieces into place… but unlike past world wars… although there will be ground troops the battle is likely to be fierce, brutal and quick.

    It will also be globally devastating on the environmental and economic levels.

    This is a real war with real global consequences… With three super powers drawn into the mix… Other nations will be coerced into choosing sides.

    The citizen will be the last to know…

    As previously noted, both China and Russia are mobilizing troops to the North Korean border, and the United States now has a Naval strike group directly off the coast of the rogue state. With the North threatening to continue testing missiles and weapons of mass destruction, and the Trump administration officially stating that past policies of “patient diplomacy” no longer apply, it appears confrontation is imminent.

    North Korea has responded to President Trump’s deployment of an aircraft carrier, surveillance drones and missile tests by saying that if even a single bullet is fired they will nuke the United States.

    The geo-political strain in the region could lead to any number of potential triggers. The growing concerns have not gone unnoticed in Japan, which recently saw panic buying of emergency shelters and air purifiers skyrocket.

    In the United States, retailers report that the sale of NBC/CBRN gas masks and anti-radiation pills has spiked in recent weeks amid fears of impending global disaster.

    Elite billionaires are building bunkers and long term preparedness plans to survive disaster, while governments around the world are positioning pieces on the grand chessboard.

    All signs point to serious trouble in the very near future.

    The world sits on the brink of a war unlike anything mankind has ever witnessed.


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      1. all it will take is for one of the guys with his finger on the button to press down ever so slight. The world will change instantaneously.

        • Very true…And most of the world’s people just want to stay out of each other’s business and be left alone ourselves…These people are lunatics

        • It will come by a stupid mistake.

          A stupid mistake.

            • Get Rich Quick Flipping Real Estate airport seminars are back. No money/3% down. GM has 1 million car vehicle inventory and yet the factories put out even more. Still $200B each month is being born into the world monetary system through central bank interventions. Nothing has changed. Nothing will change.

            • Dearest G,
              Many of the “dime store banks” that have popped up in the last couple of years are just there to make money on the next rendition of 2008.
              That’s right.
              They have been deliberately put into action to “take the hit” so that the banks that are too big to fail don’t have to.
              Think about WHO PROFITED the last time around.

          • Like Viet Nam, it will start with a False Flag

          • Grand, exactly like WWI, which, in a sense, never ended, even up to today. Who woulda thunk in July 1914, that cooler heads wouldn’t prevail? Why would Europe tear itself apart due to a bunch of interlocking treaties, national pride, etc.

            And of course, the war would be over by Christmas… thought both sides. For most of these self proclaimed elite, is is no different than the Bourbons 200 some years ago: They learned nothing, and they forgot nothing. Which, incidentally, exactly describes the leftists, who are still pushing Robespierre’s, Lenin’s, Pol Pot’s and Chavez’s socialist workers’ paradise on us (and not enough the left MURDERED 100 freaking MILLION last century to bring in their paradise. Y’know… the paradise’s of the USSR, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, the bankrupt socialist EU, Cuba ad nauseam.

        • If any nukes are detonated it will likely be contained to the Korean peninsula. NK has demonstrated repeatedly that it is incompetent at launching a missile and will most likely just nuke themselves with failed launches; Game Over for NK. But then of course comes the dangers of radioactive particles reaching the jetstream and spread over the U.S.

          Got KI?

          • KI only really protects against I isotopes. You eventually absorb the bad too. Short term solution for long term problem.

            Tritium (Hydrogen 3) worries me
            Weak emissions so air blocks counters from reading it. Easily can be part of water molecule so all points in body can be bathed point blank in it.

            I always wondered why testing of frog mutations outside reactors never yielded a definite source. I believe tritium is the reason. Rods in pools of water, water evaporates…….

          • Those weren’t failed missile tests those were dry run emp test look into it those missiles exploded at the same altitude that being the optimal altitude for emp not a coincidence

            • Let’s hope not RD because if NK really does have EMP- capable weapons, possibly loaded on their two orbiting satellites, and they can accurately fire them, then lights out can happen in an instant.

              A scary scenario indeed.

              • But how will i be able to order cheap Chinese crap from Amazon?

                Oh the humanity……

          • The US has ( admitted ) to detonating over 1000 nukes in the South Pacific , And over a 1000 nukes in the USA. Doesn’t seem our brilliant scientists who we all admire give a dam about us . They are academics just like our professors. The most intelligent savages on the planet? And look where they have lead us. O but they got Nobel prizes. So did Obama. O but testing all the nukes lead to the development of better nukes to defend our children. Then let’s use the fing things . We paid for them, we are threatened , what are they good for? Deterrence of a bigger war? Convert every thing into Nutron bombs and get it over with quick? If God can live with the guilt of soddom and Gomorrah. We can too?

          • Like the man said 2 weeks ago to con gress,, “If it flys,, it dies”….. We have the missile defense shield..

            • LOL!!!!!!!!!!

              There is no shield. It’s a fraud. Look it up. I’m more concerned with conventional war than nuclear, since US or Russia can turn either to glass in minutes. Won’t ever happen.

              As for those Anonymous frauds – What’s their slogan, “expect us?” Expect us to roll over and go back to sleep. Clinton was threatened by them and nothing happened. They are teenagers in their fat grammy’s basement. Punks.

              You all can prepare for WW3. I’m busy watching and laughing.

            • for a limited time, but I bet we don’t have the inventory for a prolonged missile defense.

              Especially when our allies use a 3 million dollar patriot missile to shoot down a 200 dollar drone.

        • ” With three super powers drawn into the mix …”

          China does not support N Korea in this dispute, having moved its bombers closer to the N Korean Border. Kim is threatening China. Bad Idea. China needs a regional war it can win to train its troops and give them confidence. N Korea is the perfect opportunity.

          Russia will not support N Korea in a war against the USA. Kim is isolated, and that is what makes him dangerous. If there is a Secret PACT between N Korea and Iran, such that if one is attacked by the USA the other is committed to attack US Forces in its region, it may be a one way street.

          I doubt that Iran would attack the USA in the Middle East in support of N Korea, if the USA and N Korea tangle; but I would expect N Korea to attack the USA if Iran and the US tangled directly in the Middle East, if such a PACT exists.

          Either way, both countries would get smoked, but there would be serious collateral damage to third parties. 🙁

      2. There is an article on sputnik that the house passed a law that the president may search ports in Russia, China and iran for cargo going to nork. Is this true? If it is its insane.

        • Yes that is true. The Russians were saying it amounted to an act of war.

        • If true, that alone will set off armed conflict.

          • I’m sure they have already war gamed a few scenarios and have agreed on the amount of loss
            t lives (ours) and other collateral damage. I’m sure all agreed that it’s acceptable.

        • “the house passed a law that the president may search ports in Russia”

          Complete bull shiz. The US doesn’t have the right, nor the power.

        • Its not a Law, its a statute, though this one is a wet dream statute, because these lunatics, know they are doomed the minute the try to enforce it:
          What we are witness to, and I must say I feel privileged: is the down fall of the USA: a ROME-2, but unlike Rome, which was a great power and a long living power the USA is one of the shortest living supposed super powers in history, maybe due to its murdering attitude to all other countries,(the bully with no balls)

      3. Guam is also filling with u.s. strategic bombers, has been for months. This could be for a blanket bombing, or to keep them safe if u.s. bases are targeted ensuring aircraft for realiation.

        • I expect blanket bombing of N Korean artillery locations by B-52’s within minutes of a decapitating attack on N Korean Leadership and the elimination of nuke sites in a First Strike; including localized EMP.

          At least, that’s the way I would do it. 🙂

          • DK

            Considering the alienation that NK has brought upon itself I suspect a coup orchestrated by China will remove the head of state and his replacement will be more civil.

      4. They have prepared massive underground facilities to retreat to while we burn. Unfortunately for them their underground facilities were designed by their ‘climate scientists’ and will begin to leak after a few years. There will be no coming out of their holes as the surface of the planet will be too dangerous for any organism which has to move more than a foot to get it’s food.

        The alternative to this war as with any war is peace and it certainly would be the better choice but large organizations, especially military ones, make bad decisions all the time.

        • No, Quantum Bumbbler, they are not designed by climate scientists! (Geesh!!) Hopefully, you are only PRETENDING to be that dumb…

          But, yes, there are underground bunkers for the elite that are inpenetrable by atomic weapons. They are located at: Mt. Weather, Virginia; Concrete, West Virginia; Ft. Riches, Maryland; and Camp David, Maryland.

        • The reference to ‘climate scientists’ was /sarc.

          Even if they are impenetrable to atomic weapons and don’t begin to leak after a few years there will be no life-supporting world to come out of their holes to repopulate.

          It’s all natural. It’s how the Universe remains free. All assholes get in line to kill themselves! Not just themselves but the sub-humans who put up with them.

          🙂 Perfection!

      5. Reminds one of a famous line from Shakespeare: (the 3 witches)

        1 WITCH. Thrice the brinded cat hath mew’d.
        2 WITCH. Thrice and once, the hedge-pig whin’d.
        3 WITCH. Harpier cries:—’tis time! ’tis time!
        1 WITCH. Round about the caldron go;
        In the poison’d entrails throw.—
        Toad, that under cold stone,
        Days and nights has thirty-one;
        Swelter’d venom sleeping got,
        Boil thou first i’ the charmed pot!
        ALL. Double, double toil and trouble;
        Fire burn, and caldron bubble.
        2 WITCH. Fillet of a fenny snake,
        In the caldron boil and bake;
        Eye of newt, and toe of frog,
        Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,
        Adder’s fork, and blind-worm’s sting,
        Lizard’s leg, and owlet’s wing,—
        For a charm of powerful trouble,
        Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.
        ALL. Double, double toil and trouble;
        Fire burn, and caldron bubble.
        3 WITCH. Scale of dragon; tooth of wolf;
        Witches’ mummy; maw and gulf
        Of the ravin’d salt-sea shark;
        Root of hemlock digg’d i the dark;
        Liver of blaspheming Jew;
        Gall of goat, and slips of yew
        Sliver’d in the moon’s eclipse;
        Nose of Turk, and Tartar’s lips;
        Finger of birth-strangled babe
        Ditch-deliver’d by a drab,—
        Make the gruel thick and slab:
        Add thereto a tiger’s chaudron,
        For the ingrediants of our caldron.
        ALL. Double, double toil and trouble;
        Fire burn, and caldron bubble.
        2 WITCH. Cool it with a baboon’s blood,
        Then the charm is firm and good.

        • i hope that was a copy and paste……if not, you really have too much time on your hands.

          You must have a government job.

      6. For those of you who see advertisements to buy WWII Gas masks, please do not. Where will you get the replacement filters, yes, the mask filters have to be replaced and so you know how? Even with present masks for sale, there is a limit and how many of those who possess, how often do you and your family train. Have you figured out how you will drink water and eat? But WWII masks?

        I understand the reason, ask some military people about wearing a mask and a NBC suit in a warm climate?

        So I think the purchasing of a gas mask is a worthless expenditure for a long term use. But to each his/her own.

        Some of the stuff being sold like that will not work.
        Another worthless, air purifiers, you will need to seal off a room. They can do that in Israel, they have trained, we have not.

        Wrote too much, but a lot of mess being sold is worthless in an actual situation,like anti-radiation pills. How do you know that you are not just buying colored children s aspirin?

        And if you think you are not going to be touched in the forthcoming wars, economic setbacks, social upheavals and earth changes, you are quite wrong.

        Just my opinion. Just felt like venting today.


      7. I got the popcorn covered

      8. https ://

      9. This article brought to you by Fear. More to follow.

      10. WWIII will be fought in the Middle East and parts of Europe, not here.

        We’ll either be left out of it or be out of the picture for other reasons by the time it happens.

      11. As we prepare to spit in the face of our ancestors we shit on our descendants. The time for remorse will be long. Both the button pushers and those that would stay their hand will be cursed until our Sun delivers its final mercy. “I am become death, the destroyer of Worlds”. The epitaph will read “They did it because they could”. The result of 150,000 years of evolution. At least the denominator is common. Can you define it?

      12. Just keeping working the second jobs, suckers and sticking your near worthless heads in the sand as you all circle jerk one another with your inane “sky is falling” gibberish. While you’re foolishly spending your disposable income on your “bug out” locations and other cute preparations, I’ll raise my glass in a toast to those of you who spend the remaining (bulk) income on taxes, keeping my glass quite full. And just when it needs refilling, another “EOTWAWKI” nonsense piece will be published.

        • Living fat off the taxpaxpayer

          Thank you for your oafish comments. Eat a dick.

      13. SHTF has reached a new low point in the article “Global Crisis Hits Fever Pitch”. It’s an ad hyping a specific company disguised as a news article. No comments are permitted lest anyone point this out.
        Shame on you, Mac Slavo. You’re giving the MSM bad guys fuel for their “fake news” charges. But I guess if it brings in revenue, it’s all good to you.

        • HMULLER, I posted this comment for Moe earlier and hopefully explains why such posts are published here:

          “I always mark such articles as ‘paid advertorials’ to ensure readers know it is a third-party promotion.

          The costs of running this website are actually quite high and require some power servers to support the visitor views and commenting areas. So, yes, we do run ads, including full advertorials to help cover costs like that as well as groceries 🙂

          I will make every effort to inform readers that it is an Advertisement when such an article runs on this site.



          • If you wouldn’t mind Mac, please give us the opportunity to comment on those paid advertisements. If given the chance, I’d warn our fellow prepper friends never to invest in a stock, (even precious metals ones) that was given out for free. Those stock advertisements are all too often put out at a specific time when the stock is ripe to go down due to profit taking sellers or a variety of other reasons. Then when the people who are rookies in stock investing go to sink their funds into these free advice companies, their money invested suddenly loses value quickly. Buyer beware for paid advertising of stocks folks..

          • “I always mark such articles as ‘paid advertorials’ to ensure readers know it is a third-party promotion.

            At the end of the article. Duped me twice. Pretty cheesy way to do it. Gonna bail again for a while. Later.

          • If you aren’t smart enough to recognize an ad when you see it, you will not make it through SHTF. Not being able to comment on that ad should be a clue.

            Running an Alt Media Site is expensive. SHTF PLAN should be a subscription site. I mean you get real analysis here, and valuable, unbiased info from some commenters with real knowledge. As with all info you must be smart enough to separate the wheat from the chaff. Otherwise you may as well be reading at CNN.

            Most info in articles on say, the WSJ, can be obtained from other news sources for free and they run ads there too.

            Your’re doing a great job Mac. 🙂

            • Thanks DK —

              Early on I considered a paywall/subscription type service, but honestly, it didn’t make sense to me to hide information behind something like that.

              I do try to alert readers on those advertorials — it’s noted at the top and bottom of the article.

              If our servers were free, it’d be a different story. But we have dual-hardware to ensure stability, DDOS protection services, backup services, etc etc… Plus various other costs you would never think even existed! It adds up QUICK! haha

          • Stop being nice to those a-holes Mac.

        • Thanks Capt. Obvious. we all understand how keeping a site up works. I myself like revenue as well. I wish I was like you and did not need or like money.

        • HMULLER, shame on you for your unjustified attack on Mac.

          • All good BH — We survive on ads and I am definitely good with letting people know how that works and why we need to do it.

            I realize it is an inconvenience for some, but I ask those who have issues with this to keep in mind that we have never had a paywall or charged for information. The ads can be skipped by those who are not interested, but I can say that a good number of our readers do find some of the products advertised here to be useful. That kind of helps everyone out – readers, customers, advertisers and us.

            We’ve got to put food on the table – and running a web site like this, where information is published on a daily basis is a full time job in terms of hours dedicated to the work.

            So, thanks to all of you who support our advertisers – most are small, US-based companies with innovative ideas, products and services.

            Thanks for always backing us up Brave.


            • Thank you Mac, for keeping this site free. I could not afford a paywall, so would be missing out on valuable info and cameraderie. Thanks to you and your lovely wife. 🙂

              • Thank YOU!

      14. The boys in the Tramp admin will pull a false flag and the war will begin and the American people will be the losers. BTW: all you Tramp voters, get ready to go to war.

        • As if we got the Butcher of Baghdad for our “fearless” leader
          That we somehow would be in a better position?

        • Bring it fuckwad

        • Darkwing,

          Go away.

        • we are

        • Darkwing –
          Doesn’t matter who is in the WH. When the hammer falls (Russia and US in a nuke interaction) it will happen.

          The PTB want a limited war with Russia. That is a given.

          They think it will remain limited. NOT. The purpose is 2 fold. 1) To bolster the western – US – economy – 2) to keep the non-western banking interests from usurping the western fiat currency scheme. Oh yeah… If a few hundred million people die if the plan goes haywire then the PTB have their asses covered.

          Remember that Russia do NOT want a war. HOWEVER, one step onto Russian sovereign territory and all bets are off. About 300-400 low yield (50 – 500 kiloton) warheads targeting the USA military and other strategic locations will occur. It will be a bad hair day (decade) for those of us in the northern hemisphere.

          Rural is good. A tank and a half of gas away from major metro areas is really good. (remember the rule of 3) People will be able to walk about 3 days before they can’t walk anymore(H2O and food). That take care of a whole bunch of survivors. Those w/ transportation that works will be the tank of gas folks. Then they will need food/H2O after they run out of gas.

          So the field gets limited quickly if you are already in the boondocks. However the remaining folks who make it to your “hideaway” community will be really motivated (read that as will kill you for food/water/the hell-of-it).

          So tell me about voting for Trump. Anyone who thinks that made a difference one way or another is an idiot. The train has already left the station so-to-speak.

          The PTB want a war with Russia, plain and simple. War is the great reorganizer. Think redistribution of wealth. Think sociopaths and worse. And there are many in power who actually believe that some of the population of the USA will be able to survive a limited nuclear conflict. That goes into the what-ever category.

          2 places to have a “bolt hole” 1) rural-planned hideout and within a reasonable distance of your specific city – so you can get there if you are still “making a living” in the urban areas (and drive like hell to get there before everyone else gets the idea it is “all over” real soon / OR 2) relocate to the southern hemisphere asap – preferably Chile for many reasons I will not go into here. (90% of the world’s land mass and population are in the northern hemisphere – Am I getting through to any of you? I hope so.)

          Have a great day!! And remember… that there may come a time when your next-door-neighbor starts looking at you like you are tomorrows dinner. 🙂

      15. Yea, Killiary was a much better option. They both suck. And America gets what it gets.

      16. I am afraid all of this is very true. A British general was blunt: he said awhile back this next war will be very violent and very fast. The casualty toll will be enormous. It won’t be the ‘dune coon’ wars we have been having for the past two decades.

        The problem is this: the ‘enemy’ in this future war is already operating at the next generation of warfare. This next generation of warfare is not about standard armies squaring off against each other. As an example, the Iraqis were still stuck in a 1960s Soviet fighting posture: that is why they fielded a lot of poorly trained troops with AKs, tanks and some SCUDS. This played to the US strength of air supremacy and they were picked off like flies. That war is like playing checkers. You just stomp on the pieces and the enemy is gone.

        Next generation warfare is very different. It is asymetric, it is about advanced and hypersonic missiles, it is about nukes, bio, chemical: whatever gets the job done. It is a no-holds-barred all-out fight with shit flying this way and that. There are no ‘frontlines’: your living room will literally be the frontline. The ‘enemy’ have pre-positioned assets in the West who will strike out when it kicks off.

        Another problem is this: it was gamed a long time ago to simultaneously take out China and Russia. The orthodoxy believes it can be done. In order to do that, they will need to overwhelm them with so much force, they will not have anything left to strike back, and if they do, it is taken down over – tah, dah!!! – Europe and Asia.

        Such a conflict will be absent everything we conventionally understand about wars and how they unfold. There will be no grim address to the nation; no draft card; no yellow ribbons tied to trees. There will be no time for such niceties. The elite will be the only people who will get a heads-up to get to the bunkers with the pre-selected government continuity civil servants and military. Everyone else is screwed and on their own.

        The civilian population is not prepared for this. Our race and ethnic mess will not handle such a severe event well. They know this. They have given up on most of the population: that’s why they couldn’t even be bothered to tell them where the shelters are or give them basic civil defence training. The only countries doing this right now are the ones who care about their race (the Japanese etc.).

        If you have a view, that view can only be for peace. Peace is the only chance we have to have a planet worth living on. We need to get the population down fast humanely using sterilization and Human Worth Equations that give us some easy hits on who will not be allowed to live anymore (thieves, thugs, morons etc.).

        • Well written, Frank, particularly about the asymmetric nature. Only objections I might make is that if it goes “full Monty” then we would see bio, chem, etc. However, I suspect it would stop short of that, as then we are to a MAD situation. They may THINK they can take out China and Russia, but “they” thought the war would be over by Christmas in 1914 as well. I realize some of these folks are crazy, but not all of them. Rather, I think they will try to keep a **bit** of a lid on this. The wild card, of course, is if NK has EMP abilities. And pre-positioned assets was also something to think about.

          Anyhow, even tho I don’t agree fully with everything, Frank, this was well written and presented. Thank you for that. I really appreciated your comment about “your living room being the front lines.” All these media-addled types will be SHOCKED when all that violence they love watching on TV actually becomes REAL. Kinda like the old Peter Sellers movie Being There.

          I will say though that I do not believe with your Malthusian assumptions. E.g. 40% of food produced in the US is thrown out according to one report. But that is another story for another time.

        • Your enemy is the neighbors who think you owe them a living and the cops who enforce the wealth confiscation

      17. Sorry, the Norks don’t have the capability to nuke the US.

        • Agree the NORKs likely do not have the ability to nuke US as they claim. But we do know they have launched two satellites that China helped them with about two years ago and they are positioned directly over USA every 30 minutes at 300 miles elevation. There is no way to verify if they are armed or just a scare tactic, that I am aware of. Beyond that they can do a lot of damage to SK in short order by various means. So this is a very serious puzzle. I think China will diffuse the matter since there is no possible winner and only losers. The loss of life in Korea in general would be massive and all because of another insane despot allowed to gain too much power and weapons of serious mass destruction. Prior admins have only placated the problem and kicked the can down the road to the present day. This has become one of the many “outlier events” I have mentioned many times. And there are many more out there as well. The current racial division in USA as well as general political division combined with the overall insolvency of our government are also factors in what see brewing today. When DT said recently that the world BHO and crew left him is in a huge mess, I imagine he was underestimating it a bit. I do not believe any of the parties actually want a war of this magnitude. But the components of it have been in place long before DT and crew came along and in numerous locations and events unfolding before us. All the while we see Comey, Clapper and other BHO regime criminals getting away with murder as they tell ever more lies and A Weiner walks freely even though there is a slam dunk case against him for many crimes. But That would expose Hillary and BHO and all their henchmen ? Truly a complex mess. BHO and crew have shown us all how seriously corrupted our government is and how easily it was all undermined. Now we can only wait and see what DT is all about. I am still in his camp, but observing all actions intently. I do not pretend to know how this will all play out. I doubt DT knows for sure. All I know is that I can only control myself and what I know is real and worthy of any effort. I seriously hope for the best on all fronts and would like to see some prosecutions take place to crystalize my support for DT and crew. The A Weiner thing shouts at me and raises many questions ?

      18. Mutually assured destruction, and then there is none.

      19. I see Mac sneaked in another “buy gold” ad disguised as an article.

        • I noticed that, too. How low will he go for revenue?

          • I”m really confused, Mo. As Mac notes, he marks them as paid. People are smart enough to understand Mac doesn’t have Geo. Soros’ money. If you don’t like it, just don’t read it. ALL of us live on the need for business go make sales, which includes advertising most of the time.

        • Moe – thanks for your feedback here. I always mark such articles as ‘paid advertorials’ to ensure readers know it is a third-party promotion.

          The costs of running this website are actually quite high and require some power servers to support the visitor views and commenting areas. So, yes, we do run ads, including full advertorials to help cover costs like that as well as groceries 🙂

          I will make every effort to inform readers that it is an Advertisement when such an article runs on this site.



        • Those articles that Mac has “sneaked” in help him to pay his way dumbo! They’re called advertorials and if the idiots who comment here don’t like ’em you can all send Mac $500.00 a year (by the sounds of it $500 would severely financially cripple most of you financial retards). So STFU thicko.

          It’s how capitalism works Mr Marx.

      20. Yes Frank, correct. Remember when right after 911 there was a very real threat (or so they told us) of small pox. And that was imperative that the population get inoculated (or a booster) for protection. An allocation of billions of dollars was appropriated to the CDC to get the millions of doses required, and it was thought in 3-6 months. Well….after weeks and weeks of the media going on and on about smallpox and the protection efforts, one day, it all literally disappeared from the news cycle. Not another whisper about small pox. Did the threat suddenly disappear? Did it turn out the threat was completely exadurrated? If so, what purpose? To frighten the US population to give up more freedom? Where did all the money go, or get spent on?
        Today we face existential threats from everywhere. One major threat is the grid. Its a very real possibility that it could be taken out. Why has our govt not allocated the funds to harden the grid against cyber attacks or an EMP? Why has our govt not devoted one thin dollar or even discuss civil defense.? Why are we not given potassium iodide pills in case of a dirty bomb, or nuclear accident/attack.? Why are we not told to be prepared for an emergency with food, water, medicine supplies, etc…we only hear of this from sites like SHTF or similar on-line sites. Nothing from the main stream news on preparedness for any kind of emergency…..
        I will tell you why: We’re being set up for extermination by the elites. They intend on surviving, and it can’t include us if they are to survive. They know whats coming. It will be a nuclear, biological, chemical and grid-down holocaust. 90% of us will have perished after the aftermath, and virtually all of them. They will then rule over us as lords & masters in a post-apocalypse world.!!!!!!

        • Same with Ebola: that was completely hyped and over-sold to grab cash. They knew full well it is a disease of poor hygiene and poor health and does not spread if the population is clean and has access to clean water and good food. But how many hundreds of millions did they raise and where did that money go?

          It is ‘racist’ to state the obvious: it is a disease of people with poor hygiene habits. Just as AIDS spread like wildfire with men who have anal sex with men.

      21. Sorry, just cant’ see it. Why would China go to war with us? To whom would they sell their merchandise? That would mean unemployed starving people. And Putin? He may be evil, but not stupid. He is richer than the Czars with the world they way it is. Why rock the boat? Now N.Korea is a different story. My guess is the worst is could do is to try a nuke to Japan and/or an EMP which will result in NK being left an asphalt parking lot by ??? Countries will protest, but secretly be glad. China will shoot the refugees from NK and eventually invade and SK will petition for a re-unification and rebuild NK. The war will be short, local and not a WWIII. The ripples on the world economy however could be a totally different story – uncertainty, fear, panic, falling Markets, people “hunkering” down resulting in failing businesses; riots in cities, etc. Still plenty of reasons to prepare.

        • Agree largely, but I am not sure there will actually be any real war. I see China as having the most at stake other than all of Korea, simply because of their long border with NK. The Russian border is mini in comparison and not well populated. I do not see any winner, only losers and the countries directly adjacent would be the biggest losers for many reasons. One good possibility that is never mentioned is the assasination of Kim Un and a coup. I find it hard to imagine the Chinese have not had spies in NK for a long while considering such events ? Especially considering there actions towards NK in the last year and their words ? We have seen a major change in attitudes and actions. My biggest concern is some sort of EMP, not nuclear or bio. And we have no idea how many whack jobs are already in place here in USA to cause all manner of harm in various ways. Can any of it get out of control ?

      22. There is a simple principle at work. The worst thing that can happen, or the best thing that can happen, neither almost never happens. Instead, something in between happens. Also, you think it will be sudden. It won’t be sudden. Small things will be tried first. This has already begun. It always fails. Then bigger things are tried. Those always fail too. Eventually, someone becomes determined, and the other person becomes desperate. That’s when things come to a head. The issue is decided by which one survives. That is the final action, and it always comes as the end, never as the beginning. So in this war, which is right now already going on, the end is yet to come, it will not be sudden, and it will not be as bad is possible. It’ll just be bad enough to accomplish its purpose, and that will be bad enough.

      23. It is good to remember that if things get really bad, all true morals derive exclusively from biological considerations.

      24. Commenters, what actions have you taken to protect your children? Yea talk is cheap, especially for dumbed-down Americans.

      25. For those of you interested, has potassium iodide and refurbs geiger counters. I use them, and they are really good. Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson Kearney is a classic, and FREE for download. Let’s hope it never comes to that, but really, if you can’t afford FREE, you have issues! Just google it. has it, for one. There is also a brilliant device called NukeAlert that just chirps with the rate of radiation. No calibration, no rocket science degree, etc. needed. Dr. Jane Orient who runs Doctors for Disaster Preparedness has done a lot with this. Again, just google it. I think they might be around $100 bucks maybe – can’t remember.

        Let’s hope and pray nothing happens. Generally, these things blow over (hence, the accusations of “doomer porn.” The issue is, things DO happen. July 28, 1914 happened against all the predictions that saner heads would prevail, and that, as Norman Angell wrote in 1909, in the Great Illusion, large wars were now obsolete. And golly gee whiz, it happened again in 1939. Maybe MAD will continue to work, although there are a NUMBER of close calls we had (e.g., google Stanislav Petrov, who stopped WWIII September 26, 1983 – VERY close call; there are a number of other similar incidents, including a Norwegian weather balloon incident that comes to mind, etc.)

        There was the Spanish flu outbreak in 1918 that was the end of the world for a lot of people – if Wikipedia is right, 500 million people across the world got it, resulting in the deaths of 50 to 100 million (three to five percent of the world’s population! In history, the Black Plague killed, if I recall, 1/3 or so of the European population. Or, financially, there was the Great Crash of 1929 that ended people’s economic lives.

        This whole “doomer porn” schtict has just enough truth about it to make it dangerous. Yes, most of the time in God’s prevenient grace, 95% of these things don’t happen. But we do live in a **fallen** world of tsunamis, of Sarajevo’s, of July 28th, 1914s, etc. You might call someone urging you to buy car or fire insurance for your house a “doomer porn” thing too. If so, suit yourself, don’t buy it.

        I don’t think Mac is saying everything he writes about is going to happen. We are NOT going to see EMP, a CME, the Cascadia fault, the derivative time bomb, WWIII etc. all start on July 5, 2017. Rather, I think this site is just functioning like an early warning system for stuff to be aware of. Then read it using your full filtering system as to what is valid, what is possible, what is not worth worrying about, and what is absurd (yes, Niburu has been finally found! It is hiding under my bed, in fact… should be arriving at your doorstep mañana, probably by Fedex)

        Personally, I prefer to be informed. And I do NOT trust the lying, leftist media. So this site is just part of what I use to try to keep abreast of things, then have fun posting my thoughts, and reading others here, such as KYM, Kev, Sarg, etc. Sometimes there are some real gems.

        I hope I die in my bed 50 years from now. I hope we all do. But if not, at least I have done my due diligence to be self reliant, which has INTRINSIC value in and of itself, and also which will allow me to help others who cannot help themselves (infants, elderly, mentally retarded, etc.). I intend – as the early Christians did in the plagues – to help, insofar as I can (obviously, I can’t feed the whole world, or even my whole neighborhood) those that are suffering through no choice of their own.

        • Nukepills is good too, they have the rad cards and the water bottles with radiological filter

        • Thanks TEST WELL SAID !!!!!!

          • Test, one of your best! Save it.

      26. Just think if we do go to war we will look back at today as the GOOD OLD DAYS!!!.

        As I’m typing I can hear in the distance the Illinois N.G. throwing rounds down range. I hear this all the time but lately its been more intense.

        I read most of the above, and it sounds like we here don’t want war, but if attacked we want to fight and win. One thing we are very good at is rebuilding. Just look at the nations we fought and won. We rebuilt them. The nation we have fought and keep fighting look like hell.


      27. I think if we have enough Aegis destroyers in the vicinity they could destroy most of the
        ballistic missiles launched. Cyber attacks will take down many as well. THAAD and Aegis
        destroyers combined make a formidable missile shield. Patriots would also take care of
        some. Not foolproof but enough to stop most of the threats. Japan also has warships with
        Aegis systems and they have Patriot batteries. North Koreas first order of business would be to hit the launch button and send every missile off. Same time they would launch every
        piece of artillery along the border. We would have missile defense spread out over the
        Pacific to defend Guam, Okinawa and Hawaii. Biggest threat would be something launched from a sub. Not too much time for intercept if that happens. Left coast cities would be in
        dire straits. Expect the navy to do round the clock Orion plane patrols searching for subs.
        Pentagon has been wargaming this out for many years. Hope they get it right or many good
        people will die.

      28. What is more likely is that all mediums are now concerned with keeping the American people in a perpetual state of fear. In the meantime, they concentrate on their studies in Science and Technology, and get the high paying jobs, or start businesses and get employees in other Countries. Americans are lied to constantly. I don’t pay attention to news. The alternate news sources are putting out more and more garbage. They want people away from TV and on computers and iPhones. It is making people dumb and dumber.


      29. There will be no world war III, but millions of people will die each decade to pad the bottom line of the top 1%. The status quo 1% that own 99% of the planet are not going to do anything to upset their assets. They will do things to upset YOURS.

      30. Mac, no problem with your advertisers. Russian dating sites, I find those funny. I was wondering about them. Make the money while you can. SHTF is just around the corner. As for the Russian women on that are looking for American husbands, I have to laugh. One guy I personally know who has a thing for Russian women just got wiped out of 55,000 from the first one, and another, he is busy paying all her bills. I don’t like Russians with muscles, not do I date their crappy women. The Russian women in Houston have approached me before trying to talk me up, and shit and I run them off. They are biggest pieces of using shit of any type of women. They have bad attitudes, are always broke and desperate, and have a constant sense of urgency. Of course I know why.

        Putin’s Garbage that he sends us in Houston:

        Rent: 1200
        Car note: 600
        Insurance 250
        Food and water:
        Clothes, etc: 3-500 a month.
        Cell 150
        water bill 25.00
        CC: pending 5,000 plus 25% interest, mimimum payment $850.
        Job: part time, working at restaurant in the galleria

        Total monthly liability cost to men. Estimated $3,000.

        I hear nothing but nightmare stores from men who have been married to them and gotten fucked over. Once of them tried to take control of one o my personal friends, he did not understand the financial threat. Being the ignorant idiot that he is, he was unaware of that financial threat to men by these Russian whores in this city. In fact once Russia invades, I hope the civilian population them a lesson on all fours. If I ever dated and eastern Euro, it would have to a Ukranian. Much better quality women In comparison to Russian garbage. Putin can fuck off and take his trash with him. We don’t need it here.

        Just saw and article about people running like hell from Chicago.


        Fuck Russia, china and the NWO. fuck them and fuck them for what they stand for and fuck them all.

        • HCKS:

          I know Russian women who are nothing like what you described. There is class and garbage in every Country. Ukrainian women, I agree, are fine.


        • HCKS – bet your on line buddy BoneXXX will love your comment – oh, nearly forgot, he’s you! So mark yourself as “liked”. You phony.

          Russian invasion? Yeah…dream on Mr Phony.

      31. Wait till today’s 20-somethings take over. They will get “your government” to kill you.

        • Bert:

          In France 44% of 18 to 24 year olds voted for Lapen.


          • Better to go with the globalist huh?

      32. The citizen will be the last to know? As in . In one hour all wealth will become nothing? Like a thief in the night? You wake up one mourning and all your heaped up wealth ( electronic digits in the bank are gone?) Reset? Depopulation? The burning of the Tares? No God wouldn’t do that. He did it to soddom and Gomorrah. And some say . Even so come soon. We need a reset . The smart virgins are ready. Start the fires!

      33. It blows my mind how naive grown men and women can actually be!!

      34. “And the trees are all kept equal
        By hatchet,
        And saw”

        -Rush, The Trees

      35. Well, it won’t be the first time we’ve had World war… but it probably will be the last. ;(

      36. The theater of war, nothing will happen there or here.

        this is a distraction from what is really coming, and it is worst then war.

        Total control over every aspect of your life, this will be used as an excuse to get you and the rest of the planet to drink the kool-aid.

      37. this is not ww111. this is sabre rattling and fear factor propagandizing. ww111 will start when iran threatens the eu, especially germany and germany blitzes them.

      38. Send a S.E.A.L. team in to end that fat boy !

        • No. Park a bunker buster between his ass cheeks.

      39. Get right with Father God……….NOW !

      40. Vendo chichonera a buen precio y regalo hamaca oscilante para que podais ver el fin del mundo con tranquilidad.

        • ?????????

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