Andrew Jackson, Who Fought Central Bank, Removed from $20 As “Public Concern for Liberty” Erased

by | Apr 19, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 88 comments

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    The War on Cash has many fronts.

    The latest battle is for the face of the currency itself, and the central bankers, who control the front anyway, have imposed a symbolic defeat against the leaders in America’s past who have fought against the stranglehold of the money makers.

    Naturally, there are liberal politics at play, fighting for every inch of ground in the war for ideological re-engineering. History is being whitewashed, various figures of antiquity rolling in their graves….

    At stake is a dispute for the powers of government even better than the more famous duel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton, of whom we also speak.

    The iconic $20 bill, with the face of President Andrew Jackson, and the $10 bill, with the face of the nation’s first Treasury Secretary, Alexander Hamilton, have long pitted two ideological extremes against each other as they pass along as some of the most used denominations in circulation.

    But now, the money powers at the Treasury Department have decided that it is time to add a woman’s face to the money supply as well.

    As such, the powers-that-bank have decided to oust Andrew Jackson from the line up, and with it, part of his legacy.

    It will be “removed in favor of a female representing the struggle for racial equality,” according to CNN, while an early proposal to remove Alexander Hamilton’s bill will be scrapped, though the proposal includes a redesign on the backs of his and several other notes with scenes from the Woman’s Suffrage Movement, Susan B. and all the gals.

    Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is expected to announce this week that Alexander Hamilton’s face will remain on the front of the $10 bill and a woman will replace Andrew Jackson on the face of the $20 bill, a senior government source told CNN on Saturday.

    Dramatically, it seems that there was a backlash to counter the coup against Hamilton, including support from former Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke:

    The decision to make the historic change at the expense of Hamilton drew angry rebukes from fans of the former Treasury Secretary. The pro-Hamilton movement gained steam after the smash success of the hip-hop Broadway musical about his life this year.

    Those pressures led Lew to determine that Hamilton should remain on the front of the bill.

    And there’s a reason for Bernanke’s bias towards Hamilton.

    Here’s the scoop from the Economic Policy Journal, who called it a “despicable decision”:

    It was Hamilton, who from the early days of the nation clamored for a central bank and a strong interventionist federal government.

    I have quoted Thomas DiLorenzo on the evil Hamilton before:

    Hamilton was a compulsive statist who wanted to bring the corrupt British mercantilist system — the very system the American Revolution was fought to escape from — to America. He fought fiercely for his program of corporate welfare, protectionist tariffs, public debt, pervasive taxation, and a central bank run by politicians and their appointees out of the nation’s capital….

    Hamilton complained to George Washington that “we need a government of more energy” and expressed disgust over “an excessive concern for liberty in public men”…

    The Philadelphie Federal Reserve publication. A History of Central Banking in America, reports:

    Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury, urged Congress to also assume the war debts of the individual states and then create a national bank to help refinance all these debts. Hamilton’s proposal faced major opposition. Critics said that Hamilton’s bank was unconstitutional, would be a monopoly, and would reduce the power of the states. Although Hamilton won, the bank’s charter was limited to 20 years.

    And that’s right where Andrew Jackson’s legacy with the banks picks up.

    With the charter of the first “Bank of the United States” ending, Jackson was determined to stop the charter of the second “Bank of the United States” and famously stated:

    “You are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout you out, and by the eternal God, I will rout you out.” (Andrew Jackson, to a delegation of bankers discussing the recharter of the Second Bank of the United States, 1832)

    President Jackson likened their agents to the hydra-beast, with its many heads, and even survived an assassination attempt, by staving off an attacker personally.


    The bankers, and the powerful families including the Rothschilds who supported it, wanted a “national bank” because they could load the board with “their” guys and outweigh the will of the people and the normal channels of government.


    Of course, the same exact state of affairs has been going on today for more than a century with the Federal Reserve, which is run by the successors to the same exact banking interests, including the still immensely-powerful Rothschild family.

    The struggle is depicted well in “The Money Masters,” which spans several centuries of history with the threat of banking powers over individual sovereignty in stark contrast. To be sure, there is an important and nefarious plot afoot to ensnare you, your family and everyone on the block with debt.

    There is a line, and you should figure out what side of it you’re going to be on.

    Jackson narrowly succeeded in staving off banker domination of the U.S. during his day.

    Of course, Andrew Jackson, who was the United States’ seventh president, was also a complete controversy his entire lifetime. It is no surprise that the same people who took down the Confederate flag from the South on the back of a mass shooting tragedy are now trying to tear down the image of a particularly controversial and intriguing figure from the American past.

    Jackson was a recalcitrant and unyielding general and war hero, and later an outsider riding a wave of populist support into the White House, bringing in sometimes unscrupulous companions, and plenty of Masons. Many of his backers were diametrically opposed to the entrenched power of New York bankers and speculators, as well as patrician politicians who dominated the first phase of politics in the nation’s history. Jackson played a nasty role in the Trail of Tears affairs with Indians, too, and with the South and Western expansion of slave-friendly territories. Many shades of grey.

    Meanwhile, behind the scenes in the founding days of this country, Alexander Hamilton, an advocate of strong central government, and maneuvered on behalf of his banker masters to collectivize the war debt from the states and create a central bank to control the financial strength of the country, and ingrain the early United States with the mindset of the British masters they had just fought to shake off.

    After the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, and the crisis and consolidation of wealth during the Great Depression, and ever since the 2008 economic collapse, the rule by bankers has become a foregone conclusion, though there will be more chances to shake off their yoke of control. (BitCoin is one possible avenue; Congressionally-controlled greenbacks another; gold and silver yet another…)

    Erasing Andrew Jackson from the faces of the fiat funny-money that is passed around by an increasingly ignorant and dependent society (which itself has adopted digital currency as the new norm) will further cut off the past from the masses, and ensure their enslavement.

    Read more:

    Americans Face Impoverishing War on Cash: “More Big Banks Are Shunning Cash”

    As Banks Seek Monopoly Over Economy, “Cash Is Being Gradually Taken Away”

    Action Star Jean-Claude Van Damme Calls Out Rockefeller/Rothschild Puppet Masters Who “Won’t Let Trump Win”

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      1. This is robbing People of History

        • I have never voted republican if my life (only voted once, actually)… but if its a choice between criminal cunt Killary and daffy Donald Trump… I will either vote for daffy trump or not vote at all.

          There is no way I will vote for an Oligarth. I figure the Clintons have stolen ENOUGH from the American people (through their deceptions, fraudulent acts, etc).

          On the other hand, if we have a choice between daffy trump and Sanders… I will vote for the democrat. Maybe. Or not at all. Sanders wants our guns. Otherwise, he is ok. Trump (a republican) will destroy what little is left of poor people’s lives (eliminate social security, etc.) Either way, we are all screwed.

          I had decided to vote democrat just to get back at some of you racist bigots… just for spite. YEAH, ANYTHING TO SPIT ON YOU. But if we lose our guns, we will all be in front of a firing squad, or in FEMA camps… hard choice. It is probably not up to us anyhow. Everything is rigged for the benefit of the mafia elite.

          • Not true on Sanders wanting your guns. Hillary has continually brow-beaten Sanders for standing with gun owners in Vermont, and using statistics against Vermont gun sellers as being the reason for crimes committed in NYC. Sanders is not an enemy of gun owners. Whether or not that matters for who to cast your vote for or not is up to you. Just wanted you to have the truth about Sanders and guns.

            • If you think a President Sanders will not do the bidding of the Democratic Party on gun control, you are being naïve.

            • What Sanders thinks about guns in Vermont and what he will think about them in Washington D.C., are two different things. No way he will fight his own party over gun control if he is elected.

            • Sanders ios a dyed in the wool socialist and only wants your money. Even if he wouldn’t take it directly, the proposals that he is making will tax it from you. You can’t follow an administration that added more budget debt in 8 years than in the entire previous 246 years and not make it worse with those kind of proposals. Cruz is at least wanting the gold standard back which makes the most sense for our country.

          • Or you could do like over 2 Million Americans did in the last election, and submit a write in vote for: JESUS CHRIST.
            2 Million people vote for a deceased man, and not a word of it in the news…Had 2 Million voted for Jimmy Hoffa, can you imagine the coverage?

            Anyway, you have no choice here as the two candidates are sucking from the same teet…And my candidate is the ONLY one who can fix these problems anyway.


          • Sonny, you gots ta stoppit with this racist stuff. It don’t help none at all, ‘cuz you only talking about less than 1/2 of 1% of Americans. If you wants ta rail aginst “racizm”, go to the ME or Japan, where nobody likes anybody!

        • This is the ONE Eyed ZOG trying to erase American History and our Culture. Every country in the World has kicked these Parasites out of their Country, mostly after it was already destroyed. Why these scumbags embrace the Fed or any Central NWO Banksters is surely Un-American and Unpatriotic. We need to cutoff the shackles these parasites have on us. Kick them and their phony fiat currency out of the country. Just start printing a new currency and void out the Old fake Worthless fiat dollar. Oh and that Nat Debt our country owes. That’s null and void as well This second. Loan Sharks need to be landed, stuffed and hung on a wall.


          • If it wasn’t against the law I’d suggest everyone start carrying a paper punch just to punch out her nose if they do this,

          • All for it!

        • He was also a genocidal psychopath, aside from his, ahem, admirable monetary views.

      2. I heard them say they are going to put a women who represents equality on the $20 bill. Is there still any question that commies are in charge? Why should they keep pussy footin’ around? Just put Karl Marx on the darn thing and get it over with. The only good one is a dead one.

        • “Why should they keep pussy footin’ around?”

          Why should they keep pussy around? There, fixed it.

      3. The liberals have always hated him.
        He set them back a few years.
        Every now and then, whether we deserve it or not, and usually do not, we get a President that has the Best Interest of the Nation at heart, and not his own personal profit.

        • All American currency has a US President on its face. The liberals have been on this woman bandwagon for a currency change for a long time …… in anticipation of Hillary’s occupation of the Oval Office.

          And then, of course, they will have to name an aircraft carrier after her; airports, public schools, and highways (obviously a toll road).

          I vote for Pocahontas, who saved the life of John (bad to the bone) Smith. 🙂

          • Seen a “Franklin”?

            • Or a Hamilton?

              • RC: You got me !!! 🙂

            • My BAD !!! 🙂

              • Well, if we have to have a woman on the currency, maybe we should go with a “Supreme” …. like Judge Judy !!! 🙂

                • They had to really dig to find a photo that angry to put on the bill.
                  If they wanted to put an American woman on the bill, we should have gotten to vote on it.
                  I will not accept any of them.
                  My first choice is Marilyn Monroe, she did more for men than anyone. My second is Katherine Hepburn a brilliant woman.
                  Jane Mansfield would work but the bill would have to be made larger.
                  If you needed a politically related one, how about martha Washington?
                  I could think of hundreds of better choices.

          • More likely a “Troll” road.

          • I vote for Alfred E. Newman. “What, Me Worry”

        • Same reason they fought tooth and nail to prevent a change to the Ronald Reagan 10c (dime)–instead of the “social reformer” FDR, he of the New Deal.

      4. put their liberal photo on a new $1000 bill we are going to need them…

        • $1000 bill, is that going to be the new 10 or is it the new dollar?

        • The new American Zimbabwe $100,000,000,000,000 note.

          It only costs 3 times that for a loaf of bread….

      5. He was no angel.

        • Jackson was absolutely the greatest President ever. He should be on Mount Rushmore.

      6. He hated the central banks and kicked them out, let them remove his face from the bill.

      7. How much longer are we going to allow this shit to continue. The cattle cars are already hooked up and waiting to be filled.

        • Infidel-2

          While I know who, I’d like to see loaded onto those cattle cars, just remember…

          “Meet the new boss,
          Same as the old boss.”


          “Won’t Get Fooled Again”

          We’ll be fighting in the streets
          With our children at our feet
          And the morals that they worship will be gone
          And the men who spurred us on
          Sit in judgement of all wrong
          They decide and the shotgun sings the song

          I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
          Take a bow for the new revolution
          Smile and grin at the change all around
          Pick up my guitar and play
          Just like yesterday
          Then I’ll get on my knees and pray
          We don’t get fooled again

          The change, it had to come
          We knew it all along
          We were liberated from the fold, that’s all
          And the world looks just the same
          And history ain’t changed
          ‘Cause the banners, they are flown in the next war

          I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
          Take a bow for the new revolution
          Smile and grin at the change all around
          Pick up my guitar and play
          Just like yesterday
          Then I’ll get on my knees and pray
          We don’t get fooled again
          No, no!

          I’ll move myself and my family aside
          If we happen to be left half alive
          I’ll get all my papers and smile at the sky
          Though I know that the hypnotized never lie
          Do ya?

          There’s nothing in the streets
          Looks any different to me
          And the slogans are replaced, by-the-bye
          And the parting on the left
          Are now parting on the right
          And the beards have all grown longer overnight

          I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
          Take a bow for the new revolution
          Smile and grin at the change all around
          Pick up my guitar and play
          Just like yesterday
          Then I’ll get on my knees and pray
          We don’t get fooled again
          Don’t get fooled again
          No, no!


          Meet the new boss
          Same as the old boss

          • Outstanding. Put that to Bluegrass Music, and you will have a hit I think.

            • It already is. The Who, 1971. won’t Get Fooled Again….I can hear the riffs in my head. classic..

      8. In all honesty the, “Trail Of Tears” certainly wasn’t a moral high water mark for Jackson or the USA but his fighting off a central bank was a terrific accomplishment. Regarding Jackson turning over in his grave I think he did that when his likeness was put on a Federal Reserve Note; he deserved gold coin.

        • Kevin2, while there were some atrocities on “Trail Of Tears”, the Indians weren’t exactly saints toward the white settlers. BTW, part of the original “Trail Of Tears” runs through my area.

          • The Trail of Tears specifically refers to the relocation of the Cherokee people. They were praised for being “civilized”, having developed their own system of writing and having changed their society to be more like the white man. That was all well and good until whites wanted their land. As far as it goes, yes, some tribes were very militant against the white settlers, but then again, if someone was coming in to steal your ancestral lands that your family had been on for generations, you would be too. Would you allow the Federal government to just come and steal your family farm just to give it to some corporation because the government likes the corporation better? Probably not. Would you trust the federal government when it broke treaties, covenants and promises at will, and gave you “gifts” of blankets laced with small pox to commit biological genocide against your people? Probably not. That is basically the way that native peoples saw the white settlers. I am not one of those people who say we should give the land back, but I am also not one of those who see the whites as always having been in the right. While our country was founded on the greatest of principles, all too often those principles have been tossed aside for political expediency. It was the same at the founding as it is today, only the issues have changed.

            • Just based on personal observation and study, the American Indians were Not some sort of Tree hugging Environmentalists. Usually just the opposite. When they ruined the ecology where they lived they moved on and polluted another area. Eventually returning where they started after the land recovered.
              That was their life.
              When they were limited to reservations, their mobility was restricted, and when they ruined their land, it was done.
              They waited for the US Government to keep their promises, which they never do.
              The Sanders and Clinton crowd would figure that out if they would study history a little.
              But they don’t so History repeats itself.
              Again and again.

            • Winston, “Our country was founded on the greatest of principles” because we copied the ways of the American Indians(leadership principles).

              Also, the white men who came here(psychopathic liars, completely untrustworthy and wanting to kill off any group of men who they were basically afraid of)… they came here, killing off the Indians and continued this same principle of deception, ruthlessness, murderous behavior today… doing it to other innocent people in other countries. And someday, when they realize they cant do it anymore, they will either resort to nuclear war (win at all costs!) or simply start slaughtering us American citizens here at home!! (Habits are hard to break)>

              • The POSITIVE principles of democracy were adopted by our forefathers from the American Indians. However, their innate, ignorant behavior (their habits of lies, greed, killing anyone unlike them, etc) they must have gotten from the Europeans– their native land.

                • The Indians would have done the same (probably worse) to Europe if they had been able. EVERY country is the product of conquest. If you believe in natural selection, the American Indian was selected for extinction.

                • Haters gotta hate!1

            • Andrew Jackson 1830 Indian Removal Act.

              At the beginning of the 1830s, nearly 125,000 Native Americans lived on millions of acres of land in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina and Florida–land their ancestors had occupied and cultivated for generations. By the end of the decade, very few natives remained anywhere in the southeastern United States. Working on behalf of white settlers who wanted to grow cotton on the Indians’ land, the federal government forced them to leave their homelands and walk thousands of miles to a specially designated “Indian territory” across the Mississippi River. This difficult and sometimes deadly journey is known as the Trail of Tears.

              Video of this:

              ~WWTI… I read the Book Trail of tears. Outright Genocide.. Forced Refugee..

          • Braveheart1776

            If the Indians were Saints it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. They got moved to undesirable areas and when gold was found they were moved again.

            In the end “Manifest Destiny” created a great nation but individuals and groups bore a lot of the burden often quite unfairly. Simultaneously a handful of robber barons capitalized upon these times and set the stage for their virtual omnipotent control.

        • Unfortunately, the yahoos that ran the Pet Banks or state banks were just as corrupt and nearly sank the economy

      9. Like we should GAF anymore

        why dont they just put a picture of an ass on there and get on with it

      10. This is an outrage that they would remove “Ol’ Hickory” from the $20 bill and put some commie/feminazi bimbo on it. Andy Jackson was one of the best Presidents this country ever had. He was a man of the people and was from my home state of TN, although originally from SC. During the American Revolution, as a kid in SC, he was kidnapped by the British and held as a prisoner for the rest of the war. He suffered terribly and saw a lot of others die while in captivity. He hated the British all his life afterward and had damn good reason to do so. He whipped the British at the Battle Of New Orleans in the War of 1812. As President, he shut down the Bank of the United States, the first central bank we ever had. He was smart enough the recognize the dangers of a central bank. Wish we had a leader/leaders like him today.

        • Correction. Jackson was born in Mecklenburg County, NC. He mistakenly thought his birthplace (the home of his aunt, Margaret McKemey) was on the SC side of the state line, but land records show that it was in NC. His mother moved the family to SC three weeks after he was born. Jackson said himself that he was born in the McKemey cabin, but always thought it was in SC. His opinion says SC, but the documents say NC.

          Just a little bit of history there. I have to stand up for my home state of NC. And I don’t care if Bruce Springsteen never appears here.

          ht tp://

      11. I wouldn’t have any problem with removing Hamilton since he was the only piece of trash among the Founding Fathers. He stood against everything that the other Founders and everyone else risked their lives for.

        • It was Hamilton who was an agent for the bankers and instrumental in creation of the First or Second National Bank of the United States, soon renamed in 1913 to Federal Reserve Bank

      12. No biggie.
        When it goes into circulation, refuse to use it. Since there is no gold backing the currency, it is only useful with people’s confidence in it. If we don’t use it, somebody will be eating the first (only) run.

        • here is the reason for my reply above

          the shit aint worth anything anyways, so why care

          all of history is being subjugated any fuckin ways

          and no i wont let go of my Confederate Flag either , you buncha fuckin hacks

          • Now lets watch the language. Sinking to their level does not help anyone.

            • You worry too much, Steve. Enemy is right. I bet you’re a yankee.

              • Hahahaha!

        • Many Indians out on Oklahoma refuse to accept a twenty because Andy jacksons picture is on it. And the have durn good reason

          • Having known many Indians in Oklahoma, I can say that you are full of crap. They accept any and all US currency just like anyone else.

      13. When Jonathan Petersen went to vote at Sunset Park’s Marien-Heim senior center polling station on 4th Avenue, he was shocked to see his deceased mother’s name above his.

        “All of a sudden, she’s on the voter rolls at my address, where she has never lived,” the shocked 63-year-old said. “I pointed it out to the woman and she wrote deceased next to her name. They didn’t even ask me to prove that she was dead.”

        Petersen said his mom, Helen, passed away in 2010 and hadn’t voted in more than a decade.

        anyone getting it yet?

        • enemy

          yes some of us get it

          like Chicago in the 60s and 70s how the heck did thousands of dead folks vote mayor (daily ? in )
          simple they didn’t he had the system rigged from the start

          how did some counties in eastern coat states vote 100% for Obama

          simple they didn’t the unions voted 3 and 4 times for him and used dead people too do it

          Just like in Nevada
          Las Vegas Obama’s second term and one women was caught voting over 20 times she was actually arrested at a casino gambling the money the union paid her to vote under 18 or 19 names

          she was caught because she used her own name twice is the story i was told BUT she did vote many times

          rigged voting is as old as it gets but its still the best way

          • Wrong!! Some precincts had 114% of voters vote for Michael’s boyfriend.

        • Somewhere, there’s a card-carrying member of BLM using this woman’s name to vote in multiple primaries, in multiple states, for Hitlary Cunton. Wouldn’t surprise me if she already “voted” in the NY primary before her son noticed her name registered to his address.

      14. Every president opposed to the Fed was assassinated and given a spot on a paper currency except Garfield who was on $1 gold coin. Only one president opposed to the fed escaped assasination, Andrew Jackson but an attempt was made on his life while in office

      15. Another example of slowly changing our history. Take down statues,rewrite the history books,put somebody else on the money……when does Obama replace Washington on the one?

        • I have a dollar with Obama’s picture on it, but the ink smeared so it is all dark, Printed in China I guess.

      16. The paper script describes this commie country. The ten federal reserve note is yellow. The benji has a black strip down the middle.

        The fiat paper is backed only by corrupt commie hacks and their commie lawyers.

        When is a sheriff, or somebody, gonna start shooting these pissants.

        Ain’t gonna be me, I’m in my hole running bullets and I ain’t got no powder.

      17. The Marxist so called elites are snakes and thieves. Andrew Jackson had the kind of courage everyone of us are developing. Every day we get smarter. Every day we learn more about the treachery of those cowards who are desperately attempting to hold on to the reigns of power. This time with their greedy hearts set on world domination and the enslavement of all the world under their control, the NWO has left them no where to run. They have been found out and kicked out of every country that allowed them entry. This time is different. This time is the showdown between good and evil. Evil in the ancient books is described as demons, Devils, and evil spirits. Evil is the destructive force inherent in every human being. Good and evil is the battle within each of us. The forces of the Universe, Angels and Devils will battle. If the PTB can not recognize the evil within themselves and repent, change course, they will be destroyed by the Superior Energy of the Almighty’s Dollar.

      18. I have never voted republican if my life (only voted once, actually)… but if its a choice between criminal cunt Killary and daffy Donald Trump… I will either vote for daffy trump or not vote at all.

        There is no way I will vote for an Oligarth. I figure the Clintons have stolen ENOUGH from the American people (through their deceptions, fraudulent acts, etc).

        On the other hand, if we have a choice between daffy trump and Sanders… I will vote for the democrat. Maybe. Or not at all. Sanders wants our guns. Otherwise, he is ok. Trump (a republican) will destroy what little is left of poor people’s lives (eliminate social security, etc.) Either way, we are all screwed.

        I had decided to vote democrat just to get back at some of you racist bigots… just for spite. YEAH, ANYTHING TO SPIT ON YOU. But if we lose our guns, we will all be in front of a firing squad, or in FEMA camps… hard choice. It is probably not up to us anyhow. Everything is rigged for the benefit of the mafia elite

        • Trump said he would not take Social Security from the old people who paid into it all their working lives.

          Sanders is a committed avowed Communist and Zionist.

          As for cutting off your nose to spite your face, you show remarkable good sense in realizing the foolishness of such immature decisions.

          As for the racists here. It’s not these racists you need to worry about. It’s the wolves in sheep’s clothing that are the danger to all of us.

          • Racist! You on some type of crusade?

        • Yes, I am voting for Hillary too. With Eyes WIDE OPEN.
          I don’t care. If you have to figure out which bullet goes to what weapon. TSCH.

      19. Never going to happen. There won’t be paper money in 15 years. Next.

      20. Im glad they removed that back stabbing a hole from the twenty. For their service in the war of 1812 ole andy gave the white men land grants. The five civilized tribes also fought in the war of 1812. ole Andy for their service took all their land away from them and marched them on the trail of tears to Oklahoma. Even though the supreme court ruled against the removal. His being taken from the twenty will make my part Cherokee & Chocktaw wife very happy. He was just as crooked of politician as those we have today.

      21. “when they print a woman on it, folks will realize how worthless it really is.”… said some famous guy a long time ago

      22. Alexander Hamilton can be said to be the father of the big business empire of today. It existed back then. The Patriots of the would-be American Revolution fought and died to get rid of it but, Hamilton’s Federalist ilk undid the (First) Revolution by getting his dastardly U.S. Constitution adopted out of order by a Convention called to only consider AMENDMENTS to the existing Articles of Confederation–Articles in which the several United States were still “free and independent States” as Declared by them to be written for them by Jefferson, merely freely and voluntarily allied as a Union of States for common defense.

        Though the subsequent Bill of Rights truthfully AMENDED Hamilton’s “supreme law of the land” Constitution to undo the federal supremacy so touted today by big government and big business, Hamilton and those under his Federalist spell ignored the Bill of Rights and further drove nails in the coffin of the Revolution by exercising the rogue, pre-Bill of Rights provision of government-commanded Militia, a provision inserted by his Federalists no doubt to prevent a recurrence of the popular Shay’s Rebellion, which indeed re-occurred with the Whiskey Rebellion of Washington’s own Revolutionary veterans against Hamilton’s ominous new tax on their livelihoods–a “rebellion” (exercise of rights) that was squelched by General Washington, as President, with his pre-Bill of Rights Federalist provision of him being “Commander in Chief of the Militia”, at Hamilton’s behest, to uphold his new Federalist imperial government. The (First) Revolution was thus dead. King George III’s empire had been replaced by that of big business’ Federalists (now known as “Republicans”–though the “Democrats” are only the flip side of the same coin and NOT the Anti-Federalists of Patriot Aaron Burr).

        Jackson was no saint himself, however. To the Cherokee, the Chickasaw, the Choctaw, the Creek, and the Seminole, Jackson was a true American Hitler.

        The original provision that “a depiction of Liberty” be featured on the reverse of COINAGE (with “bills of credit”–paper money– being regarded as being essentially counterfeit “money”, a position essentially championed by Jackson) meant that a DEPICTION (a fanciful rendering) of the concept of Liberty should be depicted–NOT that any far inadequate mortal politician should be construed as that depiction. To put Presidents’ faces on U.S. money smacks appalingly of despotic European and other Old World practices.

      23. Who cares! It’s not our money anyways. The foreign banksters own it.

      24. Not only do they want to get rid of Andrew Jackson’s face on the $20 bill because he was for limited governmental power and being more importantly conservative, the $20 bill is more prevalent than the $10 bill. This is nothing more than a continued erosion of the constitution. I for one will make sure I get a couple of newer $20 Jackson bills so that I might have them to show to my grand-kids what the country was like before. I wonder if the new female image will be of Caitlyn? Now excuse me while I go throw up.

      25. It won’t matter who’s on what dollar denomination, it will be inflated beyond hope and be as worthless as million $ Zimbabwe note.

        In other news, US Marshals have arrested Obama and Michael on charges of treason and supporting worldwide terror acts.
        Oh, sorry, I dreamed that. Carry on.
        Must have been the cigar I smoked last night, a Man of War brand called “RUINATION”. Ruin nation, has a nice ring to it.

      26. If they had someone already who has done so much for our country that they want to memorialize them is one thing.

        But to basically say we are replacing Jackson with a black female, we don’t know who yet, but as long as its not a white guy we’re happy, is racist BS.

      27. In Revelations Y’shua Mashiach shows John the Beast and its number: 600, 60, and 6. He states, “It is a human number.” Meaning it is made up of people or persons. 600= Congress, POTUS; Pres, V.P., Sec of Defense, Sec of State, Sec of Treasury, A.G., SCOTUS, and 50 A.G.’s; 60= Fed Reserve’s 12 District Synagogues of Satan and their CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, and Secretary; 6= comcast, disney, time warner, news corp, cbs, and viacom. Only after SCOTUS declared in writing that corporations are people did the False Prophet/MLM become embodied and a person to fit the number as a “human number”. Let them who have wisdom understand.

        Science has proven every sin we commit is registered as a stripe on our RNA (The Book of Life). “I am in you.” He is the original Word or RNA Code of life and all beings have come through Him. We are shown through the Gospel that the Word could command DNA to, “Arise!” and repair itself and rebuild the ladder of Jacob to restore what was damaged through lawless living to functional again; blind seeing, deaf hearing, maimed walking, and diseased healthy. For those who accept through faith that the Word of our Creator is alive and waiting to reign finish your race and wrap yourself in the Rib-bon of Grace. Do not let your love grow cold as lawlessness rears its serpent head. Matthew 24 is a testament to the time we find ourselves viewing.

      28. I will refuse to accept the $20 as payment or when change is given to me. I will demand $50’s, $10’s and $5’s

      29. Ok this country is being colonized by un welcome invading immigrants who are very different from the so called middle class. And when they get the majority . The will want the land that others have. The will demand Manifest Destiny! Sound familiar? and when they kick you off your property and make you relocate to some almost worthless place. You will have Andy Jackson to thank. He set the precedent. He violated the 5th admendment. Failed to obey a ruling by the supreme court. He should have been shot for treason. I bet he was killed by friendly fire. There where several members of the five civilized tribes who where fighting in the civil war. Quite a few where in Albert Pikes Regiment. Good grief stop putting worthless folks up on pedestals. They are all flawed & the winners get to tell their lies and youall believe them?

      30. Why not just stick a monkey on it, and be done with it? Its all crap anyway.

      31. wasntme says:
        Comment ID: 3552899
        April 20, 2016 at 8:33 am

        But to basically say we are replacing Jackson with a black female, we don’t know who yet, but as long as its not a white guy we’re happy, is racist BS.


        Well Harriet Tubman could be put on the new $10.00 as she could be the patron saint of: EBT,Head Start Programs, Section 8 Housing, Earned Income Credit, AFDC, WIC Checks,Affirmative Action,Phony SSI Disability claims,TANF, Racial Quotas in Hiring,……………

        • Instead of messing up a perfectly good bill, they should have introduced another one. Like a $4 bill.
          Then I wont have to reject the new 20’s and it will die the same death Susan Anthony’s dollar did.

          • They wanted it on the $20 so you couldn’t reject a new $25 or $40 bill, just to force us to take it.

      32. Jackson’s face on money has been an affront to native Americans since 1869. I’m offended too and I do not offend easily.

        I find the whole “But…. Who would we replace him with?” let’s delay while we figure this out issue contrived and offensive too, as if Tubman or Anthony or anyone deserves to be compared to this man. For all I care leave the space blank, or put the happy face (Billy McBillface) on it.

        It is every bit as surreal as… after heated debate, imagine that Germany finally decided to remove Hitler from the Deutsche Mark in 2016.

        He deserves to be in the history books, both the good and the bad. And anyone has a perfect right to put his portrait on the Dixie flag they have every right to fly. But federal money is common space and there are better candidates, like blank.

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