And the Cancellations Begin… As Team Hillary Tries to “Contain the Severity of the Fallout”

by | Sep 12, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 73 comments

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    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.

    Editor’s Comment: As Hillary’s campaign team figures out how to make lemonade out of the stunning demonstration of her frail health at the 9/11 memorial, she is understandably taking a few days off of the campaign. But she will have to explain it somehow, though quick denial is the typical dealing. She will also have to take the further hit on her campaign and her unpopular persona as a candidate – on top of an overwhelming sentiment among likely voters of all stripes that Hillary is “untrustworthy” and “unlikeable,” she will also be seen as unfit for office… and with good justification.

    Now Hillary is resorting to teleconferencing with donors and skipping out on campaign events (or maybe its just a good excuse send attendance has been dismal). Her future in this race is uncertain, but she may well become unelectable.

    Hillary Cancels California Trip; Will Appear At Fundraiser Via Teleconference

    by Tyler Durden

    On Friday night, roughly at the same time as the sick Hillary Clinton was attending a Barbra Streisand fundraiser focusing on LGBT issue where she unleashed her condemnation of the “basket of deplorables” aka Trump supporters, she – allegedly – was aware that she had pneumonia, at least according to the latest hastily scripted narrative by the Clinton campaign. Two days later, she infamously fainted during a Sept 11 events in downtown New York, however she assured the media that she was ok, while the sick, and perhaps contagious, presidential candidate took the opportunity for another photo op with a young girl.

    But while Clinton’s previously diagnosed pneumonia was not a reason for Hillary to miss the Friday fundraiser, it appears that the severe deterioration in her health yesterday has been sufficient to force the Democratic presidential candidate to cancel a campaign trip to California. Hillary was due to leave for California on Monday morning for a two-day trip that included fundraisers, a speech on the economy, and an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

    This will not happen:

    Clinton’s personal physician, Dr Lisa Bardack, said: “Secretary Clinton has been experiencing a cough related to allergies. On Friday, during follow-up evaluation of her prolonged cough, she was diagnosed with pneumonia. She was put on antibiotics, and advised to rest and modify her schedule.”

    Yet even as Clinton’s health has deteriorated so substantially that the WaPo’s Chris Cilizza became the laughing stock of the “objective journalism” world with his epic flop flop profiled previously…

    … the Clinton campaign was doing everything in its power to contain the severity of the fallout. Her team said she is suffering with “walking pneumonia” – a less serious type of the lung infection which leaves patients feeling unwell but doesn’t usually require bed rest or hospitalisation. Pneumonia is essentially an infection of the lungs which causes inflammation in the air sacs and fills them with fluid. Symptoms can include a cough, fever, fatigue, chills and shortness of breath.

    Anyone can contract pneumonia, although smokers, older people, and sufferers of chronic lung diseases are at increased risk. There are two types – bacterial or viral. Bacterial pneumonia is common and easily treated with antibiotics. Most people with so-called “walking pneumonia” can recover within a few days. Those with weak immune systems or existing conditions can take weeks to recover, and pneumonia can in some cases be fatal.

    So as of this moment Hillary is caught between a rock and a hard place: she is clearly not healthy, and is now afraid to make public appearances, yet on the other hand she can’t demonstrate to the world just how truly unwell she is (one wonders if there is a way to test and verify Bardack’s claim that she even has pneumonia) and has had to tone down the excuse she urgently came up with.

    Which begs the question: while Hillary will be delighted to avoid public gatherings and, perhaps, the upcoming debates with Trump, she still needs to show herself at the all important fundraisers: how will she do that? We now know the answer.

    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.


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      1. Hillary is canceled. Let the witch die and go to hell.

        • Who fookin cares? Its all just a stupid moronic puppet show. Might as well watch idiotball. Your next pres has been SELECTED a long time ago. WAKE UP!

          • I’m glad someone gets it….

        • No need to call for that. I wish for none to end up in hell. Let her just go away.

          • I am reminded of an old joke; cut to the minimum; the wife says to the Dr.: “Remember when you told my husband it was all in his head, he just thought he was sick?” “Well now he thinks he’s dead.”

        • The thought flashed through my mind the other day that maybe this whole ‘Hillary is sick’ thing might possibly be a farce, just an act – with the objective of her finding a way to say she’s too ‘sick’ to do the debates with Trump.

          Or, at a minimum – she is having some health issues, but due to her fear of being eviscerated by Trump on national TV, she and her staff figure they should drastically exaggerate just how sick she is, so they will have an excuse to pull her out of the debates.

          I’ve watched these Clintons with a seething hatred ever since they appeared on the national scene – and if there is one thing you can say about these sleazy bastards – its that they are capable of pulling every dirty, underhanded, devious and conniving trick in the book.

          In fact, if someone were asked to flip a coin to decide whether the most criminally corrupt and sleazy family in the USA were the Clintons or the Bushes, I’d bet the coin would land on it’s edge – because both of them are equivalent.

          Both families were born under the same outhouse.

        • will be tough going when she arrives at the Pearly Gates; will probably try her “I have no recollections of how I lived my life and what does it matter anyhow…”

      2. Whats up with September 14 2016 at 4pm???

          • Don’t count Hillary Out just yet. I don’t like to make fun of peoples illness, but even if they had an open casket, Women, Blacks, Union People and Young People would still vote for Hillary. Trekker Out. Sad But True!

            • They can vote all they want but I smell someone is dying.

              • Stolz, let’s hope the bitch and her husband along with their ‘money changer’ masters are about to die.

          • Yes i know Liza Haven and she calls the end of the world about five times a week as if she does not have anything better to do.

            Lucky husband, only moments left to live ever other day so what should we do she asks and then bang, bang they go.

          • Is that 4pm Australia time which is about 12 hours away or is it 4pm tomorrow/yesterday in American time??

      3. Godsoldier, good question. Another date-setter is going to get egg on his face.

      4. This entire farcical health issue would be comedic if not for the fact that she’s trying to become the most powerful person on the planet.

      5. Fifty seven more days.


        Only few protestors and they are on the side roads.. no problem. Police, of course, blocking off the roads but no problems, outcries or anything… just cool!

      7. .
        “IF this is contagious”

        If this is contagious, appearing in public with throngs of people around could cause a pandemic. Could even be agenda 21. “Wow, I wish I had thought of that”, said Bill Gates. “Me too, replied Ted Turner”.



      8. OOps! Mispelled my name…


        Only few protestors and they are on the side roads.. no problem. Police, of course, blocking off the roads but no problems, outcries or anything… just cool!

      9. Why dont this leftist POS just go crawl in a hole somewhere and die already ?

      10. Watch. Come November the election/selection process will be cancelled/postponed because of her health. That’s what I think all of this is leading up to. A stall tactic. This way the Monkey remains in the White House until her health conditions clear up and it’s “on with the show.”

      11. She turns 69 next month. If selected by tptb she will turn 70 in her first year of the presidency. Even if she wasn’t morally bankrupt, corrupt, dishonest, self-serving and lazy as all hell, 70 is too old for that job. Some jobs no, that job yes. Same for Trump…. too old and neither will be able to finish their term without screwing up really bad and blame-shifting and passing the buck.

        • old age is merely a state of mind

          my parents are both well into their 80’s
          and are currently touring the country on this’

          h tp://

          • Yeah, but your 85 yr old parents aren’t running for the most demanding, powerful position in the WORLD!!! Satori. Get a grip. TOURING the country versus RUNNING the country — TWO DIFFERENT THINGS! I said, “Some jobs no, that job yes.”

          • Satori:

            “Age is only a state of mind.”

            If only it were true. But it isn’t, and you know it. Sooner or later our bodies wear out. Sure there are people who remain energetic and sharp as a tack right up to a few weeks or months before dying. But so far as I know no one has cheated the grim reaper as yet. Maybe you will be the first.


            • gotta disagree

              apparently we just have different family values
              and different ways of living life

              and death is part of life
              no cheating needed
              “death” is MERELY a change in the state of matter
              it is not to be feared or “cheated”

              live everyday as if it may be your last
              (because it might)

              • Hows that new strain of the avian flu,,
                Spreading human to human

        • Jules, Ronald Reagan was 69 years old in his first year in the WH and served both terms. he was in excellent health. Trump is in excellent health. He’s campaigning hard every day. He’s like the energizer bunny; just keeps going, going, going…..

        • My Great Grandfather remarried at 80 and fathered 4 more children. He died at 104. Children (and Donald has a gaggle) keep you young and healthy because you have a stake in their future if you are the parent God intended you to be. DJT has heaps of Life experience – Clinton has none other than to indulge herself without any conscience and her crimes have finally caught up with her.

        • Moses was 80 when he led a hoard through the desert.

      12. Next time she shits she can wipe her ass with that kill list.

      13. If – if I were a donor of big $$$ to Illary’s camp-I’d withdraw the pledge of support-she either shows up or no $$$. I’d want my money’s worth-not some “Max Headroom” wannabe showing up.
        Just sayin’. ?

      14. I prayed to God Hillary would get “all that she deserved”. Gee, I thought that would be good stuff. Maybe, I better quit?!

      15. Hillarys’ team lost no time in using Hillarys’ DOUBLE. When she collapsed and thirty minutes later they had her double hugging a little girl in front of her daughters apartment. Hillary’s team are masters of deception. They didn’t let the cameras too close this time. When they do look closely and you can see the differences between Hillary and her double.

        • sw…more telling is the fact that there was not a single secret service agent our even a private bodyguard in sight or reach of her…that’s the real story in that video footage and not a word of it from any news source…

      16. One thing about the Clintons they are very good at getting elected. Those sheeple who support them wear blinders. What Is obvious to most of us (basket of deplorable,s ) they cant even see. I hope that its truly the end of the road for the Clinton political fiasco.

        • Look up Nicholas Romanov II and Alexandra, because that’s probably what it’s going to take to get the job of eradicating the Clinton political dynasty done. When you think about it, these two corrupt dynasties are a fairly good comparison, with Soros filling Rasputin’s shoes.

        • Old Guy, those sheeple are libturds. That says it all. I’m also one of those ‘deplorables’ the commie bitch mentioned. I love my country, my people, culture, heritage, etc. I’m against illegal immigration, losers from any ethnic group sponging off working people’s tax money, out of control and irresponsible govt. actions, any ethnic groups getting better treatment than white people get, etc. If that makes me racist, sexist, xenophobic, islamophobic, etc. then so be it. I’ll wear the badge with pride and honor.

          • Braveheart 1776, I like your post. I am 75 this fall. I quit work when I was 73. I collected unemployment once in my life time. I still work physically, just a different direction. Still hunt, still fish. I am an American, a et, did not retire but I did serve my country. I have seven Grand Kids. Love them all.
            Had some hard times in my life that I did not cause. Not complaining though, that was just life. I certainly can not vote Hillary. I will vote Trump. He at least is not on the take like the Establishment Republicans, the Democrat Leadership, and the Obama administration, and Obama are. I started out as a Democrat, then along came Sen. Fulbright, Democrat , who caused all the Boat people. I did not vote again until Reagan, I voted for him. After Reagan, I did not vote except as a Independent and I till vote that way. O voted Ross Perot twice and Nader once. Could not stomach either bush, Clinton was to corrupt. Now what I see are traitors in power that want one world Government. I watch foreign news, not much from here in America. Even Rupert , the CEO at Fox is in the One world government bunch. I have studied and read the Bible since 1969 and Hal Lindsay came out with his first book. The Late Great Planet Earth. Most all the predictions have come true already. I wrote and published my first book, and I am now working o my second book. Rather than bore yo, I will close. But I did agree with and like your post. Thank you.

      17. Make way for Uncle Joe standing in the wings and ready to go. Biden/Kaine! They will argue that he in the only one with the kind of experience necessary for the presidency.

        GOD help us all!

      18. So we got this count down to sept 14 2016 4pm now thats what time the stock market closes then we got the guy who says sept 30 2016 total economic collaps so does it like start on the 14th and goes down hill till the end on the long will a keg of beer stay good if kept cool like a crawl space

        • Not long if you use a cheap pump tap!9

        • Godsoldier, those clowns will get egg on their faces. Date-setters always do.

          • and if it does come true , no one will be around to say I told you so, to anyways

            its pointless

        • Humboldt Free Admission Day – September 14, 2016

          Free admission Wed. Sep. 14 2016 to celebrate the 247th birthday of the naturalist explorer Alexander von Humboldt.

          There ya go. All very benign. A day to enjoy. See y’all there.

        • This is a link to an interview with Bill Holter…

          He is predicting that the Special Drawing Rights through the IMF, and China’s involvement, will in effect cause the dollar to be eventually replaced by the SDR. My take is that he should have given the date and time to be the beginning of the decline of the dollar, but how many events can be put in the same category? Good reference to an event to keep on our radar, but like many other news sources, too much sensationalism. Just like King World News starting every article with ‘Industry Legend Reveals…’
          I’m reading cautiously, and praying fervently!
          Blessings to all.

      19. On another front a mysterious untraceable company has bought the rights to the video of Hillary nearly falling on her face on 9-11. It is vanishing from the web as we speak!

        • to late…i got my copy and piss on the tard company that says they now own it…they can pry it from my cold dead hand lol!

      20. It’s all a show like most things these days, just away to divide and conquer. These people are evil not stupid.

      21. “Anyone can contract pneumonia, although smokers, older people, and sufferers of chronic lung diseases are at increased risk…”

        I understand medical research has confirmed chronic LYING is also a significant contributing factor. That depends on what the meaning of “is” is, of course.

      22. Put her on Obamacare. Make her wait in lines like the rest of us poor unwashed masses here in flyover country. That will end her campaign in a jiffy.

      23. She may well “become” unelecta… ?

        ah right. FSA.

      24. Maybe this is”Robot Hillary” and short circuited or something. Makes you wonder.

      25. First the Brownshirt leftists and gays Nazis came for the florists and I said nothing. Then they came for the bakers and the B&B owners, and I again said nothing. Then they came for the photographers, and I still said nothing. Finally they came for me, and there was no one left to speak.
        – What Martin Niemoller might have said if he were alive today.

        Cited from

        For many, this bathroom debate is one that has grown stale. Who is not tired of hearing/talking about which bathroom which person is allowed to use? Everyone is sick to death over the fact that this is a real issue in our country. But, it cannot be ignored, because as we have seen, there are enormous consequences at stake.
        As I reported, there is a law which was passed in Idaho, which may cause legal problems for churches. The reason is the law’s ambiguity. It is not clear what is or will be considered a secular event. If an event is so called at the church building the church would face fines and possibly prison time for not having gender neutral facilities.

        And now the same thing is happening in Massachusetts. Fox reports: Churches in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts have grave concerns about a new anti-discrimination law that could force congregations to accommodate the transgender community – under the threat of fines and jail time. The law, which goes into effect in October, does not specifically mention churches or other houses of worship. However, the attorney general, along with the government commission assigned to enforce the law, have a different point of view.
        What is worse is that the attorney general and the Nazi organization formed to enforce these new laws will not clarify how the law will be enforced. They have basically left it up to interpretation, even though they will not make clear who it is that is doing the interpretation.
        Fox continues: The Massachusetts Family Institute has launched a petition drive to repeal the law – warning that pastors and parishioners could find themselves in serious legal trouble.

        “The law bootstraps the idea of gender identity onto existing Civil Rights laws,” MFI president Andrew Beckwith tells me. “Even having a sign in your church that says “This Bathroom is for Biological Women Only” *****could subject the pastor of the church to up to 30 days in jail.”*****

      26. Why are all pictures of Hillary when she is ‘healthy’ always blurry and at low resolution and long distance? Modern cameras are better than that.

        Also, allergy and pneumonia just don’t explain her symptoms to me.

        There is a lot left out of the answers being given, and none of the proposed answers are acceptable.

      27. Election’s over, Madame Mao and her handlers, along with the propaganda lamestream press, and the Hilbot libtards can think what they will, however she is now unelectable.

        This is political fact folks.

        Nobody is going to vote for Wknd at Hitlerys — a weak prop who projects no strength. First thing people want is a sense of safety. Woman will be on life support and possibly be deceased in 2 months by running herself ragged trying to cross the finish line with impossible expectations, immense pressure from her blood money donors and her psychopathic ego for what she arrogantly believes is “owed” to her when she gets squat. They tried to hide her illness, rolled the dice and failed. Keep the hag on ice so President Trump can prosecute this criminal.

      28. Ok that certianly wasn’t old haggy hellery that emerged from her daughters apartment on the 11th. It was her double. younger much lighter not as fat or not as tall a woman. And where where her handlers & secret service? Yea right some little niglet was allowed by the secret service to run up to her? The Bald black Guy with the injection who is always within a step of her wasn’t there? Rumors are she croaked or is in really bad shape. No one was allowed to follow her from the 911 memorial so the switch to her Doppleganger was easy.

        • Hey Old Guy you can be sure that someone or someones know.It’s NYC right,there are cameras everywhere (cell phones, handhelds and most importantly surveillance cameras). Think about this,Hillary leaves the 911 memorial and travels to “her daughters apt.” Now go to google earth (or something similar),there are only so many routes that the motorcade could have taken. NYC is to big to shut down all the roads so with some digging (especially post event i.e. twater,bookface foogle)you should be able to find which roads were taken. Every camera along the way should have images of that motorcade. I guarantee you that dozens if not hundreds of images of the motorcade .Imagine how many hundreds of NYC zombies were just walking around in that area taking pic and videos of themselves when all of the sudden here comes lights flashing, cars speeding and out jumps large men shouting at everyone. Like I said tons of pics and videos abound. The question is will they be able to suppress them all?

          • Google earth isn’t in real time. the ariel image of my place is several years old. yes its possible that the van might be tracked? but I don’t think they took Hillary to her daughters apt. They likely have more than one double. Most presidents had doubles. They simply had a double in the wings. Took the double to Chelseas Apt. Did the makeup clothes and briefing. Hillary carried her purse on the opposite shoulder from the double that emerged from the Apt. and petted the niglet. Lots of little things that by themselves are trivial. But put them together and its obvious it,s a double. My wife quickly stated it was a double. She noticed the purse.

            • Old Guy I understand that google isn’t in real time,I meant just use it is one would use a map(few young people own maps). As to tracking the van-every camera on every building along the route will have an image. As far as I can tell there is only one black Hillary van. Unlike when POTUS travels in the multiple look-a-like limo motorcade with the many black suv’s . We all saw her bloated body drug into the van (head stiff;slightly back , shoulders semi rigid, bottom half of body totally limp) in the original video.
              Also lets assume something really bad did happen to Hillary at that event and there is a make shift hospital unit in her demon spawns apt. where she received/is receiving treatment. Ok so they decide to roll out the body double for a photo op, well that still leaves the real Hillary in the apt. Sooner or later she must leave the apt,now if she is full on incapacitated or something similar how do they remove her body from the apt incognito while still maintaining a secure scene. Remember (while in the public) IN NYC YOU ARE BEING FILMED BY SOMEONE OR SOMETHING AT ALL TIMES !!! As I stated in the post above photos and videos (possibly unbeknownst to actual film taker at this time) already exist,it’s only a matter of time before a few will surface. Though personally I would not want to have a copy of a Clinton crime family conspiracy-very bad for your health!
              PS. I’m personally undecided about the body double(not saying that one does not exist). I do agree that the 90 min later triumphant Hillary looked much slimmer and sassier. With such heavy thoughts in mind let us reflect upon the immortal words of the late Rick James,”Cocaine is a hellava drug”.

      29. Was surprised to see longtime Democratic operative David Axelrod commenting that “the issue isn’t her health, it’s her stealth.” When you see the full court press to hide her health go overnight to even her enablers are questioning her character suggests to me that she is toast.

        Interesting times

      30. She has cancer. She does not have pneumonia, or some other problem. She has cancer. The weakness, loss of memory, blank stares are symptoms of cancer treatment drugs.

        • Mike I thought that too but then wouldn’t she have lost her hair from the cancer treatment? As far as I can tell she hasn’t lost her hair. She is not wearing a wig.

          I know that when sociopaths (she is a sociopath, that I do know for certain) have Dementia, including early Dementia, they can no longer keep their mask in place and it starts slipping. It’s also not impossible that Bill is secretly drugging her. Most believe he wants her in the White House as he will benefit as well, but maybe he really doesn’t.

      31. My doctor pointed out that Hillary is wearing blue tinted anti-seizure glasses. Some seizures are caused by flashing bulbs, etc. Her pneumonia was cured in 90 minutes? I want that doctor.

      32. If she lies about emails and her health then what is she going to be like if she became the president or more to the point the new puppet for the bankers.

        She is a danger to the puppet masters and won’t have the brains to stick to the play script so I think we should all vote for Hilary and watch her screw up.

        Give the left-wing parasites what they want, it will be more fun than watching the Trump puppet in action.

      33. Be careful. These people and their advisors are cagey. This illness may be the ploy to escape criminal prosecution.

        • “Give the left-wing parasites what they want”

          What they want is anti Second Amendment US Supreme Court picks. Hillary will hand them to her on a velvet carpet.

          No thanks, I’ll vote for Trump.

        • As I mentioned upthread this “illness” may also be a ploy to stall or postpone the elections for whatever reason they have up their sleeve, and as a result it would also extend the Monkey’s time in the White House.

      34. We have entered the age of the Virtual Candidate – do everything by teleconference from an “undisclosed location.” This works especially well when the candidate has been dead for some time.

      35. That second photo of Hillary talking to the little girl on the street… that was a body double. Take a look… about 30 pounds lighter and walking down the road with NO body guards! Take a look at for a series of articles with comparative photos.
        I kind of think that Hillary is laying around in much worse shape… maybe even already dead.
        Roger Stone said that his contacts in the DNC are considering replacing Hillary with “Michelle Obama”… now that’s funny, to say the least. Drag in a tranny that destroyed school lunch programs nationwide and spent $billions on vacations and personal dressers and stylists along with a second plane to tote all “her” stuff.

      36. Oh well has any one seen Waldo ? That lunger gone.

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