Ancient Stone Carving Proves Comet Devastated the Earth 13,000 Years Ago

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    Researchers from Edinburgh University made startling discovery last week. They’ve found evidence of a massive comet strike that may have devastated the Earth nearly 13,000 years ago, and sparked the Younger Dryas ice age. However, they didn’t find evidence of a crater, or anything conventional like that. Instead the researchers cite obscure carvings spotted on a pillar at Gobekli Tepe, an ancient archeological site that contains the oldest man-made structures that have ever been found.

    Scientists have speculated for decades that a comet could be behind the sudden fall in temperature during a period known as the Younger Dryas. But recently the theory appeared to have been debunked by new dating of meteor craters in North America where the comet is thought to have struck.

    However, when engineers studied animal carvings made on a pillar – known as the vulture stone – at Gobekli Tepe they discovered that the creatures were actually astronomical symbols which represented constellations and the comet…

    …Using a computer programme to show where the constellations would have appeared above Turkey thousands of years ago, they were able to pinpoint the comet strike to 10,950BC, the exact time the Younger Dryas begins according to ice core data from Greenland.

    The Younger Dryas is viewed as a crucial period for humanity, as it roughly coincides with the emergence of agriculture and the first Neolithic civilisations.

    The scientific community has long derided researchers who think that that the Younger Dryas was caused by a comet impact, but this may be the best evidence that they were right along. The pillar appears to be a kind of memorial to the event, which would have made a lasting mark on the minds of our ancient ancestors. Among the animal carvings, is an image of a headless human body, which likely symbolizes massive human casualties caused by the comet. By all appearances, our ancient ancestors witnessed an apocalyptic event that was worth memorializing.

    However, this isn’t the most interesting part of this discovery. If these researchers are correct, then what they’ve found vindicates Graham Hancock, a journalist who has been saying for over 20 years that a cataclysmic event occurred on our planet roughly 12,800 years ago. And since he published his book Magicians of The Gods in 2015, he’s claimed that a comet caused the devastation, which may have destroyed a long forgotten ancient civilization.

    Scientists had numerous theories to explain this but, in Magicians Of The Gods, Hancock argued that we had all the proof we needed: more than 200 ancient myths, belonging to tribes from the Arctic to the Equator, telling of an advanced human civilisation destroyed by flood and fire.

    Added to this was compelling physical evidence, in the form of giant boulders, platinum deposits and tiny diamonds found across North America — the detritus of a colossal impact.

    There was only one explanation, said Hancock, and it matched the account carved into the limestone pillars at Gobekli Tepe . . . an account now verified by the team at Edinburgh University.

    According to Hancock, the mere existence of Gobekli Tepe suggests that there had to be an advanced civilization on our planet long before most mainstream scientists thought that was possible. After all, these ruins predate the officially excepted timeline for the rise of human civilization by thousands of years.

    …This means that when the Gobekli stones were made, around 9,000BC (that is, approximately 11,000 years ago), the sculptors had the astronomical know-how to backdate the constellations, shifting their pattern by a couple of millennia. And they were working with information that had been passed down over 2,000 years.

    That shows spectacular sophistication. Yet according to common wisdom, humans were savages at this time, hunter-gatherers no more advanced than cavemen, without any knowledge of engineering or mathematics.

    He believes that Gobekli Tepe was built by the few descendants of this civilization who survived the comet, and spread their knowledge to countless hunter-gatherer tribes around the world. They in turn used that knowledge to create the classical civilizations that we all know about today. And that’s why this discovery is so sobering.

    These days, a lot of people are deeply concerned about the possibility of natural and man-made disasters destroying our modern civilization. However, it’s becoming more and more plausible that our species endured a tremendous disaster that utterly destroyed an advanced civilization in the past. That event was so thoroughly destructive, that the only record this civilization left behind was a few stone carvings and hundreds of myths passed down by word of mouth. We worry about the apocalypse, and don’t even realize that we may be living in a post-apocalyptic world that was built on top of the ashes of long forgotten civilization.


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      1. Yeah look at how they struggled to right civilization after all that. Boy we sure have dropped the ball over the centuries. Ah well nothing lasts forever.

        • We should do a stone carving of govt handing out welfare and pictures of Feds machine gunning children at a WACO church so the future generation knows why we live like cavemen again?

          Heck let’s do a Kim Jung Un hugging a nuclear weapon too.

        • Ancient Stone Carving Proves Comet Devastated the Earth 13,000 Years Ago
          Near Future Headline:
          “Ancient Carving on Concrete Ruins Proves Nuclear ICBM’s Devastated the Earth”

          INSANE greed filled bankers-politicians-little fat men are steaming towards OBLIVION. Super Rich Psychopaths of Deep State and Intel agencies are inciting Nuclear War. Trumps new monicker, “Make Amerikka Glow.” Trump. Just another Deep State puppet. How disappointing. Especially for the wonderful civilization we could have had. Now it’s back to sticks and stones. How can these war monger politician psychos be stopped?

          While Police in America murder at will. UPDATE Dallas Texas: an UNARMED 15 year old high school athlete was MURDERED by the brave Police over weekend. Kids having a party, so brave police murders unarmed kid LEAVING in vehicle. Then police LIED about circumstances. It is what the police do LIE-BULLY-BEAT-PLANT EVIDENCE-FALSIFY CHARGES-STEAL-MURDER. Corrupt Criminals with a badge and No Accountability. Just like corrupt criminal politicians. No Accountability for CRIMES.

          My comments have apparently gained attention. That is what happens when you comment on these web sites. Web site admins ALWAYS capitulate. Internet service providers harvest your data and eagerly “help” police. They have installed gizmo on my vehicle that tracks with geo fence. They think they are being sneaky shadowing me. Check your vehicles ladies. Personally ICGAFL. I just don’t care.
          Personally I am amused by their amateur games and childish expensive toys. Incompetent jokes. FYI: I will CONTINUE shoot my mouth off at EVERY opportunity.
          Their antics will not “chill” my comments.

          Amerikka Today 2017:
          -Free speech no longer allowed. Truth no longer allowed. Now truth is called “fake” news. All normal Americans are enemy of the state. All media are leftist commies.
          -American Airline passengers are also enemy to be beaten by goons. After you are prodded-poked-violated, just to get on the plane. And your wife and daughters are groped fondled by perverts and Dyke Lesbians with a TSA badge. (So we NEVER fly. Never.)
          -And Starbucks wants to hire 10,000 illegal muslims to serve your coffee. (So I did not buy employees Starbucks gift cards as I have done for past 10 years. Bought fancy expensive Italian espresso maker for employee break room. They love it. No more Starbucks.)
          -Apparently kids partying not allowed. So the police murder them.

          ***** What would you do if that was your UNARMED child MURDERED?
          ***** What are you going to do when they shoot your family pet?
          ***** What are you going to do with the UNENDING corrupt Criminal Activity of Police and Politicians? Black politician in Dallas just acquitted. Politicians, especially black politicians are allowed to do ANYTHING. Rob-Steal and use police as goons to murder unarmed civilians.
          ************************Now you know TYRANNY.
          Good news?:
          Soon we will be UN carbon compliant “green and energy efficient”, no longer needing lights at night. Because we will ALL glow in the dark after we are nuked.

          • Cops are like the nose of the camel; ever so slightly or not so slightly) that nose goes in, followed by their infinitely overbearing presence.

            And they are mercenaries or bullies, hired by cities and counties, to enforce their whims.

            Pretty simple really; they have no basis in our social contract.

        • A nuclear weapon was detonated in Southern India more than 10,000 years ago: about the same time that a MASSIVE nuclear device exploded above the surface of MARS sending a shock wave around the planet … twice.

          Yeah, it happened. 🙁

          • Quite an interesting tale about that India explosion. They definitely confirmed radiation and GLASS in the area and scientists indicate it could only have been formed by something similar to a nuclear weapon being detonated (vs. a meteorite that may have hit).

            Which begs the question… could there have been ancient weapon technologies in play? Atlantis, anyone? Did it really exist? Are we alone… ?

            So many unanswered questions about history.

            Good stuff DK.

            • There are some claims that since the Roswell incident our technology has increased
              a thousandfold. WW2 started with horse drawn artillery in places like Poland and ended
              with the atom bomb. I know Roswell was a few years later but damn, we sure progressed
              light years in only a few decades. We had to get help from some beings of superior
              intelligence. Some show on the History channel said much of our stealth technology and
              digital stuff was reverse-engineered from what our government confiscated from Roswell.
              Metallic material as light as balsa wood that could not be bent.

            • What fascinates me is all these submerged cities off the coast of India, Israel, Greece, in the Red Sea and Persian gulf that mainstream archaeology seem to dismiss as unimportant anomalies. Several sub marine megalithic structures exist globally, yet they are not taken seriously.

              The site off the coast of India lies in 125 feet of water and could only have been built more than 12,500 years ago when mankind didn’t have the skill or means to construct it. Indian “Legend” describes it and give the history of the city and the way it was destroyed.

              Civilizations are much older than we think. Look at how far we have progressed in 2000 years and think of what could have been over the last 200,000 years. Civilizations could have risen and fallen and wind, water and erosion could have wiped them clean off the surface of the earth. We don’t know what we don’t know and I find it intellectually dishonest to say if we haven’t found proof, then it couldn’t have happened.

            • But wait, The BUY Bull Says the Earth is only 5000 yrs old. lol Religious Sheep are so Damn gullible. Yet they celebrate marriage in a church and give a 5 Million year old diamond as a ring wedding gift. Pathetic the sheep contradict their beliefs in so many ways is funnier than Heaven or Hell.

              • YPDB,
                I’m for if you don’t like it, just let it be. I don’t go to church; I’d rather just drink Jack and Coke. There’s a theory that when God created the heavens and the earth, he created it fully functional. Mountains would have the appearance of age, but only be a day old. Light from the stars and the sun would have reached earth instantly instead of having to wait light years. Not that you believe in any of that religiosity, but for the sake of good old fashion First Amendment fun, do you think God made Adam as a new born baby? Or, did he make him as a full grown man: a man who looked 22, 38, or 69, but was only one day old. And, just because it’s a slow night and I’m bored, do you think Adam had a bellybutton?

            • “They definitely confirmed radiation and GLASS in the area and scientists indicate it could only have been formed by something similar to a nuclear weapon being detonated …”

              Not just radiation and glass were found, but the tell tale SIGNATURE that is ONLY produced by a man made nuclear device, and NOT found in nature.

              Same man made SIGNATURE found on Mars.

              It’s not surprising that so much truth is withheld from the masses, because it would undermine the false narrative the PTB use to corral the natives and push their power Agenda.

              I mean, consider that Vitamin C is the Lord’s PERFECT medicine; totally non toxic and the more that you consume, the better it is for your health.

              Only sick, perverted, reptilian leaders in the medical community would hide this simple, but elegant truth. 🙁

              • >>>I mean, consider that Vitamin C is the Lord’s PERFECT medicine; totally non toxic and the more that you consume, the better it is for your health.<<<

                99.999% of mammals make their own C. Exceptions include humans and guinea pigs. Humans used to make their own- something happened during the last ice age. To be equal with other mammals we would need around 20 grams per day when healthy- much more when sick.

                So why didn't god repair our Vit C production?

                • When Vitamin C in the body drops below 4500 grams, scurvy develops. Pauling said humans need one gram per kilo of weight, per day.

                  “So why didn’t god repair our Vit C production?”

                  I’ll ask Him next time I see Him. 🙂

            • India is unique, it has 30% of the worlds known thorium deposits. Because of thoriums shorter halflife those deposits should not exist unless there was some kind of natural nuclear pile operating.

              This concept is not unheard of. After the US developed nuclear weapons they began secretly surveying the world for nuclear material, it is a strategic material. In South America in one country they found natural deposits of plutonium that should not exist unless there was a nuclear reactor running their. Turns out natural forces concentrated large amounts of uranium, that deposit began a long term breeding reaction that created isotopes that are normally not found in nature. When the US first detected these isotopes they freaked, believing a Soulth American country had a secret nuclear program.

              India being a flood delta of the Himalayan mountains could have easily formed one or more natural nuclear reactors.

              There is one long beach in Eastern India that has such a high level of natural thorium that it’s very common for poor locals to develop some of the most spectacular tumors medical science has ever seen. Yes, India has some strange stuff.

        • they cannot even build anything today to last 5 years without breaking down – forget thousands of years – yes we definately have regressed..

      2. The rainbow ? is to remind us that the next cataclysmic event will be one of ‘Fire’!

        Louisiana Eagle ?

        • From earliest time man has been playing with fire ? a game changer in the survival of our species. We have learned to understand, manipulate, and harness the power of fire ?, the sun ☀️ and the stars ✨, but not so much to help the species and the world ? to survive as to destroy each other and everything else. The two greatest commandments would go a long way to help preserve humanity if folks only knew and made it a central tenet of their lives.

          I am going to find the book that is referred to by Mr Lang. It sounds interesting! It has been a while since I read that genre of literature. Chariots of the Gods, Velikovsky’s writings, etc.

          Louisiana Eagle ?

        • Unfortunately the rainbow sticker on the back of a car usually means two fags or dykes on board. Just like when you asked a buddy for a ‘fag’ he handed you a cigarette. Not much these days are what it seems.

          • POP,

            It is what it is! If you want to see ‘fags’ and ‘dykes’ every time you see a rainbow, go ahead.

            For me, the rainbow represents the token covenant which God made to Noah and all flesh, that the waters should never again be used to destroy all flesh; it is a symbol of hope and a spectacularly beautiful emblem of God’s mercy and love. Genesis 9:12-17.

            For me personally, something happened inside of me when through my delirium, I saw a rainbow spread across a high Himalayan alpine valley where I and a companion were
            taking shelter from a storm in a cave while convalescing from a relentless fever that nearly killed me. Sick and alone, I wept that day, when I finally saw the sun shining through the rain and a rainbow appeared that spanned the valley below as the clouds parted around me and the expanse of the sky above and beyond the peaks began to turn blue. Some primordial feeling welled up inside of me, I did not want to die! My fever finally broke that afternoon when my companion came back from tending snares. Over the next week, my companions and I, including my older brother, slowly climbed down from the mountain and I/we made it back safely to our base. I still marvel to this day, how quickly my circumstances changed after the appearance of that beautiful rainbow. It is good to be alive!

            For me, it is a rainbow of promise, a rainbow of hope!

            Louisiana Eagle

      3. The Bible says that God’s creation of Earth was in October 4004BC.
        To current date, the Earth is a little over 6,000 years old.
        Which one is fictional? This story, or the Bible?
        Clearly, this story is non-fiction.

        • Where in the Bible do you find that?

          Book, chapter and verse appreciated as a reply.

          • Right next to the fold out calendar that comes with all the bibles…..sheesh!

            • I read that fast and I thought you meant centerfold!

            • Thanks PO’d.
              I giggled about that one for 10 minutes.

        • There have been reports of discoveries of dinosaur bones that are not fossilized.

        • You are confusing the Bible with Bishop Ussher.

        • The Bible is the best selling fiction book of all time.

        • Nothing wrong with the ‘Current’ earth being 6000 years old.
          Yet the earth is million/billions of years as the rocks tell us.
          Both are correct.
          When the earth undergoes its next Terra transformation and is renewed how old will you say the ‘new earth’ is?
          The northern hemisphere gets fire next time and the south water.

      4. Proves? What if the caveman said after displaying his art -“This is Ugh, C-N-N ?”

      5. It was Conan the Barbarian .

        Hancock is a crackpot .

      6. like that Y2K calendar thing ????? (smirk)

      7. Absolutely love this kind of article. All the possibilities.

        We moderns are so smug and think we know it all.

        I wish I had the skills and knowledge of the ancients. I don’t believe they were near as dumb as we were taught in school in the 60s.

        We could learn a lot from them.

        • I suppose hunting wooly mammoths and defending against sabre-toothed tigers speeds
          up the learning curve. They graduated from Flint Knapping 101 very early in life.

      8. After many months of research, compiling data and giving every “expert” an open mind in proving his or her “theories”, from both the fantastical to the pragmatic. We’ve condensed the results into a conclusion for easy comprehension: Our history if FUBAR.

        Had I known much earlier on that I could conjure up a story, support it with baseless facts, photos and falsely translated “ancient” clay tablets, including testimony from (paid) “experts”. Then write a book, create a DVD and go on tour. I too could have earned enough money to build a bunker.


        “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” -Socrates

        • My kids must think I have true wisdom cause they say I know nothing

          • LOL. Yes. I find that it’s better to have them experience something than just tell them outright.

        • I have follow up on the dig site, in fact you might want to look into the “wise up” channel, (he does a better job explaining it). He points out that the site looks like a foundation to a much larger building, made from concrete that simply crumbled away to give the appearance that the site was buried.

          When they said that there were 200 additional stones found still buried, via ground radar, and that the hill is a combination of newer sites built on top of old? That’s BS. Think about a crumbled multi-flood building, or skyscraper, wherein those T-stones were anchors or had a structural, rather than a symbolic use.

          Now, this will blow your mind. Metal either rusts or calcifies over a long period of time, especially if exposed to the sea from floods. Think of the entire Giza site as one large metropolis. Whose buildings eventually crumbled into the sands/material that we see today.

      9. Anyone here ever read Emmanuel Velikovski’s Worlds in Collision? He was considered a crackpot by the scientific establishment back in the day. He claimed much of Earth’s history was shaped by incredible calamity and destruction. He wrote the Earth had been subject to numerous world-shattering events in the past, such as magnetic pole shifts, and he believed these destructive events were recorded by the ancients in our religious faiths. For instance, he believed The Flood, which is common to many cultures, could be explained by the flooding of the Mediterranean, which would have been traumatic to countless ancients and would have been preserved in oral tradition for generations. It was fascinating reading.

        • “Earth Abides” by George R. Stewart give a very good example of how an advanced civilization could devolve into a classic barbarian society. I read it years ago and now I’m looking for a copy.

        • Yes, I have read it. A fascinating compilation of connecting the dots from the many perspectives of difference societies viewing a worldwide catastrophe from their limited view.

          Many of his theories, such as Venus being a comet, and the scarring on the Mars was burns from plasma arching, have been validated by science and comparative observation. This also includes the basis for the Electric Universe theories. Whom at least admit that they don’t know everything and depend on facts to guide the truth as they debunk the status quo.

          That suggests that the old testament is nothing more than an astrological accounting. Whatever happened then was grave enough to compel man to watch the night sky and study the heavens in fear.

          It’s a sad state of affairs that we drag our children into an indoctrination of a belief system that uses fear to ensure compliance. Rather than teach them to question, test and prove that something is real or exists.

          Even so, I don’t fully accept everything that is written. Much of it has to be researched or taken lightly. Because we live in a society that lies, promotes self interest and lacks motives that are beneficial to mankind as a whole. We are the only species with hive mind/cooperative abilities that do not function for the benefit of the hive.

          Everything in nature, from Ants to Zebra’s depends on this cooperative trait for it’s survival. Gobekli Tepe suggests a time when mankind was more attuned to that. Do you think we care about the welfare of future generations? Do you see any evidence of the kinds of controls that are in place today?

          • What are commies doing on this site? Did you ever see a tiger cooperate ? Why is every human group evil or turns evil? Because men are meant to be independent individuals. Men thoughts are supposed to be inspired by God, not by Marxist sheep. Groups bring evil out. Satan is among everyone who is not gathered in Jesus name.

            • I’m not a commie, friend, (If that’s what you are implying. If I’m wrong the I apologize).

              I’m not going to be accusatory or argumentative. I’m just going to ask you a few questions and since I don’t know you, do not take offense, (nor do you have to respond. This is meant for you personally):

              -Have you read the Book, Worlds in Collision?
              -Have you read the Bible?
              -Have you read or are you willing to reading anything else other than the Bible?
              -Explain why the apostles have differing accounts as to what exactly happened at Jesus’ resurrection?
              -Why have they not found the burial sites and bones of the 12 apostles? Most are “said to have been buried in ____” or were martyred.
              -What role did Constantine and Bishop Eusebius play in role of Jesus’ divinity.
              -Why are there at least 15 other persons whose story fits Jesus’ including a virgin birth, going back to 1200 BC?

              I may have you at a disadvantage. With an open mind, I wanted to find the “truth”, regardless of my feelings or preconceived notions for Jesus, or Christianity itself. Because I don’t want to just BE-LIE-ve.

              Nature does not lie. Individualism in nature is a death sentence, (you can’t do it alone). Division is mode of operand that is being used against us. Think.

              No man is more blind than those whom refuse to see.

        • Please check out “Atlantis: The Antediluvian World” by Ignatius L. Donnelly, an 800-some-odd tome written around the same time as “Origin of the Species” in which the Destruction legends of hundreds of disparate remnants of tribes and clans are compared alongside archeological evidence of the day which suggests not one but at least THREE catastrophic cataclysmic floods and supervolcano activities in our planet’s past.

        • As a theory, take a look at Dr. Walt Brown’s book, “In the Beginning”. He uses religion to explain the cause of the biblical flood (when it could have been a comet), but the science of the rest of it is fascinating because his theory often (but not always) has better explanations of geology than currently accepted science.

      10. Nowadays we tear down our notes to the future by calling them racist.

      11. “PROVES”?

        You jest of course!

      12. Isn’t 13,000 years ago when the last ice age ended? All the neolithic people probably throughout all of their old winter clothes and then, wham! They get hit by a meteor that drops the temps for years. I bet the cave husbands were bitchin’ at the cave wives for months after that.

        • Darn. Threw out, not throughout.

      13. Maybe some caveman, some guy that looked like Alley Oop or something, had a dream vision of the very distant future and scratched it on a rock as a sort of ancient graffiti?

      14. Also, Skagway, Alaska is still rockin’ and rollin’. Dozens of after shocks. Yesterday they had a 6.3 and 6.2 at shallow depths.

      15. Yes that’s a fact of life, I know about it. That actually happened 9000 yrs ago, its not 12,000. It put the planet into and ice age. Barely 5,000 humans globally were left on the surface from all regions of races all over, then it took another 50 years for that 5,000 to reach 500,000, hen 1,000,000, then the wars started again. Study mother nature, you’ll learn a lot of info on human behavior.


      16. So I am supposed to believe that the people who carved the Gobekli stones around 9,000BC, of an event that allegedly took place around 11,000 BC (2,000 years prior), were able to do so from memory with such astronomical accuracy, that we can date it 13,000 years later? Talk about a religion of faith…

      17. The stone carvers did so much better than we are. We don’t even remember shit from last night let alone the last 20 years.. but being able to reproduce a warning to us 200 years after the event means that the survivors were pretty well equipped to determine what happened, when it happened and then put it into a form that would withstand the ages for our stupid monkey asses to take o0ur entire existence to figure out what they were trying to tell us. Not bad for a bunch of pre human cave ment if you believe the current crop of “scientists” and “archeologist historians”…..But oh wait.. GLOBAL WARMING!!!!! Best we can expect from todays “scientists” never mind the interference from our ages die hard religious fanatics….oh look a Quran / Bible!!!

        • We are so technologically “advanced” we cannot replicate stone carvings buildings or construction techniques that are more than 5000 years old….we are how advanced again? It couldn’t be that our current crop of limited intellectuals still all DENY Extraterrestrials exist or had anything to do with our rising from the Earthen sludge..Oh no, we are the smartest naked apes in the who wide universe….

          FWIW, the ET’s will never allow us out of Goldilocks zone so we don’t contaminate their planets.. Where did we get NIMBY from?..You guessed it.. ET’s….They better never relax that practice or they are f_cked.

          • We can replicate any of those monuments. People just refuse to believe the ancients could do a lot with just simple ideas, basic machines, and brute force.

            For example, one stone on top of the other, supposedly fitted so tightly you can’t insert a credit card. Stupid people think space aliens had to do it, and that they carved the top stone to fit. The reality is that you cut two stones to sort of fit, put sand on top of the first stone, add the second stone, and then wiggle the top stone until it sands both stones to fit. It just takes time and manpower. No super science or aliens necessary.

      18. They thought the Earth was flat too. How could they not? Round ball spinning at a thousand mph while speeding around the sun at 67 thousand mph. I don’t feel that movement at all. I think it is true that the Earth is the center of the universe and everything seen in the sky revolves around the Earth. That’s how special this place is. Lol ball Earthers.

      19. I don’t call it a religion of faith, I call it pure speculation with no physical proof. Those drawings could have been about anything that happened astronomically. Doesn’t have to be some gigantic meteor that crashed into the earth. Where’s this gigantic crater?

      20. I remember when this website was good. It was full of useful prepper material. Now its a forum for the crazies.

        • Agree, this type of BS lowers the whole cred of the site.

          • I found this to be a fairly informative piece on earth’s “alternate history.”

            Not sure how the credibility of this site is lowered by a well referenced article that delves into the scientific evidence that could prove, once again, that what we were taught in school isn’t the whole story.

            We like to mix it up over here a little bit 🙂

            • Sorry, but as Bob pointed out,

              “It was full of useful prepper material. Now its a forum for the crazies.”

              Many posts on many subjects on this wonderful internet fascinate me, others just set off my BS Detector.

              I can do without a steady diet of BS, and hope to see more of your top value SHTF info.

              • Thanks OC – I certainly appreciate the feedback.

                There are so many preparedness and survival related articles on this site that we’d be rehashing the same topics over and over. I think what we really need is a better way to organize the existing material so people have easy access to specific guides and such. working on it.

                Thank you!


              • Old Codger,
                Allow Mac a little journalistic latitude.
                Amazing how people come out of the woodwork to attack him for a financial article, must be trying to sell gold! They criticize him for an article on N. Korea nukes, oh it’s doom porn! On and on.

                Here’s an article that was entertaining and outside the usual. Sit back and enjoy.

                Also note: that many that want to silence alternative news like SHTFPlan, call into question sites that speak only on a narrow list of topics, as though that is relevant to anything in particular, so allow Mac some room to stretch.

                Besides, after looking at the comments I have to say I see a lot of handles that don’t usually comment, and many having fun doing it.

            • Mac,

              Keep mixing!

              Louisiana Eagle

              • Thanks Eagle!

                We’ll keep puttin’ it down and shakin’ things up a little…

        • There’s only so much you can say about prepping. You know what to do already. The only way to elaborate would be to discuss the building of a nuclear shelter; and plans for that too can be found on the internet. Articles on other subject matter is also informative, and a break from time to time is welcomed.

      21. If you read Genesis closely, Earth pre-existed the six days of creation. It was completely covered with “the deep” which means deep oceans. The 4000 BC was thought up by theologians. I don’t share the literalist view of six solar days. There is nothing in the bible that says the earth didn’t exist 13,000 years ago.

        • It has been suggested that these sorts of cataclysmic events – perhaps this one in particular — could have taken place around the time of Noah and the flood.

          Who knows, but it’s interesting to find evidence in science that may confirm stories in the Bible.

        • Your reading skills are lacking.

          Genesis clearly states that earth was created (covered in water), then light was created, and then light was separated from dark, thus ending the first day and night.

          Approximately 4,000 BC was not “thought up” by theologians. They added up the times listed in the Bible, and that’s what it totaled.

        • Brian,

          That is my position too. I remember studying invertebrate zoology, embryology, etc., and being impressed at how the human embryo developed through the different stages, at one point looking like a tadpole. There is no reason that process has to take millions of years when it regularly takes just 9 months in the womb. At the same time there is no reason why that process couldn’t have taken place over a longer period in phases, eras, or ‘days’ as outlined in Genesis. There is so much we do not know. Now, we see dimly as through the bottom of a jar, but someday in the near future, we will see clearly even as we are seen.

          Louisiana Eagle ?


        • Given the egos involved, I suspect many scientists would have a hard time admitting it even if the evidence was staring them in the face… which, in my view, it kinda already is.

          • Amen, Mac. We can debate religion and science and evolution all we want. A big explosion
            never created anything I can think of. There had to be some some supreme being to create
            all of this from nothing. All of life depends on oxygen. This was created as well. I know all
            the agnostics, atheists, academics and don’t cares will pile on. There are many theories
            in the field of science. Many arguments about religion. We are here and every day is good.

          • Aye, I have seen Jesus in another persons eyes, twice, I shall never forget that look..!
            God bless you Mac x X x

            • When you can see Jesus in everyone’s eyes, you will be able to walk on water too. It’s lonely on the surface. 🙂

        • That’s already been done.

          The big bang had to be caused by some outside force with intelligence. Some outside force had to create the matter and energy. Some outside force had to compress it unimaginably tiny. Some outside force then had to cause it to explode with exactly the right amount of force. If the force were a fraction of a percent too little, the resulting fragments would have slowed down and come back together in a lump long before the present. If the force were a fraction of a percent too much, the resulting fragments would have separated forever, never being able to clump together into stars, planets, and galaxies.

          Also, all life, from the very simplest virus up to us, contains DNA. DNA is coded instructions for building and operating an organism. Any scientist will tell you that information is only created by intelligence.

          There is more, but that’s all I’ll go into now.

          • Excellent points! Nothing comes out of nothing! Purposeful activity implies purpose and intelligence. Perhaps an explosion could be harnessed to accomplish something but generally it does not cause things to come together, coalesce.

      23. Sept 21- 24, 2017. Aquarius. Perihelion.

      24. For all they know the carvings could mean; Oog drop giant turd in lake flood whole village.

      25. I read that the word Disaster is Latin for Destroying Star ?

      26. Scientists can’t explane the wobble. What if the thing that goes by made us wobble ? And will change it . Read what the Inuit say about the earth shifting. The increase in volcanic, . Seems that should be enough to warrant suspicion ,That they might have a big secret? If so they would borrow and spend trillions , spend all our money on preps in super bunkers. With smuggled in mostly Chinese labor? Does anyone know that they are pushing these nuke power plants to double their engineered life? At the same time scraping out the coal plants. Looks like they don’t think we’ll be using much electricity in the near future? In one hour all heaped on wealth comes to nothing. And the foolish virgins burn with the Tares.

      27. I have my own thoughts about all of the above mentioned clues, theories, facts, and fictions. Yet it all boils down to one conclusion. We don’t know who is right or wrong, but we do know much of what we have been led to believe through the years is hogwash. We are being herded in the desired direction, by propaganda. What to buy, what to eat, who to vote for, how to live, and so on. Hmmm…

      28. Christians that believe in a young earth, try to date the earth following chronological paths in th bible, with all the begettings. The Bible makes no reference as to how long Adam and Eve were in the garden. They may have been present 100,000 years.

      29. The earth is only 6000 years old. Watch Kent Hovind’s movies about creation science.

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