Ancient Quakes Reveal Risk For California: “L.A. Will Sink As Much As 3 Feet”

by | Mar 22, 2017 | Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 42 comments

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    The earth has a history of violent uprisings, and a furious seismic temper.

    Better understanding of the patterns revealed in rocks and other records make clear that places like Los Angeles are sitting in a hotbed with a history of destruction, turmoil and earth-shattering upheavals.

    The Big One is just a matter of time. It is inevitable.

    People had better take heed, and get as prepared as they’re going to get. The only guarantee of relative safety is to move away from the path of destruction – which records now indicate takes place time and again in the same earthquake-prone regions.

    But it would also be prudent to check your stocks and supplies, and keep, at a minimum, a three-day bug out bag and emergency road kit in your vehicle, and maintain full fuel tanks. This is one scenario that may well play out.

    via Reuters:

    The Big One may be overdue to hit California but scientists near Los Angeles have found a new risk for the area during a major earthquake: abrupt sinking of land, potentially below sea level.

    The last known major quake on the San Andreas fault occurred in 1857, but three quakes over the last 2,000 years on nearby faults made ground just outside Los Angeles city limits sink as much as three feet…

    Scientists from California State University Fullerton and the United States Geological Survey found evidence the older quakes caused part of the coastline south of Long Beach to drop by one-and-a-half to three feet.


    “It’s something that would happen relatively instantaneously,” Kirby said. “Probably today if it happened, you would see seawater rushing in.”

    Already we see homes in California falling over a cliff, as the earth crumbles beneath them. The risks are known, but rapidly becoming so much more evident.

    A population of 10 million or more is at risk, with thousands of people in danger of dying. Most of the deadly risk comes from falling objects inside of failing structures, however, not direct effects of the earthquake or rumbling.

    Whether it is an earthquake, tsunami, volcano, geiser, tornado or flood, roads can be cut off, shut down or become impassible. Have at least two back up routes in case of the need to evacuate; and remain familiar with all the back road routes you plan to traverse.

    The San Andreas fault line is just one of the most apparent eventualities we face. FEMA and Homeland Security have prepped for the big one. Have you?

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      1. Have a bag/gear packed in cases, and placed just inside the garage door, (or anywhere that should the house become damaged, will require the least amount of digging to access).

        Pack like your going out for week long camping trip.

        Know the locations of gas wells. If you have gas, exit immediately, even if it’s at 3am. Plan an exit plan and practice.

        Vacate all buildings. Stay away from tall trees and falling powerlines. Out in the open is the best.

        A sudden drop in 3 feet will result in a small Tsunami effect. Know you’re area and the potential for several blocks worth of yard furniture and garbage might mow you down. No kidding.

        After making such preps. Continue to live your life.

        That is all. Dismissed.

        • Every May 24th at EXACTLY 4:02 pm PST I hold my breath and cringe. At 4:03 pm, I reach back, grab my ass and say:

          “Ok, we got another year before the BIG ONE !!! 🙂

      2. LA dropping three feet and being inundated with water? They say it like it’s a bad thing 🙂

        • We have been left with no recourse to the law.

          The courts have ruled that America must become a Muslim country and we have no way of peaceably resolving the issue.

          Keep prepping. Keep prepping. Keep prepping.

        • It is a bad thing, it should drop 300 feet!

        • Three feet? I’m holding out for no less than 50 — take it or leave it.

        • The geological record doesn’t account for aquifers being emptied, or buildings built on landfill, as San Francisco has done. a major quake should help decide what to do with the leaning tower of San Francisco.

          • And the SF Airport. 🙁

        • Pro, 2 thumbs up for that story.

      3. OH GOD we don’t want that! We what to keep the LIBTARDS in one place, or as few places as possible!!!!!

        • One place? Does not 300 ft underwater qualify as one place?

          • PFFT!, i’m at 2700 feet, and will have a great view of the ocean when that chunk falls off into the sea….oddly enough, most conservatives live in the eastern part of the state….let the rumbling begin!

            • on maps……you need to actually USE maps to navigate roads out in the country. AAA has a BOATLOAD of very detailed maps for free, if a member. you should have a county , city, state(s), and as many other maps as they will help you discover. also, you need to actually PRACTICE driving “off the road” driving, or you won’t get far. you might be surprised how far you can go with a couple of 4×6 or 6×8’s about 3 feet long. if there’s a 6 inch deep by 6 inch wide “ditch across the road, you probly won’t get through it. i learned from an old friend of mine in my 4×4 club that if you go 4wheelin’ with just ONE 8×8 block a foot to 2 feet long. when you get stopped out because you got not traction to any wheel, back up a foot and throw out your block into one of the spots where your tires were spinning, and viola, you got traction. other things that might be useful would be jumper cables, tow strap, and a piece of chain to hook to another vehicle(there’s nothing to attach to on a LOT of vehicles nowadays). warm clothes, and/or sleeping bag, in case you get stuck overnight. a digging bar can be had at harbor freight for around 35 bucks too. a friend of mine counted over 30 bridges between the beach and our house, about 90 miles away. SOMEDAY, they will fall.

              • tire pressure is MOST important when driving off the road, and a tire pump would be a VERY important asset. tires need to be deflated until you see the sidewall bulging to get best traction…

      4. Just strap a couple of pontoons to the side of the house for now. Potential problem solved.
        Thinking about what this all would look like I was reminded of the park pool in my old neighborhood. That’s one of the reasons that it is my ‘old neighborhood’. Another thing that I was reminded of was that I didn’t move far enough away.

      5. I’ve always believed the entire West Coast and East Coast will end up under water someday some how. They have it coming to them.

      6. As much as 3 feet? Morally, the state has already sunk the equivalent of 3 MILLION feet. And THAT is just in Nancy Pelosi’s zip code.

      7. One can hope!

        • Since some people here were saying that magpul p-mags were far superior to tapco intrafuse mags I bought some p-mags too for an AK. They both function just fine and the TAPCO mags are twice as well made and cheaper and stamped tapco usa on every part! The p-mags are cheaply made and I will never buy another. Thanks for the shitty advice, glad I didn’t buy more of them!

          • Well,I remember distinctly saying had not tried pmag for the AK when I spoke of their excellent quality for the AR 10-15 platforms.

            I also remeber saying that tapco may have upped their game,that said,older ones were sucking dick in friends AK’s even with good quality ammo,you know,brass 7.62×39,not the stuff that folks usually buy from eastern europe steel cased ect.Again,the eastern europe mags would feed the cheaper ammo day in/day out without a hiccup,tapco,choke up.

            Hence,I still stand behind my statements in regards to pmags,they just don’t work for yours and perhaps others ak’s.

            Hence,my statements/advice whatever you want to call it was fine.

            • Henceforth your statement was fine. You said you never tried them both and yes tapco upped their game and made them better. I am referring to those who were ignorant and never tried the intrafuse mags. Tapco has upgraded a lot of things and I am impressed with it.

              • OH,and stop dragging your gun in the mud!

                • Magpul if you are sure the mags will send you new ones and a prepaid shipping label to send em back the crummy ones.Are these the gen 1’s,not sure how long they have been making a ak mag.On reviews I have watched with them seems the lug if frozen mag dropped on a steel plate with rifle will break.I know sounds ridiculous but say you are in a frozen environment and drop your rifle,not so silly then.Review of newest version of tapco seems good but they didn’t freeze mag overnight before testing,just drop tested on steel in warm weather,WTF?!Anyhow,Magpul will send you some new ones,worth a shot for free.

                  • Damn,on a roll here,the 3 parts DO meet compliance 922 r,for those who care!

                    • Ya that is another gripe about magpul is they don’t put usa on their stuff. All it takes is one cop that doesn’t know it’s usa and there goes your gun and who knows what else then months of bullshit to get it back. Pretty stupid of them if you ask me. Tapco intrafuse is in upgraded line of products that all say usa and are better than the older stuff. Magpul does make a gen 3 or 4 that is tougher but 30 bux per mag. I think p=mag stands for poosy mag lol.

                    • But if in a situation where I don’t care about compliance I still have a boatload of steel mags 🙂

      8. Let the sob sink 300′ all the way to the Arizona and Idaho border !!!

      9. For Southern California to get hit with massive rainstorms after seven years of drout, I don’t understand why the big one hasn’t hit already. I read stories on a new seimic fault line that was discovered that was worse than San Andreas. I also read that the fault lines run much deeper than was once thought. It would be very interesting to see Jerry Brown having to go to Donald Trump for assistance.

      10. Let’s make it 300 feet

        • Do I hear a thousand ?

      11. Born and raised in So. Cal. I escaped in 1973. I used to build boats on Terminal island. If you dropped that place and surrounding area one meter that would be a real mess. I still have some family in the area, but they live in Rolling hills so won’t drown. The ensuing Tsunami would be interesting. I’m within a mile of the ocean, but 330 meters above sea level. Hamakua coast is mostly cliffs. Could be interesting.
        I just received #50 of soft white wheat berries. Good for lots of Pasta! PV installation starts in April. Just got my Cuckoo Maran chicks, to add to what I ready have. Cows, pigs and goats are doing OK. Garden is started. Bring it on!

      12. Could you make sure the illegals get that memo.

        Whatever. I’m at the top of a mountain. When the water comes in, I’ll have the mote I always wanted.


        • moat (not mote)


      13. California tumbles into the sea
        That’ll be the day I go back to Annandale

      14. I wanted to say hi and express my condolences to the Rockerfeller family for such a great loss. One less globalist scum and one less globalist asshole left off the planet. Per the source, all the LET, ” life extention Technology” bases and clones have been destroyed by ET by the white hats. I hope you burn in hell you fat wrinkled up globalist piece of shit.


        The only good Rockefeller is a dead rockerfeller.

      15. Does this mean that BIG GREEN MONEY Al Gore’s new ~$10mm mansion, barely above sea level now, will be underwater – either from this, or his faux global warming sea level rise?

        Here’s what the LA Times said about his digs: “…spent $8,875,000 on a gated ocean-view villa on 1 1/2 acres with a swimming pool, spa and fountains, according to real estate sources familiar with the deal. The Italian-style house has high ceilings with beams in the public rooms, a family room, a wine cellar, terraces, six fireplaces, five bedrooms and nine bathrooms in more than 6,500 square feet of living space.”

      16. If we consider that the earth is flat, if we consider that we we weren’t able to dig more than a mile in the earth “crust”, if we consider the installations of several nuclear power plant in seismically areas, if we consider that Tesla had the technology to engineer manmade earthquakes then if a culprit there is is the person that controls the top echelon of outbreaks shadow government. If it happens l will âme sure that they pay one way or another

      17. I too would like to offer my congratulations to the Rockefeller family for such a great loss.

      18. Another rocky feller bites the dust. But the money lives on in big oils control of the planet. Imagine racking in that heavy daily cash infusion. Big oil has their own army, the US Army.

      19. The tectonic plates Are in the Wrong Spot For California to Sink. IF anything California Will Go Up not Down.

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