Analysts Warn We’re Running Out of Resources Needed to Sustain Life on Our Planet

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    This report was originally published by Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper

    Have you ever heard of Earth Overshoot Day? No? Neither had I. It’s the day each year that we use up the resources that can be renewed within that length of time. This year, it was on August 1st, so for the rest of the year, we’re living on borrowed resources.

    It reminds me of the economy and quantitive easing. There’s only so far we can push it until there’s nothing left from which to borrow. While the analysts say this is all related to climate change, a theory that many find dubious, one thing is absolutely certain – they’re right about the looming shortage of resources. And a lot of it is because Westerners are so incredibly wasteful as a society.


    Look at water, for example. Droughts have stricken us here in parts of the United States for years, and blogger Michael Snyder has suggested it could quickly lead to a return to Dustbowl conditions similar to those of the 1930s. South Africa has barely managed to push back Day Zero, the day in which Cape Town runs completely out of water, using stringent rationing methods.

    Even parts of the US that aren’t in drought conditions are seeing frequent water crises, with algae blooms, toxic run-off, chemical spills, and tainted municipal water. Doesn’t it seem to you that these things are happening a lot more often?

    The global water shortage is coming fast.

     At this point, approximately 40 percent of the entire population of the planet has little or no access to clean water, and it is being projected that by 2025 two-thirds of humanity will live in “water-stressed” areas. But most Americans are not too concerned about all of this because they assume that North America has more fresh water than anyone else does. And actually they would be right about that, but the truth is that even North America is rapidly running out of water and it is going to change all of our lives. Today, the most important underground water source in America, the Ogallala Aquifer, is rapidly running dry. The most important lake in the western United States, Lake Mead, is rapidly running dry. The most important river in the western United States, the Colorado River, is rapidly running dry.(source)

    By 2030, the UN predicts that 24 million to 700 million people will be displaced because of water shortages. This means that in those areas that DO have water, the resource will be spread thin and suddenly they’ll have shortages too.

    Let’s face it – if we run out of water, people start dying, and quickly. There will be famine because crops won’t be able to grow. People will drink questionable water because they’re dying of thirst, and then they’ll die of a waterborne illness instead.

    But water isn’t the only thing that we’re using faster than can be replenished.


    A huge part of the issue with looming food shortages is the shocking amount of waste. 33% of the food produced worldwide is wasted, and a whopping 50% of the food in the US is lost. (Shockingly, a great deal of it is simply thrown away because it’s “ugly.”)In North America and Europe, it boils down to more than 250 pounds of food wasted by every man, woman, and child each year. Rich countries like the US literally throw away more food annually than is produced in poor parts of the world like the entire sub-Saharan area of Africa.

    Even if just one-fourth of the food currently lost or wasted globally could be saved, it would be enough to feed 870 million hungry people in the world. (source)

    In developing countries, 40% of the waste occurs at harvest and in processing plants, while in countries that are industrialized, like the use, more than 40% of the waste occurs at retail stores and once consumers bring the food home.


    We are draining resources so quickly that the BP website warns that we can only get 50 more years at our current rate of oil production.

    Oil reserves include field condensate and natural gas liquids as well as crude oil. This inclusive approach helps to develop consistency with the oil production numbers published in the Review, which also include these categories of oil.

    Liquid hydrocarbon fuels from non-hydrocarbon sources, such as ethanol from corn or sugar or synthetic oil derived from natural gas (so-called GTL or gas-to-liquids), are not included in either the reserves or production series…

    …In the absence of replenishment by successful exploration or reserves growth, so-called ‘reserves replacement’, proved reserves would tend to decline over time as production depleted the existing reserve base. However, the tendency has been for proved reserves at the aggregate level to increase over time as reported discoveries, extensions and improved recovery have exceeded production. (source)

    We are dependent on gasoline for just about everything from producing food to transporting goods to getting to work and bringing it all home. Not only that, but oil is also essential for energy. No, our electrical plants aren’t fueled by oil – coal and natural gas are responsible for one-third each of the power used in the United States, while nuclear and hydropower make up the rest. But coal and gas rely on transportation, and in a world without a steady supply of oil, things could start to get ugly all around.

    In the event that oil disappears altogether, nations such as Algeria, Venezuela and Nigeria, with no plans to diversify away from fossil fuel production as the core of the national economy, will be left rudderless.

    OPEC leader Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies have spent the past few decades investing their oil profits in massive sovereign wealth funds prepped for a “rainy day” in the desert. These states will be able to exploit the savings to keep it together as they spearhead internal economic revolutions without oil.

    All of this does not even include the tribulations that will test the officials of China and India – two of the world’s fastest developing economies with the heaviest energy needs. (source)

    That’s a doomsday scenario that many people have never even conceived in their wildest imaginings.

    Everyone is blaming climate change.

    Of course, in the mainstream, everyone is blaming climate change for all of these potential shortages. This article is not a debate about whether or not human-caused climate change exists. It is about the consequences of the human actions of a consumeristic society. With an ever-growing population and a culture of wastefulness, there’s only so long that the planet can support life in its current manner.

    One of the world’s largest banks, HSBC, warns that we are truly not prepared for what is to come.

    “In our opinion, these findings and events show that many businesses and governments are not adequately prepared for climate impacts, nor are they using natural resources efficiently,” the HSBC analysts said in the note…

    …According to HSBC, extreme events have severe economic and social costs.

    “In our view, adaptation will move further up the agenda with a growing focus on the social consequences,” the analysts said. (source)

    What can we do?

    We can’t change the world, but we can be responsible for our own actions. Preppers, survivalists, and homesteaders tend to be excellent stewards of the earth. We raise a great deal of our own food. We support local economies. We learn to live in harmony with nature. We waste very little. For the most part, we don’t tend to indulge frivolously in wasteful consumer spending.

    Elon Musk is convinced we need to head out to space and terraform Mars, but maybe it isn’t too late here on Planet Earth.

    Perhaps this is a good time to find things in common with people who are somewhat on the same page, even if they are on that page for different reasons. We, as preppers, practice sustainability as a part of personal survival, while others practice it as a part of what they see as a global responsibility. Maybe we can set our philosophical differences aside and work together to reduce the terrible habits that have brought the world to the edge of doomsday.

    Hat Tip to Diane K.


    The Pantry Primer

    Please feel free to share any information from this article in part or in full, giving credit to the author and including a link to The Organic Prepper and the following bio.

    Daisy is a coffee-swigging, gun-toting, homeschooling blogger who writes about current events, preparedness, frugality, and the pursuit of liberty on her websites, The Organic Prepper and She is the author of 4 books and the co-founder of Preppers University, where she teaches intensive preparedness courses in a live online classroom setting. You can follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter,.


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        • If this article is true it looks like we each need to waste about 500 lbs more food per year to reduce the number of useless people. I’m willing to do my part.

          • P’noid: Useless people are Muslims and/or anyone breeding like rats. We waste very little food, most food waste is thrown into an alley for hungry animals (possums, rabbits or stray pets.) yaay!

            • Fake News… Factoid: Did you know you if you took the entire world’s population and had them all stand side by side, shoulder to shoulder with each person taking up just 1 Sq foot per person, the entire world’s population could fit within Duval County Florida. That is the FL County where Jacksonville FL is located. So this scam about all the world resources are drying up is another Globalist propaganda for depopulation.

              We have gotten twice the rain this summer as last year and all of our rivers and canals are reaching flood stage. Plenty of fresh water here also. If you like to live in the middle of the desert good for you. I suggest you move to where the food is grown and the water is plenty.

              • When you actually put the math test to some of these most exaggerated claims, it is mostly fraud.

                The world has grown some since this fact a few years ago. Duval County Florida has an area of 6.65 Billion square ft. The worlds population now is actually about 7.64 Billion People. But this just shows you the relevance in size when you do the math.

                The USA is the 3rd largest populated country in the world with about 327 Million people, behind China with 1.4 Billion people and India with 1.3 Billion people. And Russia has less than half of that population of the USA with only about 144 Million people. So when these morons come on here claiming this and that. Do the research and math yourselves to discover the real facts of this. Is it true or Propaganda BS? This article I claim, as massive exaggerated BS fear mongering for you to buy click food.

                • And if you DuckDuckGo search the stats on liters of water used by person per day according to countries.

                  The USA’s population are the biggest water hogs in the world, using about 560 liters of water per day, or 148 Gallons. Most European countries use less than half of that. Those wasteful marathon showers, still ain’t washing away the stink. Living off the grid, the biggest water usage is doing dishes, rinsing the dishes off uses about a gallon and a half. And I go through about 10-12 gallons per week in all drinking water, and cleaning up and cooking. Get off the grid and learn how not to be so wasteful. Also taking multiple showers per day is very harmful to your body. All the chlorine and crap in the Grid tied water harms your natural body oils and damages your hair and skin. But hey, the Big corporations will sell you plenty of cosmetic crap to fix that, or I should say mask that problem.

                  Source by Country here: ht tp://

                  • Here is the biggest laugh in this entire article.

                    Quote: “…According to HSBC, extreme events have severe economic and social costs.”

                    This is a F@cking Globalist Bank, the Banksters who launder money for drug cartels, and elitists to hide assets, and finance fraudulent wars. The Bank that has been caught in scams and cheating the masses. And you want to take a Freaking HSBC Bankers quote to glorify your article like it has any credence or legitimacy?

                    Really Daisy, you are just as much a fraud as your article/ trying to create phony fear, to sell your overprices shit in a bag called food. I ain’t clicking or buying any of this.

                  • Since my last post went into the holding tank, violating my free speech, I will tone it down a notch.

                    Here is the biggest laugh in this entire article.

                    Quote: “…According to HSBC, extreme events have severe economic and social costs.”

                    This is a F@cking Globalist Bank, the Banksters who launder money for drug cartels, and elitists to hide assets, and finance fraudulent wars. The Bank that has been caught in scams and cheating the masses. And you want to take a Freaking HSBC Bankers quote to glorify your article like it has any credence or legitimacy?

                    Really Daisy, you are just as much a fraud as your article/ trying to create phony fear, to sell your overpriced slop in a bag called food. I ain’t clicking or buying any of this.

                  • Since my last 2 posts went into the holding tank, violating my free speech, I will tone it down a notch.

                    Here is the biggest laugh in this entire article.

                    Quote: “…According to HSBC, extreme events have severe economic and social costs.”

                    This is a Fukking Globalist Bank, the Banksters who launder money for drug cartels, and elitists to hide assets, and finance fraudulent wars. The Bank that has been caught in scams and cheating the masses. And you want to take a Freaking HSBC Bankers quote to glorify your article like it has any credence or legitimacy?

                    Really D-a-i-s-y, you are just as much a fraud as your article/ trying to create phony fear, to sell your overpriced slop in a bag called food. I ain’t clicking or buying any of this.

                  • ” And I go through about 10-12 gallons per week in all drinking water, and cleaning up and cooking.”

                    In the land of plenty water? I will never live like that. We use about 150 gallons a week in our off grid home. And it’s clean and we smell good. Why live 3rd world if you don’t have too? That is small compared to a regular grid house’s usage. Sanitation is your friend….

                    • G. That is because my water well is not drilled yet. Just got all my permitting. Once my well is functioning, my water usage will rise some. Just saying what can you or I (as 1 person) can live on and function on, if your water supply is grid tied or water well stopped functioning or goes dry. No worry, many will freak out and have no idea when the grid fails, how to function. 3 days without drinking water and your internal organs begin to shut down and you will die. You can practice now, and learn how to function or learn when SHTF on a forced limited supply of water. Many will die due self inflicted ignorance and lack of practice. For me, ho humm. Just another sunny day in paradise. I also have very good hygiene, clean and smell good. When the grid fails and it will what will you do to achieve that 10 to 12 gsllons to per week per person? Do you even own water containers to hold the water? Are you prepared or is that your major fail and hole in your prepping plan??. Its a biggie high on the list for survival.

                  • That’s the trouble with statistics – they are open to misinterpretation like you are doing here.
                    The US uses the most water because we feed the world, not because we take showers.

              • Fake News… Factoid: Did you know you if you took the entire world’s population and had them all stand side by side, shoulder to shoulder with each person taking up just 1 Sq foot per person, the entire world’s population could fit within Duval County Florida. That is the FL County where Jacksonville FL is located. So this scam about all the world resources are drying up is another Globalist propaganda for depopulation.

                The other day you posted this:

                What does it mean to be sustainable?

                The term “sustainable” or “sustainability” has come to mean a number of things including:
                •Renewing resources at a rate equal to or greater than the rate at which they are consumed.
                •Living within the resources that are available without damaging the environment.
                •A community that resembles a living system where all resources are renewed and in balance always.
                •An economic system that provides a high quality of life while renewing the environment and its resources.

                Although all of these definitions are somewhat different, they all hold something in common — a respect for the earth, for natural resources and a stewardship minds:

                Humanity doesn’t steward shit. Just consume as much as fuckin’ possible. So which one is right???

                • Both my statements are right. Whats your point?

                  This article is a fraud. You can choose to live a sustainable lifestyle as a goal. Many do not however. Those who dont need to be retrained or shot as usless parias sucking away at the reaources. If you are thirsty move to where the water is plenty. Stop watering your yards and gulf courses. Lots if wasted resources.

                • Both my statements are right. Whats your point?

                  This article is a fraud. You can choose to live a sustainable lifestyle as a goal. Many do not however.. Those who dont need to be retrained or shot as usless parias sucking away at the reaources. If you are thirsty move to where the water is plenty. Stop watering your yards and gulf courses. Lots if wasted resources.

            • Black people are the most useless, worthless waste of all sub-humans. They do nothing but breed, consume, and commit crimes, and contribute nothing useful to society.

              • Infidel is getting sucked right into the Globalist narrative. (EACE WARS) Instead of calling out the BS Lies about the resources being limited. they are turning this into a race war, and infidel is feeding the race war..

                I will agree with your statements though about blacks, but watch the narrative now pitting people and races against each other. Watch how the Globalist will start taunting that, “White People” use way more resources and waste them and there will be none for the darkies to afford, then Antifa will start their rebellions against the whities for using up all the resources that are supposed to be shared. Its all a scam.

                Don’t get sucked into this Race war BS Narrative. While the Globalist one hand waving over here, look look look…while their other hand is capturing, stealing or controlling all the resources with the other, to then sell for profit. It will be a magic trick shell game.

                Why is all of out Natural Gas Resources here in the US mostly being sold off to foreign countries like China for profit. Aren’t those resources here for Americans to enjoy? That’s the theft. And the MSM will control the fake news narrative to dupe stupid people.

                • I meant RACE WARS, not eace wars. Damn fat fingers.

        • “The global water shortage is coming fast.”

          There is NO water crisis. Even the FRESH WATER “shortage” is man made. Because water is an essential element of life, it is a PROFIT CENTER for those who control the water. An illusion that there is a water shortage is necessary to increase the price to consumers.

          More than that, control the water, you control the people, and impoverish them at the same time by selling it to them in plastic bottles !!!

          I know ONE location in Arizona that has 20 million gallons of pure mineral, alkaline water. And that is just ONE location. I will never be short of water. New nano technology can purify salt water very cheaply. California need not be held captive to “drought”.

          On a MACRO scale, scientists have discovered that the boundary between the mantle and the core holds MASSIVE amounts of water.

          MASSIVE. 🙂

          • Here is the set up statement for ignorant people:

            Quote: “…According to HSBC, extreme events have severe economic and social costs.”

            This is a quote from a corrupt Globalist Bank. You know, the Banksters who launder money for drug cartels, and elitists to hide assets, and finance fraudulent wars, and pedophile rings. The Bank that has been caught red handed in scams and cheating the masses. And you want to take a HSBC Bankers quote to glorify your article Daisy like it has any credence or legitimacy?

            Stupid is.

        • “We are draining (OIL) resources so quickly that the BP website warns that we can only get 50 more years at our current rate of oil production.”

          We are in an energy revolution right now as I have pointed out to this community a number of times before. Hydrocarbons will be OBSOLETE in 30 years, if not before; and Nibiru passing notwithstanding.

          Battery technology is improving tremendously by leaps and bounds, as energy density, mass production, and materials science transforms solar energy collection and storage: reducing costs.

          Magnetic motors and “free energy” are the future of energy; particularly when coupled with new energy storage technology. Don’t think oil & gas. Think energy. We do not have an energy short future. BP does not think oil & gas. It thinks energy which is why they invest in the development of industrial scale alt energy facilities.

          This is their big mistake.

          The future of energy is decentralized, individual energy production and use. The PTB are looking to control LIFE ESSENTIALS like food, water, and energy to enslave and exploit the masses.

          Not gonna happen. The genie is out of the bottle. 🙂

          • How much electricity is lost in transmission and distribution in the power lines, with heat and resistance?

            To calculate T&D losses as a percentage, divide estimated losses by the result of total disposition minus direct use.

            Considering the main parts of a typical Transmission & Distribution network, here are the average values of power losses at the different steps*:
            •1-2% – Step-up transformer from generator to Transmission line
            •2-4% – Transmission line
            •1-2% – Step-down transformer from Transmission line to Distribution network
            •4-6% – Distribution network transformers and cables

            The overall losses between the power plant and consumers is then in the range between 8 and 15%.

            Is it the biggest challenge?

            This must not be mixed up with the efficiency of power plants like nuclear, coal-fired or natural gas turbine. These technologies are based on a thermodynamic cycle, which efficiency is in the order of 35%. This means that the combustion of coal, for example, will produce heat, which will be converted into mechanical energy and then into electricity.

            **So if you want to stop wasting electricity produce your own power on site and CUT OFF THE MIDDLEMAN, get off the inefficient grid. You are also paying for the loss of energy in the lines. Plus the Utility Co needs to make a hefty profit, again which consumers are also paying for plus all the attached taxes and fees for the Grabberment to make money on as well.

        • “A huge part of the issue with looming food shortages is the shocking amount of waste.”

          Much of the problem with waste and spoilage and cost is the fact that food is produced in places far from where it is consumed. The solution is simple and it is spreading like a virus: grow the food locally for local consumption.

          Technology is transforming farming. The future of farming (as I have noted here on many occasion) is vertical and indoors; where the growing environment (water, nutrients, and pests) can be efficiently controlled, optimizing production.

          This phenomena is happening now, on a small scale, by a vanguard of visionaries, (mostly chefs) but eventually the PTB will recognize that if you cannot beat them you must join them to profit from the trend.

          MIT is at the forefront of this technology and a number of studies have been conducted and pilot plants have been constructed across America: even in Shitcago. These facilities and the processes used can be replicated anyplace where anyone is motivated to eat healthy and cost efficiently.

          There is no food shortage. There is only a shortage of will and action. It is not even a question of profitability. But that would spoil the narrative and the agenda to depopulate the globe by the elite.

          It’s another man made crisis. People everywhere must organize to meet the challenges from the PTB, if the only remedy they generate is a community food garden. 🙁

        • 1) malthus was right, all the people repeating like parrots that malthus was wrong never read malthus. if you honnest, shut up, and go read him. it is easy to say someone is wrong once the progress has passed and turned wrong a plain simple fact that is for given geometrical ( exp ) grow of population, a linear food production increase leads to a cap that it is impossible to overpass.

          saying malthus was wrong is just being idiot. because myth of economics always says ” we’ll find something ” in era we were using woods. now we use oil as energy and we deplete all other resources. any new materia, is chemical work of existing ones + energy using. you can’t go beyond void when you depleted all. you cant go beyond 100% on a finite resources quantity, recycling needs energy, you cannot recycle, you cannot reduce low entropy without adding high entropy elsewhere. stop thinking like you know & own eveything, you are on a train that gonna just wreak humanity.

          you also should try to learn what sadie carnot in 1824 wrote about economy on a thermodynamics because it explain why in 2018 stoopids like you on a computer says all is fine and say muslims are issue, it is because if environment is thermally equal than inside a combustion room, the energy is null, said different way, world works because 80% resources is used by 20% of people.

          rebalance world even 60-40, you dont have mind to get the consequences, i do not have to develop.

          you are too mind limited to expend any reflexion on the survival of a whole world that is in deny of itself because it do not have the response of the fundamental question that has replaced god since 17 century :
          the meaning. what is the meaning.
          when humanity do not have response to something, there is no choice other than passively, unconsciously to destroy the subject, ourselves.

          humanity have no meaning.

      1. We are running out of resources but not out of mud people, who are experiencing record birth rates right now. Most of the world’s conflicts are about resources. That is why Syria happened, why Yemen still happens, and why most of Africa and the Middle East will explode in violence and wars over the next 5 years as people fight hard for the remaining resources. It is why people are fleeing the third world, and like locusts, trying to get into the West to feed on its remaining resources and infrastructure.

        • Told ya so. Been saying it for years.

          • Globalist propaganda this is. The headline looks as though it could be included on the Georgia Guidestones.

            • Evidently math and reality is way over your head. It’s simple common sense and logic, which also escapes you. Tell your kids in 20-30 years why everything is so expensive and scarce….

              • That is the fiat money from thin air scam that’s causing that. Shit will hit the fan long before that.

                • Here is the text of the guidestones. Tell me which part you disagree with ok?

                  Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
                  Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
                  Unite humanity with a living new language.
                  Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
                  Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
                  Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
                  Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
                  Balance personal rights with social duties.
                  Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
                  Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.

                  • All of it. It doesn’t say what it actually means.

                    • It means you either do something like that or die. It is a good stewardship pledge. And you don’t know who made it but they were smart….

                  • “Balance personal rights with social duties.”

                    My personal right offends somebody’s social duties.
                    That is the basis of the gun control argument.
                    That is also why this entire list it touchy feelie nonsense.

                    The 10 commandments have offered sound wisdom for several millennia now but even they can be boiled down to two rules.

                    – Do all you say you will do
                    – Do not aggress against another person or their property.

                    It really isn’t very complicated.

                • genius you are an idiot. You should just change your name to “the sheep.”

              • If I had any kids I would tell them to plan really well to be self sustaining, produce all your own power, water and utilities and grow all your own food. And the Globalist pricy grid will not affect you and you shall prosper..

                Shortages are created by the producers to profit greatly. Economics 101 Supply and Demand. Profit and loss.

          • That’s why I keep plenty of sugar on hand.

            • Prepper’s Code

              I am the ultimate authority over my own life.
              I intend to believe only what is true.
              I live to fulfill my own enlightened self interest.


        • So much for “eat the rich”. Maybe it is time to feed the poor with the poor, aka “Soylent Green”.

      2. Lake Mead – A little bit o’ fear porn….?

        The Lake is 150 ft below full pool…but current levels are rising and we are sitting between 2016 (lower) and 2017. If current trajectory is maintained the level will cross the 2017 line in November (or not).

        The big drop recently happened in 2013 and 14 where about 40 ft was lost.


        • And the more it goes down the faster it will go down. Like I said, man can reduce the population or nature will do it for him. Mad Max anyone?

          • Genius: Birth control or sterilization is basically free if u have insurance or medicaid for low income. Not rocket science either to use condoms, etc. Breeding is super expensive anyway in first world countries. A hobby for the rich.

          • Genius, I think it will be a combination of Mad Max and nature. The “great culling” is going to happen one way or another. People have been fighting over resources ever since the world first started. My resources are for me and my own and no one else. And I do have “liberty tools” to back me up on that.

        • The drought is over in the Southwest. Lake Powell and Lake Mead will be filling up fast, now as will Lake Havasu. So much water is falling from the sky, SRP is releasing water upstream of the many lakes/dams along the Salt River and Verde rivers Northeast of Phoenix.

          They do not do this, NORMALLY, in Summer. 🙂

          • That is NOT true! The rain isn’t filling shit! Bad year for snow pack and rain soaks into the dry soil fast. Filling up fast? Ya if it rains everyday for the next 15 years maybe. Lake mead and Powell will NEVER recover and thats a fact.

            • And all the aquifers in my area are dropping dramatically. Many people are having to deepen their wells. 3ft. per year average. Now what were you saying???

              • Not to mention many many springs have dried up too. Maybe in AZ you have water but north of you is a different story. By the way, AZ drivers are the WORST by FAR! It’s like they are sprayed with stupid dust or something…

            • The next millennial generation will do the rest of the population in. LOW IQ, no thought processes, drone mentality programmed to follow the sheep herd off the cliff of the abyss. 5G cell technology is stuffed with mind thought and controlled via mini radiation waves that will set the populace into rages uncontrolled suicide and chaos. So Keep plenty of brass jacked lead ammo neutralizers handy, to dispose of these useless eaters quickly and efficiently, if they get into your way.

              • Yep, the future is as bright as a nagger in the dark. I didn’t bring anyone else into this shithole world so I have no guilt about putting anyone else through it. Maybe make a time capsule for your kids/grandkids explaining why they are made to suffer in a world of shit, but hey you love them! I can retire soon so I am headin’ to the hills to watch it fall apart from a long distance. Good luck with your choices you all made lol….

            • With respect with Lakes Powell & Mead; we will have to see, but rain is predicted in N AZ for the foreseeable future.

              Agreed, the drivers are bad. Especially bad red-light runners in metro Phx. But then, most of them come from The People’s Republic of Kalifornia. 🙂

            • With respect with Lakes Powell & Mead; we will have to see, but rain is predicted in N AZ for the foreseeable future.

              Agreed, the drivers are bad. Especially bad red-light runners in metro Phx. But then, most of them come from The People’s Republic of Kalifornia. 🙂

          • DK: yaaay!! my sister lives in N. Tuscon, has second house in Pinetop stays in summer, Bro in Sun City.

            • Pinetop is a good place to be right now …. Sun City …. not so much !!! 🙂

      3. We can’t get MOF water harvesting (Google it) scaled up fast enough!

      4. Since we here in North America have so much water, and sub Saharan Africa has so little, the humane thing to do is to bring the entire sub Saharan population (minus one tenth) to Oregon. It rains constantly, especially on the coast. The black mayors would be ready to welcome them with open arms.

        And drain the Great Lakes in the East. Keep sending bladders filled with our purest water to China.

        Or, let me see. If I think real hard, maybe there’s a better solution.


      5. Running out of resources? What about the “Law of Substitution?”

        Average high temperatures in places like Saudi Arabia go up to 175-degrees? Just crank up the AC. Run out of fresh potable drinking water? Just desalinate a bunch of sea water. Run out of rare earths? Make synthetic ones. Run out of food? Eat dirt (but only after you run out of eating shi*t). One thing we don’t see ever running out of? Babies.

        • Now just imagine how bad it would be if there were no abortions and wars to help curb it a little. Welfare bums should be sterilized in order to receive anything. Stop importing scumbags from all over, left to their own devices they will level off in population from starvation, disease, etc. DO NOT send money to these kids charities, all you are doing is enabeling them to continue over breeding. You are being part of the problem by doing it!

          • Killing babies is not the answer. This would be a good commercial for planned parenthood though. Well done, genius.

            • Oh, well what IS the answer?

              • I don’t know man, but that ain’t it.

                • I’m afraid depopulation IS the only answer. The planet cannot continue to support the billions of consumers that feed on it. But like I said, man can do it or nature will and both methods will be horendous. Think about how many more worthless mouths to feed there would be without abortion. You complain about paying for these welfare bums? Try quadrupling the amount and then YOU pay for it. Not to mention all the crime and shit that goes with it.

                  • Genius, sad to say you’re right. What makes it worse is that the scum NWO/globalist/elitists have the same plans in mind. They want to reduce the world’s population to a more “manageable” level of 500,000,000. I still believe both man and nature will bring it about and it ain’t gonna be nice.

                    • Since it is the scum elitist’s plan is exactly why it is not the right answer.

                    • You don’t know who made that. Could be some intelligent person with a lil’ extra money? Those rules are what it will take for humanity to survive like it or not.

                • if we quit spending trillions to find new ways to kill each other and spend that to solve this we’d be fine.

                  • That’s the best answer I’ve heard.

                    • But since that aint gonna happen let’s get back to reality….

                    • The reality is all out war will arrive and we’ll all turn into bloodthirsty killers or victims. Sad.

                    • War=post birth abortion. So if we are all going to die in some bad assed war why are you against making fetuses grow up to be cannon fodder in a world of shit? You will be aborted sooner or later. You want to watch them suffer? Or pay for them? Maybe your a sadist?

                    • For not against sorry.

                    • You’re a godless heathen. They are babies. As an adult that wasn’t killed before I came out of my mother, I have a chance to fight for my life and family. The murdered baby doesn’t get a chance. Those that murder defenseless babies or condone it are the true sadists.

                    • You would never know the difference because you weren’t fully concious. Do you remember your mama’s womb? Didn’t think so….

                    • That is irrelevant.

                    • “Those that murder defenseless babies or condone it are the true sadists.”

                      But yet your all for war and killing huh? What about palestinian babies that are born? Oh ya they are worthless and should be killed? Same with every other country your chew brothers make us invade. I don’t like any of them but it’s their right to live eh? You want to murder and occupy and steal everyone elses shit becuze yer a great amurikan! Oh but abortion is soooo evil unlike your resource wars that kill millions…. You sir are the biggest hypocrite I have ever seen!

                    • Then you beech about welfare bums and in the same sentence want millions more of them born? You need a serious look in the mirror man….

                  • “we” ain’t doing that spending

                    (((they))) are

              • Genius:

                Would it not be more humane to sterilize rather than rely on abortion. Either way is traumatic.

                Tesla thought Eugenics would be common practice by the year 2000.

                I once thought all persons with inheritable disease would choose to sterilize themselves. I’ve known people who chose to do so. Responsible people with common sense face reality, then take action. But most people don’t. When they bring a sick kid into the world, it’s everybody’s problem.

                We should not allow low IQ people to reproduce. They should be sterilized when they are prepubescent so that there’s no possibility of pregnancy. Sometimes low IQ people have normal children, but usually low IQ breed more low IQ.

                Welfare should have nothing to do with it.

                And people with an IQ above 140 should receive some type of encouragement to reproduce. There aren’t that many so it wouldn’t hurt the over population situation.

                If everyone in Africa with an IQ below 90 was sterilized, perhaps that continent could be saved.
                In the U.S. we might aim for a little higher standard. Anyone with an IQ below 99 does not need to breed. It would be better all the way around.

                Of course, this is not going to happen unless there is a revolution. TPTB would rather kill off the best and brightest in the theater of war, for shekels and giggles. And abort perfectly healthy babies of college students; to thin the herd.



                • Good point BfromCA!

                  • And just because you go to college doesn’t mean your smart or good IQ. There are plenty of morons with degrees. And ya, it aint gonna happen because TPTB want a population of retards. It seems the stupider people have the most kids like idiocracy. Smart people shy away from it because it is an expense and hinderance to their goals. I had a vasectomy years ago after hearing horror stories at work about men paying child support that was insane and going to jail if they failed. 40 bux copay and the best money I ever spent. So humanity can F-OFF after I’m gone, they make their bed they will lay in it. God I hope I get to go to another world where there IS intelligent life lol 😛

            • The BuyBull is wrong again. And why according to the Bible, Abortion is not killing and here is why.

              Personally, I Abortion is fine as it is the parents decision if they choose either way, and nobody else’s decision. Science is 100% correct, and I also agree with science as I too believe life begins at conception.

              But if you read Genesis 2:7 and listen to all these uninformed religious freaks running around bashing Abortion, this verse basically says that the fetus is not even a living being until God breaths into the nostral the breath of life, and then becomes man.

              Genesis 2:7 New International Version (NIV). 7 Then the Lord God formed a man [] from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.

              So According to the BuyBull – Early termination of a fetus is not killing according to the Bible, because it is not even a life yet. But does not refer at all about taking a fetus before birth or before air is blessed in the nostrils.

              Personal I believe Abortion is a bad thing and should be avoided if possible, however it is the legal right of the land, so it is what it is. And that will probably never change. That is a personal choice and not the business of any Government or Religion. Of course I believe in the first trimester, is the best time to deal with a problem or birth defect to terminate it.

              Even the Greedy Government does not think a fetus is a living being because it is not born yet to assign a social security number to it. But the courts have sometimes rules if you kill a pregnant woman you are taking 2 lives.

              Abortion is just another wedge issue pitting people against each other.

              • That is utter tripe.

                13For thou hast possessed my reins: thou hast covered me in my mother’s womb.

                14I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

                15My substance was not hid from thee, when I was made in secret, and curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth.

                16Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect; and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them.
                Psalm 139:13-16

        • Plenty of fresh meat at the abortion clinics!

          • Mmmmmmm, fetus fries!

      6. The Chinese have some interesting research going on in the province of Inner Mongolia. They are using a paste developed from materials in cell walls to grow food in desert areas where it would be impossible. They bury the paste under the top layer of soil. The paste holds the water so the plant roots can use the water better. The deserts are growing in area and this could help if it is successful.

      7. The new Global warming B.S.

        • No doubt. I raise catfish and crappie. I have for years and they are huge. Plenty of meat in my back yard along with 10s of thousands of gallons of water on the surface I can clean and use if need be. Have the well rigged for a generator too.

          • Menzo: That is great! The oceans are being depleted of fish, but I like Cod and Haddock from the N. sea. Other fish are super expensive like grouper from S Amer. Yikes!

            • I feed them dehydrated worms. Kind of expensive but worth it. My in laws raise hogs, chickens, goats. I wanted to do something different. I also enjoy watching them eat. A feeding frenzy!

            • Thats another point, The oceans are being fished to death to feed the ever growing masses. I see a big reduction in the amount of zipperheads that are killing it.

      8. Lots of B.S. included amongst some facts.

        You’re going to run out of water in Nevada, cause you live in a f##king desert and constantly expand population capability. Uh, problem reaction solution comes to mind.

        Adead land from agrochemicals as opposed to humate, manure composting use.

        Drip irrigation and rain water harvesting as opposed to spraying wildly into the air.

        Lots of simple solutions to slow or reverse a lot of stupid waste.

        Oil, sand, and silver are problems I can think of of immediate concern.

      9. Well let’s get it on then the elites will cower in there bunkers while the peasants have WW3 or Civil War 2/3 percent of the population gone and there you have it.

        The AGENDA is DONE …….

      10. Our weekly dose of fear porn.:-\

        • Si’, but still it don’t hurt to keep the larder full.

      11. I too, have said we never have used resources to
        best advantage. AZ, NV are deserts. So why do they
        build thousands of new homes every year?? There has
        been a water shortage there for the last 30 years.
        Every year it gets worse.

        Every year the “cloud seeding”, chemtrails, etc. gets

        And still they let millions of illegals, on foot, flood the
        borders. Still they ship them in daily,
        by the boat loads, train loads and plane loads.

        The reason is for cheap labor. NOT!!!!
        It’s for benefits the politicians say they won’t get!!
        It WAS for Busshes & 0bumbler wet dream to saturate the population
        to dilute the political power, and subject us to globalization.

      12. We could give away free dehydrated food in America by returning to the old paradigm of a commodities program versus the food stamps/EBT card system. The waste is largely due to fresh produce. The least expensive fruits and vegetables are dehdrated and don’t spoil. And this would save money.

        It merely take a little teaching on rehydrating food and mixing and matching to make soups and stew bases.

        If the government bought meat, poultry, and seafood in bulk, then we could give frozen and canned versions and greatly reduce the EBT budget as well. It make almost no sense for the indigent to buy fresh meat and fish.

        If we are still using oil for energy in 30 years, then we are stupid. What should do is work on algae based ethanol. Then use our domestic oil for plastics and insecticides only.

        If we altered our new home construction to underground homes or earthships, then energy savings is so dramatically high that we coud greatly reduce energy needs on coal to generate electricty. Underground homes maintain a 55 degree temp on the same principle as root cellars. That means no air conditionig and very little heat. In fact, it’s so low that we might actually use rocket mass heaters which use rocket engine design and have a very high BTU with almost nil emissions save for steam. So we could grow poplars as the fuel and run these on a seldom basis to nearly have no heating bill except for the fan motor.

        It’s asinine to fight terrorism but then buy foreign oil that supports terrorismm right? If we all stop supporting Middle Eastern oil then terrorism ends.

        Water is a genuine mystery. No one knows how it’s created. We can pull it from the environment but only by reducing humidity. Desalination is okay for potable water but not for agriculture.

        No one has solved the huge undertaking needed to drip irrigate crops at the small, medium, and corporate farming levels. The rainwater runs off and much just evaprates. The rest flows to aquifers. But if we could drip irrigate then huge amounts of rainwater would be accessible.

        So far this really only works for gardening. At the gardening level, you can do Hugulkultur to vastly reduce watering but that never work with mechanical harvesting.

        State governments are deeply concerned and this is why they keep passing laws on rainwater cachement. But they these government DOLTS then allow water bottling companies to tap freshwater reserves for a pittace which then greatly contributes to communities lacking potable water.

        And purification of water is largely a problem due to urbanization. With 81% of Americans living in idiotic dense regions, of course there are issues with sanitation, potabke water availability, algae issues, toxicology, medical issues due to excretion by micturation into the water supply, disease, early onset puberty in girls, etc.

        • The aquifer in my area drops 3 feet per year. Whats the solution? Like I said…..

        • I don’t have time to address your concerns but I would point you to my posts. 🙂

          • I know more than you about whats happening in NV and UT with water. You need to read my replies to your posts lol.

            • OK. 🙂

        • “aranatha says:
          Comment ID: 3831612
          August 13, 2018 at 12:40 pm
          We could give away free dehydrated food in America by returning to the old paradigm of a commodities program versus the food stamps/EBT card system.”

          HOW ABOUT WE DON’T GIVE OUT SHIT! YOU give out your food if YOU want. Don’t be recomending a different type of commie socialist program forced on everyone at gunpoint. If you can’t feed em’ DON’T BREED EM” !

      13. 1. Do not allow low IQ dependency trolls to reproduce. (mass sterilization)
        2. Impose immigration moratorium on 3rd world scum.
        3. Deport all 3rd world scum that are on any government assistance.
        4. Raise voting age to 30 & Freeze voting rights on any citizen receiving govt assistance.

        A good start….

        • I like that idea!

      14. Absolutely, positively, BULLSHIT!!!

      15. The earth has just as much water as it always had. We lose hydrogen to space but space “dust”, basically replaces the lost water.
        ht tps://
        is one source, you can easily find more.
        The problem we have is the water sources we use are over stressed, is in the wrong places, or is wasted due to politics eg Sacramento Delta.
        We are still using 17th century farming practices in the 21st century. We can be far more efficient farmers.
        Our power generation is throttled by politics and parochial interests eg. solar, wind and outright rejection of nuclear such as Thorium reactors. There is no such thing as renewable energy, even the sun will end one day.
        As long as the sun continues to work we will have all the things we need to survive.
        The one thing we cannot protect ourselves from is ignorant humans.
        If we got rid of Democrat influence in America, we would all be rich beyond our wildest dreams and have plenty of resources. My example is Venezuela. It should be the richest country per capita, in the entire world, yet its ignorant Democrat population has pushed them to the point of starvation.
        We don’t have a natural resource problem we have a World wide political problem and that name is Democrat( and all its synonyms, Socialist, Communism, Oligarchy,et al)

        • Rellik, agreed about the libturd/NWO/globalist/oligarchy political problem, not to mention the neocon scum pushing for WW3. But we CAN protect ourselves from ignorant humans aka sheeple aka free shit army aka ‘gimme dats’. It’s called GUNS AND AMMO.

      16. Checked USGS site today. The north coast of Alaska had a shallow earthquake measuring over 6.0. Hundreds of after shocks. Only 241 people live in the area. Use it as a reminder to prep for disasters.

      17. Here’s an idea if it hasn’t been posted already. Flush the u.s. of all Muslims and illegals. That right there would be a good start. Then vote in a purge.

        • And all the useless blacks and worthless snowflake liberals.

          • And most of all purge the greedy commie chews who create 90% of the problems in America and Globally.

      18. Blah Blah Blah. Been hearing this same nonsense for decades and STILL hasn’t happened yet. More fear porn to buy useless shit we will never use anyway.

        I LOVE that ad for the $150-350 gas mask. Its “guaranteed”. LOL!

        • Demonic: heard about collapse since circa ’78, off and on, later so much about the y2k hype. Many preppers quit prepping after that, wasted lots of money and food companies refused to refund any returns.

        • DMONIC. agreed about the gas mask. There’s a lot of better things I can get in the $150-$350 price range. I’ve yet to see one gas mask from anywhere that’s “guaranteed”. GMAFB!

        • THIS ^^^^^

          How many of these so called “doom/gloom” experts have taken their own advice and quit their job,sold their home,withdrawn all their cash from the bank,cut up their credit cards,sold or gave away all items they deem worthless when SHTF,and have fled directly to their BOL,and are awaiting STHTF?? These so called “doom/gloom” experts are trying to sell products that they themselves would never buy…

      19. As I sit here, reading this in Texas, it is pouring down, blinding, rain. Rained almost all weekend, from Friday on, and here it is Monday, and pouring again. I have six ways to purify water and four other sources if the spigot fails to work. I let the lawn burn since June, didn’t water it, and behold, with the rain we got in the past four days, it’s turning green again, before my eyes. Many of my neighbors who are not known by me to be preppers, watered their lawns and they stayed green. The most successful of these have below ground irrigation. Having potable water on hand is like money in the bank. Individuals will make the difference in the Coming Excitement.

      20. I don’t pretend to know the limit, but there must be a population number where everything is either used up or is unusable due to pollution. What we need is a massive reduction in population and a ban on reproduction.

        • Agreed!

      21. Call it Good, mother nature,or blind luck, the earth balances things out. When there are wars, more males are born. When populations are unsustainable, they decrease. Global warming? Sure, been going on for thousands of years but man can’t cause it or control it.Man has less control over things than he likes to think he has. So prepare for what you can control and don’t worry about what you can’t control.

      22. If I collected all the rainwater that falls on my roof in a year, I wouldn’t have anywhere to store it all, because it’s so much. I get around 70,000 gallons of rainfall on my roof per year. I’d get a lot more if I collected from all my outbuildings.

        There are stealth ways to collect rainwater, if you don’t want the neighbors to see it. You can put your collection barrels in your garage and then route your gutters to them.

      23. Horse hockey.

      24. Salt and Light

        (Philippians 2:12-18)

        13Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.

        14Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. 15Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. 16Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.
        Matthew 5:13-16

        My brothers and sisters in Christ,

        We can retreat away and only take care of ourselves and be like candles under bushels, or we can go forth into the world and let all people see our love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This is most revealed in sharing our time, talent, and treasure.

        We share our time with them. This is called the ministry of being present with the suffering. YHWH is always present ie OMNIPRESENT as YHWH is the source of all being. Sometimes in ministry, all you can is be present when the suffering are grieving.

        We share our talent with them. YHWH gave us talents and many of these are ancestral skills. We share them with the suffering and ideally impart them so the suffering learn and suffer no more. Teach how to catch a fish, not just receive a fish. Then the ancestral skill is passed on and helps a hundred fold.

        We share our treasure with the suffering. It isn’t always money. It can be taking soup to the elderly. It can be we made yogurt and we teach a single mom or a newlywed how to do it. It can be baking bread and taking it folks who just moved in and welcoming strangers and inviting them to church. It can be giving away gently used clothing that our children have outgrown. It can be buying a cheap bicycle and painting it and repairing it and giving it away to kids in your neighborhood.

        Or you be like the selfish atheists and agnostics and ignore the suffering. And then, I wonder what Jesus will say when you call him Lord, but are unable to say when you last helped the least of these?

        See Matthew 25. Are you like a wise or foolish virgin? Are you like a good or wicked servant? Are you like a sheep or like a goat?

        When the followers of the Good Shepherd are like goats they can start acting so horribly that not only is their light extinguished but they act more like sociopaths than sheep.

      25. If you are a devout Christian, have you considered the following?

        If you and your wife sincerely befriend another couple who are not Christians, and you invite them to ride with you to church with lunch at your home afterwards, there is a 60-70% chance they will go with you even if they claim to be atheists or agnostics. Are you aware of this? Most are not in fact atheists, merely unbelievers because no one has made the Gospel meaningful to them.

        These are great odds!

        Did you know that many Hebrews are not practicing? They can be very easy to minister to and share the Gospel while honestly becoming their friends. This is all it typically takes. Bake them delicious Challah. Invite them to supper. Go grab some coffee with them.

        Did you know that many Muslims in America were raised that way but are not at all faithful? They already believe that Jesus is a prophet. It is not hard to persuade them especially Persians (Iranians) and Syrians as they are well known to despise Wahabism and intolerance. You might easily get them to attend your church.

        What about some isolated African Americans who live near you? How difficult would it be to honestly befriend them and teach them ancestral skills and share the Gospel? Or Asians? Or indigent Whites? Or legal Hispanics?

        It is not hard to share the Gospel or mentor in ancestral skills, you are just bashful, rebellious, or lazy. You think “it’s someone else’s job…like the pastor”. Well, the pastor is one man in a congregation of 100-300. He cannot do the evangelism of 100-300 people. Why not help spread the Good News?

        You can complain that people are foolish, unsaved, and ill prepared or you can gently teach, witness how Jesus saved your soul, and talk about simple frugal ways to prepare.

        Because chances are, someone other than your parents taught YOU. You see, children resist what their parents do, but often embrace what another adult says or does.

        If you are great at gardening, chances are YHWH has found a neighbor who would love to learn, a child, a teen, a housewife, a husband, and all you have to do is take them some vegatables or peaches and ask if they want to learn.

        33Another parable spake he unto them; The kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven, which a woman took, and hid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened.
        Matthew 13:33

        You are like this wise woman who shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ by doing something ordinary, frugal, and practical. Your good works then penetrate and transform flour so it is all leavened. You don’t have to preach or even know the Bible all that well to be a good and faithful servant to Jesus Christ.

        And then, maybe your manifold sins,that you have forgotten, will be forgotten and overlooked by Jesus when he judges us?

      26. Ponder this. If YHWH is not real as the atheists claim, why in the world are they so obsessed about discussing YHWH!

        After all, do they spend hours everyday making biting comments about Shiva, Isis, or Thor??? Nope! Why then are they so focused on YHWH?

        Because the atheists genuinely serve LUCIFER even if they are not cognizant of it! That is why they write the detestible things they do and act the way they do. They are inherently evil and immoral and they hate the Bible, YHWH, Jesus Christ, and Christians.

        And when they are preppers, they tend to be crazy survivalists who plan on killing everyone. Why? Because they sold their souls to Satan a long time ago.

        What ardent atheists truly are, if they spend hours every day doing this is EVANGELISTS for SATAN! How funny. These atheists are itinerant street preachers for the Devil!

        Worry not! I love when atheists try to dismiss the Bible because then it’s one more chance to defend it! I will happily do it over and over, not to persuade some reprobate mind, but for everyone else who reads!

        By all means, criticize Jesus and YHWH every day so I can sing praises to GOD! I love it!

      27. The major obstacle to the desalinization of water is the high cost of the treatment process. The treatment requires a lot of energy to process the water and to transport it. The energy costs have to be lowered drastically to make it economically feasible to use in agriculture. There is research going on to produce solar panels from special inks which would be deposited on plastic using 3d printer technology. It is conceivable that they could cut the cost of solar panels in half. This in turn would make the use of desalinated water in agriculture economically feasible. It would also help to lower the cost of food grown through indoor, vertical gardening.

      28. No Brian. Desalination would never work for agriculture. Think about how much rainfall is needed for crops. You’re not thinking logically. We simply have no way of producing that huge amount of volume to grow crops.

        And not only that, to do so would leave trace amounts of various kinds of salts, not just sodium chloride, in the soil. So you might be able to do it in huge volumes today, but the SALT would accumulate in the soil.

        It won’t work. Desalination is only meant for potable water never agriculture.

      29. HOW DOES ONE “BORROW” RESOURCES? one cant borrow and eat food that doesn’t exist. how do we use up fuel that doesn’t exist? power isn’t “used” up it changes form. we can not create or destroy only convert. so we must learn to convert back to usable assets. we as humans have progressed to different levels of power usage. in recent years power use has become more efficient. why because of need. whenever the need arises it is met with innovation. it is what man does. that is why man survives and advances.

      30. This is why I’m concerned when people go West of the Mississippi in search of homesteads. Your two main factors are weather/growing seasons and rainfall. If it’s low rainfall, or drought is intermittent, then how are you going to make it.

        You really ought to look at Western Kentucky. We have no problems with rainfall, bad weather, or growing season. Even tornados are not typically an issue. I can only think of one bad tornado that hit in Brandenburg in my lifetime.

        Even when it’s dry, it isn’t dangerously so.

        Winters are mild here and we get enough that old farmers call snow “poor man’s fertilizer”. Otherwise spring, summer, and fall are growing seasons. This means using succession planting, and companion planting, and cloches and cold frames, that you have a very lengthy growing season without too much frost and plenty of rain.

      31. Well Gramps, based upon the demand for energy, even with untapped reserves, we are not able to produce like we should as it is far more expensive to extract. This means that it will soon be a question of should the USA export oil knowing that it actually is stupid to do so as it dooms our own citizens.

        Now if fusion energy were genuinely affordable, it wouldn’t matter. Nuclear fission has been a bust because there is no way to deal long term with the spent fuel rods that must be perpetually cooled. This makes fission very dangerous as has hapened at Chernobyl and Fukushima.

        Solar is still very inefficient as is windpower. These are fine for personal use, but not distributed power.

        Coal has to be used up and the least polluting coal is mostly gone. Every nerd talking about electric cars doesn’t think that coal is the primary fuel to get electricity. Now my state is one the top three coal producers but realistically we need better pollution controls. Otherwise what’s going out the stack is so toxic that it’s harming future generations. This is not insurmountable; we need to investigate how to handle it.

        In my opinion, we shouldn’t export any energy nor import it either. We should spend some serious money on energy research and use what we have domestically. I believe in good old American ingenuity to lick the problems.

        Our brightest future seems to be algae based fuel as this is inexhaustable. We would produce a fuel like ethanol and burn that instead of petroleum.

        We need our petroleum to make fertilizers, pesticides, and tires and plastics.

      32. “Everyone is blaming climate change.

        Of course, in the mainstream, everyone is blaming climate change for all of these potential shortages. This article is not a debate”
        ITS THE SCIENTISTS– about 97% of the best, most reputable climate scientists in the world from EVERY country who are saying climate change is real and MOSTLY caused by burning of fossil fuels… THERE IS NO DEBATE AMONG THE REPUTABLE SCIENTISTS…There is practically 100% AGEEMENT!

        Crap, even Shell oil company said there would be 5 degrees increase in global average temperatures by 2050. The only “debate” is among the illiterate, dumb asses like Rush Limballs (A RADIO TALK SHOW HOST!!) versus real climate scientists who have been studying the artic sea ice for the last 50 years!!


      34. Have you never watched StarTreck?
        Scientist will develope a pill for our bodies food needs.
        We will have the oceans for water – desalination – Duh

      35. The only resource being depleted on this planet that threatens our existence is intelligence. The USalone gets dumber flatterer are there are less people capable of critical thinking every years hat passes.couple that with a rapacious ruling class stealing everything they can lay ther hands on and you have a r cope for worldwide disaster

      36. I have read a hermit, complaining that he had picked up a rock, because, now, he would have to make space for the thing, dust it, and be it’s steward.

        What if you owned this:

        Either, you would forever be cleaning and maintaining it, all by yourself, or that job would take a whole kingdom of people.

        These same people have an expectation that they are all entitled to a mansion — people who you do not want to share a bus stop, pay phone, or buffet.

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