An Unlikely American Hero Has Emerged in the Face of Hurricane Florence: Waffle House

by | Sep 14, 2018 | Headline News | 29 comments

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    This article was originally published by the Anti-Media Team at Anti-Media

    FEMA isn’t exactly known for its competence or efficiency, but as Hurricane Florence looms over the Carolinas and southern Virginia, an unlikely ally is providing support and guidance.

    The popular restaurant chain Waffle House has a reputation for staying open all hours of the day, every day, even during hurricanes. In fact, a common reference point for how bad a hurricane has gotten comes in the form of whether the Waffle Houses in the area are open. “When Waffle House surrenders to a hurricane, you know it’s bad,” read one Miami Herald headline in 2016.

    If you get there and the Waffle House is closed? That’s really bad. That’s where you go to work,” a FEMA employee told the outlet.

    Even in harsh hurricane conditions, Waffle House will offer a limited menu with items that don’t require power, water, and gas to prepare. The restaurant usually won’t shut down unless it’s physically destroyed.

    This tenacity led FEMA to create an index to gauge the severity of hurricanes and their damages using Waffle House as a barometer. In 2004, amid Hurricane Charley, then-FEMA administrator W. Craig Fugate, Florida state meteorologist Ben Nelson, and member of the National Guard were assessing the damage and attempting to find a place to eat.

    As FiveThirtyEight detailed in 2016:

    “‘They went to a Waffle House and noticed they had a limited menu, with nonperishable items,’ Alexa Lopez, FEMA’s press secretary, told me. ‘The next day, they were driving around and they went to a different Waffle House, and the same thing happened, a limited menu.’“So, she said, the group was inspired first to rank Waffle Houses in the same way: green for fully operational, yellow for a limited menu and red for closed. ‘Which is pretty bad, because Waffle House is always open,’ Lopez added. And, second, to use those observations as a proxy for how much a disaster disrupts a community.”

    The so-called Waffle House Index also serves as an “indicator of how complex and long supply chains are — for food, for fuel, for power — and of what it takes to plan around infrastructure that can be fragile in unexpected ways.”

    Though it’s not an official index, Waffle House does inform FEMA of its closures and shares wind speeds, power outages, and other measures.

    Waffle House also has a “Storm Center,” where they monitor the development and impact of hurricanes.

    They are currently monitoring Hurricane Florence, which has already prompted evacuation advisories for over a million residents and caused thousands of power outages, Though the storm was previously designated a Category 4, it is currently classified as a Category 2. ( editor’s note – storm conditions have changed since this article was originally published on Anti-Media.)


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      1. I spent my college years practically living in a waffle house. I got on a first name basis with every employee on every shift. Eventually, I only paid for steak or pork chops and just tipped fat. A true southern institution. I feel bad for anyone who has never experienced a waffle house.

      2. Crab fishing in certain Ocean areas is highly rewarding economically but extraordinarily dangerous. I knew a fishing family who were restaurant owners and lovers of waffles.

        I wonder ??


        • So I researched this restaurant chain. No, not my friends. Two men started the chain in 1987 and made a fortune. There’s one less than ten miles away. I’m going to check it out.

          Not one other comment other than mine. I’ve been wondering for some time if I’m being shadow banned. A few weeks ago I noticed the number of comments and viewers drop off all at once. And comments are added as if only a few people can read the site at one time. So, from ten thousand you maybe go to one hundred people who actually see your comments, if that many, maybe it’s down to zero.


          • I’ve seen far too many youtube videos of chimp out riots exploding inside Waffle House restaurants by that certain demographic segment of America to risk patronizing one of them. IHOP is also famous for these kinds of chair-throwing chimp outs, brought to us by that same certain demographic group.

            I have also noticed another thing about these breakfast specialty restaurants that is very unappealing. Their public restrooms are unbelievably unclean and gross. More time than I can care to remember, have I gone into one of these restrooms and seen toilets that had been used and then the scumbag deliberately did not flush the toilet – as if these sick sonsabitches get some kind of twisted vicarious thrill out of forcing other customers to see their body waste.

            You know, this does not describe the America that I grew up in. The America that was, prior to the disastrous and diabolically evil immigration law changes in that 1965 legislation, a nation that was 90% White European and which had a healthy, strong, socially and culturally cohesive population and a common culture and a shared set of values, customs, and an across the board appreciation for good hygiene and proper behavior when in a public place.

            In the garbage dump that America has been transformed into by the importation of the third world – now we have politicians on the left coast making speeches that are begging these third worlders to stop taking craps in the street.

            Who can we thank for that? Emanuel Cellers, Jacob Javits, and their gentile stooge front man – the thankfully dead and decomposed Ted Kennedy.

            • “nd then the scumbag deliberately did not flush the toilet – as if these sick sonsabitches get some kind of twisted vicarious thrill out of forcing other customers to see their body waste.”

              You might be more right than you suspect.

          • i see you, B!

            • But:



          • Frog in a boiling pot. Very, very soon you will no longer be allowed to post comments on Public Websites.

          • First one was opened in 1955. From 1985-2005 we would eat at one in SW Florida. Good BLT’s.

      3. “FEMA isn’t exactly known for its competence or efficiency…”

        No, it’s not, which is why I chuckle a bit whenever anyone starts talking about “FEMA camps”. IMO, FEMA could not find its own arse with both hands, a flashlight, and a troop of boy scouts, let alone see to the incarceration of tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of human beings and all of their needs for food, water, medicine, clothing, etc.

        • “food, water, medicine, clothing, etc.”
          You assume alot.

      4. Shadow banning is REAL. Happens all the time.
        I am seeing your message 15 Sept 2018.

        -Mexican Drug Cartels/ La Raza, are importing Fentenoyl to murder Americans with. This is a potent and deadly dope.
        -The NWO Communist Obama stashed hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammo at NOAA, US Post Offices. Why? For what evil purpose? Attacking patriotic Americans? Was Obams supplying for Antifa protesting thugs?
        -911 system in Arlington Texas and many surrounding counties was shut down? Is it the Drug Cartel/La Raza or the US Government getting ready to isolate areas of the city for a block by block systematic elimination of patriotic Americans?
        -Las Vegas shooter targeted patriotic Trump supporting Americans. Why all the Lies and cover up?

        Notice the delay of updates on The Daily Sheeple and Drudge Report web sites? The Net is no longer real time posted. There is delay.

        Any info any of you have on above topics appreciated. Why doesn’t this site do stories on drug cartels/La Raza, DHS storing ammo to kill Americans with?

        Why isn’t riot inciter George Soros in PRISON? Put Soros in jail!

      5. The Awful Waffle House was never my favorite place to eat.

        TOO greasy.

        Also: On April 22, 2018, a mass shooting occurred at a Waffle House restaurant in the Antioch neighborhood of Nashville, Tennessee, United States. Four victims were killed and two suffered gunshot wounds. Two others were injured by broken glass

        • Waffle House employees and customers are real Americans who keep this country running including keeping helpless city dwellers alive with food, water etc.

          Maybe it’s ‘too American’ for you.

        • i didn’t go back either, grandee…..if yer gonna call yourself “Waffle house”, shouldn’t you have the BEST waffles?

          • Between your handle and Waffle House talk, I had no choice to look up Road Trip French toast scene.

            • never send back french toast?…..PFFT!….i aint never EATIN’ french toast again!

        • If it less than 100 dead I don’t think it qualifies as a mass shooting? Just a bunch of hype.

      6. Never been to a waffle house……too
        fattening with syrup…bacon…fried foods.
        Rather have Dunkin Donuts and coffee.
        Love that vanilla, hazelnut, french roast,
        Dunkin Donuts brand of coffee….with a
        spot of cream……Yummmm. Better than

        Have coffee with a couple of local police..?…?
        and lots of local “movers and shakers”. ?
        Met lots of nice “Coffee Drinkers” there….who
        eventually became good friends. ?
        (Ahh….happy times.)

      7. Yesterday, some guys on the Weather Channel found a Waffle House open as well even though it was still raining and wind blowing. It was in an area that could be reached on foot and unaffected by floodwaters down the road.

        As noted, they discovered a limited menu and the very small staff was brought in from an area outside the hurricane zone so local staff could mind their own lives for a time. There was no electric power there but it appeared gas was available for a few griddle items like eggs and bacon. Think they had hot coffee also. The patrons were emergency workers and the like, not the regulars.

      8. The private sector (Waffle House) vs. the Public sector (FEMA). Private wins again – just like the good old Roadrunner vs. the Coyote.
        All is as it should be.

      9. Waffle house is a “anti gun” establishment, and should be avoided by every freedom loving American.

        • Enlighten us?

      10. My innocuous posts aren’t even allowed on this page. This website has been taken over.

        • No one is censoring you here. Some comments get put in the moderation queue by the Disqus system and have to manually approved. We don’t do that 24/7.

      11. Wondering about a more effective weapon against the enemies of the Waffle House? Those revolver shot capsules hold two OO buck very anonymously? No brass , no marks? .But your DNA and anyone else’s they want,will find its way in court. No! The FBI would never do that?

      12. Off subject sort of. If you have a hunting or security dog in the summer heat and are too stupid to carry a dog drinkable ice water thermos. Unfortunately . Watched a hog hunting video from New Zealand. Dogs almost dying of heat stroke and the idiots of New Zealand.

      13. I went into a waffle House in gulfport, MS I noticed i was the only white person in the place. The waitress said “we don;t have anything you would like here” Not wanting to eat something someone spit in or worse, i agreed and left. Reverse racism is alive and well in the black community

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